New 7.68V 60Wh Lenovo Original L19M4PH2 Yoga 9 14ITL5 L19C4PH2 Laptop Battery


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  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Condition: Brand New & Original
  • Battery rating: 7.68V
  • Battery capacity: 7820mAh (60Wh)
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.


5B10Z33895, 5B10Z33896, L19C4PH2, L19M4PH2, SB10Z33898


Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG0002US, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG000DUS, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG000FUS, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG000LUK, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG000NPH, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG000TAX, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG000VSB, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG000XPH, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG0013US, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG0015TX, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG001AUK, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG001CIX, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG001EIX, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG001KHH, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG001NAU, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG001RAU, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG001YSB, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG0021MZ, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG0023MZ, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG0026TW, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG0028AU, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG002AMZ, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG002FGJ, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG002HAR, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG002KCF, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG002PHH, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG002UTW, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG002WTW, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG0038MJ, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG003AMJ, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG003JSP, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG003MUK, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG003PRU, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG003SMH, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG003XGE, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG0041MZ, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG0043SB, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG0048JP, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG004BHH, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG004KMX, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG004MIV, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG004PIV, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG004UIV, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG004WIV, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG0052MX, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG0055CL, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG0057BM, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG005CLM, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG005EAU, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG005KSC, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG005MSC, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG005PPG, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG005SAU, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG005VAU, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG005XMB, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG0060AD, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG0065CK, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG0067RU, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG006EVN, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG006GSC, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG006PHV, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG006RMX, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG006TIN, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG006VMX, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG0071RU, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG0073LT, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG0075AX, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG0078MZ, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG007ASA, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG007CGE, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG007HMZ, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG007NIN, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG007QGJ, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG007TAX, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG007VHH, Yoga 9 14ITL5 82BG007XAK, Yoga 9 14ITL5 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9-14ITL5-82BG003YMZ, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0041MZ, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0042MX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0043SB, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0044AR, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0045JP, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0046JP, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0047JP, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0048JP, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0049GE, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG004AGE, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG004BHH, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG004CGE, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG004DCF, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG004EMJ, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG004FGE, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG004GGE, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG004HNZ, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG004JNZ, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG004KMX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG004LMX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG004MIV, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG004NIV, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG004PIV, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG004QIV, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG004RIV, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG004SIV, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG004TIV, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG004UIV, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG004VIV, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG004WIV, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG004XMH, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG004YMH, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0050MB, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0051MB, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0052MX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0053MX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0056MX, Yoga 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9-14ITL5-82BG006KAX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG006NVN, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG006PHV, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG006QHV, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG006RMX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG006VMX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG006WLM, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG006XFE, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG006YFE, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0070FE, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0071RU, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0072MX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0073LT, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0074LT, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0075AX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0076AX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0078MZ, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0079SC, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG007ASA, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG007BYA, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG007CGE, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG007DMX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG007EGE, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG007FAR, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG007GLM, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG007HMZ, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG007MGM, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG007QGJ, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG007TAX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG007UMJ, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG007VHH, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG007WKG, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG007XAK, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG007YAK, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0080AD, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0081UE, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0082RA, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0085SA, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0088SA, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0089FG, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG008AFG, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG008BFG, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG008CFE, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG008DFE, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG008EPB, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG008FPB, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG008GPB, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG008HPB, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG008JRM, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG008KRM, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG008MHH, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG008NAD, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG008PLT, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG008QSB, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG008RAD, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG008SHH, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG008TLM, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG008ULM, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG008VSC, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG008YHH, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0090US, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0091US, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0092SB, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0093FE, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0094FG, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0095RA, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0096FE, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0097LM, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0098FG, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG0099PB, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG009APB, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG009BPB, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG009CPB, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG009DMZ, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG009EUE, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG009FIX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG009GIX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG009HAU, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG009JAK, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG009LSA, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG009MUS, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG009RUS, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG009UUS, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG009WUS, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG009XUS, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG009YUS, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00A0US, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00A2US, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00A3US, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00A4AU, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00A5AU, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00A6AU, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00A7AU, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00AAMX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00ABUK, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00ACGE, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00ADMZ, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00AESC, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00AFMX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00AGRU, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00AHRU, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00AJMX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00AKUK, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00ALAK, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00AMMX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00ANMX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00APAX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00AQPG, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00ASMH, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00AUAK, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00AWRM, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00AXSB, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00AYMJ, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00B0JP, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00B1VN, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00B2TW, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00B4AU, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00B5SB, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00B6AU, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00B7JP, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00B8SB, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00B9SB, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00BAAU, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00BBSB, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00BCAU, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00BDAU, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00BFTW, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00BGHH, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00BHTW, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00BJAU, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00BKSB, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00BLHH, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00BMAU, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00BNJP, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00BPJP, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00BQHH, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00BUGM, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00BVLM, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00BWAR, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00BYSA, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00C0SA, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00C3PB, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00C4PB, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00C5PB, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00C6PB, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00C7AX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00C8AX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00C9AX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00CAAX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00CBMZ, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00CCMH, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00CDMZ, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00CEAX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00CFMZ, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00CGIX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00CHIV, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00CJIX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00CKIX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00CLGE, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00CMMZ, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00CNFE, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00CPSB, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00CQTW, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00CRHH, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00CSTW, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00CTHH, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00CUHH, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00CVMJ, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00CWSB, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00CXTW, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00CYSB, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00D0TW, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00D1HH, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00D2MJ, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00D3SB, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00D4MJ, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00D5MJ, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00D6MJ, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00D7AX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00D8AX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00D9RA, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00DETW, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00DFSB, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00DGHH, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00DHTW, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00DJMJ, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00DKSB, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00DLHH, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00DMAU, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00DQUE, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00DRUE, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00DSTW, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00DUFE, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00DVFE, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00DWFE, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00DXFE, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00DYFE, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00E0MZ, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00E1AD, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00E2AD, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00E3IV, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00E4MZ, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00E8FG, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00E9FG, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00EAFG, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00EBAU, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00ECAU, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00EESB, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00EFRM, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00EGSA, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00EHHH, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00EJHH, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00EKGE, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00ELGE, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00EMGE, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00ERMH, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00ESUE, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00ETMB, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00EUMX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00EVMX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00EWUK, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00EXMX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00EYMX, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00F0SC, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00F2UE, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00F3MZ, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00F4SP, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00F5MJ, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00F6RU, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00F7SC, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00F8RM, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00FAGM, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00FBGM, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00FCRU, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00FDYA, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00FEUK, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00FFIV, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00FGIV, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00FHIV, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00FJIV, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00FKIV, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00FLSP, Yoga 9-14ITL5-82BG00FMSP