Original MSI BTY-S14 BTY-S15 Battery for E2MS115K2002 CR41 CR61 MS-16GD CX70 2OD CX70 MS-1755 fx700012fr


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Specifications :

  • Battery rating: 11.11V
  • Battery capacity: 58Wh
  • Type: rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Battery color: Black
  • Condition: New
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

Part Numbers :

1002178-149457-1 40029231 BP16G1322200S BP-16G1-32/2200 S BP16G132/2200S BTY-M6E BTYS14 E2MS110K2002 MSI6A200SSSA1 10021781494571 40029683 BP-16G1-32/2200 P BP16G132/2200S BP-16G1-32/3200 S BTYM6E BTY-S15 E2MS110W2002 40029150 BP-16G1-32-2200 S BP16G132/2200P BP-16G1-32/2200S BP16G132/3200S BTY-S14 BTYS15 E2MS115K2002

Laptop Fit Models:

Msi Series
CR41(MS-1485) CR61 MS16GD CR61-2Mi345W CR612Mi51 CR61-2MP345W7 CR61i345 CR61-i345W7H CR61i5U45FHDW7 CR650-029NL CR650207NL CR70(MS-1758) CR702Mi345 CR70-2MP345W7 CR41(MS1485) CR61-2Mi345 CR612Mi345W CR61-2Mi51W CR612MP345W7 CR61-i345W7 CR61i345W7H CR650(MS-16GN) CR650029NL CR670(MS-16GO) CR70(MS1758) CR70-2Mi51 CR702MP345W7 CR61 MS-16GD CR612Mi345 CR61-2Mi51 CR612Mi51W CR61-i345 CR61i345W7 CR61-i5U45FHDW7 CR650(MS16GN) CR650-207NL CR670(MS16GO) CR70-2Mi345 CR702Mi51
Msi Series
CX41(MS-1485) CX61 2OD231XTR CX61(MS-16GD) CX612pc385w7w CX61-2pci581bw7 CX612QFi581 CX61-2QFi781 CX612QFi781W CX670(MS-16GO) CX70 2OD CX70-2PFi587W7 CX702QFi581 CX70-i740M281W7H CX72 6QD(MS1796) CX41(MS1485) CX61 2OD-385W7W CX61(MS16GD) CX61-2PCi545FDW CX612pci581bw7 CX61-2QFi581W CX612QFi781 CX61-i572M281BW7 CX670(MS16GO) CX70(MS-1755) CX702PFi587W7 CX70-2QFi781 CX70i740M281W7H CX72 6QD-081XES CX61 2OD-231XTR CX61 2OD385W7W CX61-2pc385w7w CX612PCi545FDW CX61-2QFi581 CX612QFi581W CX61-2QFi781W CX61i572M281BW7 CX70 2OC CX70(MS1755) CX70-2QFi581 CX702QFi781 CX72 6QD(MS-1796) CX72 6QD081XES
Msi Series
GP60 2OD(MS-16GH) GP60 2OD052US GP60 2PE(MS-16GH) GP60 2PEi585FD(16GHSKU4) GP60 2QE(MS-16GH) GP60 2QF(MS-16GH) GP60(MS-16GD) GP60i540M287FD(0016GDSKU1) GP60-i740M245FD(16GD-SKU2) GP70 2OD(MS1758) GP70 2OD-345W7 GP70 2PE(MS175A) GP70 2QE(MS175A) GP70 2QF(MS175A) GP60 2OD(MS16GH) GP60 2OD-070US GP60 2PE(MS16GH) GP60 2PEi781FD(0016GH-SKU83) GP60 2QE(MS16GH) GP60 2QF(MS16GH) GP60(MS16GD) GP60-i574M281W7(0016GD-SKU5) GP60i740M245FD(16GDSKU2) GP70 2OD-027US GP70 2OD345W7 GP70 2PEi745FD GP70 2QEi545 GP70 2QFi781BFD GP60 2OD-052US GP60 2OD070US GP60 2PEi585FD(16GH-SKU4) GP60 2PEi781FD(0016GHSKU83) GP60 2QEi545FD GP60 2QFi741BFD GP60-i540M287FD(0016GD-SKU1) GP60i574M281W7(0016GDSKU5) GP70 2OD(MS-1758) GP70 2OD027US GP70 2PE(MS-175A) GP70 2QE(MS-175A) GP70 2QF(MS-175A)
Msi Series
Akoya E6313 CR41-i587 cr650-018pl cr650035xhu cr650-074xcn cr650208be cr650-227 cr650230xby cr650-e45087bw7h CX650 Series CX70 Series CX72 6QD-080XES CX72 6QD208US FR400 Series fr600-060pl FR620 FR720-001 fx400-075xar fx420-010xcn fx420050us FX603 fx603-018us fx603047xeu fx603-i380m fx610-018cs FX620DX fx620dx-268us fx700-001nl fx700012 FX720 Series GE60 0NC-002BE GE60 0NC006US GE60 0NC-028AU GE60 0NC037TR GE60 0NC-055CZ GE60 0NC058CZ GE60 0NC-072NL GE60 0NC208FR GE60 0NC-498US GE60 0NC630UK GE60 2OC-097US  Akoya P6512 CR41i587 cr650018pl cr650-049xtr cr650074xcn cr650-221cs cr650227 cr650-278xpl cr650e45087bw7h CX70 0NF-091US CX72 6QD-050FR CX72 6QD080XES CX72 6QD-231XES FR600 3D fr600060pl FR700 Series FR720001 fx400075xar fx420010xcn FX600 Series FX603-005IT fx603018us fx603-048xhu fx603i380m fx610018cs fx620dx-256us fx620dx268us fx700001nl fx700-012fr GE60 0NC-001NL GE60 0NC002BE GE60 0NC-015JP GE60 0NC028AU GE60 0NC-042US GE60 0NC055CZ GE60 0NC-059CZ GE60 0NC072NL GE60 0NC-262US GE60 0NC498US GE60 20E-455XCN CR41 CR650 Series cr650-035xhu cr650049xtr cr650-208be cr650221cs cr650-230xby cr650278xpl CX61 Series CX70 0NF091US CX72 6QD050FR CX72 6QD-208US CX72 6QD231XES FR600 Series FR610 Series FR720 Series FX400 Series FX420 fx420-050us FX600MX FX603005IT fx603-047xeu fx603048xhu FX610 Series FX610MX fx620dx256us FX700 Series fx700-012 fx700012fr GE60 0NC001NL GE60 0NC-006US GE60 0NC015JP GE60 0NC-037TR GE60 0NC042US GE60 0NC-058CZ GE60 0NC059CZ GE60 0NC-208FR GE60 0NC262US GE60 0NC-630UK GE60 20E455XCN

GE60 0NC630UK
GE60 20E-455XCN
GE60 20E455XCN
GE60 2OC-097US