Original MSI BTY-M57 GP66 Leopard 10UE Series GP76 Leopard 10UG Vector GP76 Laptop Battery


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Product Specifications : 

  • Voltage: 15.2V
  • Capacity: 4280mAh (65Wh)
  • Type: Li-Polymer
  • Color: black
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

Compatible Part Numbers :


FIT MODELS :For Dell(Use [CTRL+F] to search your model)

GP66 Leopard 10UE-065ES, GP66 Leopard 10UE-084IT, GP66 Leopard 10UE-202PL, GP66 Leopard 10UE-208TR, GP66 Leopard 10UE-226XES, GP66 Leopard 10UE-227XPT, GP66 Leopard 10UE-405NL, GP66 Leopard 10UE-426IN, GP66 Leopard 10UE-484XES, GP66 Leopard 10UE-499ES, GP66 Leopard 10UG, GP66 Leopard 10UG-008UK, GP66 Leopard 10UG-026NL, GP66 Leopard 10UG-028BE, GP66 Leopard 10UG-036CA, GP66 Leopard 10UG-040XI, GP66 Leopard 10UG-045MX, GP66 Leopard 10UG-064ES, GP66 Leopard 10UG-080AU, GP66 Leopard 10UG-217, GP66 Leopard 10UG-218, GP66 Leopard 10UG-258XR, GP66 Leopard 10UG-264, GP66 Leopard 10UG-268, GP66 Leopard 10UG-296NE, GP66 Leopard 10UG-400RU, GP66 Leopard 10UG-430, GP66 Leopard 10UG-431, GP66 Leopard 10UG-432, GP66 Leopard 10UG-498ES, GP66 Leopard 10UH-037XIT, GP66 Leopard 10UH-069XES, GP66 Leopard 10UH-244, GP66 Leopard 10UH-263, GP66 Leopard 10UH-275, GP66 Leopard 10UH-298NE, GP66 Leopard 10UH-439AU, GP66 Leopard 10UH-457FR, GP66 Leopard 10UH-467FR, GP66 Leopard 11UE-479ID, GP66 Leopard 11UE-604IN, GP66 Leopard 11UE-617NL, GP66 Leopard 11UE-618BE, GP66 Leopard 11UE-682TW, GP66 Leopard 11UG-013XPT, GP66 Leopard 11UG-017PL, GP66 Leopard 11UG-023CA, GP66 Leopard 11UG-027XIT, GP66 Leopard 11UG-033FR, GP66 Leopard 11UG-046XTR, GP66 Leopard 11UG-048XFR, GP66 Leopard 11UG-077XPT, GP66 Leopard 11UG-201FR, GP66 Leopard 11UG-248, GP66 Leopard 11UG-284RU, GP66 Leopard 11UG-285XRU, GP66 Leopard 11UG-287PL, GP66 Leopard 11UG-296, GP66 Leopard 11UG-475ID, GP66 Leopard 11UH-024AU, GP66 Leopard 11UH-028, GP66 Leopard 11UH-030, GP66 Leopard 11UH-037FR, GP66 Leopard 11UH-038FR, GP66 Leopard 11UH-049XES, GP66 Leopard 11UH-229RU, GP66 Leopard 11UH-251, GP66 Leopard 11UH-251UK, GP66 Leopard 11UH-281PL, GP66 Leopard 11UH-297NL, GP66 Leopard 11UH-298BE, GP66 Leopard 11UH-403XFR, GP66 Leopard 11UH-414, GP66 Leopard 11UH-454NL, GP66 Leopard 11UH-465ES, GP66 Leopard 11UH-661NL, GP66 Leopard 11UH-662BE, GP66 Leopard 11UH-665TW, GP76, GP76 Leopard 10UE-009NL, GP76 Leopard 10UE-013CA, GP76 Leopard 10UE-038, GP76 Leopard 10UE-051NE, GP76 Leopard 10UE-060ES, GP76 Leopard 10UE-070IT, GP76 Leopard 10UE-092FR, GP76 Leopard 10UE-216PL, GP76 Leopard 10UE-227IT, GP76 Leopard 10UE-228TR, GP76 Leopard 10UE-417FR, GP76 Leopard 10UE-443RU, GP76 Leopard 10UE-444XRU, GP76 Leopard 10UE-662TR, GP76 Leopard 10UE-663XTR, GP76 Leopard 10UG-007NL, GP76 Leopard 10UG-008BE, GP76 Leopard 10UG-014CA, GP76 Leopard 10UG-050NE, GP76 Leopard 10UG-055XP, GP76 Leopard 10UG-065ES, GP76 Leopard 10UG-066XE, GP76 Leopard 10UG-078UK, GP76 Leopard 10UG-084AU, GP76 Leopard 10UG-090FR, GP76 Leopard 10UG-219IT, GP76 Leopard 10UG-239FR, GP76 Leopard 10UG-251FR, GP76 Leopard 10UG-259FR, GP76 Leopard 10UG-260FR, GP76 Leopard 10UG-275, GP76 Leopard 10UG-442RU, GP76 Leopard 10UG-648XF, GP76 Leopard 11UE-865BE, GP76 Leopard 11UE-891, GP76 Leopard 11UG-020FR, GP76 Leopard 11UG-021FR, GP76 Leopard 11UG-023FR, GP76 Leopard 11UG-024FR, GP76 Leopard 11UG-050, GP76 Leopard 11UG-059PL, GP76 Leopard 11UG-078IT, GP76 Leopard 11UG-081IT, GP76 Leopard 11UG-092FR, GP76 Leopard 11UG-205XTR, GP76 Leopard 11UG-240, GP76 Leopard 11UG-247CA, GP76 Leopard 11UG-322JP, GP76 Leopard 11UG-407, GP76 Leopard 11UG-442XRU, GP76 Leopard 11UG-609IN, GP76 Leopard 11UG-615RU, GP76 Leopard 11UG-844FR, GP76 Leopard 11UG-862NL, GP76 Leopard 11UG-863BE, GP76 Leopard 11UG-869, GP76 Leopard 11UG-874IT, GP76 Leopard 11UG-877XRU, GP76 Leopard 11UG-880FR, GP76 Leopard 11UG-881FR, GP76 Leopard 11UG-890, GP76 Leopard 11UG-1041IT, GP76 Leopard 11UH-665CN, GP76 Leopard 11UH-667P, GP76 Leopard 11UH-667PL, GP76 Leopard 11UH-692AU, GP76 Leopard 11UH-1018NL, GP76 Leopard 11UH-1019BE, Vector GP66 12UE, Vector GP66 12UE-045NL, Vector GP66 12UE-053BE, Vector GP66 12UE-075AU, Vector GP66 12UE-272MY, Vector GP66 12UE-406TW, Vector GP66 12UG, Vector GP66 12UG-044BE, Vector GP66 12UGS, Vector GP66 12UGS-028CA, Vector GP66 12UGS-041NL, Vector GP66 12UGS-042BE, Vector GP66 12UGS-046NE, Vector GP66 12UGS-082TH, Vector GP66 12UGS-207XF, Vector GP66 12UGS-234IN, Vector GP66 12UGS-249ES, Vector GP66 12UGS-250XE, Vector GP66 12UGS-251XP, Vector GP66 12UGS-267, Vector GP66 12UGS-267US, Vector GP66 12UGS-283UK, Vector GP66 12UGS-403RU, Vector GP66 12UGS-409PL, Vector GP66 12UGS-419, Vector GP66 12UGS-430TW, Vector GP66 12UGS-444NL, Vector GP66 12UH, Vector GP66 12UH-038NL, Vector GP66 12UH-039BE, Vector GP66 12UH-054NL, Vector GP66 12UH-055BE, Vector GP66 12UH-095PH, Vector GP66 12UH-216IT, Vector GP66 12UH-242, Vector GP66 12UH-266XIT, Vector GP66 12UH-282UK, Vector GP66 12UH-402AU, Vector GP66 12UH-440NL, Vector GP76 12UE, Vector GP76 12UE-051NL, Vector GP76 12UE-052BE, Vector GP76 12UG, Vector GP76 12UG-050BE, Vector GP76 12UGS, Vector GP76 12UGS-203CA, Vector GP76 12UGS-298, Vector GP76 12UGS-428NL, Vector GP76 12UGS-429BE, Vector GP76 12UGS-436IN, Vector GP76 12UGS-605XES, Vector GP76 12UGS-608, Vector GP76 12UGS-618, Vector GP76 12UH-047NL, Vector GP76 12UH-048BE, Vector GP76 12UH-426NL, Vector GP76 12UH-427BE, Vector GP76 12UH-603ES