Genuine Lenovo L12L4E55 L13L4A01 L13S4A01 IdeaPad B40-30 B40-45 B40-70 B50-45 B50-70 Laptop Battery


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  • Voltage: 14.4V
  • Capacity: 2200mAh (32Wh)
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Color: black
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

Note: 14.4V and 14.8V are compatible, they are in common use.



121500190, 121500191, 121500192, 121500239, 121500240, 121500241, 121500242, 121500243, 121500244, 45N1182, 45N1183, 45N1184, 45N1184/85, 45N1185, 45N1186, 45N1187, 4ICR18/65, 4ICR19/66, 5B10K10151, 5B10K10153, 5B10K10154, 5B10K10194, 5B10K10195, 5B10K10196, L12L4E55, L12M4E55, L12S4E55, L13L4A01, L13M4A01, L13S4A01, M4400, M4400A, M4450, M4450A, N40-30, N40-45, N40-70, N50-30, N50-45, N50-70, SB10G04716

FIT MODELS : FOR LENOVO (use "ctrl+F" to find your model quickly)


B40-30, B40-30(80F1), B40-30(MCG27UK), B40-30(MCG27UK)(MCG27UK), B40-30(MCG2AGE), B40-45, B40-45(59-436667), B40-45(80F5), B40-70, B40-70(59-414263), B40-70(59-425078), B40-70(59-425079), B40-70(59-425080), B40-70(59-429146), B40-70(59-430675), B40-70(80F3), B40-80, B40-80(80F6), B40-80(80F6004MHH), B40-80(80LS), B40-80(80QY), B41-30, B41-30 80LF000SAU, B41-30 80LF000TAU, B41-30(80LF000LGE), B41-30(80LF001FHV), B41-30(80LF002QCK), B41-30(80LF004PRI), B41-35, B41-35(80LD), B50, B50-30, B50-30 59433786, B50-30 59441893, B50-30 TOUCH, B50-30(80ES), B50-30(80ET), B50-30(MCA2VGE), B50-30(MCA2WGE), B50-30(MCA32GE), B50-30(MCA37GE), B50-45, B50-45(59445371), B50-45(80F0), B50-45(MCD23GE), B50-45(MCD28GE), B50-45(MCD2GGE), B50-45(MCD3LGE), B50-70, B50-70 59423142, B50-70 59423143, B50-70 59423144, B50-70 59423145, B50-70 59434406, B50-70 59434408, B50-70 59434410, B50-70 59434423, B50-70(80EU), B50-70(MCC25GE), B50-70(MCC26GE), B50-70(MCC28GE), B50-70(MCC2FGE), B50-70(MCC2HGE), B50-70(MCC2KGE), B50-70(MCC2NGE), B50-70(MCC2NMH), B50-70(MCC2QGE), B50-70(MCC2TGE), B50-70(MCC2VGE), B50-70(MCC2WUK), B50-70(MCC2YGE), B50-70(MCC2ZGE), B50-70(MCC32GE), B50-70(MCC36GE), B50-70(MCC39GE), B50-70(MCC3CGE), B50-70(MCC3FFR), B50-80, B50-80 80EW03N7AU, B50-80 80EW03N8AU, B50-80 80EW03N9AU, B50-80 80EW03NAAU, B50-80 80EW052PAU, B50-80 80EW052QAU, B50-80 80EW052RAU, B50-80 80EW052SAU, B50-80 80EW052TAU, B50-80 80EW05L0AU, B50-80(80EW), B50-80(80EW00H9GE), B50-80(80EW00HCGE), B50-80(80EW00HDGE), B50-80(80EW00HEGE), B50-80(80EW00HENX), B50-80(80EW00HFGE), B50-80(80EW00HGGE), B50-80(80EW00HHGE), B50-80(80EW00HHUK), B50-80(80EW00HMGE), B50-80(80EW00HPGE), B50-80(80EW00HSGE), B50-80(80EW013VTW), B50-80(80EW0147PB), B50-80(80EW018HGE), B50-80(80EW018QGE), B50-80(80EW018UGE), B50-80(80EW018XGE), B50-80(80EW0192GE), B50-80(80EW01ALGE), B50-80(80EW01AMGE), B50-80(80EW01ANGE), B50-80(80EW023BUS), B50-80(80EW023CUS), B50-80(80EW03D9GE), B50-80(80EW03DAGE), B50-80(80EW0521GE), B50-80(80EW052GGE), B50-80(80LT), B50-80(80LT003AGE), B50-80(80LT003BGE), B50-80(80LT003CGE), B50-80(80LT0044GE), B50-80(80LT0045GE), B50-80(80LT00GUGE), B51-30, B51-30A-NTO, B51-30A-NTS, B51-30A-NTZ, B51-35, B51-35(80LH), B51-35(80LH0016GE), B51-35(80LH001GGE), B51-35(80LH002GGE), B51-35A-AEI, B51-35-EON, B51-80A-IFI, B51-80A-ISE, E40-30-80EN, E40-30-NTH, E40-30-NTW, E40-70-80EQ, E40-70A-ISE, E40-70-IFI, E40-70-ITH, E40-80(80ER), E40-80(80HR), E40-80-80HR/80ER, E40-80-80HR006RIH, E40-80-80HR0091IH, E40-80-80HRA01KIH, E40-80-IFI, E40-80-ISE, E40-80-ITH, E41-80, E41-80-80Q9, E41-80-80QAA007IH, E41-80-IFI, E41-80-ISE, E41-80-ITH, E50-70, E50-80, E50-80(80J2), E50-80(80J2006VGE), E50-80(80J200QQGE), E50-80(80J200QTGE), E50-80(80J200QXGE), E50-80(80J20151GE), E50-80(80J201X4GE), E50-80(80J2024SGE), E51-80, E51-80 80QB006QSA, E51-80(80QB), E51-80(80QB0006GE), E51-80(80QB0008GE), E51-80(80QB0009GE), E51-80(80QB000FGE), E51-80(80QB005NGE), E51-80(80SK), Eraser B40, Eraser B40-30, Eraser B40-45, Eraser B40-70, Eraser B50, Eraser B50-30, Eraser B50-30 Touch, Eraser B50-45, Eraser B50-70, Eraser M4400, Eraser M4400A, Eraser M4450, Eraser M4450A, Eraser N40, Eraser N40-30, Eraser N40-45, Eraser N40-70, Eraser N50, Eraser N50-30, Eraser N50-45, Eraser N50-70, G50-70 59440239, G50-70 59440240, G50-70 59440242, IdeaPad 305-14IBD, IdeaPad 305-14IBD 80R1, IdeaPad 305-14IBD(80R1006TPH), IdeaPad 305-14IBD-80R1, IdeaPad 305-15ABM, IdeaPad 305-15ABM 80NL, IdeaPad 305-15ABM(80NL000AGE), IdeaPad 305-15ABM(80NL001GGE), IdeaPad 305-15ABM(80NL009), IdeaPad 305-15ABM(80NL00B), IdeaPad 305-15ABM-80NL, IdeaPad 305-15ABM-80NL000AGE, IdeaPad 305-15ABM-80NL001GGE, IdeaPad 305-15ABM-80NL009, IdeaPad 305-15ABM-80NL00B, IdeaPad 305-15IBD, IdeaPad 305-15IBD 80NJ, IdeaPad 305-15IBD(80NJ005G), IdeaPad 305-15IBD(80NJ005J), IdeaPad 305-15IBD(80NJ00CF), IdeaPad 305-15IBD-80NJ, IdeaPad 305-15IBD-80NJ005G, IdeaPad 305-15IBD-80NJ005J, IdeaPad 305-15IBD-80NJ00CF, IdeaPad 305-15IBY, IdeaPad 305-15IBY 80NK, IdeaPad 305-15IBY(80NK0004), IdeaPad 305-15IBY(80NK0005), IdeaPad 305-15IBY-80NK, IdeaPad 305-15IBY-80NK0004, IdeaPad 305-15IBY-80NK0005, IdeaPad 305-15IHW, IdeaPad 305-15IHW 80NH, IdeaPad 305-15IHW(80NH000UGE), IdeaPad 305-15IHW(80NH000V), IdeaPad 305-15IHW(80NH000W), IdeaPad 305-15IHW-80NH, IdeaPad 305-15IHW-80NH000UGE, IdeaPad 305-15IHW-80NH000V, IdeaPad 305-15IHW-80NH000W, IdeaPad B40, IdeaPad B40-30, IdeaPad B40-45, IdeaPad B40-70, IdeaPad B50, IdeaPad B50-30, IdeaPad B50-30 Touch, IdeaPad B50-45, IdeaPad B50-70, IdeaPad E50-70, IdeaPad E50-70(80JA), IdeaPad E50-70(80JA0137GE), IdeaPad E50-70(80JA0138GE), IdeaPad E50-70(80JA0151GE), IdeaPad E50-70(80JA0159GE), IdeaPad G550S, IdeaPad M4400, IdeaPad M4400A, IdeaPad M4450, IdeaPad M4450A, IdeaPad N40, IdeaPad N40-30, IdeaPad N40-45, IdeaPad N40-70, IdeaPad N50, IdeaPad N50-30, IdeaPad N50-45, IdeaPad N50-70, IdeaPad V4400, IdeaPad V4400A