48Wh 45N1759 Original Lenovo Battery for IBM ThinkPad E550 E550C E560 Z51-70 45N1763 76+


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  • Battery rating: 10.8V
  • Battery capacity: (48Wh)
  • Type: rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Battery color: black
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

3INR19/66-2, 45N15E9, 45N1758, 45N1759, 45N1760, 45N1761, 45N1762, 45N1763, 45N8961, 45Ne560, 45NYU63, 45R6758, 4X50G53717, 4X50G59217, 76+, L12S6A01(3INR19/65-2), ThinkPad Battery 76+


E550, E550C, E560, E560-0KCD, E560-0QCD, E560-0UCD, E560-0VCD, E560-19CD, E560-1ACD, E560-1BCD, E560-1DCD, E560-1ECD, E560-1GCD, E560-1JCD, E560-34CD, E560-35CD, E560-59CD, E560-5ACD, E560-5CCD, E560-5GCD, E560-63CD, E560-74CD, E565-02CD, E565-04CD, E565-0LCD, ThinkPad E550, ThinkPad E550 20DF0019AU, ThinkPad E550 20DF001AAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF001BAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF001CAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF001DAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF001EAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF001FAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF001GAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF001HAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF001JAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF001KAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF001LAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF001MAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF001NAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF001PAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF001QAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF001RAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF001SAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF001TAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF001UAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF001VAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF001WAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF001XAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF001YAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF0020AU, ThinkPad E550 20DF0021AU, ThinkPad E550 20DF0022AU, ThinkPad E550 20DF0023AU, ThinkPad E550 20DF0024AU, ThinkPad E550 20DF0025AU, ThinkPad E550 20DF0026AU, ThinkPad E550 20DF0027AU, ThinkPad E550 20DF0028AU, ThinkPad E550 20DF0029AU, ThinkPad E550 20DF002AAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF002BAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF002CAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF002DAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF002EAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF002FAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF002GAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF002HAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF002JAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF002KAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF002LAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF002MAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF002NAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF002PAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF002QAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF002RAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF002SAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF002TAU, ThinkPad E550 20DF002WUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF002XUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF002YUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF0030US, ThinkPad E550 20DF0031US, ThinkPad E550 20DF0032US, ThinkPad E550 20DF0033AU, ThinkPad E550 20DF0033US, ThinkPad E550 20DF0034US, ThinkPad E550 20DF0035US, ThinkPad E550 20DF0036US, ThinkPad E550 20DF0037US, ThinkPad E550 20DF0038US, ThinkPad E550 20DF0039US, ThinkPad E550 20DF003AUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF003BUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF003CUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF003DUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF003EUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF003FUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF003GUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF003HUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF003JUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF003KUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF003LUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF003MUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF003NUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF003PUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF003QUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF003RUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF003SUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF003TUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF003UUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF003VUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF003WUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF003XUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF003YUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF0040US, ThinkPad E550 20DF0041US, ThinkPad E550 20DF0042US, ThinkPad E550 20DF0043US, ThinkPad E550 20DF0044US, ThinkPad E550 20DF0045US, ThinkPad E550 20DF0046US, ThinkPad E550 20DF0047US, ThinkPad E550 20DF0048US, ThinkPad E550 20DF0049US, ThinkPad E550 20DF004AUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF004BUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF004CUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF004DUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF004EUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF004N, ThinkPad E550 20DF004P, ThinkPad E550 20DF004Q, ThinkPad E550 20DF004R, ThinkPad E550 20DF004S, ThinkPad E550 20DF004T, ThinkPad E550 20DF004U, ThinkPad E550 20DF004V, ThinkPad E550 20DF004W, ThinkPad E550 20DF004X, ThinkPad E550 20DF0050, ThinkPad E550 20DF0051, ThinkPad E550 20DF0052, ThinkPad E550 20DF0053, ThinkPad E550 20DF0054, ThinkPad E550 20DF007MUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF0084AU, ThinkPad E550 20DF0085AU, ThinkPad E550 20DF0086AU, ThinkPad E550 20DF0087AU, ThinkPad E550 20DF0091, ThinkPad E550 20DF0092, ThinkPad E550 20DF0093, ThinkPad E550 20DF0099, ThinkPad E550 20DF009A, ThinkPad E550 20DF009B, ThinkPad E550 20DF00BXUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF00BYUS, ThinkPad E550 20DF00C0US, ThinkPad E550 20DF00C1US, ThinkPad E550 20DF00C2, ThinkPad E550 20DFA000AU, ThinkPad E550 20DFA002AU, ThinkPad E550 20DFA00UCD, ThinkPad E550 20DFA01RCD, ThinkPad E550 20DFA05JAU, ThinkPad E550 20DFA07SCD, ThinkPad E550 20DFA07TCD, ThinkPad E550 20DFA07WCD, ThinkPad E550 20DFA08RCD, ThinkPad E550 20DFA094AU, ThinkPad E550 20DFA095AU, ThinkPad E550 20DFCTO1WW, ThinkPad E550 20DFS00K00, ThinkPad E550 20DFS00L00, ThinkPad E550 20DFZ0V9US, ThinkPad E550(20DF002YUS), ThinkPad E550(20DF0030US), ThinkPad E550(20DF0036US), ThinkPad E550(20DF003EUS), ThinkPad E550(20DF003GUS), ThinkPad E550(20DF003WUS), ThinkPad E550(20DF0040US), ThinkPad E550(20DF0048US), ThinkPad E550(20DF004EUS), ThinkPad E550(20DF0065CD), ThinkPad E550(20DF0067CD), ThinkPad E550(20DF006XCD), ThinkPad E550(20DF007MUS), ThinkPad E550(20DF008RCD), ThinkPad E550(20DF0090CD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA008CD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA009CD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA00BCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA00DCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA00FCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA00GCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA00HCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA00JCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA00RCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA011CD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA012CD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA01SCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA01TCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA02VCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA03SCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA03TCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA03VCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA045CD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA047CD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA048CD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA04ACD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA04BCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA04DCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA04ECD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA04FCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA04HCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA04QCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA04VCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA04WCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA056CD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA057CD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA058CD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA059CD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA05BCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA05DCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA06LCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFA06MCD), ThinkPad E550(20DFS00K00), ThinkPad E550(20DFS00L00), ThinkPad E550(20DH002QUS), ThinkPad E550c, ThinkPad E550C(20E00001CD), ThinkPad E550C(20E00007CD), ThinkPad E550C(20E0A000CD), ThinkPad E550C(20E0A002CD), ThinkPad E550C(20E0A008CD), ThinkPad E550C(20E0A009CD), ThinkPad E550C(20E0A00DCD), ThinkPad E550C(20E0A00GCD), ThinkPad E550C(20E0A00HCD), ThinkPad E550C(20E0A00JCD), ThinkPad E550C(20E0A00KCD), ThinkPad E550C(20E0A00LCD), ThinkPad E550C(20E0A00MCD), ThinkPad E555, ThinkPad E555 20DH0008GE, ThinkPad E555 20DH000TGE, ThinkPad E555 20DH000WGE, ThinkPad E555 20DH000XGE, ThinkPad E555 20DH001WGE, ThinkPad E555 20DH0020GE, ThinkPad E555 20DH0027GE, ThinkPad E555 20DH0028US, ThinkPad E555 20DH0029US, ThinkPad E555 20DH002CUS, ThinkPad E555 20DH002EUS, ThinkPad E555 20DH002HUS, ThinkPad E555 20DH002NUS, ThinkPad E555 20DH002PUS, ThinkPad E555 20DH002QUS, ThinkPad E555 20DH002RUS, ThinkPad E555 20DH002TUS, ThinkPad E555 20DH003JGE, ThinkPad E555 20DH003LGE, ThinkPad E555 20DHS00800, ThinkPad E555 Series, ThinkPad E555(20DH), ThinkPad E555(20DH0009CD), ThinkPad E555(20DH000ACD), ThinkPad E555(20DH0028US), ThinkPad E555(20DH0029US), ThinkPad E555(20DH002CUS), ThinkPad E555(20DH002EUS), ThinkPad E555(20DH002HUS), ThinkPad E555(20DH002NUS), ThinkPad E555(20DH002PUS), ThinkPad E555(20DH002RUS), ThinkPad E555(20DH002TUS), ThinkPad E555(20DHA005CD), ThinkPad E555(20DHA006CD), ThinkPad E555(20DHA007CD), ThinkPad E555(20DHA008CD), ThinkPad E555(20DHA009CD), ThinkPad E555(20DHA00ACD), ThinkPad E555(20DHA00CCD), ThinkPad E555(20DHA00QCD), ThinkPad E555(20DHA00VCD), ThinkPad E555(20DHA010CD), ThinkPad E555(20DHA01MCD), ThinkPad E555(20DHA01QCD), ThinkPad E555(20DHS00800), ThinkPad E555-20DH, ThinkPad E555-20DH0008GE, ThinkPad E555-20DH000TGE, ThinkPad E555-20DH000WGE, ThinkPad E555-20DH000XGE, ThinkPad E555-20DH001WGE, ThinkPad E555-20DH0020GE, ThinkPad E555-20DH0027GE, ThinkPad E555-20DH003JGE, ThinkPad E555-20DH003LGE, ThinkPad E560, ThinkPad E560 20EV000MGE, ThinkPad E560 20EV0020AU, ThinkPad E560 20EV0029AU, ThinkPad E560 20EVA06KAU, ThinkPad E560 20EVA077AU, ThinkPad E560 20EVA07AAU, ThinkPad E560 20EVCTO1WW, ThinkPad E560 20EVS00500, ThinkPad E560 20EVS0B300, ThinkPad E560 20EVS0CM00, ThinkPad E560 20EWS00000, ThinkPad E560(20EV/20EW), ThinkPad E560(20EV000NGE), ThinkPad E560(20EV000RGE), ThinkPad E560(20EV000UGE), ThinkPad E560(20EV000YGE), ThinkPad E560(20EV0011GE), ThinkPad E560(20EV001GCD), ThinkPad E560(20EV001JCD), ThinkPad E560(20EV0031GE), ThinkPad E560(20EVA00KCD), ThinkPad E560(20EVA00QCD), ThinkPad E560(20EVA00UCD), ThinkPad E560(20EVA00VCD), ThinkPad E560(20EVA019CD), ThinkPad E560(20EVA01ACD), ThinkPad E560(20EVA01BCD), ThinkPad E560(20EVA01DCD), ThinkPad E560(20EVA01ECD), ThinkPad E560(20EVA034CD), ThinkPad E560(20EVA035CD), ThinkPad E560(20EVA059CD), ThinkPad E560(20EVA05ACD), ThinkPad E560(20EVA05CCD), ThinkPad E560(20EVA05GCD), ThinkPad E560(20EVA063CD), ThinkPad E560(20EVA074CD), ThinkPad E560(20EVS02N00), ThinkPad E560(20EVS06U00), ThinkPad E560(20EVS09R00), ThinkPad E560-20EV, ThinkPad E560-20EV000MGE, ThinkPad E560-20EV000RGE, ThinkPad E560-20EV000UGE, ThinkPad E560-20EV000YGE, ThinkPad E560-20EV0011GE, ThinkPad E560-20EW, ThinkPad E560-20EWS00000, ThinkPad E565, ThinkPad E565(00CD), ThinkPad E565(0HCD), ThinkPad E565(0NCD), ThinkPad E565(20EY000LCD), ThinkPad E565(20EY000VGE), ThinkPad E565(20EYA002CD), ThinkPad E565(20EYA004CD), ThinkPad E565(20EYA00BCD), ThinkPad E565(20EYA00XCD), ThinkPad E565-20EY000VGE, ThinkPad Edge E550, ThinkPad Edge E550(20DF/20DG), ThinkPad Edge E550(20DF004PGE), ThinkPad Edge E550(20DF004RGE), ThinkPad Edge E550(20DF004SGE), ThinkPad Edge E550(20DF004TGE), ThinkPad Edge E550(20DF004UGE), ThinkPad Edge E550(20DF004UMH), ThinkPad Edge E550(20DF0051GE), ThinkPad Edge E550(20DF0054GE), ThinkPad Edge E550(20DF0054MH), ThinkPad Edge E550(20DF0099GE), ThinkPad Edge E550(20DF00CQGE), ThinkPad Edge E550(20DF00D0GE), ThinkPad Edge E550-20DF, ThinkPad Edge E550-20DF004PGE, ThinkPad Edge E550-20DF004RGE, ThinkPad Edge E550-20DF004SGE, ThinkPad Edge E550-20DF004UGE, ThinkPad Edge E550-20DF004UMH, ThinkPad Edge E550-20DF0051GE, ThinkPad Edge E550-20DG, ThinkPad Edge E550c, ThinkPad Edge E550c(20E0), ThinkPad Edge E550c(20E0A000CD), ThinkPad Edge E550c(20E0A009CD), ThinkPad Edge E550c-20E0, ThinkPad Edge E550c-20E0A000CD, ThinkPad Edge E550c-20E0A009CD, ThinkPad Edge E555 Series, ThinkPad Z51, ThinkPad Z51-70

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