ASUS 19V 2.37A 45W 4.5*3.0mm Original Power Adapter AD883P20 AC-AS-ADP-45BW Asus VivoBook F705UA


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Product Specifications :

  • Brand: Asus
  • Model/Part Number: AC-AS-ADP-45BW  AD883020
  • Condition: Brand New & Original
  • AC Input: 100V – 240V~1.8A (for worldwide use)
  • Operating Frequency:‎ 50-60Hz
  • DC Output: 19V–2.37A
  • Power Output: 45W
  • DC Connector Type: Barrel Round (Black tip)
  • DC Connector Size: 4.5*3.0mm
  • DC Cable Length: 1.5 Meter (Wall Charger)
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

Fit Part Numbers :

ADP-45AW A, ADP-45DW A, ADP-45DW B, ADP-45BW A, ADP-45BW B, ADP-45GD AD883P20, AD883020, AD883120, AD883220, AD883520 Asus X555 X555L X555LA X555B X555BA X555U X555UA X555Y X555YA X451 X451C X451CA X451M X451MA X451MAV X551M X551MA X551MAV X551 X551C X551CA X751 X751M X751N X751NA X705 X705U X705UA X705N X705NC X505 X505B X505BA X756 X756U X756UA EXA1206CH, W15-045N2A,0A001-00330100 0A001-00340900

Fit Models :

Asus-Fang-45W-19V-2.37A-4.5*3.0MM_ Asus A455LA Asus A455LA-WX680 Asus A455LB Asus A455LF Asus A455LJ Asus A455LJ-WX Asus A705N A705NA Asus A705NA-BX057T A705NA-BX069T Asus DX882LD Asus DX992LB Asus DX992LJ Asus DX992MD Asus DX992UA Asus F454LA Asus F454LD Asus F454LD-VX176H Asus F454LJ Asus F455LD Asus F455LJ Asus F554LI Asus F554LP Asus F554UA Asus F554UB Asus FL5500L Asus FL5600L Asus FL5700UP Asus FL5800L Asus FL5800UA Asus K455LA Asus K455LB Asus K455LD Asus K455LJ Asus K555UA Asus R455LJ-WX165H Asus R455LJ-WX165T Asus R511LA-DM2529T Asus R511LA-DM860H Asus R511LA-XX1107H Asus R511LA-XX2147T Asus R511LA-XX3011T Asus R511LA-XX320H Asus R511LJ Asus R511LJ-DM407T Asus R511LJ-XX269H Asus R511LJ-XX324H Asus R511LJ-XX545T Asus R753UA-TY253T Asus R753UA-TY447T Asus R753UA-TY475T Asus R753UV-T4209T Asus R753UV-TY131T Asus R753UW-T4011T Asus R753UX-T4040T Asus R753UX-T4042T Asus VC279N Asus VC279N-W Asus VivoBook R702N R702NA Asus VivoBook R702NA-BX021T Asus VivoBook R702NA-BX032T Asus VivoBook R702NA-BX051T Asus VivoBook R702NA-BX054T Asus VivoBook R702NA-BX068T Asus VivoBook R702NA-BX085T Asus VX239N Asus VX239N-W Asus VX248N Asus VX278H Asus VX278N Asus VX279H Asus VX279H-W Asus VX279N-W Asus VX279Q-W Asus W15-045N2C Asus X452EA-MS5-H-BLK Asus X454LJ-VX Asus X454LJ-VX043D Asus X454YI-WX Asus X454YI-WX602D Asus X550LAV-XX384H Asus d550ca x451ca x450la-4200u Asus d550ca-bh01 d550ca-sx199h Asus d550ca-bh21 d550ca-sx224d Asus d550ca-bh31 d550ca-sx172h Asus d550ca-mh31 d550ca-sx191h Asus d550ca-rs31 d550ca-sx280h Asus d550ca-sx060d d550ca-sx281h Asus OA001-00231200 OA001-00232200 Asus OA001-00233500 Asus q501la x450la q501la-BSI5T19 Asus q501la-bbi5T03 x450la-wx021h Asus x450la-wx017 x451ca-vx036h Asus x451ca-1007u x451ca-vx039h Asus x451ca-1av x451ca-vx037d Asus x451ca-vx007h x451ca-vx050h Asus x451ca-vx008h x451ca-vx057d Asus x451ca-vx013h x451ca-vx065d Asus x451ca-vx026d x451ca-vx066d Asus x451ca-vx026h x451ca-vx067d Asus x451ca-vx032d x451ca-vx078d Asus x451ca-vx034h x451ca-vx092h Asus x451ca-vx036d x451ca-vx104h Asus x501la x551ca x551ca-sx029d Asus x551ca-dh21 x551ca-sx029h Asus x551ca-dh31 x551ca-sx075d Asus x551ca-sx012d x551ca-sx119h Asus x551ca-sx021d x551ca-sx149h Asus x551ca-sx022h x551ca-sx198h Asus x551ca-sx024d x551ca-sx237h Asus x551ca-sx024h x551ca-hcl1201L Asus x551ca-xh31 x551ca-sx079h Asus x750la x750la-ty011d Asus x750la-qs32 x750la-ty012d Asus x750la-ty001d x750la-ty019h Asus x750la-ty002h x750la-ty025d Asus x750la-ty004h x750la-ty026h Asus x750la-ty010d x750la-ty030h Asus AD883P20 Asus AD887320 Asus d550ca-sx097h d550ca-sx353h-be Asus F750LA Asus F750LA-TY022D Asus F750LA-TY030H Asus F750LA-TY044D Asus PA-1450-55AC Asus X450LA-4200U Asus X450LA-BRA-WX084H Asus X450LA-WO104D Asus X450LA-WX017 Asus X450LA-WX021H Asus X450LA-WX196D Asus X455LA Asus 0A001-00234900 Asus 0A001-00235200 0A001-00031200 Asus 0A001-00235300 0A001-00231200 Asus 0A001-00235600 0A001-00231300 Asus 0A001-00236800 0A001-00231400 Asus 0A001-00236900 0A001-00231600 Asus 0A001-00237000 0A001-00231700 Asus 0A001-00237200 0A001-00231800 Asus 0A001-00237300 0A001-00231900 Asus 0A001-00238000 0A001-00234300 Asus AD883220 5.5*2.5mm Asus AiO V161GA Asus AiO V161GA-BA145T Asus AiO V161GA-BD090T Asus AiO V161GA-C4EHDPL2 Asus AiO V161GAT-BD004D Asus AiO V161GAT-BD004R Asus AiO V161GAT-BD018D Asus AiO V161GAT-BD026D Asus AiO V161GAT-BD033D Asus AiO V161GAT-BD066D Asus AiO V161GAT-BD092D Asus AiO V161GAT-BD099T Asus AiO V161GAT-BD100T Asus AiO V161GAT-N4PROBLK Asus AiO V161GAT-WD003D Asus AiO V161GA-XB001T Asus F554LD F555LI F751MA-TY211H Asus F554LD-XO841H F751MA-TY213H Asus F554LD-XX1001H F751MA-TY215H Asus F554LD-XX618H F751MA-TY223H Asus F554LD-XX630H F751MA-TY224H Asus F554LD-XX648H F751MA-TY225T Asus F554LD-XX734H F751MA-TY235T Asus F554LD-XX823H F751MA-TY236H Asus F554LD-XX899H F751MA-TY237T Asus F554LD-XX908H F751MA-TY243H Asus F554LD-XX910H F751MA-TY244H Asus F554LD-XX912H F751MA-TY252H Asus F554LD-XX956H F751MA-TY256T Asus F554LN F554UF F751MA-TY258H Asus F554UJ F554UQ F751MA-TY260H Asus F555LI-XO981T F751MA-TY279T Asus F555LI-XO982T F751MA-TY291D Asus F555LI-XX022H F751MA-TY305D Asus F555LI-XX023H F751MD F751MJ Asus F555LI-XX024H F751MD-TY053H Asus F555LI-XX025H F751MD-TY056H Asus F555LI-XX026H F751MD-TY080H Asus F555LI-XX027H F751MJ-TY024H Asus F705 F705Q F705QA Asus F705QA-BX010T-BE Asus F705QA-BX031T-BE Asus F705QA-BX076T Asus F705QA-BX084T Asus F705QA-BX140T Asus F705QA-DS99 Asus F705QA-GC043T Asus F705QA-GC105T Asus F751M F751MA F751MJ-TY031T Asus F751MA-TY042H F756UV F756UW Asus F751MA-TY060H F756UV-T4064T Asus F751MA-TY067H F756UV-T4123T Asus F751MA-TY069H F756UV-TY027T Asus F751MA-TY070H F756UV-TY039T-BE Asus F751MA-TY074H F756UV-TY121T Asus F751MA-TY075H F756UV-TY122T Asus F751MA-TY094H F756UV-TY135T Asus F751MA-TY098H F756UV-TY148T Asus F751MA-TY116H F756UV-TY157T Asus F751MA-TY121H F756UV-TY204T Asus F751MA-TY162H F756UV-TY227T Asus F751MA-TY163H F756UV-TY266T Asus F751MA-TY191T F756UV-TY309T Asus F751MA-TY199H F756UV-TY358T Asus F751MA-TY200H F756UV-TY403T Asus F751MA-TY200T F756UW-T4065T Asus F751MA-TY201T K756UV-TY108T Asus P551CA P551MA P551MAV F551MA Asus R411M R411MA N542LA Asus R411MA-VX088H R556LN-XX137H Asus R411MA-VX105H R411MA-VX129H Asus R512CA R512MA R512MAV F551CA Asus R556L R556LF R556LF-XX088H Asus R556L R556LN R556U R556UF Asus R556LF-DM261T R556LF-DM067H Asus R556LF-DM435T R556LF-XO048H Asus R556LF-XO078T R556LF-XO078H Asus R556LF-XO079H R556LF-XO080H Asus R556LF-XO373T R556LF-XO085H Asus R556LF-XO375T R556LF-XO376T Asus R556LF-XO411T R556LF-XO377T Asus R556LF-XO433T R556LF-XX051H Asus R556LN-DM217H R556UF-XX003T Asus R556LN-DM439H R556LN-DM444H Asus R556LN-DM459H R556LN-DM449H Asus R556LN-XO046D R556LN-XO046H Asus R556LN-XO047H R556LN-XO047D Asus R556LN-XO065H R556LN-XO463H Asus R556UF-X0036T R556UF-DM018T Asus R557LA-XO1133H R557LA-XO852H Asus R557LA-XO1290H R557LA-XO1543H Asus R557LA-XO1545H R557LA-XO1544H Asus R557LA-XO1556H R557LA-XO2034T Asus R557LA-XO2511T R557LA-XO2449T Asus R557LA-XO2670T R557LA-XX749H Asus R557LA-XO599H R753UQ-TY322T Asus R557LA-XX2868T R557LA-XX2663T Asus R557LA-XX2895T R557LA-XX2663T Asus R753U R753UQ R557L R557LA Asus R753UQ-T4024T R753UQ-T4109T Asus R753UQ-T4174T R753UQ-T4173T Asus R753UQ-T4201T R753UQ-T4269D Asus R753UQ-T4286T R753UQ-T4285T Asus R753UQ-T4298T R753UQ-T4305T Asus R753UQ-T4342T R753UQ-T4317T Asus R753UQ-T4358T R753UQ-T4369T Asus R753UQ-T4457T R753UQ-T4445T Asus R753UQ-T4483T R753UQ-T4484T Asus R753UQ-TY023T R753UQ-T4501T Asus R753UQ-TY058T R753UQ-TY110T Asus R753UQ-TY169T R753UQ-TY140T Asus R753UQ-TY178T R753UQ-TY293T Asus R753UQ-TY320T R753UQ-TY295T Asus VivoBook 15 F505BA Asus VivoBook 17 X705MA Asus VivoBook 17 X705MB Asus VivoBook F505BA-A6AR4CB1 Asus VivoBook F505BA-A9AR5CB1 Asus VivoBook F505BA-A9BR5CB1 Asus VivoBook F505BA-BR036T Asus VivoBook F505BA-BR037T Asus VivoBook F505BA-BR038T Asus VivoBook F505BA-BR067T Asus VivoBook F505BA-BR256T Asus VivoBook F705UA Asus VivoBook F705UA-BX033T Asus VivoBook F705UA-BX099T Asus VivoBook F705UA-BX100T Asus VivoBook F705UA-BX121T Asus VivoBook F705UA-BX127T Asus VivoBook F705UA-BX205T Asus VivoBook F705UA-BX206T Asus VivoBook F705UA-BX207T Asus VivoBook F705UA-BX268T Asus VivoBook F705UA-BX269T Asus VivoBook F705UA-BX303T Asus VivoBook F705UA-BX304T Asus VivoBook F705UA-BX305T Asus VivoBook F705UA-BX333T Asus VivoBook F705UA-BX424T Asus VivoBook F705UA-GC374T Asus VivoBook F705UA-GC428T Asus VivoBook R504Z R504ZA Asus VivoBook R504ZA-BQ064T Asus VivoBook R504ZA-BQ136TU Asus VivoBook R504ZA-BQ148T Asus VivoBook R504ZA-BQ166T Asus VivoBook R504ZA-BQ176T Asus VivoBook R504ZA-BQ207T Asus VivoBook R504ZA-BQ247T Asus VivoBook R504ZA-BR188T Asus VivoBook R504ZA-BR190T Asus VivoBook R504ZA-R5CVGDB1 Asus VivoBook X705MA-BX012T Asus VivoBook X705MA-BX014T Asus VivoBook X705MA-BX021T Asus VivoBook X705MA-BX023T Asus VivoBook X705MA-BX027T Asus VivoBook X705MA-BX047T Asus VivoBook X705MA-BX060T Asus VivoBook X705MA-GC001 Asus VivoBook X705MA-GC002T Asus VivoBook X705MA-QP2-CB Asus VivoBook X705MB-BX01 Asus VivoBook X705MB-BX010 Asus VivoBook X705MB-BX010T Asus VivoBook X705MB-BX025 Asus VivoBook X705MB-GC001 Asus VivoBook X705MB-GC002T Asus VivoBook X705MB-GC003 Asus VivoBook X705MB-GC034 Asus AD883020 010K-1LF AD883020 010K-3LF Asus AD883020 AD883220 5.5*2.5mm Asus AD883J20 010KLF 5 AiO V161GA Asus AiO V161GA-BA145T V161GA-BD090T Asus AiO V161GA-C4EHDPL2 V161GA-XB001T Asus AiO V161GAT-BD004D V161GAT-BD004R Asus AiO V161GAT-BD018D V161GAT-BD026D Asus AiO V161GAT-BD033D V161GAT-BD066D Asus AiO V161GAT-BD092D V161GAT-BD099T Asus AiO V161GAT-BD100T V161GAT-N4PROBLK Asus AiO V161GAT-WD003D Asus D550 D550c D550ca D550ma Asus F555 F555L F555LA F555L F555LA-AB31 Asus F555L F555LA-AH51 Asus F555L F555LA-XX791H Asus F705 F705Q F705QA 5.5*2.5mm Asus F705QA-BX010T-BE F705QA-BX031T-BE Asus F705QA-BX076T F705QA-BX084T Asus F705QA-BX140T F705QA-DS99 Asus F705QA-GC043T F705QA-GC105T Asus K555L K555LA-BH51-BL Asus K555L K555LA-MH51 Asus Q502L R510L R510LAV X552L X552LAV Asus R510L R510LAV-XX426H Asus R512C R512CA R512CA-SX213H Asus R512C R512CA series Asus R512C R512CA-SX174H Asus R554L R554LA R554LA-RH51T(WX) Asus R556L R556LA-RH31 Asus R556L R556LA-XX2436T R702MB 90NB0IH2-M00110 VivoBook R702MB W15-045N2A W15-045N2B X505Z x505za-bb31-cb Asus X505Z X505ZA-BH51-CB Asus X551C X551CA X551CA-SX031D Asus X552L X552LAV-BBI5N08 Asus X555L X555LA-BH15N12 Asus X555YA X555YA-DB84Q