53.2Wh Original KC04XL HP Envy X360 13-AG 13M-AQ 13-AH HQ-TRE KC04053XL L08496-855 L08544-1C1 L08544-2B1 Laptop Battery


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  • Voltage: 15.4V
  • Capacity: 53.2Wh
  • Number of Cells: 4 cells
  • Color: Black
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety.
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

Compatible Part Numbers:

KC04XL L08496-855 TPN-W136 HSTNN-DB8P L08544-1C1 L08544-2B1 HSTNNDB8P, HSTNNIB8K, HSTNN-IB8K, KC04053XL, L08496855, L08496-855, L085441C1, L08544-1C1, L085442B1, L08544-2B1, TPNW133, TPN-W133, TPNW136

Compatible Models:

Envy 13-AH0000NK, Envy 13-AH0002NIA, Envy 13-AH0003NS, Envy 13-AH0005UR, Envy 13-AH0006NX, Envy 13-AH0010NR, Envy 13-AH0023TU, Envy 13-AH0029UR, Envy 13-AH0042NB, Envy 13-AH1000NK, Envy 13-AH1001NE, Envy 13-AH1001NG, Envy 13-AH1003UR, Envy 13-AH1006NN, Envy 13-AH1008TU, Envy 13-AH1025CL, Envy 13-AH1125ND, Envy X360 13-AG0000NB, Envy X360 13-AG0001NE, Envy X360 13-AG0004NX, Envy X360 13-AG0015UR, Envy X360 13-AG0017AU, Envy X360 13-AG0301NG, Envy X360 13-AG0601NG, ENVY X360 13AR0003NG, ENVY X360 13-AR0003NG, ENVY X360 13AR0100, ENVY X360 13-AR0100, ENVY X360 13AR0104NG, ENVY X360 13-AR0104NG, ENVY X360 13AR0106NG, ENVY X360 13-AR0106NG, ENVY X360 13AR0131NG, ENVY X360 13-AR0131NG, ENVY X360 13AR0200, ENVY X360 13-AR0200, ENVY X360 13AR0201NG, ENVY X360 13-AR0201NG, ENVY X360 13AR0210NG, ENVY X360 13-AR0210NG, ENVY X360 13AR0212NG, ENVY X360 13-AR0212NG, ENVY X360 13AR0300, ENVY X360 13-AR0300, ENVY X360 13AR0305NG, ENVY X360 13-AR0305NG, ENVY X360 13AR0350ND, ENVY X360 13-AR0350ND, ENVY X360 13AR0400, ENVY X360 13-AR0400, ENVY X360 13AR0410NG, ENVY X360 13-AR0410NG, ENVY X360 13AR0600, ENVY X360 13-AR0600, ENVY X360 13AR0800, ENVY X360 13-AR0800, ENVY X360 13AR0800NO, ENVY X360 13-AR0800NO, ENVY X360 13AR0900, ENVY X360 13-AR0900, ENVY X360 13AR0900NZ, ENVY X360 13-AR0900NZ, ENVY X360 13AR0995NZ, ENVY X360 13-AR0995NZ

ENVY 13-AH0000, ENVY 13AH0000TX, ENVY 13-AH0012TX, ENVY 13AH0010TX, ENVY 13-AH0013TX, ENVY 13AH0006TU, ENVY 13-AH0008TU, ENVY 13AH0014TX, ENVY 13-AH0005TU, ENVY 13AH0007TU, ENVY 13-ah0075nr, ENVY 13ah0006nm, ENVY 13-AH0019TX, ENVY 13ah0032tx, ENVY 13-ah0039TX, ENVY 13ah0022tx, Envy 13 ah0001nk, ENVY 13-AH1006TX, ENVY 13AH1002TX, ENVY 13-AH1004TX, ENVY 13AH1005TX, ENVY 13-AH1003TU, ENVY 13AH1004TU, ENVY 13-AH1004TX(5HS48PA), ENVY 13AH1005TX(5HS52PA), ENVY 13-AH1002TX(5HS57PA), ENVY 13AH1006TX(5HS55PA), ENVY 13-AH1004TU(5HS42PA), ENVY 13ah0004ng, ENVY 13-ah0006ng, ENVY 13ah0301ng, ENVY 13-AH1003TX 5HS60PA, ENVY 13AH0012TX 4HQ88PA, ENVY 13-AH0006TU 4HQ95PA, ENVY 13AH0007TU 4HQ43PA, ENVY 13-AH0004TU 4HQ96PA, ENVY 13AH0005TU 4HQ93PA, ENVY 13-AH0009TU 4HQ62PA, ENVY 13AH0008TU 4HQ44PA, ENVY 13-AH0015TX 4HQ94PA, ENVY 13AH1004NG, ENVY 13-AH0036TX, ENVY 13AH0045TX, ENVY 13-AH0010NG, ENVY 13AH0302NG, ENVY 13-AH0400, ENVY 13AH0700NG, ENVY 13-AH1002NG, ENVY 13AH0013TU, ENVY 13-AH1035TU, ENVY 13AH1036TX, ENVY 13-AH0024TU, ENVY 13AH0045TU, ENVY 13-AH0047TU, Envy 13aq0003ng, ENVY 13-AQ0016TU, ENVY 13AQ0015TU, ENVY 13-AQ0013TU, ENVY 13AQ0012TU, ENVY 13-AQ0010TU, ENVY 13AQ0011TX, ENVY 13-AQ0009TX, ENVY 13AQ0008TX, ENVY 13-AQ0007TX, ENVY 13aq0002nx, ENVY 13-aq0005nx, Envy 13aq000, Envy 13-aq0001ng, Envy 13aq0002ng, Envy 13-aq0007ca, Envy 13aq0000na, Envy 13-aq0044nr, Envy 13aq0051ms, Envy 13-aq0023tx, ENVY 13aq0100, HP Envy 13-aq0200, Envy 13aq0200ng, ENVY 13-aq0410ng, ENVY 13aq0000tx, Envy 13-aq0003ns, ENVY 13aq0005nr, ENVY 13-aq0105ng, Envy 13aq0200, ENVY 13-aq1013TU, ENVY 13AQ0002TU, ENVY 13-AQ1012TU, ENVY 13AQ1014TX, ENVY 13-AH1803NO, ENVY 13AH0100ND, ENVY 13-AH0120ND, ENVY 13AH0400NG, ENVY 13-AH0501SA, ENVY 13AH0560ND, ENVY 13-AH0501NA, ENVY 13AH0600NG, ENVY 13-AH0900NG, ENVY 13AH0913ND, ENVY 13-AH0999NL, ENVY 13AH0998NF, ENVY 13-AH1507NA, ENVY 13AH1507SA, ENVY 13-AH1504NA, ENVY 13AH1600NG, ENVY 13-AH1804NO, ENVY 13AQ1450ND, ENVY 13-AQ0300NG, ENVY 13AQ0500NZ, ENVY 13-AQ0502SA, ENVY 13AQ0610ND, ENVY 13-AQ0601ND, ENVY 13AQ0701ND, ENVY 13-AQ0900NZ, ENVY 13AQ0915ND, ENVY 13-AQ0914ND, ENVY 13AQ1014TU, ENVY 13-AQ1002NG, ENVY 13AQ1003NG, ENVY 13-AQ1004NF, ENVY 13AQ1020TX, ENVY 13-AQ1160ND, ENVY 13AQ1131NG, ENVY 13AH0000, ENVY 13-AH0009TU, ENVY 13AH0012TX, ENVY 13-AH0016TX, ENVY 13AH0013TX, ENVY 13-AH0004TU, ENVY 13AH0008TU, ENVY 13-AH0015TX, ENVY 13AH0005TU, ENVY 13-AH0011TX, ENVY 13ah0075nr, Envy 13-ah0002ne, ENVY 13AH0019TX, ENVY 13-ah0029TU, ENVY 13ah0039TX, Envy 13-ah0025TX, ENVY 13-ah0003na, ENVY 13AH1006TX, ENVY 13-AH1005TU, ENVY 13AH1004TX, ENVY 13-AH1002TU, ENVY 13AH1003TU, ENVY 13-AH1005TU(5HS44PA), ENVY 13AH1004TX(5HS48PA), ENVY 13-AH1002TU(5HS49PA), ENVY 13AH1002TX(5HS57PA), ENVY 13-AH1003TU(5HS39PA), ENVY 13AH1004TU(5HS42PA), ENVY 13-ah0005ng, ENVY 13ah0006ng, ENVY 13-AH0010TX 4HQ89PA, ENVY 13AH1003TX 5HS60PA, ENVY 13-AH0013TX 4HQ90PA, ENVY 13AH0006TU 4HQ95PA, ENVY 13-AH0011TX 4HQ91PA, ENVY 13AH0004TU 4HQ96PA, ENVY 13-AH0016TX 4HQ97PA, ENVY 13AH0009TU 4HQ62PA, ENVY 13-AH0014TX 4HQ92PA, ENVY 13AH0015TX 4HQ94PA, ENVY 13-AH0026TX, ENVY 13AH0036TX, ENVY 13-AH0046TX, ENVY 13AH0010NG, ENVY 13-AH0306NG, ENVY 13AH0400, ENVY 13-AH1001NG, ENVY 13AH1002NG, ENVY 13-AH1038TU, ENVY 13AH1035TU, ENVY 13-AH0014TU, ENVY 13AH0024TU, ENVY 13-AH0046TU, ENVY 13AH0047TU, ENVY 13-AQ0005TX, ENVY 13AQ0016TU, ENVY 13-AQ0014TU, ENVY 13AQ0013TU, ENVY 13-AQ0011TU, ENVY 13AQ0010TU, ENVY 13-AQ0010TX, ENVY 13AQ0009TX, ENVY 13-AQ0006TX, ENVY 13AQ0007TX, ENVY 13-aq0000nx, ENVY 13aq0005nx, Envy 13-aq0005ng, Envy 13aq0001ng, Envy 13-aq0003TU, Envy 13aq0007ca, Envy 13-aq0003na, Envy 13aq0044nr, Envy 13-aq0022tx, Envy 13aq0023tx, ENVY 13-aq0101ng, HP Envy 13aq0200, ENVY 13-aq0400, ENVY 13aq0410ng, Envy 13-aq0000ns, Envy 13aq0003ns, ENVY 13-aq0102ng, ENVY 13aq0105ng, Envy 13-aq0350nd, ENVY 13aq1013TU, ENVY 13-AQ0000TU, ENVY 13AQ1012TU, ENVY 13-AQ1013TX, ENVY 13AH1803NO, ENVY 13-AH0170ND, ENVY 13AH0120ND, ENVY 13-AH0500NZ, ENVY 13AH0501SA, ENVY 13-AH0503NA, ENVY 13AH0501NA, ENVY 13-AH0810ND, ENVY 13AH0900NG, ENVY 13-AH0910ND, ENVY 13AH0999NL, ENVY 13-AH1000TX, ENVY 13AH1507NA, ENVY 13-AH1506NA, ENVY 13AH1504NA, ENVY 13-AH1700NG, ENVY 13AH1804NO, ENVY X360 13-AQ0005NL, ENVY 13AQ0300NG, ENVY 13-AQ0503NA, ENVY 13AQ0502SA, ENVY 13-AQ0650ND, ENVY 13AQ0601ND, ENVY 13-AQ0887NE, ENVY 13AQ0900NZ, ENVY 13-AQ0912ND, ENVY 13AQ0914ND, ENVY 13-AQ1005NG, ENVY 13AQ1002NG, ENVY 13-AQ1000NG, ENVY 13AQ1004NF, ENVY 13-AQ1017TU, ENVY 13AQ1160ND, ENVY 13-AH0000TX, ENVY 13AH0009TU, ENVY 13-AH0010TX, ENVY 13AH0016TX, ENVY 13-AH0006TU, ENVY 13AH0004TU, ENVY 13-AH0014TX, ENVY 13AH0015TX, ENVY 13-AH0007TU, ENVY 13AH0011TX, ENVY 13-ah0006nm, Envy 13ah0002ne, ENVY 13-ah0032tx, ENVY 13ah0029TU, ENVY 13-ah0022tx, Envy 13ah0025TX, ENVY 13ah0003na, ENVY 13-AH1002TX, ENVY 13AH1005TU, ENVY 13-AH1005TX, ENVY 13AH1002TU, ENVY 13-AH1004TU, ENVY 13AH1005TU(5HS44PA), ENVY 13-AH1005TX(5HS52PA), ENVY 13AH1002TU(5HS49PA), ENVY 13-AH1006TX(5HS55PA), ENVY 13AH1003TU(5HS39PA), ENVY 13-ah0004ng, ENVY 13ah0005ng, ENVY 13-ah0301ng, ENVY 13AH0010TX 4HQ89PA, ENVY 13-AH0012TX 4HQ88PA, ENVY 13AH0013TX 4HQ90PA, ENVY 13-AH0007TU 4HQ43PA, ENVY 13AH0011TX 4HQ91PA, ENVY 13-AH0005TU 4HQ93PA, ENVY 13AH0016TX 4HQ97PA, ENVY 13-AH0008TU 4HQ44PA, ENVY 13AH0014TX 4HQ92PA, ENVY 13-AH1004NG, ENVY 13AH0026TX, ENVY 13-AH0045TX, ENVY 13AH0046TX, ENVY 13-AH0302NG, ENVY 13AH0306NG, ENVY 13-AH0700NG, ENVY 13AH1001NG, ENVY 13-AH0013TU, ENVY 13AH1038TU, ENVY 13-AH1036TX, ENVY 13AH0014TU, ENVY 13-AH0045TU, ENVY 13AH0046TU, Envy 13-aq0003ng, ENVY 13AQ0005TX, ENVY 13-AQ0015TU, ENVY 13AQ0014TU, ENVY 13-AQ0012TU, ENVY 13AQ0011TU, ENVY 13-AQ0011TX, ENVY 13AQ0010TX, ENVY 13-AQ0008TX, ENVY 13AQ0006TX, ENVY 13-aq0002nx, ENVY 13aq0000nx, Envy 13-aq000, Envy 13aq0005ng, Envy 13-aq0002ng, Envy 13aq0003TU, Envy 13-aq0000na, Envy 13aq0003na, Envy 13-aq0051ms, Envy 13aq0022tx, ENVY 13-aq0100, ENVY 13aq0101ng, Envy 13-aq0200ng, ENVY 13aq0400, ENVY 13-aq0000tx, Envy 13aq0000ns, ENVY 13-aq0005nr, ENVY 13aq0102ng, Envy 13-aq0200, Envy 13aq0350nd, ENVY 13-AQ0002TU, ENVY 13AQ0000TU, ENVY 13-AQ1014TX, ENVY 13AQ1013TX, ENVY 13-AH0100ND, ENVY 13AH0170ND, ENVY 13-AH0400NG, ENVY 13AH0500NZ, ENVY 13-AH0560ND, ENVY 13AH0503NA, ENVY 13-AH0600NG, ENVY 13AH0810ND, ENVY 13-AH0913ND, ENVY 13AH0910ND, ENVY 13-AH0998NF, ENVY 13AH1000TX, ENVY 13-AH1507SA, ENVY 13AH1506NA, ENVY 13-AH1600NG, ENVY 13AH1700NG, ENVY 13-AQ1450ND, ENVY X360 13AQ0005NL, ENVY 13-AQ0500NZ, ENVY 13AQ0503NA, ENVY 13-AQ0610ND, ENVY 13AQ0650ND, ENVY 13-AQ0701ND, ENVY 13AQ0887NE, ENVY 13-AQ0915ND, ENVY 13AQ0912ND, ENVY 13-AQ1014TU, ENVY 13AQ1005NG, ENVY 13-AQ1003NG, ENVY 13AQ1000NG, ENVY 13-AQ1020TX, ENVY 13AQ1017TU, ENVY 13-AQ1131NG.

Envy 13-AH0001NK, Envy X360 13AG0001NK, Envy X360 13-AG0001NK, Envy 13AH0001NK.

ENVY X360 13-AG0998NA, ENVY X360 13AG0300, ENVY X360 13-AG0301NG, ENVY X360 13AG0304NG, ENVY X360 13-AG0305NG, ENVY X360 13AG0502SA, ENVY X360 13-AG0550NZ, ENVY X360 13AG0600, ENVY X360 13-AG0602NZ, ENVY X360 13AG0800, ENVY X360 13-AG0807NZ, ENVY X360 13AG0808NO, ENVY X360 13-AG0999NA, ENVY X360 13AG0998NA, ENVY X360 13-AG0302NG, ENVY X360 13AG0301NG, ENVY X360 13-AG0300NZ, ENVY X360 13AG0305NG, ENVY X360 13-AG0502NA, ENVY X360 13AG0550NZ, ENVY X360 13-AG0600NG, ENVY X360 13AG0602NZ, ENVY X360 13-AG0804NO, ENVY X360 13AG0807NZ, ENVY X360 13-AG0900NG, ENVY X360 13AG0999NA, ENVY X360 13-AG0300, ENVY X360 13AG0302NG, ENVY X360 13-AG0304NG, ENVY X360 13AG0300NZ, ENVY X360 13-AG0502SA, ENVY X360 13AG0502NA, ENVY X360 13-AG0600, ENVY X360 13AG0600NG, ENVY X360 13-AG0800, ENVY X360 13AG0804NO, ENVY X360 13-AG0808NO, ENVY X360 13AG0900NG.

Envy 13ag0005ng, Envy 13-ag0005ng, Envy 13ah0001ng, Envy 13-ah0001ng, Envy 13ah0003ng, Envy 13-ah0003ng, Envy x360 13 ag0001nk, ENVY X360 13AG0000, ENVY X360 13-AG0000, ENVY x360 13ag0000au, ENVY x360 13-ag0000au, ENVY X360 13AG0001NG, ENVY X360 13-AG0001NG, ENVY x360 13ag0002na, ENVY x360 13-ag0002na, Envy x360 13ag0002ng, Envy x360 13-ag0002ng, Envy x360 13AG0002NS, Envy x360 13-AG0002NS, ENVY X360 13AG0003NG, ENVY X360 13-AG0003NG, ENVY X360 13AG0003SA, ENVY X360 13-AG0003SA, ENVY X360 13AG0004NG, ENVY X360 13-AG0004NG, ENVY X360 13AG0005NG, ENVY X360 13-AG0005NG, ENVY X360 13ag0006AU, ENVY X360 13-ag0006AU, ENVY X360 13ag0007AU, ENVY X360 13-ag0007AU, Envy x360 13ag0009ng, Envy x360 13-ag0009ng, ENVY x360 13ag0011au, ENVY x360 13-ag0011au, Envy x360 13AG0012AU, Envy x360 13-AG0012AU, Envy x360 13ag0014AU, Envy x360 13-ag0014AU, ENVY X360 13AG0016NB, ENVY X360 13-AG0016NB, ENVY x360 13AG0018AU, ENVY x360 13-AG0018AU, ENVY X360 13AG0019UR, ENVY X360 13-AG0019UR, ENVY x360 13ag0023au, ENVY x360 13-ag0023au, ENVY X360 13ag0047AU, ENVY X360 13-ag0047AU, ENVY X360 13AG0052LA, ENVY X360 13-AG0052LA, Envy x360 13ag0100, Envy x360 13-ag0100, Envy x360 13ag0140nd, Envy x360 13-ag0140nd, ENVY x360 13ag0500nd, ENVY x360 13-ag0500nd, Envy x360 13ag0700, Envy x360 13-ag0700, Envy x360 13ag0700ng, Envy x360 13-ag0700ng, ENVY x360 13ag0801no, ENVY x360 13-ag0801no, ENVY X360 13AG0999NF, ENVY X360 13-AG0999NF, ENVY X360 13AR0000AU, ENVY X360 13-AR0000AU, ENVY X360 13AR0002NF, ENVY X360 13-AR0002NF, ENVY X360 13AR0003NO, ENVY X360 13-AR0003NO, ENVY X360 13AR0004NG, ENVY X360 13-AR0004NG, ENVY X360 13AR0005NC, ENVY X360 13-AR0005NC, ENVY X360 13AR0006AU, ENVY X360 13-AR0006AU, ENVY X360 13AR0006NG, ENVY X360 13-AR0006NG, ENVY X360 13AR0013AU, ENVY X360 13-AR0013AU, ENVY X360 13AR0205NG, ENVY X360 13-AR0205NG, ENVY X360 13AR0601NG, ENVY X360 13-AR0601NG.