Original Dell PKH18 C4K9V Laptop Battery XPS 12 13 9Q33 9333 L221x 13-L322X Notebook Tablet


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Product Description :
      • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
      • Voltage: 7.4V
      • Capacity: 55Wh
      • Color: Black
      • Cells : 4-Cells
      • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety. Grade A cells battery.
      • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
      • Warranty: 12 Months.
      • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.


      03H76R, 9333, 0489XN, 0C4K9V, C4K9V, 0PKH18, 0WV7G0, 0Y9N00, 2ICP4/55/813, 2ICP4/55/81-3, 321X2120, 321X-2120, 3H76R, 489XN, NVR98, P20S001, P20S002, P29G001, P29G002, Y9N00, Y9NC0, WV7G0

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      XPS 13-925SLV, XPS12D-4501, XPS 13R2-1250SLV, XPS12D-1508, XPS 13D-2501, XPS12D-2501, XPS 13-40002SLV, XPS12D-5508, XPS 13D-2608, XPS12D-2701, XPS12D-5708, XPS12D-1701, XPS12D-4708, XPS 13R2-1050SLV, XPS12D-1501, XPS12D-4508, XPS 13-2501SLV, XPS DUO 12, XPS12D-6508, XPS 13D-2508, XPS12D-2508, XPS 13-4040SLV, XPS12D-6708, XPS12D-2708, XPS12D-4701, XPS 13-1500SLV, XPS 13-9001SLV, XPS 13Z, XPS12D-1708, XPS 13-6928SLV, XPS 13D-2708, XPS 13D-128, XPS 13D-2701, XPS 13-7000SLV, XPS 13-0015SLV, XPS 13 Ultrabook Series, XPS 13R, XPS 13-L322X Series, XPS L322X Series, XPS 13-L321X Series, XPS L321X Series, XPS 12 ULTRABOOK, XPS 12 9Q23, XPS 12-9Q23, XPS 12-L221X, XPS 9Q23, XPS 12 9Q33, XPS 13D-138, XPS 13D-148, XPS 13 Series, XPS 13-L322X, XPS 13 L321X, Dell XPS 12-L221x, XPS 13-L321X.

      Dell XPS 12-L221x, XPS 12 L221X, XPS 12 9Q23, XPS 12 9Q33, XPS 12 9Q34P20S002, XPS 129Q23, XPS 13 9333, XPS 13 Ultrabook Series, XPS 13-0015SLV, XPS 131500SLV, XPS 13-40002SLV, XPS 134040, XPS 13-6928, XPS 136928SLV, XPS 13-9001, XPS 139001SLV, XPS 13-L321X, XPS 13L321X Series, XPS 13-L322X P29G, XPS 13L322X Series, XPS 13D-138, XPS 13D148, XPS 13D-2501, XPS 13D2508, XPS 13D-2701, XPS 13D2708, XPS 13R21050SLV, XPS 13Z, XPS DUO 12, XPS12D-1501, XPS12D1508, XPS12D-1708, XPS12D2501, XPS12D-2701, XPS12D2708, XPS12D-4508, XPS12D4701, XPS12D-5508, XPS12D5708, XPS12D-6708, XPS 13 321X, XPS 13 321X-2819, XPS 13 321X2826, XPS13D2501, XPS13D-2608, XPS13D2701, Dell XPS 12L221x, XPS L221X, XPS 12 9Q23-5550, XPS 12 9Q34, XPS 12 ULTRABOOK, XPS 12-L221X, XPS 13 L321X, XPS 13-0015, XPS 130015SLV, XPS 13-2501SLV, XPS 1340002SLV, XPS 13-4040SLV, XPS 136928, XPS 13-7000SLV, XPS 139001, XPS 13-925SLV, XPS 13L321X, XPS 13-L322X, XPS 13L322X P29G, XPS 13D-128, XPS 13D138, XPS 13D-148D, XPS 13D2501, XPS 13D-2608, XPS 13D2701, XPS 13R, XPS 13R2-1250SLV, XPS 9Q23, XPS L321X Series, XPS12D1501, XPS12D-1701, XPS12D1708, XPS12D-2508, XPS12D2701, XPS12D-4501, XPS12D4508, XPS12D-4708, XPS12D5508, XPS12D-6508, XPS12D6708, XPS 13 321X-2120, XPS 13 321X2819, XPS 13 L322X, XPS13D-2508, XPS13D2608, XPS13D-2708, XPS 12, XPS L321X, XPS 12 9Q235550, XPS 12 9Q34-P20S002, XPS 12-9Q23, XPS 12L221X, XPS 13 Series, XPS 130015, XPS 13-1500SLV, XPS 132501SLV, XPS 13-4040, XPS 134040SLV, XPS 13-6928SLV, XPS 137000SLV, XPS 13-9001SLV, XPS 13925SLV, XPS 13-L321X Series, XPS 13L322X, XPS 13-L322X Series, XPS 13D128, XPS 13D-148, XPS 13D148D, XPS 13D-2508, XPS 13D2608, XPS 13D-2708, XPS 13R2-1050SLV, XPS 13R21250SLV, XPS 9Q33, XPS L322X Series, XPS12D-1508, XPS12D1701, XPS12D-2501, XPS12D2508, XPS12D-2708, XPS12D4501, XPS12D-4701, XPS12D4708, XPS12D-5708, XPS12D6508, XPS 13 321X2120, XPS 13 321X-2826, XPS13D-2501, XPS13D2508, XPS13D-2701, XPS13D2708.

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