Genuine 19.5V 6.15A 120W AC Adapter for Lenovo IdeaPad Y460P ADP-120-LH B E420 E4000 M2000 PA-1121-04 IdeaCentre B300 All in One PC Charger 5.5mm*2.5mm


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Product Specifications :

  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 19.5V
  • Output Current: 6.15A (120W)
  • Connector: 5.5*2.5mm
  • Color: black
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  • Warranty: 12 Months.
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Fit Part Numbers :

41A9732, 41A9733, 41A9734, 57Y6547, 57Y6549, 57Y6556, 36000403, 36001484, 36001684, 36001718, 36002031, 36002079, 36200400, 36200403, ADP-120-LH B, ADP-120L, ADP-120LH-BA, ADP-120L HB, PA-1121-04L1, PA-1211-04, PA-1211-04LI, PA-1211-16 Type 10051

Fit Models :

LENOVO: IDEAPAD Y460P-4395-2EU, Y580 2099XC7, IDEAPAD Y580-59345715, IDEAPAD Y470P-0855-2LU, IDEAPAD Y570-0862-25U, Y580-59345717, IDEAPAD Y570-0862-24U, Y580-2093-88U, IDEAPAD Y580-59345717, IDEAPAD Y580 59353260, IDEAPAD Y460P-4395-2AU, Y480-2093-83U, Y580 20993FU, IDEAPAD Y560-0646-5NU, IDEAPAD Y480-2093-83U, IDEAPAD Y570-0862-26U, IDEAPAD Y570-0862-6JU, IDEAPAD Y470P, Y460, IDEAPAD Y580 59RF0051, IDEAPAD Y570-0862-27U, IDEAPAD Y400/Y500, Y470, IDEAPAD Y580 2099XC7, Y580 59RF0051, IDEAPAD Y560P, Y560, IDEAPAD Y560P-4397-2CU, IDEAPAD Y570-0862-2VU, IDEAPAD Y570, B305, Y580-2093-86U, IDEAPAD Y560-0646-5RU, IDEAPAD Y480, C300, IDEAPAD Y570-0862-2WU, IDEAPAD Y460P-4395-2DU, C305, IDEAPAD Y580-2093-86U, IDEAPAD Y460P-4395-22U, C320, IDEAPAD Y580-2093-88U, IDEAPAD Y580-2093-4ZU, C325, IDEAPAD Y460P-4395-26U, Y580-2093-83U, A600, IDEAPAD Y570-0862-2UU, IDEAPAD Y460P-4395-2CU, Y650, IDEAPAD Y560P-4397-28U, Y580 59359513, Y710, IDEAPAD Y570-0862-2RU, IDEAPAD Y460P-4395-28U, Y730, IDEAPAD Y470P-0855-2KU, Y480-2093-4YU, B300, Y580 59353260, Y580-2093-4YU, Y550, IDEAPAD Y580 20998PU, IDEAPAD Y580-2093-83U, Y570, Y580 20993JU, IDEAPAD Y580 59359513, Y580, IDEAPAD Y580, IDEAPAD Y460P-4395-2FU, IDEAPAD Y480-2093-88U, Y400, IDEAPAD Y570-0862-68U, IDEAPAD Y480-2093-86U, Y500, Y510P, IDEAPAD Y460P-4395-24U, IDEAPAD Y480-2093-4ZU, Y500N, Y580 2099XD2, IDEAPAD Y570-0862-6HU, Y580-2093-4ZU, IDEAPAD 20993FU, IDEAPAD Y460P-4395-27U, IDEAPAD Y460P-4395-25U, IDEAPAD Y560P-4397-2DU, IDEAPAD Y570-0862-28U, IDEAPAD Y480-2093-4YU, IDEAPAD Y460P-4395-29U, Y580 20998PU, IDEAPAD Y560D-0646-57U, IDEAPAD Y570-0862-29U, IDEAPAD Y580 20993JU, Y480-2093-86U, IDEAPAD 2099XD2, IDEAPAD Y460P-4395-23U, IDEAPAD Y580-2093-4YU, Y580 2099XD8, IDEAPAD Y570-0862-6LU, IDEAPAD Y460P-4395-2BU, IDEAPAD Y570-0862-6MU, IDEAPAD Y560-0646-5CU, Y580-59345715, IdeaCentre B300, 57121763


LENOVO IDEAPAD Y460P SERIES: Y460P-4395-25U, , Y460P-4395-26U, Y460P-4395-27U, Y460P-4395-28U, Y460P-4395-29U, Y460P-4395-2AU, Y460P-4395-2BU, Y460P-4395-2CU, Y460P-4395-2DU, Y460P-4395-2EU, Y460P-4395-2FU, Y460P-4395-22U, Y460P-4395-23U, Y460P-4395-24U,

LENOVO IDEAPAD Y470 SERIES: Y470P, , Y470P-0855-2LU, Y470P-0855-2KU,

LENOVO IDEAPAD Y480 SERIES: Y480-2093-4YU, , Y480-2093-88U, Y480-2093-86U, Y480-2093-4ZU, Y480-2093-83U

LENOVO IDEAPAD Y560 SERIES: Y560-0646-5RU, , Y560-0646-5NU, Y560-0646-5CU, Y560D-0646-57U, Y560P-4397-28U, Y560P-4397-2DU, Y560P-4397-2CU

LENOVO IDEAPAD Y570 SERIES: Y570-0862-24U, , Y570-0862-25U, Y570-0862-26U, Y570-0862-27U, Y570-0862-28U, Y570-0862-29U, Y570-0862-2RU, Y570-0862-2WU, Y570-0862-2UU, Y570-0862-2VU, Y570-0862-68U, Y570-0862-6JU, Y570-0862-6LU, Y570-0862-6MU, Y570-0862-6HU

LENOVO IDEAPAD Y580 SERIES: Y580 59353260, , Y580 59RF0051, Y580 59359513, Y580 2099XC7, Y580 20993FU, Y580 20998PU, Y580 2099XD8, Y580 20993JU, Y580 2099XD2, Y580-2093-4YU, Y580-2093-88U, Y580-2093-86U, Y580-2093-4ZU, Y580-2093-83U, Y580-59345717, Y580-59345715

The ac adapter may be used on the following models :

Z570 120w Model, Z570, Z470, Y580, Y510p, Y500, Y470, Y460p, Y410P, Y400 Type 9523, Y400, PA-1121-16, Msi Gf63, Lenovo Z470, Lenovo Y580, LENOVO Y570, Lenovo Y510P, Lenovo Y400 20192, Ideapad Y580, 20216, 20095