43Wh Original PA5107U-1BRS Laptop Battery Toshiba Satellite L45 L45D L50 P55 L55 L55T P50


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  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • Voltage:14.4V
  • Capacity: 43Wh/ 4 Cell
  • Color: Black
  • Condition: Brand New & Original
  • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety.
  • Grade A cells battery.
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.


4ICP9/39/651, 4ICP9/39/65-1, 7D013201M, 7D227747S, G71C000FM210, P000573230, p000573240, P000573250, P000581700, P000599500, P000614010, P000617510, P000617520, P000697220, P50APSPMHC01E00P, P50-A-PSPMHC-01E00P, P71C000FM2AA, P71C000FP3AA, pa 5107-1brs, pa51071brs, pa5107-1brs, PA5107U, PA5107U1BRS, PA5107U-1BRS, PSKEA00M001, PSKEA-00M001, PSKJJE02300VGR, PSKJJE-02300VGR, PSKJPA00E00U, PSKJPA-00E00U, PSKJWR001001RU, PSKJWR-001001RU, PSKK2U-00M007, pskk6c00u007, pskk6c-00u007, PSKK6E00E00KGR, PSKK6E-00E00KGR, PSKK6E04E05YFR, PSKK6E-04E05YFR, PSKKAU07P01Y, PSKKAU-07P01Y, PSKKEU04L00C, PSKKEU-04L00C, PSKKWA00J006, PSKKWA-00J006, PSKKWC00G005, PSKKWC-00G005, PSKL6A013004, PSKL6A-013004, PSKLAA002001, PSKLAA-002001, PSKLAV-0FT06QAR, PSKLEA00M001, PSKLEA-00M001, PSKLNA01Q00J, PSKLNA-01Q00J, PSKLWA006002, PSKLWA-006002, PSKMAC005004, PSKMAC-005004, PSPMEC00N006, PSPMEC-00N006, PSPMGC05H02P, PSPMGC-05H02P, PSPMGE007004N5, PSPMGE-007004N5, PSPMGE00K004N5, PSPMGE-00K004N5, PSPMGU02G00C, PSPMGU-02G00C, PSPMHA01600L, PSPMHA-01600L, PSPMHA01C00L, PSPMHA-01C00L, PSPMHA01COOL, PSPMHA-01COOL, PSPMHA1C00L, PSPMHA-1C00L, PSPMHC01E00P, PSPMHC-01E00P, PSPMJU00G005, PSPMJU-00G005, TB011207PRR14G01, TB011207-PRR14G01, YD021621U


Satellite P50-A-12N, Satellite P50T-A, DynaBook T65357JRS, L50A PSKNA00V001, L-50A PSKNA-00V001, L50A031W, L50-A1001, L50-A2002, L50-A6003, L55A5266, L55-A5266, P50APSPMHC01E00P, P50-A-PSPMHC-01E00P, P50T, P50tA016, P50t-A016, PSKK2U00M007, PSKK2U-00M007, PSKKWP00G005, PSKKWP-00G005, PSKMAC005004, PSKT4E088023EN, PSKT4E-088023EN, PSPMHA0DP04S, PSPMHA-0DP04S, Pspnva01000n, Pspnva-01000n, PSPNVA01R00N, PSPNVA-01R00N, PSPQGA001001, PSPQGA-001001, S50DA10F, S50D-A-10F, Satellite P50A, Satellite P50-A, Satellite S55A5295, Satellite S55-A5295, Satellite L50A, Satellite L50-A, Satellite P50A12N, Satellite P50-A-12N, Satellite P50TA, Satellite P50T-A, Satellite P50tB, Satellite P50t-B, Satellite Pro L50A, Satellite Pro L50-A, Satellite S50DA, Satellite S50D-A, Satellite S40DA, Satellite S40D-A, Satellite S40DtA, Satellite S40Dt-A, Satellite S40tA, Satellite S40t-A, Satellite S55A5295, Satellite S55-A5295, Satellite K55t, Satellite L40A, Satellite L40-A, Satellite L40A I0110, Satellite L40-A I0110, Satellite L40A X0110, Satellite L40-A X0110, Satellite L40A10F, Satellite L40-A-10F, Satellite L40AC05W1, Satellite L40-AC05W1, Satellite L40AT01W, Satellite L40-AT01W, Satellite L40AT23S1, Satellite L40-AT23S1, Satellite L40AT25W1, Satellite L40-AT25W1, Satellite L40-AT25W1, Satellite L40AT26W1, Satellite L40-AT26W1, Satellite L40AT27W1, Satellite L40-AT27W1, Satellite L40AT28W1, Satellite L40-AT28W1, Satellite L40-AT28W1, SATELLITE L40DA, SATELLITE L40D-A, SATELLITE L40TA, SATELLITE L40T-A, Satellite L40TA105, Satellite L40T-A-105, Satellite L40TA106, Satellite L40T-A-106, Satellite L40TA108, Satellite L40T-A-108, Satellite L45, SATELLITE L45A, SATELLITE L45-A, Satellite L45D, SATELLITE L45DA, SATELLITE L45D-A, Satellite L45S7419, Satellite L45-S7419, Satellite L45S7423, Satellite L45-S7423, Satellite L45S7424, Satellite L45-S7424, Satellite L45SP2036, Satellite L45-SP2036, Satellite L45SP2046, Satellite L45-SP2046, Satellite L45SP2056, Satellite L45-SP2056, Satellite L45SP2066, Satellite L45-SP2066, Satellite L45SP4016, Satellite L45-SP4016, Satellite L50, Satellite L50A, Satellite L50A, Satellite L50A, Satellite L50-A, Satellite L50-A, Satellite L50A Serie, Satellite L50-A Serie, Satellite L50A00M, Satellite L50A00M, Satellite L50-A00M, SATELLITE L50A0383, SATELLITE L50-A0383, Satellite L50A039, Satellite L50-A039, Satellite L50A040, Satellite L50-A040, Satellite L50A041, Satellite L50-A041, Satellite L50A046, Satellite L50-A046, Satellite L50A103, Satellite L50-A-103, Satellite L50A104, Satellite L50-A-104, Satellite L50A105, Satellite L50-A-105, Satellite L50A106, Satellite L50-A-106, Satellite L50A108, Satellite L50-A-108, Satellite L50A109, Satellite L50-A-109, Satellite L50A10H, Satellite L50-A-10H, Satellite L50A10J, Satellite L50-A-10J, Satellite L50A10Q, Satellite L50-A-10Q, Satellite L50-A-10Q, Satellite L50A10Q(PSKK6E00400KGR), Satellite L50-A-10Q(PSKK6E-00400KGR), Satellite L50A10U, Satellite L50-A-10U, Satellite L50A10V, Satellite 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SATELLITE S50-A-00G, Satellite S50A069, Satellite S50-A-069, Satellite S50A10H, Satellite S50-A-10H, Satellite S50A10H(PSKKWE00N008EN), Satellite S50-A-10H(PSKKWE-00N008EN), Satellite S50A10P, Satellite S50-A-10P, Satellite S50A10R, Satellite S50-A-10R, Satellite S50A10T, Satellite S50-A-10T, SATELLITE S50A10V, SATELLITE S50-A-10V, SATELLITE S50A10W, SATELLITE S50-A-10W, Satellite S50A10W(PSKK6E00N00DEN), Satellite S50-A-10W(PSKK6E-00N00DEN), Satellite S50A110, Satellite S50-A-110, SATELLITE S50A113, SATELLITE S50-A-113, Satellite S50A114, Satellite S50-A-114, SATELLITE S50A115, SATELLITE S50-A-115, Satellite S50A117, Satellite S50-A-117, SATELLITE S50A118, SATELLITE S50-A-118, Satellite S50A11J, Satellite S50-A-11J, Satellite S50A11J(PSKJJE02300VGR), Satellite S50-A-11J(PSKJJE-02300VGR), SATELLITE S50ABT2N22, SATELLITE S50-ABT2N22, SATELLITE S50ABT3N22, SATELLITE S50-ABT3N22, SATELLITE S50AK1M, SATELLITE S50-A-K1M, Satellite s50ak7m, Satellite s50-a-k7m, Satellite S50AKKM, Satellite S50-A-KKM, Satellite S50AKLM, Satellite S50-A-KLM, SATELLITE S50AST2NX1, SATELLITE S50-AST2NX1, SATELLITE S50AST2NX2, SATELLITE S50-AST2NX2, SATELLITE S50AST3GX1, SATELLITE S50-AST3GX1, SATELLITE S50AST3NX1, SATELLITE S50-AST3NX1, SATELLITE S50AST3NX2, SATELLITE S50-AST3NX2, SATELLITE S50AX0010, SATELLITE S50-A-X0010, SATELLITE S50DA, Satellite S50D-A, SATELLITE S50D-A, SATELLITE S50DA00G, SATELLITE S50D-A-00G, Satellite S50DA00G(PSKKWC00G005), Satellite S50D-A-00G(PSKKWC-00G005), Satellite S50DA106, Satellite S50D-A-106, Satellite S50DA106(PSKKSE00E001N5), Satellite S50D-A-106(PSKKSE-00E001N5), Satellite S50DA10C, Satellite S50D-A-10C, Satellite S50DA10C(PSKKSE00M001N5), Satellite S50D-A-10C(PSKKSE-00M001N5), Satellite S50DA10F, Satellite S50D-A-10F, Satellite S50DA10F(PSKKWE00R008EN), Satellite S50D-A-10F(PSKKWE-00R008EN), Satellite S50DA10G, Satellite S50D-A-10G, Satellite S50DA10G(PSKKWE00Q008EN), Satellite S50D-A-10G(PSKKWE-00Q008EN), Satellite S50DA10J, Satellite S50D-A-10J, Satellite S50DA10J(PSKKWE00S00CN5), Satellite S50D-A-10J(PSKKWE-00S00CN5), Satellite S50DA10L, Satellite S50D-A-10L, Satellite S50DA10L(PSKKWE00T00EDU), Satellite S50D-A-10L(PSKKWE-00T00EDU), Satellite S50TA06C, Satellite S50T-A-06C, Satellite S50TA06C(PSKK6C06C068), Satellite S50T-A-06C(PSKK6C-06C068), Satellite S50tA104, Satellite S50t-A-104, Satellite S50TA107, Satellite S50T-A-107, Satellite S50tA10G, Satellite S50t-A-10G, Satellite S50TA10P, Satellite S50T-A-10P, Satellite S50TA10P(PSKK6E00F00KGR), Satellite S50T-A-10P(PSKK6E-00F00KGR), Satellite S50TA10V, Satellite S50T-A-10V, Satellite S50TA10W, Satellite S50T-A-10W, Satellite S50TA10Z, Satellite S50T-A-10Z, Satellite S50TA112, Satellite S50T-A-112, SATELLITE S50TA116, SATELLITE S50T-A116, Satellite S50tA117, Satellite S50t-A-117, Satellite S50tA118, Satellite S50t-A-118, Satellite S50TA118(PSKK6E00S00DEN), Satellite S50T-A-118(PSKK6E-00S00DEN), Satellite S50tA11F, Satellite S50t-A-11F, Satellite S50TA11P, Satellite S50T-A-11P, Satellite S50tA11U, Satellite S50t-A-11U, Satellite S50TA11V, Satellite S50T-A-11V, Satellite S50TA11W, Satellite S50T-A-11W, Satellite S50TA122, Satellite S50T-A-122, Satellite S55, Satellite S55A, Satellite S55-A, SATELLITE S55A5154, SATELLITE S55-A5154, SATELLITE S55A5165, SATELLITE S55-A5165, SATELLITE S55A5167, SATELLITE S55-A5167, SATELLITE S55A5169, SATELLITE S55-A5169, SATELLITE S55A5176, SATELLITE S55-A5176, SATELLITE S55A5188, SATELLITE S55-A5188, Satellite S55A519, Satellite S55-A519, SATELLITE S55A5197, SATELLITE S55-A5197, SATELLITE S55A5235, SATELLITE S55-A5235, Satellite S55A5236, Satellite S55-A5236, SATELLITE S55A5239, SATELLITE S55-A5239, SATELLITE S55A5255, SATELLITE S55-A5255, SATELLITE S55A5256NR, SATELLITE S55-A5256NR, Satellite S55A5257, Satellite S55-A5257, SATELLITE S55A5274, SATELLITE S55-A5274, SATELLITE S55A5275, Satellite S55-A5275, Satellite S55-A-5275, SATELLITE S55-A-5275, SATELLITE S55A5276, SATELLITE S55-A5276, Satellite S55A5279, Satellite S55-A5279, Satellite S55A5292, Satellite S55-A5292, SATELLITE S55A5294, SATELLITE S55-A5294, satellite S55a5295, Satellite S55-a5295, Satellite S55A5326, Satellite S55-A5326, Satellite S55a5335, Satellite S55-a5335, SATELLITE S55A5352, SATELLITE S55-A5352, SATELLITE S55A5356, SATELLITE S55-A5356, SATELLITE S55A5358, SATELLITE S55-A5358, SATELLITE S55A5359, SATELLITE S55-A5359, SATELLITE S55A5364, SATELLITE S55-A5364, SATELLITE S55A5376, SATELLITE S55-A5376, Satellite S55DtA5130, Satellite S55Dt-A5130, Satellite S55t, Satellite S55tA, Satellite S55t-A, Satellite S55tA5132, Satellite S55t-A5132, Satellite S55tA5136, Satellite S55t-A5136, Satellite S55tA5138, Satellite S55t-A5138, SATELLITE S55TA5156, SATELLITE S55T-A5156, SATELLITE S55TA5161, SATELLITE S55T-A5161, Satellite S55tA5189, Satellite S55t-A5189, Satellite S55tA5237, Satellite S55t-A5237, SATELLITE S55TA5238, SATELLITE S55T-A5238, SATELLITE S55TA5238NR, SATELLITE S55T-A5238NR, SATELLITE S55TA5258NR, SATELLITE S55T-A5258NR, Satellite s55ta5277, Satellite s55t-a5277, Satellite s55t-a5277, Satellite S55tA5334, Satellite S55t-A5334, Satellite S55t-A5334, SATELLITE S55TA5337, SATELLITE S55T-A5337, SATELLITE S55TA5360, SATELLITE S55T-A5360, Satellite S55tA5379, Satellite S55t-A5379, Satellite S55tA5389, Satellite S55t-A5389, Satellite S55t-A5389, Satellite S55TB5260, Satellite S55T-B5260, SatelliteS55a5167, SatelliteS55-a5167