Original BTY-L77 Laptop Battery for MSI GT72 2QD GT72S 6QF GT80 2QE WT72 MS-1781 MS-1783 2PE-022CN 2QD-1019XCN


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  • Battery rating: 11.1V
  • Battery capacity: 7500mAh (83.25Wh)
  • Battery cells: 9-cell
  • Type: rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Battery color: Black
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.
  • BP-1781-33/2500, BP-1781-33/2500S, BTY-L77, MS-1784
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2PE-022CN, 2QD-292XCN, 2QD-1019XCN, 2QE-209CN, 2QE-212CN, 9S7-178541-462, GT72, GT72 2PC, GT72 2PC DOMINATOR, GT72 2PE, GT72 2PE-009US, GT72 2PE-012AU, GT72 2PE-014US, GT72 2PE-020CZ, GT72 2PE-021CZ, GT72 2PE-022CN, GT72 2PE-031BE, GT72 2PE-049TR, GT72 2PE-069ES, GT72 2PE16H11BW, GT72 2PE DOMINATOR PRO, GT72 2QD, GT72 2QD-005XCN, GT72 2QD-097CZ, GT72 2QD-205AU, GT72 2QD-215MY, GT72 2QD-221UK, GT72 2QD-223UK, GT72 2QD-228UK, GT72 2QD-233UK, GT72 2QD-238US, GT72 2QD-241US, GT72 2QD-246NL, GT72 2QD-247BE, GT72 2QD-255ES, GT72 2QD-262FR, GT72 2QD-286XFR, GT72 2QD-288XPL, GT72 2QD-292XCN, GT72 2QD-1019XCN, GT72 2QD16SR21BW, GT72 2QD16SR21BW(001781-SKU12), GT72 2QD16SR21BW(001781-SKU12)(001781-SKU12), GT72 2QD16SR21BW(001781-SKU22), GT72 2QD DOMINATOR, GT72 2QD Dominator G, GT72 2QE, GT72 2QE-095CZ, GT72 2QE-205AU, GT72 2QE-206UK, GT72 2QE-207UK, GT72 2QE-209CN, GT72 2QE-211US, GT72 2QE-212CN, GT72 2QE-217NL, GT72 2QE-218BE, GT72 2QE-222NL, GT72 2QE-223CZ, GT72 2QE-224BE, GT72 2QE-227NE, GT72 2QE-229NL, GT72 2QE-230BE, GT72 2QE-234NE, GT72 2QE-235NL, GT72 2QE-244RU, GT72 2QE-248AU, GT72 2QE-258, GT72 2QE-258FR, GT72 2QE-259FR, GT72 2QE-260AU, GT72 2QE-261AU, GT72 2QE-280NE, GT72 2QE-287XPL, GT72 2QE-293ES, GT72 2QE-295PT, GT72 2QE-411JP, GT72 2QE-412JP, GT72 2QE-413JP, GT72 2QE-415US, GT72 2QE-416US, GT72 2QE-437TH, GT72 2QE-442US, GT72 2QE-446US, GT72 2QE-457NL, GT72 2QE-461NL, GT72 2QE-464FR, GT72 2QE-472NL, GT72 2QE-476NL, GT72 2QE-482FR, GT72 2QE-495AU, GT72 2QE-496AU, GT72 2QE-497AU, GT72 2QE-602UK, GT72 2QE-628TR, GT72 2QE-632XHU, GT72 2QE-633NE, GT72 2QE-638NL, GT72 2QE-641US, GT72 2QE-648NL, GT72 2QE-649BE, GT72 2QE-658US, GT72 2QE-663FR, GT72 2QE-670MY, GT72 2QE-671MY, GT72 2QE-682UK, GT72 2QE-697ES, GT72 2QE-805UK, GT72 2QE-807US, GT72 2QE-870XFR, GT72 2QE-871X, GT72 2QE-1679CN, GT72 2QE-1813CN, GT72 2QE32SR21BW, GT72 2QE32SR21BW(001781-SKU20), GT72 2QE32SR311BW, GT72 2QE32SR351BW, GT72 2QE 494AU, GT72 2QE 604UK, GT72 2QE 647NE, GT72 2QE DOMINATOR PRO, GT72 2QE Dominator Pro G, GT72 2QW, GT72 2QW32SR311BW, GT72 2QW32SR311BW(001781-SKU18), GT72 6Q, GT72 6QD, GT72 6QD-005XCN, GT72 6QD-201XCN, GT72 6QD-839XCN, GT72 6QD-840XCN, GT72 6QD8H11, GT72 6QD8H11(001782-SKU1110), GT72 6QD81FD, GT72 6QD DOMINATOR G, GT72 6QD Dominator G Heroes Special Edition, GT72 6QD Dominator G Tobii, GT72 6QD Dominator Heroes Special Edition(4K), GT72 6QDG8H21, GT72 6QDG16H11, GT72 6QDG16H11(001782-SKU1108), GT72 6QDG16H21, GT72 6QE, GT72 6QE-209CN, GT72 6QE DOMINATOR PRO, GT72 6QE Dominator Pro G, GT72 6QE Dominator Pro G Heroes Special Edition, GT72 6QE Dominator Pro G Tobii, GT72 6QE Dominator Pro Heroes Special Edition(4K), GT72 6QEG81, GT72 21019XCN, GT72 Dominator Dragon Edition, GT72 Dominator Pro Dragon Edition, GT72-2PE16H11BW, GT72-2QD8H11BW, GT72-2QD16SR21BW, GT72-2QE32SR311BW, GT72-2QE32SR351BW, GT72-6QD81FD, GT72-6QDG16H11, GT72-6QDG16H21, GT72s, GT72S-6QE, GT72S-6QE16SR42BW, GT72S-6QE16SR421HOS HEROES, GT72S-6QEG16H11, GT72S-6QEG16SR421BW, GT72S-6QEG81, GT72S-6QEG82FD, GT72S-6QF, GT72S-6QF32SR45BWR ANNIVERSARY, GT72S 6QD(MS-1782), GT72S 6QD-007CN, GT72S 6QD-085ES, GT72S 6QD-841XCN, GT72S 6QD Dominator G, GT72S 6QD Dominator G Heroes Special Edition, GT72S 6QD Dominator G Tobii, GT72S 6QD Dominator Heroes Special Edition(4K), GT72S 6QE(MS-1782), GT72S 6QE-007CN, GT72S 6QE-072RU, GT72S 6QE-487CN, GT72S 6QE16SR42BW(001782-SKU2), GT72S 6QE Dominator Pro G, GT72S 6QE Dominator Pro G Heroes Special Edition, GT72S 6QE Dominator Pro G Tobii, GT72S 6QE Dominator Pro Heroes Special Edition(4K), GT72S 6QEG16H11(001782-SKU1104), GT72S 6QEG16H21, GT72S 6QEG16H21(001782-SKU1101), GT72S 6QEG16SR421BW(001782-SKU1102), GT72S 6QEG81(001782-SKU1105), GT72S 6QEG82FD(001782-SKU1106), GT72S 6QF(MS-1782), GT72S 6QF-018CN, GT72S 6QF-054CN, GT72S 6QF-064CN, GT72S 6QF-065CN, GT72S 6QF32SR45BWR Anniversary(001782-SKU1111), GT72S 6QF Dominator Pro G 29th Anniversary Edition, GT72S 6QF Dominator Pro G Heroes Special Edition, GT72S 6QF Dominator Pro Heroes Special Edition(4K), GT72S 6QF Dragon Edition G 29th Anniversary Edition, GT72S Tobii, GT72VR, GT72VR(MS 1785), GT72VR-6RD, GT72VR-6RD16H21, GT72VR-6RD16H21(001785-SKU4), GT72VR-6RDAC16H11, GT72VR-6RDAC16H11(001785-SKU5), GT72VR-6RDAC16H21, GT72VR-6RDAC16H21(001785-SKU12), GT72VR-6RDAC16H21(001785-SKU34), GT72VR-6RE, GT72VR-6RE16H21, GT72VR-6RE16H21(001785-SKU1), GT72VR-6RE16H21(001785-SKU3), GT72VR-6RE16H51, GT72VR-6RE16H51(001785-SKU6), GT72VR-6REAC16H21, GT72VR-6REAC16H21(001785-SKU33), GT72VR-6REAC16H51, GT72VR-6REAC16H51(001785-SKU36), GT72VR-6REZ16H21(001785-SKU7), GT72VR-7RE, GT72VR-7RE-432, GT72VR-7RE-433, GT72VR-7RE-434, GT72VR 6RD, GT72VR 6RD(MS-1785), GT72VR 6RD-050CA DOMINATOR, GT72VR 6RD-058BE(Dominator Tobii), GT72VR 6RD-059CN, GT72VR 6RD-082XCN, GT72VR 6RD-407CZ, GT72VR 6RDAC16H21(001785-SKU12)(001785-SKU12), GT72VR 6RDAC16H21(001785-SKU34)(001785-SKU12), GT72VR 6RD Dominator, GT72VR 6RD Dominator Tobii, GT72VR 6RE-067IT Dominator PRO Tobii, GT72VR 6RE Dominator Pro, GT72VR 6RE Dominator Pro Tobii, GT72VR 6REZ16H21(001785-SKU7)(001785-SKU7), GT72VR 7RD, GT72VR 7RD(MS-1785), GT72VR 7RD-462XES, GT72VR 7RD-462XES(9s7-178541-462), GT72VR 7RD Dominator, GT72VR 7RE(MS-1785), GT72VR 7RE-432(001785-432), GT72VR 7RE-433(001785-433), GT72VR 7RE-434(001785-434), GT72VR 7RE-493, GT72VR 7RE-493(001785-493), GT72VR 7RE Dominator Pro, GT72VR DOMINATOR PRO-015, GT728II(W370ET), MS-1781, MS-1782, MS-1783, MS-1785, T72VR-7RE-432, WT72, WT72 2OK, WT72 2OK16SR21BW, WT72 2OL, WT72 2OL16SR21BW, WT72 2OL32SR311BW, WT72 2OM, WT72 2OM-1024, WT72 2OM-1034, WT72 2OM-1047, WT72 2OM-1246, WT72 2OM-1274, WT72 2OM-1275, WT72 2OM-1420, WT72 2OM-1672, WT72 6QI, WT72 6QI16H21FD, WT72 6QJ, WT72 6QJ-200US, WT72 6QJ-421FR, WT72 6QJ-882TW, WT72 6QJ vPro, WT72 6QK, WT72 6QK16H11, WT72 6QK VPRO, WT72 6QL, WT72 6QLE332H11, WT72 6QLE332H21ECC, WT72 6QM, WT72 6QME332SR42BW, WT72 6QN, WT72 6QN-218US, WT72 6QN-218US Pro Extreme, WT72 6QN-233TW, WT72 6QNE332SR45BWECC, WT72 vPro, WT72-2OL32SR311BW

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