Apple 85W 20V 4.25A Laptop Adapter for Apple MagSafe 2 Apple MacBook Pro A1424 MacBook Pro 15 MA938LL/A


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  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 18.5V
  • Output Current: 4.6A (85W)
  • Color: White
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  • Warranty: 12 Months.
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MacBook Pro 15 A1150 MacBookPro15 A1260 MacBookPro15 A1286 MacBookPro15 Aluminum MacBookPro15  MacBookPro15 Aluminum MacBookPro15 MA463 MacBookPro15 MA463CH/A MacBookPro15 MA463J/A MacBookPro15 MA463KH/A MacBookPro15 MA463LL MacBookPro15 MA463LL/A MacBookPro15 MA463ZH/A MacBookPro15 MA463ZH/HD100 MacBookPro15 MA464 MacBookPro15 MA464CH/A MacBookPro15 MA464J/A MacBookPro15 MA464KH/A MacBookPro15 MA464LL MacBookPro15 MA464LL/A MacBookPro15 MA464ZH/A MacBookPro15 MA464ZH/CTO MacBookPro15 MA600 MacBookPro15 MA600J/A MacBookPro15 MA600KH/A MacBookPro15 MA600LL/A MacBookPro15 MA600TA/A MacBookPro15 MA601 MacBookPro15 MA601J/A MacBookPro15 MA601LL MacBookPro15 MA601LL/A MacBookPro15 MA601TA/A MacBookPro15 MA601X/A MacBookPro15 MA609 MacBookPro15 MA609/A MacBookPro15 MA609D/A MacBookPro15 MA609/A MacBookPro15 MA609B/A MacBookPro15 MA609CH/A MacBookPro15 MA609D/A MacBookPro15 MA609J/A MacBookPro15 MA609KH/A MacBookPro15 MA609LL MacBookPro15 MB471/A MacBookPro15 MB471CH/A MacBookPro15 MB471J/A MacBookPro15 MB471LL/A MacBookPro15 MB471X/A MacBookPro15 MB985 MacBookPro15 MB985/A MacBookPro15 MB985CH/A MacBookPro15 MB985J/A MacBookPro15 MB985LL/A MacBookPro15 MB985TA/A MacBookPro15 MB985X/A MacBookPro15 MB985ZP/A MacBookPro15 MB986/A MacBookPro15 MB986CH/A MacBookPro15 MB986J/A MacBookPro15 MB986LL/A MacBookPro15 MB986TA/A MacBookPro15 MB986X/A MacBookPro15 MB986ZP/A MacBookPro15 MC118 MacBookPro15 MC118/A MacBookPro15 MC118CH/A MacBookPro15 MC118J/A MacBookPro15 MC118LL/A MacBookPro15 MC118TA/A MacBookPro15 MC118X/A MacBookPro15 MC118ZP/A MacBookPro15 MC371CH/A MacBookPro15 MC371J/A MacBookPro15 MC371TA/A MacBookPro15 MC371X/A MacBookPro15 MC372/A MacBookPro15 MC372CH/A MacBookPro15 MC372LL/A MacBookPro15 MC372TA/A MacBookPro15 MC372X/A MacBookPro15 MC372ZP/A MacBookPro15 MC373/A MacBookPro15 MC373J/A MacBookPro15 MC373LL/A MacBookPro15 MC373TA/A MacBookPro15 MA609X/A MacBookPro15 MA610 MacBookPro15 MA610D/A MacBookPro15 MA610/A MacBookPro15 MA610B/A MacBookPro15 MA610CH/A MacBookPro15 MA610D/A MacBookPro15 MA610J/A MacBookPro15 MA610KH/A MacBookPro15 MA610LL MacBookPro15 MA610X/A MacBookPro15 MA895/A MacBookPro15 MA895/A MacBookPro15 MA895CH/A MacBookPro15 MA895CH/A MacBookPro15 MA895KH/A MacBookPro15 MA895RS/A MacBookPro15 MA895X/A MacBookPro15 MA896CH/A MacBookPro15 MA896J/A MacBookPro15 MA896LL MacBookPro15 MA896RS/A MacBookPro15 MA896X/A MacBookPro15 MA896X/A MacBookPro15 MB133/A MacBookPro15 MB133/A MacBookPro15 MB133B/A MacBookPro15 MB133J/A MacBookPro15 MB133LL/A MacBookPro15 MB133X/A MacBookPro15 MB134/A MacBookPro15 MB134/A MacBookPro15 MB134B/A MacBookPro15 MB134J/A MacBookPro15 MB134LL/A MacBookPro15 MB134X/A MacBookPro15 MB470/A MacBookPro15 MB470CH/A MacBookPro15 MB470J/A MacBookPro15 MB470LL/A MacBookPro15 MB470X/A MacBookPro15 MB471/A MacBookPro15 MC373X/A MacBookPro15 MC373ZP/A MacBookPro15 Precision MacBookPro17 A1151 MacBookPro17 MA092 MacBookPro17 MA092J/A MacBookPro17 MA092KH/A MacBookPro17 MA092TA/A MacBookPro17 MA092X/A MacBookPro17 MA611 MacBookPro17 MA611/A MacBookPro17 MA611B/A MacBookPro17 MA611CH/A MacBookPro17 MA611D/A MacBookPro17 MA611J/A MacBookPro17 MA611KH/A MacBookPro17 MA611LL/A MacBookPro17 MA611X/A MacBookPro17 MA897/A MacBookPro17 MA897J/A MacBookPro17 MA897LL/A MacBookPro17 MA897X/A MacBookPro17 MB166/A MacBookPro17 MB166B/A MacBookPro17 MB166J/A MacBookPro17 MB166LL/A MacBookPro17 MB166X/A MacBookPro17 MC024/A MacBookPro17 MC024CH/A MacBookPro17 MC024J/A MacBookPro17 MC024LL/A MacBookPro17 MC024TA/A MacBookPro17 MC024X/A MacBookPro17 MC024ZP/A MacBookPro17 MC226/A MacBookPro17 MC226CH/A MacBookPro17 MC226J/A MacBookPro17 MC226LL/A MacBookPro17 MC226TA/A MacBookPro17 MC226ZP/A MacBookPro17 Precision MacBookPro15 MA895J/A