Original Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 15-15IIL 15IMH 7-15IMH05 S750-15 L19C4PF2 L19M4PF2 Laptop Battery


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  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Condition: Brand New & Original
  • Voltage: 15.36V
  • Capacity: 4560mAh (70Wh)
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.


4ICP4/59/141-1, 5B10X18187, 5B10X18188, L19C4PF2, L19M4PF2, SB10X18189, SB10X18190


IdeaPad Slim 7-15IMH05, IdeaPad Slim 7-15IMH05-82AE, IdeaPad Slim 7-15IMH05-82AE0001US, IdeaPad Slim 7-15IMH05-82AE0002US, IdeaPad Slim 7-15IMH05-82AE0003US, IdeaPad Slim 7-15IMH05-82AE0004US, IdeaPad Slim 7-15IMH05-82AE0005CF, Slim 7-15IMH05(82AB0009FR), Slim 7-15IMH05(82AB001GGE), Slim 7-15IMH05(82AB0028MZ), Slim 7-15IMH05(82AB003DGE), Slim 7-15IMH05(82AB003EGE), Slim 7-15IMH05(82AE), Yoga Creator 7 15IMH05 82DS002TAX, Yoga Creator 7 15IMH05(82DS), Yoga Creator 7 15IMH05(82DS0002FR), Yoga Creator 7 15IMH05(82DS000CFR), Yoga Creator 7 15IMH05(82DS000VGE), Yoga Creator 7 15IMH05(82DS001EMZ), Yoga Creator 7 15IMH05(82DS001MMZ), YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS0000PH, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS0001FR, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS0003FR, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS0004FR, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS0005FR, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS0006FR, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS0007FR, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS0008FR, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS0009UK, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS000AFR, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS000BFR, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS000DBM, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS000EAX, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS000FAX, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS000GUK, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS000HUK, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS000JSA, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS000KSA, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS000LFE, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS000MFE, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS000NED, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS000PED, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS000QAX, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS000RAX, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS000SRM, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS000TRM, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS000UPG, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS000WTX, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS000XMX, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS000YMX, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS0010MX, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS0011MX, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS0012HV, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS0013MX, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS0014YA, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS0015YA, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS0016YA, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS0017MH, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS0018BM, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS0019MX, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS001AIX, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS001BGM, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS001CGM, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS001DUE, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS001FIX, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS001GCK, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS001HAX, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS001JMZ, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS001KSA, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS001LAX, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS001NSC, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS001PSC, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS001QSC, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS001RSC, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS001SSC, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS001TSC, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS001USC, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS001VSC, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS001WAD, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS001XAD, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS001YSC, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS0020SC, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS0021PG, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS0022FG, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS0023FG, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS0024CY, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS0025CY, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS0026SP, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS0027LT, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS0028RU, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS0029RU, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS002ATX, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS002BFR, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS002CAD, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS002DAX, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS002EAX, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS002FFR, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS002GMX, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS002HLT, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS002JTX, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS002LTX, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS002MMX, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS002NED, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS002PED, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS002QSP, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS002RYA, YOGA CREATOR 7 15IMH05-82DS002SRM, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS0001FR, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS0002FR, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS0003FR, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS0004FR, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS0005FR, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS0006FR, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS0007FR, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS0008FR, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS0009UK, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS000AFR, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS000BFR, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS000CFR, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS000DBM, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS000EAX, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS000FAX, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS000GUK, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS000HUK, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS000JSA, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS000KSA, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS000LFE, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS000MFE, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS000QAX, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS000RAX, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS000SRM, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS000TRM, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS000UPG, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS000VGE, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS000XMX, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS000YMX, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS0010MX, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS0011MX, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS0012HV, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS0013MX, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS0017MH, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS0018BM, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS0019MX, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS001AIX, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS001BGM, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS001CGM, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS001DUE, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS001EMZ, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS001FIX, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS001GCK, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS001HAX, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS001JMZ, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS001KSA, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS001LAX, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS001MMZ, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS001NSC, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS001PSC, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS001QSC, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS001RSC, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS001SSC, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS001TSC, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS001USC, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS001VSC, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS001WAD, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS001XAD, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS001YSC, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS0020SC, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS0021PG, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS0022FG, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS0023FG, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS0026SP, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS0027LT, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS0028RU, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS0029RU, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS002BFR, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS002CAD, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS002DAX, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS002EAX, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS002FFR, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS002GMX, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS002HLT, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS002MMX, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS002QSP, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS002SRM, Yoga Creator 7-15IMH05-82DS002TAX, Yoga Slim 7 15, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0001PH, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0002PH, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0003PH, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0004PH, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0005FR, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0006FR, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB000AFR, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB000BFR, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB000CHH, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB000DHH, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB000EHH, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB000FTW, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB000GTW, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB000HTW, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB000JKR, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB000KKR, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB000LKR, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB000QSB, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB000RSB, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB000SSB, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB000TMJ, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB000UMJ, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB000VMJ, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB000WSB, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB000XMX, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB000YMX, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0010HH, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0012MJ, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0013MJ, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0014MJ, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0015TW, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0016KR, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0017SC, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0018SC, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB001ATX, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB001BAU, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB001DYA, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB001EYA, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB001HMB, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB001JBM, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB001KSC, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB001LCY, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB001MRK, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB001NRF, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB001NRK, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB001PRU, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB001QRE, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB001QRU, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB001QUA, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB001RRA, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB001TCK, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB001UED, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB001WGM, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB001XHV, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB001YIX, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0020ML, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0023PB, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0025RM, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0026YA, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0029AX, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB002AAK, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB002BUK, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB002CTX, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB002DSA, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB002EAD, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB002FRK, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB002GRU, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB002HIU, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB002JIV, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB002KIW, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB002LLT, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB002MDU, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB002NDS, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB002PDT, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB002QFE, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB002RFG, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB002SPE, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB002TUE, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB002URK, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB002VRK, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB002WMH, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB002XMB, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB002YMH, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0030MB, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0031MB, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0032RE, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0033CL, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0034SB, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0035MZ, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0036MZ, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0037RU, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0038RU, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0039MX, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB003AJP, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB003FKR, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB003GMX, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB003HSB, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB003JSB, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB003LRU, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB003MMX, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB003NHH, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB003PRU, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB003QSB, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB003SKR, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB003TIV, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB003UIV, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB003VIV, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB003WIV, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB003XIV, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB003YIV, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0040IV, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0041IV, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0042MX, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0043MX, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0044MX, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AB0045MX, Yoga Slim 7 15IMH05 82AE0001US, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05 82AB001CAU, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05 82AB003RAU, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05(82AB), Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05(82AB0007FR), Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05(82AB0008FR), Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05(82AB0009FR), Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05(82AB001FAT), Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05(82AB001GGE), Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05(82AB001VFR), Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05(82AB0021MH), Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05(82AB0022MX), Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05(82AB0024PG), Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05(82AB0027SP), Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05(82AB0028MZ), Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05(82AB003BUK), Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05(82AB003CUK), Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05(82AB003DGE), Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05(82AB003EGE), Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05(82AB003KMZ), Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05(82AB0046MZ), Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB0000SB, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB0005FR, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB0006FR, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB0007FR, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB0008FR, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB0009FR, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB000AFR, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB000BFR, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB000CHH, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB000DHH, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB000EHH, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB0022MX, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB0024PG, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB0027SP, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB0028MZ, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB002JIV, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB002LLT, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB002MDU, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB002NDS, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB002PDT, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB002QFE, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB002RFG, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB002SPE, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB002TUE, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB002VRK, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB002XMB, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB002YMH, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB0030MB, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB0031MB, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB0032RE, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB0034SB, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB0035MZ, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB0036MZ, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB0037RU, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB0038RU, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB0039MX, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB003AJP, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB003BUK, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB003CUK, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB003DGE, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB003EGE, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB003FKR, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB003GMX, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB003HSB, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB003JSB, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB003KMZ, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB003LRU, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB003MMX, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB003PRU, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB003QSB, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB003RAU, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB003SKR, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB003TIV, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB003UIV, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB003VIV, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB003WIV, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB003XIV, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB003YIV, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB0040IV, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB0041IV, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB0042MX, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB0043MX, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB0044MX, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB0045MX, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB0046MZ, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB0047RU, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB0048HH, Yoga Slim 7-15IMH05-82AB0049HH