Original 45W Travel charger HP Spectre 13 Elite x2 1012 Pro X2 612 G2 TYPE-C USB-C Laptop Power Adapter Charger


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Product Specifications : 

  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 5V 9V 10V 12V 15V 20V
  • Output Current: 3A 3A 3.75A 3.75A 3A 2.25A 45W
  • Connector: TYPE-C
  • Color: black
  • Power Cord Included : YES
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.


860066-001, 860066-002, 860066-003, 860210-850, 925739-001, ADP-45VE BA, PA-1450-33HD, PA-1450-33HF, TPN-DA06, TPN-DA07, TPN-LA06, 828622-002, 828622-003, 828769-001, 848067-003, ADP-45ME BA, TPN-CA02, TPN-DA04

FIT MODELS : FOR HP(use "ctrl+F" to find your model quickly)


Elite x2, Elite x2 1012 G1(V2D62PA), Elite x2 1012 G1(V2D63PA), Elite x2 1012 G1(V2D16PA), Spectre 13-V014TU(W6T89PA), Spectre 13V016TU(W6T91PA), EliteBook Folio G1, ELITEBOOK FOLIO G1(P4P85PT), SPECTRE 12-AB000 X2, SPECTRE 13TV000 CTO, SPECTRE 12-A009NR, SPECTRE 12A008NR, SPECTRE 12-A001TU, SPECTRE 12A005TU, SPECTRE 12-A012 X2, EliteBook Folio G1(1JA62EC), EliteBook Folio G1(1KR26PA), EliteBook Folio G1(1ES70EC), EliteBook Folio G1(Z0J31EC), EliteBook Folio G1(Y3N12EC), EliteBook Folio G1(Y0D37UC), EliteBook Folio G1(1MY68EC), EliteBook Folio G1(2XP75EC), EliteBook Folio G1(P2C90AV), Elite x2 1012, Elite x2 1012 G1(V3F62PA), Elite x2 1012 G1(V9D46PA), Spectre 13-v000, Spectre 13V014TU(W6T89PA), Spectre 13-V015TU(W6T90PA), ELITEBOOK FOLIO G1(P4P84PT), SPECTRE 12-A000 X2, SPECTRE 12AB000 X2, SPECTER PRO 13, SPECTRE 12A009NR, SPECTRE 12-A002TU, SPECTRE 12A001TU, SPECTRE 12-A001DX, SPECTRE 12A012 X2, EliteBook Folio G1(1KR24PA), EliteBook Folio G1(1KR27PA), EliteBook Folio G1(1CD85PP), EliteBook Folio G1(Y6P78UC), EliteBook Folio G1(Y2R75UP), EliteBook Folio G1(2FU73UC), EliteBook Folio G1(2TC10PP), EliteBook Folio G1(3GN13PP), Elite x2 1012 G1, Elite x2 1012 G1(V2D65PA), Elite x2 1012 G1(V3F63PA), Spectre 13v000, Spectre 13-V016TU(W6T91PA), Spectre 13V015TU(W6T90PA), ELITEBOOK FOLIO G1(P4P86PT), SPECTRE 12A000 X2, SPECTRE 13T-V000 CTO, ELITE X2 1012 G1 TABLET, SPECTRE 12-A008NR, SPECTRE 12A002TU, SPECTRE 12-A005TU, SPECTRE 12A001DX, EliteBook Folio G1(1ES82EC), EliteBook Folio G1(1KR25PA), EliteBook Folio G1(1ES69EC), EliteBook Folio G1(Z8V19UC), EliteBook Folio G1(Y6R59UP), EliteBook Folio G1(Y0D33UC), EliteBook Folio G1(2FU75UC), EliteBook Folio G1(1XJ29UC), EliteBook Folio G1(3DW78PP)

1HE07AA#ABA 1HE07UT#ABA 1MZ01AA#ABA 1RR03EA 1VX33EA 3JW90EA 3JX57EA 3JX94EA 3QL35EA 860209-850 918170-002 918170-004 934739-850 ADP-45VE BB Chromebook 14-da0000 x360 Chromebook x360 11 G1 Chromebook x360 14-da0500nd Elite x2 1012 G1 EliteBook 735 G5 EliteBook 735 G5 2HB38AV EliteBook 735 G5 2HB39AV EliteBook 735 G5 2HB40AV EliteBook 735 G5 2LQ14LC EliteBook 735 G5 3UN63EA EliteBook 735 G5 3UN63EAR EliteBook 735 G5 3UN67EAR EliteBook 735 G5 3XJ73LT EliteBook 735 G5 3ZG88EA EliteBook 735 G5 3ZG89EA EliteBook 735 G5 4CH70PC EliteBook 735 G5 4CH71PC EliteBook 735 G5 4CH76PC EliteBook 735 G5 4DX92EC EliteBook 735 G5 4DX93EC EliteBook 735 G5 4EE28EC EliteBook 735 G5 4FG09EC EliteBook 735 G5 4HZ55UT EliteBook 735 G5 4HZ57UT EliteBook 735 G5 4HZ58UT EliteBook 735 G5 4HZ58UTR EliteBook 735 G5 4HZ62UT EliteBook 735 G5 4HZ62UTR EliteBook 735 G5 4JB44LT EliteBook 735 G5 4JD52UT EliteBook 735 G5 4LK50LC EliteBook 735 G5 4LU73US EliteBook 735 G5 4ND84PC EliteBook 735 G5 4ND85PC EliteBook 735 G5 4NE58LP EliteBook 735 G5 4PB30US EliteBook 735 G5 4PU65US EliteBook 735 G5 4PU82US EliteBook 735 G5 4QD43LP EliteBook 735 G5 4QD44PA EliteBook 735 G5 4QQ71UC EliteBook 735 G5 4QQ72UC EliteBook 735 G5 4QZ34EA EliteBook 735 G5 4QZ34EAR EliteBook 735 G5 4SQ40PA EliteBook 735 G5 4SY06EC EliteBook 735 G5 4TH19PT EliteBook 735 G5 4UM94UP EliteBook 735 G5 4VG79US EliteBook 735 G5 4VV75UP EliteBook 735 G5 4WJ54US EliteBook 735 G5 4WK17US EliteBook 735 G5 4WL36US EliteBook 735 G5 4WW82EP EliteBook 735 G5 4XM64LA EliteBook 735 G5 4YF29US EliteBook 735 G5 4YH41US EliteBook 735 G5 5CZ17UC EliteBook 735 G5 5CZ78UC EliteBook 735 G5 5DF42EA EliteBook 735 G5 5DK52PA EliteBook 735 G5 5DK53PA EliteBook 735 G5 5DL17PA EliteBook 735 G5 5DN56PA EliteBook 735 G5 5DS93PA EliteBook 735 G5 5DW30PC EliteBook 735 G5 5DW33PC EliteBook 735 G5 5FL11AW EliteBook 735 G5 5FL12AW EliteBook 735 G5 5FL35EC EliteBook 735 G5 5FW72PT EliteBook 735 G5 5FW78PT EliteBook 735 G5 5GQ44US EliteBook 735 G5 5HH44US EliteBook 735 G5 5HJ98PA EliteBook 735 G5 5HK00PA EliteBook 735 G5 5HK01PA EliteBook 735 G5 5HK09PA EliteBook 735 G5 5HK15PA EliteBook 735 G5 5HK47EP EliteBook 735 G5 5HK48EP EliteBook 735 G5 5HL76US EliteBook 735 G5 5HM06EP EliteBook 735 G5 5HS90US EliteBook 735 G5 5HU13EC EliteBook 735 G5 5HX99US EliteBook 735 G5 5JD15LT EliteBook 735 G5 5JD74LT EliteBook 735 G5 5JG32US EliteBook 735 G5 5JM12EC EliteBook 735 G5 5JM67EC EliteBook 735 G5 5KA89UP EliteBook 735 G5 5KX98PA EliteBook 735 G5 5LD25US EliteBook 735 G5 5LZ66UC EliteBook 735 G5 5MA06UC EliteBook 735 G5 5MP98PA EliteBook 735 G5 5NC99LA EliteBook 735 G5 5ND09LA EliteBook 735 G5 5NE78US EliteBook 735 G5 5NE92US EliteBook 735 G5 5RH69EC EliteBook 735 G5 5SK70LT EliteBook 735 G5 5TG34US EliteBook 735 G5 5TG41US EliteBook 735 G5 5TM12US EliteBook 735 G5 5TN53US EliteBook 735 G5 5UH31UC EliteBook 735 G5 5UT25EC EliteBook 735 G5 5UU18UP EliteBook 735 G5 5UV87US EliteBook 735 G5 5WM79PA EliteBook 735 G5 5XH03PA EliteBook 735 G5 5XH12PA EliteBook 735 G5 5XJ01US EliteBook 735 G5 5XZ07UP EliteBook 735 G5 5YH11UC EliteBook 735 G5 5YK93UP EliteBook 735 G5 5YL57PA EliteBook 735 G5 5YL70PA EliteBook 735 G5 5YL71PA EliteBook 735 G5 5YL78PA EliteBook 735 G5 5YL80PA EliteBook 735 G5 5YL82PA EliteBook 735 G5 5YP85US EliteBook 735 G5 5YP86US EliteBook 735 G5 5ZU61PA EliteBook 735 G5 5ZU72PA EliteBook 735 G5 6AB39EC EliteBook 745 G5 2MG22AV EliteBook 745 G5 2MG23AV EliteBook 745 G5 2MG24AV EliteBook 745 G5 3UN69EA EliteBook 745 G5 3UN75EA EliteBook 745 G5 3UN77EA EliteBook 745 G5 3XJ51LT EliteBook 745 G5 3XJ52LT EliteBook 745 G5 3XJ54LT EliteBook 745 G5 3ZG90EA EliteBook 745 G5 3ZG91EA EliteBook 745 G5 3ZG92EA EliteBook 745 G5 4AA96US EliteBook 745 G5 4AB39US EliteBook 745 G5 4CH97PC EliteBook 745 G5 4CH98PC EliteBook 745 G5 4CJ03PC EliteBook 745 G5 4JB36LT EliteBook 745 G5 4JB78UT EliteBook 745 G5 4JB83UT EliteBook 745 G5 4JB90UT EliteBook 745 G5 4JB90UTR EliteBook 745 G5 4JB92UT EliteBook 745 G5 4JB92UTR EliteBook 745 G5 4JB95UT EliteBook 745 G5 4JB95UTR EliteBook 745 G5 4JB96UT EliteBook 745 G5 4JC02UT EliteBook 745 G5 4JC05UT EliteBook 745 G5 4LA13LT EliteBook 745 G5 4LA14LT EliteBook 745 G5 4LJ31UC EliteBook 745 G5 4LQ28US EliteBook 745 G5 4ND24LP EliteBook 745 G5 4ND74PC EliteBook 745 G5 4ND81PC EliteBook 745 G5 4PA52LP EliteBook 745 G5 4PB52US EliteBook 745 G5 4PT58UP EliteBook 745 G5 4PT92UP EliteBook 745 G5 4PU08LP EliteBook 745 G5 4PU47US EliteBook 745 G5 4PU63US EliteBook 745 G5 4QJ22US EliteBook 745 G5 4QN99US EliteBook 745 G5 4QP07US EliteBook 745 G5 4QR03UC EliteBook 745 G5 4QY66EA EliteBook 745 G5 4RA07US EliteBook 745 G5 4SA90US EliteBook 745 G5 4SQ67PA EliteBook 745 G5 4SZ28PC EliteBook 745 G5 4TB42LT EliteBook 745 G5 4TB43EC EliteBook 745 G5 4TB44LT EliteBook 745 G5 4TB45LT EliteBook 745 G5 4TC52US EliteBook 745 G5 4TH22PT EliteBook 745 G5 4TN70UT EliteBook 745 G5 4TN70UTR EliteBook 745 G5 4TR33US EliteBook 745 G5 4UM84US EliteBook 745 G5 4UM95UP EliteBook 745 G5 4UR73UC EliteBook 745 G5 4UX45UP EliteBook 745 G5 4UX48US EliteBook 745 G5 4UX53UP EliteBook 745 G5 4UY02UP EliteBook 745 G5 4VG01UP EliteBook 745 G5 4VG74US EliteBook 745 G5 4VV74UP EliteBook 745 G5 4WD53UC EliteBook 745 G5 4WK70US EliteBook 745 G5 4WK81US EliteBook 745 G5 4WL78US EliteBook 745 G5 4XM65LA EliteBook 745 G5 4XN33LA EliteBook 745 G5 4XN44LA EliteBook 745 G5 4XN45LA EliteBook 745 G5 4XN84UC EliteBook 745 G5 4YF14US EliteBook 745 G5 4YL68US EliteBook 745 G5 4YY50US EliteBook 745 G5 4ZD69UP EliteBook 745 G5 4ZE28UP EliteBook 745 G5 5AY06US EliteBook 745 G5 5AZ58US EliteBook 745 G5 5BK58US EliteBook 745 G5 5CZ16UC EliteBook 745 G5 5CZ26UC EliteBook 745 G5 5CZ27UC EliteBook 745 G5 5CZ29UC EliteBook 745 G5 5CZ29UCR EliteBook 745 G5 5CZ30UC EliteBook 745 G5 5CZ40UC EliteBook 745 G5 5CZ41UC EliteBook 745 G5 5CZ42UC EliteBook 745 G5 5CZ43UC EliteBook 745 G5 5CZ79UC EliteBook 745 G5 5DA35US EliteBook 745 G5 5DF32EA EliteBook 745 G5 5DF44EA EliteBook 745 G5 5DF45EA EliteBook 745 G5 5DG25EA EliteBook 745 G5 5DK54PA EliteBook 745 G5 5DK56PA EliteBook 745 G5 5DL77PA EliteBook 745 G5 5DL78PA EliteBook 745 G5 5EC79US EliteBook 745 G5 5EM08UC EliteBook 745 G5 5EM09UC EliteBook 745 G5 5EY13UC EliteBook 745 G5 5EY14UC EliteBook 745 G5 5FE38US EliteBook 745 G5 5FE41US EliteBook 745 G5 5FE61US EliteBook 745 G5 5FF89US EliteBook 745 G5 5FL59AW EliteBook 745 G5 5FL60AW EliteBook 745 G5 5GQ16US EliteBook 745 G5 5HH85US EliteBook 745 G5 5HK46EP EliteBook 745 G5 5HK50EP EliteBook 745 G5 5HK51EP EliteBook 745 G5 5HX90US EliteBook 745 G5 5JB59US EliteBook 745 G5 5JC01US EliteBook 745 G5 5JD14LT EliteBook 745 G5 5JD23LT EliteBook 745 G5 5JD26LT EliteBook 745 G5 5JD28LT EliteBook 745 G5 5JM13EC EliteBook 745 G5 5JM68EC EliteBook 745 G5 5JU65US EliteBook 745 G5 5KG94UC EliteBook 745 G5 5KG95UC EliteBook 745 G5 5KX09UP EliteBook 745 G5 5KY00PA EliteBook 745 G5 5KY05PA EliteBook 745 G5 5KY06PA EliteBook 745 G5 5KY10PA EliteBook 745 G5 5LH19US EliteBook 745 G5 5LJ73US EliteBook 745 G5 5LZ08UC EliteBook 745 G5 5LZ09UC EliteBook 745 G5 5LZ46UC EliteBook 745 G5 5LZ67UC EliteBook 745 G5 5LZ95UC EliteBook 745 G5 5MX76EP EliteBook 745 G5 5MX96US EliteBook 745 G5 5NC80LA EliteBook 745 G5 5NL92U8R EliteBook 745 G5 5NM41LA EliteBook 745 G5 5NP67US EliteBook 745 G5 5NV97LA EliteBook 745 G5 5NX19UP EliteBook 745 G5 5PH06PA EliteBook 745 G5 5RH68EC EliteBook 745 G5 5SK21LT EliteBook 745 G5 5SQ95EA EliteBook 745 G5 5SQ96EA EliteBook 745 G5 5SQ97EA EliteBook 745 G5 5TP29LA EliteBook 745 G5 5TQ45US EliteBook 745 G5 5TU06UP EliteBook 745 G5 5TU35UP EliteBook 745 G5 5TW34UC EliteBook 745 G5 5UA96LA EliteBook 745 G5 5UB03LA EliteBook 745 G5 5UB38UP EliteBook 745 G5 5UG79UC EliteBook 745 G5 5UG92UC EliteBook 745 G5 5UH15UC EliteBook 745 G5 5UH16UC EliteBook 745 G5 5UH30UC EliteBook 745 G5 5UH49UC EliteBook 745 G5 5UP70US EliteBook 745 G5 5UP73US EliteBook 745 G5 5UT91UP EliteBook 745 G5 5UU02UP EliteBook 745 G5 5VV86UC EliteBook 745 G5 5VX15UP EliteBook 745 G5 5VX21UP EliteBook 745 G5 5XZ16US EliteBook 745 G5 5XZ38US EliteBook 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755 G5 2LQ12LC EliteBook 755 G5 2LQ13LC EliteBook 755 G5 2MN14AV EliteBook 755 G5 2MN15AV EliteBook 755 G5 2MN16AV EliteBook 755 G5 3UN78EA EliteBook 755 G5 3UP65EAR EliteBook 755 G5 3XJ74LT EliteBook 755 G5 3XJ79LT EliteBook 755 G5 3ZG68EA EliteBook 755 G5 4HZ47UT EliteBook 755 G5 4HZ48UT EliteBook 755 G5 4HZ51UT EliteBook 755 G5 4HZ51UTR EliteBook 755 G5 4HZ53UT EliteBook 755 G5 4HZ53UTR EliteBook 755 G5 4HZ54UT EliteBook 755 G5 4HZ54UTR EliteBook 755 G5 4JB75LT EliteBook 755 G5 4LK31LC EliteBook 755 G5 4LK32LC EliteBook 755 G5 4LK36LC EliteBook 755 G5 4LK37LC EliteBook 755 G5 4LU78US EliteBook 755 G5 4RA44US EliteBook 755 G5 4SY37EC EliteBook 755 G5 4SZ40PA EliteBook 755 G5 4TB39US EliteBook 755 G5 4TH29PT EliteBook 755 G5 4TN71UT EliteBook 755 G5 4TN71UTR EliteBook 755 G5 4UM91UP EliteBook 755 G5 4UX17US EliteBook 755 G5 4VG82US EliteBook 755 G5 4VQ34US EliteBook 755 G5 4VQ35US EliteBook 755 G5 4VQ36US EliteBook 755 G5 4VQ68US EliteBook 755 G5 4XM66LA EliteBook 755 G5 4XN74UC EliteBook 755 G5 4XN75UC EliteBook 755 G5 4XP22UC EliteBook 755 G5 4XP23UC EliteBook 755 G5 4XP24UC EliteBook 755 G5 4XP25UC EliteBook 755 G5 4XR95US EliteBook 755 G5 5AY41PC EliteBook 755 G5 5AY42PC EliteBook 755 G5 5AY43PC EliteBook 755 G5 5CZ23UC EliteBook 755 G5 5CZ24UC EliteBook 755 G5 5CZ25UC EliteBook 755 G5 5DF41EA EliteBook 755 G5 5DF43EA EliteBook 755 G5 5DG73US EliteBook 755 G5 5DM70US EliteBook 755 G5 5DR88PC EliteBook 755 G5 5DR89PC EliteBook 755 G5 5DZ26UP EliteBook 755 G5 5FL61AW EliteBook 755 G5 5FL62AW EliteBook 755 G5 5HG06US EliteBook 755 G5 5HK53EP EliteBook 755 G5 5HK55EP EliteBook 755 G5 5HM07EP EliteBook 755 G5 5HS37EC EliteBook 755 G5 5JD17LT EliteBook 755 G5 5JM70EC EliteBook 755 G5 5JN49LT EliteBook 755 G5 5LV04PA EliteBook 755 G5 5LV07PA EliteBook 755 G5 5MC34PA EliteBook 755 G5 5NE01US EliteBook 755 G5 5NE25US EliteBook 755 G5 5NE66US EliteBook 755 G5 5NE69US EliteBook 755 G5 5NE84US EliteBook 755 G5 5NL93U8R EliteBook 755 G5 5SQ94EA EliteBook 755 G5 5SR00EA EliteBook 755 G5 5TG31US EliteBook 755 G5 5TG37US EliteBook 755 G5 5TU16UP EliteBook 755 G5 5TU26UP EliteBook 755 G5 5UT24EC EliteBook 755 G5 5UX82UP EliteBook 755 G5 5XH06PA EliteBook 755 G5 5XH08PA EliteBook 755 G5 5XH11PA EliteBook 755 G5 5XL22US EliteBook 755 G5 5XL77US EliteBook 755 G5 5XL81US EliteBook 755 G5 5YL79PA EliteBook 755 G5 5YL93PA EliteBook 755 G5 5YM04PA EliteBook 755 G5 5YM23PA EliteBook 755 G5 5YP43US EliteBook 755 G5 5YR53US EliteBook 755 G5 6AF96US EliteBook 755 G5 6BC21UP EliteBook 755 G5 6BC30UP PA-1450-331HP Pavilion x2 12-b000 Pavilion x2 12-b100 ProBook 430 G6 ProBook 430 G6 4SP81AV ProBook 430 G6 4SP82AV ProBook 430 G6 4SP83AV ProBook 430 G6 4SP85AV ProBook 430 G6 4SP86AV ProBook 430 G6 4SP87AV ProBook 430 G6 4SP88AV ProBook 430 G6 4SP89AV ProBook 430 G6 5PP30EA ProBook 430 G6 5PP35EA ProBook 430 G6 5PP36EA ProBook 430 G6 5PP37EA ProBook 430 G6 5PP38EA ProBook 430 G6 5PP39EA ProBook 430 G6 5PP40EA ProBook 430 G6 5PP41EA ProBook 430 G6 5PP42EA ProBook 430 G6 5PP43EA ProBook 430 G6 5PP44EA ProBook 430 G6 5PP45EA ProBook 430 G6 5PP46EA ProBook 430 G6 5PP47EA ProBook 430 G6 5PP48EA ProBook 430 G6 5PP50EA ProBook 430 G6 5PP51EA ProBook 430 G6 5PP52EA ProBook 430 G6 5PP53EA ProBook 430 G6 5PP55EA ProBook 430 G6 5PP56EA ProBook 430 G6 5PP57EA ProBook 430 G6 5PP58EA ProBook 430 G6 5PP59EA ProBook 430 G6 5PP60EA ProBook 430 G6 5PQ27EA ProBook 430 G6 5PQ28EA ProBook 430 G6 5PQ40EA ProBook 430 G6 5PQ45EA ProBook 430 G6 5PQ46EA ProBook 430 G6 5PQ47EA ProBook 430 G6 5PQ62EA ProBook 430 G6 5PQ74EA ProBook 430 G6 5PQ75EA ProBook 430 G6 5PQ76EA ProBook 430 G6 5PQ78EA ProBook 430 G6 5TJ87EA ProBook 430 G6 5TJ89EA ProBook 430 G6 5TJ90EA ProBook 430 G6 5TJ91EA ProBook 430 G6 5TK74EA ProBook 430 G6 5TK76EA ProBook 430 G6 5TK77EA ProBook 430 G6 5TL26EA ProBook 430 G6 5TP21PA ProBook 430 G6 5TR18PA ProBook 430 G6 5TR20PA ProBook 430 G6 5TR21PA ProBook 430 G6 5TR25PA ProBook 430 G6 5TR31PA ProBook 430 G6 5VC22UT ProBook 430 G6 5VC30UT ProBook 430 G6 5VD73UT ProBook 430 G6 5VD75UT ProBook 430 G6 5VD77UT ProBook 430 G6 5VD79UT ProBook 430 G6 5VD81UT ProBook 430 G6 5VP50UT ProBook 430 G6 5YM96PA ProBook 430 G6 5YM98PA ProBook 430 G6 5YN00PA ProBook 430 G6 5YN01PA ProBook 430 G6 5YN03PA ProBook 430 G6 5YN22PA ProBook 440 G6 ProBook 440 G6 4RZ45AV ProBook 440 G6 4RZ46AV ProBook 440 G6 4RZ48AV ProBook 440 G6 4RZ49AV ProBook 440 G6 4RZ50AV ProBook 440 G6 4RZ51AV ProBook 440 G6 4RZ52AV ProBook 440 G6 4RZ53AV ProBook 440 G6 4RZ54AV ProBook 440 G6 4RZ55AV ProBook 440 G6 4RZ56AV ProBook 440 G6 4RZ57AV ProBook 440 G6 5ED12AV ProBook 440 G6 5ED13AV ProBook 440 G6 5PQ07EA ProBook 440 G6 5PQ08EA ProBook 440 G6 5PQ09EA ProBook 440 G6 5PQ10EA ProBook 440 G6 5PQ11EA ProBook 440 G6 5PQ12EA ProBook 440 G6 5PQ13EA ProBook 440 G6 5PQ14EA ProBook 440 G6 5PQ15EA ProBook 440 G6 5PQ16EA ProBook 440 G6 5PQ17EA ProBook 440 G6 5PQ18EA ProBook 440 G6 5PQ19EA ProBook 440 G6 5PQ20EA ProBook 440 G6 5PQ21EA ProBook 440 G6 5PQ22EA ProBook 440 G6 5PQ23EA ProBook 440 G6 5PQ24EA ProBook 440 G6 5PQ25EA ProBook 440 G6 5PQ26EA ProBook 440 G6 5PQ34EA ProBook 440 G6 5PQ38EA ProBook 440 G6 5PQ48EA ProBook 440 G6 5PQ49EA ProBook 440 G6 5PQ50EA ProBook 440 G6 5PQ51EA ProBook 440 G6 5PQ52EA ProBook 440 G6 5PQ79EA ProBook 440 G6 5PQ80EA ProBook 440 G6 5PQ81EA ProBook 440 G6 5PQ82EA ProBook 440 G6 5TK00EA ProBook 440 G6 5TK01EA ProBook 440 G6 5TK02EA ProBook 440 G6 5TK03EA ProBook 440 G6 5TK06EA ProBook 440 G6 5TK75EA ProBook 440 G6 5TK78EA ProBook 440 G6 5TK79EA ProBook 440 G6 5TP22PA ProBook 440 G6 5TR26PA ProBook 440 G6 5TR27PA ProBook 440 G6 5TR28PA ProBook 440 G6 5TR29PA ProBook 440 G6 5TR30PA ProBook 440 G6 5VB94UT ProBook 440 G6 5VB98UT ProBook 440 G6 5VB99UT ProBook 440 G6 5VC06UT ProBook 440 G6 5VC11UT ProBook 440 G6 5VC21UT ProBook 440 G6 5VD74UT ProBook 440 G6 5YM56PA ProBook 440 G6 5YM57PA ProBook 440 G6 5YM58PA ProBook 440 G6 5YM60PA ProBook 440 G6 5YM61PA ProBook 440 G6 5YM62PA ProBook 440 G6 5YM63PA ProBook 440 G6 5YM64PA ProBook 440 G6 5YM73PA ProBook 450 G6 ProBook 450 G6 4SZ42AV ProBook 450 G6 4SZ43AV ProBook 450 G6 4SZ47AV ProBook 450 G6 4SZ48AV ProBook 450 G6 4TC91AV ProBook 450 G6 4TC92AV ProBook 450 G6 4TC94AV ProBook 450 G6 4TC95AV ProBook 450 G6 4TC96AV ProBook 450 G6 5DZ78AV ProBook 450 G6 5DZ79AV ProBook 450 G6 5PP61EA ProBook 450 G6 5PP62EA ProBook 450 G6 5PP63EA ProBook 450 G6 5PP64EA ProBook 450 G6 5PP67EA ProBook 450 G6 5PP68EA ProBook 450 G6 5PP69EA ProBook 450 G6 5PP70EA ProBook 450 G6 5PP71EA ProBook 450 G6 5PP72EA ProBook 450 G6 5PP74EA ProBook 450 G6 5PP76EA ProBook 450 G6 5PP78EA ProBook 450 G6 5PP79EA ProBook 450 G6 5PP81EA ProBook 450 G6 5PP83EA ProBook 450 G6 5PP84EA ProBook 450 G6 5PP91EA ProBook 450 G6 5PP92EA ProBook 450 G6 5PP93EA ProBook 450 G6 5PP94EA ProBook 450 G6 5PP96EA ProBook 450 G6 5PP97EA ProBook 450 G6 5PP98EA ProBook 450 G6 5PQ00EA ProBook 450 G6 5PQ04EA ProBook 450 G6 5PQ29EA ProBook 450 G6 5PQ56EA ProBook 450 G6 5PQ57EA ProBook 450 G6 5PQ58EA ProBook 450 G6 5PQ60EA ProBook 450 G6 5PQ61EA ProBook 450 G6 5PQ84EA ProBook 450 G6 5PQ85EA ProBook 450 G6 5TJ92EA ProBook 450 G6 5TJ93EA ProBook 450 G6 5TJ95EA ProBook 450 G6 5TJ96EA ProBook 450 G6 5TJ97EA ProBook 450 G6 5TJ98EA ProBook 450 G6 5TK29EA ProBook 450 G6 5TK30EA ProBook 450 G6 5TK80EA ProBook 450 G6 5TK81EA ProBook 450 G6 5TK97EA ProBook 450 G6 5TP23PA ProBook 450 G6 5UK33PA ProBook 450 G6 5UL36PA ProBook 450 G6 5UL37PA ProBook 450 G6 5VB89UT ProBook 450 G6 5VB93UT ProBook 450 G6 5VB96UT ProBook 450 G6 5VC00UT ProBook 450 G6 5VC14UT ProBook 450 G6 5VC20UT ProBook 450 G6 5YH15UT ProBook 450 G6 5YM71PA ProBook 450 G6 5YM79PA ProBook 450 G6 5YM80PA ProBook 450 G6 5YM81PA ProBook 450 G6 5YN02PA ProBook x360 11 G3 EE ProBook x360 11 G3 EE 4QP74AV ProBook x360 11 G3 EE 4QP75AV ProBook x360 11 G3 EE 4QP76AV ProBook x360 11 G3 EE 4QP77AV ProBook x360 11 G3 EE 4QP78AV ProBook x360 11 G3 EE 4QP79AV ProBook x360 11 G3 EE 5VB64UT ProBook x360 11 G3 EE 5VB66UT ProBook x360 11 G3 EE 5VB67UT ProBook x360 11 G3 EE 5VB68UT ProBook x360 11 G3 EE 5VB70UT ProBook x360 11 G3 EE 5VB71UT ProBook x360 11 G3 EE 5VB72UT ProBook x360 11 G4 EE Spectre 13-v000na W7B07EA Spectre 13-v000nc G0A98EA Spectre 13-v000nd F0E01EA Spectre 13-v000ne X3M34EA Spectre 13-v000nf F6P72EA Spectre 13-v000ng F1D61EA Spectre 13-v000ni W7X87EA Spectre 13-v000nl F1D86EA Spectre 13-v000nm X3L41EA Spectre 13-v000no F4W32EA Spectre 13-v000ns E9J88EA Spectre 13-v000nu X3L83EA Spectre 13-v000nv W7B08EA Spectre 13-v000nx E8P67EA Spectre 13-v001dx W2K27UA Spectre 13-v001na F4W33EA Spectre 13-v001nc W7B09EA Spectre 13-v001ne X3M35EA Spectre 13-v001nf W6Z37EA Spectre 13-v001ng W8Y40EA Spectre 13-v001ni W7X88EA Spectre 13-v001nia W7R74EA Spectre 13-v001nj W7R75EA Spectre 13-v001nl X3L43EA Spectre 13-v001nm W8Z58EA Spectre 13-v001no E8P68EA Spectre 13-v001np X3L84EA Spectre 13-v001ns F4B17EA Spectre 13-v001nt W7R10EA Spectre 13-v001nu W8Z21EA Spectre 13-v001nv E9K83EA Spectre 13-v001nx E7F21EA Spectre 13-v001tu W0J14PA Spectre 13-v001ur E8P69EA Spectre 13-v002ne P3T67EA Spectre 13-v002nf W6Y16EA Spectre 13-v002ng W8Y42EA Spectre 13-v002nl X3L44EA Spectre 13-v002no X3L85EA Spectre 13-v002tu W0J15PA Spectre 13-v002ur E7F22EA Spectre 13-v003nc W7B11EA Spectre 13-v003nl X7H18EA Spectre 13-v003tu W0J16PA Spectre 13-v004tu W0J17PA Spectre 13-v005tu W0J43PA Spectre 13-v005ur X3L88EA Spectre 13-v006ur X5B66EA Spectre 13-v007ur X5B67EA Spectre 13-v008tu W6T14PA Spectre 13-v009tu W6T15PA Spectre 13-v010ca W8X41UA Spectre 13-v010nb E9L93EA Spectre 13-v010tu W6T26PA Spectre 13-v011dx W2K26UA Spectre 13-v011nd W9A20EA Spectre 13-v011tu W6T76PA Spectre 13-v013tu W6T78PA Spectre 13-v014tu W6T89PA Spectre 13-v015tu W6T90PA Spectre 13-v016tu W6T91PA Spectre 13-v017tu X0G62PA Spectre 13-v018ca W8X42UA Spectre 13-v018tu X0G63PA Spectre 13-v019tu X0G67PA Spectre 13-v020tu X0H27PA Spectre 13-v021nr W2K28UA Spectre 13-v022tu X1G34PA Spectre 13-v023tu X1G56PA Spectre 13-v024tu X1G57PA Spectre 13-v025tu X4G14PA Spectre 13-v026tu X4G18PA Spectre 13-v027tu X4G19PA Spectre 13-v028tu X4G15PA Spectre 13-v029tu X4G16PA Spectre 13-v030ng X3L45EA Spectre 13-v031tu X5P73PA Spectre 13-v032tu X9J46PA Spectre 13-v033tu X9J47PA Spectre 13-v034tu X9J48PA Spectre 13-v035tu X9J82PA Spectre 13-v036tu X9J83PA Spectre 13-v038tu X9K09PA Spectre 13-v039tu Y4F61PA Spectre 13-v041tu Y4G37PA Spectre 13-v050na W7B12EA Spectre 13-v050nw W7X89EA Spectre 13-v050nz F0E32EA Spectre 13-v051na F6P95EA Spectre 13-v051sa F2T16EA Spectre 13-v056nz Y6H61EA Spectre 13-v070nw W7X90EA Spectre 13-v080nz E8P70EA Spectre 13-v082ng W8A29EA Spectre 13-v105tu Y4G02PA Spectre 13-v114nf 2EN40EA Spectre 13-v131tu Z4K10PA Spectre 13-v132tu Z4K11PA Spectre 13-v143tu 1HQ09PA Spectre 13-v145tu 2SL22PA Spectre 13-v150na Z9D42EA Spectre 13-v151na Z9D44EA Spectre 13-v151nr W2K31UA Spectre x2 12-a000 Spectre x2 12-ab000 Spectre x2 12-c000 Spectre x360 13-ac000 Spectre x360 13-w000 TPN-AA03 TPN-CA06 TPN-CA08 V5Y26AA#ABB x2 10-p000na X9W41EA x2 10-p000nd X9W42EA x2 10-p000nf X9X12EA x2 10-p000ng Z6K84EA x2 10-p000ni Z6K03EA x2 10-p000nia Y5S58EA x2 10-p000nk Y3W39EA x2 10-p000no Y3W56EA x2 10-p000nq X9X04EA x2 10-p000ns X9X14EA x2 10-p000nt X9X15EA  x2 10-p000nv X9W50EA x2 10-p000nw X9Y23EA x2 10-p000ur Y3W57EA x2 10-p001ds X7U43UA x2 10-p001nd Y5U82EA x2 10-p001nf X9X42EA x2 10-p001ng Z6K85EA x2 10-p001nh Y7Z21EA x2 10-p001nia Y5S59EA x2 10-p001nk Y3W41EA x2 10-p001nl Y3W84EA x2 10-p001np X9X01EA x2 10-p001ns X9X43EA x2 10-p001nt Y3U76EA x2 10-p001nv X9W51EA x2 10-p001nw Z3B75EA x2 10-p001nx Y3W42EA x2 10-p001tu Y4F69PA x2 10-p001ur Y5V03EA x2 10-p002ds X7U44UA x2 10-p002na Y3V54EA x2 10-p002nd Y5U83EA x2 10-p002nf Y7Y66EA x2 10-p002nk Y3X26EA x2 10-p002ns X9X46EA x2 10-p002nt Y3U77EA x2 10-p002nw Z3B76EA x2 10-p002tu Y4F70PA x2 10-p002ur Y5V04EA x2 10-p003ds X7U45UA x2 10-p003nf Y3W58EA x2 10-p003ng Z6K87EA x2 10-p003nk X9Y80EA x2 10-p003nx 2EN54EA x2 10-p003ur Y5V05EA x2 10-p004nf Z6J44EA x2 10-p004nk Y7W51EA x2 10-p004nx 2EN55EA x2 10-p004ur Y5V06EA x2 10-p005ur Y5V07EA x2 10-p006nl Y3W89EA x2 10-p006ns X9X50EA x2 10-p007nf Y7X84EA x2 10-p007nl Y3W90EA x2 10-p007ns X9X51EA x2 10-p007tu Y4G78PA x2 10-p008nf Y7X85EA x2 10-p008nl Y3W91EA x2 10-p008ns X9X52EA x2 10-p009na Z5F90EA x2 10-p009nf Z3C17EA x2 10-p009nl Y3W92EA x2 10-p010ca Y8K55UA x2 10-p010nf Z3C18EA x2 10-p010nr X7U39UA x2 10-p010nz X9Y25EA x2 10-p010wm 2NQ92UA x2 10-p011nf Z5E13EA x2 10-p011nr X7U46UA x2 10-p012nf Z6L04EA x2 10-p012nr X7U48UA x2 10-p012ns 1DL51EA x2 10-p013ns 1DL52EA x2 10-p013nz 1LK68EA x2 10-p013tu Y4G88PA x2 10-p014nf Z9E55EA x2 10-p014ns 1TQ22EA x2 10-p014tu Y4G89PA x2 10-p015nf Z9E56EA x2 10-p015nz X9Y26EA x2 10-p015tu Y8H65PA x2 10-p016nf 1NB04EA x2 10-p016tu Y8H66PA x2 10-p017nl Y3X00EA x2 10-p018nf 1NC36EA x2 10-p018wm X7U47UA x2 10-p019nf 1TP43EA x2 10-p019tu Y8H56PA x2 10-p020ca Y8K56UA x2 10-p020nf 1TP44EA x2 10-p020nl Y5T15EA x2 10-p020nr X7U40UA x2 10-p020nz X9Y27EA x2 10-p020tu Y8H57PA x2 10-p021nf 1TP45EA x2 10-p022nf 1TP46EA x2 10-p023nf 1TP76EA x2 10-p024nf 1TP77EA x2 10-p025nf 1TP78EA x2 10-p025tu Y8H91PA x2 10-p026nf 1TQ23EA x2 10-p026nl Y5U66EA x2 10-p027nf 2EN19EA x2 10-p027nl Y7W52EA x2 10-p028nf 2EN20EA x2 10-p028nl Y7W53EA x2 10-p028tu Y8H94PA x2 10-p029nf 2EN21EA x2 10-p030nb X9Y28EA x2 10-p030nf 2EN22EA x2 10-p030ng X9X13EA x2 10-p030nl Z6L68EA x2 10-p031nb X9Y29EA x2 10-p031nf 2EN62EA x2 10-p031ng Y5U19EA x2 10-p031nl Z6L69EA x2 10-p031tu Y8H97PA x2 10-p032nb Z3C19EA x2 10-p032nf 2EP23EA x2 10-p032tu Y4G70PA x2 10-p033nf 2EP37EA x2 10-p033nl 1LJ13EA x2 10-p033tu Y4H02PA x2 10-p034nb Z6L30EA x2 10-p034nf 2EP70EA x2 10-p035tu Y8J07PA x2 10-p036nl 2EN23EA x2 10-p036tu Z1E03PA x2 10-p037nz X9Y30EA x2 10-p037tu Z1E04PA x2 10-p038nf 2EP87EA x2 10-p038nl 2EQ60EA x2 10-p039nf 2EP88EA x2 10-p039nl 2EQ71EA x2 10-p039tu Z1E06PA x2 10-p040nb X9Y31EA x2 10-p040nf 2EQ41EA x2 10-p040nl 2EQ37EA x2 10-p043nb 1DL31EA x2 10-p043tu 2SL32PA x2 10-p045tu 3AL04PA x2 10-p046nb 1MZ95EA x2 10-p048nb 1TQ61EA x2 10-p057na Z3C79EA x2 10-p058na Z3C81EA x2 10-p089nia 2EN86EA x2 10-p090nia Y5S60EA x2 10-p091nia Y5S61EA x2 10-p092ms X7U42UA Y6J55ET Z9L69AW ZBook 15u G5 1KE33AW 1KE36AW 1KE39AW 1KE42AW 1KE45AW 1KE48AW 1KE51AW 1KF41AW 1LV15EA 1LV17EA 1LV19EA 1LV20EA 1LV24EA 1LV31EA 1LV33EA 1LV37EA 1LV39EA 1LV40EA 1RQ66EA 1RQ67EA 1RQ67ET 1RQ66ET 1RQ68EA 1RQ68ET 1RQ69EA 1RQ70EA 1RQ70ET 1RQ82EA 2RS28EA 2RS30EA 2RS31EA 2RS35EA 2SY21EA 2UB64EA 3GH81EA 3GH86EA 3GH94EA 3GH95EA 3JW94EA 3JW91EA 3JX01EA 3JX06EA 3JX11EA 3JX12EA 3JX13EA 3JX15EA 3JX16EA 3JX17EA 3JX18EA 3JX19EA 3JX22EA 3JX50EA 3JX29EA 3JX31EA 3JX35EA 3JX43EA 3JX37EA 3JX26EA 3JX51EA 3JX54EA 3JX61EA 3JX63EA 3JX73EA 3JX42EA 3JX77EA 3JX87EA 3JX98EA 3JX78EA 3KY25EA 3QL34EA 918337-001 920068-850 935444-005 Chromebook 11 G6 Chromebook 11 G6 EE Chromebook 14 G5 Chromebook x360 14-da0000na 14-da0000nf Chromebook x360 14-da0001nf 14-da0000no Chromebook x360 14-da0001no 14-da0011dx Chromebook x360 14-da0300nd 14-da0021nr EliteBook 830 G7 EliteBook 835 G7 EliteBook 840 G7 EliteBook 845 G7 EliteBook 850 G7 EliteBook 855 G7 EliteBook x360 1040 G5 EliteBook x360 1040 G5 5DF58EA EliteBook x360 1040 G5 5DF59EA EliteBook x360 1040 G5 5DF60EA EliteBook x360 1040 G5 5DF61EA EliteBook x360 1040 G5 5DF62EA EliteBook x360 1040 G5 5DF63EA EliteBook x360 1040 G5 5DF64EA EliteBook x360 1040 G5 5DF65EA EliteBook x360 1040 G5 5DF66EA EliteBook x360 1040 G5 5DF67EA EliteBook x360 1040 G5 5DF68EA EliteBook x360 1040 G5 5DF79EA EliteBook x360 1040 G5 5DF80EA EliteBook x360 1040 G5 5DF87EA EliteBook x360 1040 G5 5DF88EA EliteBook x360 1040 G5 5DF89EA EliteBook x360 1040 G5 5DG23EA EliteBook x360 1040 G5 5DG26EA EliteBook x360 1040 G5 5DG27EA EliteBook x360 1040 G5 5NV92UT EliteBook x360 1040 G5 5NW04UT EliteBook x360 1040 G5 5NW05UT EliteBook x360 1040 G5 5NW06UT EliteBook x360 1040 G5 5NW08UT EliteBook x360 1040 G5 5NW09UT EliteBook x360 1040 G5 5NW11UT EliteBook x360 830 G7 L43407-001 PA-1450-33HQ Pavilion x2 12-b000na T1E48EA Pavilion x2 12-b000nc V0X67EA Pavilion x2 12-b000nd T1F34EA Pavilion x2 12-b000ne V0Y67EA Pavilion x2 12-b000nf T8T90EA Pavilion x2 12-b000ng T1F46EA Pavilion x2 12-b000ni V8T23EA Pavilion x2 12-b000nk T1F68EA Pavilion x2 12-b000nl T1G35EA Pavilion x2 12-b000nn V4P81EA Pavilion x2 12-b000no T1E49EA Pavilion x2 12-b000nt V8S72EA Pavilion x2 12-b000nv T1F03EA Pavilion x2 12-b000nw T9N92EA Pavilion x2 12-b000nx T1G36EA Pavilion x2 12-b000ur T8U54EA Pavilion x2 12-b001na T1E52EA Pavilion x2 12-b001ni V8T24EA Pavilion x2 12-b001nt V8S73EA Pavilion x2 12-b002nf T8T92EA Pavilion x2 12-b002ns T8U60EA Pavilion x2 12-b003nf V0Y26EA Pavilion x2 12-b003nk T1F71EA Pavilion x2 12-b003tu T9G33PA Pavilion x2 12-b005nf V8R61EA Pavilion x2 12-b006nf V8R62EA Pavilion x2 12-b010nr T6S90UA Pavilion x2 12-b012ca T6S98UA Pavilion x2 12-b017ca T6S97UA Pavilion x2 12-b020nr T6S89UA Pavilion x2 12-b030ng T9R01EA Pavilion x2 12-b030nz T8T04EA Pavilion x2 12-b080nb T8U62EA Pavilion x2 12-b080ng T8U63EA Pavilion x2 12-b096ms T6S94UA Pavilion x2 12-b100na W8A14EA Pavilion x2 12-b100ne F2U58EA Pavilion x2 12-b100nf E8N45EA Pavilion x2 12-b100nj E8Q13EA Pavilion x2 12-b100nk W9W12EA Pavilion x2 12-b100nl E8Q14EA Pavilion x2 12-b100no F4B29EA Pavilion x2 12-b100ns F1Y08EA Pavilion x2 12-b100nt W7R45EA Pavilion x2 12-b100nx Y5L50EA Pavilion x2 12-b100ur E9M15EA Pavilion x2 12-b101nf Y0W87EA Pavilion x2 12-b101ng Z3C51EA Pavilion x2 12-b101ni X7F76EA Pavilion x2 12-b101nk W9W13EA Pavilion x2 12-b101no W9U79EA Pavilion x2 12-b101ns Z5A66EA Pavilion x2 12-b101nt W7R48EA Pavilion x2 12-b102na W8A15EA Pavilion x2 12-b103nc W7R50EA Pavilion x2 12-b104nc Z5B18EA Pavilion x2 12-b131nz Z9A62EA Pavilion x2 12-b180nb E8Q99EA Pavilion x2 12-b180ng W8A16EA Pavilion x2 12-b181nb F0F47EA Pavilion x2 12-b182nb Z5C53EA Pavilion x2 12-b182nz Z9A24EA ProBook 430 G8 ProBook 440 G8 ProBook 445 G7 ProBook 450 G8 ProBook 455 G7 ProBook x360 435 G7 Spectre x2 12-a000na N9Q68EA Spectre x2 12-a000nf N7H68EA Spectre x2 12-a000nn P3L50EA Spectre x2 12-a000no N7K41EA Spectre x2 12-a000ns P0F32EA Spectre x2 12-a000nt W6X36EA Spectre x2 12-a000nx P1E67EA Spectre x2 12-a001cy N5S19UA Spectre x2 12-a001ds W7T40UA Spectre x2 12-a001dx N5S14UA Spectre x2 12-a001na P0T70EA Spectre x2 12-a001nf P0T71EA Spectre x2 12-a001nl P1D75EA Spectre x2 12-a001nt W6X37EA Spectre x2 12-a001nx P1E68EA Spectre x2 12-a001tu P7F63PA Spectre x2 12-a002dx N5S15UA Spectre x2 12-a002na P0T73EA Spectre x2 12-a002nn T1M92EA Spectre x2 12-a002tu P7F64PA Spectre x2 12-a003na P0T74EA Spectre x2 12-a003nf T8T02EA Spectre x2 12-a003ng K3D42EA Spectre x2 12-a003tu P7F65PA Spectre x2 12-a004nf T8T03EA Spectre x2 12-a005nd N9Q69EA Spectre x2 12-a005nf T9N43EA Spectre x2 12-a006nf V0X23EA Spectre x2 12-a007nf V8R56EA Spectre x2 12-a008nr N5S21UA Spectre x2 12-a009nf W6X69EA Spectre x2 12-a009nr N5S22UA Spectre x2 12-a010nf W6X70EA Spectre x2 12-a010nr N5S23UA Spectre x2 12-a011nr N5S16UA Spectre x2 12-a011tu P7G24PA Spectre x2 12-a012nr N5S17UA Spectre x2 12-a013tu P7G42PA Spectre x2 12-a014tu P7G43PA Spectre x2 12-a015tu P7G44PA Spectre x2 12-a016tu P7G54PA Spectre x2 12-a017tu T0Y46PA Spectre x2 12-a026tu T9G16PA Spectre x2 12-a030nd N8J58EA Spectre x2 12-a032tu V5D62PA Spectre x2 12-a033tu W0H74PA Spectre x2 12-a050na P0T77EA Spectre x2 12-a050sa P0T78EA Spectre x2 12-a080ng P0F07EA Spectre x2 12-a090nz P4H70EA Spectre x2 12-c016tu 2GD87PA Spectre x2 12-c023tu 2LS12PA Spectre x2 12-c024tu 2LS13PA Spectre x2 12-c025tu 2LS47PA Spectre x2 12-c026tu 2LS48PA Spectre x2 12-c027tu 2LS49PA Spectre x360 13-ac000nc 1TR29EA Spectre x360 13-ac000nd Z5F98EA Spectre x360 13-ac000nf Z9F02EA Spectre x360 13-ac000ng 1GN35EA Spectre x360 13-ac000nia Z9F84EA Spectre x360 13-ac000nj 1GN65EA Spectre x360 13-ac000nl 1AN38EA Spectre x360 13-ac000nn 1LL25EA Spectre x360 13-ac000np Z6K44EA Spectre x360 13-ac000ns 1JN38EA Spectre x360 13-ac000nt Z9D71EA Spectre x360 13-ac000nv 1TQ48EA Spectre x360 13-ac000ur 1DM56EA Spectre x360 13-ac001na Z6L06EA Spectre x360 13-ac001nb 1DL36EA Spectre x360 13-ac001nc 1TR30EA Spectre x360 13-ac001ne 1TR31EA Spectre x360 13-ac001nf Z9F03EA Spectre x360 13-ac001ng 1GN36EA Spectre x360 13-ac001ni 1JL55EA Spectre x360 13-ac001nia 1JN77EA

HP EliteBook 840 Notebook PC series
HP EliteBook 840 G5 Notebook PC
6UN97US, 5RZ69UP, 6KD89EC, 6UP02US, 6XG27US, 5RL49EC, 5RZ24US, 5UQ73LC, 6QP85EC, 6RA02UP, 6XF42UC, 6YC50US, 7AE74US, 7PR63EC, 5SE42EC, 5XD99EC, 6QR25EC, 5PF68US, 6XG91UP, 6XG92UP, 6XG93UP, 7HG56UP, 7PR19US, 7UP16EP, 7WK02EP, 7HA60LS, 6XD44EA, 7MB48UP, 6RA82UC, 6RB00UC, 7BH46UP, 7BH53UP, 7CE38PA, 7MC05US, 7NW22LT, 5SR98EA, 5RD18UP, 6UA27LA, 7ZB45US, 6TK52EC, 6UT91US, 7LX00LA, 5NX96PA, 5PF53EP, 5PF67US, 5PK98UP, 5RF33EP, 6NP16UP, 6NT00UT, 6QU52LP, 6RC89UP, 6RX27US, 6SB72EC, 6SC18UP, 6SG06UP, 6TJ46EC, 6XM24US, 6XP32US, 6XP33US, 6SC74US, 6VY99LP, 7CE48EC, 7HU45UP, 7NX01PC, 7RC13LS, 8AG81EC, 5SS43EA, 6SF85US, 6RC76US, 6UR43US, 7AW16UP, 7CF80US, 7CH22US, 7EY64US, 7FQ72US, 5PK55US, 6RB90US, 6RY31UC, 6TJ43EC, 6QQ97US, 6QY41US, 6QZ84US, 6RB51US, 6RW87UP, 6RX11US, 6RY32UC, 6RY34UC, 6RY72UC, 6RY82UC, 6RY98UC, 6RY99UC, 6SJ65US, 6SK04US, 6SM14US, 6SM25US, 6SM30US, 6SP15US, 6TJ68EC, 6TJ94EC, 6UA19PP, 6UP13US, 6VA52US, 6VB17UP, 6VC46UP, 6VC48UP, 6VD02US, 6VG24US, 7QQ86US, 7SJ69EP, 7SK27US, 7TK63UP, 7UA46UC, 7UB58EP, 7UU69US, 7WN57UP, 7WU79US, 7XB62UC, 7XG03US, 7YD30UC, 7YG09US, 7ZE85UC, 8CA44EP, 8DP67UP, 6VW00EC, 6ZW12PC, 7HS19EC, 7JD00UP, 7UU47US, 5PL45EP, 5PQ94UC, 5UR38LC, 6KE67EC, 6KE68EC, 6KH52UC, 6KH72UC, 6NV40US, 6QL43US, 6QM99EC, 6QY26EP, 6QY47EP, 6QY88US, 6RA22UC, 6RB57US, 6RZ31UC, 6SH79EP, 6SJ69US, 6SJ85US, 6SN97US, 6SP67UP, 6TK11EC, 6UA88US, 6UB55US, 6UP19US, 6VA50UP, 6VA56US, 6VD56US, 6VV65EP, 6VV67EP, 6WA86UP, 6WC64US, 6XP09US, 6YN02UP, 6YU77US, 6ZU72UC, 6NB24US, 6NU20UC, 6NU79US, 6NX74UP, 6QP86UC, 6QQ41UP, 6QQ90US, 6QY42US, 6RC82US, 6RY64UC, 6RZ45US, 6RZ69UP, 6RZ82US, 6SC52US, 6SD00UP, 6SH96EP, 6SJ00US, 6SL01UP, 6SL35UP, 6SL74US, 6SL80US, 6SL86UP, 6SN21EP, 6SP18US, 6SP48US, 6TH75EC, 6TJ32EC, 6TJ34EC, 6TJ52EC, 6TK01EC, 6TK28EC, 6TK29EC, 6TY38LP, 6TZ26UC, 6TZ30UC, 6TZ42PP, 6UA51US, 6UB34US, 6UD86EP, 6UR63US, 6UT81US, 6UT85US, 6VB15US, 6VB29US, 6VG13US, 6VG49US, 6VZ97US, 6WC16EC, 6WU90US, 6WV23EC, 6WV25EC, 6XA30UC, 6XF38UC, 6XF55US, 6XG36UP, 6XG71US, 6XH96US, 6XH98US, 6XJ01EP, 6YB84US, 6YC44US, 6YC52UP, 6YC63US, 6YC72US, 6YH12US, 7BB46UP, 7BC20UP, 7BD21US, 7CC26UP, 7CE86LC, 7CF32US, 7CF33US, 7CF38US, 7PU04US, 7QG16US, 7QH22US, 7QT49US, 7QV61US, 7QZ80EC, 7RR22US, 7RR62UP, 7TK66UP, 7UP83US, 7UQ01US, 7UQ40US, 7WK04UP, 7WU76US, 7WU87US, 7XA07US, 6KH34UC, 6PN41PC, 6RY33UC, 6RZ20UC, 6RZ22UC, 6TY07US, 6UA75US, 6UT80US, 6VD53US, 6VZ94US, 6WC23EC, 6WV24EC, 6YC33UP, 6ZE37UP, 6ZH01UP, 7AE86US, 7BG54LP, 7CC28UP, 7EK67UP, 7HE08US, 7HS30EC, 7HZ21UP, 7JL68US, 7MD54UP, 7NN77US, 7PB26LA, 7WU80US, 7WZ96US, 8AD40EP, 8AF16LP, 6KE40EC, 6KE41EC, 7KP25ES, 6YE14US, 6ZE68US, 7HZ66PC, 6QR05PC, 5QF58US, 6QU51US, 7ZD60UP, 5PF84US, 6FF74UP, 6UN62US, 7KM79PC, 6SN76UP, 6TJ10EC, 7CG16US, 7HB39US, 7HS11EC, 7HW40EC, 7LZ63UP, 7MA36PA, 7NK94US, 7NW64LS, 6TK51EC, 7LX33LA, 7MB55UP, 5PY10UP, 5PY22LA, 5SS15EA, 6NZ91US, 6TJ20EC, 6TK19EC, 6XJ27PC, 6YC14US, 7BH48UP, 7BH49UP, 7GF59EP, 7MC08US, 6YC10US, 6XG90US, 6YC81UP, 6YL19UP, 7AE94US, 7AH90UP, 7DA72UP, 7EG50US, 7FN62US, 7FT49UC, 7FT51UC, 7FU18UC, 7FV23US, 7HB57US, 7HD68EC, 7HE46UP, 7JM11US, 7JQ67UC, 7KU65US, 7LK20US, 7LK57US, 7MA88EC, 7MB49US, 7MC04US, 7MC97US, 7MD49UP, 7MQ34UP, 7NW74US, 7NY77EC, 7PC13US, 7QJ34US, 7QQ18US, 7QU32UC, 7QU48US, 7RB14US, 7RB18US, 7RB28US, 7RP88EP, 7YF34US, 7YU82US, 7YV03US, 7YW22US, 8BA40US, 8DX09US, 7NK51LT, 7NK57LT, 7CD58US, 7EX66US, 8DU80PC, 6UN77US, 6UP60US, 6UR58US, 6UT89US, 8EA59US, 5SS34ES, 6KF49EC, 6KF55EC, 6NS97LP, 6QQ56US, 6UE23EP, 6UZ04US, 6YB91US, 6YC61US, 7UP47US, 7XM45US, 8DS08US, 7XU14EC, 6KH45UC, 6RB58UP, 6UN80US, 6UQ30PC, 6XF44UC, 6YQ09US, 7CY69US, 7CY72US, 7DA73UP, 7SJ93US, 7UP40US, 7UQ05US, 6SM68EP, 8AA80US, 5QD21UP, 5RY31UC, 5RZ14US, 5SF70UP, 5VC64US, 6KH99UC, 6QU00US, 6QU57US, 6RB56UP, 6RY78UC, 6TY20US, 6UZ03US, 6XN82US, 6YC99US, 6ZG38EC, 6ZV77US, 7BG10US, 7CD68US, 7CX54US, 7FU45US, 7GR72US, 7KJ34UP, 7MD34LP, 7MD96US, 7TE90US, 7UA94UC, 7XF95US, 7XL57US, 8DQ30UP, 5QH11PC, 6YL16US, 6YV89US, 6PP78UP, 7HS91EC, 5PA33US, 5PR88US, 5SA15UP, 5SE02UP, 6PN87EC, 6QQ55US, 6QU98US, 6QY57US, 6RZ08UC, 6SB70EC, 6SL36EP, 6SP64US, 6UA44UP, 6UB70US, 6UN81US, 6VA48LP, 6VV90EC, 6VY45LP, 6WC73US, 6WU84US, 6WW26US, 6YU93UP, 6YW12UP, 6ZV06US, 7AE62UP, 7AE64UP, 7EH47UP, 7HA46US, 7HE77PC, 7HV66US, 7JM59UP, 7JQ98UC, 7KJ18US, 7LK37US, 7MD83US, 7MS89US, 7PC23US, 7RP31EP, 7TE83US, 7UP43US, 7UP66US, 7VS25UP, 7YB99UP, 8EA38US, 6PQ38US, 6QY55US, 6RZ88US, 6TY35US, 6ZU39UC, 7CC25UP, 7FT44UC, 7HZ26UP, 7LK18US, 7NK64US, 7UT75US, 5SS33ES, 5SS36ES, 6XD01EA, 6XD02EA, 5SS30EA, 5SS40EA, 6XD19EA, 2FA50AV, 2FA52AV, 2FA54AV, 2FA56AV, 2FA58AV, 2FA60AV, 2FA62AV, 2FA64AV, 2FA66AV, 2FA68AV, 2FA70AV, 2LP95LC, 2LQ16LC, 3JW97EA, 3JW98EA, 3JW99EA, 3JX00EA, 3JX01EA, 3JX02EA, 3JX03EA, 3JX04EA, 3JX05EA, 3JX06EA, 3JX07EA, 3JX08EA, 3JX09EA, 3JX27EA, 3JX28EA, 3JX29EA, 3JX30EA, 3JX31EA, 3JX32EA, 3JX33EA, 3JX35EA, 3JX38EA, 3JX39EA, 3JX43EA, 3JX44EA, 3JX52ET, 3JX61EA, 3JX62EA, 3JX63EA, 3JX64EA, 3JX65EA, 3JX66EA, 3JX67EA, 3JX77EA,3TU07PA, 3VU47US, 3VU63US, 3VU80US, 3WD95UT, 3WD97UT, 3WD98UT, 3WD99UT, 3WE09US, 3WF16UP, 3WK71US, 3WL65US, 3WP99EC, 3WQ00EC, 3WQ08EC, 3WQ12EC, 3WQ13EC, 3WQ22EC, 3WQ23EC, 3WQ37EC, 3WQ43EC, 3WR09EC, 3WR10EC, 3XF91EC, 3XF92EC, 3XG04EC, 3XG29EC, 3XH04UP, 3XH08US, 3XH14US, 3XH56US, 3XH62US, 3XH82US, 3XJ44UC, 3XJ46UC, 3XK46US, 3XP73US, 3XQ08US, 3XQ09US, 3XQ21US, 3XQ36US, 3XQ53UP, 3XQ55UP, 3XQ63PC, 3XQ64PC, 3YZ30US, 3YZ40US, 3YZ45US, 3YZ54US, 3ZA77US, 3ZB71US, 3ZB96UP, 3ZC56US, 3ZC58US, 3ZC61US, 3ZC66US, 3ZC83UP, 3ZC90EP, 3ZF14LP, 3ZF75EC, 3ZG03ES, 3ZG04ES, 3ZG26ES, 3ZG29EA, 3ZG30EA, 3ZG31EA, 3ZG73EA, 3ZH47LP, 3ZH59US, 3ZH78US, 3ZJ38US, 3ZX61US, 4AA68US, 4AA79US, 4AA80UP, 4AA81US, 4AA87US, 4AA95US, 4AB71US, 4AB75US, 4AB76US, 4AB77US, 4AB81US, 4AB85EP, 4AB96US, 4AC19US, 4AC25UP, 4AC30US, 4AC34US, 4AC40US, 4AC78UP, 4AC83US, 4AC91US, 4AD17PP, 4AD23UC, 4AD30UC, 4AG56US, 4AG74EC, 4AH17US, 4AH21EC, 4AH27US, 4AJ62UP, 4AK08PA, 4AK09PA, 4AK17PC, 4AK36UC, 4AK40UC, 4AL29US, 4AL38UP, 4AL44US, 4AL52US, 4AL65US, 4AL80US, 4AM03US, 4AM06US, 4AM10PC, 4AM18US, 4CB48UP, 4CC11UP, 4CC18UP, 4CC21UP, 4CC32UP, 4CC67US, 4CC75US, 4CE03US, 4CE24US, 4CE32US, 4CE33US, 4CE36US, 4CE45US, 4CE57US, 4CE58US, 4CE85UP, 4CE89UP, 4CF31UP, 4CF78UP, 4CF87UC, 4CG75EC, 4CG83US, 4CG95US, 4CH04US, 4CH21US, 4CH60UP, 4CH64US, 4CH66US, 4CQ80UC, 4CQ98UC, 4CR20UC, 4CR21UC, 4CR33PA, 4CR34PA, 4CS00US, 4CS20UP, 4CS29US, 4CS33US, 4CS43US, 4CS45US, 4CS46US, 4CS66UP, 4CS68US, 4CS79UP, 4CS80UP, 4CS81US, 4CX21US, 4DA18US, 4DP81US, 4DP84US, 4DP86LP, 4DQ28US, 4DQ31LP, 4DR27EC, 4DR71UC, 4DR72UC, 4DR73UC, 4DR74UC, 4DR75UC, 4DR76UC, 4DR77UC, 4DR78UC, 4DR79UC, 4DR80UC, 4DR81UC, 4DR82UC, 4DR83UC, 4DR84UC, 4DR85UC, 4DR86UC, 4DS10UC, 4DS11UC, 4DY86US, 4DY91US, 4DY92US, 4DY93US, 4DZ03US, 4DZ12US, 4DZ45UP, 4EY77UP, 4FA44UP, 4FA76US, 4FA96US, 4FB08US, 4FB14US, 4FB25UP, 4FF82PC, 4FG93US, 4FG94US, 4FG96US, 4FG97US, 4FH08US, 4FH17US, 4FH19US, 4FH30UP, 4FH31US, 4FX95US, 4FX98US, 4FY04US, 4FY16US, 4FY78US, 4FY80US, 4FY88US, 4FY98US, 4HH46US, 4HH67UP, 4HH81UP, 4HH94US, 4HJ13UP, 4HJ17US, 4HJ62UP, 4HJ71UP, 4HJ78UP, 4HJ85US, 4HK01US, 4HL39UC, 4HM06EC, 4HM18EC, 4HN75US, 4HN79US, 4HN81UP, 4HN89US, 4HN90US, 4HN98UP, 4HP03UP, 4HP12US, 4HP28US, 4HP40US, 4HP48US, 4HP51US, 4HP58US, 4HP67UP, 4HP83US, 4HP85US, 4HP87US, 4HP91US, 4HP93US, 4HP99US, 4HQ12US, 4HV40UP, 4HV42US, 4HW01UP, 4KZ46US, 4LA02LA, 4LA15LA, 4LB11UP, 4LB15UP, 4LB17UP, 4LB32UP, 4LB33UP, 4LB62US, 4LC36US, 4LC51US, 4LC61UP, 4LC66US, 4LC88US, 4LC93US, 4LC96UP, 4LD09US, 4LD12US, 4LE77UP, 4LF18EC, 4LF19EC, 4LF21EC, 4LF22EC, 4LF23EC, 4LF24EC, 4LF51US, 4LF53US, 4LG23PC, 4LG25PC, 4LG58EC, 4LH31EC, 4LH32EC, 4LH34EC, 4LH35PA, 4LH36PA, 4LH69US, 4LH81UC, 4LH84UC, 4LJ03UC, 4LJ19UC, 4LJ25UC, 4LJ28UC, 4LJ37UC, 4LJ38UC, 4LJ49UC, 4LJ50UC, 4LJ51UC, 4LJ52UC, 4LJ70UC, 4LU97US, 4NE17EP, 4NE51PP, 4NE61UP, 4NE62UP, 4NH80US, 4NH98US, 4NJ01US, 4NJ36US, 4NJ43UP, 4NJ46UP, 4NJ49UP, 4NJ65US, 4NQ79US, 4NQ83US, 4NQ99LP, 4NR02LP, 4NR03US, 4NR19LP, 4NR22US, 4NR27US, 4NR30US, 4NR49UP, 4NR91EC, 4NT13UC, 4NW05UP, 4NW08UP, 4NW17EP, 4NW23US, 4NY66US, 4PA56EC, 4PA61EC, 4PA62EC, 4PA63US, 4PA79US, 4PA80US, 4PB02PP, 4PB07US, 4PB09US, 4PB10US, 4PB17US, 4PB18PP, 4PB20US, 4PB29US, 4PB36US, 4PB55UP, 4PB65UP, 4PB82US, 4PZ83US, 4PZ89US, 4QA97EC, 4QA98UC, 4QA99EC, 4QB04EC, 4QB08EC, 4QB13EC, 4QB43EC, 4QB44EC, 4QB48EC, 4QB60EC, 4QB73EC, 4QB83EC, 4QB91EC, 4QB97EC, 4QK82UT, 4QL48US, 4QL55US, 4QL56US, 4QL75US, 4QM09UP, 4QM15US, 4QT46UP, 4QT49US, 4QT50UP, 4QT63US, 4QT73UP, 4QT76US, 4QT86US, 4QU41UP, 4QU69US, 4QU81US, 4QY02UP, 4QY03UP, 4QY30EA, 4QY31EA, 4QY61EA, 4QY62EA, 4QY82EA, 4QY84EA, 4QY85EA, 4QZ37EA, 4QZ38EA, 4QZ52EA, 4QZ53EA, 4RA54US, 4RB33US, 4RB35US, 4RB45US, 4RB58US, 4RB61US, 4RB62UP, 4RB66US, 4RB69US, 4RB71US, 4RB75US, 4RB76UP, 4RB97UP, 4RC03US, 4RC09US, 4RH34US, 4RH40US, 4RH44UP, 4RH59US, 4RH74US, 4RH75UP, 4RH78US, 4RH82US, 4RJ54UP, 4SB92UP, 4SC17PA, 4SC46EC, 4SH04EC, 4SH09EC, 4SH29EC, 4SH63EC, 4SH79EC, 4SH89UP, 4SH93UP, 4SJ00US, 4SJ04US, 4SJ13US, 4SJ17US, 4SJ20US, 4SJ28US, 4SJ39US, 4SJ41EC, 4SU87UP, 4SV11US, 4SV12US, 4SV38UP, 4SX06UC, 4SX20US, 4SX25US, 4SX46UC, 4SX47UC, 4SX54UC, 4SY54US, 4SY67US, 4SY71US, 4SZ09US, 4SZ41UP, 4TA20EC, 4TB57UP, 4TB66US, 4TB67US, 4TC15UP, 4TC17UP, 4TC20US, 4TC27UP, 4TC33US, 4TC39US, 4TC41US, 4TC43US, 4TC44US, 4TC45US, 4TC47US, 4TC48US, 4TC49US, 4TR73US, 4TR77US, 4TR78US, 4TS22UP, 4TS53EC, 4UJ51UP, 4UJ54UP, 4UM75EC, 4UN76US, 4UP06US, 4UP09US, 4UP37EC, 4UP42EC, 4UP43EC, 4UP48EC, 4UP57EP, 4UP59EP, 4UR20PC, 4UR43UC, 4UR84LP, 4UW87UP, 4UW91UP, 4UW97US, 4VH14US, 4VH16US, 4VH21US, 4VH22US, 4VH24US, 4VH31US, 4VH35US, 4VM48EP, 4VM51UP, 4VN60UC, 4VN77EC, 4VN86EC, 4VN94EC, 4VP97UP, 4VQ11UP, 4VQ18UP, 4VQ20US, 4VQ39US, 4VQ56UP, 4VQ71US, 4VR19US, 4VR60EC, 4VR68US, 4VT15UP, 4VT19PC, 4VT31PA, 4VT59EC, 4VT61EC, 4VT66PC, 4VT68UC, 4VU92UP, 4VV01US, 4VV03US, 4VV15US, 4VV17US, 4VV22US, 4VV31US, 4VV34US, 4VV70US, 4VV81US, 4VX60US, 4VX66LA, 4VY24US, 4VY28US, 4VY44US, 4VY53US, 4WD41UC, 4WD42UC, 4WD43UC, 4WD69EC, 4WF76EC, 4WF79EC, 4WF85EC, 4WH37US, 4WH70PC, 4WH73PC, 4WH81UP, 4WH83US, 4WJ56UP, 4WJ76UC, 4WJ82UC, 4WJ89UC, 4WJ90UC, 4WK28UC, 4WK48UC, 4WK64US, 4WK74US, 4WL04UP, 4WL16UP, 4WL46US, 4WL52US, 4WL58US, 4WL81EP, 4WL99US, 4WN23US, 4WN40UC, 4WN44US, 4WN49US, 4WN56US, 4WP28US, 4WP43US, 4WP46US, 4WP48US, 4YL63US, 4YL69US, 4YL72US, 4YL73US, 4YL75US, 4YL76US, 4YM00US, 4YM10PC, 4YM85EC, 4YM86EC, 4YN66UP, 4YN71UP, 4YN72UP, 4YN92UP, 4YP93US, 4YP94US, 4YQ38US, 4YQ45US, 4YQ53US, 4YQ70LP, 4YT83UP, 4YT87LP, 4YT89UP, 4YU11US, 4YX47UP, 4YX57EC, 4YX70US, 4YY42US, 4YY70US, 4YY74US, 4ZF46US, 4ZF64PC, 4ZF65PC, 4ZF72US, 4ZF76US, 4ZF82PC, 4ZF99PC, 4ZG17US, 4ZK66US, 4ZL00UP, 4ZL25EC, 4ZL27EC, 5BM83US, 5BM85UP, 5BM86EP, 5BM88UP, 5BM92UP, 5BM93US, 5BN02US, 5BN09US, 5BN13US, 5BN16US, 5BN37UP, 5BW44EC, 5CE51PA, 5CF07US, 5CK13US, 5CK16US, 5CK40UP, 5CK42US, 5CL00UP, 5CL01US, 5CL36EC, 5CL37EC, 5CL73EC, 5CM43US, 5CM88US, 5CM92UP, 5CN00US, 5CN98UP, 5CP01UP, 5DA91UP, 5DB00UP, 5DB10UP, 5DB16UP, 5DB26US,5DJ21US, 5DK02PC, 5DK03PC, 5DK04PC, 5DK05PC, 5DK21PC, 5DK22PC, 5DK23PC, 5DK24PC, 5DK25PC, 5DM46US, 5DM50US, 5DM63US, 5DM71US, 5DN04EC, 5DN57UP, 5DN59UP, 5DN60UP, 5DP66UP, 5DP67UP, 5DP72EC, 5DQ32UP, 5DQ38EC, 5DQ65US, 5DQ69US, 5DQ73UP, 5DQ82US, 5DQ94UP, 5DR96US, 5DS21UP, 5DS95EP, 5DS96EP, 5DT19EC, 5DT39EC, 5DT44EC, 5DT46EC, 5DT63EC, 5DY45US, 5DZ11US, 5DZ24UP, 5EA07UP, 5EA13US, 5EB30UP, 5EB38US, 5EL01US, 5EL28UP, 5EL50UP, 5FD47UC, 5FD48UC, 5FD49UC, 5FD59UC, 5FD60UC, 5FD74UC, 5FD79UC, 5FD81UC, 5FD83UC, 5FD84UC, 5FD85UC, 5FD99UC, 5FE00UC, 5FE01UC, 5FE02UC, 5FE03UC, 5FE04UC, 5FE05UC, 5FE07UC, 5FE25PA, 5FQ47US, 5FQ57US, 5FQ92US, 5FS02US, 5FS60UP, 5FT22PA, 5FT31EC, 5FT33EP, 5FT40UP, 5FT51US, 5FT78US, 5FV11US, 5FV12EP, 5FV14US, 5FV37UP, 5FV55EP, 5FV57UP, 5FV88UP, 5FV90US, 5GH05US, 5GK29US, 5GK31US, 5GK79US, 5HH78UP, 5HH80UP,5HR65PC, 5HR88US, 5HS27EC, 5HS34EC, 5HS77UP, 5HS78UP, 5HS86US, 5HS88UP, 5HT87US, 5HU17US, 5HV03US, 5HV07US, 5HV26EC, 5HV28EC, 5HW81US, 5HW86US, 5HX21US, 5HX72US, 5HX83US, 5JB17US, 5JB54US, 5JL66EC, 5JL76EC, 5JL99EC, 5JM10EC, 5JM53EC, 5JM99EC, 5JN39PC, 5JP69UC, 5JP70UC, 5JP72LT, 5JP90US, 5JQ17US, 5JQ29UP, 5JR02US, 5JR08UP, 5JR24UT, 5JR27UT, 5JR28UT, 5JR56UP, 5JR75UP, 5JR80UP, 5KB67US, 5KB93UP, 5KB99UP, 5KC10US, 5KG80UC, 5KH01UC, 5KH07UC, 5KH08UC, 5KJ70US, 5KL74US, 5KL85US, 5KM10UP, 5KM34US, 5KM40US, 5KM44UP, 5KM85US, 5KM90US, 5KM91US, 5KM92US, 5KN05US, 5KN06US, 5KN07US, 5KN09US, 5KN21US, 5KW10UP, 5KW53US, 5KW54US, 5KW87US, 5KX05US, 5KY23UP, 5UP54US, 5UQ02US, 5UQ11US, 5UQ30US, 5UR68EC, 5UR91EC, 5UR96EC, 5UR97EC, 5US01EC, 5US03EC, 5US06EC, 5US31EC, 5US33EC, 5US68EC, 5US72EC, 5US79EC, 5UT35UP, 5UT78UC, 5UU05US, 5UU78US, 5UU80US, 5UU93US, 5VP01PC, 5VP21UC, 5VP30PC, 5VQ79UP, 5VR12PA, 5VR60EC, 5VT08US, 5VT81UP, 5VV40PC, 5VX23UP, 5WF43UP, 5WF55UP, 5WH76UP, 5WH93UP, 5WK64UP, 5WK85UP, 5WK89UP, 5WM14UC, 5WM24UC, 5WN57US, 5WW93US, 5WW96US, 5XB22US, 5XB33UP, 5XB92UC, 6AB51UP, 6AC69UC, 6AC74UC, 6AC75UC, 6AC85UC, 6AC86UC, 6AC92UC, 6AC97UC, 6AD08UC, 6AD15UC, 6AD20UC, 6AD27UC, 6AD28UC, 6AD33UC, 6AD34UC, 6AD44UC, 6AD51UC, 6AD52UC, 6AD60UC, 6AD63UC, 6AD66UC, 6AE63UP, 6AE70US, 6AE71US, 6AE76US, 6AF06US, 6AF72UP, 6AF84UP, 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