New Original 19V 4.74a 90W Samsung NP780Z5E NP780Z5E-S01UB, NP700Z7C-S03US NP700Z4A Laptop Charger


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Product Specifications : 

  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 19V
  • Output Current: 4.74A (90W)
  • Connector: 5.5mm*3.0mm, with pin inside
  • Color: Black
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

Compatible Partnumbers : 

AA-PA1N90W, AD-6019R, AD-8019, AD-9019, AD-9019A, AD-9019E, AD-9019M, AD-9019N, AD-9019S, AD-9019SL, ADP-60ZH, ADP-60ZH A, ADP-60ZH D, AP11AD002, AP13AD05, API1AD02, API1AD43, API3AD05, BA44-00147A, BA44-00215A, CPA09-004A, NBP001324-00, NBP001518-00, NP700Z3A, NP700Z3A-B01SE, NP700Z3A-S01DE, NP700Z3A-S01HU, NP700Z3A-S01IT, NP700Z3A-S01MY, NP700Z3A-S01PL, NP700Z3A-S01RU, NP700Z3A-S01TH, NP700Z3A-S01US, NP700Z3A-S02AU, NP700Z3A-S02CH, NP700Z3A-S02DE, NP700Z3A-S02FR, NP700Z3A-S02HK, NP700Z3A-S02IT, NP700Z3A-S02MY, NP700Z3A-S02RU, NP700Z3A-S02SE, NP700Z3A-S02SG, NP700Z3A-S02TW, NP700Z3A-S03AU, NP700Z3A-S03DE, NP700Z3A-S03SE, NP700Z3A-S03US, NP700Z3A-S05US, NP700Z3B, NP700Z3C, NP700Z3C-B01SE, NP700Z3C-S01CH, NP700Z3C-S01CO, NP700Z3C-S01DE, NP700Z3C-S01EE, NP700Z3C-S01ES, NP700Z3C-S01HK, NP700Z3C-S01HU, NP700Z3C-S01IT, NP700Z3C-S01MY, NP700Z3C-S01NL, NP700Z3C-S01PT, NP700Z3C-S01SE, NP700Z3C-S01TH, NP700Z3C-S01TW, NP700Z3C-S01UK, NP700Z3C-S02CO, NP700Z3C-S02DE, NP700Z3C-S02EE, NP700Z3C-S02HK, NP700Z3C-S02HU, NP700Z3C-S02IT, NP700Z3C-S02PT, NP700Z3C-S02SE, NP700Z3C-S02TH, NP700Z3C-S02UK, NP700Z3C-S02US, NP700Z3C-S03CH, NP700Z3C-S03DE, NP700Z3C-S03ES, NP700Z3C-S03IT, NP700Z3C-S03SE, NP700Z3C-S05DE, NP700Z3C-S06DE, NP700Z4A, NP700Z4A-S01CL, NP700Z4A-S01CN, NP700Z4A-S01CO, NP700Z4A-S01MX, NP700Z4A-S01VE, NP700Z4A-S02CN, NP700Z4A-S02MX, NP700Z4A-S02PH, NP700Z4A-S02TH, NP700Z4A-S02TW, NP700Z4A-S03PH, NP700Z4A-SD1BR, NP700Z4B, NP700Z4C, NP700Z5A, NP700Z5A-AB1DE, NP700Z5A-S01, NP700Z5A-S01AT, NP700Z5A-S01DE, NP700Z5A-S02, NP700Z5A-S02DE, NP700Z5A-S03, NP700Z5A-S03AT, NP700Z5A-S03DE, NP700Z5A-S04DE, NP700Z5A-S06, NP700Z5A-S06DE, NP700Z5A-S06US, NP700Z5A-S07, NP700Z5A-S07DE, NP700Z5AH-S01, NP700Z5AH-S04, NP700Z5B, NP700Z5C-S01AT, NP700Z5C-S01DE, NP700Z5C-S02AT, NP700Z5C-S02DE, NP700Z5C-S02PT, np700z5c-s02ub, NP700Z5C-S03DE, NP700Z5C-S04DE, NP700Z5C-S05DE, NP700Z5C-S06DE, NP700Z5C-S07DE, NP700Z7C, NP700Z7C-S01BE, NP700Z7C-S01DE, NP700Z7C-S01IT, NP700Z7C-S02AT, NP700Z7C-S02DE, NP700Z7C-S02NL, NP700Z7C-S03DE, NP700Z7C-S04DE, PA-1600-66, PA-1900-08, PA-1900-08S, SADP-90FH B, SADP-90FH D, SAM-SPA-X10, SPA-690E/E, SPA-690E/UK, SPA-830E/EUR, SPA-830E/UK, SPA-A10E/E, SPA-A10E/UK, SPA-P30, SPA-P30E, SPA-P30E/E, SPA-P30E/UK, SPA-T10/UK, SPA-T10E/EUR, SPA-V20, SPA-V20E/E, SPA-V20E/UK, SPA-X10, SPA-X10/E, SPA-X10/UK

Compatible Model Numbers : 

300E3A, 300E7A-A03UK, 300E7A-S01CZ, 300E7Z, 305V4A, 305V7A, 8000GS, 8000SN, 8000VN, A10, C, E252, E271-JS01DE, E272, E3415-S01, GT6000 Series, GT6330, GT6400, GT7000 Series, GT7700 Series, GT8000 Series, GT8100 Series, GT8600, GT8650XT, GT8700XT, M40, M40 plus, M40 Plus HWM 745, M40 Plus Series, M40 Plus WVM 1600, M40 Plus WVM 2000, M50 Series, M50 XEH 740, M50 XEP 770, M50-000, M50-1730, M50-1730 Cadee, M50-1860, M50-1860 Callum, M50-2130, M50-2130 Baako, M50-T000, M55 Series, M55 WEC 7200, M55 XEP 2500, M55-Pro T2500 Breetoo, M55-Pro T7200 Booker, M55-T000, M55-T001, M55-T003, M70 Pro 2130 Bemus, M70 Pro Series, M70 Series, M70-1860 Cailan, M70-1860 Cree, M70-T001, NB-RF510, NF310-A01, NP-300V4AI, NP-E172-AS01DE, NP-E172-AS06DE, NP-E172-FS04DE, NP-E172RBM/DE, NP-E271, NP-E271-JS03DE, NP-E272-AS01DE/SEG, NP-E272-FS03DE/SEG, NP-E372, NP-E3415, NP-M50, NP-M50T002/SAU, NP-M55, NP-M55T000, NP-M55T000/SAU, NP-M55T000/SHK, NP-M55T001, NP-M70, NP-M730-JB01DE, NP-NF110, NP-NF110-A01AT, NP-NF110-A01CH, NP-NF110-A01CZ, NP-NF110-A01DX, NP-NF110-A01TR, NP-NF110-A01UK, NP-NF110-A02FR, NP-NF110-A02TR, NP-P50, NP-P60, NP-P230, NP-P230-JS02, NP-P330, NP-P430-JB01US, NP-P430-JS06CN, NP-P430E, NP-P480, NP-P480-JA01CH, NP-P480-JS01UK, NP-P480-JS02UK, NP-P480EBM/UK, NP-P500, NP-P500-FA01UK, NP-P500-FA02UK, NP-P500-FA03UK, NP-P500-FA04UK, NP-P500-FA07UK, NP-P500-RA01UK, NP-P500-RA02UK, NP-P510, NP-P510-AA01UK, NP-P510-AA02UK, NP-P510-AA03UK, NP-P510-FA01UK, NP-P510-FA02UK, NP-P510-FA03UK, NP-P510-FA04UK, NP-P510-FA05UK, NP-P510-FA06UK, NP-P510-PA01UK, NP-P510-XA01UK, NP-P510BM/UK, NP-P530-JA01UK, NP-P530-JA02UK, NP-P530-JA02US, NP-P530-JA03UK, NP-P530-JA04UK, NP-P530-JA05UK, NP-P530-JA06IT, NP-P530-JA06UK, NP-P530-JS01DE/KIT, NP-P530E, NP-P530I, NP-P560-AA01UK, NP-P560-AA03US, NP-P560-AA04UK, NP-P560-AA05UK, NP-P560-AS02UK, NP-P560-AS02US, NP-P560-AS03UK, NP-P560-AS03US, NP-P560E, NP-P560I, NP-P560I Series, NP-P580, NP-P580-JA01CH, NP-P580-JA01US, NP-P580-JA03DE/KIT, NP-P580-JA05, NP-P580-JS00UK, NP-P580-JS01AT, NP-P580-JS01UK, NP-P580-JS02AT, NP-P580-JS02UK, NP-P580-JS04DE, NP-P580-JS07CN, NP-P580EBM/UK, NP-P710-AA01DE, NP-Q1, NP-Q1-M000, NP-Q1-M000/SUK, NP-Q1-V000/SUK, NP-Q1/M01/SUK, NP-Q1/M02/SUK, NP-Q1B/M00/SUK, NP-Q1EX, NP-Q1SSD, NP-Q1U, NP-Q1U/000/SUK, NP-Q1U/001/SUK, NP-Q1U/002/SUK, NP-Q1U/003/SUK, NP-Q1U/P01/SEA, NP-Q1U/SD1/SEA, NP-Q1UFY01/SUK, NP-Q1UR000/SEG, NP-Q35, NP-Q35A001/SUK, NP-Q40T001/SUK, NP-Q45, NP-Q45A002/SUK, NP-Q45A003/SUK, NP-Q45A008/SUK, NP-Q45AV03/SEG, NP-Q70, NP-Q210-AS02UK, NP-Q210-FA01UK, NP-Q210-FSS0UK, NP-Q230, NP-Q310-AA02FR, NP-Q310-AA02US, NP-Q310-AS01EE, NP-Q310-AS02EE, NP-Q310-AS02TR, NP-Q310-ASS0UK, NP-Q310-ASS1UK, NP-Q310-ASS2UK, NP-Q310-ASS3UK, NP-Q310-ASS4UK, NP-Q310-FS01EE, NP-Q310-XA01EE, NP-Q310-XA02EE, NP-Q310-XA03EE, NP-Q310EBM/UK, NP-Q310I, NP-Q310IBM/UK, NP-Q318, NP-Q320, NP-Q320-32P, NP-Q320-AS01EE, NP-Q320-AS01UK, NP-Q320-AS02UK, NP-Q320-AS03UK, NP-Q320-AS04UK, NP-Q320-FS01EE, NP-Q320-FS01FR, NP-Q320-FS01UK, NP-Q320E, NP-Q330 Series, NP-Q428-DS04, NP-Q428-DT01, NP-Q430, NP-Q430 Series, NP-Q430-JS01UK, NP-Q430-JS02UK, NP-Q430-JS03UK, NP-Q430-JS03US, NP-Q430-JSB1US, NP-Q430-JU01UK, NP-Q430-JU01US, NP-Q430E, NP-Q430E Series, NP-Q430H, NP-Q460, NP-Q530, NP-Q530 Series, NP-Q530-JA01US, NP-Q530-JA02US, NP-Q530-JS01CH, NP-Q530-JS01DE, NP-Q530-JS01UK, NP-Q530-JS04CZ, NP-Q530-JS04SE, NP-Q530-JS05SE, NP-Q530-JT01CZ, NP-Q530-JT01UK, NP-Q530-JT02SE, NP-Q530-JT03SE, NP-Q530-JU01TR, NP-QX310, NP-QX310-S02DE, NP-QX410, NP-QX410 Series, NP-QX410-S02US, NP-QX411-A01UB, NP-QX411-W01UB, NP-QX411-W02UB, NP-QX411H Series, NP-QX412-S04DE, NP-R20, NP-R20F, NP-R20F000/SUK, NP-R20F002/SUK, NP-R20FY02/SUK, NP-R20X000/SUK, NP-R25, NP-R40, NP-R40 Plus, NP-R40/M00/SUK, NP-R40/ORG/SUK, NP-R40E000/SUK, NP-R40E001/SUK, NP-R40E002/SUK, NP-R40E003/SUK, NP-R40E004/SUK, NP-R40FY00/SUK, NP-R40FY01/SUK, NP-R40FY02/SUK, NP-R40FY03/SUK, NP-R40FY04/SUK, NP-R40FY05/SUK, NP-R40FY06/SUK, NP-R40FY07/SUK, NP-R40K000/SUK, NP-R40K001/SUK, NP-R40K002/SUK, NP-R40K003/SUK, NP-R40K004/SUK, NP-R40K005/SUK, NP-R40K006/SUK, NP-R40K007/SUK, NP-R40K008/SUK, NP-R40R000/SUK, NP-R40R001/SUK, NP-R40R002/SUK, NP-R40R003/SUK, NP-R40RY01/SUK, NP-R40RY02/SUK, NP-R40RY03/SUK, NP-R40RY04/SUK, NP-R40RY05/SUK, NP-R40X000/SUK, NP-R40X001/SUK, NP-R40XY01/SUK, NP-R40XY02/SUK, NP-R45, NP-R50, NP-R50CV02/SAU, NP-R50CV04/SHK, NP-R50TV02/SAU, NP-R55, NP-R55C001/SAU, NP-R55C002/SAU, NP-R55C002/SHK, NP-R55CV01/SHK, NP-R55CV02/SHK, NP-R55T000/SAU, NP-R55T001/SAU, NP-R55TV01/SHK, NP-R65, NP-R420, NP-R425-JS02, NP-R425-JT01, NP-R428, NP-R428-DA01VN, NP-R428-DA02UA, NP-R428-DA04, NP-R428-DB01, NP-R428-DS01U, NP-R428-DS04TH, NP-R428-DS12CN, NP-R430, NP-R431-JS08CN, NP-R463, NP-R465H, NP-R468H, NP-R478, NP-R508, NP-R517, NP-R520, NP-R525, NP-R540E Series, NP-R540I Series, NP-R780VE Series, NP-RC510E Series, NP-RF511 Series, NP-RF711 Series, NP-RF711-S03, NP-RV510I Series, NP-RV511I Series, NP-RV515I Series, NP-RV520I Series, NP-SF410 Series, NP-SF411-A01, NP-SF411I Series, NP-X06, NP-X1 Series, NP-X1-1200, NP-X1-C003/SHK, NP-X11 Series, NP-X22, NP-X60, NP200A5B-A02UK, NP200A5BI, NP200B4A-A02US, NP200B4AI, NP200B5AI, NP300E3A, NP300E4AJ, NP300E4C, NP300E4C-A02US, NP300E4X, NP300E4Z, NP300E5A, NP300E5A-A02UB, NP300E5A-S01UK, NP300E5AH, NP300E5AI, NP300E5C, NP300E5C-A0AUS, NP300E5C-A01US, NP300E5C-A02US, NP300E5C-A03US, NP300E5C-A06US, NP300E5C-A07US, NP300E5C-A09US, NP300E5ZI, NP300E7AI, NP300E7ZH, NP300U1A-A01US, NP300V3A, NP300V3AI, NP300V4A, NP300V4A-A04US, NP300V4AI, NP300V5A-A0AUS, NP300V5A-A0BUS, NP300V5A-A0EUS, NP300V5A-A0KUS, NP300V5A-A02US, NP300V5A-A03US, NP300V5A-A04US, NP300V5A-A05US, NP300V5A-A06US, NP300V5A-A07US, NP300V5A-A08US, NP300V5A-A09US, NP300V5AI, NP305E5A, NP305E5A-A06US, NP305E5A-A08US, NP305E7A-A02US, NP305E7A-A03US, NP305E7AI, NP305V4AD, NP305V4ZD, NP305V5A, NP305V5AD, NP305V5AI, NP305V5Z, NP305V7A, NP350E5C, NP350E7C, NP350U2A, NP350U2B, NP350V4C, NP350V5C, NP355E5C, NP355E7C, NP355E7C-A01US, NP355E7C-A02US, NP355V4C, NP355V5C, NP365E5C, NP365E5C-S01US, NP365E5C-S02US, NP365E5C-S04US, NP400B2BI, NP400B4BI, NP500P4C, NP500P4C-S02US, NP520U4C, NP530U3C, NP530U3C-A04US, NP530U3C-A05US, NP530U3C-A06US, NP530U3C-A07US, NP530U4B-A01US, NP530U4B-A02US, NP530U4B-A03US, NP530U4C, NP530U4C-A01US, NP535U3C, NP550P5C, NP550P5C-A01UB, NP550P5C-A02UB, NP550P5C-T01US, NP600B4C, NP600B4C-A01US, NP600B5BH, NP700G7C, NP700G7C-S01US, NP700G7C-S02US, NP700G7C-T01US, NP700Z3A-S01US, NP700Z3A-S03US, NP700Z3A-S06US, NP700Z3A-S07US, NP700Z3AH, NP700Z3CH, NP700Z4AH, NP700Z5A-S0AUS, NP700Z5A-S0BUS, NP700Z5A-S01US, NP700Z5A-S02US, NP700Z5A-S03US, NP700Z5A-S04US, NP700Z5A-S09US, NP700Z5AH, NP700Z5B-S01UB, NP700Z5B-W01UB, NP700Z5BH, NP700Z5C, NP700Z5C-S01US, NP700Z7C-S01UB, NP700Z7C-S01US, NP700Z7C-S03US, NP700Z7CH, NT-M50/W200, NT-M55/W201, NT-M70/W210, NT-R50/C170, NT-R50/W170, NT-R50/W200, NT-R50/W201, NT-R55/W181, NT-R55/W182, NT-X1 Series, NT-X1-C110, NT-X1-C120, P10, P10 CXTC, P10 CXTD, P10 XTC, P10 XTCB, P10 XTD, P10 XTDB, P20, P20 CXTC, P25, P25 CXTC, P25 CXVC, P25 CXZC, P25 XTCB, P25 XVZ, P25 XZC, P28, P30 Series, P30-004, P30-BY6, P30-CA6, P30-FT8, P30-G98, P30-KCW, P30-PRC002, P35 Series, P35 XVM 1600 II, P35 XVM 1600 III, P35-000, P35-5R2, P35-PRC000, P40, P50 Pro Series, P50 Pro T2400 Tytahn, P50 Pro T2600 Tygah, P50 Pro T5500 Tahlia, P50 Pro T5500 Teygun, P50 Pro T7200 Torrin, P50 Series, P50 T2400 Tytahn, P50 T2600 Tygah, P50-00, P50-C003, P50-C004, P50-CV03, P50-CV04, P60 Pro Series, P60 Pro T2600 Taspra, P60 T2600 Taspra, P60-01, P60-C003, P60-CV01, P60-CV03, P560, Q1 Series, Q1 Ultra, Q1-900 Casomii, Q1-900 Ceegoo, Q1B, Q1EX-71G, Q1P, Q1P SSD, Q1U, Q1U-000, Q1U-A000, Q1U-BP1, Q1U-BPK, Q1U-CMXP, Q1U-EL, Q1U-ELXP, Q1U-FP01, Q1U-K000, Q1U-KY01, Q1U-KY02, Q1U-P01, Q1U-SSDXP, Q1U-V, Q1U-XP, Q1U-Y02, Q1U-Y04, Q1UP-V, Q1UP-XP, Q30 Series, Q30TWM733, Q30TWM 753, Q35 Pro Series, Q35 Pro T5500 Bitasa, Q35 Series, Q35 XIC 5500, Q35 XIH 2300, Q35 XIP 2300, Q35-T2250 Ceron, Q35-T2300 Caderu, Q35-T2300 Cotezaa, Q35-T5500 Calvin, Q35-T5500 Ruby, Q40, Q40 XIP 1400, Q45 Aura T5450 Danyal, Q45 Aura T7100 Duke, Q45 Series, Q45 WEV 7100, Q45-Aura T7100 Damali, Q45-Aura T7100 Derora, Q45-Aura T7250 Dalia, Q45-Aura T7250 Devesh, Q45-Aura T8300 Dardono, Q45-Aura T9300 Devit, Q70, Q70 Aura T7300 Devon, Q70 Aura T7500 Daargon, Q70 Aura T7500 Dury, Q70 Series, Q70 XEV 7100, Q70-A002, Q70-A003, Q70-A005, Q70-Aura T5750 Tirana, Q70-Aura T8300 Tallin, Q70-AV0C, Q70-AV0D, Q70-AV0F, Q70-AV01, Q70-AV04, Q70-AV05, Q70-AV06, Q70-AV06(Black), Q70-AV07, Q70-AV07(Black), Q70-AV07(White), Q70-AV08, Q70-AV09, Q70-B00A, Q70-B00D, Q70-B00G, Q70-B002, Q70-B004, Q70-B006, Q70-B008, Q70-B009, Q70-BV0A, Q70-BV0F, Q70-BV0K, Q70-BV0L, Q70-BV01, Q70-BV02, Q70-BV04, Q70-BV06, Q70-BV07, Q70-BV08, Q70-BV09, Q70-F000, Q70-F001, Q70-F002, Q70-FV01, Q70-FV02, Q70-FY01, Q70-X00A, Q70-X000, Q70-X002, Q70-X003, Q70-X006, Q70-X008, Q70-X009, Q70-XY01, Q70-XY02, Q70-XY03, Q70-XY04, Q70-XY06, Q320, Q330-JA01, Q430-JA01, Q430-JS03, Q530-JA01, QX 410-J01, QX410-S02, R20 Aura T2350 Declan, R20 Aura T7200 Deva, R20 Series, R20 XIV 5500, R20 XIV 5510, R20-A000, R20-F000, R20-F001, R20-F002, R20-F003, R20-F004, R20-F005, R20-FY01, R20-FY02, R20-FY03, R20-FY04, R20-X002, R20-X003, R20-X004, R20-XY01, R20plus Series, R25 Series, R25-A001, R25-A002, R25-A003, R25-A004, R25-F001, R25-F002, R25-F003, R25-FE01, R25-FE02, R25-FE03, R25plus Series, R40 Series, R40 XIC 2050, R40 XIP 2050, R40 XIP 2055, R40 XIP 2250, R40 XIP 2255, R40 XIP 5500, R40 XIP 5510, R40-EL1, R40-K00A, R40-K00D, R40-K00E, R40-K00F, R40-K003, R40-K005, R40-K006, R40-K007, R40-K008, R40-K009, R40-T2300, R40-T2300 Caosee, R45 Pro 1730 Bizzlay, R45 Pro C1600 Buliena, R45 Pro Series, R45 Pro T5500 Bernie, R45 Series, R45-1730 Cutama, R45-C1500 Cerona, R45-K0, R45-K00D, R45-K004, R45-K005, R45-K006, R45-K007, R45-K02, R50 Series, R50 WEH 750, R50 WVM 1730, R50 WVM 1730 II, R50 WVM 1730 III, R50 WVM 1860, R50 XEH 743, R50 XEH 745, R50 XIH 741, R50 XWM 740, R50 XWM 742, R50 XWM 750, R50-001, R50-1800 Couyee, R50-2000, R50-2000 Cong, R50-CV04, R50-CV05, R50-CV06, R50-KV01, R50-V01, R50-V02, R55 Aura T5300 Cavan, R55 Aura T5500 Cazza, R55 Aura T5500 Clayton, R55 Series, R55 XEC 5500, R55 XEH 2300, R55-AURA-SERIE, R55-Aura T5200 Palmer, R55-Aura T5200 Piper, R55-AV01, R55-AV03, R55-C001, R55-C002, R55-CV02, R55-CV03, R55-CV05, R55-CV06, R55-CV07, R55-CV08, R55-CV09, R55-T2300 Calateso, R55-T2300 Chedsuma, R55-T2400 Carasej, R55-T5200 Cyrus, R55-T5200 Maori, R55-T5200 Palmer, R55-T5200 Piper, R55-T5500 Cemro, R55-T5500 Mantis, R55-T5500 Moncis, R60 Series, R60FY01, R60plus, R65 Pro Series, R65 Pro T5500 Baonee, R65 Pro T5500 Boteez, R65 Series, R65 WEP 2300, R65 WEP 5500, R65 WIP 2300, R65 WIP 5500, R65-CV01, R65-CV03, R65-CV04, R65-CV05, R65-T2300 Biton, R65-T2300 Calix, R65-T2300 Carrew, R65-T2300 Charis, R65-T5500 Canspiro, R65-TV01, R65-TV02, R428, R429, R430, R460, R462, R463, R464, R465, R466, R467, R468, R470, R478, R480, R522, R540, R540-JA04, R540-JA05, R580 Series, R620, R780-JT01, RC512-S01, RF511-S02, RF511-S03, RF711-S01, RV510-A02, RV511-A01, RV515-A01, Series 3 305E7A, SF311, SF410-A01, SF410-A02, SX15-C16B, VM8000 series, VM8100 series, X05 Plus, X05 PRC001, X05 Series, X05 XTC 1400, X05 XTC 1400 II, X05 XTC 1400C, X05 XTC 1500, X05 XTD 1300, X05 XTM 1500, X05 XTM 1600, X05-0VU, X05-000, X05-001, X05-402, X05-FU2, X05-GKO, X05-L10, X05-W06, X06 Series, X1, X1 Series, X10 1300, X10 1400, X10 1600, X10 Plus-25P, X10 Plus-85RH, X10 Plus-BAX, X10 Plus-JSK, X10 Plus-TR2, X10 Plus-V04, X10 Plus-V05, X10 Plus-V06, X10 Plus-V07, X10 Plus-WR5, X10 Plus Series, X10 Plus XTC 745, X10 Plus XTC 1500, X10 Plus XTC 1600, X10 Plus XTC 1800, X10 Plus XTM 1600 II, X10 Plus XTM 1700, X10 Plus XTM 2000, X10 Series, X10 XTC 745, X10 XTC 1300, X10 XTC 1300 II, X10 XTC 1400, X10 XTC 1500, X10 XTC 1500 II, X10 XTC 1500 III, X10 XTC 1500 IV, X10 XTC 1600, X10 XTC 1600 II, X10 XTC 1700, X11-T2300 Carl, X11-T2300 Culesa, X11-T5500 CeSeba, X11c-T5600 Calest, X11c-T7200 Carlin, X11WIP5500, X11XEC5500, X15, X15 Plus, X20, X20 HVM 740, X20 LVC 730, X20 LVC 740, X20 Series, X20 WIP 740, X20 WIP 741, X20 XEP 750, X20 XVM 730, X20 XVM 740, X20 XVM 1600, X20 XVM 1600 II, X20 XVM 1600 III, X20 XVM 1600 IV, X20 XVM 1600 V, X20 XVM 1700, X20 XVM 1730, X20 XVM 1730 II, X20 XVM 1730 IV, X20 XVM 1730 V, X20-1730 Callia, X20-1730 Callia II, X20-1860 Balin, X20-1860 Cebeur, X20-2130 Bash, X22 Series, X22 WEB 7300, X22 WEP 7500, X22 XEB 8100, X22-A00A, X22-A00B, X22-A00C, X22-A00H, X22-A001, X22-A002, X22-A005, X22-A006, X22-A007, X22-A008, X22-A009, X22-Aura T7300 Choi, X22-Aura T9300 Choell, X22-PRO T7500 Boyar, X25 HVM 750, X25 Series, X25 XVM 1600, X25 XVM 2000, X25 XVM 2130, X30, X50, X50 HWM 740, X50 HWM 760, X50 Series, X50 WVM 1600, X50 WVM 1730, X50 WVM 2000, X50 WVM 2130, X50 XEP 760, X50 XVM 1600, X50 XWM 740, X50 XWM 750, X60 Plus Series, X60 Plus TZ01, X60 Plus TZ03, X60 Pro Series, X60 Pro T2600 Becudo, X60 Pro T7200 Benito, X60 Pro T7400 Boxxer, X60 Series, X60 T2600 Becudo, X60 XEP 2310, X60 XEP 2400, X60 XIH 2300, X60-CV01, X60-CV03, X60-CV06, X60-CV08, X60-T2300 Chane, X60-TV01, X60-TV02, X65 Pro Series, X65 Pro T7500 Begum, X65 Series, X65 XEV 7300, X65-A003

Insignia ADP-65JH AB Insignia Mini NS-SB216 Insignia NS-19ED200NA14 Insignia NS-32D312NA15 Insignia NS-32E440A13 Insignia NS-B3112 Insignia NS-BHDIP01 Insignia NS-BIPCD01 Insignia NS-DPF0812W NS-DPF0712G Insignia NS-DPF7WM-09 Insignia NS-DPF8TR Insignia NS-DPF8WA-09 Insignia NS-HSB318 NSHSB318 Insignia NS-P3111 Insignia NS-P3112 Insignia NS-P3113 Insignia NS-P3114 NSP3114 Insignia NS-SB212 Insignia NS-SB316 Insignia NS-SB515 Insignia Radio NS-ES6113 NSES6113 Nakamichi NK1B E0423516 Philips DCM230 DCM230/37 Philips DS1155 DS1155/12 Philips EXP2546/12 AY3162 Philips GFP241DA-1220-1 Philips GFP241DA-1220EW Philips MW170KB0900B02 Philips VT0334 S012AAU0900110 Samsung 0335A1960 0335C1960 Samsung 0455A1990 504030-015 Samsung 300E4X 300E4X-U01 Samsung 300E4X-U02 300E4X-U03 Samsung 300E4X-U05 300E4X-U06 Samsung 300E4X-U07 300E4X-U08 Samsung300E4X-U09 300E4X-U0A Samsung 300E5X 300E5X-A01 Samsung 300E5X-A02 300E5X-S01 Samsung 300E5X-S01IN 300E5X-U01 Samsung 300V4A 305V5A-A02 Samsung 350E5C NP350E5C Samsung 350E7C NP350E7C Samsung 350U2B 6000 Q1U Q1U-000 Samsung 350V4C-S05 350V4C-S06 Samsung 350V5C-A01 350V5C-A02 Samsung 350V5C-A02UK 350V5C-S01 Samsung 350V5C-T01 NP350V5C Samsung 355E7C NP355E7C Samsung 355V4C NP355V4C Samsung 355V4C-S01 355V4C-S03 Samsung 355V4C-S04 NP355V4C-S01 Samsung 355V5C-A02UK NP355V5C-A04 Samsung 355V5C-A03UK NP355V5C-A05 Samsung 355V5X 355V5X-S01 Samsung 500P4C NP500P4C Samsung 504030-016 AA-PA0N/E Samsung 550P5C-S02 550P5C-S02AU Samsung 550P5C-S03AU 550P5C-S02TR Samsung 550P7C NP550P7C Samsung 550P7C S01 550P7C S02 Samsung 550P7C-S01DE 550P7C-S02DE Samsung 550P7C-S02UK 550P7C-T01TR Samsung 7 Chronos 700Z3A Samsung 7 Chronos 700Z5A Samsung 7 Chronos 770Z7ENP770Z7E Samsung 7 Chronos NP780Z5E Samsung 700Z3A-S01 NP700Z3A-S01FR Samsung 700Z5A-S01 NP-700Z5A-S01CH Samsung 700Z5A-S01UK 700Z5A-S04AU Samsung 700Z5A-S02 NP700Z5A-S03DE Samsung 700Z5A-S03 NP700Z5A-S02FR Samsung 700z5a-s04 700Z5A-S01DE Samsung 700Z5C-A01 700Z5C-S01PT Samsung 700Z5C-S01 700Z5C-S01AU Samsung 700Z7C-S01DE 700Z7C-S02 Samsung 770Z7E-S02DE 770Z7E-S04DE Samsung 7NP700Z3AH NP700Z3A-S01DE Samsung A10 DXT A10 XTC Samsung A10-090P4A AD-9019SL Samsung AA-PA0N/UK AA-PA1N Samsung AA-PA1N/E AA-PA1N/US Samsung AA-PA3NS90/US AD-4019 Samsung AA-PA3NS90/US ADP-60ZH A Samsung AD-6019 AD-6019(V) Samsung AD-6019A AD-6019R Samsung AD-6019S AD8019 Samsung AD-8019 AD-9019 Samsung AD-9019A AD-9019E Samsung AD-9019E AA-PA1N/US Samsung AD-9019M AD-9019N Samsung AD-9019N Ad-9019m Ad-8019 Samsung AD-9019S ADP-60ZH A Samsung ADP-60ZH D AP11AD002 SamsungAPI1AD02 API3AD05 Samsung Api3ad05 Ba44-00215a Samsung Aquila Aquila C Samsung ATIV Book 2 270E5E K04 Samsung ATIV Book 2 270E5E X01 Samsung ATIV Book 2 270E5E X03 Samsung ATIV Book 2 275E5E K01 Samsung ATIV Book 6 670Z5E X01 Samsung ATIV Book 6 NP670Z5E Samsung ATIV Book 6 NP680Z5E Samsung ATIV Book 8 870Z5E X04 Samsung ATIV Book 8 880Z5E X01 Samsung ATIV Book 8 NP870Z5E Samsung ATIV Book 8 NP880Z5E Samsung ATIV Book 8 NT870Z5G Samsung BA44-00130AP BA44-00147A Samsung Ba44-00147a SPA-V20E/E Samsung BA44-00215A BA44-00233A Samsung BA44-00244A CPA09-004A Samsung BA44-00274A A13-090P3A Samsung DP700A3B-A01 DP700A3B-A02 Samsung E152-Aura E152-FS01DE Samsung E152-FS02DE E152-T5750 Samsung E172 NP-E172 NT-E172 Samsung E172-AS01DE NP-E172-FS02DE Samsung E172-Aura NP-E172-FS01DE Samsung E172-FS06DE NP-E172-FS03DE Samsung E251 E251-Aura SamsungE251-FA02DE E251-JS01DE Samsung E252 E252-Aura Samsung E257 NP-E257 NP510R5E-S04 Samsung E271-JS01FR E271-FA01FR Samsung E271-JS03FR E271-JS02FR Samsung E272 E272-Aura E272-AS01DE Samsung E352 NP-E352 NP670Z5E-X01 Samsung E372-JB02 E372-JB02DE Samsung E372-JT05 E372-JT06 Samsung E372-JT07 E372-Marow Samsung E372-Miuki E372-Nele Samsung E452-JA01UK E452-JA02 Samsung E452-JS05 E452-JT02 Samsung E452-JT04 GS6000 Samsung GT6330XT GT6360 Samsung GT6360XT GT6400 Samsung GT6400XV GT7000 Samsung GT7700 GT7700XT Samsung GT8100KXV GT8600 Samsung GT8600XT GT8650 Samsung GT8650XT GT8700 Samsung GT8700XT GT8750 Samsung GT8750XT GT8750XV Samsung GT8800 GT8800DXV Samsung GT8800XT GT8800XV Samsung GT8850 GT8850XT Samsung GT8850XTD GT8900 Samsung GT8900DXV GT8900XTR Samsung GT8910 GT8910KXV Samsung GT9000 GT9000 PRO Samsung M40 plus M40 Plus Samsung M40 Plus WVM2000 M50 Samsung M50-1730 M50-1860 Samsung M50-2130 M55 NP680Z5E-X02 Samsung M70 NB-E152-Aura Samsung NB-E252-Aura NB-E372 Samsung NBP001324-00 NBP001518-00 Samsung NP200B4A NP200B4A-A01US Samsung NP200B4A-A02US NP200B4AI Samsung NP200B5A NP200B5A-A01US Samsung NP200B5AI NP200B5B Samsung NP300E4A NP300E5A Samsung NP300E4X NP300E4X-A01TH Samsung NP300E4X-A05BD NT300E4X Samsung NP300E5AI NP300V3A Samsung NP300E5X NP300E5X-A01 Samsung NP300E5X-S01IN NT300E5X Samsung NP300V3A-A01US NP300V3AI Samsung NP300V4A NP300V4A-A01US Samsung NP300V4A-A04US NP300V4AI Samsung NP300V5A NP300V5A-A02US Samsung NP300V5AI NP305E5A Samsung NP305E5AI NP305E7A Samsung NP305E7A-A01US NP305E7AI Samsung NP305V5A NP305V5A-A01US Samsung NP305V5A-A0DUS NP305V5AI Samsung NP3430EX NP300V4A Samsung NP350U2B NP350U2B-A01US Samsung NP355E4C NP3445EC Samsung NP355E5C-A00 Q320-32P Q35Samsung NP-355E5C-A04RU Samsung NP355V4X NP355V4X-S04TH Samsung NP355V4X-S05TH NT355V4X Samsung NP355V5C-A03 NP355V5C-S06 Samsung NP355V5X NP355V5X-S01 Samsung NP355V5X-S01RU NT355V5X Samsung NP370R4E NP370R5E Samsung NP400B2B NP400B2B-A01US Samsung NP400B2BI NP400B4B Samsung NP400B4B-A01US NP400B4BI Samsung NP500P4C-S05SG 700Z5C Samsung NP-50T002/SAU NP600 Samsung NP550P5C-S03UK 550P5C Samsung NP600B4B NP600B4B-A01US Samsung NP600B4BI NP600B5B Samsung NP600B5BH NP600B5B-S01NZ Samsung NP700Z3A NP700Z3AH Samsung NP700Z5A NP700Z5AH Samsung NP700Z5A-S0BUS NP700Z5B Samsung NP700Z5BH NP700Z5B-S01UB Samsung NP700Z5B-W01UB NP-E152 Samsung NP700Z5C NP700Z5CH Samsung NP700Z5C-S01SG 700Z7C Samsung NP700Z7C 700Z7C-S01NL Samsung NP700Z7C-S02DE DP700A3B Samsung NP870Z5G-X01IT Samsung NP-E251 NP-E251-Aura Samsung NP-E252 NP-E372 Samsung NP-M50T002/SAU NP-M55Samsung NP-P428 NP-P430 Samsung NP-P430C NP-P430-JA01CN Samsung NP-P430-JS07CN NP-P460 Samsung NP-P460-AA04US NP-P460I Samsung NP-P480 NP-P480-JA01US Samsung NP-P480-JS08CN NP-P50 Samsung NP-P510 NP-P530 Samsung NP-P530I NP-P530-JA02US Samsung NP-P560 NP-P560-AA03US Samsung NP-P560E NP-P560I Samsung NP-P560i NP-P580 Samsung NP-P60 NP-Q1 NT-X1 NT-X11 Samsung NP-Q1B-V000/SEA NP-Q1EX Samsung NP-Q1EX-FA01US NP-Q1-M000 Samsung NP-Q1SSD NP-Q1U Samsung NP-Q1U/000 NP-Q1U/000/SEA Samsung NP-Q1UA000 NP-Q1UAP01/SEA Samsung NP-Q30 Plus NP-Q308 Samsung NP-Q310 NP-Q310-AA01US Samsung NP-Q310-AA02US NP-Q310I Samsung NP-Q320 NP-Q320E Samsung NP-Q320-FS01US NP-Q330 Samsung NP-Q430 NP-Q430E Samsung NP-Q430H NP-Q430h Samsung NP-Q530 NP-Q530-JA01US Samsung NP-Q530-JT02ZA NP-Q70 Samsung NP-QX410 NP-QX410-J01US Samsung NP-QX411 NP-QX411H Samsung NP-QX411INP-QX411-W01UB Samsung NP-R40 Plus NP-R408L Samsung NP-R410 NP-R410L Samsung NP-R430 NP-R430I Samsung NP-R430i NP-R430-JA01US Samsung NP-R440 NP-R440-JAE1US Samsung NP-R480 NP-R480-JAB1US Samsung NP-R480L NP-R50 Samsung NP-R503 NP-R505 Samsung NP-R505H NP-R505I Samsung NP-R507 NP-R508 Samsung NP-R509 NP-R50CV02/SAU Samsung NP-R510 NP-R510H Samsung NP-R517 NP-R517-DA01 Samsung NP-R518 NP-R518-DA01RU Samsung NP-R519 NP-R519-FA01US Samsung NP-R519-JA05UK NP-R520 Samsung NP-R520-XS03RU NP-R522 Samsung NP-R522-XS01UA NP-R523 Samsung NP-R523-DS02 NP-R523-DS02U Samsung NP-R525-JV02CN NP-R530 Samsung NP-R538 NP-R538-DA01IN Samsung NP-R540 NP-R540E Samsung NP-R540I NP-R540-JA01 Samsung NP-R540-JS0A NP-R540-JS0B Samsung NP-R55 NP-R55C001/SAU Samsung NP-R55TV01/SHK NP-R560 Samsung NP-R560I NP-R580 Samsung NP-R580E NP-R580e Samsung NP-R580H NP-R580I SamsungNP-R580i NP-R580-JBB2US Samsung NP-R60FY01 NP-R610 Samsung NP-R620 NP-R620E Samsung NP-R719 NP-R719-FA01DE Samsung NP-R720 NP-R720-AS01PL Samsung NP-R720-JS02ZA NP-R728 Samsung NP-R730 NP-R730C Samsung NP-R730-JA0AUK NP-R730-JB0 Samsung NP-R730-JT06 NP-R780 Samsung NP-R780E NP-R780-JS01 Samsung NP-R780VE NP-RC510 Samsung NP-RC510E NP-RC510-S01DE Samsung NP-RC510-S07IN NP-RC512 Samsung NP-RC512I NP-RC512-S01 Samsung NP-RC520-S06PL NP-RC710 Samsung NP-RC720 NP-RC720-S02PL Samsung NP-RC720-S02UK NP-RF410 Samsung NP-RC728 NP-RC728-S01UA Samsung NP-RC728-S01 NP-RC728-S02 Samsung NP-RC730-S02CH RC730-S03FR Samsung NP-RF410-S05SG NP-RF510 Samsung NP-RF510-A01US NP-RF510E Samsung NP-RF510-S04PL NP-RF511 Samsung NP-RF512 NP-RF512-S01US Samsung NP-RF512-S02US NP-RF710 Samsung NP-RF710E NP-RF710-S01HK Samsung NP-RF710-S06DE NP-RF711 Samsung NP-RF711-S05DENP-RV509 Samsung NP-RV509-A09 NP-RV510 Samsung NP-RV510-A0FUK NP-RV510I Samsung NP-RV510-JA02ZA NP-RV511 Samsung NP-RV511I NP-RV511-S01UK Samsung NP-RV515 NP-RV515-A01US Samsung NP-RV515I NP-RV520 Samsung NP-RV520-A05IN NP-RV520I Samsung NP-RV520-W01US NP-RV709 Samsung NP-RV711 NP-RV711-A01US Samsung NP-RV711I NP-RV720 Samsung NP-RV720-A02UK NP-RV720I Samsung NP-RV720-S02DE NP-SF310 Samsung NP-SE20EBM/DE SE20-JS01DE Samsung NP-SE20-JS01DE/SEG Samsung NP-SF410 NP-SF410-A01US Samsung NP-SF410-A02US NP-SF411 Samsung NP-SF411-A01US NP-SF411I Samsung NP-SF510 NP-SF510-A01US Samsung NP-SF510-S01US NP-SF511 Samsung NP-SF511-A03US NP-SF511I Samsung NP-X1 NP-X11 NT-X520 NX30 Samsung NP-X1-1200 NP-X1-C003/SHK Samsung NP-X360 NP-X360-AA01US Samsung NP-X360-AA02US NP-X418 Samsung NP-X420 NP-X460 Samsung NP-X460-AS05US NP-X460I Samsung NT300E5X-TD5S 350V5CSamsung NT350V5C NT350V5C-A15P Samsung NT350V5C-S15 NT350V5C-WM5 Samsung NT350V5C-WT5 355V4X Samsung NT-9580 NT-E152 Samsung NT-E251 NT-E251-Aura Samsung NT-E252 NT-E372 Samsung NT-E452 NT-M5/W201 Samsung NT-M50/W200 NT-M55/W201 Samsung NT-M70/W210 NT-P430 Samsung NT-P480 NT-P510 Samsung NT-P530 NT-P560 Samsung NT-Q430 NT-Q460 Samsung NT-QX410 NT-R50/C170 Samsung NT-R50/W170 NT-R50/W200 Samsung NT-R50/W201 NT-R507 Samsung NT-R517 NT-R518 Samsung NT-R519 NT-R520 Samsung NT-R522 NT-R523 Samsung NT-R538 NT-R540 Samsung NT-R540-COZ7 NT-R540E Samsung NT-R540I NT-R540-JA43S Samsung NT-R540-JA46 NT-R540-JS43 Samsung NT-R540-JS43M NT-R540-PA32 Samsung NT-R540-PA33 NT-R540-PA33J Samsung NT-R540-PA35 NT-R540-PA35J Samsung NT-R540-PS33 NT-R540-PS33J Samsung NT-R540-PS33M NT-R540-PS35 Samsung NT-R540-PS35S NT-R540-PS43 Samsung NT-R540-PS45 NT-R540-PS45SSamsung NT-R540-PS53 NT-R540-PS53M Samsung NT-R540-PS55 NT-R540-PS55S Samsung NT-R540-PS56 NT-R540-PS56S Samsung NT-R540-PS63 NT-R540-PS63M Samsung NT-R540-PS65 NT-R540-PS65S Samsung NT-R540-PS66 NT-R540-PS66S Samsung NT-R540-SH-JOY NT-R55/W181 Samsung NT-R55/W182 NT-R580 Samsung NT-R580E NT-R580-JSB1US Samsung NT-R580-PSC5S NT-R620 Samsung NT-R718 NT-R720 Samsung NT-R719 NP-R719-JA01DE Samsung NT-R728 NT-R730 Samsung NT-R780E NT-R780-JOY Samsung NT-R780-PS75 NT-RC512 Samsung NT-RC530 NT-RC530-S55S Samsung NT-RC710 NT-RC720 Samsung NT-RF410 NT-RF410E Samsung NT-RF410-S56 NT-RF410-S56M Samsung NT-RF510 NT-RF510E Samsung NT-RF510-S66M NT-RF510-S76 Samsung NT-RF510-S76S NT-RF511 Samsung NT-RF710 NT-RF710-S Samsung NT-RF711 NT-RV509 Samsung NT-RV51 NT-RV515 Samsung NT-RV520 NT-RV709 Samsung NT-RV711 NT-RV720RV720-S01 Samsung NT-X1-C110 NT-X1-C120Samsung NT-X418 NT-X420 Samsung P25 P27 NP600B4C R410 R430 Samsung P28 P28 CXVM 340 Samsung P28 XTM 1600 P28 XVC 715 Samsung P28 XVC 725 P28 XVM 725 Samsung P28 XVM 735 P28G Samsung P28G XTM 1600 P28G-Y03 Samsung P28G-Y04S P28se HVM 730 Samsung P28XTM 1500c II P29 Samsung P30 P30 XTC 1400 Samsung P30 XTM 1700 P30 XVC 1400 Samsung P30 XVM 1500 P30-004 Samsung P30-A9Y P30-BY6 Samsung P30-CA6 P30-FT8 Samsung P30-G98 P30-HSJ Samsung P30-KCW P30-PD4 Samsung P35 NP25 P35 XVM 1500 Samsung P35 XVM 1800 P35-000 Samsung P35-58U P35-5R2 Samsung P35-GOC P35-PRC000 Samsung P430-JA01 P430-JS01 Samsung P430-JS07CN P460 Samsung P460-42P P460-43S Samsung P460-43S P460 NP200A5B Samsung P460-44G P460-44P Samsung P480-JS07CN P480-JS08CN Samsung P50 T2400 P50 T2600 Samsung P50-00 P50-C003 Samsung P50-C004 P50-CV03 Samsung P530-JS03CN P560 Samsung P560-52P P560-54GSamsung P580-JS01 P580-JS06 Samsung P580-JS07 P580-JS08CN Samsung P580-JS0ACN P60 Samsung P60 Pro P60 Pro T2600 Samsung P60 T2600 P60-01 Samsung P60-C003 P60-CV01 Samsung P710 NP-P710 NT-P710 Samsung P710-AA01DE NP-P710-AA01DE Samsung P710-AA02DE NP-P710-AA02DE Samsung PA-1600-66 PA-1900-08S Samsung Q1 Ultra Q10 Corona E152 Samsung Q10 TLC Q10 TLC 933 Samsung Q10 TXC 933 Q1-900 Samsung Q10 TXC Q10 TXC 1000 Samsung Q1U-A000 Q1U-CMXP Samsung Q1U-EL Q1U-ELXP Samsung Q1U-SSDXP Q1U-V Samsung Q210 AS05 Q210 FS01 Samsung Q25 HXC 738 Q25 TXC 1300 Samsung Q25 TXC 1400 Q25 TXC 1500 Samsung Q25 TXC 758 Q25 TXM 1500 Samsung Q30 LXC 1100 Q30 plus Samsung Q30 Plus Q30 Rubin 1100 Samsung Q30 Q30 HWC 733 Samsung Q30 TWM 753 Q30-SSB Samsung Q35 Pro T5500 Q35 T2250 Samsung Q35 T2300 Q35 XIC 5500 Samsung Q35 XIH 2300 Q35 XIP 2300 Samsung Q40 Q40 Pro U1400 SamsungQ40 XIP 1400 Q430 Samsung Q430-JT01 Q430-JT02 Samsung Q430-JT06CN Q430-JT07CN Samsung Q430-JU01 Q430-JU02 Samsung Q45 Q45 Aura T5450 Samsung Q460-JS02 Q460-JS03 Samsung Q460-JS04 Q460-JS05 Samsung Q460-JS06 Q460-JS07 Samsung Q460-JS08 Q460-JS09 Samsung Q70 Q70 Aura T7300 Samsung QX410 QX410-S02 Samsung R20 R20-Aura T2350 Declan Samsung R20-Aura T7200 Deva R39 Samsung R39-DY04 R39-DY06 Samsung R40 R40 XIC 2050 Samsung R40 XIP 2050 R40 XIP 2055 Samsung R40 XIP 2250 R40 XIP 2255 Samsung R40 XIP 5500 R40 XIP 5510 Samsung R40-EL1 R40-K003 Samsung R40-K005 R40-K006 Samsung R40-K007 R40-K008 Samsung R40-K009 R40-K00A Samsung R40-K00D R40-K00E Samsung R40-K00F R40-T2300 Samsung R45 Pro R45 Pro 1730 Samsung R45-1730 R45-C1500 Samsung R45-K0 R45-K004 Samsung R45-K005 R45-K006 Samsung R45-K007 R45-K00D Samsung R45-K02 R460 Q1B Q1EX-71G Samsung R50 WEH 750R50 WVM 1730 Samsung R50 XEH 743 R50 XEH 745 Samsung R50 XIH 741 R50 XWM 740 Samsung R50 XWM 742 R50 XWM 750 Samsung R50-001 R50-1800 Samsung R50-CV04 R50-CV05 Samsung R50-CV06 -KV01 R50-V01 Samsung R518-DA02TR R518-DD02 Samsung R518-DS02 R518-DS08UA Samsung R519-FA02 R519-JA01UK Samsung R519-JA06 R519-JA08UK Samsung R519-JA08ZA R520 Samsung R520-FA04UK R520-FS01PL Samsung R520- JA01UK R520 -JA04 Samsung R520-JA04UK R520-JS01 Samsung R520-XA03 R520-XA06 Samsung R522-AS01AU R522-Aura Samsung R522-FA01 R522-FA01UK Samsung R522-FA02 R522-FA02US Samsung R522-FA05AE R522-JS01UK Samsung R523-DS03 R5 23- DS04 Samsung R525-E7P R525-JS01 Samsung R525-JS01UK R525-JT01 Samsung R525-JT03RU R525-JT05RU Samsung R538-DS01 R538-DS04 Samsung R540 R540-11 Q25 Q25 1600 Samsung R540E R540I Q1U-Y04 Q20 Samsung R54 0-JA01 R540- JA02 SamsungR540-JA02UK R540-JA03 Samsung R540-JA03UK R540-JA04 Samsung R540-JA04UK R540-JA05 Samsung R540-JA05UK R540-JA06 Samsung R540-JA06DE R540-JA07 Samsung R540-JA08 R540-JS01 Samsung R540-JS01AU R540-JS02 Samsung R540 -JS03 R540-JS03FR Samsung R540-JS04 R540-JS05 Samsung R540-JS06 R540-JS07 Samsung R540-JS08 R540-JS08AU Samsung R540-JS09 R540-JS0A Samsung R540-JS0ADE R540-JS0B Samsung R55 XEC 5500 R55 XEH 2300 Samsung R55- AV01 R55-AV03 Samsung R55-C001 R55-C002 Samsung R55-CV02 R55-CV03 Samsung R55-CV05 R55-CV06 Samsung R55-CV07 R55-CV08 Samsung R55-CV09 R55-T2300 Samsung R55-T2400 R55-T5200 Samsung R55-T5300 R55-T5500 Samsung R580H R580-JBB2 Samsung R580-JS01 R580-JS02 Samsung R580-JS02AU R580-JS02UK Samsung R580-JS02ZA R580-JS03 Samsung R580-JS04UK R580-JS05 Samsung R580-JS06 R580-JS06UK Samsung R580-JS08ES R580-JSB1US Samsung R580-JT02DE R580-JT03Samsung R60 Aura T7250 R60 Plus Samsung R610-62G R610-64G Samsung R620-64BR R620-64G Samsung R620-Aura R620-FS02UK Samsung R620-FS03TR R620-JS01 Samsung R620-JS01UK R620-JS03 Samsung R620-PS01AU R65 Samsung R65 Pro R65 Pro T5500 Samsung R65 WEP 2300 R65 WEP 5500 Samsung R65 WIP 2300 R65 WIP 5500 Samsung R65-CV01 R65-CV03 Samsung R65-CV04 R65-CV05 Samsung R65-T2300 R65-T5500 Samsung R65-TV01 R65-TV02 Samsung R718-DS01 R718-DS02 Samsung R719 NP-R719-JS06DE/SEG Samsung R719-fa01 NP-R719-JS01DE Samsung R719-FA02NL NP-R719-JS03BE Samsung R719-JA01UK NP-R719-JA01UA Samsung R719-JA02 NP-R719-JS03DE Samsung R719-JS01 NP-R719-JS05DE Samsung R719-JS03 NP-R719-JS01FR Samsung R720-JS02ZA R720-PS01UK Samsung R728-DS05 R728-DS06 Samsung R728-DT01 R728E Samsung R730-JA01DE R730-JA02 Samsung R730-JA02UK R730-JA03 Samsung R730-JA03UK R730-JA04 Samsung R730-JA06DER730-JA0A Samsung R730-JA0AUK R730-JB01 Samsung R730-JB02 R730-JB02UK Samsung R730-JB03UK R730-JB05UK Samsung R730-JS01 R730-JS02 Samsung R730-JS02ZA R730-JS03 Samsung R730-JS03ES R730-JS04 Samsung R730-JS05 R730-JS06 Samsung R730-JS07 R730-JT01 Samsung R730-JT02 R730-JT03 Samsung R730-JT04 R730-JT05 Samsung R730-JT06 R730-JT07 Samsung R780E R780H R50-V02 R51 Samsung R780-Haga R780-HARPON Samsung R780-Harry R780-Helix Samsung R780-Hemily R780-Herrix Samsung R780-JS01 R780-JS01CA Samsung R780-JS02 R780-JS02AU Samsung R780-JS02DE R780-JS02UK Samsung R780-JS04 R780-JS04AU Samsung R780-JS05UK R780-JS08 Samsung R780-JS09 R780-JS1B Samsung R780-JT01 R780-JT02 Samsung R780-JT02UK R780-JT03 Samsung R780-JT3B R780-JT3BUK Samsung R780-JTBR R780-RED Samsung RC510 RC510-A02AU Samsung RC510-S01 RC510-S02 Samsung RC510-S03 RC510-S03AU Samsung RC510-S03UKRC510-S04 Samsung RC510-S05 RC510-S06 Samsung RC510-S06AU RC510-S07AU Samsung RC512 RC512-S01 Samsung RC512-S02 RC512-W01 Samsung RC520 RC520-A06AU Samsung RC520-A08AU RC520-A08AU-BD Samsung RC520-S01 RC520-S01HK Samsung RC520-S02 RC520-S02NZ Samsung RC520-S02uk RC520-S03 Samsung RC520-S04 RC520-S05 Samsung RC520-S05AU RC520-S06 Samsung RC520-S06AU-BD RC520-S07 Samsung RC520-S07AU RC520-S07AU-BD Samsung RC520-S08 RC525 Samsung RC528-S01TH RC528-S01UA Samsung RC528-S02TH NP-RC528-S05TH Samsung RC530-S01FR RC530-S02SE Samsung RC530-S01IN RC530-S01PL Samsung RC530-S01PT NP-RC530-S01RU Samsung RC530-S02CH RC530-S02EG Samsung RC530-S02PL RC530-S02IT Samsung RC530-S03 RC530-S03NL Samsung RC530-S03IT RC530-S03FR Samsung RC530-S03PT RC530-S03PL Samsung RC530-S04 RC530-S04PT Samsung RC530-S04CH RC530-S05 Samsung RC530-S05IT RS530-S05PT Samsung RC530-S07DERC530-S08 Samsung RC530-S08AU RC530-S08DE Samsung RC530-S09 RC530-S09 Samsung RC530-S09AU RC728 Samsung RC710 RC710-S01 Samsung RC710-S01UK RC710-S02 Samsung RC710-S02UK RC710-S03 Samsung RC710-S03AU RC710-S04DE Samsung RC720 RC720-S01 Samsung RC720-S01PL RC720-S02 Samsung RC720-S02AU RC720-S02NL Samsung RC720-S03 RC720-S03DE Samsung RC720-S03PL RF410 Samsung RC730-S01 RC730-S01PT Samsung RC730-S01IT RC730-s01nl Samsung RC730-S03ES RC730-S03NL Samsung RC730-S03PL RC730-S03DE Samsung RC730-S04 RC730-S05FR Samsung RC730-S05DE RC730-S08 Samsung RF410-S02 RF410-S02CL Samsung RF410-S03 RF410-S04 Samsung RF410-S04SG RF410-S56 Samsung RF410-S56M RF510 Samsung RF510E RF510-S01 Samsung RF510-S02 RF510-S02UK Samsung RF510-S03AU RF510-S04 Samsung RF511-S01 RF511-S01PH Samsung RF511-S01PL RF511-S02 Samsung RF511-S02US RF511-S03AU Samsung RF511-S04 RF511-S04AUSamsung RF511-S04US RF511-S06AU Samsung RF710 RF710E P60-CV03 Q1 Samsung RF710-S02 RF710-S02US Samsung RF710-S03 RF710-S03AU Samsung RF710-S03UK RF710-S04AU Samsung RF710-S05 RF710-S06 Samsung RF710-S06DE RF711 Samsung RF711-S01 RF711-S01AU Samsung RF711-S01US RF711-S02 Samsung RF711-S02DE RF711-S02US Samsung RF711-S03 RF711-S03US Samsung RF711-S04 RF711-S05 Samsung RS530-S05SE RS530-S05DE Samsung RS530-S06SE RC530-S07SE Samsung RV509 RV509-A04IN Samsung RV509-A05 RV509-A05IN Samsung RV509-A06 RV509-A06IN Samsung RV509-A07 RV509-A07IN Samsung RV509-A08 Rv509-A08IN Samsung RV509-A09 RV-509-S01IN Samsung RV509-S01TR RV511 Samsung RV511-A01 RV511-A03 Samsung RV511-A04 RV511-A04AU Samsung RV511-A05 RV511-A05AU Samsung RV511-A06 RV511-A06UK Samsung RV511-A07 RV511-A07AU Samsung RV511-A09 RV511-A09UK Samsung RV511-A0EUK RV511-S01 Samsung RV511-S01UKRV511-S02 Samsung RV511-S04 RV515 Samsung RV515-A01 RV515-A02 Samsung RV515-A03 RV515-S01 Samsung RV515-S02 RV515-S03 Samsung RV515-S04 RV520 Samsung RV520-A01 RV520-A02 Samsung RV520-A03 RV520-A04 Samsung RV520-A04AU RV520-A04UK Samsung RV520-A05 RV520-S01 Samsung RV520-S02 RV520-S02AU Samsung RV520-S04 RV520-W01 Samsung RV520-W01US RV709 Samsung RV709-S01 RV709-S02 Samsung RV709-S03 RV711 Samsung RV711-A01 RV711-A01UK Samsung RV711-A02 RV711-A02UK Samsung RV711-A03 RV711-A04 Samsung RV711-A04UK RV711-S01 Samsung RV711-S01AU RV711-S02 Samsung RV711-S03 RV711-S04 Samsung RV720 RV720-A01 Samsung RV720-A01DE RV720-A02 Samsung RV720-S01AU RV720-S02 Samsung RV720-S02DE RV720-S03 Samsung RV720-S04 Sens 690 Samsung SA11 NP-SA11 NT-SA11 Samsung SADP-60ZH D SADP-90FH B Samsung SADP-90FH D SAM-AA-PA0N Samsung SAM-SPA-X10 SPA-690E/E Samsung SE11 NP-SE11NT-SE11 Samsung Sens 700 Sens 800 Samsung Sens 810 Sens 820 Samsung Sens 830 Sens 900 Samsung Sens 950 Sens Pro 680 Samsung Sens Pro 850 Sens RC530 Samsung Sens V10 Series 2 Samsung Serie 3 350E7C S0J Samsung Serie 3 350E7C S0L Samsung Serie 3 355E5C S02 Samsung Serie 4 400B4C A01 Samsung Serie 4 400B5C A03 Samsung Serie 4 400B5C A04 Samsung Serie 5 550P5C S08 Samsung Serie 6 600B5C S02 Samsung Serie 6 600B5C S03 Samsung Serie 7 Chronos 770Z5E S02 Samsung Serie 7 Chronos 770Z7E S02 Samsung Series 2 Series 7 Series 4 Samsung Series 3 14 Series 3 15.6 Samsung Series 3 NP300V3A-A01 Samsung Series 3 NP300V3A-A01US Samsung Series 3 NP300V3A-S01NL Samsung Series 3 NP300V3A-S02 Samsung Series 3 NP300V3A-S02DE Samsung Series 3 NP300V3A-S03 Samsung Series 3 NP300V4A-A01 Samsung Series 3 NP300V4A-A01US Samsung Series 3 NP300V4A-A02 Samsung Series 3 NP300V4A-A02US Samsung Series 3 NP300V5A-A04 Samsung Series 3 NP300V5A-A04US Samsung Series 3 NP300V5A-A05 Samsung Series 3 NP300V5A-A05US Samsung Series 3 NP305V4A-S02 Samsung Series 3 NP305V5A-A01 Samsung Series 3 NP305V5A-A01US Samsung Series 3 NP305V5A-A02 Samsung Series 3 Series 3 13.3 Samsung Series 6 Series 7 Samsung SF411-A01 SN6000 Samsung SP28 SP28-D150 T9300 Samsung SP28-D152 SP28-D155 Samsung SP28-JUMP SP28-V160 Samsung SPA-690E/UK SPA-830E/EUR Samsung SPA-830E/UK SPA-A10E/E Samsung SPA-A10E/UK SPA-P30 Samsung SPA-P30E SPA-P30E/E Samsung SPA-P30E/UK SPA-T10/UK Samsung SPA-T10E/EUR SPA-V20 Samsung SPA-V20E/E SPA-V20E/UK Samsung SPA-X10 SPA-X10/E Samsung SPA-X10/UK 200B4A Samsung V20 CXTC 1700 V20 XTC 2000 Samsung V20 V25 V25 XVC 2000C Samsung V20 XVC 2000 V20 XVC 2400 Samsung V25 XVC 2533 V25 XVC 25333 Samsung V25 XVC 2600C V25 XVC 2800 Samsung V25 XVM 2660 V30 Samsung V30 V8095CX V8095CX Samsung VM6300 VM6300cT Samsung VM6300CT VM7000 Samsung VM7550 VM7550cT Samsung VM7550CT VM7600 Samsung VM7600cT VM7600CT Samsung VM7650 VM7650cT Samsung VM7650cT NT-R780 Samsung VM7650CT VM7650cXTD Samsung VM7650CXTD VM7700 SamsungVM7700XTD VM8000 Samsung VM8080 VM8080cXT Samsung VM8080CXT VM8090 Samsung VM8090cT VM8090CT Samsung VM8090cXTD VM8090CXTD Samsung VM8095 VM8095cX Samsung VM8100 VM8100cX Samsung VM8100CX VM8100cXTD Samsung VM8100CXTD VM8100XTD Samsung VM8110cXTD VM8110CXTD Samsung X05 Aquila X05 Plus Samsung X05 PRC001 X05 XTC 1400 Samsung X05 XTC 1500 X05 XTD 1300 Samsung X05 XTM 1500 X05 XTM 1600 Samsung X05-000 X05-001 Samsung X05-0VU X05-402 Samsung X05-FU2 X05-GKO Samsung X05-L10 X05-W06 Samsung X06 X1 R480 R50 R560 R580 Samsung X10 1400 X10 1600 Samsung X10 plus X10 Plus-25P Samsung X10 Plus-85RH X10 Plus-BAX Samsung X10 Plus-JSK X10 Plus-TR2 Samsung X10 Plus-V04 X10 Plus-V05 Samsung X10 Plus-V06 X10 Plus-V07 Samsung X10 Plus-WR5 X11 Samsung X10 X10 1300 Q1P Q1P SSD Samsung X1-1200 Bliss X11c-T5600 Samsung X11-Pro T5500 Bugomi Samsung X11-Pro T7400 BennettSamsung X11-T2300 Culesa X11-T5500 Samsung X11-T2300 X11-T2300 Carl Samsung X15 plus X2 P50 P50 Pro Samsung X20 X22 P40 P430 R510 R517 Samsung X22-A005 X22-A006 Samsung X22-A007 X22-A008 Samsung X22-A009 X2 2- A00A Samsung X22-A00B X22-A00C Samsung X22-Aura X22-Aura T7300 Samsung X22-Pro T7500 X25 Samsung X25 HVM 750 X25 XVM 1600 Samsung X25 XVM 2000 X25 XVM 2130 Samsung X30 WVC 1700 X30 WVM 1600 Samsung X30 WVM 2000 X360-34G Samsung X30 X30 WVC 1500 Samsung X460-41S X460-42PW Samsung X460-43P X460-43PW Samsung X460-44G X460-44P Samsung X50 HWM 760 X50 WVM 1600 Samsung X50 WVM 1730 X50 WVM 2000 Samsung X50 WVM 2130 X50 XEP 760 Samsung X50 X50 HWM 740 Samsung X50 XVM 1600 X50 XWM 740 Samsung X50 XWM 750 X520 Samsung X60 X60-Pro T7200 Benito Samsung X60-Pro T7400 Boxer X65 Samsung X65 Pro X65 Pro T7500 Samsung X65 XEV 7300 X65-A003 ViaSat AD8030N3L1039069 005 A ViaSat RM4100 RM4100N-030 Viasat SM2101 SM2101-30 Samsung 200B4A 350U2B 300V4A Series Samsung 355V 355V5C NP355V NP355V5C Samsung 355V5C-A05 A10-090P1A RC530-S09AU Samsung 550P5C-S02DE NP550P5C-T01US Samsung 550P7C-S01PL NP550P7C-T01IT Samsung 700Z3A-S01DE NP200A5B-A03US Samsung 700Z5C-A01UK NP700Z5C-S01UB Samsung 700Z5C-S02AT NP700Z5C-S01US Samsung 700Z7C-S01US NP700Z7C-S01NL Samsung 700Z7C-S02PT NP700Z7C-S01US Samsung 700Z7C-S02US NP700Z7C-S03US Samsung 770Z7E-S03DE NP680Z5E-X03US Samsung 8000GS 8000SN NP-Q35 NP-Q40 Samsung AA-PA3NC90/US 350V4C NP350V4C Samsung AD-9019 AA-PA1N Ad-9019s Samsung ATIV Book 8 870Z5G NP870Z5G Samsung ATIV One 7 2014 Edition 700A4J Samsung ATIV One 7 2014 Edition DM700A4J Samsung ATIV One 7 2014 Edition DP700A4J Samsung DM700A4J-KN30 DP700A4J-K01AT Samsung DM700A4J-KN50 DM700A4J-KN16 SamsungDP700A3B-A01US DP700A3B-A02US Samsung DP700A3B-S02AU DP700A3B-A01FR Samsung E271 NP-E271 NT-E271 E271-Aura Samsung E271-JS01DE NP-E271-JS03DE/SEG Samsung GT6000 GT6330 NP-R25 NP-R40 Samsung GT74 50 GT7600 NP-X20 NP-X22 Samsung M40 Plus HWM 745 M40 Plus WVM 1600 Samsung M730 NP-M730 M730-JB01 NT-M730 Samsung NP200A5B-A02US NP305E7A-A02US Samsung NP270E5E-K01DE NP270E5E-X01DE Samsung NP270E5E-K01GR NP270E5E -X02AT Samsung NP270E5E-K02DE NP270E5E- X03DE Samsung NP270E5E-K02GR NP270E5E-X04DE Samsung NP270E5E-K02IT NP270E5E-X04IT Samsung NP270E5E-K03DE NP270E5E-X05DE Samsung NP275E5E-K01DE NP275E5E-X01DE Samsung NP275E5E-K01GR NP275E 5E-X02DE Samsung NP275E5E-K02IT NP600B5C-H01DE Samsung NP300E4C NP700Z7CH NP-RV410 Samsung NP300E4C-A01US NP530U4C-A01US Samsung NP300E4C-A02US NP300V5A-A0CUS Samsung NP300E4C-A03US NP305E5A-A05US Samsung NP300E4X-A03BDNP300E4X-A03PH Samsung NP300E5A-A01AT NP300E7A-A02DE Samsung NP300E5A-A01DE NP300E7A-A03DE Samsung NP300E5A-A01UB NP300E5A-A01US Samsung NP300E5A-A02DE NP300E7A-A04BE Samsung NP300E5A-A02UB NP300E5A-A03US Samsung NP300E5A-A04BE NP300E7A-A09DE Samsung NP300E5A-A04US NP300V5A-A0KUS Samsung NP300E5A-S01DE NP300E7A-S01DE Samsung NP300E5A-S02DE NP300E7A-S02DE Samsung NP300E5A-S03DE NP300E7A-S03AT Samsung NP300E5A-S04AT NP300E7A-S04AT Samsung NP300E5C 305V5A-A02 NP530U4C Samsung NP300E5C-A02US NP-SF310-S01US Samsung NP300E5C-A03US NP-QX411-A01UB Samsung NP300E5K Samsung NP300E5X-A01IN NP300E5X-A02 Samsung NP300E5X-A02IN NP300E5X-S01 Samsung NP300E5Z Samsung NP300E7A-A05DE NP300E7A-S08DE Samsung NP300E7A-A07DE NP550P5C-S08DE Samsung NP300E7A-A08DE NP300V3A-S02DE Samsung NP300E7A-S05DE NP300E7A-S04DE Samsung NP300E7A-S09DE NP300E7A-S03DE SamsungNP300V3A-S02AT NP300E5E-S04DE Samsung NP300V3A-S03DE NP300E7A-A01DE Samsung NP300V4A-A02US NP300V4A-A03US Samsung NP300V4A-A02US NP-R20 NP-R20F Samsung NP300V4A-A04US NP300V4A-A01US Samsung NP300V5A-A03US NP300V5A-A04US Samsung NP300V5A-A05US NP300V5A-A06US Samsung NP300V5A-A07US NP300V5A-A08US Samsung NP300V5A-A09US NP300V5A-A0AUS Samsung NP300V5A-A0BUS NP300V5A-A0EUS Samsung NP300V5A-S01DE NP300E5A-S04DE Samsung NP300V5A-S02AT NP300E5A-S05DE Samsung NP300V5A-S03AT NP300E5A-S06AT Samsung NP300V5A-S03DE NP300E5A-S06DE Samsung NP300V5A-S05AT NP300E5A-S07DE Samsung NP300V5A-S06AT NP300E5A-S0EDE Samsung NP300V5A-S07AT NP300E5A-S0GDE Samsung NP300V5A-S0FAT NP300E5E-A02DE Samsung NP305E5A-A01US NP305E5A-A03US Samsung NP305E7A-A03US NP-RV515-A03US Samsung NP305V5A-A04US NP305V5A-A05US Samsung NP305V5A-A06DS NP305V5A-A06US Samsung NP305V5A-A09USNP305V5A-A0CUS Samsung NP350E5C-A01AU NP350E5C-S01IN Samsung NP350E5C-A02AU NP350E5C-S01TR Samsung NP350E5C-A02PL NP350E5C-S03PL Samsung NP350E5C-A02US NP350E5C-S04PL Samsung NP350E5C-A03AU NP350E7C-A01US Samsung NP350E7C-A03CA NP350E7C-S07DE Samsung NP350E7C-A03DE NP350E7C-S0HDE Samsung NP350E7C-A04DE NP350E7C-S07FR Samsung NP350E7C-A04UK NP350E7C-S08BE Samsung NP350E7C-A05DE NP350E7C-S09FR Samsung NP350E7C-A05UK NP350E7C-S0ADE Samsung NP350E7C-A07DE NP350E7C-S0JDE Samsung NP350E7C-S02UK NP350E7C-S0AFR Samsung NP350E7C-S03IT NP350E7C-S0KDE Samsung NP350E7C-S03PL NP350E7C-S0BDE Samsung NP350E7C-S04PL NP350E7C-S0CDE Samsung NP350E7C-S05AT NP350E7C-S0LDE Samsung NP350E7C-S05NL NP350E7C-S0MDE Samsung NP350E7C-S06DE NP355E4C-A01MY Samsung NP350E7C-S08DE NP350E7C-S05DE Samsung NP350E7C-S09DE NP350E7C-S0DDE Samsung NP350E7C-S0ABE NP350E7C-S0NDE SamsungNP350E7C-S0DBE NP350E7C-S0PDE Samsung NP350E7C-S0GDE NP350E7C-S0QDE Samsung NP350V4C-A02MX NP350V4C-S05CL Samsung NP350V4C-S01 NP350V4C-S05PH Samsung NP350V5C-A02 NP350V5C-A02UK Samsung NP350V5C-A04 NP350V5C-A04UK Samsung NP350V5C-A06 NP350V5C-A06UK Samsung NP350V5C-A07 NP350V5C-A07UK Samsung NP350V5C-A08 NP350V5C-A08UK Samsung NP350V5C-A0AUK NP350V5C-A0EUK Samsung NP350V5C-A0FUK NP350V5C-S01 Samsung NP350V5C-S01AU NP350V5C-S06 Samsung NP350V5C-S04BE NP355V5C-S03BE Samsung NP350V5C-S05DE NP355E7C-S05DE Samsung NP350V5C-S06CA NP350V5C-S06IN Samsung NP350V5C-S06DE NP350V5C-S0ADE Samsung NP350V5C-S07DE NP350V5C-S0CDE Samsung NP350V5C-S08DE NP350V5C-S09DE Samsung NP350V5C-S08IT NP355V5C-S08DE Samsung NP350V5C-S09IT NP355V5C-S0EDE Samsung NP350V5C-S0BDE NP355V5C-S0FDE Samsung NP350V5C-S0DDE NP355V5C-S0GDE Samsung NP350V5C-S0EDE NP355V5C-S0HDE SamsungNP3530EC-A03IT NP355E7C-S03BE Samsung NP355E4C-A02CL NP355E4C-A04MX Samsung NP355E4C-A03JM NP355E4C-S01MY Samsung NP355E5C-A01AU NP355E5C-A04US Samsung NP355E5C-A01GR NP270E5E-K03IT Samsung NP355E5C-A01IN NP355E5C-S01SE Samsung NP355E5C-A01US NP355E5C-S02DE Samsung NP355E5C-A02EE NP355E5C-S02PL Samsung NP355E5C-A02US NP355E5C-S03DE Samsung NP355E5C-S05DE NP270E5E-K04DE Samsung NP355E7C-A01US NP355E7C-A02US Samsung NP355E7C-S03DE NP350E7C-A02DE Samsung NP355E7C-S04DE NP355E7C-A01DE Samsung NP355V4C-A02MX NP355V4C-S01RU Samsung NP355V5C-A01NL NP355V5C-S01SE Samsung NP355V5C-A02NL NP355V5C-A01RU Samsung NP355V5C-A03UK NP355V5C-S02FR Samsung NP355V5C-A04BE NP355E7C-S08DE Samsung NP355V5C-A04NL NP355V5C-S01PL Samsung NP355V5C-A04UK NP355V5C-S03FR Samsung NP355V5C-S01UK NP355V5C-A05UK Samsung NP355V5C-S02BE NP355E7C-S09DE Samsung NP355V5C-S03AUNP355V5C-S01AU Samsung NP355V5C-S06DE NP355V5C-A01DE Samsung NP355V5C-S0ADE NP355V5C-S01DE Samsung NP355V5C-S0BDE NP355V5C-S03DE Samsung NP355V5C-S0CDE NP355V5C-S05DE Samsung NP370R4E-A01MY NP355V5C-S02AU Samsung NP370R4E-A01TH NP370R5E-A07UK Samsung NP370R4E-A02MY NP370R5E-S01HU Samsung NP370R4E-A02TH NP370R5E-S01RU Samsung NP370R4E-A04PH NP370R5E-S02PL Samsung NP370R5E-A01AT NP400B2B-AZ1DE Samsung NP370R5E-A02BE NP400B2B-HZ1DE Samsung NP370R5E-A02IL NP370R5E-S04PL Samsung NP370R5E-A02UK NP370R5E-S05PL Samsung NP370R5E-A04FR NP370R5E-S05TR Samsung NP370R5E-A06UK NP370R5E-S06PL Samsung NP400B2B-A01AT NP400B4B-A02DE Samsung NP400B2B-A01DE NT400B4B-PS2 Samsung NP400B2B-A04DE NP700Z3A-S03DE Samsung NP400B4B-S01DE NP770Z7E-S01FR Samsung NP400B5C-A04DE NP400B4C-A01DE Samsung NP400B5C-H01DE NP400B5C-H02DE Samsung NP500P4C-S01US NP500P4C-S03SG SamsungNP500R5L Samsung NP510R5E-A01UB NP510R5E-S01DE Samsung NP510R5E-A01UK NP510R5E-S01FR Samsung NP510R5E-A02UB NP510R5E-S01PH Samsung NP510R5E-A02UK NP510R5E-S01TH Samsung NP510R5E-S01AU NP510R5E-S02FR Samsung NP510R5E-S01CA NP510R5E-S02IL Samsung NP550P5C 550P5C-S01 NP550P5C-T01TR Samsung NP550P5C-A02UK NP550P5C-S02DE Samsung NP550P5C-S01DE NP550P5C-S03UK Samsung NP550P5C-S02TR NP550P5C-T01PL Samsung NP550P5C-S03AU NP550P5C-S01RU Samsung NP550P5C-S03DE NP550P7C-S05DE Samsung NP550P5C-S04DE NP550P7C-T09DE Samsung NP550P5C-S07DE NP550P7C-S0EDE Samsung NP550P5C-S0ADE NP550P7C-T02DE Samsung NP550P5C-T02DE NP550P7C-S04DE Samsung NP550P5C-T02SE NP550P5C-S02AU Samsung NP550P5C-T04DE NP550P7C-T03DE Samsung NP550P7C-S01 NP550P7C-S01PL Samsung NP550P7C-S02DE NP550P7C-S02UK Samsung NP550P7C-S02PT NP550P7C-T04DE Samsung NP550P7C-S03HK NP550P7C-T02FR 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NP670Z5E-X01DE NP670Z5E-X02DE Samsung NP670Z5E-X01E