G50-70 Original Lenovo G500S G400s Laptop Battery for L12L4A02 L12L4E01 L12M4A02 L12S4A02 L12S4E01


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    • Brand : Lenovo
    • Voltage: 14.4V
    • Capacity: 41WH
    • Color: Black
    • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
    • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety.
    • Grade A cells battery, 500+ recharge cycles
    • Condition : New Original Battery
    • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
    • Warranty: 12 Months.
    • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

    121500171, 121500172, 121500173, 121500174, 121500175, 121500176, 5B10K10161, 90202869, L12L4A02, L12L4E01, L12M4A02, L12M4E01, L12S4A02, L12S4E01

    FIT MODELS :FOR LENOVO(Use CTRL+F to find your model)

    G40-80, G410s Touch Series, G510s Touch Series, ERASER G50-70A, IdeaPad G510s Series, ERASER G50-75, G510s Series, IdeaPad Z50-75, ERASER Z40-70, IdeaPad S435, IdeaPad S410p Series, ERASER Z70-70, ERASER G50-80, IdeaPad G505s Series, ERASER Z50-70, ERASER Z70-80, ERASER Z40-75, S410p Series, IdeaPad G500s Series, IdeaPad G410s Series, IDEAPAD G50-70A, G410s Series, G505s Series, IdeaPad Z710 Series, IdeaPad G400s Series, IdeaPad S510p Series, ERASER G50-70M, ERASER G50-45, S510p Series, LENOVO IdeaPad G400s Series, Z710 Series, IDEAPAD G50-75, G500s Series, IDEAPAD Z40-70, ERASER G50-30, IdeaPad G500s Touch, G400s Series, IdeaPad G50-80, IdeaPad G510s Touch, G500s Touch, ERASER G50-70, G510s Touch, IdeaPad G410s Touch, IDEAPAD Z70-70, IdeaPad Z50-70, G410s Touch, IdeaPad G505s Touch, IdeaPad G400s Touch, IDEAPAD Z70-80, IDEAPAD Z40-75, G40-45, G505s Touch, IdeaPad G405s Touch, G400s Touch, G405s Touch, Z40-70, Z50-75, IdeaPad S410p Touch, Z70-80, G40-30, S410p Touch, G40-70, ERASER G50, Z40-75, IdeaPad S510p Touch, IDEAPAD G50-70M, S510p Touch, IdeaPad G50-30, ERASER Z70, ERASER Z40, Z50-70, IdeaPad G50-70, IdeaPad G50-45, IDEAPAD Z70, IDEAPAD Z40, Lenovo Z40, Lenovo Z50, IdeaPad Z710, IdeaPad G410s, IdeaPad S410p, IdeaPad G510s, IdeaPad G405s, G410s, IdeaPad G505s, IdeaPad S510p, S410p, IdeaPad G500s, G510s, G405s, S510p, G505s, IdeaPad G400s, G500s, Z710, G400s, Lenovo 505s Touch Series, B70-80 80MR0006GE, B70-80(80MR), B70-80(80MR00RSGE), B70-80(80MR00RVGE), B70-80(80MR00RYGE), B70-80(80MR000AGE), B70-80(80MR000BGE), B70-80(80MR0009GE), B70-80(80MR01CAGE), B70-80(80MR01CCGE), B70-80(80MR01CDGE), B70-80(80MR02PMGE), ERASER G50, ERASER G50-30, ERASER G50-45, ERASER G50-70, ERASER G50-70A, ERASER G50-70M, ERASER G50-75, ERASER G50-80, ERASER Z40, ERASER Z40-70, ERASER Z40-75, ERASER Z50-70, Eraser Z50-75, ERASER Z70, ERASER Z70-70, ERASER Z70-80, G40-30, G40-30(80G9), G40-30-80FY00DHAU, G40-30-NTH, G40-30-NTW, G40-45, G40-45-80E1002UCD, G40-45-AEI, G40-45-ASI, G40-45-E0N, G40-45-ETW, G40-70, G40-70AM-IFI, G40-70AT-CTW, G40-70AT-IFI, G40-70AT-ITH, G40-70AT-PTH, G40-70M-IFI, G40-70M-ITH, G40-70MA-IFI, G40-70MA-ITH, G40-70MA-PTH, G40-75-ATE, G40-80, G40-80(80E4), G40-80(80JE), G40-80(80KY), G41-25, G41-35-80M7001NAU, G41-35-80M7001PAU, G50-30(80G0), G50-30(80G00015GE), G50-30(80G0002JGE), G50-30(80G00036GE), G50-30(80G0005NGE), G50-30(80G00093GE), G50-30(80G001S2GE), G50-30(80G001YHGE), G50-30(80G001YUPB), G50-30(80G00189GE), G50-30-80G000KTAU, G50-30-80G001LQAU, G50-30-80G001RKAU, G50-30-80G0018EAU, G50-30-NTH, G50-30-NTW, G50-45, G50-45(80E3), G50-45(80E300DGGE), G50-45(80E300DHGE), G50-45(80E300J4GE), G50-45(80E300RNGE), G50-45(80E300T8GE), G50-45(80E300T8GEE), G50-45(80E301CTGE), G50-45(80E301N7GE), G50-45(80E301V3GE), G50-45(80E301V4GE), G50-45(80E301V5GE), G50-45(80E301VPGE), G50-45(80E501HUGE), G50-45(80E3004EIN), G50-45(80E3009NGE), G50-45(80E3024XGE), G50-45(80E30204GE), G50-45(80G000CRGE), G50-45(80HW009FGE), G50-45(80MQ001WGE), G50-45(A6-6310), G50-45(A8-6410), G50-45-80E300AGAU, G50-45-80E301S2AU, G50-45-80E301S3AU, G50-45-80E301S4AU, G50-45-80E3014YAU, G50-45-80E3017YAU, G50-45-80E3023GAU, G50-45-80E3024MAU, G50-45-80E30157AU, G50-45-80E30158AU, G50-45-AEI, G50-45-ASI, G50-45-E0N, G50-45-QC, G50-70, G50-70(59419321), G50-70(59423397), G50-70(59423402), G50-70(59424215), G50-70(59424799), G50-70(59424800), G50-70(59426467), G50-70(59427091), G50-70(59427095), G50-70(59427099), G50-70(59427103), G50-70(59427212), G50-70(59427213), G50-70(59427214), G50-70(59427215), G50-70(59427216), G50-70(59429163), G50-70(59431557), G50-70(59440034), G50-70(59440786), G50-70(59441257), G50-70(59443619), G50-70-59411117, G50-70-59411118, G50-70-59411119, G50-70-59435089, G50-70-59436640, G50-70AT-IFI, G50-70AT-ISE, G50-70AT-ITH, G50-70AT-PTH, G50-70m, G50-70M-ITH, G50-70MA-CTW, G50-70MA-IFI, G50-70MA-ISE, G50-70MA-ITH, G50-70MA-PTH, G50-75mA-ATE, G50-80, G50-80(80E5), G50-80(80E501CNGE), G50-80(80E501EBGE), G50-80(80E501G2GE), G50-80(80E501N8GE), G50-80(80E501PBGE), G50-80(80E501WWGE), G50-80(80E502JBGE), G50-80(80E502U4GE), G50-80(80E502U6GE), G50-80(80E502U7GE), G50-80(80E3007FUS), G50-80(80E5009HKR), G50-80(80E5009LKR), G50-80(80E5009MKR), G50-80(80E5036TGE), G50-80(80E5039SGE), G50-80(80E5039UGE), G50-80(80E5039VGE), G50-80(80E30182GE), G50-80(80E50202GE), G50-80(80E50270GE), G50-80(80E50271GE), G50-80(80E50274GE), G50-80(80L000HEGE), G50-80(80L000HFGE), G50-80(80L0009TGE), G50-80(80L0009VGE), G50-80-80E501B0AU, G50-80-80E5036GAU, G50-80-80E50357AU, G50-80-80E50371AU, G50-80-ISE, G50-80-ITH, G50-80AT-IFI, G50-80AT-ISE, G51-35, G51-35 80M8002HGE, G51-35(80M8000T), G51-35(80M8000TGE), G51-35(80M80022GE), G51-35-80M8001MAU, G51-35-80M8001NAU, G51-35-80M8004AAU, G51-35-80M8007PAU, G51-35-80M80047AU, G51-35-80M80048AU, G51-35-80M80049AU, G51-35-80M80078AU, G70-35, G70-35(80Q5), G70-35(80Q5000BGE), G70-35(80Q5002YGE), G70-35(80Q5003JGE), G70-35(80Q5003KGE), G70-35(80Q5003LGE), G70-35(80Q5004RGE), G70-35(80Q50018GE), G70-35(80Q50041GE), G70-70, G70-70(80HW), G70-70(80HW00ADGE), G70-70(80HW000HGE), G70-70(80HW002KUS), G70-70(80HW002MUS), G70-70(80HW002NUS), G70-70(80HW002QUS), G70-70(80HW002SUS), G70-70(80HW005RGE), G70-70(80HW006FGE), G70-70(80HW006HGE), G70-70(80HW006JGE), G70-70(80HW0069GE), G70-70(80HW007NGE), G70-70(80HW0088GE), G70-70(80HW0089GE), G70-80, G70-80(80FF), G70-80(80FF00A9GE), G70-80(80FF00BAGE), G70-80(80FF00BFGE), G70-80(80FF00FFGE), G70-80(80FF00G3GE), G70-80(80FF00G6GE), G70-80(80FF00H0GE), G70-80(80FF00KUGE), G70-80(80FF002AGE), G70-80(80FF002BGE), G70-80(80FF0026GE), G70-80(80FF0029GE), G70-80(80FF0094GE), G400s, G400s(59-375144), G400s(59-382396), G400s(59-383636), G400s(59-383645), G400s(59-383679), G400s(59-384963), G400s(59-392001), G400s(59-392002), G400s Series, G400s Touch, G400s Touch Series, G405s, G405s(59-387579), G405s(59-390637), G405s Series, G405s Touch, G405s Touch Series, G410s, G410s Series, G410s Touch, G410s Touch Series, G500s, G500s(20245), G500s(59381251), G500s(59381624), G500s(59393076), G500s(59401659), G500s-59367693, G500s Series, G500s Touch, G500s Touch Series, G505s, G505s(59393082), G505s(59401773), G505s(59405605), G505s-20255, G505s Series, G505s Touch, G510s, G510s(80CJ), G510s Series, G510s Touch, G510s Touch Series, IdeaPad 20245, IdeaPad 20250, IdeaPad 20255, IdeaPad 20298, IdeaPad 20354, IdeaPad g40-30, IdeaPad G40-45, IDEAPAD G40-70, IdeaPad g40-70m, IdeaPad G50-30, IdeaPad G50-45, IdeaPad G50-70, IDEAPAD G50-70A, IDEAPAD G50-70M, IDEAPAD G50-75, IdeaPad G50-80, IdeaPad G400s, IdeaPad G400s Series, IdeaPad G400s Touch, IdeaPad G400s Touch Series, IdeaPad G405s, IdeaPad G405s Series, IdeaPad G405s Touch, IdeaPad G405s Touch Series, IdeaPad G410s, IdeaPad G410s Series, IdeaPad G410s Touch, IdeaPad G410s Touch Series, IdeaPad G450S Touch, IdeaPad G500s, IdeaPad G500s Series, IdeaPad G500s Touch, IdeaPad G500s Touch Series, IdeaPad G505s, IdeaPad G505s Series, IdeaPad G505s Touch, IdeaPad G505s Touch Series, IdeaPad G510s, IdeaPad G510s Series, IdeaPad G510s Touch, IdeaPad G510s Touch Series, IdeaPad S410p, IdeaPad S410p-00397, IdeaPad S410p-3561, IdeaPad S410p Series, IdeaPad S410p Touch, IdeaPad S410p Touch Series, IdeaPad S435, IdeaPad S510p, IdeaPad S510p Series, IdeaPad S510p Touch, IdeaPad S510p Touch Series, IDEAPAD Z40, IDEAPAD Z40-70, IDEAPAD Z40-75, IdeaPad Z50-70, IdeaPad Z50-75, IDEAPAD Z70, IDEAPAD Z70-70, IDEAPAD Z70-80, IdeaPad Z710, IdeaPad Z710 Series, IdeaPad Z710(20250), IdeaPad Z710(59385450), IdeaPad Z710(59387520), IdeaPad Z710(59387522), IdeaPad Z710(59393209), IdeaPad Z710(59393210), IdeaPad Z710(59393211), IdeaPad Z710(59424270), IdeaPad Z710(59435690), IdeaPad Z710-59381249, Lenovo G40-80E400QRCF, Lenovo G40-80E400QSCF, Lenovo G40-80E400R0CF, Lenovo G50-80-80E501J0CF, Lenovo G50-80-80E501JDCF, Lenovo G50-80-80E502XLCF, Lenovo G50-80-80E502XNCF, Lenovo G50-80-80E502XQCF, Lenovo G50-80-80E502XRCF, Lenovo G50-80-80E502XVCF, LENOVO IdeaPad G400s Series, LENOVO S510p Touch Series, Lenovo Z40, Lenovo Z50, S40-70, S40-70(80GQ000QRK), S40-70(80GQ000TCK), S40-70(80GQ0005RK), S410p, S410p Series, S410p Touch, S410p Touch Series, S510p, S510p(20298), S510p Series, S510p Touch, SR1000AT-ISE, V1000 FHD-ISE, V1000AT-ISE, V1070-FX-7500 4G, V1070-FXSE, V2000-ISE, V3000-ISE, Z40-70, Z40-70(80E6), Z40-70(59425584), Z40-70(59425585), Z40-70-59436823, Z40-75, Z40-75(80DW), Z40-59422614, Z50-70, Z50-70(20354), Z50-70(1351548), Z50-70(59415168), Z50-70(59420313), Z50-70(59421169), Z50-70(59421631), Z50-70(59424259), Z50-70(59424260), Z50-70(59424261), Z50-70(59424262), Z50-70(59424715), Z50-70(59424716), Z50-70(59427356), Z50-70(59427654), Z50-70(59427656), Z50-70(59427812), Z50-70(59427893), Z50-70(59428675), Z50-70(59429174), Z50-70(59429403), Z50-70(59441113), Z50-70(59442408), Z50-70-59432713, Z50-70-59432714, Z50-70-59433089, Z50-70-59433787, Z50-70-59436278, Z50-70-59441701, Z50-70-59441792, Z50-75, Z50-75(80EC), Z50-75(80EC00ASGE), Z50-75(80EC00GMGE), Z50-75(80EC000NGE), Z50-75(80EC001D), Z50-75(80EC001E), Z50-75(80EC001EGE), Z50-75(80EC001FGE), Z50-75(80EC0014GE), Z70-80, Z70-80(80FG), Z70-80(80FG00DLGE), Z70-80(80FG00DPGE), Z70-80(80FG00GTGE), Z70-80(80FG0037US), Z70-80(80FG005BUS), Z70-80(80FG005EUS), Z70-80(80FG005FUS), Z70-80(80FG005GUS), Z70-80(80FG005HUS), Z70-80(80FG005MGE), Z70-80(80FG005NGE), Z70-80(80FG008LGE), Z710, Z710 Series

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