Original MSI 19.5V 6.15A 120W ADP-120HM D Delta Supply AC DC Charger Adapter for MSI GF63 GE60 GE70 Gaming ( 5.5*2.5mm)


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  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 19.5V
  • Output Current: 6.15A (120W)
  • Connector: 5.5mm*2.5mm
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
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A12-120P1A, A120A007L, A120A007L-CL02


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Battalion 101 W670SJQ, CX62 2QD, CX62 2QD-253TW, CX62 2QD-266MY, CX62 2QD-276XFR, CX62 2QD-287XES, CX62 2QD-292UK, CX62 6QD, CX62 6QD-047US, CX62 6QD-086MY, CX62 6QD-201XAU, CX62 6QD-240XES, CX62 6QD-258TW, CX62 6QD-284XTH, CX62 6QD-291XVN, CX62 6QD-412PH, CX62 6QD-452XAU, CX62 6QD-453AU, CX62 6QD-457CA, CX62 6QD-608XPH, CX72 6QD, CX72 6QD-050FR, CX72 6QD-062AU, CX72 6QD-080XES, CX72 6QD-090TW, CX72 6QD-091TW, CX72 6QD-208US, CX72 6QD-231XES, GE60, GE60 0NC, GE60 0NC(MS-16GA), GE60 0NC-001NL, GE60 0NC-002BE, GE60 0NC-006US, GE60 0NC-015JP, GE60 0NC-028AU, GE60 0NC-037TR, GE60 0NC-042US, GE60 0NC-055CZ, GE60 0NC-058CZ, GE60 0NC-059CZ, GE60 0NC-072NL, GE60 0NC-208FR, GE60 0NC-236NL, GE60 0NC-262US, GE60 0NC-498US, GE60 0NC-630UK, GE60 0ND, GE60 0ND(MS-16GA), GE60 0ND-047US, GE60 0ND-075FR, GE60 0ND-083UK, GE60 0ND-203FR, GE60 0ND-283NL, GE60 0ND-284BE, GE60 0ND-288AU, GE60 0ND-404BE, GE60 0ND-408FR, GE60 0ND-412TR, GE60 0ND-463UK, GE60 0ND-631ES, GE60 0ND-666US, GE60 0ND-667US, GE60 2OC(MS-16GC), GE60 2OC-014NE, GE60 2OC-015NL, GE60 2OC-019AU, GE60 2OC-034AU, GE60 2OC-093MY, GE60 2OC-097US, GE60 2OC-224NE, GE60 2OC-225NL, GE60 2OC-226BE, GE60 2OC-263XFR, GE60 2OC-420CZ, GE60 2OC-422NE, GE60 2OD, GE60 2OD(MS-16GC), GE60 2OD-247US, GE60 2OD-251US, GE60 2OD-267XPL, GE60 2OD-268AU, GE60 2OD-270XPL, GE60 2OD-496AU, GE60 2OE, GE60 2OE(MS-16GC), GE60 2OE-002US, GE60 2OE-003US, GE60 2OE-035CN, GE60 2OE-039UK, GE60 2OE-062ES, GE60 2OE-072XFR, GE60 2OE-073US, GE60 2OE-202XPL, GE60 2OE-204AU, GE60 2OE-215TR, GE60 2OE-278FR, GE60 2OE-286UK, GE60 2OE 2PE, GE60 2PC, GE60 2PC(MS-16GF), GE60 2PC-016XNE, GE60 2PC-017XNL, GE60 2PC-052UK, GE60 2PC-057XCN, GE60 2PC-072XCZ, GE60 2PC-097MY, GE60 2PC-261XNL, GE60 2PC-262XBE, GE60 2PC-411XCN, GE60 2PC-417UK, GE60 2PC-655XPL, GE60 2PC-806XBE, GE60 2PC-865XCN, GE60 2PC 034US, GE60 2PC Apache, GE60 2PE, GE60 2PE(MS-16GF), GE60 2PE-012NL, GE60 2PE-037AU, GE60 2PE-049UK, GE60 2PE-056XCN, GE60 2PE-215US, GE60 2PE-215USGE60 2PE(MS-16GF), GE60 2PE-245NE, GE60 2PE-246NL, GE60 2PE-269NL, GE60 2PE-426UK, GE60 2PE-448XCN, GE60 2PE-449XCN, GE60 2PE Apache Pro, GE60 2PF, GE60 2PF-413FR, GE60 2PF-459XCN, GE60 2PF-460XCN, GE60 2PF-608UK, GE60 2PF-667XCN, GE60 2PG, GE60 2PG-458XCN, GE60 2PG-843XCN, GE60 2PG-1022XCN, GE60 2PL, GE60 2PL-094, GE60 2PL-094FR, GE60 2PL-207TH, GE60 2PL-269XCN, GE60 2PL-403XCN, GE60 2PL-404XCN, GE60 2PL-405XCN, GE60 2PL-412AU, GE60 2PL-455FR, GE60 2PL-660AU, GE60 2PL-663XUK, GE60 2QD, GE60 2QD(MS-16GF), GE60 2QD-029UK, GE60 2QD-894XCN, GE60 2QD-896NL, GE60 2QD-897BE, GE60 2QD-1076XCN, GE60 2QD Apache, GE60 2QE, GE60 2QE(MS-16GF), GE60 2QE-871US, GE60 2QE-893XCN, GE60 2QE-1002FR, GE60 2QE-1005FR, GE60 2QE-1042XPL, GE60 2QE-1073XCN, GE60 2QE Apache, GE60 2QE Apache Pro, GE60 2QL-1047XCN, GE60 16J5, GE60 20C, GE60 20C-014NE, GE60 20E, GE60 20E-035CN, GE60 20E-455XCN, GE60 APACHE PRO-003, GE60 APACHE PRO-029, GE60 APACHE PRO-867, GE60 MS-16GA, GE60 Series, GE60-0NC-622UK, GE60-0ND-042US, GE60-0ND-206FR, GE60-0ND-249CZ, GE60-0ND-256US, GE60-0ND-257US, GE60-0ND-258FR, GE60-0ND-298CZ, GE60-0ND-405NL, GE60-0ND-457RU, GE60-0ND-607XPL, GE60-0ND-654MX, GE60-0ND-674XRU, GE60-038AU, GE60-2OE-045XPL, GE60-2PCi545FD, GE60-2PCI745FD, GE60-2PDI781FD, GE60-2PEI781BW, GE60-2PEI781FD, GE60-2QDi782, GE60-2QDi782(0016GF-SKU23), GE60-66027H, GE60-66027H(0016GA-SKU5), GE60-i547W7H, GE60-i547W7H(0016GA-SKU1), GE60-i550M245, GE60-i550M245(0016GA-SKU4), GE60-i560M245, GE60-i560M245(0016GA-SKU6), GE60-i560M247, GE60-i560M247(0016GA-SKU9), GE60-i565M245FD, GE60-i565M245FD(0016GC-SKU6), GE60-i750M287, GE60-i750M287(0016GA-SKU3), GE60-i760M245, GE60-i760M245(0016GA-SKU11), GE60-i760M245FD, GE60-i760M245FD(0016GA-SKU21), GE60-i760M281FD, GE60-i760M281FD(0016GA-SKU20), GE60-i760M287, GE60-i760M287(0016GA-SKU13), GE60-i789W7H, GE60-i789W7H(0016GA11-SKU2), GE60H-i765M2811B, GE60K, GE70, GE72, GE72 6QD Apache Pro, GE72 6QE Apache Pro, GE600, GE600X, GE603, GE620DX-275, GE620DX-275RU, GE620DX-278US, GE620DX-279US, GE620DX-280US, GE620DX-283, GE620DX-283RU, GE620DX-284, GE620DX-284RU, GE620DX-286X, GE620DX-292CS, GE620DX-296NL, GE620DX-297NL, GE620DX-434TR, GE620DX-435XRU, GE620DX-456CS, GE620DX-457CS, GE620DX-458CS, GE620DX-473RU, GE620DX-479, GE620DX-479US, GE620DX-488NE, GE620DX-602NL, GE620DX-606RU, GE620DX-608RU, GE620DX-612RU, GE620DX-617RU, GE620DX-620, GE620DX-629RU, GE620DX-632AU, GE620DX-650TR, GE620DX-651XTR, GE620DX-673FR, GE620DX-674FR, GE620DX-691UK, GE620DX-806NE, GF63, GF63 8RD, GF63 9SC, GF63 9SC-088CN, GF63 9SC-089CN, GF63 Thin 9SC, GF63 Thin 9SC-088CN, GF63 Thin 9SC-089CN, GL62 6QE, GL62 6QE-638IT, GL62 6QE-845AU, GL62 6QE-859TW, GL62 6QE-1223XVN, GL62 6QE-1256MY, GL62 6QE-1407X, GL62 6QE-1428SG, GL62 6QE-1804CZ, GL62 6QE-1827PH, GL62M 7RC, GL62M 7RC-040TW, GL62M 7RC-042XTR, GL62M 7RC-0851M, GL62M 7RC-200XIN, GL62M 7RC-201TW, GL62M 7RC-219TW, GL62M 7RC-223PH, GL62M 7RC-230TW, GL62M 7RC-246XTR, GL62M 7RC-258XHU, GL72 6QE, GL72 6QE-497TW, GL72 6QE-646UK, GL72 6QE-861TW, GL72 6QE-1016CZ, GL72 6QE-1020XPL, GL72 6QE-1025TR, GL72 6QE-1027XTR, GL72 6QE-1028XTR, GL72 6QF, GL72 6QF-404XCN, GL72 6QF-405, GL72 6QF-407NL, GL72 6QF-410NL, GL72 6QF-429FR, GL72 6QF-472FR, GL72 6QF-480AU, GL72 6QF-485TW, GL72 6QF-800FR, GL72 6QF-836PH, GL72 7QF, GL72 7QF-893TW, GL72 7QF-1006, GL72 7QF-1007UK, GL72 7QF-1008UK, GL72 7QF-1031XFR, GL72 7QF-1043RU, GL72 7QF-1044XRU, GL72 7QF-1057, GL72 7QF-1670UK, GP60, GP62 2QE, GP62 2QE-017TW, GP62 2QE-215XCN, GP62 2QE-218XCN, GP62 2QE-275XCN, GP62 6QE, GP62 6QE-458AU, GP62 6QE-648MY, GP62 6QE-817, GP62 6QE-1236TW, GP62 6QE-1290JP, GP62 6QF, GP62 6QF-480CA, GP62 6QF-602XTH, GP62 6QF-847TW, GP62 6QF-1204AU, GP62 6QF-1239FR, GP62 6QF-1462CN, GP72 2QE, GP72 2QE-012TH, GP72 2QE-023AU, GP72 2QE-027US, GP72 2QE-044US, GP72 2QE-059NL, GP72 2QE-066TW, GP72 6QE, GP72 6QE-043JP, GP72 6QE-068TW, GP72 6QE-091TW, GP72 6QE-265AU, GP72 6QE-426TH, GP72 6QE-461UK, GP72 6QF, GP72 6QF-284CA, GP72 6QF-295NE, GP72 6QF-465AU, GP72 6QF-483TW, GP72 6QF-626UK, GV62 7RC, GV62 7RC-025XTR, GV62 7RC-058XTH, GV62 7RC-224UK, GV62 7RC-225UK, GV62 7RC-235TW, GV62 7RC-415PH, M57TU, M57X, MS-16GH, MS-16J6, N155SC, N155SD, PE60 2QE, PE60 2QE-044XCN, PE60 2QE-047NL, PE60 2QE-070US, PE60 2QE-205UK, PE60 2QE-238US, PE60 2QE-243TW, PE60 2QE-403XES, PE60 2QE-656TW, PE60 2QE-657XTH, PE60 6QD, PE60 6QD-085TW, PE60 6QD-094XRU, PE60 6QD-200XES, PE60 6QD-202XPT, PE60 6QD-216ID, PE60 6QD-256IT, PE60 6QD-424XRU, PE60 6QD-476XPL, PE60 6QD-498, PE60 6QE, PE60 6QE-031US, PE60 6QE-054US, PE60 6QE-059TW, PE60 6QE-062US, PE60 6QE-238XCN, PE60 6QE-240PH, PE60 6QE-491XCN, PE60 6QE-822TW, PE60 6QE-1267, PE62, PE70 2QE, PE70 2QE-049XCN, PE70 2QE-055NL, PE70 2QE-091TW, PE70 2QE-097TH, PE70 2QE-214US, PE70 6QD, PE70 6QD-060TW, PE70 6QD-203IT, PE70 6QD-246RU, PE70 6QD-283XPL, PE70 6QE, PE70 6QE-035US, PE70 6QE-055XUS, PE70 6QE-058US, PE70 6QE-092TW, PE70 6QE-453NL, PL62 7RC, PL62 7RC-001, PL62 7RC-005CN, PL62 7RC-029, PL62 7RC-034AU, PL62 7RC-051XES, PL62 7RC-093, PL62 7RC-210, PL62 7RC-214ZA, PL62 7RC-267XES, PL62 7RC-270XIN, PX60 2QD, PX60 2QD-034US, PX60 2QD-037RU, PX60 2QD-039FR, PX60 2QD-044CZ, PX60 2QD-045MY, PX60 2QD-049UK, PX60 2QD-075XES, PX60 6QD, PX60 6QD-002US, PX60 6QD-031, PX60 6QD-031UK, PX60 6QD-039CZ, PX60 6QD-042ES, PX60 6QE, PX60 6QE-254NL, PX60 6QE-463, PX60 6QE-620AU, PX60-2QDi716H11, PX60-2QDi781, PX60-6QD002US, PX60-6QE, WE62 7RI, WE62 7RI-1861US, WE62 7RI-1862US, WE62 7RI-1878TW, WE62 7RI-1880RU, WE62 7RI-1891XES, WE62 7RI-2002FR, WE62 7RI-2007XES, WE62 7RI-2019TH, WE62 7RI-2022TW, WE62 7RJ, WE62 7RJ-1828US, WE62 7RJ-1832US, WE62 7RJ-1833US, WE62 7RJ-1836FR, WE62 7RJ-1838CA, WE62 7RJ-1849TW, WE62 7RJ-1875AU, WE62 7RJ-1889CA, WE62 7RJ-1895XT, WE62 7RJ-2006XES, WE62 7RJ-2018NE, WE72 7RJ, WE72 7RJ-1032US, WE72 7RJ-1035FR, WE72 7RJ-1037CA, WE72 7RJ-1038TW, WE72 7RJ-1039, WE72 7RJ-1040XES, WE72 7RJ-1041AU, WE72 7RJ-1050JP, WE72 7RJ-1067RU, WE72 7RJ-1075TW, WE72 7RJ-1080CAA, WE72 7RJ-1082US, WE72 7RJ-1083US, WE72 7RJ-1099XES