38Wh C21N1509 Slim Laptop Battery ASUS VivoBook X556UQ X556UA X556UB X556UV Notebook


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    • Battery Type: Li-ion
    • Voltage : 7.6V
    • Capacity : 38Wh
    • Number of Cells :03
    • Product Condition : Brand new & Original
    • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety. Grade A cells battery.
    • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
    • Warranty: 12 Months.
    • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

    Compatible Part Numbers :


    FIT Models:

    A556U, F556U, F556UA, F556UA-AB54, F556UA-AS54, F556UA-DM1014T, F556UA-DM130T, F556UA-DM409T, F556UA-DM793T, F556UA-DM893R, F556UA-EB71, F556UA-UH71, F556UA-XO063T, F556UA-XO093T, F556UA-XO094T, F556UA-XO218T, F556UB-DM026T, F556UB-DM052T, F556UB-DM059T, F556UB-DM060T, F556UB-DM061T, F556UB-DM063T, F556UB-DM064T, F556UB-DM068T, F556UB-DM114T, F556UB-DM139T, F556UB-DM212T, F556UB-DM213T, F556UB-DM214T, F556UEGEOM, F556UF-DM028T, F556UF-DM065T, F556UF-DM066T, F556UJ, F556UJ-DM036T, F556UJ-XO009T, F556UJ-XO010T, F556UJ-XO057T, F556UJ-XO155T, F556UJ-XX021T, F556UJ-XX024T, F556UJ-XX025T, F556UJ-XX157T, F556UQ-DM1011T, F556UQ-DM1209, F556UQ-DM1237, F556UQ-DM1289, F556UQ-DM627D, F556UQ-DM705T, F556UQ-DM736T, F556UQ-DM739, F556UQ-DM831T, F556UQ-X01257T, F556UQ-XO528D, F556UQ-XO626D, F556UQ-XO628D, F556UR, F556UR-DM210T, F556UR-DM295T, F556UR-DM554T, F556UR-XO039T, F556UR-XO278T, F556UR-XX356T, F556UV, F556UV-DM154T, F556UV-DM196T, F556UV-DM204T, F556UV-DM244T, F556UV-DM245T, F556UV-XO019T, F556UV-XO223T, F556UV-XX024T, F556UV-XX185T, F556UV-XX243T, F556UV-XX249T, F556UV-XX305T, F556UV-XX306T, F556UV-XX307T, FL5900U, K556UA, K556UB, K556UB-DM162T, K556UB-XX019D, K556UB-XX023D, K556UB-XX033D, K556UB-XX115D, K556UB-XX175D, K556UB-XX177D, K556UB-XX178D, K556UJ, K556UJ-XX032D, K556UJ-XX034D, K556UJ-XX109T, K556UQ-0221B7200U, K556UQ-DM001D, K556UQ-DM002D, K556UQ-DM022D, K556UQ-DM1023T, K556UQ-DM1024T, K556UQ-DM1040T, K556UQ-DM1130T, K556UQ-DM1140T, K556UQ-DM1142T, K556UQ-DM1144T, K556UQ-DM1145D, K556UQ-DM1354, K556UQ-DM1370T, K556UQ-DM1423, K556UQ-DM1423D, K556UQ-DM611T, K556UQ-DM712T, K556UQ-DM713T, K556UQ-DM732T, K556UQ-DM799T, K556UQ-DM802T, K556UQ-DM897T, K556UQ-DM898T, K556UQ-DM956D, K556UQ-DM957D, K556UQ-Q52P-CB, K556UQ-Q72-CB, K556UQ-XO1029T, K556UQ-XO899T, K556UQ-XX1073D, K556UQ-XX348T, K556UQ-XX466T, K556UQ-XX557T, K556UQ-XX688D, K556UQ-XX935T, K556UR-DM180T, K556UR-DM181T, K556UR-DM271T, K556UR-DM339T, K556UR-DM466T, K556UR-DM498T, K556UR-DM499T, K556UR-DM621T, K556UR-XX010T, K556UR-XX033T, K556UR-XX044D, K556UR-XX127T, K556UR-XX134T, K556UR-XX252D, K556UR-XX252T, K556UR-XX269T, K556UR-XX338T, K556UV, K556UV-GA056D, R558UA-DM283T, R558UA-DM479T, R558UA-DM485T, R558UA-DM540T, R558UA-DM750T, R558UA-XO134T, R558UA-XX007T, R558UA-XX340T, R558UB, R558UB-DM108T, R558UB-DM252T, R558UB-RS71, R558UB-XX086T, R558UF-DM147D, R558UF-DM175D, R558UF-XO043T, R558UF-XO044D, R558UF-XO044T, R558UJ, R558UJ-DM150T, R558UJ-XO086T, R558UJ-XO167T, R558UJ-XX076T, R558UQ, R558UQ-DM1053T, R558UQ-DM1451T, R558UQ-DM230T, R558UQ-DM326T, R558UQ-DM358T, R558UQ-DM360T, R558UQ-DM410T, R558UQ-DM665T, R558UQ-DM738T, R558UQ-DM753T, R558UQ-X0165T, R558UQ-X0171T, R558UQ-X0261T, R558UQ-XO150T, R558UQ-XO313T, R558UQ-XO879T, R558UQ-XX021T, R558UQ-XX517T, R558UR, R558UR-DM068D, R558UR-DM069D, R558UR-DM124D, R558UR-DM149T, R558UR-DM225T, R558UR-DM324T, R558UR-DM458T, R558UR-DM515T, R558UR-XO072T, R558UR-XX463T, R558UR-XX490T, R558UV-DM116T, R558UV-DM131T, R558UV-DM146T, R558UV-DM193T, R558UV-DM232T, R558UV-DM274T, R558UV-DM344T, R558UV-DM345T, R558UV-X0400T, R558UV-XO056T, R558UV-XO065T, R558UV-XO242T, R558UV-XX286T, Vivobook F556UQ, Vivobook F556UQ-DM1011T, Vivobook F556UQ-DM1209, Vivobook F556UQ-DM1237, Vivobook F556UQ-DM1289, Vivobook F556UQ-DM233D, Vivobook F556UQ-DM627D, Vivobook F556UQ-DM705T, Vivobook F556UQ-DM736T, Vivobook F556UQ-DM739, Vivobook F556UQ-DM831T, Vivobook F556UQ-XO1086T, Vivobook F556UQ-XO137T, Vivobook F556UQ-XO139T, Vivobook F556UQ-XO528D, Vivobook F556UQ-XO626D, Vivobook F556UQ-XO628D, Vivobook F556UR, Vivobook F556UR-XO037T, Vivobook F556UR-XO038T, Vivobook F556UR-XO039T, VivoBook K556UA-DM108T, VivoBook K556UA-DM146T, VivoBook K556UA-DM956T, VivoBook K556UA-Q72-CB, VivoBook K556UA-WH51, VivoBook K556UA-XO552T, VivoBook K556UA-XX603T, VivoBook K556UA-XX606T, VivoBook X552u, VivoBook X556UA, VivoBook X556UA-DM898T, VivoBook X556UA-XO974T, VivoBook X556UB, VivoBook X556UB-XX013T, VivoBook X556UB-XX030T, VivoBook X556UB-XX039T, VivoBook X556UF, VivoBook X556UQ-DM1039T, VivoBook X556UQ-DM1256T, VivoBook X556UQ-DM1258T, VivoBook X556UQ-DM1259P, VivoBook X556UQ-DM1269T, VivoBook X556UQ-DM523, VivoBook X556UQ-DM762T, VivoBook X556UQ-X01258T, VivoBook X556UQ-XO075T, VivoBook X556UQ-XO1268T, VivoBook X556UQ-XO760D, VivoBook X556UQ-XO916T, VivoBook X556UR, VivoBook X556UR-0031C6200U, VivoBook X556UR-DM396T, VivoBook X556UR-DM402T, VivoBook X556UV, VivoBook X556UV-XO006T, VivoBook X556UV-XO007T, VivoBook X560UD, VM591UA, VM591UB, VM591UF, VM591UJ, VM591UQ, VM591UR, VM591UV, X555LJ, X556U, X556UA-1A, X556UA-1B, X556UA-1C, X556UA-3G, X556UA-XO607T, X556UB-1B, X556UB-1C, X556UB-XX039T, X556UJ-1A, X556UJ-1C, X556UJ-3G, X556UQ-DM866T
    Asus X556 Series
    VivoBook X556UQ, VivoBook X556UQ-XO076T, X556, X556UA, X556UB, X556UB-3F, X556UB-3G, X556UF, X556UF-1A, X556UF-1B, X556UF-1C, X556UF-3F, X556UF-3G, X556UJ, X556UJ-XO015T, X556UQ, X556UQ-1A, X556UQ-1B, X556UQ-1C, X556UQ-3F, X556UQ-3G, X556UQ-XO076T, X556UR, X556UR-1A, X556UR-1B, X556UR-1C, X556UR-3F, X556UR-3G, X556UV, X556UV-1A, X556UV-1B, X556UV-1C, X556UV-3F, X556UV-3G.
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