Original A32-K72 Laptop Battery For A32-N71 X77 K72 K73 N71 A72 A73 Series


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Product Specifications :

  • Voltage: 11.1V
  • Capacity: 4400mAh (48Wh)
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Color: black
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

Fit Part Numbers :

07G016CB1875, 07G016CQ1875, 07G016GJ1875, 07G016HL1875, 70-NX01B1000Z, 70-NXH1B1000Z, 70-NZY1B1000Z, 70-NZY3B1000Z, 70-NZYB1000Z, 90-XB2KN0BT00000Y, A32-K72, A32-N71, CKSAS13211, N73S

Fit Models :

A72, A72 Series, A72D, A72DR, A72DR-TY036V, A72F, A72F-TY167D, A72F-X1, A72FR-XT1, A72J, A72JK, A72JK-TY027V, A72JK-TY029V, A72JK-TY030V, A72JK-TY108V, A72JR, A72JR-TY062V, A72JT, A72JT-TY139V, A73 Series, A73B, A73BR, A73BR-TY016V, A73BR-TY040V, A73BR-TY057V, A73BR-TY060V, A73BR-TY081V, A73BR SERIES, A73B SERIES, A73BY, A73BY-TY034, A73BY-TY045V, A73BY-TY060, A73BY-TY081D, A73BY-TY094, A73BY-TY103V, A73BY SERIES, A73E, A73E-TY050, A73E-TY099D, A73E-TY102D, A73E-TY112V, A73E-TY115V, A73E-TY226V, A73E-XE1, A73E SERIES, A73SD, A73SD-TS72, A73SD-TY052V, A73SD-TY117V, A73SD-TY122V, A73SD-TY196V, A73SD-TY244V, A73SD-TY292V, A73SD SERIES, A73SJ, A73SJ SERIES, A73SM, A73SM-TY015V, A73SM SERIES, A73S Series, A73SV, A73SV-TY119V, A73SV-TY123V, A73SV-TY125V, A73SV-TY160V, A73SV-TY182V, A73SV-TY317V, A73SV-TY342V, A73SV SERIES, A73SW, A73SW SERIES, A73T, A73TA, A73TA-TY021V, A73TA-TY042V, A73TA-TY048, A73TA-TY095V, A73TA SERIES, A73TK, A73TK-TY003V, A73TK-TY041V, A73TK-TY058V, A73TK-TY062V, A73TK SERIES, A73T SERIES, K72, K72 Series, K72D, K72DR, K72DR-1A, K72DR-2C, K72DR-A1, K72DR-TY021V, K72DR-TY034D, K72DR-TY056V, K72DR-TY069V, K72DR-TY104V, K72DR-X1, K72DY, K72DY-1A, K72DY-2C, K72DY-TY052V, K72DY-TY063V, K72F, K72F-1A, K72F-2C, K72F-A1, K72F-A2B, K72F-B1, K72F-TY005V, K72F-TY011V, K72F-TY016V, K72F-TY103V, K72F-TY116V, K72F-TY130V, K72F-TY273V, K72F-TY279V, K72F-TY318V, K72F-X1, k72F Series, K72J, K72JA, K72JB, K72JC, K72JE, K72JF, K72JH, K72JK, K72JK-1A, K72JK-2C, K72JK-A1, K72JK-TY001V, K72JK-TY005V, K72JK-TY014V, K72JK-TY043V, K72JK-TY051V, K72JK-X1, K72JL, K72JM, K72JO, K72JQ, K72JR, K72JR-1A, K72JR-2C, K72JR-A1, K72JR-B1, K72JR-TY028X, K72JR-TY042V, K72JR-TY108V, K72JR-TY137V, K72JR-TY171V, K72JR-X1, K72JR-XN1, K72JT, K72JT-1A, K72JT-2C, K72JT-TY025V, K72JT-TY081V, K72JT-TY085V, K72JT-TY086V, K72JT-TY093V, K72JT-TY133X, K72JT-TY214V, K72JU, K72JU-1A, K72JU-2C, K72JU-TY001V, K72JU-TY072V, K72JV, K72JW, K72K, K72L, K72N, K72P, K72Q, K72R, K72S, K72Y, K73 Series, K73BE, K73BE-1B, K73BE-TY010H, K73BE-TY010V, K73BE-TY014H, K73BE-TY019H, K73BE-TY032V, K73BE-TY050V, K73BE-TY053V, K73BE-TY080V, K73BE-TY096V, K73BE-TY319V, K73BE-TY366V, K73BE-TY376V, K73BE-TY377V, K73BE-TY400V, K73BR, K73BR-1B, K73BR-TY006V, K73BR-TY048V, K73BY, K73BY-1A, K73BY-1B, K73BY-TY003V, K73BY-TY010V, K73BY-TY055V, K73BY-TY096V, K73E, K73E-1B, K73E-3C, K73E-3D, K73E-A1, K73E-TY029D, K73E-TY040V, K73E-TY053V, K73E-TY080V, K73E-TY202V, K73E-TY210V, K73E-TY279D, K73E-TY303D, K73E-TY303V, K73J, K73JK, K73S, K73SD, K73SD-1B, K73SD-3G, K73SD-TY049V, K73SD-TY065V, K73SD-TY067V, K73SD-TY087V, K73SD-TY091V, K73SD-TY092V, K73SD-TY160V, K73SD-TY163V, K73SD-TY181V, K73SJ-1B, K73SJ-TY020V, K73SJ-TY021V, K73SJ-TY030V, K73SJ-TY031V, K73SJ-TY032V, K73SJ-TY033V, K73SJ-TY072V, K73SM, K73SM-1B, K73SM-3D, K73SM-TY008V, K73SV, K73SV-1B, K73SV-3C, K73SV-3D, K73SV-A1, K73SV-DH51, K73SV-TY032V, K73SV-TY053V, K73SV-TY082V, K73SV-TY137V, K73SV-TY147V, K73SV-TY171V, K73SV-TY201V, K73SV-TY291V, K73SV-TY299V, K73SV-TY300V, K73SV-TY319V, K73SV-TY376V, K73SV-TY381V, K73SV-TY469D, K73TA, K73TA-1B, K73TA-TY027V, K73TA-TY040V, K73TK, K73TK-1B, K73TK-TY052V, N71, N71 Series, N71J, N71Ja, N71JA-2A, N71JA-TY002V, N71JA-TY004V, N71JA-TY010X, N71JA-TY013V, N71JA-TY014V, N71JA-TY020V, N71JA-TY021V, N71JA-TY030V, N71JA-TY038X, N71Jq, N71JQ-2A, N71JQ-A1, N71JQ-TY002V, N71JQ-TY013V, N71JQ-TY022X, N71JQ-TY047V, N71JQ-X1, N71JQ-X2, N71JQ-XT1, N71JV, N71JV-1C, N71JV-TY012V, N71V, N71VG, N71VG-1A, N71VN, N71VN-2A, N71VN-TY011V, N71VN-TY013V, N71VN-TY014V, N71YI, N73, N73 Series, N73F, N73G, N73J, N73JF, N73JF-1A, N73JF-TY060V, N73JF-TY096V, N73JG, N73JG-1A, N73JG-1C, N73JG-TY029V, N73JN, N73JN-1A, N73JN-TY021, N73JN-TY021V, N73JN-TY035V, N73JN-TY056V, N73JN-TY060V, N73JN-TY069X, N73JN-TY070V, N73JN-TY072V, N73JQ, N73JQ-1C, N73JQ-2A, N73JQ-TZ061Z, N73JQ-TZ087V, N73JQ-XV1, N73Q, N73SD, N73SL, N73SM, N73SM-1A, N73SM-TY092V, N73SM-TY177V, N73SM-TZ053V, N73SM-TZ056V, N73SM-TZ069V, N73SM-TZ144V, N73SN, N73SQ, N73SV, N73SV-1A, N73SV-1C, N73SV-A1, N73SV-A1-CBIL, N73SV-A3, N73SV-A3-CBIL, N73SV-DH72, N73SV-QH72-CBIL, N73SV-TY016V, N73SV-TY028V, N73SV-TY036, N73SV-TY037, N73SV-TY158, N73SV-TY158V, N73SV-TY195, N73SV-TY195V, N73SV-TZ040V, N73SV-TZ044V, N73SV-TZ058V, N73SV-TZ094V, N73SV-TZ193V, N73SV-TZ641V, N73SV-V1G, N73SV-V1G-TY208, N73SV-V1G-TY208V, N73SV-V1G-TY256V, N73SV-V1G-TY279V, N73SV-V1G-TY282V, N73SV-V1G-TY329V, N73SV-V1G-TY375V, N73SV-V1G-TY377V, N73SV-V1G-TY452U, N73SV-V1G-TZ254V, N73SV-V1G-TZ385V, N73SV-V1G-TZ462V, N73SV-V1G-TZ641V, N73SV-V2G-TY206V, N73SV-V2G-TY540V, N73SV-V2G-TY557V, N73SV-V2G-TY577V, N73SV-V2G-TY596V, N73SV-V2G-TY679V, N73SV-V2G-TY680V, N73SV-V2G-TZ565V, N73SV-V2G-TZ684V, N73SW, N73V, PRO7A, PRO7AD, PRO7ADR, PRO7ADY, PRO7AF, PRO7AJ, PRO7AJK, PRO7AJR, PRO7AJT, PRO7AJU, Pro7BJF, Pro7BJG, Pro7BJQ, pro7B Series, Pro7BSM, Pro7BSV, Pro7CBE, Pro7CBR, Pro7CBY, Pro7CE, Pro7CSD, Pro7C Series, Pro7CSJ, Pro7CSM, Pro7CSV, Pro7CTA, Pro7CTK, X7ADR, X7ADY, X7AF, X7AJK, X7AJR, X7AJT, X7AJU, X7A SERIES, X7BJF, X7BJF-TY044V, X7BJF-TY047V, X7BJG-TY045V, X7BJN, X7BJN-TY081V, X7BJN-TY121V, X7BJQ, X7BS, X7BSM-TY097V, X7BSN, X7BSV, X7BSV-TY073V, X7BSV-TY074V, X7BSV-V1G-TY268V, X7BSV-V1G-TY269V, X7BSV-V1G-TY318V, X7BSV-V1G-TY320V, X7BSV-V1G-TZ344V, X7BSV-V1G-TZ415V, X7BSV-V2G-TY558V, X7BSV-V2G-TY619V, X7BSV-V2G-TZ344V, X7BSV-V2G-TZ403V, X7CBR, X7CBY, X7CE, X7CSD, X7C SERIES, X7CSJ, X7CSM, X7CSV, X7CTA, X7CTK, X7DSF-V2G-TZ174V, X72 Series, X72DR, X72F, X72F-XR4, X72F-XR5, X72J, X72JK, X72JR, X72JT, X72VN, X73 Series, X73BR, X73B Series, X73BY, X73E, X73S, X73SD, X73SJ, X73SL, X73SM, X73SV, X73T, X73TA, X73TK, X77 Series, X77-JVTY063V, X77-TY003V, X77-TY018V, X77J, X77JA, X77JA-TY006V, X77JG, X77JO, X77JQ, X77JQ-TY014V, X77JQ-TY072V, X77JV, X77JV-TY050V, X77JV-TY051V, X77JV-TY052V, X77JV-TY101V, X77VG, X77VG-TY017V, X77VG-TY056V, X77VG-TY085V, X77VN, X77VN-TY026V, X77VN-TY027V