Original Asus 19V 4.74A 90W 5.5*2.5mm AC Adapter For Asus K501LX K501UX K95VB Notebook


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Product Specifications :

  • Brand: Asus
  • Model/Part Number: ADP-90YD B
  • Condition: Brand New & Genuine
  • AC Input: 100V -240V~1.5A (for worldwide use)
  • Operating Frequency‎:‎ 50-60Hz
  • DC Output: 19V 4.74A
  • Power Output: 90W
  • DC Connector Type: Barrel Round Shape
  • DC Connector Size: 5.5*2.5 mm
  • Adapter Physical Shape: Square
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

Fit Part Numbers :

PA-1900-42, PA-1900-30, ADP-90YD B, ADP-65JH, X750JA-TY029H, ADP-65GD B, ADP-65DB, 90XB00CN-MPW010

Fit Models :

Asus A42JP Asus A43SA Asus A43SD Asus A43SM Asus A43SM-043D2450M Asus A43SM-083D2670QM Asus A43TA Asus A43TA-061A3420M Asus A43TA-VX072V Asus A52DE Asus A52DE-EX179V Asus A52JV Asus A52JV-SX042V Asus A52JV-SX044V Asus A52JV-SX061V Asus A52JV-SX078 Asus A550JX Asus A550JX-DM096H Asus A550LA Asus A550LC Asus A550LC-XX181H Asus A550LC-XX262H Asus A550LC-XX316D Asus A550LD Asus A550LDV Asus A550LDV-XX618H Asus A550LD-XX078H Asus A550LD-XX249H Asus A550LD-XX320H Asus A550VQ Asus A550VX Asus A550ZE Asus A555BP Asus A555DG Asus A555LA Asus A555LA-DM2536D Asus A555LA-XO371T Asus A555LA-XX2064D Asus A555LA-XX2386T Asus A555LA-XX2469T Asus A555LA-XX2482T Asus A555LA-XX2495T Asus A555LA-XX2533T Asus A555LA-XX2561T Asus A555LA-XX2563T Asus A555LA-XX378H Asus A555LB Asus A555LB-XO079H Asus A555LB-XO080H Asus A555LF Asus A555LF X0371T Asus A555LF-XX149T Asus A555LF-XX150T Asus A555LF-XX232D Asus A555LF-XX366T Asus A555LF-XX410T Asus A555LJ Asus A555LJ-XX033H Asus A555LJ-XX034H Asus A555LP Asus A555QG Asus A555UA Asus A555UA i5-6200U Asus A555UB Asus A555UJ Asus A555UJ-0031A6200U Asus A555YI Asus A85VD Asus Essentio ES5000 Asus F31AN F31CLG F31ADE Asus F451CA Asus F451CA VX124D Asus F451CA-VX123D Asus F451CA-VX152D Asus F451CA-VX153D Asus F451CA-VX171D Asus F451CA-VX194H Asus F6E Asus F6H Asus F6S Asus F751LJ Asus F751SA Asus F751SJ Asus F751YI Asus FH5900VQ Asus K20CD-BE001T K20CD-DE005T Asus K20CD-BE002T K20CD-DE017T Asus K20CD-BE032T Asus K31ADE K20CD F31DA F31DAG K20BF Asus K31ADE-BE001S K20BF-CA007T Asus K31ADE-BG001D K20BF-NR001T Asus K31ADE-BG004D K20BF-NR004T Asus K31ADE-CA002T K20BF-NR012T Asus K31ADE-CZ001S K20BF-UK002T Asus K31ADE-CZ003S K20BF-UK006T Asus K31ADE-CZ004S K20BF-UK008T Asus K31ADE-FR001T K20BF-UK011T Asus K31ADE-FR003S F31DAG-FR005S Asus K31ADE-FR014S F31DAG-FR006S Asus K31ADE-FR014T F31DA-NL001S Asus K31ADE-FR015T K31DA-SP002T Asus K31ADE-FR017T F31CLG-FR001T Asus K31ADE-FR018T K31AN-FR003T Asus K31ADE-FR023T K31AN-FR004T Asus K31ADE-FR024S K31AN-FR005T Asus K31ADE-HU012D K31AN-FR007T Asus K31ADE-HU029D K31AN-FR008T Asus K31ADE-IT006T F20CE-FR001T Asus K31ADE-IT017S F20CE-HU001D Asus K31ADE-NL002S F20CE-HU002T Asus K31ADE-PL002D F20CE-NL003T Asus K31ADE-PL008S F20CD F20CE Asus K31ADE-PL009S F20CD-FR004T Asus K31ADE-PL016S F20CD-FR010T Asus K31ADE-PT005S F20CD-FR016T Asus K31ADE-RS91 F20CD-FR110T Asus K31ADE-RU001S F20CD-HU002D Asus K31ADE-RU003S F20CD-NL001T Asus K31ADE-RU004S F20CD-NL007T Asus K31ADE-UK007T F31ADE-FR001T Asus K31ADE-UK010T F31ADE-FR003T Asus K31ADE-WB003D F31ADE-NL001S-NL Asus K31CLG-FR004T K20CD-NR026T Asus K31CLG-FR008T K20CD-NR045T Asus K31CLG-FR010T K20CD-NR050T Asus K31CLG-FR015T K20CD-NR051T Asus K31CLG-FR017T K20CD-PH001T Asus K31CLG-FR021T K20CD-RO004D Asus K31CLG-HU005T K20CD-RO026D Asus K31CLG-IT001T K20CD-SG009T Asus K31CLG-IT002T K20CD-SP003T Asus K31CLG-RU002T K20CD-TH005D Asus K31CLG-RU003T K20CD-TH011D Asus K31CLG-SP001T K20CD-UA001T Asus K31CLG-SP002T K20CD-UK039T Asus K31CLG-TR001T K20CD-UK042T Asus K31CLG-TR002T K20CD-UK070T Asus K31DA-BE001S K20CD-IN005D Asus K31DA-CZ001S K20CD-IN006T Asus K31DA-FR008T K20CD-NL003T Asus K31DA-FR028T K20CD-NL004T Asus K31DA-FR029T K20CD-NL005T Asus K31DA-FR037T K20CD-NL007T Asus K31DA-FR038T K20CD-NL010T Asus K31DAG-DE004S K20CD-NR025T Asus K31DA-NL001S K20CD-NL011T Asus K31DA-NL001T K20CD-NL013T Asus K31DA-NR002T K20CD-NL028T Asus K31DA-NR003T K20CD-NR003T Asus K31DA-RU001S K20CD-NR009T Asus K31DA-RU002T K20CD-NR017T Asus K31DA-SP002T K20CD-NR024T Asus K450JF Asus K450JN Asus K450VB Asus K450VE Asus K455DG Asus K45VJ Asus K751LB Asus K751LN Asus K751LX Asus K751MJ Asus K751SA Asus K751SA LAS277 Asus K751SA-TY055T Asus K751SA-TY058T Asus K751SA-TY058TS Asus K751SA-TY174T Asus K751SA-TY175T Asus K751SA-TY184D Asus P50AD K31DA K31DAG K31CLG Asus P50AD-BE002S K20CD-FR023T Asus P50AD-CZ001S K20CD-FR030T Asus P50AD-CZ005D K20CD-FR031T Asus P50AD-FR004S K20CD-FR052T Asus P50AD-IT001S K20CD-FR055T Asus P50AD-IT002S K20CD-FR069T Asus P50AD-NR012S K20CD-FR073T Asus P50AD-NR013S K20CD-FR110T Asus P50AD-PL003S K20CD-HU007D Asus P50AD-SG005S K20CD-HU055D Asus P50AD-SG014S K20CD-IN004D Asus R414UV Asus R414UV i3 6006U Asus R414UV-FA204T Asus R414UV-FA223T Asus R414UV-FA225T Asus R414UV-FA231T Asus R414UV-FA266D Asus R414UV-WX120T Asus R414UV-WX122T Asus R414UV-WX176T Asus R454LD Asus R454LJ Asus R454LJ i5-5200U Asus R454LJ-WX148 Asus R454LJ-WX148E Asus R454LJ-WX149H Asus R500VJ Asus R500VJ i3-3110M Asus R500VJ i7-3610QM Asus R500VJ-MH71 Asus R500VJ-MS51 Asus R500VJ-SX053H Asus R500VJ-SX053P Asus R500VJ-SX054H Asus R500VJ-SX054P Asus R500VJ-SX057H Asus R500VJ-SX073D Asus R500VJ-SX073H Asus R500VJ-SX121 Asus R500VJ-SX121H Asus R500VJ-SX122H Asus R500VJ-SX123H Asus R500VJ-SX129H Asus R500VJ-SX130H Asus R500VJ-SX130P Asus R500VJ-SX220H Asus R501JR Asus R501JR-I7-4700HQ Asus R501JR-S4049H Asus R552JV Asus R552JV-CK064H Asus R552JV-CM245H Asus R552JV-CM246H Asus R552JV-CM272H Asus R552JV-CM323H Asus R552JV-CN195H Asus R552JV-CN196H Asus R552JV-CN297P Asus R552JV-CN345H Asus R752LAV Asus R752LAV-T4479T Asus R752LAV-T4486T Asus R752LAV-T4523T Asus R752LAV-TY060H Asus R752LAV-TY068H Asus R752LAV-TY069H Asus R752LAV-TY406H Asus R752LAV-TY414H Asus R752LAV-TY461T Asus R752LAV-TY490T Asus R752LAV-TY493T Asus R752LAV-TY510T Asus R752LAV-TY522T Asus R752LAV-TY524T Asus R752LAV-TY527T Asus R752LAV-TY530T Asus R752LAV-TY559T Asus R752LAV-TY568T Asus R752LAV-TY571T Asus R752LAV-TY592T Asus R752LAV-TY594T Asus R752LAV-TY602T Asus R752LB Asus R752LB i5-5200U Asus R752LB i7-5500U Asus R752LB-T4099H Asus R752LB-TY270T Asus R752LJ Asus R752LJ-T4197T Asus R752LJ-TY065H Asus R752LJ-TY135H Asus R752LJ-TY139H Asus R752LJ-TY142H Asus R752LJ-TY147H Asus X85VD Asus Eee Box EB1012P EB1501 EB1502 Asus K50IE K51AE K51AE-RM520SFGRWW Asus N-03 90XB00CN-MPW000 Asus X54H-SX153D X54H-SO214V Asus ZenBook UX510UX-0051A6200U Asus ZenBook UX510UX-0061A6500U Asus ZenBook UX510UX-0081A7500U Asus ZenBook UX510UX-0091A7200U Gateway NE56R12u NE56R13u NE56R15u Asus 00A01-00056700 Chromebox3 CN65 Asus 04G266006001 04G266006060 04G266006220 Asus 04G266010600 04G266010620 04G266006080 Asus 90-N00PW5200T 90-N6EPW2000 90-XB04N0PW00040Y Asus 90XB00CN-MPW010 90XB00CN-MPW020 Asus 90XB00CN-MPW030 90XB00CN-MPW040 Asus 90XB00CN-MPW050 90XB00CN-MPW060 Asus A2 A2000H A2000K A2000L A2000S A2000T Asus A2D A27 A28 A2508H A2514H A2534H A2540H Asus A2G A2H A2C A2K A2L A2Lp A2S A2T A32 Asus A35L A35N A38G A38N A3Ac A3E A3F A3Fc Asus A3Fp A3G A3H A3Hf A3L A3N A3Vc A3Vp A4 Asus A42 A42De A40 A42DE A42DQ A42DR A42F Asus A42F-Vx113d A42F-Vx130d A42F-Vx245 Asus A42F-Vx390 A42F-Vx397 A42F-Vx203 Asus A42F-Vx402d A42Ja A42JA A42Ja-Vx058v Asus A42Jb A42JB A42Ja-Vx060v A42Ja-Vx061v Asus A42Jc A42JC A42Ja-Vx077d A42Ja-Vx095v Asus A42Jc-Vx071v A42Jc-Vx113d A42Je-Vx244 Asus A42Je A42Jk A42Jr A42Jv A42Jy A42Jz Asus A42Jk-Vx050v A42Jk-Vx053v A42Jr-Vx088R Asus A42Jv-Vx040d A42Jv-Vx042v A42Jr-Vx065v Asus A42Jy-Vx105v A42Jy-Vx113d A42Jr-Vx040v Asus A42Jy-Vx164d A42Jy-Vx195v A42Jz-Vx086v Asus A42N-Vx045d A42N-Vx091d A42Jy-Vx072v Asus A42N-Vx093 A42N-Vx023 A43BYA43E A43 A43B Asus A43F A43J A42N A43JA A43JB A43JC A43JF Asus A43S A43SJ A43JQ A43JU A43JV A4D A4G A4K Asus A43SV A43U A43JG A43JH A43JN A43JP A43JR Asus A45VM-VX055V A45VM-VX055D A45VD-VX027D Asus A4Ga A4Ka A4L A4S A52 A52F A52F226DV Asus A52F-3330SEGDAW A52F-EX489D A52F-SX119 Asus A52F-X3 A52F-Xa1 A52F-EX568V A52F-Xa2 Asus A52F-Xt22 A52F-Xt2r A52F-Xf1 A52F-Xe4 Asus A52Jc A52JE-EX075V A52JE-EX079V A52Jk Asus A52Je A52J A52Jb A52JB-SX103 A52JE-81V Asus A52JR A52JR-SX109V A52JE-EX214V A52Ju Asus A52JR-X1 A52Jr-x1K42 A52Jt A52N A53BY Asus A53 A53E A53E-A1b A53E-Ah51 A53E-As51 Asus A53E-As52-Wt A53E-As52-RW A53E-AS31-RD Asus A53E-Eh31 A53E-Eh91 A53E-Es51 A53E-Xn1 Asus A53E-NH51 A53Z-AS61 A53E-AS52 A53E-AS31 Asus A53E-Xa1 A53E-Xa2 A53E-Es31 A53E-Xt4 Asus A53J A53E-Xe1 A53E-Xe2 A53E-Xe3 A53E-Xt3 Asus A53JA A53JB A53JC A53JE A53JR A53JT Asus A53JU A53S A53B A53JQ A53JH A53Sd A53SJ Asus A53Sv A53Sv-Eh71 A53Sv-Eh72 A53Sd-Es71 Asus A53T A53Sv-Nh51 A53Sv-Nh71 A53Sv-Xv1 Asus A53TA A53Sv-Th71 A53Sv-Th72 A53Sv-Xe1 Asus A53Ta-Xe2 A53Ta-Xn1 A53U-Eh21 A53U-Eh22 Asus A53U A53Sv-Xc1 A53Sv-Xe2 A53Ta-Eh61 A5E Asus A53U-AS22 A73E-XE1 A53E-EH71 A53E-ES31 Asus A53U-ES01 A53U-ES21 A53E-ES71 A53E-ES92 Asus A53U-Xt2 A53U-Eh11 A53Z-Eh61 A53Z-Es61 Asus A53Z A53U-Xa1 A53U-Xe1 A53U-Xe2 A53U-Xe3 Asus A550JK-DM138H F550JK-DM121H Asus A55A A55D A55N A55VD A55VM A55VS K55VS Asus A55VD-SX050V A55VD-SX054V A55A-SX060V Asus A55VD-SX087V A55VM-SX054V A55VD-SX043V Asus A55VJ-SX036H A55VJ-SX037H A55VJ A55VM Asus A55VJ-SX039H A55VJ-SX041H A55VJ-SX023H Asus A55VJ-SX045H A55VJ-SX093H A55VJ-SX024H Asus A55VJ-SX100H A55VJ-SX118H A55VJ-SX004H Asus A55VJ-SX147H A55VJ-SX156H A55VJ-SX007H Asus A55VM-SX029D A55VM-SX037V A55VM-SX171D Asus A55VM-SX038V A55VM-SX052V A55VM-SX166V Asus A55VM-SX055V A55VM-SX143D A55VM-SX154D Asus A55vm-Sx068v A55VM-SX096V K55A-SX071 Asus A5Eb A5Ec A5A A6 A6000 A6000G A6000Ga Asus A6000K A6000L A6000N A6000Ne A6000V A65 Asus A6000U A6000Va A6000Vc A6Rp A6T A6Ta A6U Asus A62 A62-9426 A62-9485 A62-9625 A62-Q037H Asus A6A A6BNe A6F A6G A6Ga A6Ja A6Jc A6Jm Asus A6Jn A6K A6Km A6Kt A6L A6M A6N A6Ne A6R Asus A6Tc A6V A6Va A6Vc A6Vm A72JR A73 A73Sv Asus A7 A72F A72F-TY060V A72F-X1 A72JK-TY093V Asus A72 A72Dr A72DR-TY036V A72F-P610SEHDAW Asus A72JK A72JK-BE A72JA72jk-ty093v A73E-Xe1 Asus A73E A72JR-TY062V A72JR-ty236V A72JR-XT1 Asus A73E-Ah51 A73E-Xa1 A72JR-TY274 A73E-Xc1 Asus A73E-TY102D A73E-TY112V A73E-TY050 Asus A73E-TY115V A73SV-TY125V A73E-TY099D Asus A73E-XC1 A73E-XA1 A73E-AH51 A73E-AS31 Asus A73SD-TY052V A73SD-TY117V A73E-TY226V Asus A73SD-TY122V A73SD-TY196V A73SD-TS72 Asus A73SD-TY244V A73SD-TY292V N53SV-DH51 Asus A75 A75A K75A K75D K75 A75DE A75VD A75VM Asus A75DE-TY043V A75VM-TY085V A75VM-TY075V Asus A75VM-TY086V A75VM-TY089V A75DE-TY026V Asus A7F A7G A7C A7J A7Jc A73SV-TY125V A7K Asus A7M A8He A8Jc A8Jm A8Jn A8Jp A8Jr A8Js Asus A7S A7T A7Tc A8 A8E A8F A8Fm A8H A8Ja Asus A8Jv A8Le A8M A8Sc A9Rp A9T B202 B23 Asus A95A A95VM K95A K95VM A95 K95 K75V K75VM Asus A95VM-YZ019V A95VM-YZ030V A95VM-YZ044V Asus A95VM-YZ031V A95VM-YZ033V K95VM-YZ005D Asus ADP-90CD DB EXA0904YH K95VM-YZ008V Asus ADP-90ER B Asus ADP-90FB BB ADP-90SB PA-1900-24 ADP-65DB Asus ADP-90SB BB A2000 A2000C A2000D A2000G Asus B23E B23E-Xh71 B23E-Xs71 B33 B33E-Ro003x Asus B33E B33E-Ro025x B43 B43E B43F-Vo023v Asus B43F-A1b B43F B43J B43J-A1b B43J-B1b Asus B43S B43S-Xh51 B43S-Xh71 B50A B50A-B2 Asus B43S-XH31 B43S-XH51 X54LY-SX043D Asus B43S-XH71 K53E-DS51 A53E-AS31-WT B43S Asus B50A-B1 B50 B50A-C2 B53 B53E B53F-C1b Asus B53F-A1b B53F B53J B53J-A1b B53J-D1b Asus B53J-C1b B53S-Xh51 B53S-Xh71 B53J-S0138x Asus B80A-A1 B80A-A2 B53S ET1602 F2 F2F F2HF Asus Chromebox3-7041U Chromebox3-N7042U Asus Chromebox3-N7042U Chromebox3-7043U Asus Chromebox3-N7068U Chromebox3-N7290U Asus Eee Box EB1501P EB1501U ET1601 Asus Eee Top ET1602 ET1602C ET1610P ET1610T Asus F2J F2Je F5C F5GL F80 F80Cr F9Dc F9E Asus F3 F9Sg F5M F5N F80L F80Q F9F F9J Asus F3H F3Ja F5R F5RI F80S F81Se F9S F3F Asus F3Jc F3Jm F5SL F5Sr F85 F8Dc F7z F8 Asus F3Jp F3Jr F5V F5VL F8P F8Sa F50 F3Q Asus F3Ka F3Ke F5Z F7 F8Sg F8Sn F3T F3Tc Asus F3L F3M F70 F70SL F8Sn-B1 F8Sp F7Se Asus F3P F7Sr F70SV F7E F8Sr F8Sv F8Vr F9 Asus F3SA F3SC F7F F7Kr F8Tr F8Va F7L F7S Asus F3Sg F3Sr F50-12N F50GX F50Q F50S Asus F50Q-6X050C F50Sr F50Z F50Z-PR G2Pc Asus F50Sf F50V G2S-7R053C G2S-7R062C Asus F50Sf-A1 F50SV-6X018C F50SV-A1 G2Pb Asus F50Sf-A2 F50SF-JX055C F50SV-A2 J43J Asus F50Sf-X1A F50SL F50SV-X4C K40 G1S-A1 Asus F50SV-X1 F50Sv F50VI F50VL G1S-1A Asus F550JK-DM018H F550JK-DM161H Asus F550JK-DM019H F550JK-DM169H Asus F550JK-DM098H F550JK-DM204H Asus F550JK-DM101H F550JK-DM205H Asus F550JK-DM112D F550JK-DM248H Asus G1 G1-AK005 G2S-7R066G G2S-7R106C Asus G1-AK005C G1-AK005P G2PC-7R011C G2S Asus G1-AK008 G1-AK008M G2Sg G2SG-7R037K Asus G1-AK020C-B G1-AK024C G2K-A1 G2P Asus G1-AK029G G1-AP001M G2Sv G2SV-7R011J Asus G1-AP021C G1-P5G43 G2K G2K-7R022C Asus G1-P7P55E G1S G2S-7R062G G2S-7R066 Asus G1S-AS026C G1S-AS068C G2S-A1 G2S-A4 Asus G1S-AS081G G1S-AS144J G2S-B1 G2S-B2 Asus G1Sn G1SN-A1 G2Sg-A1 G2S-T770XCEGAW Asus G1Sn-X1 G2 G2PC-7R005M G2PC-7R006C Asus G2-17 G2-1A G2S-7R111G G2S-7R200G Asus G2S-2A7R G2S-7R024C G1S-AK089C G1S-AS022G Asus K40AC K40AD K43E-VX123 K43E-VX124 Asus K40AE K40AF K43E-VX127 K43E-VX139 Asus K40E K40ID K42JV-VX036V K42JV-VX054V Asus K40IE K40IJ K43E-VX037 K43E-VX052R Asus K40IJ-A1 K40IJD2 K43SJ K43SJ-VX061D Asus K40IN K40IN-A1 K43E-3DVX K43E-3EVX Asus K40IN-X1 K40IP K43E-3FVX K43E-3HVX Asus K40ML-1015N K42 K43E-3IVX K43E-3JVX Asus K42De K42DE K43SV K43SV-193D2410M Asus K42DQ K42Dr K43U-VX008 K43U-VX012 Asus K42DR K42Dy K43SV-VX129 K43SV-VX142 Asus K42F K42F-A1 K43E-2410M K43E-3CVX Asus K42F-A2B K42F-B1 k40in-b1 K40IN-C2 Asus K42j K42Ja K43SJ-VX184D K43SJ-VX189D Asus K42Jb K42JB K43E-VX114V K43E-VX118 Asus K42JC K42JC-A1 K40C K40C-C220SCENWW Asus K42JC-B1 K42JC-C1 K43SJ-VX190 K43SR Asus K42Jk K42JK K43E-VX120D K43E-VX122 Asus K42Jp K42JR K40IJ-QMB1-CBIL K40IL Asus K42jv-xn1 K42Jy K40IJ-E1B K40IJ-F1B Asus K42Jz K42K K43SV-VX120 K43SV-VX124V Asus K42N K43 K43SJ-VX177D K43SJ-VX183D Asus K43B K43By K43SJ-VX077 K43SJ-VX086V Asus K43BY K43E K43SV-VX094 K43SV-VX097V Asus K43E-VX139D K43F K40AB K40AB-VX044D Asus K43J K43JC K43SV-VX014D K43SV-VX065D Asus K43JM K43JS K43E-VX065 K43E-VX113 Asus K43JY K43S K50AB-SX038C K50AB-SX070C Asus K43SC K43SD K42JV-VX057D K42JV-X1 Asus K43SE K43Sj K43E-VX056 K43E-VX057 Asus K43SY K43T K42F-VX020R K42F-VX230V Asus K43Ta K43TA K42JR-A1 k42jr-vx047x Asus K43U K43U-VX006 K42JV K42JV-VX034V Asus K43U-VX016D K50 K42JC-VX152X K42Je Asus K45 A45VS A45VD-VX026R A45VM-VX029V A45N Asus K45A A55 A55DE A55DR K45N A45VG A45VM Asus K45DE K45DR K45VD K45VG K45VM K45VSx Asus K45DR-VX008D K45VD-VX061D K45VM-VX071 Asus K45VD-VX061V K45VM-VX070 K45VM-VX071 Asus K501 K501J K50IJ-SX003C K50IJ-SX006L Asus K50AB K50IJ K50IJ-BBZ5 K50IJ-C1 Asus K50AB-X2A K50AD-SX080L K50AD-X1 Asus K50AD K51IO K52DE-EX064V K52Dr Asus K50C k52f K52F-A1 K50IJ-H1 K50IJ-J1 Asus K50C-SX009V K50ID-SX042V K50id-V2 Asus K50I K50ID K50IJ-SX018L K50IJ-SX148V Asus K50IJ-X8 K50AB-SX073C K50AB-X1A Asus K51 K51AC-RM75SCEDWW K51AC-SX026C Asus K51AB K50IN K52Dr-Bin6 K52Dr-X1 Asus K51AE-SX059 K50IJ-RNC7 K50IJ-RX05 Asus K52 K52D K50IJ-SX154L K50IJ-SX188V Asus K52De K52DE K50IJ-J1-WXGA K50IJ-RBR7 Asus K52EQ K52F K50IJ-SX263L K50IJ-SX280V Asus k52f-a1 K52F-A2 K50AF K50AF-SX020L Asus K52F-A2b K52F-A2B K50IJ-A1 K50IJ-B1 Asus K52F-B1 K52F-Bbr5 K52Dr-A1 K52DR-A1 Asus K52F-C1 K52f-c1 K50IJ-D2 K50IJ-F1B Asus K52F-C2b K52F-C2B K52DR-X1 K52Dy Asus K52F-D1 K52F-E1 K50IJ-X3 K50IJ-X5C Asus K52F-SX416V K52J K50IP K50IP-SX074V Asus K52Jb K50IN-SX025E K50IN-SX110C Asus k52jb k52jc K51AC K51AC-RM75FHDWW Asus K52Jc K50IN-SX149V K50IN-SX149X Asus K52JC-A1 K53E-A1 K53E-Ds52 K53E-Ds91 Asus K52JC-B1 K53SV-SX071V K53SV-SX075V Asus K52JC-XN1 K52Je K52N-Bin6 K52N-EX026 Asus K52Jk K51AC-SX037D K51AC-SX038V Asus k52jk K52JU K50IJ-G1B K50IJ-G2B Asus K52Jk-A1 K52F-I5 K52F-BBR5 K52F-Bbr9 Asus K52JK-A1 K53SV-SX077D K53SV-SX079V Asus K52Jk-SX055 K52Jr k52f-sx051v K53SE Asus K52JR K52Jr-A1 K52JC-EX356V K52JC-X1 Asus K52Jr-X2 K53E-B1 K52Je-Xn1 K52JE-XN1 Asus k52jr-x2 K53SV-SX087V K53SV-SX121V Asus K52Jr-X4 k52jr-x4 k52je K52JE-EX065V Asus k52jr-x5 K52N-A1 K53E-Bbr4 K53E-Bbr5 Asus K52Jr-X5 K53E-C1 K52F-BBR9 K52F-Bin6 Asus K52Jt K52JT K52JC-EX K52JC-EX073V Asus K52Jt-A1 K52Jt-B1 K52JC-X2 K52JC-Xn1 Asus K52Ju K50I-RBBBZ05 K50I-RBBGR05 Asus K52Jv K52N K50IJ-SX424V K50IJ-SX540D Asus K52N-Bgr5 K53SN K53E-Dh91 K53E-Ds31 Asus K52Xi K53 K52JC-EX089V K52JC-EX144V Asus K53-3 K53B K52Jk-SX013x K52Jk-SX031v Asus K53BY K53E k52f-sx060d K52F-SX062V Asus K53By K53E-B k52f-sx074v K52F-SX206V Asus K53E-1Bsx K52F-SX065V k52f-sx065x Asus K53E-Bbr1 K52N-EX026V K52N-EX035V Asus K53E-Bd4td k52jr-a1 K52JR-SX059V Asus K53E-Dh52 K52JC-EX145V K52JC-EX352V Asus K53F K53J K53SV-SX137V K53SV-SX144D Asus K53JA K53JC K53E-SX104V K53E-SX111V Asus K53J-D1B K53JE K53U-Rbr6 K53U-Rbr7 Asus K53JF K53JG K53U-Sx014d K53U-Sx014v Asus K53JN K53JS K53E-SX048X K53E-SX049X Asus K53J-SX216 K53SV-SX174V K53SV-SX204V Asus K53JT K53SV-SX223V K53SV-V2G-SX208V Asus K53R K53S K53SV-SX126V K53SV-SX131V Asus K53S/E K53SA K53Sd-Ds51 K53Sd-Ds71 Asus K53Sc K53SC K53SV-SX080V K53SV-SX081 Asus K53Sd K53SD K53SV-SX123V K53SV-SX125 Asus K53Sd-Sx168d K53E-Dh31 K53E-Dh51 Asus K53Sj K53SJ K53E-SX058V K53E-SX069V Asus K53SJ-SX216V K53E-Bbr7 K53E-Bbr9 Asus K53S-SX085 K53Sv K53Ta-A1 K53Ta-Bbr6 Asus K53SV K53S-V1G K53E-Bbr11 K53E-Bbr3 Asus K53SV-A1 K53SV-2GG-SX006V K53Sv-A1 Asus K53SV-B1 K53SV-SX045R K53SV-SX055V Asus K53Sv-Xr1 K53T K53U-Dh21 K53U-Rbr5 Asus K53Ta K53TA K53Sv-Dh51 K53Sv-Dh71 Asus K53U K53U-A1 K53E-SX123V K53E-Xb2 Asus K53Z K60 K53SV-SX146V K53SV-SX169D Asus K55 K55A K55DE K55DR K55N K55VD K55VM Asus K550JK-DH71 K550JK-DM013 Asus K550JK-XO003H K550JK-XO002H Asus K550JK-XX027D K550JK-XX109D Asus K550JK-XX073H K550JK-XX231D Asus K55VD-DS71 K55VD-SX047V K55VD-QS71 K55D Asus K55VM-SX031V K55VM-SX032 K55VM-SX027V Asus K55VM-SX045V K55VM-SX052V K55VM-SX116D Asus K55VM-SX064V K55VM-SX077V K55VM-SX115D Asus K55VM-SX078D K55VM-SX090V K55VM-SX114D Asus K55VM-SX086D K55VM-SX084V K55VM-SX087V Asus K601 K601J K72JR-TY108V K72JR-TY137V Asus K60I K60IJ K72JR-TY028X K72JR-TY042V Asus k60xi K61 K61IC-JX019V K61IC-JX025V Asus K61IC K61IC-A1K601J-RBLX05 K601N Asus K61IC-X4 K61LCK60IN K60I-RBBBR05 Asus K62 K62F K61IC-JX017V k61ic-jx017x Asus K70 K701C K70AB-TY027C K70AB-TY056V Asus K701O K70Ab K70IJ-T4300 K70IJ-TY041L Asus K70Ic K70IC K72F-TY011V K72F-TY103V Asus K70Ic-A1 K70IC-A1K72Dr-X1 K72DR-X1 Asus K70Ic-A2 K70IC-A2K70Io-A1 K70IO-A1 Asus K70IC-X1 K70IDK60IJ-RBLX05 K60IL Asus K70Ij K70IJ K61IC-A2 K61IC-JX012V Asus K70Ij-C1 k70ij-c1K72Dr-A1 K72DR-A1 Asus K70Ij-X1 K70ij-x1K72F-A2b K72F-A2B Asus K70Io K70IO K61IC-JX034V K61IC-X1 Asus K70Io-B1 K70IO-B1K72Jk-X1 K72JK-X1 Asus K72 K72-A1 K70IO-TY014C K70IO-TY014V Asus K72Dr K72DR K62JR K72JR-X1 K72Jr-Xn1 Asus K72Dy K72F K70IJ-TY107L K70IJ-TY111X Asus K72F-A1 k72f-A1K72Jr-B1 K72JR-B1 L5900C Asus K72F-B1 K72Fr K70AC K70AC-TY024V Asus K72F-X1 K72J K72S K70AB K70AB-TY003C Asus K72JB K72Jk K72JR-TY171V K72Jr-X1 Asus K72JK K72JK-A1 K70AD K70AD-TY059V Asus K72Jr K72JR K70IC-TY006V K70Ic-X1 Asus K72JR-XN1 K72JtK72Jr-A1 K72JR-A1 Asus K72JT K72Ju K62Jr K70Ab-X1a K70Ab-X2a Asus K72R-B1 K72JK-TY001V k72JK-TY053V Asus K72-TY116v K73 K70AD-TY060L K70AE Asus K73By K73E K70IJ-TY041X K70IJ-TY085V Asus K73E-Ds31 K73SjK72F-TY116V K72FX1 Asus K73Sv K73Sv-A1K70AE-TY037L K70AF Asus K73Sv-Dh51 K73TaK61IC-X2 K61IC-X3 Asus K75VM-TY023V K75VM-TY024V K75VM-T2094V Asus K75VM-TY027 K75VM-TY086V K75VM-T2119V-BE Asus K75VM-TY090V K75VM-TY096V K75VM-TY126V Asus K93 K93SV K70AF-TY007V K70AF-TY016L Asus K95VM-YZ009V K95VM-YZ010V K95VM-YZ006V Asus K95VM-YZ013V K95VM-YZ015V K95VM-YZ001V Asus K95VM-YZ030V K95VM-YZ037V K95VM-YZ002V Asus K95VM-YZ045V K95VM-YZ052 K95VM-YZ007V-BE Asus L2D L2E L59G M2 L55C L5000GM L5000GX Asus L3 L3000 L50V L50Vc L5800G L5800GA Asus L3100 L32 L55D L55DF L5000D L5000DF Asus L3200 L34 L58DF L58G L5000G L5000GA Asus L3400 L35 L58C L58D L3000C L3000D Asus L3C L3D L59D L59DF L5500GA L5500GM Asus L3H L3S L50Vm L50Vn L5900GA L5900GM Asus L3Tp L4H L3500 L3800 L5800D L5800DF Asus L5 L50 L55GX L50Vn-A1 L50Vn-ak005c Asus L5800 L5000 L5000C L5500C L5500D L5900D Asus L58GA L58GM L5900GX L2000B L2000D Asus L58GX L5900 L5800C L31 L2400B L2400D Asus L59GM L59GX L5500GX L3000H L3000S Asus L5C L5D L3000Tp L59C L5800GM L5800GX Asus L5DF L5G L3500 L3800 L5900DF L5900G Asus L5GA L5GM L55G L55GA L5500DF L5500G Asus L5GX L55GM L59GA L50Vn-B1 L50VN-C1 Asus M2000 M2000A M6722R M6800Na M6800Ne Asus M24 M2400 M9J M6722H M6800Ce M6800N Asus M24A M24E M9A M9F M6 M6800R M6800Rf Asus M24N M2C M6V M6Va M9V M6800V M6800Va Asus M2E M2N M70Vn M70Vr M6700C M6700Ce Asus M2Ne M3 M70T M70Vm M6700N M6700Na Asus M3Np M70Sa M70Sr M68A M6700Ne M6700R Asus M50 M5000Sv M6Ne M6R M6700Rf M6700V Asus M50S M50Sa M6N M6Na M6700Va M6706H Asus M50Sr M50Sv M6C M6Ce M6000C M6000Ce Asus M50V M50Vc M68Va M6A M6000N M6000Na Asus M50Vm M50Vn M68Ne M68R M6000Ne M6000R Asus M51 M51A M6B00N M6Br M6000Rf M6000V Asus M51E M51Kr M68N M68Na M3000N M3000Np Asus M51Se M51Sn M68C M68Ce M2400Ne M2422N Asus M51Sr M51Ta M67V M67Va M6802N M6806N Asus M51Tr M51Va M67R M67Rf M6822N M6842N Asus M51Vr M6Rf M6Sne M6800C M2000N M2000Ne Asus M6000Va M67 M67Ce M67N M2400A M2400C Asus M6742H M6762H M6700 M3N M2000C M2000E Asus M67A M67C M67Na M67Ne M2400E M2400N Asus M68 M6800 M68RFf M68V M3000 M3000Ae Asus M6862N M6700A M6800A M6000 M6000A Asus N10E N10J N71JQ-TY002V N71JQ-TY010V Asus N10Jb N10Jc N45SF N45SF-V2G-VX041V Asus N10Jh N20 N73JF-TY096V N73Jf-Tz168v Asus N20A N20A-D1 N53Sv-Eh71 N53Sv-Eh72 Asus N20A-X1 N20H N53JQ-A1 N53Jq-Sx036v Asus N43 N43J N53Sv (Dual Core) N53Sv-A1 Asus N43Jf N43JF N53JQ-SZ137V N53Jq-Xv1 Asus N43Sl-Vx064v N43Sl-Vx161d N43Jf-Vx019v Asus N43Sl-Vx162d N43Sl-Vx163d N61Ja-Jx056v Asus N45 N45E N61JQ-JX103V N61JQ-QB1-CBL Asus N45S N45Sf N61VN-JX013V N61VN-JX014V Asus N50 N50SV N73Jf-Ty060v N73JF-TY060V Asus N50V N50Vc N61vg-jx070v N61VG-JX092V Asus N50VC-FP018C N50VC-FP125C N61Ja-Jx046v Asus N50VG N50Vn N50VN-D1 N50VN-FP001C Asus N50VN-FP004C N50VN-FP162C N60Dp-JX054V Asus N51 N51A N75Sf-V2g N75SF-V2G-TZ04V Asus N51S N51Te N61JV-JX007V N61Jv-Jx036v Asus N51Tp N51V N61JV-JX081X N61Jv-Jx231v Asus N51Vf N51Vf-A1 N50VN-A1B N50Vn-B1B Asus N51Vg N51Vn N53Sv-Dh51 N53Sv-Dh72 Asus N52 N52D N73JG-TY029V N73Jg-Ty041v Asus N52Da N52Da-X1 N50Vn-C2S N50Vn-C3S Asus N53 N53Da N70SV-TY043C N70SV-TY046C Asus N53J N53Jf N61JV-JX252V N61JV-JX258V Asus N53Jf-Sx094v N53Jf-Sx108v N60DP-JX012V Asus N53JF-SX108V N53JF-SX151V N55SF-S2151V Asus N53Jf-Xr1 N53Jg N51Vn-X1 N51Vn-X1A Asus N53Jg-Sx088v N53Jg-Sx203v N55SF-S1150V Asus N53Jg-Sx205v N53Jg-Sx206v N53Jq-Sz137v Asus N53Jl N53Jn N50VC-B2WM N50vc-fp008c Asus N53Jn-Sx017d N53Jn-Sx030d N53Jq-Sx085v Asus N53Jn-Sx032v N53Jn-Sx033v N61JQ-JX018V Asus N53JN-SX033V N53Jn-Sx053v N61JQ-JX017V Asus N53Jn-Sx085v N53Jn-Sx093x N61JQ-JX011V Asus N53Jq N53Jq-A1 N55SF-A1 N55Sf-Dh71 Asus N53JQ-XV1 N53Jq-Zbd-sx116 N61JV-JX438V Asus N53Sm N53Sm-Ds71 N43Sn N43Sn-Vx107v Asus N53SM-SX015V N53SM-SX049v-BE N53SM-DS71 Asus N53SM-SX095V N53SM-SX098V N53SM-AS51 Asus N53SM-SX121V N53SM-SX138V N53SM-ES71 Asus N53SM-SX150V N53SM-SX155V N53SM-DS72 Asus N53SM-SX164V N53SM-SX165V N53SM-RS72 Asus N53SM-SX189V N53SV-S1745V N53SM-ES72 Asus N53SV-DH72 N53SM-SI056X N53SV-DH71 Asus N53SV-S1746V N53SV-S1766V N53SV-SX792V Asus N53SV-S1802V N53SV-S1803V N53SV-SX788V Asus N53SV-S1827V N53SV-S1883V N53SV-SX787V Asus N53SV-S1886V N53SV-SX104V N53SV-SX780V Asus N53SV-SX106V N53SV-SX108V N53SV-SX758V Asus N53SV-SX112v N53SV-SX117R N53SV-SX753V Asus N53SV-SX117V N53SV-SX130V N53SV-SX752V Asus N53SV-SX132V N53SV-SX135V N53SV-SX712V Asus N53SV-SX138V N53SV-SX503V N53SV-SX708V Asus N53SV-SX551V N53SV-SX581V N73SM-DS72 Asus N53Sv-Xv1 N55 N51VN280DV N51Vn-A1 Asus N55E N55S N70SV-TY089C N70Sv-TY127C Asus N55Sf N55SF N53Jn-Sx098v N53JN-ZBD Asus N55Sl N55SL N61JA-JX087 N61Ja-Jx087v Asus N55Sl-Es71 N60 N53Sv-Xe1 N53Sv-Xr1 Asus N61 N61-A N70SV-TY057C N70SV-TY081C Asus N61Da N61J N71VN-TY013V N71VN-TY014V Asus N61Ja N61JA-JX008V N51Vf-X1 N51VF-X2 Asus N61Ja-Jx087x N61JA-JX087X N61Jv-Jx391v Asus N61Ja-Jx131v N61Jq N70Sv-a1 N70Sv-B1 Asus N61Jq-A1 N61JQ-A1 N43JQ N43Jq-Vx004v Asus N61Jq-B1 N61JQ-B1 N43Jq-Vx025v N43S1 Asus N61Jq-B2 N61JQ-B2 N43Sl N43Sl-Vx025v Asus N61Jq-X1 N61Jq-X2 N50Vn-X5A N50Vn-X6 Asus N61Jq-Xv1 N61JQ-XV1 N60D N60D-JX009X Asus N61Jv N61Jv-Jx002v N53Jf-A1 N53JF-A1 Asus N61JV-QHDB1-CBIL N61Jv-X2 N43Jf-Vx033v Asus N61JV-X2 N61Jv-X4 N60Dp N60dp-jx011v Asus N61JV-X4 N61J-X2 N43Jf-Vx062v N43Jm Asus N61Q N61V N71JQ-TY013V n71jq-ty022X Asus N61VF N61Vg N45SF-V2G-VX042V N45SL Asus N61Vg-A1 N61VG-A2 N53Sv-A2 N53Sv-B1 Asus N61Vn N61Vn-A N53Jf-Xe1 N53JF-XE1 Asus N61Vn-A1 N61Vn-A2 N43Jf-A1 N43JF-A1 Asus N61w N70 N53Sn Dual Core N53Sn-Eh71 Asus N70Sv N70SV-1GTY N43Jm-Vx025v N43Jq Asus N73SM-QS71 N73SM-TZ035V N73SM-TY177V Asus N73SM-TY008V N73SM-TY014V N73SM-TY074V Asus N73SM-TY022V N73SM-TY067V N73SM-TY068V Asus N73SM-TZ055V N73SM-TZ056V N73SM-TY152V Asus N73SM-TZ124V N73SM-TZ126V N73SM-TY095V Asus N73SM-TZ149 N73SM-TZ167D N73SM-TY092V Asus N73SV-TY158V N73SV-TY194V N73SV-TY122v Asus N73SV-TY195V N73SV-TY386V N73SV-TY145V Asus N73SV-TY394V N73SV-TY504 N73SV-TY110V Asus N73SV-TY505 N73SV-V2G-TY532V N73SV-TY117V Asus N73SV-TY572V N73SV-TY583 P43E-VO010D Asus N80 N80V N80VR N71JA-TY013V N71Ja-Ty014 Asus N80Vb N80VB N82JV-X1 N75SF-A1 N75Sf-Dh71 Asus N80Vc N80VM N73Sv-Xc1 N71JV N71JV-TY012V Asus N80Vn N80Vn-A1 N80Vn-B1 N75SF N75Sf-A1 Asus N80VN-GP011 N80Vn-GP011C N71J N71JA Asus N80VN-GP024C N80VN-GP033C N71YI N73 Asus N81 N81A N80Vn-X5 N75SF-V2G-TZ060V N75SL Asus N81Te N81U3 N73JH-A1 N73Jn N73JN-TY035V Asus N81VG-X2 N81Vg-X2A N71VG N71Ja-Ty030v Asus N81Vp N81Vp-C1 N80VN-C1 N73Jf-Xt1 N73Jg Asus N81VP-D1 N81Vp-D2 N80Vn-X1 N80Vn-X2 Asus N81Vp-VX012C N81Vp-X1 N75S N75Sf N73Sv Asus N82 N82E N81Vg N73JQ-TZ087V N73JQ-XV1 Asus N82EI N82J N81Ve N71JV-TY121V N71JV-X1 Asus N82Jg N82JG N71Jn N71VN-TY082V N71VN-X1 Asus N82Jq N82JQ N73Jh N73JQ-A2 N73JQ-A2-NB Asus N82Jq-A1 N82JQ-A1 N75 N73Jq N73JQ-A1 Asus N82Jq-B1 N82JQ-B1 N82Jq-X1 N82JQ-X1 Asus N82Jq-B2 N82JQ-B2 N71JQ-A1 N73Sv-A1 Asus N82JQ-VX046 N82JQ-VX046V N75E N70SV-X1 Asus N82Jv N82JV N73V-S N73Sv-A3 N73Sv-Dh72 Asus N82JV-VX020V N82Jv-X1 N73J N73Jf N71 Asus N90Sc N90Sc-A1 N71VN N71JQ-X1 N71JQ-X2 Asus N90Sv P31 N61JQ-JX002V P31F P31F-Ro108x Asus N90Sv P31 N90 N71Vn-A1 N71VN-TY011V Asus P31J P31Jc P43E-Xh51 P501J P50Ij P53Sj Asus P31Jg P31S P50 P43SJ P50Ij-X1 P50Ij-X2 Asus P31Sd P31SD P62 P53SJ P50Ij-X3 P52 P81 Asus P31Sd-Ro076x P41 P80Vc P52F P52F-SO006X Asus P41F P41J P43Sj P52F-SO017X P52F-SO033X Asus P41Jc P41Jg P41SV P52F-SO034X P52F-XD1B Asus P41S P41Sv P81IJ P52JC P52JC-SO009X P43E Asus P42F P42F-Xd1b P52JC-SO018X P52JC-SO028X Asus P43 P43E-Vo022x P53 P53E P43Sj-Vo066x Asus P43E-VO017V P43E-VO022X P43E-VO016V Asus P43E-VO025X P43E-Vo028X P43SJ-VO017X Asus P43E-Vo028X P80 P53E-So002 P53E-So023X Asus P43E-VO045X P43E-VO047X P53E-XH31 Asus P43E-VO059D P43SJ-VO001V P43E-XH31 Asus P43E-Xh31 P53E-Xh51 P42 P53E-So032X PL80 Asus P43SJ-VO006X P43SJ-VO014D P43E-XH51 Asus P53E-SO007D P53E-SO023X P53E-SO004X Asus P53E-SO024X P53E-SO025X P53E-SO005X Asus P53E-SO040D P53E-SO042D P53E-XH51 Asus P53E-SO057X P53E-SO059d P53E-SO002X Asus P53E-Xh31 P82 P52JC-SO012X P52JC-SO017X Asus P53SJ-SO017X P53SJ-SO019X P53SJ-SO016X Asus P53SJ-SO026X P53SJ-SO027X P53SJ-SO007D Asus P53SJ-SO029X P53SJ-SO034X P53SJ-SO009X Asus P53SJ-SO049D P53SJ-SO049X P53SJ-SO002X Asus P53SJ-SO052D P53SJ-SO052DM P53SJ-SO007V Asus P81IJ-T430SCGDWW P81IJ-T660SCGDWW PL80J Asus PL80JT Pro21J Pro59L-AP014A Pro59LE Asus Pro21 Pro21F Pro59L-EP015C Pro59L-EP047A Asus Pro21Hf Pro59L-EP062E Pro59L-EP069A Asus Pro21Je Pro59L-EP111A Pro59L-EX140C Asus Pro30-5104H Pro59L-EX145A Pro59L-EX166C Asus Pro31E Pro59L-EX244C Pro59L-SX025X Asus Pro31H Pro31Ja Pro30 Pro59L-T3400 Pro5A Asus Pro31Jc Pro31Jm Pro31 Pro5AVc Pro5AVn Asus Pro31JM-2A Pro31Jp Pro31F Pro5B Pro5BVF Asus Pro31Jr Pro31Jv Pro31Sg Pro5BVG Pro5C Asus Pro31K Pro31L Pro31Sc Pro5CQ Pro31P Asus Pro31M Pro5D Pro31T Pro5DAB Pro5DAD Asus Pro31Q Pro31SC-AP189C Pro5DAF Pro5DC Asus Pro31Sa Pro31SA-AS084C Pro5DID Pro5DIE Asus Pro31SC-AP121C Pro5DIJ Pro5DIJ-SX227V Asus Pro31SG-AP160C Pro31Sv Pro5DIL Pro50vl Asus Pro31-T7500 Pro50 Pro5DIP Pro5DIP-SX115V Asus Pro50-AP063 Pro50-AP063C Pro5EAE Pro5G Asus Pro-50G Pro50GL Pro31U Pro5GAG Pro5GAT Asus Pro50M Pro50N Pro31S Pro5GVG Pro5GVS Asus Pro50R Pro50R-AP069A Pro5GVT Pro5I Pro5M Asus Pro50RL Pro50SL Pro5E Pro5ij Pro5IJC Asus Pro50SR Pro50V Pro5EAC Pro5IJK Pro5J Asus Pro50VL-AP009C Pro5JIJ Pro5JIJ-SX025X Asus Pro51B Pro51K Pro50Z Pro5MJF Pro5MJG Asus Pro51S Pro51sa Pro51 Pro5MJN Pro60 Pro61 Asus Pro52 Pro52H Pro5K Pro60-A6VA Pro60E Asus Pro52H-AP001C Pro52H-AP003C Pro60Ja Asus Pro52H-AP005C Pro52L Pro60Jc Pro60Je Asus Pro52L-AP047C Pro52L-AP048C Pro60Jm Asus Pro52L-AP053C Pro52L-AP102A Pro60Rp Asus Pro52L-AP111A Pro52L-AP125E Pro60Tc Asus Pro52L-AP138L Pro52RL Pro60Va Pro61SF Asus Pro52RL-AP021C Pro64 Pro60Vc Pro60Ve Asus Pro52RL-AP173C Pro60Vm Pro60VX-114 Asus Pro52Sn Pro60VAX-117 Pro55SL-AP302C Asus Pro55 Pro55F5SR Pro60VX-115 Pro60vx-117 Asus Pro55GL Pro55PT Pro60xp Pro60F Pro60M Asus Pro55S Pro55S-AP428C Pro61GX Pro61JQ Asus Pro55SL Pro57Va Pro61Q Pro61Q-6X073E Asus Pro55SR Pro55SR-AP010C Pro61S Pro61Sc Asus Pro55SR-AP051 Pro62J-JX033C Pro61S-F50SF Asus Pro55SR-AP062C Pro64VN-JX012C Pro60R Asus Pro55SR-AP07C Pro55SR-AP143 Pro61SL Asus Pro55SR-AP143C Pro57 Pro61sl-6x095c Asus Pro57A Pro57KR Pro61SL-6X112C Pro61ss Asus Pro57S Pro57SE Pro61SV Pro61SV-6X046C Asus Pro57Sn Pro57Sn-AP009C Pro61SV-6X052C Asus Pro57T Pro57Ta Pro63 Pro62 Pro62J Pro60V Asus Pro57Tr Pro57V Pro62J-JX Pro62J-JX029V Asus Pro57VA-AP011C Pro62J-JX033 Pro64-jx054v Asus Pro57VA-AP091C Pro57VA-AP109C Pro58Sa Asus Pro57Vr Pro57VR-AP141 Pro63DP Pro61Z Asus Pro58 Pro58S Pro52RL-AP047C Pro64DA Asus Pro58Sa-As020 Pro64Ja Pro64J-jx054v Asus Pro58Sr Pro58V Pro64JQ Pro64VN-JX172V Asus Pro58Vc Pro58VC-AP211C Pro64JV-JX479V Asus Pro58Vm Pro58Vn Pro64JX-JX109V Pro64VG Asus Pro58VN-80548 Pro58VN-AP037C Pro64VN Asus Pro58VN-AP038C Pro58VN-AS001C Pro64Jv Asus Pro59L Pro59L-AP010 Pro66 Pro65 Pro65F Asus Pro59L-AP010L Pro59L-AP012L Pro66IC Asus Pro5DIN Pro5DIJ-SX294V Pro5DIJ-SX301X Asus Pro5NB Pro5NS Pro5NU Pro5PE Pro5PS F55U Asus Pro61SL-6X039C U46SV Pro64VN-JX022V Asus Pro61SL-6X040C Pro62J-JX033V Pro62VP Asus Q550 Asus Q550LF Asus Q551 Asus Q551LB Asus Q551LN Asus R1 R1F RO55SR-AP198C U46E-Ral5 U46E-RAL5 Asus R1E S6 S6F SX045R U2 U46E-Xh51 U46E-Xs51 Asus R400DE R400DR R400VD R400VG R400D R400N Asus R400V R400-5222A3 R400A R401R402 R502U Asus R400VM R400VS R401V R401VM R402A R402U Asus R403U R404 R404A R404VC Pro7CB F45U Asus R404A R404VC A45 A45A A45DE A45DR A45VD Asus R500-C.CP03A9 R500-C.CP02A9 R500VS R500D Asus R500-C.CP06A9 R500-V.CP01A9 R500A-RS51 Asus R500DE R500DR R500N R500VD R500VM R500V Asus R500VD-SX093V R501VM-S3150V R500VD-BS71 Asus R500VM-SX070V R500VM-SX081V R500VM-MS71 Asus R500VM-SX092V R500VM-SX103V R501VM Asus R500VM-SX104V R500VD-SX002X R501VZ Asus R501VM-S3151V R501VM-S4152X R500VD-RS71 Asus R503U R503VD R400 R503A R503C R502A R404 Asus R503U U47 U47C U47A U47A-RS51 U47VC-DS51 Asus R510JK-DM009H R510JK-DM122H Asus R510JK-DM011D R510JK-DM143H Asus R510JK-DM011H R510JK-DM145D Asus R510JK-DM070H R510JK-DM154D Asus R510JK-DM071H R510JK-DM155D Asus R510JK-DM086H R510JK-DM177H Asus R510JK-DM089 R510JK-DM214H Asus R510JK-XX191H R510JK-XX086H Asus R510JK-XX207H R510JK-XX156H Asus R700DE-TY016H R700DE-TY017H R700DE-TY066V Asus R700DE-TY021V R700VJ-TY045H R700DE-TY054H Asus R700VD R700VJ R701VZ R701VJ R701 R700 R700DE Asus R700VJ-T2112 R700VJ-T2112H R700VJ-T2119 Asus R700VJ-T2116-8 R700VJ-T2116H R700VJ-T2147 Asus R700VJ-T2117H R700VJ-T2118H R700VJ-T2120P Asus R700VJ-T2120H R700VJ-T2138H R700VJ-T2148 Asus R700VJ-T2148H R700VJ-T2199H R701VM-V2G Asus R700VJ-TY076H R700VJ-TY086H A55VM-SX187D Asus R700VJ-TY090H R700VJ-TY123H R700VJ-TY031H Asus R700VJ-TY140H R700VJ-TY152H R700VJ-TY075H Asus R700VJ-TY160H R700VJ-TY161H R700VJ-TY029H Asus R700VJ-TY171H R700VJ-TY175H R700VJ-TY030H Asus R700VJ-TY184H R700VJ-TY234H R700VJ-RS71 Asus R700VJ-TY200H R700VJ-TY209H R700VJ-TY018H Asus R700VM-TY092V R700VM-TY100V R700VM-TY105V Asus R700VM-TY131V R701VZ R701VM-V2G-T1085V Asus R701 R704 R700A R700D R700V R700Vm R700 Asus R701VB-T5078H-LU R701VM-T1117 R701VB Asus R701VM R701VM-V2G-T5065V R700VM-TY107V Asus R701VZ-V4G-T1155H R701VZ-T5065H R701VM Asus R704 R704A R704VB R704VC R704VD R900VJ Asus R704A-RH51 R704A-TY049H R704A-RB31 R900VM Asus R704A-TY085H R704A-TY086H R704A-OH91 R900 Asus R704VD R500 R501 R502 R503 R500A R704A Asus R704VD-TY025V R704VD-TY078V R704A-TY158H Asus R704VD-TY103H R704VD-TY113H R704VC-TY048H Asus R704VD-TY114V R704VD-TY119V R704VD-RB51 Asus R704VD-TY129P R704VD-TY169H R704VC-TY008P Asus R704VD-TY172H R704VD-TY179P R704VC-TY036H Asus R704VD-TY214H R704VD-TY240H R900VJ-YZ006H Asus R900VJ-YZ007 R900VJ-YZ008H R900VJ-YZ124H Asus R900VJ-YZ009 R900VJ-YZ012H R900VJ-YZ107H Asus R900VJ-YZ013H R900VJ-YZ015H R900VJ-YZ105H Asus R900VJ-YZ023H R900VJ-YZ066H R900VJ-YZ091H Asus R900VJ-YZ069H R900VJ-YZ070H R900VJ-YZ090H Asus R900VJ-YZ079H R900VJ-YZ085H R900VM-YZ102V Asus R900VJ-YZ107H R900VJ-YZ022H R900VJ-YZ103H Asus R900VM-YZ040V R900VM-YZ041V R900VM R900 Asus R900VM-YZ040V R900VM-YZ041V R900VM-YZ099V Asus R900VM-YZ042V R900VM-YZ043V R900VM-YZ095V Asus R900VM-YZ042V R900VM-YZ043V Z9300E Z93E Asus R900VM-YZ048V R900VM-YZ050V R900VM-YZ091V Asus R900VM-YZ055X R900VM-YZ059V R900VM-YZ085V Asus S6Fm S7F U46E-Bal6 T