Genuine Lenovo Y9000X Legion 7-15ARH5 7-15IMH5 S7-15IMH5 L19C4PC3 L19M4PC3 Savior R9000X 2021 Battery


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  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Condition: Brand New & Original
  • Voltage: 15.36V
  • Capacity: 4623mAh (71Wh)
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.


5B10Z49581, L19C4PC3, L19M4PC3, SB10Z49582, 5B10Z49583


Legion 5 15ACH6 2021, Legion 7-15ARH5, Legion 7-15ARH5(82HM), Legion 7-15ARH5(82HM000ARU), Legion 7-15ARH5-82HM, Legion 7-15IMH5(82BC), Legion 7-15IMH5(82BC001EGE), Legion 7-15IMH5(82BC001GGE), Legion 7-15IMH5(82BC001VGE), Legion 7-15IMH5(82BC001WGE), Legion 7-15IMH5(82BC001XGE), Legion 7-15IMH5(82BC001YGE), Legion 7-15IMH5(82BC002FGE), Legion 7-15IMH5(82BC002GGE), Legion 7-15IMH5(82BC002HGE), Legion R9000X, Legion S7 15ARH5-82HM0001US, Legion S7 15ARH5-82HM0002US, Legion S7 15ARH5-82HM0003US, Legion S7 15ARH5-82HM000BMH, Legion S7 15ARH5-82HM000CMH, Legion S7 15ARH5-82HM000DMH, Legion S7 15ARH5-82HM000EMH, Legion S7 15ARH5-82HM000GPG, Legion S7 15ARH5-82HM000JMX, Legion S7 15ARH5-82HM000KLT, Legion S7 15ARH5-82HM000LLT, Legion S7 15ARH5-82HM000MLT, Legion S7 15ARH5-82HM000NLT, Legion S7 15ARH5-82HM000PDU, Legion S7 15ARH5-82HM000RMX, Legion S7 15ARH5-82HM000SMX, Legion S7 15ARH5-82HM000TDT, Legion S7 15ARH5-82HM000UDT, Legion S7 15ARH5-82HM000VDT, Legion S7 15IMH5, Legion S7 15IMH5 82BC0052AU, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0000US, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0001US, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC000AUS, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC000CSB, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC000DSB, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC000ESB, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC000FSB, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC000GSB, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC000TTW, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC000VTW, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC000WHH, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC000XHH, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC000YHH, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0010KR, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0011KR, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0012KR, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0013KR, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0015HH, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0016KR, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0017HH, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0018TW, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0019TW, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC001AAU, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC001CFR, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC001DFR, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC001EGE, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC001FGE, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC001GGE, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC001JFR, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC001KFR, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC001LFR, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC001NFR, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC001PMZ, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC001QMZ, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC001RMZ, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC001SSB, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC001VGE, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC001XGE, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC001YGE, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0020MZ, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0021MH, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0022MH, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0023MH, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0024MH, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0025MH, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0027MH, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC002FGE, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC002GGE, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC002HGE, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC002KMZ, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC002LAD, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC002NAD, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC002PAD, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC002QAD, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC002RAD, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC002SAD, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC002TSB, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC002USB, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC002VSB, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC002XSB, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC002YSP, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0030KR, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0031MH, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0032MH, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0033MH, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0035MH, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC003BSP, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC003CMZ, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC003KAD, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC003LAD, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC003MUK, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC003NUK, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC003QUK, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC003RUK, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC003TPG, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0040IX, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0041IX, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0042IX, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0044MH, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0045MH, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0046HH, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0047HH, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC004BHH, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC004CHH, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC004DJP, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC004EJP, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC004GJP, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC004HSB, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC004JJP, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC004KJP, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC004LUS, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC004NKR, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC004RSB, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC004SSB, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC004TSB, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC004VKR, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC004WKR, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC004YGM, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0050GM, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0053SB, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0057CK, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0058CK, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0059CK, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC005ACK, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC005LMZ, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC005PSB, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC005UIX, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC005VIX, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC005WIX, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0063IX, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC0064IX, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC006MGM, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC006NGM, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC006PMZ, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC007AFR, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC007BAU, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC007JJP, Legion S7 15IMH5-82BC007KJP, Legion S7-15ARH5-82HM0000US, Legion S7-15ARH5-82HM0001US, Legion S7-15ARH5-82HM0002US, Legion S7-15ARH5-82HM0003US, Legion S7-15ARH5-82HM000BMH, Legion S7-15ARH5-82HM000CMH, Legion S7-15ARH5-82HM000DMH, Legion S7-15ARH5-82HM000EMH, Legion S7-15ARH5-82HM000GPG, Legion S7-15ARH5-82HM000HPG, Legion S7-15ARH5-82HM000JMX, Legion S7-15ARH5-82HM000KLT, Legion S7-15ARH5-82HM000LLT, Legion S7-15ARH5-82HM000MLT, Legion S7-15ARH5-82HM000NLT, Legion S7-15ARH5-82HM000PDU, Legion S7-15ARH5-82HM000QLT, Legion S7-15ARH5-82HM000RMX, Legion S7-15ARH5-82HM000SMX, Legion S7-15ARH5-82HM000TDT, Legion S7-15ARH5-82HM000UDT, Legion S7-15ARH5-82HM000VDT, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0000US, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0001US, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC000AUS, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC000BUS, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC000CSB, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC000DSB, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC000ESB, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC000FSB, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC000GSB, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC000TTW, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC000UTW, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC000VTW, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC000WHH, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC000XHH, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC000YHH, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0010KR, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0011KR, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0012KR, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0013KR, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0014TW, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0015HH, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0016KR, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0017HH, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0018TW, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0019TW, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC001AAU, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC001BAU, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC001CFR, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC001DFR, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC001EGE, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC001FGE, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC001GGE, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC001JFR, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC001KFR, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC001LFR, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC001MFR, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC001NFR, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC001PMZ, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC001QMZ, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC001RMZ, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC001SSB, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC001VGE, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC001WGE, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC001XGE, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC001YGE, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0020MZ, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0021MH, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0022MH, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0023MH, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0024MH, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0025MH, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0026MH, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0027MH, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC002FGE, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC002GGE, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC002HGE, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC002KMZ, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC002LAD, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC002MAD, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC002NAD, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC002PAD, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC002QAD, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC002RAD, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC002SAD, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC002TSB, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC002USB, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC002VSB, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC002WSB, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC002XSB, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC002YSP, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0030KR, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0031MH, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0032MH, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0033MH, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0034MH, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0035MH, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0036MH, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC003BSP, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC003CMZ, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC003KAD, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC003LAD, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC003MUK, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC003NUK, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC003PUK, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC003QUK, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC003RUK, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC003TPG, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0040IX, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0041IX, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0042IX, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0043IX, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0044MH, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0045MH, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0046HH, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0047HH, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC004BHH, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC004CHH, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC004DJP, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC004EJP, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC004FJP, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC004GJP, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC004HSB, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC004JJP, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC004KJP, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC004LUS, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC004NKR, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC004PKR, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC004RSB, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC004SSB, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC004TSB, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC004VKR, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC004WKR, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC004YGM, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0050GM, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0051AU, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0052AU, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0053SB, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0054PG, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0057CK, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0058CK, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0059CK, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC005ACK, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC005LMZ, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC005PSB, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC005TIX, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC005UIX, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC005VIX, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC005WIX, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0063IX, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0064IX, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC006MGM, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC006NGM, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC006PMZ, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC0074GJ, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC007AFR, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC007BAU, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC007JJP, Legion S7-15IMH5-82BC007KJP, Legion Y750S-15, Legion Y750S-15IMH 81YX000VGE, LEGION Y9000X, R9000X