45W Lenovo USB-C Type-C Lenovo Power Adapter ADLX45YCC2A SA10E75844 00HM666 For Lenovo Yoga 5 pro


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  • Product Type: AC Power Adapter
  • Adapter Brand :Lenovo
  • Adapter Part Number: ADLX45YCC2A
  • Condition: Brand New & Original
  • AC Input: 100V – 240V~1.5A-1.8A (for worldwide use)
  • Operating Frequency ‎:‎50-60Hz
  • DC Output: 5V-2A  9V-2A  15V-3A  20V-2.25A
  • Power Output :45W
  • DC Connector Type :USB-C  ‘C’ Type Type-C
  • Warranty (Replacement): 1 Year (360 Days)


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ADLX45UDCB2A ADLX45UDCC2A ADLX45UDCE2A ADLX45UDCG2A ADLX45UDCI2A ADLX45UDCK2A ADLX45UDCR2A ADLX45UDCU2A ADLX45ULCA2A ADLX45ULCB2A ADLX45ULCC2A ADLX45ULCE2A ADLX45ULCEA ADLX45ULCG2A ADLX45ULCI2A ADLX45ULCK2A ADLX45ULCR2A ADLX45ULCU2A ADLX45YAC2A ADLX45YAC3A ADLX45YCC2A ADLX45YCC3A ADLX45YDC2A ADLX45YDC3A ADLX45YLC2A ADLX45YLC3A ADLX65YAC2A Cube Thinker M3 Flex 11 Chromebook IdeaPad 720S-13IKB Miix 630-12Q35 81F1 N23 Yoga Chomebook PA-1450-34 20GJ 20GK 20J1 20J2 2nd Gen A275 A275 20KC A275 20KD A475 A475 20KL A475 20KM E485 20KU E585 20KV L380 Yoga L480 L580 R480 20KR T470 20HD T470 20HE T470 20JM T470s 20HF T470s 20HG T470s 20JS T470s 20JT T480 20L5 T570 20H9 T570 20HA T570 20JW T570 20JX T580 20L9 X1 Carbon 6 X270 20HM X270 20HN X270 20K5 X270 20K6 X280 X380 Yoga X570 20HN X570 20K6 Yoga 720-13IKB Yoga 720-13IKB 80X6 Yoga 730-13IKB Yoga 910-13IKB Yoga 910-13IKB 80VF Yoga 910-13IKB Glass Yoga 920-13IKB Yoga 920-13IKB 80Y7 Yoga A12 YB1-Q501F YOGA A12 YB1-Q501L Yoga A12 ZA1Y Yoga A12 ZA20 Yoga Book C930 YB-J912F 300e Chromebook 81H00000US 500e Chromebook 81ES0005NC 500e Chromebook 81ES0007US FLEX 11 CHROMEBOOK ZA27 IdeaPad 320-17IKB 80XM IdeaPad 720-13IKB 81C3 IdeaPad 720S Touch-13IKB 81BX IdeaPad 720S-13IKB 81A8 IdeaPad 720S-13IKB 81BV IdeaPad Yoga 720-13IKB 81C3 20GL 20GM X1 Carbon (6th Gen) X1 Carbon 2018 X1 Carbon 20HQ X1 Carbon 20HR X1 Carbon 20K4 X1 Carbon 6 i5 X1 Carbon 6 i7 X1 Tablet (3rd Gen) X1 Tablet 20GG X1 Tablet 20GH X1 Yoga (3rd Gen) X380 Yoga 20LJ Yoga 910-13IKB Glass 80VG Yoga 920-13IKB Glass 80Y8 Acer Chromebook 11 C732L  Acer Chromebook 11 C732L-C8QH  Acer Chromebook 11 C732L-H14M  Acer Chromebook 11 C732LT  Acer Chromebook 11 C732LT-C0J4  Acer Chromebook 11 C732LT-C2NH  Acer Chromebook 11 C732LT-C4NH  Acer Chromebook 11 C732LT-C76L  Acer Chromebook 11 C732LT-C80E  Acer Chromebook 11 C732LT-F14N  Acer Chromebook 11 C732T  Acer Chromebook 11 C732T-C18E  Acer Chromebook 11 C732T-C2CU  Acer Chromebook 11 C732T-C2NH  Acer Chromebook 11 C732T-C5D9  Acer 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ADLX45UDCU2A ADLX45ULCC2A ADLX45ULCE2A ADLX45ULCI2A ADLX45ULCK2A ADLX45ULCU2A ADLX45YAC2A ADLX45YCC2A ADLX45YCC3A ADLX45YLC2A ADLX45YLC2D ADLX45YDC3D ADLX45YLC3D ADLX45YDC2D ADLX65YAC2A ADP-45FW BA 00HM666 Chromebook C330 81HY Chromebook S330 81JW GX20N20876 GX20N20876 GX20U90488 IdeaPad 720S-13 720S IdeaPad 720S-13ARR IdeaPad 720S-13ARR 81BR PA-1450-30 ADLX45YCC2D SA10E75829 SA10E75840 SA10E75842 SA10E75843 00HM665 SA10E75844 SA10E75845 SA10E75846 SA10E75869 SA10E75868 SA10E75870 SA10E75871 SA10E75873 SA10E75872 SA10K34710 SA10M13949 Tablet 10 20L3 20L30007US 20L30008US 20L3000HUS 20L3000JUS 20L3000K 20L3000KGE 20L3000L 20L3000LGE 20L3000LMH 20L3000M 20L3000MGE 20L3000MUK 20L3000R 20L3000RGE 20L3000RMZ 20L4 20GJ 20GK 20J1 20J10000 20J10001 20J10002 20J10003 20J10003CX 20J10004 20J10005 20J10006 20J10006US 20J10007 20J1000A 20J1000AUS 20J1000D 20J1000E 20J1000EUS 20J1000J 20J1000JFR 20J1000JGE 20J1000JIV 20J1000K 20J1000L 20J1000M 20J1000N 20J1000NMZ 20J1000U 20J10014 20J10014MZ 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20J2S00G00 20J2S01Y00 20J2S02800 20J2S03Y00 2nd Gen 2nd Gen 20J1 2nd Gen 20J2 20GL 20GL 20GM 20GM 25 TP25 C13 Yoga Gen 1 Chromebook 20UX L13 Gen 2 20VH 20VJ L13 Yoga Gen 2 20VK 20VL S5 2nd Gen 20JA T15 Gen 1 20S6 T470 20HD T470 20HE T470 20HE0053 T470 20HE0054 T470 20HE0055 T470 20HEA02BIG T470 20HES01100 T470 20HES0ET18 T470 20HES2SF00 T470 20HES5S10C T470 20JM T470s 20HF T470s 20HF T470s 20HF0000GE T470s 20HF0000MZ T470s 20HF0001 T470s 20HF0001GE T470s 20HF0002 T470s 20HF0003 T470s 20HF0003GE T470s 20HF0004 T470s 20HF0005 T470s 20HF0006 T470s 20HF0007 T470s 20HF0008 T470s 20HF0009 T470s 20HF000A T470s 20HF000B T470s 20HF000C T470s 20HF000D T470s 20HF000E T470s 20HF000F T470s 20HF000G T470s 20HF000T T470s 20HF000U T470s 20HF000V T470s 20HF000W T470s 20HF000X T470s 20HF000Y T470s 20HF0010US T470s 20HF0011US T470s 20HF0012US T470s 20HF0013US T470s 20HF0014US T470s 20HF0015US T470s 20HF0016 T470s 20HF0016GE T470s 20HF0016MZ T470s 20HF0017 T470s 20HF0018 T470s 20HF0019 T470s 20HF001A 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20H90006 T570 20H90007 T570 20H90008 T570 20H9000L T570 20H9000MUS T570 20H9000NUS T570 20H9000PUS T570 20H9000QUS T570 20H9000RUS T570 20H9000SUS T570 20H9000TUS T570 20H9000UCA T570 20H9000UUS T570 20H9000V T570 20H9000W T570 20H9000X T570 20H9000Y T570 20H90010 T570 20H90011 T570 20H90012 T570 20H90013 T570 20H90014 T570 20H90015 T570 20H90017 T570 20H90017GE T570 20H90017MZ T570 20H90018 T570 20H90018GE T570 20H90019 T570 20H9001A T570 20H9001B T570 20H9001BGE T570 20H9001D T570 20H9001E T570 20H9001EGE T570 20H9001EPB T570 20H9001F T570 20H9001G T570 20H9001H T570 20H9001K T570 20H9001L T570 20H90031 T570 20H90032 T570 20H90033 T570 20H90033ZA T570 20H90034 T570 20H90035 T570 20H9003D T570 20H9003E T570 20H9003F T570 20H9003P T570 20H9003Q T570 20H9003R T570 20H9003W T570 20H9003X T570 20H9003Y T570 20H90040 T570 20H90041 T570 20H90042 T570 20H90043 T570 20H90044 T570 20H9004B T570 20H9004C T570 20H9004D T570 20H9004E T570 20H9004FUS T570 20H9004G T570 20H9004H T570 20H9004J T570 20H9004K T570 20H9004L T570 20H9004M T570 20H9004NUS T570 20H9004PUS T570 20H9004QUS T570 20H9004RUS T570 20H9004SUS T570 20H9004TUS T570 20H9004UUS T570 20H9004VUS T570 20H9004WUS T570 20H9004X T570 20H9004Y T570 20H90050 T570 20H90051 T570 20H90052 T570 20H90052FR T570 20H90056US T570 20H90057US T570 20H90058US T570 20H90059US T570 20H9005A T570 20H9005B T570 20H9005DUS T570 20H9005F T570 20H9005G T570 20H9005H T570 20H9005J T570 20H9A00CAU T570 20H9CTO1WW T570 20H9S09600 T570 20HA T570 20HA004H T570 20HA004J T570 20HA004K T570 20HAS01E00 T570 20HAS12W0B T570 20JW T570 20JW0000AU T570 20JW0004US T570 20JW0005US T570 20JW0006CA T570 20JW0006US T570 20JW0007US T570 20JW0008US T570 20JW0009US T570 20JW000A T570 20JW000AGE T570 20JW000B T570 20JW000BGE T570 20JW000CUS T570 20JW000DUS T570 20JW000E T570 20JW000EGE T570 20JW000EMZ T570 20JW000F T570 20JW000GUS T570 20JW000HUS T570 20JW000J T570 20JW000K T570 20JW000L T570 20JW000M T570 20JW000N T570 20JW000P T570 20JW000Q T570 20JWS04M00 T570 20JX000F T570 20JX000G T570 20JX000H T580 20L90000 T580 20L90001 T580 20L90002 T580 20L90003 T580 20L90004 T580 20L90005 T580 20L9000U T580 20L90012 T580 20L90016GE T580 20L90017GE T580 20L90018US T580 20L90019US T580 20L9001AUS T580 20L9001BUS T580 20L9001DUS T580 20L9001FUS T580 20L9001GUS T580 20L9001JUS T580 20L9001KUS T580 20L9001LUS T580 20L9001MUS T580 20L9001NUS T580 20L9001PUS T580 20L9001QUS T580 20L9001RUS T580 20L9001SUS T580 20L9001UUS T580 20L9001VUS T580 20L9001W T580 20L9001WGE T580 20L9001X T580 20L9001Y T580 20L9001YGE T580 20L9001YMB T580 20L9001YUK T580 20L90020 T580 20L90020GE T580 20L90021 T580 20L90022 T580 20L90022GE T580 20L90022MB T580 20L90022MH T580 20L90023 T580 20L90023FR T580 20L90023GE T580 20L90024 T580 20L90024GE T580 20L90025 T580 20L90025GE T580 20L90025MZ T580 20L90026GE T580 20L9002G T580 20L9002GGE T580 20L9002GIX T580 20L9003EUS T580 20L9003FUS T580 20L9003GUS T580 20L9003HUS T580 20L9003JUS T580 20L9003KUS T580 20L9003LUS T580 20L9003M T580 20L9003N T580 20L9003P T580 20L9003PGE T580 20L9003S T580 20L9003U T580 20L9003W T580 20L9003Y T580 20L90040 T580 20L90041US T580 20L90042US T580 20L90043 T580 20L90044 T580 20L90045 T580 20L90046US T580 20L9S06B00 T580 20LA0016 T580 20LA0017 T580 20LA0018 T580 20LA0018GE T580 20LA0019 T580 20LA0019GE T580 20LA001A T580 20LA001B T580 20LA001S T580 20LA001T T580 20LA001U T580 20LA001V TP25 20K70000FR TP25 20K70004US 20HQ 20HR 20K4 X1 Tablet 20GG 20GG000E 20GG000F 20GG000G 20GG000H 20GG000L 20GG000M 20GG000N 20GG000P 20GG000Q 20GG002A 20GG002B 20GG002C 20GG002G 20GG002H 20GG002J 20GG00