Original Asus K56C K56CA K56CB K56CM K56V A56C A56CM A56V Series A31-K56 Laptop battery


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  • Battery rating: 15V
  • Battery capacity: 44Wh
  • Battery cells: 4-cell
  • Type: rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Battery color: Black
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  • Warranty: 12 Months.
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0B110-00180000, 0B110-00180100, 0B110-00180200, 0B110-00210000, A31-K56, A32-K56, A41-K56, A42-K56, K56LM9CAsus A46 Ultrabook
A46, A46C, A46CA, A46CA-WX043D, A46CM, A46CM-WX085V, A46CM-WX095D, A46SV, A46SV-WX039D, A56, A56E
Asus A56 Ultrabook
A56C, A56CA, A56CM
Asus E46
E46, E46C, E46CB, E46CM
Asus K46 Ultrabook
K46C, K46CA, K46CA-WX013, K46CA-WX014, K46CA-WX015, K46CM, K46CM-1AWX, K46CM-WX002D, K46CM-WX003D, K46CM-WX004D, K46CM-WX007, K46CM-WX025V, K46CM-WX047V, K46CM-WX090V
Asus K56 Ultrabook
K56, K56C, K56CM, K56CM-XX008, K56CM-XX014, K56CM-XX014D, K56CM-XX055, K56CM-XX055D, S56CM-XX046R
Asus R405 Ultrabook
R405C, R405CA, R405CB, R405CM, R405V
Asus S40 Ultrabook
S40C, S40CA, S40CM
Asus S405 Ultrabook
S405, S405C, S405CA, S405CM, S405CM-WX117H
Asus S46 Ultrabook
S46CA-WX016, S46CA-WX017H, S46CA-WX017R, S46CA-WX021R, s46ca-wx044r, S46CM-WX023V, S46CM-WX046V, S46CM-WX049D, S46CM-WX053R
Asus S505 Ultrabook
S505CA, S505CM, S505CM-XX189P
Asus U48 Series
U48C, U48CA, U48CM
Asus U58 Series
U58C, U58CA, U58CM
V550 Ultrabook
V550C, V550CA, V550CM
Vivobook S550 Series
VivoBook S550C.

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48C, 48CA, 48CM, 505CM-XX189P, 505CMXX189P, 58CA, 58CB, A46 Series, A46CAWX043D, A46CMWX085V, A46CMWX095D, A46E2365CM-SL, A46E2365CMSL, A46E3317CB-SL, A46E3317CBSL, A46EI3317CM-SL, A46EI3317CMSL, A46SVWX039D, A56 Series, A56C Series, A56CA Series, A56CB, A56CB Series, A56CB-XX174H, A56CM Series, A56CM-XX074H, A56CM-XX075H, A56CM-XX269H, A56CMXX074H, A56CMXX075H, A56V, A56XI3317CM, A56XI3317CM-SL, A56XI3317CMSL, BATTK56, E46CA, K46 SERIES, K46CAWX013, K46CAWX014, K46CAWX015, K46CB, K46CM1AWX, K46CMWX002D, K46CMWX003D, K46CMWX004D, K46CMWX007, K46CMWX025V, K46CMWX047V, K46CMWX090V, K46E3317CM, K46EI2365CM, K46EI3317CM-SL, K46EI3317CM-SM, K46EI3317CMSL, K46V, K56 Series, K56C Series, K56CA, K56CA Series, K56CA-1A, K56CA-XO099D, K56CA-XO102D, K56CA-XO125H, K56CA-XO191P, K56CA-XO198H, K56CA-XX008H, K56CA-XX009H, K56CA-XX009P, K56CA-XX044H, K56CA-XX050H, K56CA-XX058D, K56CA-XX059D, K56CA-XX062D, K56CA-XX096H, K56CA-XX108D, K56CA-XX139D, K56CA-XX166H, K56CA-XX187H, K56CA1A, K56CAXO099D, K56CAXO102D, K56CAXO125H, K56CAXO191P, K56CAXO198H, K56CAXX008H, K56CAXX009H, K56CAXX009P, K56CAXX044H, K56CAXX050H, K56CAXX058D, K56CAXX059D, K56CAXX062D, K56CAXX096H, K56CAXX108D, K56CAXX139D, K56CAXX166H, K56CAXX187H, K56CB, K56CB-1A, K56CB-1B, K56CB-X0135H, K56CB-XO092H, K56CB-XO129H, K56CB-XX101H, K56CB-XX102H, K56CB-XX122H, K56CB-XX123H, K56CB-XX306H, K56CB1A, K56CB1B, K56CBXO129H, K56CBXX101H, K56CBXX102H, K56CBXX122H, K56CBXX123H, K56CBXX306H, K56CM Series, K56CM-1A, K56CM-XO213H, k56cm-xo282d, K56CM-XX003H, K56CM-XX008H, K56CM-XX039H, K56CM-XX054D, K56CM-XX054H, K56CM-XX056D, K56CM-XX128H, K56CM-XX131H, K56CM-XX164H, K56CM-XX293H, K56CM1A, K56CMXO213H, k56cmxo282d, K56CMXX003H, K56CMXX008, K56CMXX008H, K56CMXX014, K56CMXX014D, K56CMXX039H, K56CMXX054D, K56CMXX054H, K56CMXX055, K56CMXX055D, K56CMXX056D, K56CMXX128H, K56CMXX131H, K56CMXX164H, K56CMXX293H, K56LM2H, K56V, P46C, P46CA, P46CB, P46CM, P46V, P55VA, P56CB, P56CB-XO184G, Pro P56CB-XO193G, Pro P56CBXO193G, R405, R505, R505C, R505CA, R505CB, R505CM, R550, R550C, R550CA, R550CM, S40, S405CB, S405CMWX117H, S40CB, S46 Series, S46C Series, S46C Ultrabook, S46CA Series, S46CA-DH31-CA, S46CAWX016, S46CAWX017H, S46CAWX017R, S46CAWX021R, S46CAWX044R, S46CB, S46CB-WX058H, S46CB-WX119H, S46CM Series, S46CM-V2G, S46CM-WX050H, S46CM-WX124H, S46CMV2G, S46CMWX023V, S46CMWX046V, S46CMWX049D, S46CMWX050H, S46CMWX053R, S46CMWX124H, S46E, S46E3217CM, S46E3317CB-SL, S46E3317CBSL, S46E3317CM-SL, S46E3317CMSL, S505, S505C, S505CM-XX188HS, S505CMXX188HS, S505CMXX189P, S550 SERIES, S550c, S550CA, S550CA-CJ36, S550CA-DS51T, S550cb, S550CB-CJ182H, S550CB-CJ187H, S550CB-CJ193H, S550CBCJ182H, S550CBCJ187H, S550CBCJ193H, s550ch-cj124h, s550chcj124h, S550CM, S550CM-CJ038H, s550cm-cjo28h, S550CMCJ038H, s550cmcjo28h, S550X3217CM-SL, S550X3217CMSL, S550X3317CM-SL, S550X3317CMSL, S550X3517CM-SL, S550X3517CMSL, S550XI3517CB-SL, S550XI3517CBSL, S56, S56 Series, S56C Series, S56CA Series, S56CA-BH51-CB, S56CA-WH31, S56CA-XX011D, S56CA-XX011H, S56CA-XX011V, S56CA-XX015D, S56CA-XX019D, S56CA-XX030R, S56CA-XX056R, S56CAXX011D, S56CAXX011H, S56CAXX011V, S56CAXX015D, S56CAXX019D, S56CAXX030R, S56CAXX056R, s56cb-x0164H, S56CB-XO453H, S56CB-XX009H, S56CB-XX173H, S56CB-XX372H, s56cbx0164H, S56CBXO453H, S56CBXX009H, S56CBXX372H, S56CM Series, S56CM-DH51-CA, S56CM-XO263H, s56cm-XX0, S56CM-XX017V, S56CM-XX018V, S56CM-XX028H, S56CM-XX032D, S56CM-XX034X, S56CM-XX035H, S56CM-XX035V, S56CM-XX035X, S56CM-XX047H, S56CM-XX069D, S56CM-XX070D, S56CM-XX072V, S56CM-XX079H, S56CM-XX079V, S56CM-XX08, S56CM-XX140, S56CM-XX3317S, S56CMXO263H, s56cmXX0, S56CMXX017V, S56CMXX018V, S56CMXX032D, S56CMXX034X, S56CMXX035H, S56CMXX035V, S56CMXX035X, S56CMXX046R, S56CMXX047H, S56CMXX069D, S56CMXX070D, S56CMXX072V, S56CMXX079H, S56CMXX079V, S56CMXX08, S56CMXX140, S56CMXX3317S, S56X3217CA-SL, S56X3217CASL, S56X3317CB-SL, S56X3317CBSL, S56X3317CM-SL, S56X3317CMSL, U48, U48CB, U58, U58CB, V550, V550CB-CJ113H, V550CB-SH51T-CB, V550CBCJ113H, vivobook s550

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