Original Acer Aspire 3030 3050 3053 3600 555X 5570 5570Z 3UR18650Y-2-QC261 Laptop Battery


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Product Specifications : 

  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Battery Voltage: 11.1V
  • Battery Capacity: 4000mAh
  • Battery Color: Black
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

Compatible Part Numbers :

3UR18650Y-2-QC261, 3UR18650Y-3-QC262, AK.006BT.017, BATEFL50L6C40, BATEFL50L6C48, BATEFL50L9C72, BT.00603.006, BT.00603.010, BT.00604.001, BT.00604.004, BT.00604.012, BT.00903.002, BT.00903.007, CGR-B/6H5, LC.BTP00.001, LC.BTP00.002, LC.BTP01.006, LIP6220QUPC SY6

Fit Machine Model:

Aspire 3030, Aspire 3032WLM, Aspire 3032WLMI, Aspire 3034WXMI, Aspire 3050, Aspire 3050WXMI, Aspire 3053NWXCI, Aspire 3053NWXMI, Aspire 3053WXCI, Aspire 3053WXMI, Aspire 3054NWXCI, Aspire 3054NWXMI, Aspire 3054WXCi, Aspire 3054WXMI, Aspire 3200, Aspire 3600, Aspire 3602, Aspire 3602NWXM, Aspire 3603, Aspire 3603NWXCI, Aspire 3603NWXM, Aspire 3603NWXMI, Aspire 3603WLCI, Aspire 3603WXCI, Aspire 3603WXMI, Aspire 3603XCI, Aspire 3608, Aspire 3608NWXCI, Aspire 3608WXCI, Aspire 3608WXMI, Aspire 3680, Aspire 3680WXCI, Aspire 3680WXMI, Aspire 3681NWXCI, Aspire 3681WXCI, Aspire 3681WXMI, Aspire 3682NWLMI, Aspire 3682NWXC, Aspire 3682NWXCI, Aspire 3682NWXMI, Aspire 3682WLMI, Aspire 3682WXCI, Aspire 3682WXMi, Aspire 3683NWXMI, Aspire 3683WXMi, Aspire 3684NWXMi, Aspire 3684WXCi, Aspire 3684WXMi, Aspire 5030, Aspire 5033WLCI, Aspire 5033WLMI, Aspire 5034WLMI, Aspire 5050, Aspire 5051ANWXMi, Aspire 5051AWXC, Aspire 5051AWXMi, Aspire 5051NWXCI, Aspire 5051NWXMI, Aspire 5051WXCI, Aspire 5052ANWXMi, Aspire 5052NWXMi, Aspire 5053NWXMi, Aspire 5053WXMi, Aspire 5500, Aspire 5500Z, Aspire 5501, Aspire 5501WXCI, Aspire 5501WXMI, Aspire 5502, Aspire 5502WLMI, Aspire 5502WXCI, Aspire 5502WXMI, Aspire 5502ZNWXMI, Aspire 5502ZWXCI, Aspire 5502ZWXMI, Aspire 5503, Aspire 5503WLMI, Aspire 5503WXCI, Aspire 5503WXMI, Aspire 5503ZNWXMI, Aspire 5503ZWXCI, Aspire 5503ZWXMI, Aspire 5504, Aspire 5504WXMI, Aspire 5504ZNWXMI, Aspire 5504ZWXMI, Aspire 5550, Aspire 5570, Aspire 5570ANWXCI, Aspire 5570ANWXMI, Aspire 5570AWXC, Aspire 5570AWXMI, Aspire 5570NWXCI, Aspire 5570NWXMI, Aspire 5570WXMI, Aspire 5570Z, Aspire 5570ZWXMI, Aspire 5571, Aspire 5571ANWXCI, Aspire 5571ANWXMI, Aspire 5571AWXMi, Aspire 5571NWNMI, Aspire 5571NWXCI, Aspire 5571NWXMI, Aspire 5571WXCI, Aspire 5571WXMI, Aspire 5571ZNWXCI, Aspire 5572ANWXCI, Aspire 5572ANWXMI, Aspire 5572AWXMi, Aspire 5572ZNWXCI, Aspire 5572ZNWXMI, Aspire 5572ZWXCI, Aspire 5572ZWXMI, Aspire 5573WXMI, Aspire 5573ZWXMi, Aspire 5575ZNWXMi, Aspire 5580, Aspire 5580WXMI, Aspire 5582NWXMI, Aspire 5582WXMI, Aspire 5583NWXCI, Aspire 5583NWXMi, Aspire 5583WXCI, Aspire 5583WXMi, Aspire 5583XCI, Aspire 5583XMI, Aspire 5584NWXMI, Aspire 5584WXCI, Aspire 5584WXMi, Aspire 5585AWXMI, Aspire 5585NWXCI, Aspire 5585WXCI, Aspire 5585WXMi, Extensa 2400, Extensa 2480, Extensa 4014NWXMi, Extensa 4014WXMi, Travel Mate 2400, Travel Mate 2480, Travel Mate 2480-2196, Travel Mate 2480-2968, Travel Mate 3210, Travel Mate 3213, Travel Mate 3220, Travel Mate 3224, Travel Mate 3230, Travel Mate 3260, Travel Mate 3270-6569, TravelMate 2403, TravelMate 2404, TravelMate 2480-2698, TravelMate 2480AWXMI, TravelMate 2480NWXCI, TravelMate 2480WXCI, TravelMate 2480WXMI, TravelMate 2481NWXCI, TravelMate 2481WXCI, TravelMate 2481WXMI, TravelMate 2482AWXMI, TravelMate 2482NWXCI, TravelMate 2482NWXMI, TravelMate 2482WXCI, TravelMate 2482WXMi, TravelMate 2483AWXMI, TravelMate 2483NWXCI, TravelMate 2483NWXMI, TravelMate 2483WXCI, TravelMate 2483WXMi, TravelMate 2484NWXCI, TravelMate 2484NWXMI, TravelMate 2484WXCI, TravelMate 2484WXMi, TravelMate 3210WXCI, TravelMate 3210XCI, TravelMate 3210Z, TravelMate 3210ZWXCI, TravelMate 3211, TravelMate 3212, TravelMate 3212NWXCI, TravelMate 3212WXMI, TravelMate 3212XCI, TravelMate 3213WXCI, TravelMate 3213WXMI, TravelMate 3213ZNWXMI, TravelMate 3220WXCI, TravelMate 3222, TravelMate 3222WXCI, TravelMate 3224WXMi, TravelMate 3242NWXMi, TravelMate 3260ANWXCI, TravelMate 3260ANWXM, TravelMate 3260WXMi, TravelMate 3261ANWXCI, TravelMate 3261AWXM, TravelMate 3261NWXC, TravelMate 3262, TravelMate 3262NWXCI, TravelMate 3262NWXMI, TravelMate 3262WXMi, TravelMate 3263ANWXMI, TravelMate 3263AWXM, TravelMate 3270, TravelMate 3270NWXMI, TravelMate 3270WXMI, TravelMate 3271WXMI, TravelMate 3272NWXCI, TravelMate 3272NWXMI, TravelMate 3272WXCI, TravelMate 3272WXMI, TravelMate 3273AWXCI, TravelMate 3273AWXMI, TravelMate 3273NWXMI, TravelMate 3273WXCI, TravelMate 3273WXMi, TravelMate 3274NWXCI, TravelMate 3274NWXMI, TravelMate 3274WXCI, TravelMate 3274WXMi, TravelMate 4310, TravelMate 4313WXMI, TravelMate 4314WLMI, TravelMate 4314WXMI, TravelMate 4315WLMI, TravelMate 4315WXMI