Original 58.8Wh MSI BTY-L76 Battery For MSI GS70 MS-1772 MS-1773 XMG GS72 Laptop


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Product Specifications : 

  • Voltage: 11.1V
  • Capacity: 5400mAh (58.8Wh)
  • Type: Li-Polymer
  • Color: black
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

Compatible Part Numbers : 

3ICP5/42/123-2, BP-1771-32/2650, BP-1771-32/2650 CL, BTY-L76, MS-1771, MS-1772, MS-1773, MS-1774

Fit Models : 
AC7260, ERAZER X7611, GS70, GS70 2OD, GS70 2OD(MS-1771), GS70 2OD-001US, GS70 2OD-001US110, GS70 2OD-002US, GS70 2OD-0046SG, GS70 2OD-005BE, GS70 2OD-012AU, GS70 2OD-014RU, GS70 2OD-015RU, GS70 2OD-016RU, GS70 2OD-021UK, GS70 2OD-022MY, GS70 2OD-026FR, GS70 2OD-027FR, GS70 2OD-028AU, GS70 2OD-033CZ, GS70 2OD-047XCZ, GS70 2OD-048JP, GS70 2OD-052XPL, GS70 2OD-052XPL Stealth, GS70 2OD-053NE, GS70 2OD-054NL, GS70 2OD-055XPL, GS70 2OD-056JP, GS70 2OD-061NL, GS70 2OD-066ES, GS70 2OD-067UK, GS70 2OD-241XPL, GS70 2OD-246UK, GS70 2OD-267XPL, GS70 2OD-409UK, GS70 2OD-Stealth, GS70 2ODi581FD, GS70 2ODi781FD, GS70 2ODi716121, GS70 2PC, GS70 2PC(MS-1772), GS70 2PC-031AU, GS70 2PC-036US, GS70 2PC-041MY, GS70 2PC-047NL, GS70 2PC-074UK, GS70 2PC-081NE, GS70 2PC-419XFR, GS70 2PC-423UK, GS70 2PC-438FR, GS70 2PC-443CN, GS70 2PC-496UK, GS70 2PC-633XCN, GS70 2PCi78H11, GS70 2PCi785FD, GS70 2PC Stealth, GS70 2PE(MS-1772), GS70 2PE-002JP, GS70 2PE-004JP, GS70 2PE-009AU, GS70 2PE-010US, GS70 2PE-011PL, GS70 2PE-012XPL, GS70 2PE-013ES, GS70 2PE-014UK, GS70 2PE-015FR, GS70 2PE-016TW, GS70 2PE-025CN, GS70 2PE-026CN, GS70 2PE-060CZ, GS70 2PE-061CZ, GS70 2PE-089NE, GS70 2PE-276XPL, GS70 2PE-277XPL, GS70 2PE-421UK, GS70 2PE-430AU, GS70 2PEi781, GS70 2PEi71611, GS70 2PEi71631, GS70 2PE Stealth Pro, GS70 2QC, GS70 2QC(MS-1774), GS70 2QC-004NL, GS70 2QC-015UK, GS70 2QC-019XCN, GS70 2QC8H11, GS70 2QC Stealth, GS70 2QD, GS70 2QD(MS-1771), GS70 2QD-410UK, GS70 2QD-412UK, GS70 2QD-429FR, GS70 2QD-430XFR, GS70 2QD-435XPL, GS70 2QD-448ES, GS70 2QD-487CN, GS70 2QE, GS70 2QE(MS-1773), GS70 2QE-001AU, GS70 2QE-002US, GS70 2QE-005XPL, GS70 2QE-009PL, GS70 2QE-011CZ, GS70 2QE-014MY, GS70 2QE-017US, GS70 2QE-018US, GS70 2QE-031UK, GS70 2QE-032UK, GS70 2QE-033UK, GS70 2QE-034NE, GS70 2QE-035NL, GS70 2QE-036BE, GS70 2QE-045NE, GS70 2QE-046NL, GS70 2QE-047BE, GS70 2QE-049NE, GS70 2QE-050NL, GS70 2QE-052LU, GS70 2QE-054CZ, GS70 2QE-055ES, GS70 2QE-056FR, GS70 2QE-057FR, GS70 2QE-058FR, GS70 2QE-059FR, GS70 2QE-062RU, GS70 2QE-066US, GS70 2QE-068PT, GS70 2QE-083CN, GS70 2QE-084CN, GS70 2QE-085CN, GS70 2QE-093UA, GS70 2QE-225UK, GS70 2QE-253UK, GS70 2QE-257UK, GS70 2QE-409XPL, GS70 2QE-634UK, GS70 2QE-645FR, GS70 2QE8H11, GS70 2QE16H11, GS70 2QE16SR51, GS70 2QE16SR51R, GS70 2QE16SR51S, GS70 2QE81, GS70 2QE Stealth Pro, GS70 2QE Stealth Pro Red Edition, GS70 2QE Stealth Pro Silver Edition, GS70 6QC, GS70 6QC(MS-1776), GS70 6QC16H11, GS70 6QD(MS-1775), GS70 6QD(MS-1775)Stealth, GS70 6QD(MS-1776), GS70 6QD(MS-1776)Stealth, GS70 6QE, GS70 6QE(MS-1775), GS70 6QE-004US, GS70 6QE-004US Stealth Pro, GS70 6QE-012NL, GS70 6QE-017AU, GS70 6QE-022FR, GS70 6QE-033CZ, GS70 6QE-033CZ Stealth Pro, GS70 6QE STEALTH PRO, GS70 20D, GS70 20D-011CN, GS70 20D-025SG, GS70 20D-074CN, GS70 20D-094CN, GS70 20D-294CN, GS70 20D-409UK, GS70 65M2162, GS70 65M21621bk, GS70 Series, GS70 STEALTH 2PC-037U, GS70 STEALTH 2PC-037US, GS70 STEALTH 2PC-419, GS70 STEALTH 2PC-419XFR, GS70 STEALTH 2PC-420, GS70 STEALTH 2PC-420IT, GS70 STEALTH 2PC-438, GS70 STEALTH 2PC-438XFR, GS70 Stealth Pro-006, GS70-6QE, GS70-6QE16H11, GS70-6QE16H21, GS70-6QE81, GS72, GS72 6QC(MS-1776), GS72 6QC(Stealth)-040DE, GS72 6QC(Stealth)-052NL, GS72 6QC(Stealth)-053BE, GS72 6QC(Stealth)-067XFR, GS72 6QC(Stealth)-079ES, GS72 6QC(Stealth)-080XES, GS72 6QC(Stealth)-083XPL, GS72 6QC(Stealth)-205DE, GS72 6QC(Stealth)-219ES, GS72 6QC(Stealth)-220XES, GS72 6QC(Stealth)-224NL, GS72 6QC Stealth, GS72 6QD, GS72 6QD(MS-1776), GS72 6QD(Stealth)-049NL, GS72 6QD(Stealth)-050BE, GS72 6QD(Stealth)-077ES, GS72 6QD(Stealth)-078ES, GS72 6QD(Stealth)-082XPL, GS72 6QD-041XCN, GS72 6QD Stealth, GS72 6QE(MS-1775), GS72 6QE-203CA, GS72 6QE-209CN, GS72 6QE-247AU, GS72 6QE-408FR, GS72 6QE-414CA, GS72 6QE Stealth Pro, GS72 6QE Stealth Pro 4K, GS72-6QE4K16H21, GS72-6QE16H21, GS72-6QE81, GS72S, GS72VR, Medion Erazer X7613, Medion Erazer X7615, MS-1771, MS-1772, MS-1774, Schenker XMG C703, WS70, WS72, WS72 6QH, WS72 6QH-031FR, WS72 6QH-045JP, WS72 6QH-203RU, WS72 6QH-204RU, WS72 6QI, WS72 6QI-025AE, WS72 6QI-026US, WS72 6QI-161FD, WS72 6QI-213XES, WS72 6QI-218US, WS72 6QI-223TH, WS72 6QJ, WS72 6QJ-007US, WS72 6QJ-008US, WS72 6QJ-018AU, WS72 6QJ-019AU, WS72 6QJ-020AE, WS72 6QJ-026US, WS72 6QJ-027FR, WS72 6QJ-029FR, WS72 6QJ-033JP, WS72 6QJ-034JP, WS72 6QJ-046TR, WS72 6QJ-054KH, WS72 6QJ-057CA, WS72 6QJ-064IT, WS72 6QJ-066TW, WS72 6QJ-075TW, WS72 6QJ-090SP, WS72 6QJ-091SP, WS72 6QJ-092IR, WS72 6QJ-095TH, WS72 6QJ-099RU, WS72 6QJ-200RU, WS72 6QJ-206JP, WS72 6QJ-208KR, WS72 6QJ-209SG, WS72 6QJ-210UK, WS72 6QJ-211ES, WS72 6QJ-212ES, WS72 6QJ-217US, WS72 6QJ-218US, WS72 6QJ-227XES, WS72 6QJ 217US, XMG