Original Lenovo 20V 4.5A 90W Lenovo USB Square Adapter Charger for Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Series Touch Ultrabook ADLX90NLC2A


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Product Specifications : 

  • Brand : Lenovo/IBM
  • Product Type: AC Power Adapter
  • Model/Part Number: ADLX90NLC2A 36200286
  • Condition: Original & Brand New 
  • AC Input: 100-240V~ 1.5A (for worldwide use)
  • Operating Frequency ‎:‎50-60Hz
  • DC Output: 20V 4.5A ,  90W
  • DC Connector Type :Yellow USB Square Port (Inside pin)
  • DC Cable Length: 1.5 Meter
  • AC Cord Length: 1.5 Meter (FREE)
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.


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Compatible Models:

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 344428U Ultrabook
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 344425U Ultrabook
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon N3N25UK Ultrabook
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon N3N72UK Ultrabook
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon N3N2SUK Ultrabook
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon N3N82UK Ultrabook
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 34442HU Ultrabook
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 3444AZF Ultrabook
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 34442HF Ultrabook
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 3444AZU Ultrabook
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 3443CTO Ultrabook
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 34442GU Ultrabook
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 344456U Ultrabook
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 3444B8U Ultrabook
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 34442DU Ultrabook
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 3444BDU Ultrabook
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 3444FEU Ultrabook
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 3444CUU Ultrabook
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 3444B7U Ultrabook

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ThinkPad T480s(20L7A006CD), ThinkPad T480s(20L7002LCD), ThinkPad T480s(20L7002XCD), ThinkPad T480S-20L7, ThinkPad T480S-20L8, ThinkPad T480s-20L8S02D00, ThinkPad T480s-20L8S02E00, ThinkPad T480s-20L7002AUS, ThinkPad T480s 6HK, ThinkPad T480s 700, ThinkPad T480s GHK, ThinkPad T480s Type 20L7, ThinkPad T480s Type 20L8, ThinkPad T540p 20BE004FUS, ThinkPad T540P 20BE0085US, ThinkPad T540p 20BF001HUS, ThinkPad T540p 20BF001PUS, ThinkPad T540p 20BF0014US, ThinkPad T540p 20BF0019US, ThinkPad T540p 20BF002LUS, ThinkPad T540p 20BF002SUS, ThinkPad T540P 20BF0021US, ThinkPad T540p 20BF0023US, ThinkPad T540p 20BF0025US, ThinkPad T540p 20BF0031US, ThinkPad T540p 20BF0033US, ThinkPad T540p 20BF0036US, ThinkPad T550 20CKCTO1WW, THINKPAD T560, ThinkPad T570, THINKPAD T570 20H9, THINKPAD T570 20HA, THINKPAD T570 20JW, THINKPAD T570 20JX, ThinkPad T570(20H9A001CD), ThinkPad T570(20H9003ACD), ThinkPad T570(20H9003BCD), ThinkPad T570-20HAS01E00, ThinkPad W540 20BG, THINKPAD W550, ThinkPad W550s, ThinkPad W550s(20E2), ThinkPad W550S 20E1, ThinkPad X1 Carbon, ThinkPad X1 Carbon-20BTCTO1WW, ThinkPad X1 Carbon-20FB0044US, ThinkPad X1 Carbon-20FB005QUS, ThinkPad X1 Carbon-20FB007EUS, Thinkpad X1 Carbon 1st Gen 34xx, ThinkPad X1 Carbon 1st GenType 3446, ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2 gen, Thinkpad X1 Carbon 2nd Gen 20A7-2, ThinkPad X1 Carbon 4th(20FB-001XAU), ThinkPad X1 Carbon 20FB-005XUS, ThinkPad X1 Carbon 20FBCTO1WW, ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2013, ThinkPad X1 CARBON 2013 TOUCH, ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2014, ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2015, ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2016, ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2016(20FBA00ACD), ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2016(20FBA00XCD), ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2016(20FBA009CD), ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2016(20FBA010CD), ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2017, ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2017-20HQS03P00, ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2017-20HR0021GE, ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018 G6 1HK, ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018 G6 KHK, ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018 G6 LHK, ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018(20KGA0BRCD), ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018(20KHA02GCD), ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2018-20KGS03900, ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2019 LTE, ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2019-20QE000VGE, ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2020, ThinkPad X1 Carbon 3443CTO, ThinkPad X1 Yoga, ThinkPad X1 Yoga 2018, Thinkpad X230S, ThinkPad X240 20AK, ThinkPad X240 20AL, ThinkPad X240 20AL008JUS, ThinkPad X240 20AL008QUS, ThinkPad X240 20AL008YUS, ThinkPad X240 20ALCTO1WW, ThinkPad X240 20AM, ThinkPad X240s, ThinkPad X240s-7VCD, ThinkPad X240s-7WCD, ThinkPad X250, ThinkPad X250 20CLA0GMCD, ThinkPad X250 20CLA0KJCD, ThinkPad X250 20CLA0L8CD, ThinkPad X250 20CLA069CD, ThinkPad X250 20CLA1F3CD, ThinkPad X250 20CLA1JNCD, ThinkPad X250 20CLA144CD, ThinkPad X250 20CM0050, ThinkPad X250(20CL/20CM), ThinkPad X250(20CLA01UCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA01VCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA01WCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA01XCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA01YCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA020CD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA021CD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA06BCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA07NCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA07PCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA1VFCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA1VGCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA2EXCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA25JCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA46UCD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA109CD), ThinkPad X250(20CLA261CD), ThinkPad X260, ThinkPad X260 20F6CTO1WW, ThinkPad X260(20F5), ThinkPad X260(20F6), ThinkPad X260(20F60041GE), ThinkPad X270, ThinkPad X270 20HMCTO1WW, ThinkPad X270 20HNA04GCD, ThinkPad X270 20HNA04HCD, ThinkPad X270 20HNCTO1WW, ThinkPad X270 20K6A00YCD, ThinkPad X270 20K6A01HCD, ThinkPad X270(20HM), ThinkPad X270(20HN), ThinkPad X270(20HN/20HM), ThinkPad X270(20HNA000CD), ThinkPad X270(20HNA001CD), ThinkPad X270(20HNA01FCD), ThinkPad X270(20HNA01MCD), ThinkPad X270(20HNA01PCD), ThinkPad X270(20K5), ThinkPad X270(20K6), ThinkPad X270(20K6/20K5), ThinkPad X270(20K6A00CCD), ThinkPad X270-20HMS00T00, ThinkPad X270-20K6A000CD, ThinkPad X380 Yoga, ThinkPad X380 Yoga-20LHCTO1WW, ThinkPad Yoga 2 13, ThinkPad Yoga 11e, ThinkPad Yoga 12, ThinkPad Yoga 14, ThinkPad Yoga 15, ThinkPad Yoga 260, ThinkPad Yoga 370, ThinkPad Yoga 370-20JH002KGE, ThinkPad Yoga 370-20JH002LGE, ThinkPad Yoga 370-20JH002NGE, ThinkPad Yoga 370-20JH002SGE, ThinkPad Yoga 370-20JH002TGE, ThinkPad Yoga 370-20JJS0DY00, ThinkPad Yoga 370-20JJS00100, ThinkPad Yoga 460, ThinkPad Yoga Pro, Thinkpad Yoga S1, TP X250 20CLCTO1WW, U31-70, U41-70, V110, V110-15IAP, V110-15IKB, V110-15ISK, v130-14igm, V130-20IGM AIO, V310, V310-14IKB, V310-14ISK, V310-15-IFI, V310-15-ISE, V310-15IKB, V310-15ISK, V330, V330-14IKB, v330-14isk, V330-15IKB, V330-15ISK, V340-17IWL, V510-15IKB, V720-14, X1 Carbon 2016, yoga2 11, Yoga 2 13, Yoga 2 13(80DM), Yoga 2 13(594x), Yoga 2 13(20344), Yoga 2 Pro, Yoga 2 Pro 13(59xx), YOGA 11S, Yoga 13, yoga13 11, YOGA 14, Yoga 300-11IBR, Yoga 300-11IBR(80M1), Yoga 300-11IBY, Yoga 300-11IBY(80M0), YOGA 310-11IAP, Yoga 310-11IAP-80U2, Yoga 330-11IGM, Yoga 330-11IGM-81A6, Yoga 330-11IGM-81A6001MGE, Yoga 330-11IGM-81A6001NGE, Yoga 330-11IGM-81A6001PGE, Yoga 330-11IGM-81A6005QGE, Yoga 330-11IGM-81A6005UGE, Yoga 330-11IGM-81A60058MZ, Yoga 500-14ACL, Yoga 500-14ACZ, Yoga 500-14IBD, Yoga 500-14IBD(80N4)Serie, Yoga 500-14IBD(80NE), Yoga 500-14IBD(80NE)Serie, Yoga 500-14IBD 80N4, Yoga 500-14IHW, Yoga 500-14IHW80N5, Yoga 500-14ISK, Yoga 500-15ACL, Yoga 500-15IBD, Yoga 500-15IBD(80N6), YOGA 500-15IHW, Yoga 500-15ISK, Yoga 500-15ISK(80R6), Yoga 530, Yoga 530-14, YOGA 530-14ARR, Yoga 530-14ARR(81H9), Yoga 530-14ARR(81H9006NGE), Yoga 530-14IKB, Yoga 530-14IKB(81EK/81FQ), Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK, Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00CKGE, Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00CLGE, Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00CYGE, Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00FYSP, Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00G6MZ, Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00G7MZ, Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00JMGE, Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00LKGE, Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00TNGE, Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00UQGE, Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00W4GE, Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK00XN, Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK000YGE, Yoga 530-14IKB-81EK0074GE, Yoga 530-14IKB-81H9000U, Yoga 530-14IKB-81H9000WGE, Yoga 530-14IKB-81H9003DGE, Yoga 530-14IKB-81H9003VGE, Yoga 710-15IKB(80V5), Yoga 710-15IKB(80V50000US), Yoga 710-15IKB(80V50009US), Yoga 710-15ISK(80U0), YOGA 720-12, Yoga 730 15, YOGA 730-15, Yoga 730-15IKB, Yoga 730-15IKB(81CU), YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000PKR, YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU000XSB, YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0003AU, YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0007MX, YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU001CUK, YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU001LIV, YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU002BSB, YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU002KMX, YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU002QGM, YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0020RU, YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU003EMH, YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU003NSB, YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU003YMZ, YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0035FR, YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU004ESC, YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU004MBM, YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU005SMH, YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0052RA, YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0058MH, YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU006DMZ, YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU006NAK, YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU006VMZ, YOGA 730-15IKB-81CU0073PH, YOGA 730-15IKB-Type, Yoga 730-15IWL, Yoga 730-15IWL-81JS, Yoga 730-15IWL-81JS000EGE, Yoga 730-15IWL-81JS000FGE, Yoga 730-15IWL-81JS000GGE, YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS000KLT, Yoga 730-15IWL-81JS000TMZ, YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0003PH, YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS001YMZ, Yoga 730-15IWL-81JS0011GE, YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0017IV, YOGA 730-15IWL-81JS0018IV, Yoga 730-15IWL-81JS002EMZ, Yoga 730-15IWL-81JS002TGE, Yoga 730-15IWL-81JS0022GE, Yoga 730-15IWL-81JS0023GE, Yoga C940-15IRH, Yoga Slim 7 14ITL05 82A3002QVN, Yoga Slim 7 14ITL05 82A3004FVN, YOGA X1, Z40-70, Z40-70(80E6), Z40-75, Z41-70, Z41-70(80K5002DUS), Z41-70(80K5003TUS), Z41-70(80K5005FCF), Z41-70(80K50042CF), Z41-70(80K50059US), Z50-70, Z50-70(20354), Z50-70(59427656), Z50-75, Z50-75(80EC), Z51-70, Z51-70(80K6003RGE), Z51-70(80K6003VGE), Z51-70(80K6015MGE), Z51-70(80K6015TGE), Z70-80, Z70-80(80FG)

0B46995 0B46996 0B46997 0B46998 0B46999 0B47000 0B47001 0B47002 0B47003 0B47004 0B47005 0B47006 0B47007 0B47009 36200285 36200286 36200287 36200296 45N0251 45N0252 888015012 A090A052L A090A053L ADLX90NCC2A ADLX90NDC2A ADLX90NLC2A ADP-90XD AB ADP-90XD BD B4400 80BW B50-35 F0AV B5400 80B6 B5400 80B7 B5400 80B8 G400 80A5 G410 80A7 G500 80A6 G700 80AG M5400 80B5 S20-30 80GW SA10A33629 SA10J20103 SA10M42797 Y40-70 80DR Yoga 730-15IKB 36200415 36200416 54Y8917 ADP-90XD BD PA-1900-72FA 0B46994 0B47008 45N0306 36200236 36200237 45N0246 36200254 36200235 45N0305 36200604 36200608 36200612 45N0481 45N0498 A3200 A3200-B101 A3200-B103 A3200-B102 ADLX90NLC3A ADLX90NLT3A ADLX90NLT3 36200298 45N0310 AIO 300-20ISH 90DA B5400 B5400 001 002 003 004 B5400 005 006 007 008 B5400 009 010 011 012 B5400 013 014 C20 F0B2 F0B3 All-in-One C20-30 C20-05 C2030 C2005 C40 F0B4 F0B5 All-in-One C40-30 C40-05 C4030 C4005 C50 F0B1 All-in-One C50-30 C5030 Delta ADLX90NDC3A 36200250 Delta ADP-90XD AB Delta ADP-90XD B Flex 20 Multimode Desktop G500 15.6 Series G500 59372002 G500 59372004 G500 59372006 G500 59373039 G500 59373043 G500 59373044 G500 59-382995 G500 59-383037 G500s 59367693 G500s 59-370339 G500s 59373026 G500s 59381607 G500s 59-382995 G500s 59-383037 G500s 59-38825 G500s 59-388254 G500s Touch Series G505 59371430 G505 59373013 G505 59-376778 G505 59-376815 G505 59376842 G505 59-379446 G505 59-379528 G505 59-382165 G505 Series G505s Touch Series G510 Series G700 59384571 G700 59384573 G700 59384584 G700 59384585 G700 Series IdeaCentre 520-24IKL IdeaCentre 520-24IKL F0D1 ideacentre AIO 520-24IKL F0DJ Ideapad 720S-15IKB Ideapad 720S-15IKB 81AC Ideapad 720S-15IKB 81AG IdeaPad S500 59371478 IdeaPad S500 59373741 IdeaPad S500 59375666 IdeaPad S500 59384079 Liteon ADLX90NLC3A 36200252 M5400 M5400 001 002 003 004 M5400 005 006 007 NEC A13-090P4A PC-VP-WP138 S20 F0AY All-in-One S20-00 S20-30 S2000 S2030 Think Pad Thunderbolt 3 40AG Think Pad Thunderbolt 3 40AG0135AU Think Pad Thunderbolt 3 40AG0135CH Think Pad Thunderbolt 3 40AG0135CN Think Pad Thunderbolt 3 40AG0135DK Think Pad Thunderbolt 3 40AG0135EU Think Pad Thunderbolt 3 40AG0135IS Think Pad Thunderbolt 3 40AG0135TW Think Pad Thunderbolt 3 40AG0135UK Think Pad Thunderbolt 3 40AG0135US Dock 03X7194 Dock 40A9 Dock 40A90090AR Dock 40A90090AU Dock 40A90090BR Dock 40A90090CH Dock 40A90090CN Dock 40A90090EU Dock 40A90090JP Dock 40A90090TW Dock 40A90090UK Dock 40A90090US Basic Dock 40A0 Basic Dock 40A00000WW Basic Dock 40A00090XX L440 20AS L440 20AT Series Dock 40A4 Dock 40A40090AR Dock 40A40090AU Dock 40A40090CH Dock 40A40090CN Dock 40A40090DK Dock 40A40090EU Dock 40A40090IT Dock 40A40090JP Dock 40A40090TW Dock 40A40090UK Dock 40A40090US P50 20EQ 04W3948 40A1 40A10090AU 40A10090CH 40A10090DK 40A10090EU 40A10090IN 40A10090IS 40A10090IT 40A10090JP 40A10090KO 40A10090SA 40A10090TW 40A10090UK 40A10090US 40A10090XX A1864 SD20A06038 T440S 20AQ T440S 20AQ0000HH T440S 20AQ0000TW T440S 20AQ0001AU T440S 20AQ0002AU T440S 20AQ0003AU T440S 20AQ0004AU T440S 20AQ0005AU T440S 20AQ0006AU T440S 20AQ0007AU T440S 20AQ0008AU T440S 20AQ0009AU T440S 20AQ000AAU T440S 20AQ000BAU T440S 20AQ000CAU T440S 20AQ000DAU T440S 20AQ000EAU T440S 20AQ000FAU T440S 20AQ000GAU T440S 20AQ000HAU T440S 20AQ000JAU T440S 20AQ000KAU T440S 20AQ000LAU T440S 20AQ000MAU T440S 20AQ000NAU T440S 20AQ000PAD T440S 20AQ000PED T440S 20AQ000PZA T440S 20AQ000QAU T440S 20AQ000RAT T440S 20AQ000RFR T440S 20AQ000RGB T440S 20AQ000RGE T440S 20AQ000RIX T440S 20AQ000RMB T440S 20AQ000RMD T440S 20AQ000RMH T440S 20AQ000RNX T440S 20AQ000RUK T440S 20AQ000SAD T440S 20AQ000SAT T440S 20AQ000SBM T440S 20AQ000SCX T440S 20AQ000SED T440S 20AQ000SEE T440S 20AQ000SEU T440S 20AQ000SFR T440S 20AQ000SGB T440S 20AQ000SGE T440S 20AQ000SGM T440S 20AQ000SHV T440S 20AQ000SIW T440S 20AQ000SIX T440S 20AQ000SMB T440S 20AQ000SMC T440S 20AQ000SMD T440S 20AQ000SMH T440S 20AQ000SML T440S 20AQ000SMN T440S 20AQ000SMS T440S 20AQ000SMZ T440S 20AQ000SNX T440S 20AQ000SPB T440S 20AQ000SPG T440S 20AQ000SRI T440S 20AQ000SRK T440S 20AQ000SRT T440S 20AQ000SSC T440S 20AQ000SSP T440S 20AQ000SUK T440S 20AQ000SXS T440S 20AQ000TAD T440S 20AQ000TED T440S 20AQ000TFE T440S 20AQ000TPE T440S 20AQ000TUE T440S 20AQ000TZA T440S 20AQ000UAD T440S 20AQ000UED T440S 20AQ000UFE T440S 20AQ000UPE T440S 20AQ000UUE T440S 20AQ000UZA T440S 20AQ000VAD T440S 20AQ000VED T440S 20AQ000VZA T440S 20AQ000WAD T440S 20AQ000WED T440S 20AQ000WZA T440S 20AQ000XAD T440S 20AQ000XED T440S 20AQ000XZA T440S 20AQ000YAD T440S 20AQ000YED T440S 20AQ000YZA T440S 20AQ0010AD T440S 20AQ0010ED T440S 20AQ0010FE T440S 20AQ0010PE T440S 20AQ0010UE T440S 20AQ0010ZA T440S 20AQ0011AD T440S 20AQ0011ED T440S 20AQ0011ZA T440S 20AQ0012AD T440S 20AQ0012ED T440S 20AQ0012ZA T440S 20AQ0013AD T440S 20AQ0013ED T440S 20AQ0013ZA T440S 20AQ0014AD T440S 20AQ0014BM T440S 20AQ0014CX T440S 20AQ0014ED T440S 20AQ0014EE T440S 20AQ0014EU T440S 20AQ0014GM T440S 20AQ0014HV T440S 20AQ0014IU T440S 20AQ0014IV T440S 20AQ0014IW T440S 20AQ0014MC T440S 20AQ0014ML T440S 20AQ0014MN T440S 20AQ0014MS T440S 20AQ0014MZ T440S 20AQ0014PB T440S 20AQ0014PG T440S 20AQ0014RI T440S 20AQ0014SC T440S 20AQ0014SP T440S 20AQ0014TX T440S 20AQ0014XS T440S 20AQ0014YA T440S 20AQ0014ZA T440S 20AQ0018AD T440S 20AQ0018AT T440S 20AQ0018BM T440S 20AQ0018CX T440S 20AQ0018ED T440S 20AQ0018EE T440S 20AQ0018EU T440S 20AQ0018FR T440S 20AQ0018GB T440S 20AQ0018GE T440S 20AQ0018GM T440S 20AQ0018HV T440S 20AQ0018IW T440S 20AQ0018IX T440S 20AQ0018MB T440S 20AQ0018MC T440S 20AQ0018MD T440S 20AQ0018MH T440S 20AQ0018ML T440S 20AQ0018MN T440S 20AQ0018MS T440S 20AQ0018MZ T440S 20AQ0018NX T440S 20AQ0018PB T440S 20AQ0018PG T440S 20AQ0018RI T440S 20AQ0018SC T440S 20AQ0018SP T440S 20AQ0018TX T440S 20AQ0018UK T440S 20AQ0018XS T440S 20AQ0018YA T440S 20AQ0018ZA T440S 20AQ0019TW T440S 20AQ001AID T440S 20AQ001APH T440S 20AQ001ASG T440S 20AQ001ATH T440S 20AQ001AVN T440S 20AQ001BID T440S 20AQ001BMY T440S 20AQ001BPH T440S 20AQ001BSG T440S 20AQ001BTH T440S 20AQ001BVN T440S 20AQ001CID T440S 20AQ001CMY T440S 20AQ001CPH T440S 20AQ001CSG T440S 20AQ001CTH T440S 20AQ001CVN T440S 20AQ001DID T440S 20AQ001DMY T440S 20AQ001DPH T440S 20AQ001DSG T440S 20AQ001DTH T440S 20AQ001DVN T440S 20AQ001ECD T440S 20AQ001FCD T440S 20AQ001GCD T440S 20AQ001HCD T440S 20AQ001JCD T440S 20AQ001KCD T440S 20AQ001LCD T440S 20AQ001MCD T440S 20AQ001NR T440S 20AR T440S C20AQ0000KR T440S Serise T460p 20FW T460p 20FX Ultra Dock 40A20090US Ultra Dock 40A20090XX Ultra Dock SD20A06037 Ultra Dock SD20F82750 Ultra Dock USB 3.0 00HM917 X1 Carbon 3446 X1 Carbon 3462 X1 Carbon 3463 X230S 20A3 X230s 20AG X230S 20AH ThinkSmart Hub 500 10V5 Y40 59421773 59416789 Y40 59423034 59423032 Y40 59423035 Y40 59423036 59423025 Y40 59423042 59423030 Y40 80FA0011CF 80FA0012CF Y40 80FA0014CF 80FA0015CF Y40 80FA0016CF 80FA001DCF Y40 80FA002DUS Y40 9416787 59416793 Y40 Y40-70 Y40-80 Y40-70 Touch 80DS 45N0249 45N0250 45N0245 45N0309 Chicony ADLX90NCC3A 36200254 IdeaPad S500 touch 15.6 Series PA-1900-72 X1 Carbon L440 20AS0009AU 20AS0007AU L440 20AS000AAU 20AS0006AU L440 20AS000BMY 20AS0005AU L440 20AS000BPH 20AS0004AU L440 20AS000BSG 20AS0003US L440 20AS000BTH 20AS0002CL L440 20AS000BVN 20AS0002AR L440 20AS000CAU 20AS0001LM L440 20AS000DAU 20AS0001CL L440 20AS000EAU 20AS0001AR L440 20AS000FAU 20AS0000LM L440 20AS000GAU 20AS0000CL L440 20AS000HAU 20AS0000AR L440 20AS000JAU 20AS0008AU L440 20AS000QSG 20AS000QPH L440 20AS000QTH 20AS000QMY L440 20AS000QVN 20AS000PVN L440 20AS000RMY 20AS000PTH L440 20AS000RPH 20AS000PSG L440 20AS000RSG 20AS000PPH L440 20AS000RTH 20AS000PMY L440 20AS000RVN 20AS000NVN L440 20AS000SAD 20AS000NTH L440 20AS000SAR 20AS000NSG L440 20AS000SAT 20AS000NPH L440 20AS000SAU 20AS000KAU L440 20AS000SBM 20AS000LAU L440 20AS000SCA 20AS000MAU L440 20AS000SCC 20AS000NMY L440 20AS000SCE 20AS0010ZA L440 20AS000SCL 20AS0011AD L440 20AS000SCX 20AS0011AR L440 20AS000SED 20AS0011AT L440 20AS000SEE 20AS0011AU L440 20AS000SEU 20AS0011BM L440 20AS000SFR 20AS0011CA L440 20AS000SGB 20AS0011CC L440 20AS000SGE 20AS0011CD L440 20AS000SGM 20AS0011CE L440 20AS000SHH 20AS0011CL L440 20AS000SHK 20AS0011CX L440 20AS000SHV 20AS0011ED L440 20AS000SIN 20AS0011EE L440 20AS000SIW 20AS0011EU L440 20AS000SIX 20AS0011FR L440 20AS000SJE 20AS0011GB L440 20AS000SJP 20AS0011GE L440 20AS000SLL 20AS0011GM L440 20AS000SLM 20AS0011HH L440 20AS000SMB 20AS0011HK L440 20AS000SMC 20AS0011HV L440 20AS000SMD 20AS0011IN L440 20AS000SMH 20AS0011IW L440 20AS000SML 20AS0011IX L440 20AS000SMN 20AS0011JE L440 20AS000SMS 20AS0011JP L440 20AS000SMZ 20AS0011LL L440 20AS000SNX 20AS0011LM L440 20AS000SNZ 20AS0011MB L440 20AS000SPB 20AS0011MC L440 20AS000SPG 20AS0011MD L440 20AS000SPH 20AS0011MH L440 20AS000SRI 20AS0011ML L440 20AS000SSC 20AS0011MN L440 20AS000SSG 20AS0011MS L440 20AS000SSP 20AS0011MZ L440 20AS000STH 20AS0011NX L440 20AS000STX 20AS0011NZ L440 20AS000SUK 20AS0011PB L440 20AS000SUS 20AS0011PG L440 20AS000SVN 20AS0011PH L440 20AS000SXS 20AS0011RI L440 20AS000SYA 20AS0011RK L440 20AS000SZA 20AS0011RT L440 20AS000TAD 20AS0011SC L440 20AS000TAR 20AS0011SG L440 20AS000TAT 20AS0011SP L440 20AS000TAU 20AS0011TH L440 20AS000TBM 20AS0011TX L440 20AS000TCD 20AS0011UK L440 20AS000TCE 20AS0011US L440 20AS000TCL 20AS0011VN L440 20AS000TCX 20AS0011XS L440 20AS000TED 20AS0011YA L440 20AS000TEE 20AS0011ZA L440 20AS000TEU 20AS0012AD L440 20AS000TFR 20AS0012AR L440 20AS000TGB 20AS0012AT L440 20AS000TGE 20AS0012AU L440 20AS000TGM 20AS0012BM L440 20AS000THH 20AS0012CA L440 20AS000THK 20AS0012CC L440 20AS000THV 20AS0012CD L440 20AS000TIN 20AS0012CE L440 20AS000TIW 20AS0012CL L440 20AS000TIX 20AS0012CX L440 20AS000TJE 20AS0012ED L440 20AS000TJP 20AS0012EE L440 20AS000TMB 20AS0012EU L440 20AS000TMC 20AS0012FR L440 20AS000TMD 20AS0012GB L440 20AS000TMH 20AS0012GE L440 20AS000TML 20AS0012GM L440 20AS000TMN 20AS0012HH L440 20AS000TMS 20AS0012HK L440 20AS000TMZ 20AS0012HV L440 20AS000TNX 20AS0012IG L440 20AS000TNZ 20AS0012IW L440 20AS000TPB 20AS0012IX L440 20AS000TPG 20AS0012JE L440 20AS000TPH 20AS0012JP L440 20AS000TRI 20AS0012LL L440 20AS000TRK 20AS0012LM L440 20AS000TRT 20AS0012MB L440 20AS000TSC 20AS0012MC L440 20AS000TSG 20AS0012MD L440 20AS000TSP 20AS0012MH L440 20AS000TTH 20AS0012ML L440 20AS000TTX 20AS0012MN L440 20AS000TUK 20AS0012MS L440 20AS000TVN 20AS0012MZ L440 20AS000TXS 20AS0012NX L440 20AS000TYA 20AS0012NZ L440 20AS000TZA 20AS0012PB L440 20AS000UAD 20AS0012PG L440 20AS000UAR 20AS0012PH L440 20AS000UAT 20AS0012RI L440 20AS000UAU 20AS0012RK L440 20AS000UBM 20AS0012RT L440 20AS000UCA 20AS0012SC L440 20AS000UCC 20AS0012SG L440 20AS000UCD 20AS0012SP L440 20AS000UCE 20AS0012TH L440 20AS000UCL 20AS0012TX L440 20AS000UCX 20AS0012UK L440 20AS000UED 20AS0012US L440 20AS000UEE 20AS0012VN L440 20AS000UEU 20AS0012XS L440 20AS000UFR 20AS0012YA L440 20AS000UGB 20AS0012ZA L440 20AS000UGE 20AS001CAD L440 20AS000UGM 20AS001CAR L440 20AS000UHH 20AS001CAT L440 20AS000UHK 20AS001CAU L440 20AS000UHV 20AS001CBM L440 20AS000UIN 20AS001CCA L440 20AS000UIW 20AS001CCC L440 20AS000UIX 20AS001CCD L440 20AS000UJE 20AS001CCE L440 20AS000UJP 20AS001CCL L440 20AS000ULL 20AS001CCX L440 20AS000ULM 20AS001CED L440 20AS000UMB 20AS001CEE L440 20AS000UMC 20AS001CEU L440 20AS000UMD 20AS001CFR L440 20AS000UMH 20AS001CGB L440 20AS000UML 20AS001CGE L440 20AS000UMN 20AS001CGM L440 20AS000UMS 20AS001CHH L440 20AS000UMZ 20AS001CHK L440 20AS000UNX 20AS001CHV L440 20AS000UNZ 20AS001CIN L440 20AS000UPB 20AS001CIW L440 20AS000UPG 20AS001CIX L440 20AS000UPH 20AS001CJE L440 20AS000URI 20AS001CJP L440 20AS000URK 20AS001CLL L440 20AS000URT 20AS001CLM L440 20AS000USC 20AS001CMB L440 20AS000USG 20AS001CMC L440 20AS000USP 20AS001CMD L440 20AS000UTH 20AS001CMH L440 20AS000UTX 20AS001CML L440 20AS000UUK 20AS001CMN L440 20AS000UUS 20AS001CMS L440 20AS000UVN 20AS001CMZ L440 20AS000UXS 20AS001CNX L440 20AS000UYA 20AS001CNZ L440 20AS000UZA 20AS001CPB L440 20AS000WAD 20AS001CPG L440 20AS000WAR 20AS001CPH L440 20AS000WAT 20AS001CRI L440 20AS000WAU 20AS001CRK L440 20AS000WBM 20AS001CRT L440 20AS000WCA 20AS001CSC L440 20AS000WCC 20AS001CSG L440 20AS000WCD 20AS001CSP L440 20AS000WCE 20AS001CTH L440 20AS000WCL 20AS001CTX L440 20AS000WCX 20AS001CUK L440 20AS000WED 20AS001CUS L440 20AS000WEE 20AS001CVN L440 20AS000WEU 20AS001CXS L440 20AS000WFR 20AS001CYA L440 20AS000WGB 20AS001CZA L440 20AS000WGE 20AS001DKR L440 20AS000WGM 20AS001EKR L440 20AS000WHH 20AS001FKR L440 20AS000WHK 20AS001GHH L440 20AS000WHV 20AS001HAU L440 20AS000WIN 20AS001JAU L440 20AS000WIW 20AS001KAU L440 20AS000WIX 20AS001LAU L440 20AS000WJE 20AS001MAU L440 20AS000WJP 20AS001NAU L440 20AS000WLL 20AS001NUS L440 20AS000WLM 20AS001PAU L440 20AS000WMB 20AS001QAU L440 20AS000WMC 20AS001RAU L440 20AS000WMD 20AS001SKR L440 20AS000WMH 20AS001TKR L440 20AS000WML 20AS001UKR L440 20AS000WMN 20AS001VKR L440 20AS000WMS 20AS001WKR L440 20AS000WMZ 20AS001XHH L440 20AS000WNX 20AS001YAU L440 20AS000WNZ 20AS0020AU L440 20AS000WPB 20AS0021AU L440 20AS000WPG 20AS0022AU L440 20AS000WPH 20AS002CUS L440 20AS000WRI 20AS002DUS L440 20AS000WRK 20AS002EUS L440 20AS000WRT 20AS002FUS L440 20AS000WSC 20AS002GUS L440 20AS000WSG 20AS002HUS L440 20AS000WSP 20AS002JUS L440 20AS000WTH 20AS002KUS L440 20AS000WTX 20AS002LUS L440 20AS000WUK 20AS002MUS L440 20AS000WUS 20AS002NUS L440 20AS000WVN 20AS002SUS L440 20AS000WXS 20AS002TUS L440 20AS000WYA 20AS002UUS L440 20AS000WZA 20AS002VUS L440 20AS000XAD 20AS002WUS L440 20AS000XAR 20AS002XUS L440 20AS000XAT 20AS002YUS L440 20AS000XAU 20AS0030US L440 20AS000XBM 20AS0031US L440 20AS000XCA 20AS0032US L440 20AS000XCC 20AS0033US L440 20AS000XCD 20AS0034US L440 20AS000XCE 20AS0035AU L440 20AS000XCL 20AS0036AU L440 20AS000XCX 20AS0037AU L440 20AS000XED 20AT0000AD L440 20AS000XEE 20AT0000ED L440 20AS000XEU 20AT0000ZA L440 20AS000XFR 20AT0001AD L440 20AS000XGB 20AT0001ED L440 20AS000XGE 20AT0001ZA L440 20AS000XGM 20AT0002AD L440 20AS000XHH 20AT0002ED L440 20AS000XHK 20AT0002ZA L440 20AS000XHV 20AT0003AD L440 20AS000XIN 20AT0003ED L440 20AS000XIW 20AT0003ZA L440 20AS000XIX 20AT0004FE L440 20AS000XJE 20AT0004PE L440 20AS000XJP 20AT0004UE L440 20AS000XLL 20AT0005FE L440 20AS000XLM 20AT0005PE L440 20AS000XMB 20AT0005UE L440 20AS000XMC 20AT0006FE L440 20AS000XMD 20AT0006PE L440 20AS000XMH 20AT0006UE L440 20AS000XML 20AT0007FE L440 20AS000XMN 20AT0007PE L440 20AS000XMS 20AT0007UE L440 20AS000XMZ 20AT0008CA L440 20AS000XNX 20AT0008CC L440 20AS000XNZ 20AT0008LM L440 20AS000XPB 20AT0008US L440 20AS000XPG 20AT0009CA L440 20AS000XPH 20AT0009CC L440 20AS000XRI 20AT0009LM L440 20AS000XRK 20AT0009US L440 20AS000XRT 20AT000ACA L440 20AS000XSC 20AT000ACC L440 20AS000XSG 20AT000ALM L440 20AS000XSP 20AT000AUS L440 20AS000XTH 20AT000BCA L440 20AS000XTX 20AT000BCC L440 20AS000XUK 20AT000BLM L440 20AS000XUS 20AT000BUS L440 20AS000XVN 20AT000CCA L440 20AS000XXS 20AT000CCC L440 20AS000XYA 20AT000CLM L440 20AS000XZA 20AT000CUS L440 20AS000YAD 20AT000DCA L440 20AS000YAR 20AT000DCC L440 20AS000YAT 20AT000DLM L440 20AS000YAU 20AT000DUS L440 20AS000YBM 20AT000EUS L440 20AS000YCA 20AT000FCA L440 20AS000YCC 20AT000FCC L440 20AS000YCD 20AT000FLM L440 20AS000YCE 20AT000FUS L440 20AS000YCL 20AT000GCA L440 20AS000YCX 20AT000GCC L440 20AS000YED 20AT000GLM L440 20AS000YEE 20AT000GUS L440 20AS000YEU 20AT000KAU L440 20AS000YFR 20AT000LAU L440 20AS000YGB 20AT000MAU L440 20AS000YGE 20AT000NAU L440 20AS000YGM 20AT000PAU L440 20AS000YHH 20AT000QAU L440 20AS000YHK 20AT000RTW L440 20AS000YHV 20AT000STW L440 20AS000YIN 20AT000TTW L440 20AS000YIW 20AT000UTW L440 20AS000YIX 20AT000VKR L440 20AS000YJE 20AT000WKR L440 20AS000YJP 20AT000XCD L440 20AS000YLL 20AT000YCD L440 20AS000YLM 20AT0010CD L440 20AS000YMB 20AT0011CD L440 20AS000YMC 20AT0012CD L440 20AS000YMD 20AT0013CD L440 20AS000YMH 20AT0014CD L440 20AS000YML 20AT0015CD L440 20AS000YMN 20AT0016CD L440 20AS000YMS 20AT0017CD L440 20AS000YMZ 20AT0018CD L440 20AS000YNX 20AT0019CD L440 20AS000YNZ 20AT001ACD L440 20AS000YPB 20AT001BCD L440 20AS000YPG 20AT001CCD L440 20AS000YPH 20AT001DCD L440 20AS000YRI 20AT001ECD L440 20AS000YRK 20AT001FAU L440 20AS000YRT 20AT001GAU L440 20AS000YSC 20AT001HAU L440 20AS000YSG 20AT001YCA L440 20AS000YSP 20AT001YCC L440 20AS000YTH 20AT001YLM L440 20AS000YTX 20AT001YUS L440 20AS000YUK 20AT0020CA L440 20AS000YUS 20AT0020CC L440 20AS000YVN 20AT0020LM L440 20AS000YXS 20AT0020US L440 20AS000YYA 20AT0021CA L440 20AS000YZA 20AT0021CC L440 20AS0010AD 20AT0021LM L440 20AS0010AR 20AT0021US L440 20AS0010AT 20AT0027CA L440 20AS0010AU 20AT0027CC L440 20AS0010BM 20AT0027LM L440 20AS0010CA 20AT0027US L440 20AS0010CC 20AT0028CA L440 20AS0010CD 20AT0028CC L440 20AS0010CE 20AT0028LM L440 20AS0010CL 20AT0028US L440 20AS0010CX 20AT0029CA L440 20AS0010ED 20AT0029CC L440 20AS0010EE 20AT0029LM L440 20AS0010EU 20AT0029US L440 20AS0010FR 20AT002ACA L440 20AS0010GB 20AT002ACC L440 20AS0010GE 20AT002ALM L440 20AS0010GM 20AT002AUS L440 20AS0010HH 20AT002BCA L440 20AS0010HK 20AT002BCC L440 20AS0010HV 20AT002BLM L440 20AS0010IN 20AT002BUS L440 20AS0010IW 20AT002CCA L440 20AS0010IX 20AT002CCC L440 20AS0010JE 20AT002CLM L440 20AS0010JP 20AT002CUS L440 20AS0010LL 20AT002DCA L440 20AS0010LM 20AT002DCC L440 20AS0010MB 20AT002DLM L440 20AS0010MC 20AT002DUS L440 20AS0010MD 20AT002ECA L440 20AS0010MH 20AT002ECC L440 20AS0010ML 20AT002ELM L440 20AS0010MN 20AT002EUS L440 20AS0010MS 20AT002FCA L440 20AS0010MZ 20AT002FCC L440 20AS0010NX 20AT002FLM L440 20AS0010NZ 20AT002FUS L440 20AS0010PB 20AT002GCA L440 20AS0010PG 20AT002GCC L440 20AS0010PH 20AT002GLM L440 20AS0010RI 20AT002GUS L440 20AS0010RK 20AT002HCA L440 20AS0010RT 20AT002HCC L440 20AS0010SC 20AT002HLM L440 20AS0010SG 20AT002HUS L440 20AS0010SP 20AT002JCA L440 20AS0010TH 20AT002JCC L440 20AS0010TX 20AT002JLM L440 20AS0010UK 20AT002JUS L440 20AS0010US 20AT002KCA L440 20AS0010VN 20AT002KCC L440 20AS0010XS 20AT002KLM L440 20AS0010YA 20AT002KUS L440 20AT002NCC 20AT002LCA L440 20AT002NLM 20AT002LCC L440 20AT002NUS 20AT002LLM L440 20AT002PCA 20AT002LUS L440 20AT002PCC 20AT002MCA L440 20AT002PUS 20AT002MCC L440 20AT002QCA 20AT002MLM L440 20AT002QCC 20AT002MUS L440 20AT002QUS 20AT002NCA L440 20AT002RCA 20AT002RCC L440 20AT002RUS 20AT002SCA L440 20AT002SCC 20AT002SLM L440 20AT002SUS 20AT002TCA L440 20AT002TCC 20AT002TLM L440 20AT002TUS 20AT002UCA L440 20AT002UCC 20AT002ULM L440 20AT002UUS 20AT002VCA L440 20AT002VCC 20AT002VLM L440 20AT002VUS 20AT002WCA L440 20AT002WCC 20AT002WLM L440 20AT002WUS 20AT002XCA L440 20AT002XCC 20AT002XLM L440 20AT002XUS 20AT002YAD L440 20AT002YAT 20AT002YBM L440 20AT002YCX 20AT002YED L440 20AT002YEE 20AT002YEU L440 20AT002YFR 20AT002YGB L440 20AT002YGE 20AT002YGM L440 20AT002YHV 20AT002YIU L440 20AT002YIV 20AT002YIW L440 20AT002YIX 20AT002YMB L440 20AT002YMC 20AT002YMD L440 20AT002YMH 20AT002YML L440 20AT002YMN 20AT002YMS L440 20AT002YMZ 20AT002YNX L440 20AT002YPB 20AT002YPG L440 20AT002YRI 20AT002YRK L440 20AT002YRT 20AT002YSC L440 20AT002YSP 20AT002YTX L440 20AT002YUK 20AT002YXS L440 20AT002YYA 20AT002YZA L440 20AT0030AD 20AT0030AT L440 20AT0030BM 20AT0030CX L440 20AT0030ED 20AT0030EE L440 20AT0030EU 20AT0030FR L440 20AT0030GB 20AT0030GE L440 20AT0030GM 20AT0030HV L440 20AT0030IW 20AT0030IX L440 20AT0030MB 20AT0030MC L440 20AT0030MD 20AT0030MH L440 20AT0030ML 20AT0030MN L440 20AT0030MS 20AT0030MZ L440 20AT0030NX 20AT0030PB L440 20AT0030PG 20AT0030RI L440 20AT0030RK 20AT0030RT L440 20AT0030SC 20AT0030SP L440 20AT0030TX 20AT0030UK L440 20AT0030XS 20AT0030YA L440 20AT0030ZA 20AT0031AD L440 20AT0031BM 20AT0031CX L440 20AT0031CY 20AT0031ED L440 20AT0031EE 20AT0031EU L440 20AT0031FE 20AT0031GM L440 20AT0031HV 20AT0031MC L440 20AT0031PB 20AT0031PE L440 20AT0031RI 20AT0031SC L440 20AT0031TX 20AT0031UE L440 20AT0031XS 20AT0031YA L440 20AT0031ZA 20AT0032AD L440 20AT0032AT 20AT0032BM L440 20AT0032CX 20AT0032ED L440 20AT0032EE 20AT0032EU