Original 48Wh Samsung NP305V7A AA-PB9NC6B AA-PB9NS6B RC530 R463 RV409 NP-R478 R468 Q320 NP-R428 Laptop Battery


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Product Description:

  • Voltage: 11.1V
  • Capacity: 4400mAh (48Wh)
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Color: black
  • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety.
  • Grade A cells battery, 500+ recharge cycles.
  • Warranty: 12 months.
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.
Compatible Part Numbers :

AA-BP9NS6B, AA-PB2NC3W, AA-PB2NC6W, AA-PB2NX6W, AA-PB4NC6W, AA-PB9MC6B, AA-PB9MC6S, AA-PB9MC6W, AA-PB9NC5B, AA-PB9NC6B, AA-PB9NC6W, AA-PB9NC6W/E, AA-PB9NC6W/US, AA-PB9NC68, AA-PB9NL6B, AA-PB9NL6W, AA-PB9NS6B, AA-PB9NS6W, AA-PL2NC9W, AA-PL9NC2B, AA-PL9NC6B, AA-PL9NC6W, BA43-00198A, BA43-00199A, BA43-00207A, BA43-00208A, BA43-00282A, BLA010422, CS-SNC318HB, NP355U5C-SQ3SE, P0058585

FIT MODELS :(use "ctrl+F" to find your model quickly)

300E4A-A02, 300E4A-A03, 300E4C, 300E4C-U0A, 300E4C-U09, 300E4X, 300E4X-U06, 300E4X-U07, 300E4X-U08, 300E4X-U09, 300E43-S01, 300E43-S03, 300E43-S05, 300E43-S06, 300E43-S08, 300V5A-A02, 300V5A-A03, 305V5A-A01, 305V5A-A02, 305V5A-S01, 350U2B, 350U2B-A04, 350U2B-A07, 350V5C, 355V4C, 355V4C-S05, 3430E, 3430EC-J01, 3430EC-U01, 3430EX-S02, Aura P7450, Aura P8700, E251E, NP-300E4A, NP-300E5A, NP-300E5C, NP-300V, NP-300V3A, NP-305V5A, np-350v5c, NP-355v5c, NP-530, NP-E152, NP-E251, NP-E252, NP-E257, NP-E271, NP-E272, NP-E352, NP-E372, NP-E452I, NP-E3415, NP-E3510, NP-E3520, NP-E5510, NP-P210-BA01, NP-P210-BA02, NP-P210-BS01, NP-P210-BS02, NP-P210-BS04, NP-P210-BS05, NP-P210-Pro P8400, NP-P210-Pro P8400 Padou, NP-P210-XA01, NP-P210E, NP-P210I, NP-P230, NP-P330, NP-P410, NP-P428, NP-P430, NP-P459, NP-P460, NP-P460-Pro P8600 Pompeji, NP-P467, NP-P469, NP-P478, NP-P480, NP-P500, NP-P510, NP-P530, NP-P530 JA01, NP-P530-JA02BE, NP-P530I, NP-P560 AA01, NP-P560 AA02, NP-P560 AA03, NP-P560 AA04, NP-P560-52P, NP-P560-54G, NP-P560-54P, NP-P580, NP-P580-JA02, NP-P710I, NP-Q210-FA03DE, NP-Q210-FA04DE, NP-Q210-FS02DE, NP-Q210-FS03DE, NP-Q210-FS04DE, NP-Q310, NP-Q310-34G, NP-Q310-34P, NP-Q310-AS04DE, NP-Q310I, NP-Q318, NP-Q318E, NP-Q320, NP-Q320 AS02, NP-Q320 FS01, NP-Q320-32P, NP-Q320-AS04DE, NP-Q320-Aura P8700, NP-Q320-FS01US, NP-Q320E, NP-Q320H, NP-Q322, NP-Q328, NP-Q428, NP-Q430, NP-Q430-JSB1US, NP-Q430-JT02CL, NP-Q430E, NP-Q430H, NP-Q528, NP-Q530, NP-Q530 JS01, NP-Q530E, NP-R39, NP-R39-DY06, NP-R40-EL1, NP-R40-K00F, NP-R40-K003, NP-R40-K005, NP-R40-K007, NP-R40-K008, NP-R40K001/SEG, NP-R40K003/SEG, NP-R40K004/SEG, NP-R45, NP-R45-C1500, NP-R50CV02/SAU, NP-R50CV04/SHK, NP-R50TV02/SAU, NP-R58Y, NP-R60, NP-R60 Plus, NP-R60-Aura T2330 Diazz, NP-R60-Aura T5250 Donna, NP-R60-FY01, NP-R60E, NP-R60FE0G/SEG, NP-R60FE08/SEG, NP-R60FS02/SEG, NP-R60FS03/SEG, NP-R60FS04/SEG, NP-R60FSAB/SEG, NP-R60FY0A/SEG, NP-R60FY0D/SEG, NP-R60FY07/SEG, NP-R60KY02/SEG, NP-R61, NP-R70, NP-R70 Aura T7100 Devin, NP-R70-XEV 7100, NP-R70A00E/SEG, NP-R70A007/SEF, NP-R70T003/SUK, NP-R403, NP-R410, NP-R411, NP-R418, NP-R420, NP-R423, NP-R425, NP-R428, NP-R429, NP-R430, NP-R431, NP-R439, NP-R440, NP-R453, NP-R455, NP-R458, NP-R460, NP-R460-AS06, NP-R460-AS09, NP-R460-BS04, NP-R460-XS04, NP-R462, NP-R463, NP-R463H, NP-R464, NP-R465, NP-R465H, NP-R466, NP-R467, NP-R468, NP-R468H, NP-R469, NP-R470, NP-R470H, NP-R478, NP-R480, NP-R480L, NP-R503, NP-R505, NP-R505 FS02, NP-R505-FS01, NP-R505-FS03, NP-R505-FS04, NP-R505-FS05DE, NP-R505E, NP-R505H, NP-R507, NP-R508E, NP-R509, NP-R509-FA02DE, NP-R509-FA03DE, NP-R509-XA01DE, NP-R509E, NP-R510, NP-R510 AS02, NP-R510 AS04, NP-R510 AS05, NP-R510 AS07, NP-R510 AS08, NP-R510 FA0E, NP-R510 FA01, NP-R510 FA02, NP-R510 FA06, NP-R510 FA07, NP-R510 FA09, NP-R510 FS0A, NP-R510 FS01, NP-R510 FS08, NP-R510 FS09, NP-R510 XE2V 5750, NP-R510 XE2V 7350, NP-R510 XE5V 7350, NP-R510 XS01, NP-R510-AS01, NP-R510-AS01NL, NP-R510-AS04NL, NP-R510-AS05NL, NP-R510-AS08NL, NP-R510-BA01, NP-R510-FA0enL, NP-R510-FA03BE, NP-R510-FA06NL, NP-R510-FA07NL, NP-R510-FA09NL, NP-R510-FS0ANL, NP-R510-FS03, NP-R510-FS04, NP-R510-FS04NL, NP-R510-FS07, NP-R510-FS08NL, NP-R510E, NP-R515, NP-R517, NP-R518, NP-R518E, NP-R518H, NP-R519, NP-R519-FA01BE, NP-R519-FA01NL, NP-R519-FA02NL, NP-R519-FA04NL, NP-R519-JA01BE, NP-R519-JA01FR, NP-R519-JA02BE, NP-R519-JA02NL, NP-R519-JA03NL, NP-R519-JA05BE, NP-R519-JA06NL, NP-R519-JA07, NP-R519-JA07NL, NP-R519-JS01, NP-R519-JS01FR, NP-R519-JS01NL, NP-R519-JS02, NP-R519-JS02BE, NP-R519-JS03BE, NP-R519-JS06DE, NP-R519-XA01BE, NP-R519-XA01NL, NP-R519-XA02BE, NP-R519-XA02NL, NP-R519E, NP-R520, NP-R520-FA04UK, NP-R520-FA05UK, NP-R520-FS01NL, NP-R520-FS02BE, NP-R520-JS01, NP-R520-JS01NL, NP-R520E, NP-R520H, NP-R522, NP-R522-AS01NL, NP-R522-FA01, NP-R522-FA01NL, NP-R522-FS01, NP-R522-FS01NL, NP-R522-FS02BE, NP-R522-FS02NL, NP-R522-FS03NL, NP-R522-JS01BE, NP-R522-JS01NL, NP-R522-JS05DE, NP-R522-JS05TR, NP-R522-PS55, NP-R522E, NP-R522H, NP-R523, NP-R525, NP-R525-JS02UA, NP-R525-JS03RU, NP-R528, NP-R528-DA05, NP-R528-DA06, NP-R530, NP-R530-JA01UA, NP-R530-JA04UA, NP-R530-JA05, NP-R530-JA07UA, NP-R530-JS03UA, NP-R530-JS04UA, NP-R530-JS05, NP-R530-JS06, NP-R530-JS07, NP-R530-JT01UA, NP-R530-JT03UA, NP-R530CE, NP-R530E, NP-R538, NP-R538EP, NP-R538I, NP-R540, NP-R540-JA01, NP-R540-JA01BE, NP-R540-JA01NL, NP-R540-JA01PL, NP-R540-JA01UA, NP-R540-JA02, NP-R540-JA02CA, NP-R540-JA03, NP-R540-JA03BE, NP-R540-JA03NL, NP-R540-JA04, NP-R540-JA04NL, NP-R540-JA05, NP-R540-JA05NL, NP-R540-JA06, NP-R540-JA06BE, NP-R540-JA06NL, NP-R540-JA06PL, NP-R540-JA07PL, NP-R540-JA08, NP-R540-JS01, NP-R540-JS01BE, NP-R540-JS01NL, NP-R540-JS02, NP-R540-JS02BE, NP-R540-JS02NL, NP-R540-JS02PL, NP-R540-JS03BE, NP-R540-JS03NL, NP-R540-JS04UA, NP-R540-JS08, NP-R540-JT01BE, NP-R540-JT01NL, NP-R540-JT02NL, NP-R540-JT02PL, NP-R540EP, NP-R548, NP-R560, NP-R560-AS0BDE, NP-R560-AS0CDE, NP-R560-AS0DDE, NP-R560-AS0EDE, NP-R560-AS0FDE, NP-R560-AS0GDE, NP-R560-AS0HDE, NP-R560-AS05DE, NP-R560-AS06DE, NP-R580, NP-R580-JS02BE, NP-R580-JS02NL, NP-R580-JS03DE, NP-R580-JS04NL, NP-R580-JS05NL, NP-R580-JS06, NP-R580-JS06FR, NP-R580-JS06NL, NP-R580-JT01BE, NP-R580H, NP-R580VE, NP-R588, NP-R590, NP-R590-JS01, NP-R590-JS01NL, NP-R590E, NP-R610, NP-R610-62G, NP-R610-64G, NP-R610-AS02, NP-R610-AS03, NP-R610-AS04, NP-R610-AS04NL, NP-R610-AS05, NP-R610-AS06, NP-R610-AS07, NP-R610-AS08, NP-R610-Aura P8400, NP-R610-Aura P8700, NP-R610-Aura P9500, NP-R610-Aura T3400, NP-R610-Aura T5900, NP-R610-FS02, NP-R620, NP-R620-FS02US, NP-R620-FS03, NP-R620-FS03FR, NP-R620-JS01TR, NP-R620-JS02FR, NP-R620E, NP-R700 Aura T8100, NP-R700 Aura T8100 Deager, NP-R700 Aura T9300, NP-R700 Aura T9300 Dillen, NP-R700-A00ADE, NP-R700-AS04DE, NP-R700-AS05DE, NP-R700-FA02DE, NP-R710 AS08, NP-R710 XE2V 7350, NP-R710-AA01DE, NP-R710-AS0A, NP-R710-AS0B, NP-R710-AS0D, NP-R710-AS01, NP-R710-AS02, NP-R710-AS03, NP-R710-AS04, NP-R710-AS05, NP-R710-AS05DE, NP-R710-AT01NL, NP-R710-BS01, NP-R710-FA01, NP-R710-FA01BE, NP-R710-FS01, NP-R710I, NP-R710R, NP-R718, NP-R719, NP-R719-FA01BE, NP-R719-FA02BE, NP-R719-FA02NL, NP-R719-JA01BE, NP-R719-JA01FR, NP-R719-JA01NL, NP-R719-JA01UA, NP-R719-JA02, NP-R719-JA02BE, NP-R719-JA03BE, NP-R719-JA04BE, NP-R719-JA05BE, NP-R719-JA06BE, NP-R719-JS01, NP-R719-JS01BE, NP-R719-JS01NL, NP-R719-JS02BE, NP-R719-JS03BE, NP-R719-JS04BE, NP-R719-XA01FR, NP-R719E, NP-R720, NP-R720-AS01BE, NP-R720-AS01NL, NP-R720-AS02BE, NP-R720-AS03BE, NP-R720-FS01BE, NP-R720-FS02BE, NP-R720-FS02NL, NP-R720-FS03NL, NP-R720-FS04FR, NP-R720-FS04NL, NP-R720-FS05FR, NP-R720-FS05NL, NP-R720-FS07DE, NP-R720-JS02NL, NP-R720-JS03NL, NP-R720-JS05DE, NP-R720-PS01, NP-R720-PS01BE, NP-R720-PS01NL, NP-R720E, NP-R728, NP-R730, NP-R730-JA01, NP-R730-JA02, NP-R730-JA05, NP-R730-JB02, NP-R730-JB02BE, NP-R730-JB02NL, NP-R730-JB06NL, NP-R730-JS01, NP-R730-JS05, NP-R730-JT01, NP-R730-JT02, NP-R730-JT03, NP-R730C, NP-R730E, NP-R780, NP-R780-JS01, NP-R780-JS01BE, NP-R780-JS01FR, NP-R780-JS01NL, NP-R780-JS02, NP-R780-JS02BE, NP-R780-JS02FR, NP-R780-JS02NL, NP-R780-JS03, NP-R780-JS03BE, NP-R780-JS03FR, NP-R780-JS03NL, NP-R780-JS04, NP-R780-JS04BE, NP-R780-JS04NL, NP-R780-JS05BE, NP-R780-JS05NL, NP-R780-JS06BE, NP-R780-JT01, NP-R780-JT01BE, NP-R780-JT01NL, NP-R780E, NP-RC408, NP-RC410, NP-RC418, NP-RC508, NP-RC510, NP-RC510-S01, NP-RC512, NP-RC518, NP-RC520, NP-RC520H, NP-RC530, NP-RC530-S01NL, NP-RC530-S07, NP-RC710, NP-RC710E, NP-RC720, NP-RC720H, NP-RC730, NP-RC730-S01, NP-RC730-S01NL, NP-RF410, NP-RF410E, NP-RF411, NP-RF510, NP-RF510-S01, NP-RF510-S02, NP-RF510E, NP-RF511, NP-RF511-S01, NP-RF511-S02, NP-RF511-S03, NP-RF511-S03AU, NP-RF511-S05, NP-RF710, NP-RF710-S02, NP-RF710-S02BE, NP-RF710-S02NL, NP-RF710-S03BE, NP-RF710-S06, NP-RF710E, NP-RF711, NP-RF711-S01, NP-RF711-S01NL, NP-RF711-S02BE, NP-RF711-S02NL, NP-RF711-S07DE, NP-RF712, NP-RV408, NP-RV409, NP-RV409E, NP-RV409I, NP-RV410, NP-RV411E, NP-RV415, NP-RV419, NP-RV420, NP-RV440, NP-RV508, NP-RV508-A02UA, NP-RV508-A03UA, NP-RV508-A04UA, NP-RV508-A05UA, NP-RV508I, NP-RV509, NP-RV509-A0CIN, NP-RV509-A02UA, NP-RV509-A03UA, NP-RV509-A04UA, NP-RV509-S02UA, NP-RV509-S03UA, NP-RV509-S04UA, NP-RV509-S05UA, NP-RV509E, NP-RV509I, NP-RV510, NP-RV510-A01, NP-RV510-A01NL, NP-RV510-A03BE, NP-RV510-A03FR, NP-RV510-A03NL, NP-RV510E, NP-RV511, NP-RV511-A01, NP-RV511-A04NL, NP-RV511-S01, NP-RV511E, NP-RV511I, NP-RV515, NP-RV515E, np-rv515l, NP-RV518E, NP-RV518I, NP-RV520, NP-RV520-S01NL, NP-RV520-S02DE, NP-RV520E, NP-RV520I, NP-RV709, NP-RV710, NP-RV711, NP-RV711-A01NL, NP-RV711-S01NL, NP-RV711E, NP-RV711I, NP-RV720, NP-RV720-A01NL, NP-RV720-S01NL, NP-RV720-S02NL, np-s3511, NP-SA1B, NP-SA1E, NP-SA1Y, NP-SA11H, NP-SA20, NP-SA21, NP-SA31, NP-SA41, NP-SE11, NP-SE20, NP-SE21, NP-SE31, np-sf410, NP-SF410-A01, NP-SF411I, NP-X65, NP-X65 XEV 7300, NP-X360, NP-X360-34G, NP-X360-34P, NP-X360-AA02, NP-X360-AA03, NP-X360-AA04, NP-X460, NP-X460-41S, NP-X460-44G, NP-X460-44P, NP-X460-AS04, NP-X460-AS05, NP-X460-FA01, NP-X460I, NP200, NP200B, NP200B2A, NP200B2B, NP200B4A, NP200B4B, NP200B4C, NP200B5A, NP200B5B, NP200B5C, NP270E4E, NP270E4V, NP270E5E, NP270E5J, NP270E5R, NP270E5U, NP270E5V, NP275E4E, NP275E4V, NP275E5E, NP275E5V, NP300E, NP300E3A, NP300E4A, NP300E4AH, NP300E4C, NP300E4E, NP300E4V, NP300E4X, NP300E4Z, NP300E4ZI, NP300E5A, NP300E5A-S0GDE, NP300E5A-S01, NP300E5A-S03, NP300E5A-S04, NP300E5AH, NP300E5C, NP300E5C-A01US, NP300E5C-A02US, NP300E5C-A08US, NP300E5C-A09US, NP300E5E, NP300E5V, NP300E5X, NP300E5Z, NP300E5ZH, NP300E5ZI, NP300E7A, NP300E7A-S03FR, NP300E7AH, NP300E7AI, NP300E7Z, NP300E43, NP300ESC, NP300V, NP300V3A, NP300V3AH, NP300V4A, NP300V4Z, NP300V4ZH, NP300V5A, NP300V5A-A05, NP300V5A-A06US, NP300V5AI, NP300V5Z, NP300V5ZH, NP300V5ZI, NP300V7A, NP305E, NP305E4A, NP305E4Z, NP305E5A, NP305E5AH, NP305E5AI, NP305E5Z, NP305E7A, NP305E7A-A02US, NP305E7AI, NP305V, NP305V3A, NP305V4A, NP305V4Z, NP305V4ZH, NP305V5A, NP305V5A-A01US, NP305V5AD, NP305V5AH, NP305V5AI, NP305V5Z, NP305V5ZD, NP305V5ZH, NP305V5ZI, NP305V7A, NP310E5C, NP350, NP350E, NP350E4C, NP350E5C, NP350E5C-A01AU, NP350E5C-A05PL, NP350E5C-S04PL, NP350E5C-S05PL, NP350E5X, NP350E7C, NP350E7C-S0BFR, NP350E7C-S05PL, NP350E7C-S07PL, NP350E7C-S08PL, NP350E7C-S09PL, NP350E7X, NP350U5C, NP350V, NP350V4C, NP350V4X, NP350V5C, NP350V5C-S0CPL, NP350V5C-S0DPL, NP350V5C-S0FPL, NP350V5C-S05PL, NP350V5C-S06AU, NP350V5C-S06FR, NP350V5C-S06PL, NP350V5C-S07PL, NP355E, NP355E4C, NP355E4X, NP355E5C, NP355E5X, NP355E5X-A01RU, NP355E7C, NP355E7C-A01US, NP355E7C-S03PL, NP355U4C, NP355V, NP355V4C, NP355V4X, NP355V5C, NP355V5C-A01RU, NP355V5C-S04PL, NP355V5C-S05PL, NP355V5S, NP355V5X, NP365E5C, NP370R5E, NP400B, NP400B2A, NP550P5C, NP550P5CL, NP3415, NP3430, NP3431, np3530ec, NT-E272, NT-P330, NT-P430, NT-P560, NT-P580, NT-Q318, NT-Q460, NT-Q530, NT-R429, NT-R430, NT-R462, NT-R464, NT-R465, NT-R467, NT-R480, NT-R517, NT-R518, NT-R540, NT-R540-PS45S, NT-R590, NT-R719, NT-RC418, NT-RC508, NT-RC510, NT-RC512, NT-RC518, NT-RC520, NT-RC708, NT-RC720, NT-RC730, NT-RF510, NT-RF710, NT-RF712, NT-RV409, NT-RV413, NT-RV508, NT-RV509, NT-RV510, NT-RV511, NT-RV720, NT305E, NTRV711, P210-BA02, P230, P320, P330, P408, P410, P428, P430, P460-44P, P480, P510, P530, P560, P580, P580-JS06, P7450, Q210, Q230, Q230-JS03, Q308, Q318, Q318-DS0H, Q318-DS01, Q318-DS02, Q320, Q320-32P, Q320-AS01DE, Q320-Aura P7450 Benks, Q322, Q428, Q430, Q460-JS0F, Q460-JS0H, Q460-JS0K, Q470-JT02, Q530, R408, R418, R420, R425, R427, R428, R429, R429-DS05, R430, R460-AS06, R460-AS09, R460-BS04, R460-XS04, R462, R463, R464, R465, R466, R467, R468, R469, R470, R478, R480, R503, R505 FS02, R505 FS03, R505-FS05DE, R508, R509, R517, R519, R522, R525, R525-EIKEE, R525-JS02RU, R525-JS03, R525-JT03RU, R528, R540-JA06, R560, R620, R720, R720-AS02DE, R730, R780, R780-JT01, RC410, RC510, RC512, RC530, RC710, RC720H, RC730, RF410, RF411, RF510, RF510-S03AU, RF511, RF511-S02, RF512, RF710, RF710-S02US, RF711, RF712, RV250, RV408, RV409, RV409I, RV410, RV411, RV415, RV420, RV440, RV508, RV509, RV509E, RV509I, RV510, RV510-A01AU, RV511, RV511-S03, RV511E, RV513, RV520, RV520-W01US, RV540, RV720, S3510, sf410, SF410-A02, SF411

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