Original HP BF04XL Battery for HP Spectre 13-v115tu Series Hstnn-lb8c 924843-421 13-AF082TU


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  • Battery rating: 7.7V
  • Battery capacity: 43.7Wh
  • Battery cells: 4-cell
  • Type: Rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery
  • Battery color: black
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  • Warranty: 12 Months.
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924843-421, 924960-855, BF04043XL, BF04XL, HSTNN-LB8C, TPN-C132

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Spectre 13-AF000 Spectre 13-AF000 Spectre 13-AF000NC Spectre 13-AF000NC Spectre 13-AF000ND Spectre 13-AF000ND Spectre 13-AF000NF Spectre 13-AF000NF Spectre 13-AF000NG Spectre 13-AF000NG Spectre 13-AF000NH Spectre 13-AF000NH Spectre 13-AF000NJ Spectre 13-AF000NJ Spectre 13-AF000NK Spectre 13-AF000NK Spectre 13-AF000NM Spectre 13-AF000NM Spectre 13-AF000NN Spectre 13-AF000NN Spectre 13-AF000NO Spectre 13-AF000NO Spectre 13-AF000NS Spectre 13-AF000NS Spectre 13-AF000NT Spectre 13-AF000NT Spectre 13-AF000NV Spectre 13-AF000NV Spectre 13-AF000NW Spectre 13-AF000NW Spectre 13-AF000NX Spectre 13-AF000NX Spectre 13-AF000TU Spectre 13-AF000TU Spectre 13-AF000UR Spectre 13-AF000UR Spectre 13-AF001LA Spectre 13-AF001LA Spectre 13-AF001NB Spectre 13-AF001NB Spectre 13-AF001ND Spectre 13-AF001ND Spectre 13-AF001NE Spectre 13-AF001NE Spectre 13-AF001NF Spectre 13-AF001NF Spectre 13-AF001NG Spectre 13-AF001NG Spectre 13-AF001NH Spectre 13-AF001NH Spectre 13-AF001NJ Spectre 13-AF001NJ Spectre 13-AF001NK Spectre 13-AF001NK Spectre 13-AF001NL Spectre 13-AF001NL Spectre 13-AF001NN Spectre 13-AF001NN Spectre 13-AF001NO Spectre 13-AF001NO Spectre 13-AF001NP Spectre 13-AF001NP Spectre 13-AF001NV Spectre 13-AF001NV Spectre 13-AF001NW Spectre 13-AF001NW Spectre 13-AF001NX Spectre 13-AF001NX Spectre 13-AF001TU Spectre 13-AF001TU Spectre 13-AF001UR Spectre 13-AF001UR Spectre 13-AF002LA Spectre 13-AF002LA Spectre 13-AF002NA Spectre 13-AF002NA Spectre 13-AF002NB Spectre 13-AF002NB Spectre 13-AF002NC Spectre 13-AF002NC Spectre 13-AF002NE Spectre 13-AF002NE Spectre 13-AF002NF Spectre 13-AF002NF Spectre 13-AF002NG Spectre 13-AF002NG Spectre 13-AF002NJ Spectre 13-AF002NJ Spectre 13-AF002NL Spectre 13-AF002NL Spectre 13-AF002NO Spectre 13-AF002NO Spectre 13-AF002NP Spectre 13-AF002NP Spectre 13-AF002NT Spectre 13-AF002NT Spectre 13-AF002NW Spectre 13-AF002NW Spectre 13-AF002TU Spectre 13-AF002TU Spectre 13-AF002UR Spectre 13-AF002UR Spectre 13-AF003NA Spectre 13-AF003NA Spectre 13-AF003NB Spectre 13-AF003NB Spectre 13-AF003NC Spectre 13-AF003NC Spectre 13-AF003NE Spectre 13-AF003NE Spectre 13-AF003NG Spectre 13-AF003NG Spectre 13-AF003NO Spectre 13-AF003NO Spectre 13-AF003TU Spectre 13-AF003TU Spectre 13-AF003UR Spectre 13-AF003UR Spectre 13-AF004NA Spectre 13-AF004NA Spectre 13-AF004NE Spectre 13-AF004NE Spectre 13-AF004NF Spectre 13-AF004NF Spectre 13-AF004NI Spectre 13-AF004NI Spectre 13-AF004NIA Spectre 13-AF004NIA Spectre 13-AF004NO Spectre 13-AF004NO Spectre 13-AF004TU Spectre 13-AF004TU Spectre 13-AF004UR Spectre 13-AF004UR Spectre 13-AF005ND Spectre 13-AF005ND Spectre 13-AF005NE Spectre 13-AF005NE Spectre 13-AF005NF Spectre 13-AF005NF Spectre 13-AF005NG Spectre 13-AF005NG Spectre 13-AF005NL Spectre 13-AF005NL Spectre 13-AF005NN Spectre 13-AF005NN Spectre 13-AF005NO Spectre 13-AF005NO Spectre 13-AF005TU Spectre 13-AF005TU Spectre 13-AF005UR Spectre 13-AF005UR Spectre 13-AF006NE Spectre 13-AF006NE Spectre 13-AF006NF Spectre 13-AF006NF Spectre 13-AF006NL Spectre 13-AF006NL Spectre 13-AF006NN Spectre 13-AF006NN Spectre 13-AF006TU Spectre 13-AF006TU Spectre 13-AF006UR Spectre 13-AF006UR Spectre 13-AF007NB Spectre 13-AF007NB Spectre 13-AF007NE Spectre 13-AF007NE Spectre 13-AF007NF Spectre 13-AF007NF Spectre 13-AF007NI Spectre 13-AF007NI Spectre 13-AF007NIA Spectre 13-AF007NIA Spectre 13-AF007NN Spectre 13-AF007NN Spectre 13-AF007TU Spectre 13-AF007TU Spectre 13-AF007UR Spectre 13-AF007UR Spectre 13-AF008NC Spectre 13-AF008NC Spectre 13-AF008NE Spectre 13-AF008NE Spectre 13-AF008NF Spectre 13-AF008NF Spectre 13-AF008NI Spectre 13-AF008NI Spectre 13-AF008NIA Spectre 13-AF008NIA Spectre 13-AF008NN Spectre 13-AF008NN Spectre 13-AF008TU Spectre 13-AF008TU Spectre 13-AF008UR Spectre 13-AF008UR Spectre 13-AF009NI Spectre 13-AF009NI Spectre 13-AF009NN Spectre 13-AF009NN Spectre 13-AF009TU Spectre 13-AF009TU Spectre 13-AF009UR Spectre 13-AF009UR Spectre 13-AF010CA Spectre 13-AF010CA Spectre 13-AF010NI Spectre 13-AF010NI Spectre 13-AF010NN Spectre 13-AF010NN Spectre 13-AF010TU Spectre 13-AF010TU Spectre 13-AF010UR Spectre 13-AF010UR Spectre 13-AF011NF Spectre 13-AF011NF Spectre 13-AF011NI Spectre 13-AF011NI Spectre 13-AF011NN Spectre 13-AF011NN Spectre 13-AF011TU Spectre 13-AF011TU Spectre 13-AF011UR Spectre 13-AF011UR Spectre 13-AF012DX Spectre 13-AF012DX Spectre 13-AF012TU Spectre 13-AF012TU Spectre 13-AF012UR Spectre 13-AF012UR Spectre 13-AF013NF Spectre 13-AF013NF Spectre 13-AF013NN Spectre 13-AF013NN Spectre 13-AF013TU Spectre 13-AF013TU Spectre 13-AF013UR Spectre 13-AF013UR Spectre 13-AF014TU Spectre 13-AF014TU Spectre 13-AF014UR Spectre 13-AF014UR Spectre 13-AF015NF Spectre 13-AF015NF Spectre 13-AF015TU Spectre 13-AF015TU Spectre 13-AF016NF Spectre 13-AF016NF Spectre 13-AF016TU Spectre 13-AF016TU Spectre 13-AF017TU Spectre 13-AF017TU Spectre 13-AF018CA Spectre 13-AF018CA Spectre 13-AF018TU Spectre 13-AF018TU Spectre 13-AF019TU Spectre 13-AF019TU Spectre 13-AF020ND Spectre 13-AF020ND Spectre 13-AF020TU Spectre 13-AF020TU Spectre 13-AF021NF Spectre 13-AF021NF Spectre 13-AF021TU Spectre 13-AF021TU Spectre 13-AF022NF Spectre 13-AF022NF Spectre 13-AF022TU Spectre 13-AF022TU Spectre 13-AF023NF Spectre 13-AF023NF Spectre 13-AF023TU Spectre 13-AF023TU Spectre 13-AF024NF Spectre 13-AF024NF Spectre 13-AF024TU Spectre 13-AF024TU Spectre 13-AF025NF Spectre 13-AF025NF Spectre 13-AF025TU Spectre 13-AF025TU Spectre 13-AF026NF Spectre 13-AF026NF Spectre 13-AF026TU Spectre 13-AF026TU Spectre 13-AF027TU Spectre 13-AF027TU Spectre 13-AF028TU Spectre 13-AF028TU Spectre 13-AF029TU Spectre 13-AF029TU Spectre 13-AF030ND Spectre 13-AF030ND Spectre 13-AF030TU Spectre 13-AF030TU Spectre 13-AF031NG Spectre 13-AF031NG Spectre 13-AF031TU Spectre 13-AF031TU Spectre 13-AF032NG Spectre 13-AF032NG Spectre 13-AF032TU Spectre 13-AF032TU Spectre 13-AF033NG Spectre 13-AF033NG Spectre 13-AF033TU Spectre 13-AF033TU Spectre 13-AF034NG Spectre 13-AF034NG Spectre 13-AF034TU Spectre 13-AF034TU Spectre 13-AF035NG Spectre 13-AF035NG Spectre 13-AF035TU Spectre 13-AF035TU Spectre 13-AF036TU Spectre 13-AF036TU Spectre 13-AF037TU Spectre 13-AF037TU Spectre 13-AF038TU Spectre 13-AF038TU Spectre 13-AF039TU Spectre 13-AF039TU Spectre 13-AF040TU Spectre 13-AF040TU Spectre 13-AF041TU Spectre 13-AF041TU Spectre 13-AF042TU Spectre 13-AF042TU Spectre 13-AF043TU Spectre 13-AF043TU Spectre 13-AF044TU Spectre 13-AF044TU Spectre 13-AF045TU Spectre 13-AF045TU Spectre 13-AF046TU Spectre 13-AF046TU Spectre 13-AF047TU Spectre 13-AF047TU Spectre 13-AF048TU Spectre 13-AF048TU Spectre 13-AF049TU Spectre 13-AF049TU Spectre 13-AF050TU Spectre 13-AF050TU Spectre 13-AF051NR Spectre 13-AF051NR Spectre 13-AF051TU Spectre 13-AF051TU Spectre 13-AF052NA Spectre 13-AF052NA Spectre 13-AF052TU Spectre 13-AF052TU Spectre 13-AF053TU Spectre 13-AF053TU Spectre 13-AF054NA Spectre 13-AF054NA Spectre 13-AF054TU Spectre 13-AF054TU Spectre 13-AF055TU Spectre 13-AF055TU Spectre 13-AF056TU Spectre 13-AF056TU Spectre 13-AF057TU Spectre 13-AF057TU Spectre 13-AF058TU Spectre 13-AF058TU Spectre 13-AF059TU Spectre 13-AF059TU Spectre 13-AF060NZ Spectre 13-AF060NZ Spectre 13-AF060TU Spectre 13-AF060TU Spectre 13-AF061NZ Spectre 13-AF061NZ Spectre 13-AF061TU Spectre 13-AF061TU Spectre 13-AF062TU Spectre 13-AF062TU Spectre 13-AF063TU Spectre 13-AF063TU Spectre 13-AF064TU Spectre 13-AF064TU Spectre 13-AF065TU Spectre 13-AF065TU Spectre 13-AF066TU Spectre 13-AF066TU Spectre 13-AF067TU Spectre 13-AF067TU Spectre 13-AF068TU Spectre 13-AF068TU Spectre 13-AF069TU Spectre 13-AF069TU Spectre 13-AF070TU Spectre 13-AF070TU Spectre 13-AF071TU Spectre 13-AF071TU Spectre 13-AF072TU Spectre 13-AF072TU Spectre 13-AF073TU Spectre 13-AF073TU Spectre 13-AF074TU Spectre 13-AF074TU Spectre 13-AF075TU Spectre 13-AF075TU Spectre 13-AF076TU Spectre 13-AF076TU Spectre 13-AF077TU Spectre 13-AF077TU Spectre 13-AF078TU Spectre 13-AF078TU Spectre 13-AF079TU Spectre 13-AF079TU Spectre 13-AF080TU Spectre 13-AF080TU Spectre 13-AF081NZ Spectre 13-AF081NZ Spectre 13-AF081TU Spectre 13-AF081TU Spectre 13-AF082TU Spectre 13-AF082TU Spectre 13-AF083TU Spectre 13-AF083TU Spectre 13-AF084TU Spectre 13-AF084TU Spectre 13-AF085TU Spectre 13-AF085TU Spectre 13-AF086TU Spectre 13-AF086TU Spectre 13-AF087TU Spectre 13-AF087TU Spectre 13-AF088TU Spectre 13-AF088TU Spectre 13-AF089TU Spectre 13-AF089TU Spectre 13-AF090NZ Spectre 13-AF090NZ Spectre 13-AF090TU Spectre 13-AF090TU Spectre 13-AF091TU Spectre 13-AF091TU Spectre 13-AF092TU Spectre 13-AF092TU Spectre 13-AF093TU Spectre 13-AF093TU Spectre 13-AF094TU Spectre 13-AF094TU Spectre 13-AF095TU Spectre 13-AF095TU Spectre 13-AF096TU Spectre 13-AF096TU Spectre 13-AF097NP Spectre 13-AF097NP Spectre 13-AF097TU Spectre 13-AF097TU Spectre 13-AF098NP Spectre 13-AF098NP Spectre 13-AF098TU Spectre 13-AF098TU Spectre 13-AF099NP Spectre 13-AF099NP Spectre 13-AF099TU Spectre 13-AF099TU Spectre 13-AF100TU Spectre 13-AF100TU Spectre 13-AF101TU Spectre 13-AF101TU Spectre 13-AF102TU Spectre 13-AF102TU Spectre 13-AF103TU Spectre 13-AF103TU Spectre 13-AF104TU Spectre 13-AF104TU Spectre 13-AF105TU Spectre 13-AF105TU Spectre 13-AF106TU Spectre 13-AF106TU Spectre 13-AF107TU Spectre 13-AF107TU Spectre 13-AF108TU Spectre 13-AF108TU Spectre 13-AF109TU Spectre 13-AF109TU Spectre 13-AF110TU Spectre 13-AF110TU Spectre 13-AF111TU Spectre 13-AF111TU Spectre 13-AF112TU Spectre 13-AF112TU Spectre 13-AF113TU Spectre 13-AF113TU Spectre 13-AF114TU Spectre 13-AF114TU Spectre 13-AF115TU Spectre 13-AF115TU Spectre 13-AF116TU Spectre 13-AF116TU Spectre 13-AF117TU Spectre 13-AF117TU Spectre 13-AF118TU Spectre 13-AF118TU Spectre 13-AF119TU Spectre 13-AF119TU Spectre 13-AF120TU Spectre 13-AF120TU Spectre 13-AF121TU Spectre 13-AF121TU Spectre 13-AF122TU Spectre 13-AF122TU Spectre 13-AF123TU Spectre 13-AF123TU Spectre 13-AF124TU Spectre 13-AF124TU Spectre 13-AF125TU Spectre 13-AF125TU Spectre 13-AF126TU Spectre 13-AF126TU Spectre 13-AF127TU Spectre 13-AF127TU Spectre 13-AF128TU Spectre 13-AF128TU Spectre 13-AF129TU Spectre 13-AF129TU Spectre 13-AF130TU Spectre 13-AF130TU Spectre 13-AF131TU Spectre 13-AF131TU Spectre 13-AF132TU Spectre 13-AF132TU Spectre 13-AF133TU Spectre 13-AF133TU Spectre 13-AF134TU Spectre 13-AF134TU Spectre 13-AF135TU Spectre 13-AF135TU Spectre 13-AF136TU Spectre 13-AF136TU Spectre 13-AF137TU Spectre 13-AF137TU Spectre 13-AF138TU Spectre 13-AF138TU Spectre 13-AF139TU Spectre 13-AF139TU Spectre 13-AF140TU Spectre 13-AF140TU Spectre 13-AF141TU Spectre 13-AF141TU Spectre 13-AF142TU Spectre 13-AF142TU Spectre 13-AF143TU Spectre 13-AF143TU Spectre 13-AF144TU Spectre 13-AF144TU Spectre 13-AF146TU Spectre 13-AF146TU Spectre 13-AF147TU Spectre 13-AF147TU Spectre 13-AF148TU Spectre 13-AF148TU Spectre 13-AF149TU Spectre 13-AF149TU Spectre 13-AF150TU Spectre 13-AF150TU Spectre 13-AF151TU Spectre 13-AF151TU Spectre 13-AF152TU Spectre 13-AF152TU Spectre 13-AF153TU Spectre 13-AF153TU Spectre 13-AF500 Spectre 13-AF500 Spectre 13-AF500TU Spectre 13-AF500TU Spectre 13-AF501TU Spectre 13-AF501TU Spectre 13-AF502TU Spectre 13-AF502TU Spectre 13-AF503TU Spectre 13-AF503TU Spectre 13-AF504TU Spectre 13-AF504TU Spectre 13-AF505TU Spectre 13-AF505TU Spectre 13-AF506TU Spectre 13-AF506TU Spectre 13-AF507TU Spectre 13-AF507TU Spectre 13-AF508TU Spectre 13-AF508TU Spectre 13-AF509TU Spectre 13-AF509TU Spectre 13-AF510TU Spectre 13-AF510TU Spectre 13-AF511TU Spectre 13-AF511TU Spectre 13-AF512TU Spectre 13-AF512TU Spectre 13-AF513TU Spectre 13-AF513TU Spectre 13-AF514TU Spectre 13-AF514TU Spectre 13-AF515TU Spectre 13-AF515TU Spectre 13-AF516TU Spectre 13-AF516TU Spectre 13-AF517TU Spectre 13-AF517TU Spectre 13-AF518TU Spectre 13-AF518TU Spectre 13-AF519TU Spectre 13-AF519TU Spectre 13-AF520TU Spectre 13-AF520TU Spectre 13-AF521TU Spectre 13-AF521TU Spectre 13-AF522TU Spectre 13-AF522TU Spectre 13-AF523TU Spectre 13-AF523TU Spectre 13-AF524TU Spectre 13-AF524TU Spectre 13-AF525TU Spectre 13-AF525TU Spectre 13-AF526TU Spectre 13-AF526TU Spectre 13-AF527TU Spectre 13-AF527TU Spectre 13-V115TU(Y8J11PA) Spectre 13-V115TU(Y8J11PA) Spectre 13-V116TU(Y8J12PA) Spectre 13-V116TU(Y8J12PA) Spectre 13-V117TU Spectre 13-V117TU Spectre 13-V117TU(Y8J13PA) Spectre 13-V117TU(Y8J13PA)