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Product Specifications:
  • Type: rechargeable Li-ion original battery
  • Battery rating: 11.46 or 11.55V
  • Battery capacity: 2100mAh (24Wh)
  • Battery cells: 3-cell
  • Battery color: BLACK
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.


01AV419, 01AV420, 01AV421, 01AV489, 3ICP6/38/64, SB10K97576, SB10K97577, SB10K97578

FIT MODELS :(Use CTRL+F to find your model)

ThinkPad T480 20L5S21200, ThinkPad T480 20L5S1A100, ThinkPad T480(20L50005GE), ThinkPad T480 20L6S92L00, ThinkPad T470 20HEA0T2AU, THINKPAD T480 20L6, TP T480 16G 1TB W10P-20L5S2X400, ThinkPad T470 20HD0001IX, ThinkPad T480 20L6SA5R0D, ThinkPad T470 20HES12V03, ThinkPad T480 20L6S0D600, T470-20HES18S03, ThinkPad T480 20L6S0GR02, TP T480 32G 1TB W10P-20L6S0HG2T, ThinkPad T470 20HD001DPG, ThinkPad T480 20L6SCTJ1J, ThinkPad T470 20HES2HR00, ThinkPad T480 20L6S17J0Y, TP T470 8G 256 W10P-20HES2JQ1A, ThinkPad T480 20L6S1EF1N, TP T480 8G 512 W10P-20L6S1EX00, ThinkPad T470 20HDS1CS00, ThinkPad T480 20L6SF8P00, ThinkPad T470 20HES6GH00, ThinkPad T480 20L6S20S0F, TP T470 16G 256 W10P-20HES7JE00, ThinkPad T480 20L6S4AF09, TP T480 8G 512 W10P-20L6S23100, ThinkPad T470 20HES1TJ04, ThinkPad T480 20L50000IX, ThinkPad T470 20JN0011AU, ThinkPad T480 20L6S2NW00, TP T470 16G 256 W10P 20JN0011AU, TP T470 8G 256 W10P-20HDS1KE00, ThinkPad T470 20HES7PE00, ThinkPad T480 20L50004UE, ThinkPad T470 20JNS0DM00, ThinkPad T480 20L6S4EG00, TP T470 8G 256 W10D 20JNS0DM00, T470-20HES0ES1F, ThinkPad T470 20JNS02S00, ThinkPad T480 20L5000PUE, ThinkPad T470 20JNS15C1Z, ThinkPad T480 20L6S4VK00, TP T470 8G 256 W10P-20JNS15C1Z, ThinkPad T470 20JNS1SL0P, ThinkPad T480 20L50012CA, ThinkPad T470 20JNS3K400, ThinkPad T470(20HD002TCD), ThinkPad T480 20L6S5FF0R, TP T470 8G 256 W10P-20JNS3K400, ThinkPad T470 20JNS47A00, ThinkPad T480 20L5004SMH, ThinkPad A485 20MUS04R00, ThinkPad T480(20L50021CD), ThinkPad T480 20L6S6F900, TP A485 16G 512 W10P-20MUS04R00, TP T480 8G 256 W10P-20L5004DAU, ThinkPad T480 20L5S0LY00, ThinkPad T480 20L5S02N00, ThinkPad T480(20L5A006CD), ThinkPad T480 20L6S7PE0L, ThinkPad T470 20HDS00A00, TP T480 16G 256 W10P-20L5S0KP00, TP T480 8G 256 W10P-20L5S1DR00, ThinkPad T480 20L5S2X400, ThinkPad T480(20L50004MZ), ThinkPad T480 20L6S9UJ0X, ThinkPad T470 20HES0K819, ThinkPad T480 20L6S00900, ThinkPad T480 20L6S01U00, TP T480 16G 256 W10P-20L6S04J1B, ThinkPad T470 20HD000EMB, ThinkPad T480 20L6SAU300, ThinkPad T470 20HES2132D, ThinkPad T480 20L6S0XS2C, TP T470 8G 512 W10P-20HES21407, ThinkPad T480 20L6S0VG03, TP T480 8G 256 W10P-20L6S10700, ThinkPad T470 20HD006EUE, ThinkPad T480 20L6SERA00, ThinkPad T470 20HES56400, ThinkPad T480 20L6S1RN00, TP T470 8G 128 W10P-20HES56600, ThinkPad T480 20L6S2A407, TP T480 16G 256 W10P-20L6S1W00D, ThinkPad T470 20HES0G70M, ThinkPad T480 20L6SGBF00, ThinkPad T470 20HES9MQ00, ThinkPad T480 20L6S29E06, TP T470 4G 500 W10D 20JM0001AU, ThinkPad T470 20HDCTO1WW Tx 20HDCTO1WW, ThinkPad T470 20HES5WJ00, ThinkPad T480 20L50002MD, ThinkPad T470 20JNS04H00, ThinkPad T480 20L6S3F50X, TP T470 16G 256 W10P 20JNS04H00, TP T470 8G 256 W10P-20HEA055AU, ThinkPad T470 20JN0005AU, ThinkPad T480 20L5000AML