Dell 19.5V 3.34A 65W 7.4*5.0mm Original Adapter Charger for Dell laptop PA-12 family PA-1650-02DW NX061


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Product Specifications : 

  • Brand :Dell
  • Product Type: AC Power Adapter or Charger
  • Model/Part Number: PA-1650-02DW NX061
  • Condition: Original & Brand New
  • AC Input: 100-240V~ 1.6A (for worldwide use)
  • Operating Frequency ‎:‎50-60Hz
  • DC Output: 19.5V–3.34A
  • Power Output: 65W
  • Power LED Indicator: Yes
  • DC Connector Type : Round with Octagon shape (Inside pin)
  • DC Connector Size: 7.4*5.0mm
  • AC Cord Length: Included
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.


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