52Wh Original DXGH8 Dell XPS 13 9370 9380 Latitude 3301 0H754V Laptop Battery


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      • Battery Type: Li-Polymer
      • Condition: Brand New & Original
      • Battery Voltage: 7.6V
      • Battery Capacity: 52Wh
      • Battery Color: Black
      • Cells Amount: 4-Cells
      • Battery Cell Quality: Grade A
      • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
      • Warranty: 12 Months.
      • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

      Compatible Part Numbers:

      • 0H754V
      • 451-BCDX
      • 451BCDX
      • DXGH8
      • G8VCF
      • H754V
      • HK6N5
      • P113G
      • P113G001
      • P114G
      • P115G
      • P82G
      • P82G002

      Compatible Models:

      Vostro 5390 XPS 13-9380-D1805TS XPS 139380D1805TS
      Dell Inspiron Series
      Ins 14-7490 Ins 147490 Ins 14-7490-D1505P Ins 147490D1505P Ins 14-7490-D1505S Ins 147490D1505S Ins 14-7490-D1525P Ins 147490D1525P Ins 14-7490-D1525S Ins 147490D1525S Ins 14-7490-D1625P Ins 147490D1625P Ins 14-7490-D1705P Ins 147490D1705P Ins 14-7490-D1705S Ins 147490D1705S Ins 14-7490-D1725P Ins 147490D1725P Ins 14-7490-D1825P Ins 147490D1825P Ins 14-7490-D1825S
      Ins 147490D1825S Inspiron 5390 Inspiron 7390 2-in-1 Inspiron 7390 2in1 Inspiron 7391 2-IN-1 Inspiron 7391 2IN1 Inspiron 7490
      N003L7390-C-D1606FTCN N003L7390CD1606FTCN N012L7390-C-D1706FTCN
      Dell Xps 13 Series
      PS 13-9380 PS 139380 XPS 13 2018 XPS 13 7390 XPS 13 9370 XPS 13 9370 FHD i5 XPS 13 9380 XPS 13 9380 2019 XPS 13-7390-D1505TB XPS 137390D1505TB XPS 13-7390-D1505TW XPS 137390D1505TW XPS 13-7390-D1505W XPS 137390D1505W XPS 13-7390-D1605W XPS 137390D1605W XPS 13-7390-D1705S XPS 137390D1705S
      XPS 13-7390-D1705TB XPS 137390D1705TB XPS 13-7390-D1705TW XPS 137390D1705TW XPS 13-7390-D1705W XPS 137390D1705W XPS 13-7390-D1805S XPS 137390D1805S XPS 13-7390-D1805TB XPS 137390D1805TB XPS 13-7390-D1805TW XPS 137390D1805TW XPS 13-7390-D1905S XPS 137390D1905S XPS 13-7390-R2705S XPS 137390R2705S XPS 13-7390-R2805S XPS 137390R2805S
      XPS 13-9370 XPS 139370 XPS 13-9370-7002SLV XPS 1393707002SLV XPS 13-9370-D1601G XPS 139370D1601G XPS 13-9370-D1601S XPS 139370D1601S XPS 13-9370-D1605G XPS 139370D1605G XPS 13-9370-D1605S XPS 139370D1605S XPS 13-9370-D1701G XPS 139370D1701G XPS 13-9370-D1701S XPS 139370D1701S XPS 13-9370-D1705G XPS 139370D1705G XPS 13-9370-D1705S XPS 139370D1705S XPS 13-9370-D1801G XPS 139370D1801G XPS 13-9370-D1805G XPS 139370D1805G XPS 13-9370-D1809G XPS 139370D1809G XPS 13-9370-D1901TG XPS 139370D1901TG XPS 13-9370-D1905TG XPS 139370D1905TG XPS 13-9370-D2905G XPS 139370D2905G XPS 13-9380 XPS 139380 XPS 13-9380-D1501S XPS 139380D1501S XPS 13-9380-D1505S XPS 139380D1505S XPS 13-9380-D1701S XPS 139380D1701S XPS 13-9380-D1701W XPS 139380D1701W XPS 13-9380-D1705S XPS 139380D1705S XPS 13-9380-D1705TS
      XPS 139380D1705TS XPS 13-9380-D1705W XPS 139380D1705W XPS 13-9380-D1801S XPS 139380D1801S XPS 13-9380-D1801W XPS 139380D1801W XPS 13-9380-D1805S XPS 139380D1805S XPS 13-9380-D1805TW XPS 139380D1805TW XPS 13-9380-D1805W XPS 139380D1805W XPS 13-9380-D1901TG XPS 139380D1901TG XPS 13-9380-D1901TS XPS 139380D1901TS XPS 13-9380-D1901TW XPS 139380D1901TW XPS 13-9380-D1905TG XPS 139380D1905TG XPS 13-9380-D1905TS XPS 139380D1905TS XPS 13-9380-D1905TW XPS 139380D1905TW XPS 13-9380-R1505S XPS 139380R1505S XPS 13-9380-R1705S XPS 139380R1705S XPS 13-9380-R1705W XPS 139380R1705W XPS 13-9380-R1805S XPS 139380R1805S XPS 13-9380-R1805TS XPS 139380R1805TS XPS 13-9380-R1805TW XPS 139380R1805TW XPS 13-9380-R1805W XPS 139380R1805W XPS 13-9380-R1905TG XPS 139380R1905TG XPS 13-9380-R1905TS XPS 139380R1905TS XPS 13-9380-R1905TW XPS 139380R1905TW

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