76Wh Original C41N1541 Asus ROG Strix GL702V GL702VM GL702VT Series Laptop Battery


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    • Cell Chemistry: Lithium-ion
    • Battery Voltage: 15.2V
    • Battery Capacity: 4800mAh, 76Wh
    • Battery Color: Black
    • Cells Amount: 4-Cells
    • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
    • Warranty: 12 Months.
    • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

    Compatible Part Numbers:

    C41N1541, BATTGL702, B07L6GL8KL, 4ICP4/59/134, 0B200-02070400, 0B20002070400, 0B200-02070300, 0B20002070300, 0B200-02070200, 0B20002070200, 0B200-02070000, 0B20002070000

    Fit Models:

    GL702VM-BA135T, GL702VM-BA195T, GL702VM-BA230T, GL702VM-BA323T, GL702VM-BA324, GL702VM-BA325T, GL702VM-BA414, GL702VM-GC005T, GL702VM-GC026T, GL702VM-GC059T, GL702VM-GC143T, GL702VM-GC154T, GL702VM-GC194T, GL702VM-GC234, GL702VS-BA023T, GL702VS-BA101, GL702VS-BA181T, GL702VS-BA207T, GL702VS-BA222T, GL702VS-BA230T, GL702VS-BI7N12, GL702VS-GC066T, GL702VS-GC079T, GL702ZC-GC006T, GL702ZC-GC007T, GL702ZC-GC098T, GL702ZC-GC104T, GL702ZC-GC105T, GL702ZC-GC174T, GL702ZC-GC177T, GL702ZC-GC178T, GL702ZC-GC179T, GL702ZC-GC204T, GL703G, GL703GM, ROG GL703, ROG GL703G, ROG GL703GM, ROG S7V, ROG S7VM6700, ROG S7VM7700, ROG S7VT6700, ROG Strix GL702VM, ROG Strix GL702VM-BA135T, ROG Strix GL702VM-BA195T, ROG Strix GL702VM-BA230T, ROG Strix GL702VM-BA323T, ROG Strix GL702VM-BA324, ROG Strix GL702VM-BA325T, ROG Strix GL702VM-BA414, ROG Strix GL702VM-DB71, ROG Strix GL702VM-DB74, ROG Strix GL702VM-GB031T, ROG Strix GL702VM-GB032T, ROG Strix GL702VM-GC005T, ROG Strix GL702VM-GC010T, ROG Strix GL702VM-GC017T, ROG Strix GL702VM-GC020T, ROG Strix GL702VM-GC026T, ROG Strix GL702VM-GC035T, ROG Strix GL702VM-GC100T, ROG Strix GL702VM-GC102D, ROG Strix GL702VM-GC143T, ROG Strix GL702VM-GC154T, ROG Strix GL702VM-GC194T, ROG Strix GL702VM-GC234, ROG Strix GL702VM-GC279T, ROG Strix GL702VM-GC280T, ROG Strix GL702VM-GC301T, ROG STRIX GL702VS-0051C7700HQ, ROG Strix GL702VS-AH73, ROG Strix GL702VS-BA023T, ROG Strix GL702VS-BA101, ROG Strix GL702VS-BA181T, ROG Strix GL702VS-BA207T, ROG Strix GL702VS-BA222T, ROG Strix GL702VS-BA230T, ROG Strix GL702VS-BI7N12, ROG STRIX GL702VS-DS74, ROG Strix GL702VS-GC066T, ROG Strix GL702VS-GC079T, ROG STRIX GL702VS-RS71, ROG Strix GL702VT-GC018T, ROG Strix GL702VT-GC023T, ROG Strix GL702VT-GC024T, ROG Strix GL702VT-GC025T, ROG Strix GL702VT-GC033T, ROG Strix GL702VT-GC090TC, ROG Strix GL702VT-GC109T, ROG Strix GL702ZC-GC006T, ROG Strix GL702ZC-GC007T, ROG Strix GL702ZC-GC098T, ROG Strix GL702ZC-GC104T, ROG Strix GL702ZC-GC105T, ROG Strix GL702ZC-GC174T, ROG Strix GL702ZC-GC177T, ROG Strix GL702ZC-GC178T, ROG Strix GL702ZC-GC179T, ROG Strix GL702ZC-GC204T, ROG Strix GL702ZC-GC206T, ROG Strix GL702ZC-GC207T, ROG Strix GL702ZC-NS74, ROG Strix GL702ZC-WB74, ROG Strix S7ZC, ROG Strix Scar GL703, ROG Strix Scar GL703GM, S7VT6700
    Asus Rog Series
    GL702, GL702V, GL702VM, GL702VM-1A, GL702VM-DB71, GL702VM-DB74, GL702VM-GB031T, GL702VM-GB032T, GL702VM-GC004T, GL702VM-GC010T, GL702VM-GC017T, GL702VM-GC020T, GL702VM-GC035T, GL702VM-GC100T, GL702VM-GC102D, GL702VM-GC279T, GL702VM-GC280T, GL702VM-GC301T, GL702VM1A, GL702VMDB71, GL702VMDB74, GL702VMGB031T, GL702VMGB032T, GL702VMGC004T, GL702VMGC010T, GL702VMGC017T, GL702VMGC020T, GL702VMGC035T, GL702VMGC100T, GL702VMGC102D, GL702VMGC279T, GL702VMGC280T, GL702VMGC301T, GL702VS, GL702VS-1A, GL702VS-1C, GL702VS1A, GL702VS1C, GL702VSK-R, GL702VSKR, GL702VT, GL702VT-1A, GL702VT-GC018T, GL702VT-GC023T, GL702VT-GC024T, GL702VT-GC025T, GL702VT-GC033T, GL702VT-GC057T, GL702VT-GC061T, GL702VT-GC090TC, GL702VT-GC109T, GL702VT1A, GL702VTGC018T, GL702VTGC023T, GL702VTGC024T, GL702VTGC025T, GL702VTGC033T, GL702VTGC057T, GL702VTGC061T, GL702VTGC090TC, GL702VTGC109T, GL702ZC, GL702ZC-R7, GL702ZCR7, ROG Strix GL702VS, ROG Strix GL702VT, ROG Strix GL702ZC.