Original A42N1403 For Asus ROG G751 G751J G751JM G751JT G751JY Laptop Battery


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      • Battery Type: Li-ion
      • Voltage: 15V
      • Capacity: 88Wh
      • Color: Black
      • Cells : 8-Cells
      • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
      • Warranty: 12 Months.
      • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

      Compatible Part Numbers:

      G751J-BHI7T25, G751JBHI7T25, A42N1403, A42LM9H, A42LM93, 4ICR19/66-2, 4ICR19/662, 0B110-00340000, 0B11000340000, 0B110-00290100, 0B11000290100, 0B110-00290000, 0B11000290000.

      Fit Models:
      G571JY, G751, G751 Series, G751J Series, G751J-BHI7T25, G751JM, G751JM Series, G751JT Series, G751JY, G751JY Series, GFX71 Series, GFX71J Series, GFX71JM Series, GFX71JT Series, GFX71JY Series, GFX71JY4710, GFX71JY4720, GFX71JY4860, ROG G751 Series, ROG G751J Series, ROG G751JL, ROG G751JL-T7003H, ROG G751JM, ROG G751JM Series, ROG G751JM-T7041H, ROG G751JM-T7061H, ROG G751JT Series, ROG G751JT-DH72-CA, ROG G751JT-QH72-CB, ROG G751JT-T7181T, ROG G751JY Series, ROG G751JY-T7016H, ROG G751JY-T7059H, ROG G751JY-T7163H, ROG G751JY-T7186H, ROG G751JY-T7188H, ROG GFX71 Series, ROG GFX71J Series, ROG GFX71JM Series, ROG GFX71JT Series, ROG GFX71JY, ROG GFX71JY Series, Ros G751J, Ros GFX71J.

      G751 G751JL-1A G751JL2A G751JL-T7008H G751JLT7010H G751JM Series G751JM-2A G751JMBHI7N27 G751JM-SH71-CB G751JMT7031H G751JT-1A G751JTCH71 G751JT-T7005H G751JTT7011H G751JT-T7032H G751JTT7032M G751JT-T7039H G751JTT7066H G751JT-T7094H G751JTT7096H G751JT-T7144H G751JTT7145H G751JY G751JY-1A G751JYDH71 G751JY-DH73-CA G751JYT7009H G751JY-T7060H G751JYT7061H G751JY-T7071H G751JYT7158H G751JY-T7177H G751JYT7271H G751JY-T7328T G751JYT7330T G751JY-T7378H GFX71J Series GFX71JT GFX71JT4710 GFX71JY4710 ROG 751jt ROG G751J ROG G751JL ROG G751JL-BB17T29 ROG G751JLBSI7T28 ROG G751JL-BSI7T29 ROG G751JL-T3024P ROG G751JLT7003H ROG G751JLT7008H ROG G751JL-T7010H ROG G751JL-T7012H ROG G751JLT7017H ROG G751JLT7028H ROG G751JL-T7029H ROG G751JLT7030H ROG G751JL-T7055H ROG G751JLT7060H ROG G751JL-WH71 ROG G751JM Series ROG G751JMBHI7N27 ROG G751JM-DH71-CA ROG G751JMSH71CB ROG G751JM-T7031H ROG G751JMT7032H ROG G751JM-T7041H ROG G751JM-T7048H ROG G751JMT7054H ROG G751JMT7061H ROG G751JT-CH71 ROG G751JTDB73 ROG G751JTDH72CA ROG G751JT-T7005H ROG G751JTT7009H ROG G751JT-T7011H ROG G751JT-T7012H ROG G751JTT7016H ROG G751JT-T7029H ROG G751JTT7031H ROG G751JTT7032H ROG G751JTT7032M ROG G751JT-T7038H ROG G751JTT7039H ROG G751JT-T7070H ROG G751JTT7088H ROG G751JT-T7095H ROG G751JT-T7096H ROG G751JTT7133 ROG G751JTT7144D ROG G751JT-T7145H ROG G751JTT7179T ROG G751JT-T7189T ROG G751JTT7201H ROG G751JT-T7218T ROG G751JTT7250H ROG G751JT-T7254D ROG G751JTT7263T ROG G751JT-WH71WX ROG G751JW ROG G751JY-DB72 ROG G751JY-DB73X ROG G751JYDH71 ROG G751JY-DH73 ROG G751JYDH73CA ROG G751JYT7002H ROG G751JY-T7009H ROG G751JYT7012H ROG G751JY-T7016H ROG G751JYT7030H ROG G751JY-T7036H ROG G751JY-T7042H ROG G751JYT7051H ROG G751JYT7052H ROG G751JY-T7056H ROG G751JY-T7060H ROG G751JYT7064D ROG G751JY-T7066H ROG G751JY-T7067H ROG G751JYT7073H ROG G751JYT7084D ROG G751JY-T7103H ROG G751JYT7105H ROG G751JY-T7158H ROG G751JYT7159H ROG G751JYT7160H ROG G751JY-T7164H ROG G751JY-T7177H ROG G751JY-T7179H ROG G751JYT7181D ROG G751JYT7186H ROG G751JY-T7198H ROG G751JYT7229H ROG G751JY-T7234H ROG G751JYT7248H ROG G751JY-T7271H ROG G751JYT7303H ROG G751JY-T7328T ROG G751JY-T7330H ROG G751JYT7330T ROG G751JYT7335H ROG G751JY-T7338T ROG G751JYT7361T ROG G751JY-T7370T ROG G751JYT7372H ROG G751JY-T7392T ROG G751JYT7419T ROG G751JY-VS71 ROG G751JYWH71 ROG GFX71JM Series G751J G751JL1A G751JL-T7003H G751JLT7008H G751JM-1A G751JT G751JM2A G751JM-DH71-CA G751JMSH71CB G751JM-T7041H G751JT1A G751JT-DH72 G751JTT7005H G751JT-T7019H G751JTT7032H G751JT-T7038H G751JTT7039H G751JT-T7093H G751JTT7094H G751JT-T7144D G751JTT7144H G751JT-T7179T G751JY Series G751JY1A G751JY-DH72X G751JYDH73CA G751JY-T7016H G751JYT7060H G751JY-T7066H G751JYT7071H G751JY-T7159H G751JYT7177H G751JY-T7328H G751JYT7328T G751JY-T7336T G751JYT7378H GFX71JM Series GFX71JY GFX71JT4720 GFX71JY4720 ROG G751 Series ROG G751JT ROG G751JM ROG G751JLBB17T29 ROG G751JL-DS71 ROG G751JLBSI7T29 ROG G751JLT3024P ROG G751JL-T7011H ROG G751JL-T7009H ROG G751JLT7010H ROG G751JLT7012H ROG G751JL-T7027H ROG G751JL-T7051H ROG G751JLT7029H ROG G751JL-T7032H ROG G751JLT7055H ROG G751JL-T7088H ROG G751JLWH71 ROG G751JM-RH71 ROG G751JM-BHI7T25 ROG G751JMDH71CA ROG G751JM-T7023H ROG G751JMT7031H ROG G751JM-T7046P ROG G751JMT7041H ROG G751JMT7048H ROG G751JM-T7066P ROG G751JT Series ROG G751JTCH71 ROG G751JT-T7004H ROG G751JT-QH72-CB ROG G751JTT7005H ROG G751JT-T7010H ROG G751JTT7011H ROG G751JTT7012H ROG G751JT-T7019H ROG G751JTT7029H ROG G751JT-T7033H ROG G751JT-T7036H ROG G751JT-T7094H ROG G751JTT7038H ROG G751JT-T7066H ROG G751JTT7070H ROG G751JT-T7093H ROG G751JTT7095H ROG G751JTT7096H ROG G751JT-T7171H ROG G751JT-T7144H ROG G751JTT7145H ROG G751JT-T7181T ROG G751JTT7189T ROG G751JT-T7213H ROG G751JTT7218T ROG G751JT-T7250T ROG G751JTT7254D ROG G751JT-WH71 ROG G751JTWH71WX ROG G751JX ROG G751JYDB72 ROG G751JYDB73X ROG G751JY-DH72X ROG G751JYDH73 ROG G751JY-QH72-CB ROG G751JY-T7004H ROG G751JYT7009H ROG G751JY-T7025H ROG G751JYT7016H ROG G751JY-T7059H ROG G751JYT7036H ROG G751JYT7042H ROG G751JY-T7054H ROG G751JY-T7061H ROG G751JYT7056H ROG G751JYT7060H ROG G751JY-T7065D ROG G751JYT7066H ROG G751JYT7067H ROG G751JY-T7117H ROG G751JY-T7094H ROG G751JYT7103H ROG G751JY-T7146H ROG G751JYT7158H ROG G751JY-T7163H ROG G751JY-T7162 ROG G751JYT7164H ROG G751JYT7177H ROG G751JYT7179H ROG G751JY-T7181H ROG G751JY-T7188H ROG G751JYT7198H ROG G751JY-T7319 ROG G751JYT7234H ROG G751JY-T7257H ROG G751JYT7271H ROG G751JY-T7321H ROG G751JYT7328T ROG G751JYT7330H ROG GFX71 Series ROG G751JY-T7336T ROG G751JYT7338T ROG G751JY-T7364T ROG G751JYT7370T ROG G751JY-T7378H ROG G751JYT7392T ROG G751JY-T7426T ROG G751JYVS71 ROG GFX71JT Series ROG GFX71JY Series G751JL G751JL-2A G751JLT7003H G751JL-T7010H G751JM1A G751JT Series G751JM-BHI7N27 G751JMDH71CA G751JM-T7031H G751JMT7041H G751JT-CH71 G751JTDH72 G751JT-T7011H G751JTT7019H G751JT-T7032M G751JTT7038H G751JT-T7066H G751JTT7093H G751JT-T7096H G751JTT7144D G751JT-T7145H G751JTT7179T GFX71 Series G751JY-DH71 G751JYDH72X G751JY-T7009H G751JYT7016H G751JY-T7061H G751JYT7066H G751JY-T7158H G751JYT7159H G751JY-T7271H G751JYT7328H G751JY-T7330T G751JYT7336T G751ROG GFX71JT Series ROG G751 GFX71JY Series GFX71JY4860 ROG G751J Series ROG G751JT-T7031H G751JM ROG G751JL-BSI7T28 ROG G751JLDS71 ROG G751JL-T7003H ROG G751JL-T7008H ROG G751JLT7011H ROG G751JLT7009H ROG G751JL-T7028H ROG G751JL-T7017H ROG G751JLT7027H ROG G751JLT7051H ROG G751JL-T7030H ROG G751JLT7032H ROG G751JL-T7060H ROG G751JLT7088H ROG G751JM-BHI7N27 ROG G751JMRH71 ROG G751JMBHI7T25 ROG G751JM-SH71-CB ROG G751JMT7023H ROG G751JM-T7032H ROG G751JMT7046P ROG G751JM-T7061H ROG G751JM-T7054H ROG G751JMT7066P ROG G751JT-DH72-CA ROG G751JT-DB73 ROG G751JTT7004H ROG G751JTQH72CB ROG G751JT-T7009H ROG G751JTT7010H ROG G751JT-T7032M ROG G751JT-T7016H ROG G751JTT7019H ROG G751JT-T7032H ROG G751JTT7033H ROG G751JTT7036H ROG G751JTT7094H ROG G751JT-T7039H ROG G751JTT7066H ROG G751JT-T7088H ROG G751JTT7093H ROG G751JT-T7133 ROG G751JT-T7144D ROG G751JTT7171H ROG G751JTT7144H ROG G751JT-T7179T ROG G751JTT7181T ROG G751JT-T7201H ROG G751JTT7213H ROG G751JT-T7250H ROG G751JTT7250T ROG G751JT-T7263T ROG G751JTWH71 ROG G751JY Series ROG G751JY ROG G751JY-DH71 ROG G751JY-DH73-CA ROG G751JYDH72X ROG G751JY-T7002H ROG G751JYQH72CB ROG G751JYT7004H ROG G751JY-T7012H ROG G751JYT7025H ROG G751JY-T7030H ROG G751JYT7059H ROG G751JY-T7052H ROG G751JY-T7051H ROG G751JYT7054H ROG G751JYT7061H ROG G751JY-T7064D ROG G751JY-T7159H ROG G751JYT7065D ROG G751JY-T7073H ROG G751JY-T7084D ROG G751JYT7117H ROG G751JYT7094H ROG G751JY-T7105H ROG G751JYT7146H ROG G751JY-T7160H ROG G751JYT7163H ROG G751JYT7162 ROG G751JY-T7186H ROG G751JY-T7181D ROG G751JYT7181H ROG G751JYT7188H ROG G751JY-T7229H ROG G751JYT7319 ROG G751JY-T7248H ROG G751JYT7257H ROG G751JY-T7303H ROG G751JYT7321H ROG G751JY-T7330T ROG G751JY-T7335H ROG GFX71J Series ROG G751JYT7336T ROG G751JY-T7361T ROG G751JYT7364T ROG G751JY-T7372H ROG G751JYT7378H ROG G751JY-T7419T ROG G751JYT7426T ROG G751JY-WH71 ROG GFX71JT4710 ROG GFX71JY4710 ROG GFX71JT4720