Genuine B21N1505 Asus VivoBook E14 E402WA-GA020T L402NA-0032AN3450 F402MA X402NA Laptop Battery


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  • Battery rating: 7.6V
  • Battery capacity: 32Wh
  • Battery cells: 2-cell
  • Type: rechargeable Li-Polymer battery
  • Battery color: Black
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.
NOTE : There are 2 Different Shapes Available in this Model.
Please Confirm the Exact Battery Before Placing the Order or Contact us For Help...!


  • 0B200-01400200
  • 0B200-01400300
  • 0B200-01400500
  • B21N1505

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E402 E402SA-WX009T F402SA-WX287T VivoBook E402NA-FA137T E402M E402SA-WX013T F402SA-WX288T VivoBook E402NA-FA214T E402MA E402SA-WX014T F402SA-WX330T VivoBook E402NA-GA001 E402MA2940 E402SA-WX016T F402WA VivoBook E402NA-GA001T E402MA-WX0001H E402SA-WX027T F402WA-FA018TS VivoBook E402NA-GA005T E402MA-WX0001T E402SA-WX030T F402WA-FA026T VivoBook E402NA-GA020T E402MA-WX0002T E402SA-WX032T F402WA-FA026TS VivoBook E402NA-GA022T E402MA-WX0018H E402SA-WX034T F402WA-FA035T VivoBook E402NA-GA029T E402MA-WX0031T E402SA-WX035T F402WA-FA055T VivoBook E402NA-GA034T E402MA-WX0032T E402SA-WX043D F402WA-GA019T VivoBook E402NA-GA046T E402MA-WX0055H E402SA-WX060T F402WA-GA035T VivoBook E402NA-GA048T E402N E402SA-WX089T F402WA-GA072T VivoBook E402NA-GA056T E402NA E402SA-WX113T L402MAP929 VivoBook E402NA-GA065T E402NA-0072AN3450 E402SA-WX116T L402MA-P929 VivoBook E402NA-GA071 E402NA-1R E402SA-WX126T L402MA-WX0064B VivoBook E402NA-GA071T E402NA-2A E402SA-WX130T L402MA-WX0065D VivoBook E402NA-GA146 E402NA-2B E402SA-WX132T L402MA-WX0066D VivoBook E402NA-GA165T E402NA3450 E402SA-WX134T L402MA-WX0067B VivoBook E402NA-GA167T E402NA-3450 E402SA-WX149T L402MA-WX0088T VivoBook E402NA-GA188T E402NA-BS91CB E402SA-WX152T L402MA-WX0102H VivoBook E402NA-GA226T E402NA-BS91-CB E402SA-WX153T L402MA-WX0102T VivoBook E402NA-GA234T E402NA-DB01BL E402SA-WX155D L402MA-WX0139T VivoBook E402NA-GA239T E402NA-DB01-BL E402SA-WX158T L402MA-WX0146T VivoBook E402NA-GA251T E402NA-FA014T E402SA-WX166T L402NA-0032AN3450 VivoBook E402NA-GA294T E402NA-FA021T E402SA-WX167D L402NA-0042BN3450 VivoBook E402NA-GA303T E402NA-FA027T E402SA-WX185T L402NA-0142AN3450 VivoBook E402NA-GA314T E402NA-FA040T E402SA-WX190T L402NA-FA016TS VivoBook E402NA-QN2 E402NA-FA041T E402SA-WX191T L402NA-FA017TS VivoBook E402NA-QN2CB E402NA-FA045T E402SA-WX195T L402NA-FA292TS VivoBook E402NA-QN2-CB E402NA-FA101T E402SA-WX204T L402NA-GA016TS VivoBook E402SA E402NA-FA109T E402SA-WX205T L402NA-GA042TS VivoBook E402SA-DS01 E402NA-FA117T E402SA-WX207T L402NA-GA047TS VivoBook E402SA-FA136T E402NA-FA123T E402SA-WX214T L402NA-GA095TS VivoBook E402SA-FR171T E402NA-FA136T E402SA-WX227T L402NA-GA191TS VivoBook E402SA-FR173T E402NA-FA137T E402SA-WX228T L402NA-GA290TS VivoBook E402SA-FR291T E402NA-FA161T E402SA-WX240T L402SA-0042AN3160 VivoBook E402SA-WX007T E402NA-FA164T E402SA-WX245T L402SA-0062BN3160 VivoBook E402SA-WX013T E402NA-FA183T E402SA-WX249T L402SA-BB01-BL VivoBook E402SA-WX014T E402NA-FA214T E402SA-WX251D L402SA-WH02-OFCE VivoBook E402SA-WX015T E402NA-GA001T E402SA-WX251T L402SA-WX018TS VivoBook E402SA-WX016T E402NA-GA002T E402SA-WX252T L402SA-WX065TS VivoBook E402SA-wx027t E402NA-GA005T E402WA L402SA-WX066TS VivoBook E402SA-WX030T E402NA-GA010T E402WA-0102BE26110 L402SA-WX070TS VivoBook E402SA-WX035T E402NA-GA019T E402WA-2A L402SA-WX071TS VivoBook E402SA-WX060T E402NA-GA022T E402WA-2B L402SA-WX097TS VivoBook E402SA-WX089T E402NA-GA025T E402WA-E26110 L402SA-WX223TS VivoBook E402SA-WX104T E402NA-GA029T E402WA-E2-6110 L402SA-WX273TS VivoBook E402SA-WX113T E402NA-GA034T E402WA-E2DR2AX1 L402SA-WX294TS VivoBook E402SA-WX114T E402NA-GA046T E402WA-EB107T L402SA-WX306TS VivoBook E402SA-WX166T E402NA-GA048T E402WA-FA006TS L402YA VivoBook E402SA-WX167D E402NA-GA056T E402WA-FA011TS L402YA-ES22 VivoBook E402SA-WX190T E402NA-GA058T E402WA-FA078TS L403NA-FA017TS VivoBook E402SA-WX195T E402NA-GA064T E402WA-FA084TS L403NA-FA055TS VivoBook E402SA-WX196T E402NA-GA065T E402WA-GA001T L403NA-FA067TS VivoBook E402SA-WX214T E402NA-GA071T E402WA-GA002T L403NA-FA115TS VivoBook E402SA-WX228T E402NA-GA072T E402WA-GA002TS L403NA-GA013TS VivoBook E402SA-WX240T E402NA-GA073T E402WA-GA007T L403NA-GA018TS VivoBook E402SA-WX249T E402NA-GA076T E402WA-GA010T L403NA-GA021TS VivoBook E402WA E402NA-GA091T E402WA-GA020T L403SA-FA0046T VivoBook E402WA-FA084TS E402NA-GA103T E402WA-GA036 L403SA-FA0083T VivoBook E402WA-FA112TS E402NA-GA147T E402WA-GA040 L403SA-WH22 VivoBook E402WA-GA002T E402NA-GA165T E402WA-GA074T L403SA-WH22OFCE VivoBook E402WA-GA007T E402NA-GA167T E402WA-GA101T L403SA-WH22-OFCE VivoBook E402WA-GA007TS E402NA-GA188T E402WA-GA570 L403SA-WX0026T VivoBook E402WA-GA010T E402NA-GA226T E402WA-WH21 L403SA-WX0055T VivoBook E402WA-GA016T E402NA-GA227T E402YA L403SA-WX0091TS VivoBook E402WA-GA040 E402NA-GA239T E402YA-FA031TS R417MA VivoBook E402WA-WH21 E402NA-GA245T E402YA-GA002T R417MA-WX0059H VivoBook E402YA E402NA-GA248T E402YA-GA109T R417MA-WX0059T VivoBook E402YA-FA015TS E402NA-GA251T E502S R417MA-WX0060T VivoBook E402YA-FA031TS E402NA-GA291T E502SA R417MA-WX0079H VivoBook E402YA-FA094TS E402NA-GA294T E502SA3150 R417MA-WX0079T VivoBook E402YA-GA002TS E402NA-GA314T E502SA3160 R417MA-WX0129T VivoBook E402YA-GA007TS E402NA-GA315T EeeBook E402MAEH R417MA-WX0130T VivoBook E402YA-GA027T E402NA-QN2-CB EeeBook E402MA-EH R417MA-WX0144T VivoBook E402YA-GA041TC E402S EeeBook E402MAEH01 R417MA-WX0145T VivoBook E402YA-GA067T E402SA EeeBook E402MA-EH01 R417NA VivoBook E402YA-GA077T E402SA-0072AN3160 EeeBook E402SA R417NA-FA254T VivoBook E402YA-GA080T E402SA-1R EeeBook E402SA-WX0045T R417NA-GA006T VivoBook E402YA-GA109T E402SA-2A EeeBook E402SA-WX016T R417NA-RS01 VivoBook E402YA-GA113TS E402SA-2B EeeBook E402YA-GA002TS R417SA-WX235T VivoBook E402YA-GA201T E402SA3150 EeeBook L402MA R417WA VivoBook E402YA-GA202T E402SA3160 EeeBook L402MA-WX0139T R417WA-FA114TS VivoBook E402YA-GA256T E402SA-DB02BL EeeBook L402S R417WA-GA033T VivoBook E402YA-GA302T E402SA-DB02-BL EeeBook L402SA R417WA-GA033TS VivoBook R417WA-FA114TS E402SA-DS01 EeeBook L403S R417WA-GA046T VivoBook R417WA-FA132T E402SA-DS01BL EeeBook L403SA R417WA-GA052T VivoBook R417WA-GA033T E402SA-DS01-BL EeeBook L403SA-WX0011T VivoBook E14 E402WA VivoBook R417WA-GA033TS E402SA-FR171T EeeBook L403SA-WX0016T VivoBook E14 E402WA-FA084TS VivoBook R417WA-GA046T E402SA-FR173T F402MA VivoBook E14 E402WA-GA001T VivoBook R417WA-GA052T E402SA-FR218T F402NA VivoBook E14 E402WA-GA002T X402MA E402SA-FR233T F402NA-GA015T VivoBook E14 E402WA-GA007TS X402NA E402SA-FR268T F402NA-GA102T VivoBook E14 E402WA-GA010T X402NA-FA112T E402SA-FR269T F402NA-GA124T VivoBook E14 E402WA-GA020T X402NA-FA229T E402SA-FR290T F402NA-GA182T VivoBook E14 E402WA-GA040 X402NA-GA111T E402SA-FR291T F402NA-GA208T VivoBook E14 E402WA-GA074TS X402NA-GA160T E402SA-UB03BL F402NA-GA223T VivoBook E14 E402WA-WH21 X402NA-GA170T E402SA-UB03-BL F402NA-GA224T VivoBook E402NA X402NA-GA173 E402SA-WX001T F402SA VivoBook E402NA-BS91 X402NA-GA180T E402SA-WX0045T F402SA-WX113T VivoBook E402NA-BS91-CB X402NA-GA211T E402SA-WX006T F402SA-WX164T VivoBook E402NA-FA021T X402NA-GA259T E402SA-WX007D F402SA-WX185T VivoBook E402NA-FA045T X402SA E402SA-WX007T F402SA-WX197T VivoBook E402NA-FA109T X402SA-WX014T E402SA-WX008T F402SA-WX202T VivoBook E402NA-FA123T X402SA-WX251D