Original Asus ADP-65GD 19V 3.42A 65W Adapter For Asus K456UF P541U Laptop (4.0*1.35mm)


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Product Specifications :

  • Input: 100-240V~50-60Hz 1.5A
  • Voltage: 19V
  • Current: 3.42A
  • Power: 65W
  • Plug Size: 4.0*1.35mm
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

Fit Part Numbers :

  • Asus ADP-65DW C ADP-65DW B ADP-65BW B ADP-65AW A
  • Asus ADP-65GD B ADP-65JH BB ADP-45BW ADP-45AW A
  • Asus AD883020 AD887320 AD887020 AD2066020 type 010lf
  • Asus PA-1650-63 PA-1650-78 PA-1650-01 PA-1650-93
  • Asus W15-065N1B EXA1208EH EXA1203YH

Fit Models :

Asus-Fang-65W-19V-3.42A-4.0-1.35MM_ Asus K401UB Asus K456UF Asus K456UJ Asus K456UQ Asus K456UR Asus K456UV Asus K541UJ Asus K541UV Asus K556UF Asus K556UJ Asus K556UQ Asus K556UR Asus P541U P541UA P541UA-GQ1349 Asus P541UA-DM2003R P541UA-GQ1349R Asus P541UA-DM2004R P541UA-GQ1506 Asus P541UA-GO1505T P541UA-GQ1506T Asus P541UA-GO1508T P541UA-GQ1507T Asus P541UA-GO1521R P541UA-GQ1531T Asus P541UA-GO1522R P541UA-GQ1532 Asus P541UA-GO1523R P541UA-GQ1859T Asus P541UA-GQ1241R P541UA-GQ1860T Asus P541UA-GQ1248 P541UA-GQ1894 Asus P541UA-GQ2099 Asus Q326F Q326FA Asus R541SA-DM464T Asus R541SA-XX112T-128 Asus R541SA-XX112T-512 Asus R541UA-DM1211T Asus R541UA-DM1404T Asus R541UA-DM1405D Asus R541UA-DM1406T Asus R541UA-DM1427T Asus R541UA-DM1963T Asus R541UA-DM541T-BE Asus R541UA-DM558T Asus R541UA-DM567T Asus R541UA-DM585T Asus R541UA-GO Asus R541UA-GQ1764T Asus R541UA-GQ1920T Asus R541UV-DM1121T Asus R541UV-DM1121T-BE Asus R541UV-DM1226D Asus R541UV-DM1226T Asus R541UV-DM1227D Asus R541UV-DM1227T Asus R541UV-DM884T Asus R541UV-XO188T Asus R558UV-XX028T Asus Vivobook E12 X207N X207NA Asus VivoBook E203MA Asus VivoBook E203MA-DB02 Asus VivoBook E203MA-FD001TS Asus VivoBook E203MA-FD004T Asus VivoBook E203MA-FD009TS Asus VivoBook E203MA-FD010T Asus VivoBook E203MA-FD013T Asus VivoBook E203MA-FD014T Asus VivoBook E203MA-FD015T Asus VivoBook E203MA-FD016TS Asus VivoBook E203MA-FD017TS Asus VivoBook E203MA-FD018 Asus VivoBook E203MA-FD051RA Asus VivoBook E203MA-FD088TS Asus VivoBook E203MA-FD823T Asus VivoBook E203MAH Asus VivoBook E203MAH-FD004T Asus VivoBook E203MAH-FD005T Asus VivoBook E203MAH-FD006T Asus VivoBook E203MAH-FD011T Asus VivoBook E203MAH-FD015T Asus VivoBook E203MAH-FD411T Asus VivoBook E203MAH-FD412T Asus VivoBook E203MA-WE4003T Asus VivoBook E203MA-YS03 Asus VivoBook Flip 12 TP203MAH Asus VivoBook Flip 14 TP401CAE Asus VivoBook Flip TP203MAH-BP007T Asus VivoBook Flip TP203MAH-BP010T Asus VivoBook Flip TP203MAH-BP014T Asus VivoBook Flip TP203MAH-BP015T Asus VivoBook Flip TP401M TP401MA Asus VivoBook Flip TP401MA-BZ010TS Asus VivoBook Flip TP401MA-BZ012TS Asus VivoBook Flip TP401MA-BZ023T Asus VivoBook Flip TP401MA-BZ024T Asus VivoBook Flip TP401MA-BZ025T Asus VivoBook Flip TP401MA-BZ042TS Asus VivoBook Flip TP401MA-BZ044T Asus VivoBook Flip TP401MA-BZ045TS Asus Vivobook Flip TP401MA-BZ067TS Asus Vivobook Flip TP401MA-BZ078TS Asus Vivobook Flip TP401MA-BZ080TS Asus VivoBook Flip TP401MA-BZ084T Asus VivoBook Flip TP401MA-BZ088T Asus VivoBook Flip TP401MA-EC001T Asus VivoBook Flip TP401MA-EC011T Asus VivoBook Flip TP401MA-EC012TS Asus VivoBook Flip TP401MA-EC014T Asus VivoBook Flip TP401MA-EC019T Asus VivoBook Flip TP401MA-EC073T Asus VivoBook Flip TP401MA-RB91-C Asus VivoBook Flip TP401MA-US22T Asus VivoBook Flip TP401MA-YS02 Asus VivoBook K406UA Asus VivoBook K406UA-BM141T Asus VivoBook K406UA-BM142T Asus VivoBook K406UA-BM219T Asus VivoBook K406UA-BM229T Asus VivoBook K406UA-BM230T Asus VivoBook K406UA-EB108T Asus VivoBook L203N L203NA Asus VivoBook L203NA-FD036TS Asus VivoBook L203NA-FD037TS Asus VivoBook L203NA-FD049T Asus VivoBook L203NA-FD052T Asus VivoBook L203NA-FD094T Asus VivoBook L203NA-FD114T Asus VivoBook L203NA-FD126TS Asus VivoBook L402N L402NA Asus VivoBook L402NA-FA016TS Asus VivoBook L402NA-FA017TS Asus VivoBook L402NA-FA292TS Asus VivoBook L402NA-GA042TS Asus VivoBook L402NA-GA047TS Asus VivoBook L402NA-GA067TS Asus VivoBook L402NA-GA095TS Asus VivoBook L402NA-GA191TS Asus VivoBook L402NA-GA290TS Asus VivoBook L403N L403NA Asus Vivobook L403NA-FA017TS Asus Vivobook L403NA-FA055TS Asus Vivobook L403NA-FA067TS Asus Vivobook L403NA-FA115TS Asus Vivobook L403NA-GA013TS Asus Vivobook L403NA-GA018TS Asus Vivobook L403NA-GA021TS Asus Vivobook L403NA-GA063TS Asus VivoBook S14 S430FN Asus VivoBook S14 S430U S430UF Asus VivoBook S15 S510U S510UF Asus VivoBook S15 S530U S530UF Asus VivoBook S430UF-EB001T Asus VivoBook S430UF-EB011T Asus VivoBook S430UF-EB015T Asus VivoBook S430UF-EB017T Asus VivoBook S430UF-EB024T Asus VivoBook S430UF-EB026T Asus VivoBook S430UF-EB042T Asus VivoBook S510UF-BQ022T Asus VivoBook S510UF-BQ023T Asus VivoBook S510UF-BQ037T Asus VivoBook S510UF-BQ049T Asus VivoBook S510UF-BQ050T Asus VivoBook S510UF-BQ051T Asus VivoBook S510UF-BQ053T Asus VivoBook S510UF-BQ054T Asus VivoBook S510UF-BQ055T Asus VivoBook S510UF-BQ056T Asus VivoBook S510UF-BQ091T Asus VivoBook S510UF-BQ109T Asus VivoBook S510UF-BQ141T Asus VivoBook S510UF-BQ158T Asus VivoBook S510UF-BQ191T Asus VivoBook S510UF-BQ193T Asus VivoBook S510UF-BQ216T Asus VivoBook S510UF-BQ325T Asus VivoBook S510UF-BQ354T Asus VivoBook S510UF-BQ355T Asus VivoBook S510UF-BQ371T Asus VivoBook S510UF-BQ415T Asus VivoBook S510UF-BQ432T Asus VivoBook S510UF-BR042T Asus VivoBook S510UF-BR195T Asus VivoBook S510UF-BR196T Asus VivoBook S510UF-BR197T Asus VivoBook S510UF-BR198T Asus VivoBook S510UF-BR239T Asus VivoBook S510UF-BR365T Asus VivoBook S510UF-BR452T Asus VivoBook S510UF-BR532T Asus VivoBook S530UF-58AM3CB1 Asus VivoBook S530UF-78AM3CB1 Asus VivoBook S530UF-BQ003T Asus VivoBook S530UF-BQ014T Asus VivoBook S530UF-BQ028T Asus VivoBook S530UF-BQ032T Asus VivoBook S530UF-BQ077T Asus VivoBook S530UF-BQ078T Asus VivoBook S530UF-BQ081T Asus VivoBook S530UF-BQ082T Asus VivoBook S530UF-BQ083T Asus VivoBook S530UF-BQ084T Asus VivoBook S530UF-BQ106T Asus VivoBook S530UF-BQ107T Asus VivoBook S530UF-BQ123T Asus VivoBook S530UF-BQ126T Asus VivoBook S530UF-BQ128T Asus VivoBook S530UF-BQ136T Asus VivoBook S530UF-BQ145T Asus VivoBook S530UF-BQ162T Asus VivoBook S530UF-BQ189T Asus VivoBook S530UF-BQ232T Asus VivoBook S530UF-BQ275T Asus VivoBook S530UF-BQ281T Asus VivoBook S530UF-BQ819T Asus VivoBook S530UF-BR094T Asus VivoBook S530UF-BR095T Asus VivoBook S530UF-BR096T Asus VivoBook X207NA-FD041T Asus VivoBook X207NA-FD053T Asus VivoBook X207NA-FD068T Asus VivoBook X207NA-FD073T Asus VivoBook X207NA-FD074T Asus VivoBook X207NA-FD075T Asus VivoBook X207NA-FD080T Asus VivoBook X207NA-FD083T Asus VivoBook X207NA-FD102T Asus VivoBook X207NA-FD104T Asus VivoBook X207NA-FD105T Asus VivoBook X207NA-FD121T Asus VivoBook X207NA-FD136T Asus X407U X407UF X540MA-GO002T Asus X407UF-BV010T X540MA-GO091T Asus X407UF-BV022T X540MA-GO231T ASUS X407UF-BV039T X540MA-GQ001T ASUS X407UF-BV050T X540MA-GQ012T-BE ASUS X407UF-BV053T X540MA-GQ024T ASUS X407UF-BV055T X540MA-GQ054T ASUS X407UF-BV056T X540MA-GQ083T ASUS X407UF-BV057T X540MA-GQ091T ASUS X407UF-BV058T X540MA-GQ092T Asus X507U X507UF X540MA-BB91-CB Asus X507UF-BR087T X540MA-DB22 Asus X507UF-BR139T X540MA-DM132 Asus X507UF-EJ037T X540MA-DM141T Asus X507UF-EJ074T X540MA-DM170 Asus X507UF-EJ077T X540MA-DM196 Asus X507UF-EJ078T X540MA-DM198 Asus X507UF-EJ092T X540MA-DM257T Asus X507UF-EJ101T X540MA-DM328R Asus X540M X540MA X540MA-GQ094T Asus X540MA-BB91-CB X540MA-GQ103T Asus X540MA-DB22 X540MA-GQ119T Asus X540MA-DM132 X540MA-GQ120T Asus X540MA-DM141T X540MA-GQ129T Asus X540MA-DM170 X540MA-GQ155 Asus X540MA-DM196 X540MA-GQ157 Asus X540MA-DM198 X540MA-GQ162 Asus X540MA-DM257T X540MA-GQ175T Asus X540MA-DM328R X540MA-GQ221T Asus X540MA-GO002T X540MA-QC1-CB Asus X540MA-GO091T X540MA-RB91-CB Asus X540MA-GO231T RX430U RX430UA Asus X540MA-GQ001T RX430UA-GV112T Asus X540MA-GQ012T-BE X540MA-GQ129T Asus X540MA-GQ024T X540MA-GQ155 Asus X540MA-GQ054T X540MA-GQ157 Asus X540MA-GQ083T X540MA-GQ162 Asus X540MA-GQ091T X540MA-GQ175T Asus X540MA-GQ092T X540MA-GQ221T Asus X540MA-GQ094T X540MA-QC1-CB Asus X540MA-GQ103T X540MA-RB91-CB Asus X540MA-GQ119T X540M X540MA Asus X540MA-GQ120T P541UA-GQ1248R Asus ADP-65AW A Taichi 31-CX009H Asus BU400 BU400A BU400V BU400VC Asus BU400A-W3010X BU400A-W3035P Asus BU400A-W3098X VivoBook S300CA Asus PA-1650-66 PA-1650-78 Asus R541UA-DM1287D-120GB Asus R541UA-DM1287D-8GB Asus Transformer Book Flip TP300 Asus Transformer Book Flip TP300LA Asus Transformer Book Flip TP300LD Asus UX302LG UX302LG-C4006H Asus VivoBook S400CA S400CM Touch Asus VivoBook S500CA S500CA-CJ3217 Asus ZenBook UX302LG-C4022P Asus ZenBook UX430UN-GV059T Asus AD2087520 Asus Q302 Asus Q302LA Asus Q303 Asus Q303UA Asus Q304 Asus Q304UA Asus Q503 Asus Q503UA Asus Q504 Asus Q504UA Asus Q552 Asus Q552UB Asus Q553 Asus Q553UB Asus R301L R517N S406U Asus Taichi 21 21-DH51 31 31-CX002H Asus VivoBook S300CA-C1002H S300CA-C1003H Asus VivoBook S300CA-C1004H S500CA-CJ026H Asus VivoBook S400CA-040H S400CA-DH51T Asus VivoBook S400CA-CA006H S400CA-CA008H Asus VivoBook S400CA-CA010H S400CA-CA012H Asus VivoBook S400CA-CA020H S400CA-CA022H Asus VivoBook S400CA-CA101H S400E-CA038H Asus VivoBook S400CA-RH51T-CB S400CA-RH51T-CA Asus VivoBook S400CA-UH51 S400CA-CA006P Asus VivoBook S500CA-CJ003H S500CA-1ACJ Asus VivoBook S500CA-CJ005H S500CA-CJ006H Asus X302L X411U X441M X441U Asus X510U X512F X512U Asus Zenbook UX303LB UX303LB-R4015H-BE Asus Zenbook UX303LB-C4004H UX303LB-C4019H Asus Zenbook UX303LB-C4041H UX303LB-R4020H Asus Zenbook UX303LB-DQ005H UX303LB-R4018H Asus Zenbook UX303LB-DS71T UX303LB-R4016P Asus Zenbook UX303LB-R4003H UX303LB-R4060H Asus Zenbook UX303LB-R4082H UX303LB-R4061H Asus Zenbook UX303UA UX303UB Asus Zenbook X302LJ-FN003H X302LJ-FN027H Asus Zenbook X302LJ-FN016H X302LJ-R4018D Asus Zenbook X302LJ-FN017H X302LJ-R4020 Asus 0A001-00057600 Asus 0A001-00057700 Asus 0A001-00446000 Asus 0A001-00446200 Asus 0A001-00448300 Asus 0A001-00449200 Asus 0A001-00695600 Asus 0A001-00890000 Asus 0A001-00890500 Asus A403F A407M A407U A411U Asus A412F A412U A420U A441M Asus A441U A510U A512F A512U Asus A442UF A442UQ A442UQ-GA040 Asus A442UF-FA020T A442UF-FA021T Asus A442UF-FA023T A442UF-FA022T Asus A442UF-FA030T A442UF-FA032T Asus A442UQ-FA019D A442UF-FA033T Asus A442UQ-FA019T A442UQ-FA020D Asus A442UQ-FA042T A442UQ-FA020T Asus A442UQ-FA044T A442UQ-FA047T Asus A442UQ-FA087T A442UQ-FA048T Asus A540BP A540UB A540UV Asus A540BP-DM069T-BE Asus A540BP-DM096T Asus A540M A543M D540M Asus A540UB-DM157T Asus A540UB-DM695 Asus A540UB-DM859 Asus A540UB-GQ949T Asus A540UB-GQ950T Asus A580UF A580BP Asus A580UF-7936 Asus A580UF-7987 Asus ADP-65AW B Asus BX303LA-0051A4210U Asus BX303LAB BX303LA Asus BX303LA-BX303UA Asus BX303LN BX303LB Asus BX303UA BX303LNB Asus BX303UA-0111A6200U Asus BX303UA-C4205R Asus BX303UA-C4206R Asus BX303UA-FN207E Asus BX303UA-FN208E Asus BX303UA-FN444T Asus BX310UF BX303UB Asus BX310UF-7459 Asus BX410UA-0183A8550U Asus BX410UA-0193A8250U Asus BX410UA-GV093T Asus BX410UA-GV123T Asus BX410UA-GV173R Asus BX410UA-GV176T Asus BX410UA-GV182R Asus BX410UA-GV325T Asus BX410UF BX410UA Asus BX430UQ BX410UQ Asus BX430UQ-7740 Asus BX430UQ-GV245R Asus BX430UQ-GV246R Asus D543M F540M F543M Asus E201N L201N R213N W202N Asus E203M R203M W203M Asus E402YA Asus E402YA-FA030T Asus E402YA-FA031TS Asus E402YA-GA002T Asus E402YA-GA002TS Asus E402YA-GA003T Asus E402YA-GA027 Asus E402YA-GA032TS Asus E402YA-GA044TS Asus E402YA-GA067 Asus E402YA-GA067T Asus E402YA-GA077T Asus E402YA-GA079T Asus E402YA-GA081T Asus E402YA-GA109T Asus E402YA-GA113TS Asus E402YA-GA118T Asus E402YA-GA119TS Asus E402YA-GA201T Asus E402YA-GA202T Asus E402YA-GA256T Asus E402YA-GA301T Asus E402YA-GA302T Asus F302L F403F F407M F411U Asus F302UJ-R4025T Asus F302UV F302UJ Asus F302UV-0031A6200U Asus F302UV-FN024T Asus F302UV-FN039T Asus F407U F407UA Asus F407UA-EB089T F407UA-BV087T Asus F411UF F402BP Asus F411UF-437 Asus F412F F412U F420U F423M Asus F423U F441M F441U Asus F441UB F441UR Asus F456UQ F456UF Asus F507la F507l Asus F510U F512F F512U Asus F510UF F510UN F510UR Asus F510UF-BQ274T Asus F510UF-BQ349T Asus F510UF-BR683R Asus F510UF-EJ252T Asus F510UF-EJ309T Asus F510UF-EJ524T Asus F510UF-EJ579T Asus F510UF-EJ637T Asus F510UF-ES71 Asus F510UN-BQ505T Asus F510UN-EJ473T Asus F510UR-EJ342T Asus F540BP F540UB F542UR Asus F540BP-DM079T-BE Asus F540U F540UA F540UA-DM136 Asus F540UA-DM1154T F540UA-GO232T Asus F540UA-DM154T F540UA-DM136T Asus F540UA-DM205T F540UA-DM206T Asus F540UA-DM723 F540UA-DM304T Asus F540UA-DM723T F540UA-DM746T Asus F540UA-DM992T F540UA-DM962T Asus F540UA-GO335T F540UA-GO262T Asus F540UA-GO624T F540UA-GO344T Asus F540UA-GQ109T F540UA-GQ130T Asus F540UA-GQ133T F540UA-GQ131T Asus F540UA-GQ135T F540UA-GQ192T Asus F540UA-GQ214T F540UA-GQ199T Asus F540UA-GQ574T R515SA-XX248T Asus F540UB-DM1210T Asus F540UB-DM156T Asus F540UB-DM457T Asus F540UB-DM518T Asus F540UB-DM530T Asus F540UB-DM687T Asus F540UB-DM874T Asus F540UB-DM940T Asus F540UB-GQ056T Asus F540UB-GQ120T Asus F540UB-GQ729T Asus F540UB-GQ732T Asus F540UJ K410UF Asus F542UR-DM223T Asus J202N J401C J401M J412U Asus J401MA Asus K401UQK X542UF Asus K403F K406U K410U K411U Asus K410UF-8144 Asus K410UF-V400 Asus K410UN K410UQ K510UF Asus K413FA K413FP K413FQ Asus K441U K510U K512F Asus K442UF K411UQ Asus K505BP UX3400UQ Asus K510UF-BQ047T Asus K510UF-BQ298R Asus K510UF-BQ389R Asus K510UF-BQ502R Asus K510UF-BR048 Asus K510UN K510UR Asus K510UN-BQ191T Asus K510UN-BQ196T Asus K510UN-BQ242T Asus K510UN-BQ267T-BE Asus K510UN-BQ268T-BE Asus K510UN-BQ286T Asus K510UN-BQ297T Asus K510UN-BQ406 Asus K510UN-BQ497T Asus K510UN-BQ502 Asus K510UR-BQ020T Asus K510UR-BQ205T Asus K510UR-BR038T Asus K510UR-EJ293T Asus K510UR-EJ307T Asus K510UR-EJ321T Asus K513FA K513FF K513FP Asus K540BP K540UB Asus K540BP-DM116T-BE Asus K540BP-GQ126T Asus K540BP-GQ127T Asus K540UB-DM1146 Asus K540UB-GQ065T Asus K540UB-GQ066T Asus K540UB-GQ329T Asus K540UB-GQ346T Asus K540UB-GQ393 Asus K540UB-GQ995 Asus K540UB-GQ996 Asus K540UB-KT143T Asus K540UB-Q52SP Asus K540UV P1410UF Asus K556UV-GA056D Asus K712FA K712FB Asus L402BP K556UV Asus L406M Asus L502M L502MA R200C R200CA Asus L502MA-XX0003D L502MA-XX0003T Asus L502MA-XX0014T L502MA-XX0014D Asus L502MA-XX0015D L502MA-XX0015T Asus L502MA-XX0032T L502MA-XX0031T Asus L502MA-XX0033T L502MA-XX0036D Asus L502MA-XX0044T L502MA-XX0036H Asus L502MA-XX0056D L502MA-XX0073D Asus M409DJ M409DL Asus M509 M509D M509DL Asus M509DJ Asus M509DJ-BQ004 Asus M509DJ-BQ019 Asus M509DJ-BQ021 Asus M509DJ-BQ022 Asus M509DJ-BQ024 Asus M509DJ-BQ055 Asus M509DJ-BQ055T Asus M509DJ-BQ071 Asus M509DJ-BQ078 Asus M509DJ-BQ078T Asus M509DJ-BR044T Asus M509DJ-BR073T Asus M509DJ-EJ007 Asus M509DJ-EJ007T Asus M509DJ-EJ011 Asus M509DJ-EJ012 Asus M509DJ-EJ013 Asus M509DJ-EJ015 Asus M509DJ-EJ016 Asus M509DJ-EJ092T Asus N593UB P302UJ Asus NovaGo TP370 TP370Q TP370QL Asus NovaGo TP370QL-4G64G TP370QL-6G128G Asus NovaGo TP370QL-EL003T TP370QL-EL002T Asus NovaGo TP370QL-EL004T Asus P1401U P1402F P1402U Asus P1500U P1504U P302L Asus P1501UR P541UV Asus P540UB P302UV Asus P540UB-6636 Asus P541UV-DM1302R Asus P541UV-DM1401R Asus P541UV-DM729R Asus P541UV-GQ1243R Asus P541UV-GQ1243T Asus P541UV-GQ1244R Asus P541UV-GQ1279T Asus Q427 Q427F Q427FL Asus Q427FL-BI7T5 Asus Q505U Q505UA Asus Q505UA-BI5T7 Q505UA-BI5T8 Asus Q506FA Q506FA-BI5T8 Asus R200CA-CT160H L502MA-XX0085T Asus R200CA-CT161H R200CA-CT195H Asus R200CA-CT208H-BE R200CA-KX163H Asus R200CA-CT241H R200CA-KX162H Asus R202C R202CA R202M R202MA Asus R202MA-BING-KX601B Asus R301UJ P540UV Asus R301UV-FN026T Asus R301UV-FN027T Asus R301UV-FN037T Asus R301UV-FN061T Asus R301UV-FN062T Asus R301UV-FN072T Asus R407U R407UA UX433FA-A5062T Asus R407U R407UB UX433FA-A5099T Asus R407UA-BV046T UX433FA-A5067T Asus R407UA-BV054T UX433FA-A5070T Asus R407UA-BV116T UX433FA-A5075R Asus R407UA-BV141T UX433FA-A5075T Asus R407UA-EB019T UX433FA-A5090T Asus R407UB-BV010T UX433FA-A5128T Asus R407UB-BV089T UX433FA-A5130T Asus R407UB-EB012T UX433FA-A5141T Asus R407UB-EB035T UX433FA-A6025T Asus R410U R410UA UX433FA-A6053T Asus R410U R410UB UX461F UX461FA Asus R410UA-BV127T UX433FA-A6061T Asus R410UA-EB026T UX433FA-A6066T Asus R410UA-EB154T UX433FA-A6094T Asus R410UA-EB341T UX433FA-A6096R Asus R410UA-EB381R UX433FA-A6116T Asus R410UA-EB529R UX433FA-DH74 Asus R410UA-EB530R UX460U UX460UA Asus R410UB-EB079T UX461FA-E1010R Asus R410UF R423UB Asus R413MA-BING-WX255B Asus R413MA-BING-WX325B Asus R413MA-BING-WX353B Asus R413MA-BING-WX407B Asus R413MA-BING-WX408B Asus R413MA-BING-WX431B Asus R413MA-BING-WX448B Asus R413MA-BING-WX449B Asus R414B R414BA UX461FA-E1020T Asus R414BA-FA145T UX461FA-E1024T Asus R414BA-FA177T UX461FA-E1025T Asus R414BA-FA180T UX461FA-E1035T Asus R414BA-FA187T UX461FA-E1037T Asus R414BA-GA070T UX461FA-E1045T Asus R414S R414SA R413M R413MA Asus R414SA-WX109T R417MA-WX0145T Asus R414SA-WX116T R414SA-WX124T Asus R414SA-WX163T R414SA-WX147T Asus R414UB R301UV Asus R414UB-7708 Asus R417BP R415LB Asus R417BP-FA013T Asus R417BP-R450 Asus R417BP-X40x Asus R417MA-WX0059T R417MA-WX0059H Asus R417MA-WX0060T R417MA-WX0079H Asus R417MA-WX0080H R417MA-WX0079T Asus R417MA-WX0080T R417MA-WX0081H Asus R417MA-WX0129T R417MA-WX0082H Asus R417MA-WX0130T R417MA-WX0144T Asus R419UN R419UF Asus R419UN-FA005 Asus R421UN R421UQ Asus R423UB-BV020T Asus R457UB-WX022T Asus R457UB-WX024T Asus R457UB-WX037T Asus R457UF R457UB Asus R457UQ-FA062T Asus R457UQ-FA066T Asus R457UQ-FA117T Asus R457UQ-WX049T Asus R457UR R457UQ Asus R457UR-FA174T Asus R457UR-WX088T Asus R507UB-BQ053T R507UB Asus R507UB-BQ053T-BE Asus R507UB-BQ166T R507UB-BQ160T Asus R507UB-BQ166T-BE R507UB-EJ203T Asus R507UB-BR126 R507UB-BR120 Asus R507UF R520UF Asus R507UF-BQ432 Asus R507UF-EJ125T Asus R507UF-EJ245T Asus R507UF-EJ355T Asus R507UF-EJ394T Asus R507UF-EJ418T Asus R507UF-EJ419T Asus R515S R515SA R417M R417MA Asus R515S R515SA R515SA-XX248T Asus R515SA-XX078T R515SA-XX247T Asus R519UF R519UB Asus R519UJ R540UB Asus R520UF-BQ275T Asus R520UF-BQ385T Asus R520UF-EJ020T Asus R520UF-EJ1227T Asus R520UF-EJ521T Asus R520UF-EJ523T Asus R520UF-EJ628T Asus R520UF-EJ634T Asus R520UF-EJ635T Asus R520UF-EJ686T Asus R520UF-EJ724T Asus R520UN R520UR Asus R520UN-EJ498T Asus R520UN-EJ499T Asus R520UN-EJ529T Asus R520UQ-BQ729T R520UQ Asus R520UQ-BQ730T R520UQ-BQ813T Asus R540B R540BA UX461FA-E1063T Asus R540BA-DM082T UX461FA-E1064T Asus R540BA-DM099T UX461FA-E1066T Asus R540BA-GQ181T UX461FA-IS74T Asus R540BA-GQ194T X441U X441UB Asus R540BP S401UF Asus R540BP-DM094T Asus R540BP-GQ133T Asus R540UA-DM123 R540UA-DM035T Asus R540UA-DM229T R540UA-DM202T Asus R540UA-GQ228T R540UA-GQ203T Asus R540UB-DM080T Asus R540UB-DM084T Asus R540UB-DM085T Asus R540UB-DM092T Asus R540UB-DM093T Asus R540UB-DM096T Asus R540UB-DM197T Asus R540UB-DM206 Asus R540UB-DM239T Asus R540UB-DM257T Asus R540UB-GO279T Asus R540UV-DM024T Asus R540UV-DM025T Asus R540UV-DM035T Asus R540UV-DM086T Asus R540UV-DM125T Asus R540UV-DM222T Asus R540UV-DM224T Asus R540UV-GO112T Asus R542BP R540UV Asus R542BP-GQ058T Asus R542BP-GQ076T Asus R542UA-DM189T R542UA-DM019T Asus R542UA-DM378T R542UA-DM374T Asus R542UA-DM489T R542UA-DM457T Asus R542UA-GO200T R542UA-DM698T Asus R542UF-DM157 R542UF-DM074T Asus R542UF-DM826 R542UF-DM657 Asus R542UN R542UF R542UQ Asus R542UN-DM109T R542UN-DM062 Asus R542UN-DM233T R542UN-DM198T Asus R542UQ-DM153 R542UQ-DM016T Asus R542UQ-DM251T R542UQ-DM164 Asus R542UQ-DM252T R542UQ-DM393T Asus R542UQ-GQ410T R542UA-DM019 Asus R558UA R542UA R540UA Asus R558UA-DM485T R558UA-DM479T Asus R558UA-DM918D R558UA-DM778T Asus R558UA-XO132T R558UA-DM1055T Asus R558UA-XX337T R558UA-XX007T Asus R558UJ-DM150T Asus R558UJ-XO085T Asus R558UJ-XO086T Asus R558UJ-XX069T Asus R558UJ-XX076T Asus RX303LA R558UJ Asus RX303LA-6822 Asus RX303LA-R5143H Asus RX303LB RX303LAB Asus RX303LN-6823 Asus RX303LNB Asus RX303UA RX303LN Asus RX310UF RX303UB Asus RX410UA-GV170T Asus RX410UA-GV222R Asus RX410UA-GV230T Asus RX410UA-GV353T Asus RX410UF RX410UA Asus S401U S401UA X441UB-GA042T Asus S401UA-BV1062T X441UB-GA045T Asus S401UA-BV332T X441UB-GA043T Asus S401UA-BV810T X441UB-GA044T Asus S401UA-EB1047T X507LA-BR012T Asus S401UA-EB279T X441UB-GA046T Asus S401UA-EB308T X507L X507LA Asus S401UA-EB358T X507LA-BR004T Asus S401UA-EB425T X507LA-BR007T Asus S401UA-EB812T X507LA-BR008T Asus S401UF-EB191T Asus S430U S430UA X507LA-BR018T Asus S430UA-EB002T X530U X530UA Asus S430UA-EB005T X540B X540BA Asus S430UA-EB011T X540BA-GO001T Asus S430UA-EB015T X540BA-GO026 Asus S430UA-EB016T X540BA-GQ038T Asus S430UA-EB054T X540BA-GQ103T Asus S430UA-EB062T X540BA-GQ119T Asus S430UA-EB065T X540BA-GQ120T Asus S430UA-EB066T X540BA-RB94 Asus S430UA-EB091T S430UAN Asus S430UA-EB094T S430UAN-EB125T Asus S430UA-EB097T S430UAN-EB152T Asus S430UA-EB098T S430UAN-EB156T Asus S430UA-EB108T S430UAN-EB157T Asus S430UA-EB122T S430UAN-EB158T Asus S430UA-EB124T UX310UAK Asus S430UA-EB125T UX310UAK-BB301R Asus S430UA-EB127T UX331FA UX331FAL Asus S430UA-EB135T UX331FAL-BH71 Asus S430UA-EB159T UX331FAL-BS8202T Asus S430UA-EB160T UX331FAL-EG006T Asus S430UA-EB169T UX331FAL-EG009T Asus S430UA-EB186T UX331FAL-EG013T Asus S430UA-EB204R UX331FAL-EG014T Asus S430UA-EB219T UX410UAK Asus S430UA-EB221T UX433F UX433FA Asus S430UA-EB222T UX433FA-A5045R Asus S430UA-EB224T UX433FA-A5045T Asus S430UA-EB236T UX433FA-A5047T Asus S430UA-EB249T S430UA-EB266T Asus S430UA-EB265T Asus S430UFN S501QA Asus S430UFN-EB099T Asus S430UFN-EB156T Asus S501QA-EJ040T Asus S501QA-EJ047T Asus S501QA-EJ085T Asus S501QA-EJ117T Asus S501QA-EJ189T Asus S501QA-EJ195T Asus S501UF S530FN Asus S501UF-EJ151T Asus S501UF-EJ181T Asus S501UF-EJ282T Asus S501UF-EJ427T Asus S501UF-EJ591T Asus S530FN-78AM5CB4 Asus S530FN-BH73 Asus S530FN-BQ006T Asus S530FN-BQ018T Asus S530FN-BQ023T Asus S530FN-BQ028T Asus S530FN-BQ074T Asus S530FN-BQ075T Asus S530FN-BQ077T Asus S530FN-BQ079T Asus S530FN-BQ082T Asus S530FN-BQ093T Asus S530FN-BQ096T Asus S530FN-BQ098T Asus S530FN-BQ103T Asus S530FN-BQ104T Asus S530FN-BQ127T Asus S530FN-BQ139T Asus S530FN-BQ184T Asus S530FN-BQ195T Asus S530FN-BQ202T Asus S530FN-BQ221T Asus S530FN-BQ243T Asus S530FN-BQ255T Asus S530FN-BQ257T Asus S530FN-BQ351T Asus S530FN-BQ370T Asus S530FN-BQ390T Asus S530FN-BQ433T Asus S530FN-BQ540T Asus S530FN-BQ572T Asus S530FN-BQ581T Asus S530FN-BQ587T Asus S530FN-EJ085R Asus S530FN-EJ085T Asus S530FN-EJ090T Asus S530FN-EJ110T Asus S530FN-EJ122T Asus S530FN-EJ177T Asus S530FN-EJ189T Asus S530FN-EJ221T Asus S530FN-EJ334T Asus S530FN-EJ575T Asus U303LAB RX430UQ Asus U38N U38N-DS81T Asus U38N-C4004H U38N-C4010H Asus U38N-C4016H U38N-C4014H Asus U4000UV U303LNB Asus UX301LAB U400UF Asus UX303LNB UX303LAB Asus UX331FN UX3410UF Asus UX331FN-DH51T Asus UX331FN-EG003T Asus UX331FN-EG004T Asus UX331FN-EG014T Asus UX331FN-EG016T Asus UX331FN-EG018T Asus UX331FN-EG019T Asus UX331FN-EG022T Asus UX331FN-EG023R Asus UX331FN-EG024T Asus UX331FN-EG027T Asus UX331FN-EG037T Asus UX331FN-EG038T Asus UX3400UA-GV203T Asus UX3400UQ-GV107T Asus UX3400UQ-GV139T Asus UX3400UQ-UX3x Asus UX3410UF-GV053T Asus UX3410UF-GV083T Asus UX3410UF-GV086T Asus UX3410UF-GV167T Asus UX3410UF-GV180T Asus UX3410UF-GV181T Asus UX410UF-GV013T UX410UF-GV008T Asus UX410UF-GV026T UX410UF-GV025T Asus UX410UF-GV037T UX410UF-GV036T Asus UX410UF-GV099T UX410UF-GV076T Asus UX431FL UX461FN Asus UX431FL-AN001T Asus UX431FL-AN009T Asus UX431FL-AN012T Asus UX431FL-AN018T Asus UX431FL-AN024T Asus UX431FL-AN030T Asus UX431FL-AN035T Asus UX461FN-DH74T Asus UX461FN-E1017TS Asus UX461FN-E1022T Asus UX461FN-E1026T Asus UX461FN-E1029T Asus UX461FN-E7601T Asus UX461FN-US74T Asus UX463FA UX463FL Asus UX463FA-AI011T Asus UX463FA-AI012R Asus UX463FA-AI013R Asus UX463FA-AI014R Asus UX463FA-AI018T Asus UX463FA-AI026T Asus UX463FA-AI027T Asus UX463FA-AI028T Asus UX463FA-AI032R Asus UX463FA-AI038T Asus UX463FA-AI040R Asus UX463FA-ES51 Asus UX463FL-AI023R Asus UX463FL-AI023T Asus UX463FL-AI025R Asus UX463FL-AI031R Asus UX463FL-AI038T Asus UX463FL-AI055R Asus UX463FL-AI057T Asus UX463FL-AI070T Asus UX463FL-AI075R Asus VivoBook 14 X412UF Asus VivoBook 14 X442UN Asus VivoBook 15 R542UR Asus VivoBook 15 X512FB Asus VivoBook 15 X513FF Asus VivoBook 15 X513FP Asus VivoBook 17 X712FA Asus VivoBook A542UQ Asus VivoBook A542UQ-DM323T Asus VivoBook A542UQ-DM352T Asus VivoBook A542UQ-DM354T Asus VivoBook A542UQ-DM387T Asus VivoBook F507U F507UB Asus VivoBook F507UB-BQ049T Asus VivoBook F507UB-BQ051T Asus VivoBook F542U F542UN Asus VivoBook F542UF Asus VivoBook F542UF-DM054T Asus VivoBook F542UF-GQ035T Asus VivoBook F542UF-GQ055T Asus VivoBook F542UF-GQ191T Asus VivoBook F542UN-DM015 Asus VivoBook F542UN-DM015T Asus VivoBook F542UN-DM017 Asus VivoBook F542UN-DM162T Asus VivoBook F542UN-DM169T Asus VivoBook F542UQ Asus VivoBook F542UQ-DM060 Asus VivoBook F542UQ-DM086T Asus VivoBook F542UQ-DM096T Asus VivoBook F542UQ-DM177T Asus VivoBook F542UQ-DM178T Asus VivoBook F542UQ-DM296T Asus VivoBook F542UQ-GQ292T Asus VivoBook F542UQ-GQ295T Asus VivoBook R542UR-DM060T Asus VivoBook R542UR-DM150T Asus VivoBook R542UR-DM153T Asus VivoBook R542UR-DM203T Asus VivoBook R542UR-DM224T Asus VivoBook R542UR-DM257T Asus VivoBook R542UR-DM300T-BE Asus VivoBook R542UR-DM325T-BE Asus VivoBook R542UR-DM326T-BE Asus VivoBook R542UR-DM449 Asus VivoBook R542UR-DM463 Asus VivoBook R542UR-DM463R Asus VivoBook R542UR-DM464 Asus VivoBook R542UR-GO227T Asus VivoBook R542UR-GO249T Asus VivoBook R542UR-GQ378T Asus VivoBook S13 S330U S330UN Asus VivoBook S13 S333JP S333JQ Asus VivoBook S14 S410UF Asus VivoBook S14 S410UN Asus VivoBook S14 S410UQ Asus VivoBook S14 S430U S430UN Asus VivoBook S14 S431FL Asus VivoBook S14 S433FL Asus VivoBook S15 S530U S530UN Asus VivoBook S15 S533FL Asus VivoBook S410UF-AX8202T Asus VivoBook S410UF-BV035T Asus VivoBook S410UF-BV104T Asus VivoBook S410UF-EB003T Asus VivoBook S410UF-EB004T Asus VivoBook S410UF-EB023T Asus VivoBook S410UF-EB024T Asus VivoBook S410UF-EB052T Asus Vivobook S410UF-EB053T Asus VivoBook S410UN-78AM5CB1 Asus VivoBook S410UN-BV274T Asus VivoBook S410UN-EB002T Asus VivoBook S410UN-EB015T Asus VivoBook S410UN-EB016T Asus VivoBook S410UN-EB025T Asus VivoBook S410UN-EB037T Asus VivoBook S410UN-EB053T Asus VivoBook S410UN-EB055T Asus VivoBook S410UN-EB057T Asus VivoBook S410UN-EB068T Asus VivoBook S410UN-EB075T Asus VivoBook S410UN-EB078T Asus VivoBook S410UN-EB085T Asus VivoBook S410UN-EB087T Asus VivoBook S410UN-EB102T Asus VivoBook S410UN-EB116T Asus VivoBook S410UN-EB121T Asus VivoBook S410UN-EB123T Asus VivoBook S410UN-EB136T Asus VivoBook S410UN-EB146TS Asus VivoBook S410UN-EB154T Asus VivoBook S410UN-EB157T Asus VivoBook S410UN-EB158T Asus VivoBook S410UN-EB177T Asus VivoBook S410UN-EB232 Asus VivoBook S410UN-EB233 Asus VivoBook S410UN-EB242T Asus VivoBook S410UN-NS74 Asus VivoBook S410UQ-EB034T Asus VivoBook S410UQ-EB047T Asus VivoBook S410UQ-EB056T Asus VivoBook S410UQ-EB058T Asus VivoBook S410UQ-EB060T Asus VivoBook S410UQ-EB072T Asus VivoBook S410UQ-EB086T Asus VivoBook S410UQ-NH74 Asus VivoBook S433FL-0158R10210U Asus VivoBook S433FL-EB008T Asus VivoBook S433FL-EB023T Asus VivoBook S433FL-EB026T Asus VivoBook S433FL-EB029T Asus VivoBook S433FL-EB093T Asus VivoBook S433FL-EB096 Asus VivoBook S433FL-EB502T Asus VivoBook S433FL-EB504T Asus VivoBook S433FL-EB701T Asus VivoBook S433FL-EB702T Asus VivoBook S533FL-0088W10510U Asus VivoBook S533FL-0108G10210U Asus VivoBook S533FL-BQ022T Asus VivoBook S533FL-BQ023T Asus VivoBook S533FL-BQ024T Asus VivoBook S533FL-BQ025T Asus VivoBook S533FL-BQ033T Asus VivoBook S533FL-BQ050 Asus VivoBook S533FL-BQ058 Asus VivoBook S533FL-BQ059T Asus VivoBook S533FL-BQ086 Asus VivoBook S533FL-BQ089T Asus VivoBook S533FL-BQ162T Asus VivoBook S533FL-EJ076T Asus VivoBook X442UN-AH8203T Asus VivoBook X442UN-FA028T Asus VivoBook X442UN-FA031T Asus X330FL X330FN Asus X330UN X409DJ Asus X409DL X409FB Asus X409FJ X409FL Asus X409J X409JB X409UB Asus X409JB-0051G1035G1 Asus X409JB-0061G1035G1 Asus X409JB-EK008T Asus X409JB-EK307TS Asus X409UJ X412DK Asus X409UJ-EK016 Asus X409UJ-HT721T Asus X409UJ-HT722T Asus X411UF X402UV Asus X411UF-3CBV X442UF Asus X411UF-BV042T Asus X411UF-BV070T Asus X411UF-BV149T Asus X411UF-BV164T Asus X411UF-EB092T Asus X411UF-EB093T Asus X411UF-EB155T Asus X412FJ X412FL Asus X412FJ-BV032T Asus X412FJ-BV207T Asus X412FJ-EB103 Asus X412FJ-EK091T Asus X412FJ-EK178T Asus X412FJ-EK215T Asus X412FJ-EK295T Asus X412FL-EK084T Asus X412FL-EK086T Asus X412FL-EK151T Asus X412UB X430FN Asus X412UB-EK030T Asus X412UB-EK038T Asus X412UB-EK039T Asus X412UB-EK048T Asus X430UF X430UN Asus X432FL X509DJ Asus X442UF-FA001T Asus X442UF-FA002T Asus X442UF-FA003T Asus X442UF-FA004T Asus X442UF-FA005T Asus X442UF-FA006T Asus X442UF-FA057T Asus X507UA-6006U F407UA-EB745T Asus X507UA-BQ072T X507UA-BQ040 Asus X507UA-EJ045T X507UA-BR046T Asus X507UA-EJ085T X507UA-EJ057 Asus X507UA-EJ215T X507UA-EJ180T Asus X507UA-EJ239T Asus X507UB-BR174T R520UQ-BQ830T Asus X507UB-EJ043 X507UB-EJ043T Asus X507UB-EJ044T X507UB-EJ044 Asus X507UB-EJ045 X507UB-EJ146R Asus X507UB-EJ148R X507UB-EJ146T Asus X507UB-EJ148T X507UB-EJ171T Asus X507UB-EJ174T X507UB-EJ172T Asus X507UB-EJ186T X507UB-EJ187T Asus X507UB-EJ214T X507UB-EJ213T Asus X507UB-EJ246T Asus X509DL X509FB Asus X509FJ X509FL Asus X509JB Asus X509JB-0031G1035G1 Asus X509JB-BR055T Asus X509JB-BR167T Asus X509JB-EJ005 Asus X509JB-EJ005T Asus X509JB-EJ006T Asus X509JB-EJ018 Asus X509JB-EJ056 Asus X509JB-EJ168T Asus X509JB-WB301 Asus X509JB-WB321 Asus X509JB-WB501 Asus X509JB-WB501T Asus X509JB-WB511T Asus X509JB-WB711 Asus X509UB X509UJ Asus X510QA X510QR Asus X512DK X512FJ Asus X512FL X512UB Asus X512UF X530FN Asus X530UF X530UN Asus X540BP X541UVK Asus X542UF-0071B825 Asus X542UF-0071B8250U Asus X542UF-AX8202T Asus X542UF-AX8503T Asus X542UF-DM001T Asus X542UF-DM005 Asus X542UF-DM021T Asus X542UF-DM022T Asus X542UF-DM027 Asus X542UF-DM040T Asus X542UF-DM040TE Asus X542UF-DM041T Asus X542UF-DM042T Asus X542UF-DM046T Asus X542UF-DM066T Asus X542UF-DM089 Asus X542UF-DM131T Asus X542UF-DM143T Asus X542UF-DM206T Asus X542UF-DM326T Asus X542UF-GQ171T Asus X542UF-GQ279T Asus X543U X543UB Asus X543UB-DM1015T Asus X543UB-DM1064 Asus X543UB-DM1126 Asus X543UB-DM1152 Asus X543UB-DM1152T Asus X543UB-DM1169 Asus X543UB-DM1170 Asus X543UB-DM1186 Asus X543UB-DM1189T Asus X543UB-DM1190T Asus X543UB-DM1230T Asus X543UB-DM1276 Asus X543UB-DM1419 Asus X543UB-DM1428T Asus X543UB-DM1537 Asus X543UB-DM1589 Asus X543UB-DM797 Asus X543UB-DM841 Asus X543UB-DM881 Asus X543UB-DM885T Asus X543UB-DM937T Asus X543UB-GQ1023T Asus X543UB-GQ1025T Asus X543UB-GQ1037 Asus X543UB-GQ1191T Asus X543UB-GQ1201T Asus X543UB-GQ1245 Asus X545FJ X712DK X712FB Asus ZenBook 13 UX333F UX333FN Asus ZenBook 13 UX333FA Asus ZenBook 13 UX333FLC