11.1V 50Wh Original PX03XL HP ENVY 14 Sleekbook HSTNN-LB4P TPN-C110 714762-2C1 Laptop Battery


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  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • Voltage: 11.1V
  • Capacity: 50Wh
  • Color: Black
  • Condition: Brand New Original
  • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety.
  • Grade A cells battery, 500+ recharge cycles.
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

Compatible with Battery code:

714762-2C1, 714762-421, 715050-001, HSTNN-DB4P, HSTNN-IB4P, HSTNN-LB4P, PX03XL

Compatible with Laptop Models:

Envy 14-k000, ENVY 14-K000 CTO, Envy 14-k001tx, Envy 14-K001xx, Envy 14-k002la, Envy 14-k002tx, Envy 14-k003tx, Envy 14-k004la, Envy 14-k004tx, Envy 14-k005tx, Envy 14-k006la, Envy 14-k006tx, Envy 14-k007tx, Envy 14-k008tx, Envy 14-k009tu, Envy 14-k010la, Envy 14-k010tu, Envy 14-K010us, Envy 14-k011tu, Envy 14-k012la, Envy 14-k012tx, Envy 14-k013tx, Envy 14-k014tu, Envy 14-K016TX, Envy 14-K018TX, Envy 14-k019tx, Envy 14-k020tx, Envy 14-K020us, Envy 14-k021tx, Envy 14-k022tx, Envy 14-k023tx, Envy 14-k024tx, Envy 14-k025tx, Envy 14-k026tx, Envy 14-K027cl, Envy 14-k027tx, Envy 14-k028tx, Envy 14-k029tx, Envy 14-k030tx, Envy 14-k031tx, Envy 14-k032tx, Envy 14-k033tu, Envy 14-k034tx, Envy 14-k035tx, Envy 14-k036tx, Envy 14-k037tx, Envy 14-K038TU, Envy 14-K039TX, Envy 14-k040tx, Envy 14-k041tx, Envy 14-k042tx, Envy 14-K043TU, Envy 14-K044TX, Envy 14-K045TX, Envy 14-K046TX, Envy 14-K047TX, Envy 14-K048TX, Envy 14-K049TX, Envy 14-K050TX, Envy 14-K052TU, Envy 14-K074ca, Envy 14-K100, Envy 14-K100EO, Envy 14-K101TX, Envy 14-K102TX, Envy 14-k106la, Envy 14-K107TX, Envy 14-K108TX, Envy 14-K110EO, Envy 14-K110nr, Envy 14-K110TX, Envy 14-K111nr, Envy 14-K112nr, Envy 14-K112TX, Envy 14-K113TX, Envy 14-K115TX, Envy 14-K118TX, Envy 14-k119tx, Envy 14-k120tx, Envy 14-K120us, Envy 14-K121TX, Envy 14-k122tx, Envy 14-k123tx, Envy 14-k124tx, Envy 14-k125tx, Envy 14-k126tx, Envy 14-k127tx, Envy 14-k128tx, Envy 14-k129tx, Envy 14-k130tx, Envy 14-k131tx, Envy 14-k132tx, Envy 14-k133tx, Envy 14-k134tu, Envy 14-k134tx, Envy 14-K153ca, ENVY 14T-K000, ENVY 14T-K000 CTO, ENVY 14T-K100, ENVY 14T-K100 CTO, ENVY 14T-K110NR, Envy M6-K000, ENVY M6-K001XX, ENVY M6-K010DX, ENVY M6-K012DX, ENVY M6-K015DX, ENVY M6-K022DX, ENVY M6-K025DX, ENVY M6-K026DX, ENVY M6-K054CA, ENVY M6-K058CA, Envy M6-K088CA, ENVY SLEEKBOOK M6-K010DX, ENVY SLEEKBOOK M6-K012DX, ENVY SLEEKBOOK M6-K015DX, ENVY SLEEKBOOK M6-K022DX, ENVY SLEEKBOOK M6-K025DX, ENVY SLEEKBOOK M6-K08CA, ENVY SLEEKBOOK M6-K100, Envy Touchsmart 14-K000, Envy TouchSmart 14-k001tx, Envy Touchsmart 14-K001XX, Envy TouchSmart 14-k002tx, Envy Touchsmart 14-K003TX, Envy Touchsmart 14-K004TX, Envy Touchsmart 14-K005TX, Envy Touchsmart 14-K006TX, Envy Touchsmart 14-K007TX, Envy Touchsmart 14-K011TU, Envy Touchsmart 14-K012TX, Envy Touchsmart 14-K013TX, Envy Touchsmart 14-K019TX, Envy Touchsmart 14-K020US, Envy Touchsmart 14-K021TX, Envy Touchsmart 14-K022TX, Envy Touchsmart 14-K023TX, Envy TouchSmart 14-k024tx, Envy TouchSmart 14-k025tx, Envy TouchSmart 14-k028tx, Envy TouchSmart 14-k029tx, Envy TouchSmart 14-k030tx, Envy TouchSmart 14-k031tx, Envy Touchsmart 14-K032TX, Envy Touchsmart 14-K033TU, Envy Touchsmart 14-K034TX, Envy Touchsmart 14-K035TX, Envy Touchsmart 14-K039TX, Envy Touchsmart 14-K042TX, Envy Touchsmart 14-K045TX, Envy Touchsmart 14-K047TX, Envy Touchsmart 14-K074CA, Envy Touchsmart 14-K100, Envy Touchsmart 14-K101TX, Envy Touchsmart 14-K102TX, Envy Touchsmart 14-K110NR, Envy Touchsmart 14-K111NR, Envy Touchsmart 14-K112NR, Envy Touchsmart 14-K119TX, Envy Touchsmart 14-K120US, Envy Touchsmart 14-K124TX, Envy Touchsmart 14-K126TX, Envy Touchsmart 14-K127TX, Envy Touchsmart 14-K130TX, Envy Touchsmart 14-K153CA, Envy Touchsmart 14T-K000 CTO, Envy Touchsmart 14T-K100 CTO, ENVY TOUCHSMART M6, Envy Touchsmart M6-K000, Envy Touchsmart M6-K001XX, ENVY TOUCHSMART M6-K010D, Envy Touchsmart M6-K012DX, Envy Touchsmart M6-K015DX, Envy Touchsmart M6-K022DX, Envy Touchsmart M6-K025DX, ENVY TOUCHSMART M6-K026DX, Envy Touchsmart M6-K054CA, Envy Touchsmart M6-K058CA, ENVY TOUCHSMART M6-K088CA, Envy Touchsmart M6-K100, Envy Touchsmart M6-K122DX, Envy Touchsmart M6-K125DX