Original Asus 19.5V 9.23A 180W Charger Adapter for Asus ROG FX705GD ADP-180MB F A17-180P1A GA502DU GX531GX G715GV 6.0mm*3.7mm


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Product Specifications : 

  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 19.5V
  • Output Current: 9.23A (180W)
  • Connector: 6.0mm*3.7mm
  • Color: black
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

Compatible Part Numbers : 

0A001-00080000, 0A001-00080300, 0A001-00260000, 0A001-00260100, 0A001-00260200, 0A001-00260400, 0A001-00260600, 0A001-00260800, 0A001-00261000, 0A001-00261200, 0A001-00261400, 0A001-00261800, 0A001-00262500, 04G266009900, 04G266009940, 90XB00EN-MPW000 N180W-02, 90XB00EN-MPW010 N180W-02, 90XB00EN-MPW020 N180W-02, 90XB00EN-MPW030 N180W-02, 90XB00EN-MPW040 N180W-02, 90XB00EN-MPW050 N180W-02, 90XB00EN-MPW060 N180W-02, A17-180P1A, ADP-180MB F, ADP-180UB B, FA180PM111, N180W-02, 0A001-00262300, 0A001-00262100, 0A001-00262400, 0A001-00694300, 0A001-00263600, 0A001-00262700

FIT MODELS : FOR ASUS(use "ctrl+F" to find your model quickly)

ProArt StudioBook, FA506IU, FA706IU, FX502VM, FX502VM-AH51, FX502VM-AS73, FX502VM-DM107T, FX502VM-DM114T, FX502VM-DM120T, FX502VM-DM255T, FX503VD, FX503VD-0042C7300HQ, FX503VD-0052C7700HQ, FX503VD-0072C7300HQ, FX503VD-DM002T, FX503VD-DM010T, FX503VD-DM044T, FX503VD-DM078T, FX503VD-DM079T, FX503VD-DM080T, FX503VD-DM081T, FX503VD-DM085T, FX503VD-DM096T, FX503VD-DM100T, FX503VD-DM103T, FX503VD-DM104, FX503VD-DM106T, FX503VD-DM108T, FX503VD-DM110T, FX503VD-DM111T, FX503VD-DM112T, FX503VD-E4022, FX503VD-E4023, FX503VD-E4035T, FX503VD-E4045, FX503VD-E4047T, FX503VD-E4082, FX503VD-E4082T, FX503VD-E4090T, FX503VD-E4099T, FX503VD-E4139T, FX503VD-E4151T, FX503VD-E4185, FX503VD-E4235T, FX503VD-E4261T, FX503VD-E4310T, FX503VD-EH73, FX503VD-NH76, FX503VD-Q72S, FX503VD-Q72S-CB, FX503VD-WH51, FX503VM, FX503VM-DM020, FX503VM-DM020T, FX503VM-DM021T, FX503VM-DM032T, FX503VM-DM033T, FX503VM-DM041T, FX503VM-DM042T, FX503VM-DM044T, FX503VM-DM054, FX503VM-DM064, FX503VM-DM081T, FX503VM-DM093T, FX503VM-E184T, FX503VM-E4029T, FX503VM-E4048T, FX503VM-E4050T, FX503VM-E4070T, FX503VM-E4178T, FX503VM-E4194T, FX503VM-E4200T, FX503VM-E4227T, FX503VM-ED191T, FX503VM-EH73, FX503VM-EN184T, FX503VM-NS52, G46, G46VW, G46VW-BHI5N43, G46VW-W3038H, G46VW-W3048P, G46VW-W3050H, G46VW-W3052H, G55V, G55VW, G75V, G75VM-91137V, G75VW, G75VW-9Z218V, G75VW-91026V, G75VW-91026Z, G75VW-91121Z, G75VW-AS71, G75VW-AS72, G75VW-BHI7N07, G75VW-CV012H, G75VW-DH71, G75VW-DH72, G75VW-DS73, G75VW-QS71, G75VW-RS71, G75VW-RS72, G75VW-RS72-CA, G75VW-T1013V, G75VW-T1019V, G75VW-T1031V, G75VW-T1040V, G75VW-T1042V, G75VW-T1107V, G75VW-T1115V, G75VW-T1124V, G75VW-T1125V, G75VW-T1142H, G75VW-T1143H, G75VW-T1351H, G75VW-T1369H, G75VW-T1380H, G75VW-T1466H, G75VW-T2018V, G75VW-T2158V, G75VW-T2375H, G75VW-T2445H, G75VW-T4014H, G75VW-T4020H, G75VX, G75VX-1A, G75VX-BHI7N09, G75VX-BHI7N11, G75VX-CV006H, G75VX-CV012H, G75VX-CV040H, G75VX-CV042H, G75VX-CV052H, G75VX-CV055H, G75VX-CV056H, G75VX-CV058P, G75VX-CV071H, G75VX-CV076H, G75VX-CV119H, G75VX-CV195P, G75VX-DH72, G75VX-DH72-CA, G75VX-DS72, G75VX-DS73, G75VX-DS73-3D, G75VX-QH72, G75VX-QH72-CB, G75VX-RH71, G75VX-RH71-CA, G75VX-T4014H, G75VX-T4020H, G75VX-T4023H, G75VX-T4025H, G75VX-T4033H, G75VX-T4043H, G75VX-T4046H, G75VX-T4048H, G75VX-T4050H, G75VX-T4077H, G75VX-T4106H, G75VX-T4121H, G75VX-T4123P, G75VX-T4153H, G75VX-T4206H, G75VX-T4207H, G75VX-T4216H, G750JM, G750JM-1A, G750JM-BSI7N23, G750JM-BSI7N24, G750JM-DS71, G750JM-T4008H, G750JM-T4012H, G750JM-T4014H, G750JM-T4016H, G750JM-T4018P, G750JM-T4031H, G750JM-T4037H, G750JM-T4038H, G750JM-T4039H, G750JM-T4049H, G750JM-T4050H, G750JM-T4051H, G750JM-T4056H, G750JM-T4057H, G750JM-T4061H, G750JM-T4069H, G750JM-T4081H, G750JM-T4087H, G750JM-T4099H, G750JM-T4109H, G750JM-T4110H, G750JM-T4111H, G750JM-T4112H, G750JM-T4119H, G750JM-T4121H, G750JM-T4131H, G750JM-T4144H, G750JM-T4153H, G750JS, G750JS-DB72, G750JS-DS71, G750JS-RS71, G750JS-T4001H, G750JS-T4003H, G750JS-T4008H, G750JS-T4019H, G750JS-T4022H, G750JS-T4023H, G750JS-T4028H, G750JS-T4031H, G750JS-T4046H, G750JS-T4054H, G750JS-T4056H, G750JS-T4064H, G750JS-T4065H, G750JS-T4067H, G750JS-T4068H, G750JS-T4069H, G750JS-T4072H, G750JS-T4077H, G750JS-T4078H, G750JS-T4093H, G750JS-T4094H, G750JS-T4102H, G750JS-T4106H, G750JS-T4122H, G750JS-T4129H, G750JS-T4133H, G750JS-T4147H, G750JS-T4151H, G750JS-T4154H, G750JS-T4155H, G750JS-T4163H, G750JS-T4168H, G750JS-T4179H, G750JS-T4193H, G750JS-T4228, G750JS-T4231H, G750JS-TS71, G750JW, G750JW-1A, G750JW-BBI7N05, G750JW-DB71, G750JW-DB71-CA, G750JW-NH71, G750JW-QS71-CB, G750JW-RB71-CB, G750JW-T4011D, G750JW-T4013H, G750JW-T4016H, G750JW-T4019H, G750JW-T4022H, G750JW-T4030H, G750JW-T4031, G750JW-T4031H, G750JW-T4038D, G750JW-T4041H, G750JW-T4042H, G750JW-T4044H, G750JW-T4053H, G750JW-T4055H, G750JW-T4057H, G750JW-T4066H, G750JW-T4071H, G750JW-T4075H, G750JW-T4087H, G750JW-T4091H, G750JW-T4096H, G750JW-T4099H, G750JW-T5035H, G750JW-T5043H, G750JX, G750JX-1A, G750JX-CV030H, G750JX-CV038H, G750JX-CV040H, G750JX-CV050H, G750JX-CV069P, G750JX-CV151H, G750JX-CV200H, G750JX-DB71, G750JX-DH71-CA, G750JX-DS77, G750JX-DS77-CA, G750JX-IB71, G750JX-QS71-CB, G750JX-RB71, G750JX-T4032H, G750JX-T4035H, G750JX-T4041H, G750JX-T4045H, G750JX-T4052H, G750JX-T4057H, G750JX-T4059H, G750JX-T4061H, G750JX-T4064H, G750JX-T4070H, G750JX-T4073, G750JX-T4073H, G750JX-T4084H, G750JX-T4099H, G750JX-T4108H, G750JX-T4119H, G750JX-T4133H, G750JX-T4134H, G750JX-T4136H, G750JX-T4137H, G750JX-T4144H, G750JX-T4145H, G750JX-T4150H, G750JX-T4166H, G750JX-T4167H, G750JX-T4179H, G750JX-T4191H, G750JX-T4195H, G750JX-T4199H, G750JX-T4201H, G750JX-T4202H, G750JX-T4204H, G750JX-T4211H, G750JX-T4215H, G750JX-T4230H, G750JX-T4246H, G750JX-T4279H, G751JL, G751JL-1A, G751JL-2A, G751JL-T7003H, G751JL-T7008H, G751JL-T7010H, G751JM, G751JM-1A, G751JM-2A, G751JM-BHI7N27, G751JM-DH71-CA, G751JM-SH71-CB, G751JM-T7031H, G751JM-T7041H, G751JT, G751JT-1A, G751JT-CH71, G751JT-DH72, G751JT-T7005H, G751JT-T7011H, G751JT-T7019H, G751JT-T7032H, G751JT-T7032M, G751JT-T7038H, G751JT-T7039H, G751JT-T7066H, G751JT-T7093H, G751JT-T7094H, G751JT-T7096H, G751JT-T7144D, G751JT-T7144H, G751JT-T7145H, G751JT-T7179T, G751JY, G751JY-1A, G751JY-DH71, G751JY-DH72X, G751JY-T7009H, G751JY-T7016H, G751JY-T7060H, G751JY-T7061H, G751JY-T7158H, G751JY-T7159H, G751JY-T7177H, G751JY-T7271H, G751JY-T7328T, G751JY-T7330T, G751JY-T7336T, G751JY-T7378H, G752VL, G752VL-1A, G752VL-2A, G752VL-BHI7N32, G752VL-DH71, G752VL-GC057T, G752VL-GC058T, G752VL-GC059T, G752VL-GC060T, G752VL-GC085T, G752VM, G752VM-GC034D, G752VM-GC058T, G752VT, G752VT-1A, G752VT-DH72, G752VT-DH74, G752VT-GC030T, G752VT-GC031T, G752VT-GC032T, G752VT-GC037T, G752VT-GC046D, G752VT-GC053T, G752VT-GC062T, G752VT-GC075T, G752VT-GC104T, G752VT-RH71, G752VY, G752VY-1A, G752VY-GC082T, G752VY-GC083T, G752VY-GC086T, G752VY-GC087T, G752VY-GC088T, G752VY-GC144D, G752VY-GC261T, G752VY-GC263T, G752VY-GC264T, GL502, GL502V, GL502VM, GL502VS, GL502VS-1A, GL502VS-1E, GL502VS-BA328T, GL502VS-DB71, GL502VS-DB74, GL502VS-DS71, GL502VS-FI046T, GL502VS-FI144T, GL502VS-FI399T, GL502VS-FY006D, GL502VS-FY007T, GL502VS-FY028T, GL502VS-FY030T, GL502VS-FY032T, GL502VS-FY039T, GL502VS-FY042T, GL502VS-FY043T, GL502VS-FY045T, GL502VS-FY057T, GL502VS-FY058T, GL502VS-FY081T, GL502VS-FY093T, GL502VS-FY099T, GL502VS-FY110T, GL502VS-FY111T, GL502VS-FY169T, GL502VS-FY247T, GL502VS-FY255T, GL502VS-FY256T, GL502VS-FY271T, GL502VS-FY272, GL502VS-FY280T, GL502VS-FY281T, GL502VS-FY299, GL502VS-FY306T, GL502VS-FY313T, GL502VS-FY323T, GL502VS-FY324T, GL502VS-FY332T, GL502VS-FY333T, GL502VS-FY352T, GL502VS-FY353, GL502VS-FY353T, GL502VS-FY370T, GL502VS-FY385T, GL502VS-FY403T, GL502VS-GZ118T, GL502VS-GZ120T, GL502VS-GZ128T, GL502VS-GZ132T, GL502VS-GZ137T, GL502VS-GZ140T, GL502VS-GZ147T, GL502VS-GZ164T, GL502VS-GZ217T, GL502VS-GZ221T, GL502VS-GZ222, GL502VS-GZ222T, GL502VS-GZ223T, GL502VS-GZ224T, GL502VS-GZ226T, GL502VS-GZ227T, GL502VS-GZ228T, GL502VS-GZ233T, GL502VS-GZ234T, GL502VS-GZ239T, GL502VS-GZ257T, GL502VS-GZ287, GL502VS-GZ289T, GL502VS-GZ302T, GL502VS-GZ303T, GL502VS-GZ363T, GL502VS-GZ381, GL502VS-GZ384, GL502VS-GZ392T, GL502VS-GZ415T, GL502VS-GZ422T, GL502VS-GZ427T, GL502VS-GZ428T, GL502VS-GZ440, GL502VS-Q72S-CB, GL502VS-UH71, GL502VS-WS71, GL502VT, GL502VT-1A, GL502VY, GL503VM-FY100T, GL503VM-GZ211T, GL504GM, GL504GV, GL702VM, GL702VM-1A, GL702VM-DB71, GL702VM-DB74, GL702VM-GB031T, GL702VM-GB032T, GL702VM-GC010T, GL702VM-GC035T, GL702VM-GC102D, GL702VT, GL702VT-1A, GL703GM, GL703GM-EE093T, GL703GM-EE232T, GL703GM-NS73, GL703GM-WS71, GL703VM, GL703VM-1A, GL703VM-1B, GL704GM, GM501GM, GX531GM, GX700VO-1A, GX701GV, ROG FX502VM, ROG FX502VM-DM092T, ROG FX502VM-DM105T, ROG FX502VM-DM112T, ROG FX502VM-DM113T, ROG FX502VM-DM115T, ROG FX502VM-DM119T, ROG FX502VM-DM125T, ROG FX502VM-DM128T, ROG FX502VM-DM255T, ROG FX502VM-DM261T, ROG FX502VM-DM266T, ROG FX502VM-DM277T, ROG FX502VM-DM298T, ROG FX502VM-DM310T, ROG FX502VM-DM311T, ROG FX502VM-DM334T, ROG FX502VM-DM347T, ROG FX502VM-DM425T, ROG FX502VM-DM435T, ROG FX502VM-DM444T, ROG FX502VM-DM549T, ROG FX502VM-DM560T, ROG FX502VM-DM572T, ROG FX502VM-DM613T, ROG FX502VM-FY249T, ROG FX502VM-FY250T, ROG FX502VM-FY256T, ROG FX502VM-FY291, ROG FX502VM-FY353T, ROG G750JW-DB71, ROG G750JW-RS72-CB, ROG G750JX-DB71, ROG G750JX-RB71, ROG G750JX-TB71, ROG G751JL, ROG G751JL-BB17T29, ROG G751JL-BSI7T28, ROG G751JL-DS71, ROG G751JL-T3024P, ROG G751JL-T7003H, ROG G751JL-T7008H, ROG G751JL-T7009H, ROG G751JL-T7010H, ROG G751JL-T7011H, ROG G751JL-T7027H, ROG G751JL-T7028H, ROG G751JL-T7032H, ROG G751JL-T7051H, ROG G751JL-T7060H, ROG G751JL-WH71, ROG G751JM, ROG G751JM-BHI7N27, ROG G751JM-BHI7T25, ROG G751JM-DH71-CA, ROG G751JM-RH71, ROG G751JM-SH71-CB, ROG G751JM-T7023H, ROG G751JM-T7031H, ROG G751JM-T7032H, ROG G751JM-T7041H, ROG G751JM-T7048H, ROG G751JM-T7054H, ROG G751JM-T7061H, ROG G751JM-T7066P, ROG G751JT-CH71, ROG G751JT-DB73, ROG G751JT-DH72-CA, ROG G751JT-QH72-CB, ROG G751JT-T7004H, ROG G751JT-T7005H, ROG G751JT-T7009H, ROG G751JT-T7010H, ROG G751JT-T7011H, ROG G751JT-T7012H, ROG G751JT-T7016H, ROG G751JT-T7019H, ROG G751JT-T7029H, ROG G751JT-T7031H, ROG G751JT-T7032H, ROG G751JT-T7032M, ROG G751JT-T7033H, ROG G751JT-T7036H, ROG G751JT-T7038H, ROG G751JT-T7070H, ROG G751JT-T7088H, ROG G751JT-T7093H, ROG G751JT-T7094H, ROG G751JT-T7095H, ROG G751JT-T7096H, ROG G751JT-T7133, ROG G751JT-T7144D, ROG G751JT-T7144H, ROG G751JT-T7145H, ROG G751JT-T7171H, ROG G751JT-T7179T, ROG G751JT-T7181T, ROG G751JT-T7189T, ROG G751JT-T7201H, ROG G751JT-T7213H, ROG G751JT-T7218T, ROG G751JT-T7250H, ROG G751JT-T7250T, ROG G751JT-T7254D, ROG G751JT-T7263T, ROG G751JT-WH71, ROG G751JY, ROG G751JY-DB72, ROG G751JY-DB73X, ROG G751JY-DH71, ROG G751JY-DH72X, ROG G751JY-DH73, ROG G751JY-DH73-CA, ROG G751JY-QH72-CB, ROG G751JY-T7002H, ROG G751JY-T7004H, ROG G751JY-T7009H, ROG G751JY-T7012H, ROG G751JY-T7016H, ROG G751JY-T7025H, ROG G751JY-T7036H, ROG G751JY-T7042H, ROG G751JY-T7051H, ROG G751JY-T7052H, ROG G751JY-T7054H, ROG G751JY-T7056H, ROG G751JY-T7059H, ROG G751JY-T7060H, ROG G751JY-T7061H, ROG G751JY-T7064D, ROG G751JY-T7065D, ROG G751JY-T7066H, ROG G751JY-T7067H, ROG G751JY-T7073H, ROG G751JY-T7084D, ROG G751JY-T7094H, ROG G751JY-T7103H, ROG G751JY-T7105H, ROG G751JY-T7117H, ROG G751JY-T7146H, ROG G751JY-T7158H, ROG G751JY-T7159H, ROG G751JY-T7160H, ROG G751JY-T7162, ROG G751JY-T7163H, ROG G751JY-T7177H, ROG G751JY-T7179H, ROG G751JY-T7181D, ROG G751JY-T7181H, ROG G751JY-T7186H, ROG G751JY-T7188H, ROG G751JY-T7229H, ROG G751JY-T7234H, ROG G751JY-T7248H, ROG G751JY-T7257H, ROG G751JY-T7271H, ROG G751JY-T7303H, ROG G751JY-T7321H, ROG G751JY-T7328T, ROG G751JY-T7330H, ROG G751JY-T7330T, ROG G751JY-T7335H, ROG G751JY-T7336T, ROG G751JY-T7338T, ROG G751JY-T7361T, ROG G751JY-T7364T, ROG G751JY-T7370T, ROG G751JY-T7372H, ROG G751JY-T7378H, ROG G751JY-T7392T, ROG G751JY-T7419T, ROG G751JY-VS71, ROG G751JY-WH71, ROG G752VL-GC046T, ROG G752VL-GC097T, ROG G752VL-T7019T, ROG G752VL-T7032T, ROG G752VM-GC005T, ROG G752VM-GC006T, ROG G752VM-GC008T, ROG G752VM-GC012T, ROG G752VM-GC017T, ROG G752VM-GC020T, ROG G752VM-GC024T, ROG G752VM-GC033T, ROG G752VM-GC034D, ROG G752VM-GC058T, ROG G752VM-RB71, ROG G752VT, ROG G752VT-1A, ROG G752VT-DH72, ROG G752VT-DH74, ROG G752VT-GB041T, ROG G752VT-GC030T, ROG G752VT-GC031T, ROG G752VT-GC032T, ROG G752VT-GC037T, ROG G752VT-GC040T, ROG G752VT-GC046D, ROG G752VT-GC048T, ROG G752VT-GC053T, ROG G752VT-GC060T, ROG G752VT-GC062T, ROG G752VT-GC063T, ROG G752VT-GC073T, ROG G752VT-GC075T, ROG G752VT-GC090T, ROG G752VT-GC104T, ROG G752VT-RH71, ROG G752VT-T7005T, ROG G752VT-T7008T, ROG G752VT-T7022T, ROG G752VT-TH71, ROG G752VY, ROG G752VY-GC118T, ROG G752VY-GC131T, ROG G752VY-GC174T, ROG G752VY-T7049T, ROG GL502VT-BSI7N27, ROG GL502VT-DS71, ROG GL502VT-DS74, ROG GL502VT-FY010T, ROG GL502VT-FY017T, ROG GL502VT-FY129T, ROG GX700VO, ROG Strix GL502VM-DB71, ROG Strix GL502VM-DB74, ROG Strix GL502VM-FY022T, ROG Strix GL502VM-FY035T, ROG Strix GL502VM-FY039T, ROG Strix GL502VS, ROG STRIX GL502VS-1A, ROG STRIX GL502VS-1E, ROG Strix GL502VS-DB71, ROG STRIX GL502VS-DS71, ROG Strix GL502VS-FI046T, ROG Strix GL502VS-FY030D, ROG Strix GL502VS-FY032T, ROG Strix GL502VS-FY039T, ROG Strix GL502VS-FY042T, ROG Strix GL502VS-FY043T, ROG Strix GL502VS-FY045T, ROG Strix GL502VS-FY057T, ROG Strix GL502VS-FY058T, ROG Strix GL502VS-FY088T, ROG Strix GL502VS-FY385T, ROG Strix GL502VS-GZ132T, ROG Strix GL502VS-GZ140T, ROG Strix GL502VS-GZ221T, ROG Strix GL502VS-GZ222T, ROG Strix GL502VS-GZ223T, ROG Strix GL502VS-GZ224T, ROG Strix GL502VS-GZ287, ROG Strix GL502VS-US71, ROG Strix GL502VS-WS71, ROG STRIX GL502VSK, ROG Strix GL502VT, ROG Strix GL502VT-bsi7n27, ROG Strix GL502VT-ds71, ROG Strix GL502VT-ds74, ROG Strix GL502VT-FI047T, ROG Strix GL502VT-FW128T, ROG Strix GL502VT-fy002T, ROG Strix GL502VT-fy010T, ROG Strix GL502VT-FY012T, ROG Strix GL502VT-fy017T, ROG Strix GL502VT-fy026T, ROG Strix GL502VT-fy028T, ROG Strix GL502VT-FY032T, ROG Strix GL502VT-fy034T, ROG Strix GL502VT-fy035T, ROG Strix GL502VT-fy044T, ROG Strix GL502VT-FY058D, ROG Strix GL502VT-fy072T, ROG Strix GL502VT-fy086T, ROG Strix GL502VT-FY098, ROG Strix GL502VT-FY098D, ROG Strix GL502VT-fy124T, ROG Strix GL502VT-fy129T, ROG Strix GL502VT-fy145T, ROG Strix GL502VT-fy146T, ROG Strix GL502VT-fy148T, ROG Strix GL503VM, ROG Strix GL503VM-BI7N13, ROG Strix GL503VM-DB74, ROG Strix GL503VM-ED032T, ROG Strix GL503VM-ED090T, ROG Strix GL503VM-ED091T, ROG Strix GL503VM-ED092T, ROG Strix GL503VM-ED110T, ROG Strix GL503VM-FY005T, ROG Strix GL503VM-FY014T, ROG Strix GL503VM-FY022T, ROG Strix GL503VM-FY113T, ROG Strix GL503VM-FY140T, ROG Strix GL503VM-FY146T, ROG Strix GL503VM-FY166T, ROG Strix GL503VM-GZ081, ROG Strix GL503VM-GZ084T, ROG Strix GL503VM-GZ128T, ROG Strix GL503VM-GZ260T, ROG Strix GL504GM-DS74, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES029T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES040T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES044T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES049T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES052T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES070T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES152T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES155T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES157T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES164, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES171T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES172T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES173T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES175T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES177T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES191T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES192T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES204T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES244T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES268T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES311T, ROG Strix GL504GM-XS74, ROG Strix GL702VM, ROG Strix GL702VM-BA131T, ROG Strix GL702VM-BA135T, ROG Strix GL702VM-BA195T, ROG Strix GL702VM-DB71, ROG Strix GL702VM-DS74, ROG Strix GL702VM-GC003T, ROG Strix GL702VM-GC004T, ROG Strix GL702VM-GC073D, ROG Strix GL702VM-GC102D, ROG Strix GL702VM-GC137T, ROG Strix GL702VM-GC142T, ROG Strix GL702VM-GC143T, ROG STRIX GL702VM-GC182T, ROG Strix GL702VM-GC225T, ROG Strix GL702VT, ROG Strix GL703GM-DS74, ROG Strix GL703GM-E5011T, ROG Strix GL703GM-E5016, ROG Strix GL703GM-E5016T, ROG Strix GL703GM-E5037T, ROG Strix GL703GM-E5054T, ROG Strix GL703GM-E5055T, ROG Strix GL703GM-EE014T, ROG Strix GL703GM-EE044T, ROG Strix GL703GM-EE063T, ROG Strix GL703GM-NS73, ROG STRIX GL703VM-BA015T, ROG Strix GL703VM-BA106T, ROG Strix GL703VM-BA107T, ROG STRIX GL703VM-BA114T, ROG STRIX GL703VM-BA182T, ROG STRIX GL703VM-BA195T, ROG STRIX GL703VM-BA226T, ROG STRIX GL703VM-BA258T, ROG STRIX GL703VM-BA291T, ROG STRIX GL703VM-BA294T, ROG Strix GL703VM-DB74, ROG STRIX GL703VM-EE043T, ROG STRIX GL703VM-EE049T, ROG STRIX GL703VM-EE059T, ROG STRIX GL703VM-EE068T, ROG STRIX GL703VM-EE085T, ROG Strix GL703VM-EE091T, ROG STRIX GL703VM-EE092T, ROG STRIX GL703VM-EE095T, ROG STRIX GL703VM-EE115T, ROG Strix GL703VM-EE128T, ROG STRIX GL703VM-EE129T, ROG Strix GL703VM-EE153T, ROG Strix GL703VM-EE161T, ROG STRIX GL703VM-EE165T, ROG STRIX GL703VM-EE174T, ROG STRIX GL703VM-EE235T, ROG STRIX GL703VM-EE251T, ROG Strix GL703VM-GC002T, ROG Strix GL703VM-GC031T, ROG Strix GL703VM-GC038T, ROG Strix GL703VM-GC111T, ROG Strix GL703VM-NH74, ROG STRIX GL703VM-UH74, ROG STRIX GL703VM-WB71, ROG Zephyrus GU501GM-BI7N8, ROG Zephyrus S GX531GM, ROG Zephyrus S GX531GM-BH71, ROG Zephyrus S GX531GM-DH74, ROG Zephyrus S GX531GM-ES004R, ROG Zephyrus S GX531GM-ES004T, ROG Zephyrus S GX531GM-ES005R, ROG Zephyrus S GX531GM-ES005T, ROG Zephyrus S GX531GM-ES009R, ROG Zephyrus S GX531GM-ES013T, ROG Zephyrus S GX531GM-ES015T, ROG Zephyrus S GX531GM-ES017T, ROG Zephyrus S GX531GM-ES021T, ROG Zephyrus S GX531GM-ES023T, ROG Zephyrus S GX531GM-ES028T, ROG Zephyrus S GX531GM-ES036T, ROG Zephyrus S GX531GM-ES037T, ROG Zephyrus S GX531GM-ES044T, ROG Zephyrus S GX531GM-I7614T, ROG Zephyrus S GX531GW-ES006T, ROG Zephyrus S GX531GW-ES009T, ROG Zephyrus S GX531GW-ES010T, ROG Zephyrus S GX531GX-ES005T, ROG Zephyrus S GX531GX-ES015T, ROG Zephyrus S GX531GX-XB76, ROG Zephyrus S GX531GX-XS76, ROG Zephyrus S GX531GXR-AZ044R, ROG Zephyrus S GX531GXR-ES016T, TUF565GE, TUF565GE-AL355T, TUF565GE-BQ136T, TUF565GE-BQ137T, TUF565GE-BQ165T, TUF565GE-BQ359T, TUF565GE-ES179T, TUF565GE-ES300T, TUF565GM, TUF565GM-AL305T, TUF565GM-AL310T, TUF565GM-AL317T, TUF565GM-ES010T, TUF565GM-ES089T, TUF765GE, TUF765GE-EV085, TUF765GE-EV088T, TUF765GE-EV121T, TUF765GE-EV158T, TUF765GE-EV242T, TUF765GE-EW003T, TUF765GE-EW029, TUF765GE-EW128T, TUF765GM, TUF765GM-EV013T, TUF765GM-EV039T, TUF765GM-EV115T, TUF765GM-EV116T, TUF765GM-EV148T, TUF765GM-EV149T, TUF765GM-EV189T, TUF765GM-EW005T, TUF765GM-EW018T, TUF765GM-EW023T, TUF765GM-EW027T, TUF765GM-EW032T, TUF765GM-EW073T, TUF765GM-EW127T, TUF FX502VM, TUF FX503VM, TUF FX705DU-AU019T, TUF FX705DU-AU023T, TUF FX705DU-AU024T, TUF FX705DU-AU025T, TUF FX705DU-AU029T, TUF FX705DU-AU035T, TUF FX705DU-AU041T, TUF FX705DU-AU053T, TUF FX705DU-H7090, VC66D, VC66R, VivoMini VC66D-B5015M, VivoMini VC66R-B002Z, W700G2T, W730G1T, W730G2T