Original Asus 19V 3.42A 65W 5.5*2.5mm AC Power Charger or Adapter For Asus Laptop PA-1650-78


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Product Specifications : 

  • Brand: Asus
  • Model/Part Number: ADP-65GD  PA-1650-78
  • Condition: Brand New & Genuine
  • AC Input: 100V -240V~1.5A (for worldwide use)
  • Operating Frequency‎:‎ 50-60Hz
  • DC Output: 19V–3.42A
  • Power Output: 65W
  • DC Connector Type: Barrel Round Shape
  • DC Connector Size: 5.5 * 2.5 mm
  • Adapter Physical Shape : Square
  • DC Cable Length: 1.5 Meter
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.


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K31AN-FR004T Asus K31DA-FR038T K31AN-FR005T Asus K31DA-NL001S K31AN-FR007T Asus K31DA-NL001T K31AN-FR008T Asus K31DA-NR002T F20CE-FR001T Asus K31DA-RU001S F20CE-HU002T Asus K31DA-RU002T F20CE-NL003T Asus K43BE Asus K43BR Asus K450LD Asus K451LA Asus K451LN Asus K46CB Asus K501LB Asus K50IL Asus K53BE Asus K53BR Asus K53TK Asus K550JD Asus K550JX Asus K550LB Asus K550LC Asus K550LN Asus K550VC Asus K550VQ Asus K550VX Asus K552WE Asus K555DG Asus K555LA Asus K555LB Asus K555LF Asus K555LJ Asus K555LN Asus K555LN-DM205D Asus K555LP Asus K555UB Asus K555UB-XO092T Asus K555UB-XO096T Asus K555UJ Asus K555YI Asus K555ZE Asus MX239H Asus MX259H Asus MX279H Asus MX299Q Asus R409JF Asus R409JF i7-4700HQ Asus R409LD Asus R409LD i5-4200U Asus R409LD i7 4500U Asus R411CA-MNC2-H-BLK Asus R411CA-MNC3-H-BLK Asus R411CA-MNC4-H-BLK Asus R411CA-MNC5-H-BLK Asus R411CA-VX168D Asus R411CA-VX168H Asus R411CA-VX185H Asus R412MJ Asus R412VP Asus R412VP i3-3110M Asus R510JX Asus R510JX-DM044D Asus R510JX-DM044H 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N705UF-GC138T Asus VivoBook Pro N705UF-GC146T Asus VivoBook Pro N705UF-GC169T Asus VivoBook R702N R702NA Asus VivoBook R702NA-BX021T Asus VivoBook R702NA-BX032T Asus VivoBook R702NA-BX051T Asus VivoBook R702NA-BX054T Asus VivoBook R702NA-BX068T Asus VivoBook R702NA-BX085T Asus VM400VP Asus VM410LD Asus VM590ZE Asus W508MD Asus W509LD Asus W509LI Asus W509LP Asus W509LP-Life 4 Asus W519LD Asus W519LJ Asus W519LP Asus X84HR Asus Y483LD Asus Y581JF Asus Y581JK Asus Y581JK-DM135H Asus Y581JK-DM136H Asus Y581LDV Asus Y581VX Asus Y581VX-DM161T Asus Y581VX-DM239T Asus Y581VX-DM296D Asus Y582LD Asus Y582LD i3 4010U Asus Y582LD-SX259 Asus Z450LA Asus Z450LA i3-4005U Asus Z450LA i5-5200U Asus Z450LA-1B Asus Z450LA-3I Asus Z450LA-WX002T Asus Z450LA-WX006T Asus Z450LA-WX007T Asus Z450LA-WX008T Asus Z450LA-WX009T Asus Z450LA-WX010 Asus Z450LA-WX010T Asus Z450LA-WX012T Asus Z450LA-WX014 Asus Z450UA Asus Z450UA i5 7200U Asus Z450UA-1B Asus Z450UA-3I Asus Z450UA-WX001T Asus Z450UA-WX002T Asus Z450UA-WX003T Asus Z450UA-WX004T Asus Z450UA-WX005T Asus Z450UA-WX006T Asus Z450UA-WX008T Asus Z450UA-WX009T Asus Z450UA-WX010 Asus Z550MA Asus Z550MA-1A Asus Z550MA-3G Asus Z550MA-X550EP Asus Z550MA-XX004T Asus Z550MA-XX005 Asus Z550MA-XX005T Asus Z550MA-XX006 Asus-K555LJ-DM728H Asus A450LD R510LD W518LD Asus A550LN FL4000CC W408LD Asus A555LD FL5000CC W508LD Asus CHROMEBOX CHROMEBOX-M005U Asus D450CA-AH21 D450CA-BM1-H Asus D450CA-BMA-H D450MA-VX023D Asus D450CA-BMB-H D450CA-VX120H Asus DX991CL R513MD W40CC Asus ET2040 ET2040IUK ET2040INK Asus EXA0703YH EXA1203YH Asus EXA1208CH EXA1208EH Asus F552MD W418LD VM480LN Asus F554 F554LA F554LJ Asus F555LA F555LA-AH51 F555LA-AS51 Asus F555LA-XO003D F555LA-XX321H Asus F555LA-XO011D F555LA-XO329H Asus F555LA-XO031H F555LA-XO330H Asus F555LA-XX052H F555LA-XX354H Asus F555LA-XX064D F555LA-XO376H Asus F555LA-XX066H F555LA-XX535H Asus F555LA-XX270D F555LA-DM766H Asus F555LA-XX271H F555LA-XX791H Asus F555LA-XX283H F555LA-XX275H Asus K401LB K401LB-FA021H Asus K401LB-FA003H K401LB-FR042H Asus K401LB-FA007H K401LB-FR041D Asus K401LB-FA012D K401LB-FR052B Asus K401LB-FA013D K401LB-FR052D Asus K450LN Y582MD VM590LN Asus K550LD R752LDV VM400CP Asus K551LA K551LB K551LN Series Asus K551LA-4010U K551LN-DM217H Asus K551LA-4200U K551LN-DM092H Asus K551LA-XX127H K551LN-XX223H Asus K551LA-XX133H K551LN-XX235D Asus K551LA-XX147D K551LN-XX250H Asus K551LA-XX149D K551LN-XX251H Asus K551LA-XX155D K551LN-XX264H Asus K551LA-XX191H K551LN-DM066H Asus K551LA-XX216D K551LN-DM064D Asus K551LA-XX218D K551LN-DM124H Asus K551LA-XX224D K551LN-DM125H Asus K551LB-XX164D K551LB-XX269H Asus K551LB-XX171 K551LB-XX282H Asus K551LB-XX179H K551LB-XX286H Asus K551LB-XX183H K551LB-XX303H Asus K551LB-XX183P K551LN-XX012H Asus K551LB-XX184H K551LN-XX021H Asus K551LB-XX202D K551LN-XX019D Asus K551LB-XX210H K551LN-XX144H Asus K551LB-XX211D K551LB-XX257H Asus K551LB-XX213D K551LN-XO070H Asus K551LB-XX227H K551LB-XX239D Asus K551LB-XX244H K551LB-XX259H Asus K551LB-XX268H X555LN-XO003H Asus K555LD Y583LD VM580L Asus P550CA P550CA-XOXO601G Asus P550CA-XH51 P550CA-XO522G Asus P550CA-XO274G P550CA-XO998D Asus P550CA-XS31 P550CA-XO413G Asus P550CA-XS31-CA P550CA-XO482G Asus P550CA-XS51 P550CA-XOXO600G Asus P550CA-XS51-CA P550CA-XO330D Asus P550CA-XS71 P550CA-XO668 Asus P550CA-XS71-CA P550CA-XO845G Asus P550LAV P550LAV-XX1009G Asus P550LAV-XB32 P550LAV-XX893G Asus P550LAV-XB51 P550LAV-XO397G Asus P550LAV-XB71 P550LAV-XO429G Asus P550LAV-XH31 P550LAV-XO1028G Asus P550LAV-XH51 P550LAV-XO429D Asus P550LAV-XO397D P550LAV-XX390G Asus P550LAV-XO754G P550LAV-XO429H Asus P550LAV-XX391G P550LAV-XO974H Asus P550LAV-XX765D P550LAV-XO514X Asus P550LAV-XX786G P550LAV-XO598D Asus P550LAV-XX787G P550LAV-XO752G Asus Q502LA-BBI5T12 Q502LA-BBI5T14 Asus S301LA-C1008H S301LA-C1072H Asus S301LA-C1011H S301LA-C1073H Asus S301LA-C1015H S301LA-C1075H Asus S301LA-C1016H S301LA-C1079H Asus S301LA-C1021H S301LA-C1094H Asus S301LA-C1021P S301LA-C1102H Asus S301LA-C1022H S301LA-C1141H Asus S301LA-C1023H S301LA-DH062H Asus S301LA-C1027H S301LP-C1024H Asus S301LA-DS71T S301LA-C1033P Asus S301LP-C1011H S301LP-C1029H Asus S301LP-C1014P S301LP-C1053H Asus S301LP-C1016H S301LP-C1032H Asus S301LP-C1021H S301LP-C1048H Asus S301LP-C1022P S301LP-C1068H Asus S301LP-DH058H S301LP-C1028H Asus S451LA-CA007H S551LB-CJ120H Asus S451LA-CA036H S451LB-0051A Asus S451LA-CA045H S451LB-0061A Asus S551LA-CJ002H S551LA-CJ029H Asus S551LA-CJ009H S551LA-CJ030H Asus S551LA-CJ022H S551LA-CJ033H Asus S551LB-CJ003H S551LB-CJ046H Asus S551LB-CJ005H S551LB-CJ058H Asus S551LB-CJ024H S551LB-CJ077H Asus S551LB-CJ026 S551LB-CJ084H Asus S551LB-CJ035H S551LB-CJ114H Asus S551LB-CJ044H S551LB-CJ115H Asus S551LB-CJ103H S551LB-CJ074H Asus S551LB-CJ104H S551LB-CJ075H Asus S551LB-DB71T S551LB-CJ045H Asus TP500LB-DN022H TP500LB-CJ003H Asus TP500LB-DN024H TP500LB-CJ018H Asus TP500LB-DN025H TP500LB-CJ019H Asus TP500LN-DN061H TP500LN-DN119H Asus TP500LN-DN064H TP500LN-DN118H Asus TP500LN-DN075H TP500LN-CJ035H Asus TP500LN-DN099H TP500LN-CJ039H Asus TP550LJ-CJ021H TP550LJ-CJ026H Asus TP550LJ-CJ022H TP550LJ-CJ027H Asus TP550LJ-CJ024H F555LA-XX297H Asus Transformer Book Flip TP500LA Asus Transformer Book Flip TP550LD Asus V301LA-C1036H V301LA-DH076H Asus V301LA-C1081H Asus V301LA-C1089H V301LP-DS51T Asus V301LA-C1112H V301LP-C1066H Asus V301LA-C1132H V301LP-C1068H Asus VivoBook S301 S301LA S301LP Asus VivoBook S451 S451LA S451LB Asus VivoBook S551 Series Asus VivoBook S551LA Series Asus VivoBook S551LB Series Asus VivoBook V301 V301LA V301LP Asus VivoBook V301LA V301LP Asus VivoBook V301LA-C1036H Asus VivoBook V301LA-C1081H Asus VivoBook V301LA-C1089H Asus VivoBook V301LA-C1112H Asus VivoBook V301LA-C1132H Asus VivoBook V301LA-DH076H Asus VivoBook V301LP-C1066H Asus VivoBook V301LP-C1068H Asus VivoBook V301LP-DS51T Asus X402CA-WX005H X402CA-WX061H Asus X402CA-WX010D X402CA-WX058H Asus X402CA-WX010H X402CA-RX152 Asus X402CA-WX011D X402CA-WX016H Asus X402CA-WX011H X402CA-WX017D Asus X402CA-WX012D X402CA-WX018H Asus X402CA-WX013D X402CA-WX035H Asus X402CA-WX016D X402CA-WX036H Asus X402CA-WX041 X402CA-WX054 Asus X402CA-WX042 X402CA-WX055 Asus X450JF-WX015H X450JF-WX012H Asus X450JN X450LC X550LN X450VE Asus X450LAV X450LB X550LD X450JF Asus X450LC-1AWX X450LB-007H Asus X450LC-WX070D X450LN-WX031H Asus X450LC-WX117D X450LD-1CWO Asus X450LD X450LN X550VL Asus X450LD-CA224H X450LC-WX035H Asus X450LD-WX007H X450LB-WX007H Asus X450LD-WX025D X450LB-WX012H Asus X450LD-WX029D X450LB-WX019H Asus X450LD-WX032D X450LB-WX023H Asus X450LD-WX083D X450LC-WX012H Asus X450LD-WX084H X450LC-WX014D Asus X450LD-WX085H X450LC-WX035D Asus X450LN-WX003H X450LC-WX037H Asus X550JK X550JK-XX116D Asus X550JK-DH71 X550JK-XX153D Asus X550JK-DM030H X550JK-XO004D Asus X550JK-DM034H X550JK-XO012D Asus X550JK-DM081H X550JK-XO031D Asus X550JK-DM132H X550JK-XO045D Asus X550JK-DM175H X550JK-XO058D Asus X550JK-XX115D X550JK-XO059D Asus X550LD-XO033D X550LD-CJ214H Asus X550LD-XX023H X550LD-CN065D Asus X550LD-XX063H X550LD-CJ215H Asus X550LN-CN084H X550LD-XX364H Asus X550LN-CN121H X550LD-CN018H Asus X550LN-DB71 X550LD-XX064D Asus X550LN-XO014D X550LD-XO157H Asus X550LN-XO062H X550LD-XX173H Asus X550LN-XO076H X550LD-XO271H Asus X550LN-XO083H X550LD-XO376G Asus X550LN-XX003H X550LD-XX082D Asus X550LN-XX007H X550LD-XX116H Asus X550LN-XX011H X550LD-XX144D Asus X550LN-XX030H X550LD-XO165H Asus X550LN-XX031D X550LD-XO172H Asus X550LN-XX075H X550LD-XO262H Asus X550LN-XX182H X550LD-CN025H Asus X550ZA Q502LA D450CA Asus X550ZA-WB11 X550ZA-SA100603E Asus X551MA-DS21Q X551MA-SX040H Asus X551MA-QSP1-CB X551MA-SX043D Asus X551MA-SX018H X551MA-SX051H Asus X551MA-SX019D X551MA-SX053D Asus X551MA-SX020D X551MA-SX101D Asus X551MA-SX030D X551MA-SX110H Asus X551MA-SX030H X551MA-SX107D Asus X551MA-SX035D X551MA-SX132H Asus X551MA-SX036D X551MA-SX298H Asus X551MA-SX039D X551MA-RCLN03 Asus X552 X551MA X552EA Series Asus X552CL X552VL X552EP Series Asus X552CL-SX013H X552CL-SX113D Asus X552CL-SX018D X552CL-SX124H Asus X552cl-SX018H X552CL-SX127H Asus X552CL-SX019D X552CL-SX149H Asus X552CL-SX022D X552CL-SX153H Asus X552CL-SX022H X552CL-SX173H Asus X552CL-SX029H X552VL-SX008D Asus X552CL-SX033H X552VL-SX009D Asus X552CL-SX037H X552VL-SX010D Asus X552CL-SX047H X552VL-SX016D Asus X552CL-SX050H X552VL-SX019D Asus X552CL-SX051H X552VL-SX030D Asus X552CL-SX053D X552VL-SX033H Asus X552CL-SX065H X552VL-SX035H Asus X552CL-SX104D X552VL-SX042H Asus X552CL-SX105D X552VL-XX055D Asus X552CL-SX106H X552VL-SX3230 Asus X552EA-DH11 X552EA-SX009D Asus X552EA-DH41 X552EA-SX021D Asus X552EA-DH42 X552EA-SX077H Asus X552EA-SH41-CB X552EA-SX015H Asus X552EA-SX006D X552EA-SX115H Asus X552EA-SX007D X552EA-XX117D Asus X555LA X555LN X555LD Series Asus X555LN-XO002D X555LD-XO030H Asus X555LN-XX025H X555LN-XO031D Asus X555LN-XX026H X555LA-XX046H Asus X751LDV-TY127H X751LDV-TY166H Asus X751LDV-TY128H X751LDV-TY183H Asus X751LDV-TY131H X751LDV-TY185D Asus X751LDV-TY135D X751LDV-TY186H Asus X751LDV-TY136H X751LDV-TY195H Asus X751LDV-TY140H X751LDV-TY205H Asus X751LDV-TY152H X751LDV-TY214H Asus X751LDV-TY226D X751LDV-T4132H Asus X751LDV-TY272H X751LDV-T4288H Asus X751LDV-TY298H X751LDV-T6154H Asus X751LDV-TY299H X751LDV-T6255H Asus X751LDV-TY302H X751LDV-T6284H Asus X751LDV-TY332H X751LDV-T6287H Asus X751LDV-TY346H X751LDV-TY391H Asus Y481CC Y482CP Y581LA Y482EA Asus Y481LC Y581LN Y581LB Y482EP Asus Y481LD Y581CC Y581LC Y482LA Asus Y481VC Y482LD Y581LD Asus 04G2660047K0 Asus 04G2660047L0 Asus 0A001-00370000 Asus ADP-65JH BB PA-1650-66 ADP-65GD B Asus ADP-H AB ADP-H BB EXA1203YH Asus CHROMEBOX-M004U CHROMEBOX-M075U Asus D550CA-RS31 D550MAV-DB01 Asus D550MA D550MA-DS01 X402 X402CA Asus Delta 04G2660047D0 04G2660047L1 Asus ET2040IUK-BB001R ET2040INK-BB002R Asus ET2040IUK-BB004R ET2040INK-BB001R Asus F554LA-WS52 F554LA-XO720H F554la-XX804H Asus F554LA-WS71 F554LA-XO736H F554LA-XX896H Asus F554LA-XX500H F554LA-XO1091P F554LA-XX1039P Asus F554LA-XX513H F554LA-X01126H F554LA-XX1173H Asus F554LA-XX526H F554LA-XX1174H F554LA-XX1039H Asus F554LA-XX567H F554LJ-XX224H F554LA-XX1437H Asus F554LA-XX595H F554LJ-XX426H F554LA-XO758H Asus F554LA-XX784H F554LJ-XO171H F554LA-XO677H Asus F555LD-XX243H F554LA-XO991H F554LJ-XX206HBE Asus K401UQ K501UW K501UQ Asus K501UB K501UQ-DM011T Asus K501UB-DM008T K501UB-DM016T Asus K501UB-DM019T K501UB-DM020T Asus K501UB-DM021T K501UB-DM031T Asus K501UB-DM045T K501UB-DM055D Asus K501UB-DM083T K501UB-DM097T Asus K501UB-DM107T K501UB-RH71 Asus K501UB-RH71-CB K501UB-XX013T Asus Q550 Asus Q550LF Asus Q551 Asus Q551LB Asus Q551LN Asus R513CL-SX005H R513CL-SX204H Asus R513CL-SX120H R513CL-SX373H Asus R513CL-SX152H R513CL-XX260H Asus R513CL-SX167D R513Cl-Xx305H Asus R513CL-SX188H R513CL-XX320H Asus R513CL-SX189H R513CL-XX340H Asus R513cl-sx203h V451LB-CA099H Asus ROG Swift MG278Q Asus ROG Swift PG279Q PG27AQ Asus TP500LB-DN025H-BE TP500LB-CJ045H Asus TP500LN-DB51T-CA TP500LN-DN053H Asus TP500LN-DB71T-CA TP500LN-DN036H Asus TP500LN-QB72T-CB TP500LN-DN057H Asus TP500LN-QS72T-CB TP500LN-DN059H Asus V451LA-CA071H V451LA-DS51T Asus VivoBook F550CA-XX078D F550LD-XO290H Asus VivoBook F550LD-XO165H F550LD-XO354H Asus VivoBook F550LD-XO170D F550LD-XO355H Asus VivoBook F550LD-XO171H F550LD-CJ321H Asus VivoBook F550LD-XX042H F550LD-XO225H Asus VivoBook F550LD-XX046H F550LD-XX220H Asus VivoBook S451LN S551LN S551LN-CJ081H Asus VivoBook S451LN-CA009H S451LN-CA036H Asus VivoBook S451LN-CA021H S451LN-CA096H Asus VivoBook S451LN-CA032H S451LN-2AWX Asus VivoBook S551LN-CJ202H S551LN-DN157H Asus VivoBook S551LN-DB71T S551LN-DN129H Asus VivoBook S551LN-DN079H S551LN-CJ148H Asus VivoBook V551 V551LA V551LB F550LD Asus VivoBook V551LA-CJ054P V551LB-DB71T Asus VivoBook V551LB-CJ094P V551LA-DS71T Asus X450JF-WX012D X450LC-BRA-WX063H Asus X452MJ X452MJ-VX003D Asus X452MJ-WX011D X452MJ-WX020H Asus X452MJ-WX021D X452MJ-VX002H Asus X455LA-MS51 X455LA-WX081D Asus X455LA-WX002D X455LA-WX086 Asus X455LA-WX004H X455LA-WX127D Asus X455LA-WX005H X455LA-WX128D Asus X455LA-WX040H X455LA-WX159D Asus X455LA-WX053H X455LA-WX182 Asus X455LA-WX055H X455LA-WX213H Asus X455LA-WX058D X455LA-WX222D Asus X455LA-WX063D X455LA-WX235H Asus X455LA-WX078H X455LA-WX283H Asus X455LA-WX080D X455LA-WX284H Asus X455LA-WX414T X554LD-XX643H Asus X455LD-WX006H X455LD-WX110D Asus X455LD-WX013H X455LD-WX135H Asus X455LD-WX018H X455LD-WX168D Asus X455LD-WX032H X455LD-WX174H Asus X455LD-WX045D X455LD-WX203D Asus X455LD-WX045H X455LD-WX204D Asus X455LD-WX098H X455LD-WX250H Asus X552MJ X552MJ-SX002H Asus X552MJ-SX005H X552MJ-SX006H Asus X552MJ-SX009D X552MJ-SX011H Asus X552MJ-SX040H X552MJ-SX041D Asus X552MJ-SX042H X552MJ-SX046T Asus X552MJ-SX051H X552MJ-SX053T Asus X554LA-XO597H X554LA-XX449H Asus X554LA-XX371H X554LA-XX748H Asus X554LD-XO598D X554LD-XX671H Asus X554LD-XO599H X554LD-XX722D Asus X554LD-XO939H X554LD-XX738H Asus X554LD-XX1020 X554LD-XX761D Asus X554LD-XX1033H X554LD-XX874H Asus X554LD-XX498H X554LD-XX924H Asus X554LD-XX585D X554LD-XX930H Asus X554LP-XX050D X554LP-XX064D Asus X554LP-XX050H X555LA-XX040H Asus X555LA-SI30202G X555LA-XX060H Asus X555LA-XO077D X555LA-XX061H Asus X555LA-XO080H X555LA-XX092D Asus X555LA-XO183H X555LA-XX145D Asus X555LA-XO214D X555LA-XX172D Asus X555LA-XO292H X555LA-XX273H Asus X555LA-XO293H X555LA-XX448H Asus X555LA-XO300H X555LA-XX662H Asus X555LB-X0031H X555LB-XO053D Asus X555LI X555UJ-1A Asus X555LJ-DM271D X555LJ-DM417H Asus X555LJ-DM297H X555LJ-DM461H Asus X555LJ-XO078H X555LJ-XO199H Asus X555LJ-XO079H X555lj-xo295h Asus X555LJ-XO186H X555LJ-XO320H Asus X555LJ-XO198H X555LJ-XO385H Asus X555LJ-XX041D X555LJ-XX177H Asus X555LJ-XX127D X555LJ-XX238H Asus X555LJ-XX130D X555LJ-XX287H Asus X555LJ-XX132H X555LJ-XX427H Asus X555LN-XX025H X555LN-XO031D Asus X555UA X555SJ X555UA-XX030T Asus X555UA-DM087D X555UA-DM111T Asus X555UA-DM157T X555ua-XX088T Asus X555UA-XO032D X555UA-XO042D Asus X555UA-XO073T X555UA-XO136T Asus X555UA-XO137T X555UA-XO142D Asus X555UA-XX122T X555UA-XX163T Asus X555UJ X555UB X555UF Asus X555UJ-XO018T X555UJ-XX012D Asus X555UJ-XO023T X555UJ-XO047T Asus X555UJ-XO049D X555UJ-XO070T Asus X555UJ-XO113T X555UJ-XX124T Asus X555UJ-XX073T X555UJ-XO112T Asus X555UJ-XX138T X555UA Asus X751LDV X751LDV-T4371H X751LDV-TY155H Asus X751LDV-TY152H-BE X751LDV-TY221H Asus 04G265003500TW Asus 04G265003510TW Asus 04G265003530TW Asus 04G265003550 Asus 04G265003580 Asus 04G265003620TW Asus 04G265004370 Asus 04G265004380 Asus 04G2660031E2 Asus 04G2660031M2 Asus 04G2660031N3 Asus 04G2660047L2 Asus 04G269001000 Asus 04G26B000600 Asus 04G26B000620 Asus 04G26B000621 Asus 0A001-00040300 0A001-00042000 Asus 0A001-00040400 0A001-00041200 Asus 0A001-00040500 0A001-00041400 Asus 0A001-00040800 0A001-00040900 Asus 0A001-000412000 Asus 0A001-00041900 Asus 0A001-00046600 0A001-00042100 Asus 0A001-00046700 0A001-00042300 Asus 0A001-00046800 0A001-00042400 Asus 0A001-00047300 0A001-00042600 Asus 0A001-00047400 0A001-00043300 Asus 0A001-00047600 0A001-00043400 Asus 0A001-00048000 0A001-00043800 Asus 0A001-00048100 0A001-00044200 Asus 0A001-00048700 0A001-00044700 Asus 0A001-00048800 0A001-00044900 Asus 0A001-00048900 0A001-00045200 Asus 0A001-00049400 0A001-00046100 Asus 0A001-00049600 0A001-00040600 Asus 0A001-00049900 0A001-00046400 Asus 0A001-00250100 Asus 0A001-00441500 Asus 0A001-00442200 Asus 0A001-00444000 0A001-00444900 Asus 0A001-00445900 Asus 0A001-00447600 Asus 0A001-00448900 Asus 0A001-00590100 Asus 0A001-00600100 Asus 0A001-00600200 Asus 0A001-00660000 Asus AD887020 Asus AD887520 010LF Asus ADP-65DW A ADP65DWA Asus Chromebox CN62 Asus Chromebox CN62 Asus Chromebox CN62 G004U Asus Chromebox CN62 G010U Asus Chromebox CN62 G013U Asus Chromebox CN62 G015U Asus Chromebox CN62 G016U Asus Chromebox CN62 G023UK Asus Chromebox CN62 G072U Asus Chromebox CN62 G081U Asus Chromebox CN62 G084U Asus Chromebox CN62 G095U Asus Chromebox CN62 G112U Asus Chromebox CN62-3215WD Asus Chromebox CN62-G004U Asus Chromebox CN62-G008U Asus Chromebox CN62-G010U Asus Chromebox CN62-G012U Asus Chromebox CN62-G013U Asus Chromebox CN62-G015U Asus Chromebox CN62-G016U Asus Chromebox CN62-G058U Asus Chromebox CN62-G072U Asus Chromebox CN62-G081U Asus Chromebox CN62-G084U Asus Chromebox CN62-G086U Asus Chromebox CN62-G095U Asus Chromebox CN62-G097U Asus Chromebox CN62-G112U Asus Chromebox CN62-G238U Asus CHROMEBOX2-G007U Asus CHROMEBOX2-G008U Asus CHROMEBOX2-G011U Asus CHROMEBOX2-G072U Asus CHROMEBOX2-G083U Asus CHROMEBOX2-G084U Asus CHROMEBOX2-G095U Asus CHROMEBOX2-G096U Asus CHROMEBOX2-G097U Asus Delta ADP-65GD BF Asus F554LD F555LI Asus F554LD-XO841H Asus F554LD-XX1001H Asus F554LD-XX618H Asus F554LD-XX630H Asus F554LD-XX648H Asus F554LD-XX734H Asus F554LD-XX823H Asus F554LD-XX899H Asus F554LD-XX908H Asus F554LD-XX910H Asus F554LD-XX912H Asus F554LD-XX956H Asus F554LN F554UF Asus F554UJ F554UQ Asus F555B F555BA R702UV Asus F555B F555BP Asus F555BA-A9BR5PB1 Asus F555BA-DM176T F555BA-DM077T Asus F555BA-XO177T F555BA-XO059T Asus F555BP-XO055T F555BP-XO027T Asus F555BP-XO090T F555BP-XO089T Asus F555DG-DM016T F555BP-XO175T Asus F555DG-XO075T F555DG-XO014T Asus F555LI-XO981T Asus F555LI-XO982T Asus F555LI-XX022H Asus F555LI-XX023H Asus F555LI-XX024H Asus F555LI-XX025H Asus F555LI-XX026H Asus F555LI-XX027H Asus F555QG-DM076T F555BA-XX238T Asus F555QG-XX033T F555QG-XO244T Asus F751LB F751LN Asus F751LB-T4047D Asus F751LB-T4052H Asus F751LB-T4053H Asus F751LB-T4063H Asus F751LB-T4084H Asus F751LB-T4172T Asus F751LB-T4182T Asus F751LB-T4183T Asus F751LB-T4195D Asus F751LB-T4196D Asus F751LB-T4228DL Asus F751LB-T4246T Asus F751LB-TY026H Asus F751LB-TY029H Asus F751LB-TY107H Asus F751LB-TY203T Asus F751LB-TY211T Asus F751LB-TY252 Asus F751LB-TY4030H Asus F751LN-T4005D Asus F751LN-T4014H Asus F751LN-T4015H Asus F751LN-T4043D Asus F751LN-T4044D Asus F751LN-T4088H Asus F751LN-T4095H Asus F751LN-T4130H Asus F751LN-TY033H Asus F751LN-TY034H Asus F751LN-TY035H Asus F751LN-TY036H Asus F751LN-TY107H Asus F751LN-TY114D Asus F751LN-TY136H Asus F751LN-TY137H Asus F751LN-TY138H Asus F751LN-TY155 Asus F751M F751MA Asus F751MA-TY042H Asus F751MA-TY060H Asus F751MA-TY067H Asus F751MA-TY069H Asus F751MA-TY070H Asus F751MA-TY074H Asus F751MA-TY075H Asus F751MA-TY094H Asus F751MA-TY098H Asus F751MA-TY116H Asus F751MA-TY121H Asus F751MA-TY162H Asus F751MA-TY163H Asus F751MA-TY191T Asus F751MA-TY199H Asus F751MA-TY200H Asus F751MA-TY200T Asus F751MA-TY201T Asus F751MA-TY211H Asus F751MA-TY213H Asus F751MA-TY215H Asus F751MA-TY223H Asus F751MA-TY224H Asus F751MA-TY225T Asus F751MA-TY235T Asus F751MA-TY236H Asus F751MA-TY237T Asus F751MA-TY243H Asus F751MA-TY244H Asus F751MA-TY252H Asus F751MA-TY256T Asus F751MA-TY258H Asus F751MA-TY260H Asus F751MA-TY279T Asus F751MA-TY291D Asus F751MA-TY305D Asus F751MD F751MJ Asus F751MD-TY053H Asus F751MD-TY056H Asus F751MD-TY080H Asus F751MJ-TY024H Asus F751MJ-TY031T Asus F756UV F756UW Asus F756UV-T4064T Asus F756UV-T4123T Asus F756UV-TY027T Asus F756UV-TY039T-BE Asus F756UV-TY121T Asus F756UV-TY122T Asus F756UV-TY135T Asus F756UV-TY148T Asus F756UV-TY157T Asus F756UV-TY204T Asus F756UV-TY227T Asus F756UV-TY266T Asus F756UV-TY309T Asus F756UV-TY358T Asus F756UV-TY403T Asus F756UW-T4065T Asus K501UB-DM031T-BE K501UB-XX061D Asus K54C K54HR K54L K54LY Asus K54C-5KSX K54C-SX454D Asus K54HR-SX332D K54L-4KSX Asus K756UV-TY108T Asus K84HR K84C K84L K84LY Asus Liteon PA-1650-90 PA-1650-91 Asus Mini PC PB40 PN405.5 * 2.5mm Asus Mini PC PN30 PN40 Asus Mini PC PN30-BBE001MV Asus Mini PC PN30-BE023ZV Asus Mini PC PN30-BE045ZD Asus Mini PC PN30-BE34ZD Asus Mini PC PN30-E70C2TA Asus Mini PC PN40-BB009MC Asus Mini PC PN40-BB013M Asus Mini PC PN40-BB014MC Asus Mini PC PN40-BB021M Asus Mini PC PN40-BBC127MV Asus Mini PC PN40-BC063ZC Asus Mini PC PN40-BC099MC Asus Mini PC PN40-BC100MC Asus Mini PC PN40-BC123ZC Asus Mini PC PN40-BC156ZV Asus Mini PC PN40-BC229ZV Asus Mini PC PN40-BP116MV Asus Mini PC PN40-BP307ZV Asus Mini PC PN40-J44G128S Asus Mini PC PN40-N44G64S Asus Mini PC PN60 PN61 Asus Mini PC PN60-B3020ZD Asus Mini PC PN60-B3093ZV Asus Mini PC PN60-B5084MD Asus Mini PC PN60-B7085MD Asus Mini PC PN60-BB3004MD Asus Mini PC PN60-BB3006MC Asus Mini PC PN60-BB3031MD Asus Mini PC PN60-BB3048MH Asus Mini PC PN60-BB5012MD Asus Mini PC PN61-B5045MD Asus Mini PC PN61-B7043ZD Asus Mini PC PN61-B7048MT Asus Mini PC PN61-BB5008MD Asus Mini PC PN61-BB5012MT Asus Mini PC PN61-BB5015MD Asus Mini PC PN61-BB5027 Asus Mini PC PN61-BB5037MC Asus Mini PC PN61-BB7002MT Asus Mini PC PN61-BB7009MT Asus Mini PC PN61-BB7011MD Asus Mini PC PN61-BB7024MT Asus Mini PC PN61-BB7026MD Asus Mini PC PN61-BB7040MT Asus N591LB N542LA N592UB Asus P32U P32V P32VJ P32VM Asus P81I P81IJ Asus P84S P84SG P80I P80IJ Asus PA-1650-30 PA165030 Asus PA-1650-48 PA165048 Asus R510L R510LB R510L R510LA Asus R510L R510LN R510LNV Asus R510LA-RS51 R510LB-XX159H Asus R510LA-RS71 R510LA-VS51 Asus R510LAV-CJ1032H R510LAV-SB51 Asus R510LAV-RS51 R510LAV Asus R510LAV-XO403H R510LAV-XO402H Asus R510LAV-XO882H R510LAV-XX421H Asus R510LAV-XX1030H R510LAV-XX962H Asus R510LAV-XX1038H R510LAV-XX1039H Asus R510LAV-XX1040H Asus R510LAV-XX423H-BE R510LAV-XX446H Asus R510LAV-XX443H-BE R510LAV-XX807HS Asus R510LAV-XX446H-BE R510LAV-XX809H Asus R510LAV-XX811H R510LAV-XX843H Asus R510LA-XO255H R510LA-XO148H Asus R510LA-XX033H R510LA-XX038H Asus R510LA-XX090H R510LA-XX088H Asus R510LB-XO039H R510LDV-XX1106H Asus R510LB-XO109H R510LB-XO141D Asus R510LB-XO142H R510LB-XO141H Asus R510LB-XX012H R510LB-XX036H Asus R510LB-XX153H R510LB-XX037H Asus R510LDV-CJ1118H R510LDV-CJ1101H Asus R510LDV-DM529H R510LDV-DM981H Asus R510LDV-XO963H R510LDV-XO961H Asus R510LDV-XO964H R510LDV-XX528H Asus R510LDV-XX1054H R510LDV-XX1061H Asus R510LDV-XX599H R510LDV-XX561H Asus R510LDV-XX821H R510LDV-XX919H Asus R510LDV-XX925H R510LDV-XX923H Asus R510LDV-XX929H R510LDV-XX930H Asus R510LDV-XX968H R510LDV-XX931H Asus R510LDV-XX969H R510LDV-XX974H Asus R510LDV-XX977D R510LDV-XX976H Asus R510LN-CN092H R556LF-XX088H Asus R510LN-DM166H R510LN-XO101H Asus R510LNV-DM560H R510LNV-DM228H Asus R510LNV-XO554H R510LNV-XO555H Asus R510LNV-XO563H R510LNV-XO559H Asus R510LNV-XX558H R510LD R510LDV Asus R510LN-XO103H R510LN-XO102H Asus R510LN-XX037H R510LN-XX112H Asus R556L R556LF R556L R556LN Asus R556LF-DM067H R556LF-DM261T Asus R556LF-XO048H R556LF-DM435T Asus R556LF-XO078H R556LF-XO078T Asus R556LF-XO080H R556LF-XO079H Asus R556LF-XO085H R556LF-XO373T Asus R556LF-XO376T R556LF-XO375T Asus R556LF-XO377T R556LF-XO411T Asus R556LF-XO433T R556LF-XX051H Asus R556LN-DM439H R556LN-DM217H Asus R556LN-DM444H R556LN-DM449H Asus R556LN-XO046D R556LN-DM459H Asus R556LN-XO046H R556LN-XO047D Asus R556LN-XO065H R556LN-XO047H Asus R556LN-XO463H R556LN-XX137H Asus R556UF-DM018T R557LA-XX2663T Asus R556UF-X0036T R556UF-XX003T Asus R557L R557LA R556U R556UF Asus R557LA-XO1290H R557LA-XO1133H Asus R557LA-XO1543H R557LA-XO1544H Asus R557LA-XO1556H R557LA-XO1545H Asus R557LA-XO2034T R557LA-XO2449T Asus R557LA-XO2670T R557LA-XO2511T Asus R557LA-XO599H R557LA-XO852H Asus R557LA-XX2895T R557LA-XX2868T Asus R557LA-XX749H R557LA-XX2663T Asus R702UV-BX077T R702UV-BX075T Asus R702UV-BX138T R702UV-BX109T Asus R702UV-BX154T R702UV-BX152 Asus R702UV-BX195T R702UV-BX193T Asus R702UV-BX200T-BE R702UV-GC219T Asus R702UV-BX214T R702UV-BX196T Asus R702UV-BX224T R702UV-BX222T Asus R702UV-GC093T R702UV-BX246T Asus R753UQ-T4024T R753U R753UQ Asus R753UQ-T4109T R753UQ-T4173T Asus R753UQ-T4201T R753UQ-T4174T Asus R753UQ-T4269D R753UQ-T4285T Asus R753UQ-T4298T R753UQ-T4286T Asus R753UQ-T4317T R753UQ-T4342T Asus R753UQ-T4358T R753UQ-T4305T Asus R753UQ-T4369T R753UQ-T4445T Asus R753UQ-T4483T R753UQ-T4457T Asus R753UQ-T4484T R753UQ-T4501T Asus R753UQ-TY058T R753UQ-TY023T Asus R753UQ-TY110T R753UQ-TY140T Asus R753UQ-TY178T R753UQ-TY169T Asus R753UQ-TY293T R753UQ-TY295T Asus R753UQ-TY322T R753UQ-TY320T Asus ROG Rapture GT-AC29005.5 * 2.5mm Asus U57A U57A-BBL4 Asus U57A-SX097V Asus U84 U84S U84SG Asus Vivo AiO V200IBUK Asus Vivo AiO V200IBUK-BC004M Asus Vivo AiO V200IBUK-BC004X Asus Vivo AiO V200IBUK-BC006M Asus Vivo AiO V200IBUK-BC014M Asus Vivo AiO V200IBUK-BC015X Asus Vivo AiO V200IBUK-BC018X Asus Vivo AiO V200IBUK-BC020X Asus Vivo AiO V200IBUK-BC025X Asus Vivo AiO V200IBUK-BC032X Asus Vivo AiO V200IBUK-BC034X Asus Vivo AiO V200IBUK-BC037X Asus Vivo AiO V200IBUK-BC042X Asus Vivo AiO V200IBUK-BC044M Asus Vivo AiO V200IBUK-BC044X Asus Vivo AiO V200IBUK-BC046M Asus Vivo AiO V200IBUK-BC053X Asus Vivo AiO V200IBUK-BC056X Asus Vivo AiO V200IBUK-BC058X Asus Vivo AiO V200IBUK-BC063X Asus Vivo AiO V200IBUK-BC075X Asus Vivo AiO V200IBUK-BC097X Asus Vivo AiO V200IBUK-BC099X Asus Vivo AiO V200IBUK-BC104X Asus Vivo AiO V200IBUK-BC108X Asus Vivo AiO V200IBUK-BC137X Asus Vivo AiO V200IBUK-BC140X Asus Vivo AiO V200IBUK-WC005M Asus Vivo AiO V200IBUK-WC006X Asus Vivo AiO V200IBUK-WC011X Asus Vivo AiO V220IBUK Asus Vivo AiO V220IBUK-BC017X Asus Vivo AiO V220IBUK-BC022X Asus Vivo AiO V220IBUK-BC031X Asus Vivo AiO V220IBUK-BC032X Asus Vivo AiO V220IBUK-BC033X Asus Vivo AiO V220IBUK-BC034X Asus Vivo AiO V220IBUK-BC036X Asus Vivo AiO V220IBUK-BC046X Asus Vivo AiO V220IBUK-BC050X Asus Vivo AiO V220IBUK-BC055X Asus Vivo AiO V220IBUK-BC066X Asus Vivo AiO V220IBUK-BC079X Asus Vivo AiO V220IBUK-BC080X Asus Vivo AiO V220IBUK-BC088X Asus Vivo AiO V220IBUK-BC091X Asus Vivo AiO V220IBUK-BC096X Asus Vivo AiO V220IBUK-N3050 Asus Vivo AiO V220IBUK-WC001M Asus Vivo AiO V220IBUK-WC009X Asus Vivo AiO V220IBUK-WC024X Asus Vivo AiO V221ICUK Asus Vivo AiO V221ICUK-37DHDPB1 Asus Vivo AiO V221ICUK-BA004R Asus Vivo AiO V221ICUK-BA006T Asus Vivo AiO V221ICUK-BA007T Asus Vivo AiO V221ICUK-BA042D Asus Vivo AiO V221ICUK-BA052T Asus Vivo AiO V221ICUK-BA064T Asus Vivo AiO V221ICUK-BA066T Asus Vivo