Original HP AD03XL Laptop Battery For HP Envy 13-AD 921439-855 921409-2C1 HSTNN-DB8D Series (11.55V 51.4Wh)


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  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • Battery Voltage: 11.4V
  • Battery Capacity: 51.4Wh
  • Battery Color: Black
  • Cells Amount: 6-Cells
  • Battery Cell Quality: Grade A
  • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety. 
  • Recharge cycles: 500+ Times
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

Compatible Part Numbers:

  • HP 921409-271
  • HP 921409-2C1
  • HP 921439-855
  • HP AD03051XL
  • HP AD03XL

Fit Machine Model:

HP Omen 17-w007ur Pavilion 17-ab011nl Pavilion 17-ab202nf Pavilion 17-ab300nf Pavilion 17t-ab000. Pavilion 17-w033dx  Envy 13-ad000  Envy 13-ad101ng 921409-2C1 921439-855 AD03XL ENVY 13-ad000nb ENVY 13-ad000nf ENVY 13-ad000ni ENVY 13-ad000ur ENVY 13-ad001ne ENVY 13-ad001nia ENVY 13-ad001nk Envy 13-AD001NO ENVY 13-ad001nx Envy 13-AD001TX Envy 13-AD002NA ENVY 13-ad002nc ENVY 13-ad002ne ENVY 13-ad002nf Envy 13-ad002ng ENVY 13-ad002nk ENVY 13-ad002nw ENVY 13-ad002nx Envy 13-AD002TX Envy 13-AD003NE Envy 13-AD003NF Envy 13-ad003ng ENVY 13-ad003ni Envy 13-AD003NK ENVY 13-ad003no ENVY 13-ad003ns ENVY 13-ad003tu Envy 13-AD003TX ENVY 13-ad004nf Envy 13-ad004ng Envy 13-AD004NJ ENVY 13-ad004nn Envy 13-AD004NO Envy 13-AD004NS ENVY 13-ad004nw Envy 13-AD004NX ENVY 13-ad004tu Envy 13-AD004TX ENVY 13-ad004ur ENVY 13-ad005nf Envy 13-AD005NN ENVY 13-ad005no Envy 13-AD005NS ENVY 13-ad005nx Envy 13-AD005TX ENVY 13-ad005ur ENVY 13-ad006nf Envy 13-ad006ng ENVY 13-ad006nl ENVY 13-ad006nn ENVY 13-ad006no Envy 13-AD006NP ENVY 13-ad006ns Envy 13-AD006NW ENVY 13-ad006ur ENVY 13-ad007nb ENVY 13-ad007nf Envy 13-ad007ng Envy 13-AD007NO ENVY 13-ad007ns Envy 13-AD007NT ENVY 13-ad007nv ENVY 13-ad007nx Envy 13-AD007TX ENVY 13-ad007ur ENVY 13-ad008nb ENVY 13-ad008nn ENVY 13-ad008no ENVY 13-ad008np ENVY 13-ad008ns ENVY 13-ad008nw Envy 13-AD008NX Envy 13-AD008TX ENVY 13-ad008ur Envy 13-AD009NB ENVY 13-ad009nf Envy 13-ad009ng Envy 13-ad009ns ENVY 13-ad009nv Envy 13-AD009NW Envy 13-AD009TX ENVY 13-ad009ur Envy 13-AD010NB ENVY 13-ad010nc ENVY 13-ad010nd Envy 13-ad010ng ENVY 13-ad010no ENVY 13-ad010nr ENVY 13-ad010ns ENVY 13-ad010nv Envy 13-AD010TX ENVY 13-ad010ur ENVY 13-ad011na ENVY 13-ad011nf ENVY 13-ad011nn ENVY 13-ad011ns ENVY 13-ad011ur Envy 13-AD012NA ENVY 13-ad012nc ENVY 13-ad012nd ENVY 13-ad012nf ENVY 13-ad012no ENVY 13-ad012ns ENVY 13-ad012tu Envy 13-AD012TX Envy 13-AD012UR Envy 13-AD013NA Envy 13-AD013NC ENVY 13-ad013nf Envy 13-AD013NN ENVY 13-ad013no ENVY 13-ad013ns ENVY 13-ad013tu Envy 13-AD013UR Envy 13-AD014NA ENVY 13-ad014nf ENVY 13-ad014tu Envy 13-AD014TX Envy 13-AD014UR Envy 13-AD015NA Envy 13-AD015NW Envy 13-AD015TX Envy 13-AD015UR ENVY 13-ad016nc ENVY 13-ad016nf ENVY 13-ad016tu Envy 13-AD016TX Envy 13-AD016UR Envy 13-AD017NA Envy 13-AD017NC ENVY 13-ad017nf Envy 13-AD017TX Envy 13-AD017UR Envy 13-AD018NA Envy 13-AD018NF Envy 13-AD018TX Envy 13-AD018UR ENVY 13-ad019nc ENVY 13-ad019nf ENVY 13-ad019tu Envy 13-AD019TX Envy 13-AD019UR ENVY 13-ad020nf ENVY 13-ad020tu Envy 13-AD020TX Envy 13-AD020UR ENVY 13-ad021nf ENVY 13-ad021tu Envy 13-AD021TX Envy 13-AD021UR ENVY 13-ad022tu Envy 13-AD022TX ENVY 13-ad023nf ENVY 13-ad023tu Envy 13-AD023TX ENVY 13-ad023ur ENVY 13-ad024cl ENVY 13-ad024nf ENVY 13-ad024tu Envy 13-AD024TX ENVY 13-ad024ur ENVY 13-ad025tu ENVY 13-ad026tu Envy 13-AD026TX ENVY 13-ad027tu Envy 13-AD027TX ENVY 13-ad028tu Envy 13-AD028TX Envy 13-AD028UR ENVY 13-ad029tu Envy 13-AD029TX Envy 13-AD029UR Envy 13-ad030ng ENVY 13-ad030ur ENVY 13-ad031nd ENVY 13-ad031tu Envy 13-AD031TX Envy 13-AD031UR ENVY 13-ad032tu Envy 13-AD032UR ENVY 13-ad033tu Envy 13-AD033TX ENVY 13-ad033ur Envy 13-AD034TX ENVY 13-ad034ur Envy 13-AD035TX Envy 13-AD035UR ENVY 13-ad036tu Envy 13-AD036TX ENVY 13-ad036ur ENVY 13-ad037tu Envy 13-AD037TX ENVY 13-ad037ur ENVY 13-ad038tu Envy 13-AD038TX Envy 13-AD038UR ENVY 13-ad039tu Envy 13-AD039TX Envy 13-AD039UR ENVY 13-ad040tu Envy 13-AD040TX ENVY 13-ad042tu Envy 13-AD042TX ENVY 13-ad044nz Envy 13-AD045TX ENVY 13-ad046nz ENVY 13-ad046tu ENVY 13-ad047tu Envy 13-AD047TX ENVY 13-ad049tx ENVY 13-ad050nz ENVY 13-ad050tu Envy 13-AD050TX ENVY 13-ad051tu ENVY 13-ad052tu ENVY 13-ad053tu ENVY 13-ad053tx ENVY 13-ad054nz ENVY 13-ad054tu ENVY 13-ad054tx ENVY 13-ad055nr ENVY 13-ad055tu Envy 13-AD055TX ENVY 13-ad056nr Envy 13-AD056TU ENVY 13-ad057nr ENVY 13-ad057tu ENVY 13-ad058tu ENVY 13-ad059na ENVY 13-ad060na ENVY 13-ad060tu Envy 13-AD060TX ENVY 13-ad061na ENVY 13-ad063tu ENVY 13-ad065nr ENVY 13-ad066tu ENVY 13-ad067tu ENVY 13-ad068tu ENVY 13-ad069tu ENVY 13-ad070tu ENVY 13-ad071tu ENVY 13-ad074tu ENVY 13-ad075tu ENVY 13-ad076tu ENVY 13-ad078tu ENVY 13-ad079tu ENVY 13-ad080ng Envy 13-ad080nz ENVY 13-ad081nd ENVY 13-ad095nz ENVY 13-ad098nb ENVY 13-ad098nia ENVY 13-ad098np ENVY 13-ad099nia Envy 13-ad100 ENVY 13-ad100ca ENVY 13-ad100nd ENVY 13-ad100ne Envy 13-AD100NF ENVY 13-ad100ni Envy 13-AD100NIA ENVY 13-ad100nk Envy 13-AD100NO ENVY 13-ad100ns Envy 13-AD100NT Envy 13-AD100NW ENVY 13-ad100nx Envy 13-AD100UR ENVY 13-ad101nc ENVY 13-ad101ne Envy 13-AD101NF ENVY 13-ad101ng ENVY 13-ad101nk Envy 13-AD101NO ENVY 13-ad101np ENVY 13-ad101ns ENVY 13-ad101nt Envy 13-AD101NX Envy 13-AD101TX Envy 13-AD101UR ENVY 13-ad102na ENVY 13-ad102nb ENVY 13-ad102nc Envy 13-AD102NE ENVY 13-ad102nf Envy 13-ad102ng Envy 13-AD102NK ENVY 13-ad102nl ENVY 13-ad102nn ENVY 13-ad102ns ENVY 13-ad102nw ENVY 13-ad102nx Envy 13-AD102TX Envy 13-AD102UR ENVY 13-ad103nc Envy 13-AD103NN ENVY 13-ad103no Envy 13-AD103NS ENVY 13-ad103nw Envy 13-AD103TX Envy 13-AD103UR ENVY 13-ad104nb ENVY 13-ad104nc ENVY 13-ad104ne Envy 13-AD104NF Envy 13-AD104NIA Envy 13-AD104NJ ENVY 13-ad104nn Envy 13-ad104ns ENVY 13-ad104nw ENVY 13-ad104nx ENVY 13-ad104tu Envy 13-AD104TX Envy 13-AD104UR Envy 13-AD105NC Envy 13-AD105NE Envy 13-AD105NF Envy 13-ad105ng ENVY 13-ad105nl ENVY 13-ad105nn Envy 13-AD105NO ENVY 13-ad105ns Envy 13-AD105NW ENVY 13-ad105nx ENVY 13-ad105tu Envy 13-AD105TX Envy 13-AD105UR Envy 13-AD106NC ENVY 13-ad106ne ENVY 13-ad106nf Envy 13-ad106ng Envy 13-AD106NI ENVY 13-ad106nia ENVY 13-ad106nj ENVY 13-ad106nn ENVY 13-ad106no ENVY 13-ad106ns ENVY 13-ad106nw Envy 13-AD106NX ENVY 13-ad106tu Envy 13-AD106TX Envy 13-AD106UR Envy 13-AD107NO ENVY 13-ad107ns ENVY 13-ad107nw ENVY 13-ad107tu Envy 13-AD107TX Envy 13-AD107UR ENVY 13-ad108ni ENVY 13-ad108ns Envy 13-AD108NW ENVY 13-ad108tu Envy 13-AD108TX Envy 13-AD108UR ENVY 13-ad109nf ENVY 13-ad109nl Envy 13-AD109NO Envy 13-AD109NS ENVY 13-ad109nw ENVY 13-ad109tu Envy 13-AD109TX Envy 13-AD109UR ENVY 13-ad110ca ENVY 13-ad110nf ENVY 13-ad110ns ENVY 13-ad110tu Envy 13-AD110TX ENVY 13-ad110ur ENVY 13-ad111tu Envy 13-AD111UR ENVY 13-ad112nd ENVY 13-ad112tu Envy 13-AD112TX ENVY 13-ad112ur ENVY 13-ad113nf ENVY 13-ad113ns ENVY 13-ad113tu Envy 13-ad113tx ENVY 13-ad113ur ENVY 13-ad114nd ENVY 13-ad114nf ENVY 13-ad114tu Envy 13-AD114TX Envy 13-AD114UR ENVY 13-ad115tu Envy 13-AD115TX Envy 13-AD115UR ENVY 13-ad116tu ENVY 13-ad116ur ENVY 13-ad117tu Envy 13-AD117TX Envy 13-AD117UR Envy 13-AD118UR ENVY 13-ad119tu Envy 13-AD119TX ENVY 13-ad120nr ENVY 13-ad120tu ENVY 13-ad121tu ENVY 13-ad122tu Envy 13-AD122TX ENVY 13-ad123tu Envy 13-AD123TX Envy 13-AD124TX ENVY 13-ad125tu Envy 13-AD125TX ENVY 13-ad126tu Envy 13-AD126TX ENVY 13-ad127tu Envy 13-AD127TX ENVY 13-ad128tu Envy 13-AD128TX Envy 13-AD130NG Envy 13-AD130TX ENVY 13-ad131nd ENVY 13-ad132nd ENVY 13-ad132tu Envy 13-AD133ND ENVY 13-ad133tu Envy 13-AD134ND Envy 13-AD134TX ENVY 13-ad135tu Envy 13-AD135TX ENVY 13-ad136tu Envy 13-AD136TX Envy 13-AD137TX ENVY 13-ad138tu Envy 13-AD138TX ENVY 13-ad139tu Envy 13-AD139TX Envy 13-ad140ng ENVY 13-ad140tu Envy 13-AD140TX Envy 13-ad141ng Envy 13-AD141TX Envy 13-ad142ng ENVY 13-ad142tu Envy 13-AD142TX ENVY 13-ad143tu Envy 13-AD143TX ENVY 13-ad144tu Envy 13-AD144TX ENVY 13-ad145tu Envy 13-AD145TX Envy 13-AD146TX Envy 13-AD147TU Envy 13-AD147TX Envy 13-AD148TU Envy 13-AD148TX ENVY 13-ad149nz Envy 13-AD149TX Envy 13-ad150nz Envy 13-AD150TX Envy 13-AD151TX Envy 13-AD152TX ENVY 13-ad154nz ENVY 13-ad155tu Envy 13-AD155TX ENVY 13-ad156tu ENVY 13-ad158tu ENVY 13-ad159tu Envy 13-AD159TX ENVY 13-ad160tu Envy 13-AD160TX Envy 13-AD162TX ENVY 13-ad163tu Envy 13-AD163TX Envy 13-AD164TX Envy 13-AD165TX Envy 13-AD166TX Envy 13-AD167TX Envy 13-AD168TX Envy 13-AD169TX Envy 13-AD170TX Envy 13-AD171TX Envy 13-AD172TX Envy 13-AD173CL ENVY 13-ad173tu ENVY 13-ad174tu Envy 13-AD177TX Envy 13-AD179TX ENVY 13-ad180no Envy 13-AD180NZ Envy 13-AD180TX ENVY 13-ad181nd ENVY 13-ad181no Envy 13-AD181TX Envy 13-AD182TX Envy 13-AD191ND ENVY 13-ad192ms ENVY 13-ad192nd Envy 13-AD1XX HSTNN-DB8D TPN-I128

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