Original B31N1535 ASUS ZenBook UX310 UX310UA UX310UQ UX410UA 0B200-02020000 Series Notebook Laptop battery


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  • Battery rating: 11.4V
  • Battery capacity: 48Wh
  • Battery cells: 3-cell
  • Type: rechargeable Li-Polymer battery
  • Battery color: Black
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  • Warranty: 12 Months.
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  • 0B200-02020000
  • 3ICP7/60/80
  • B31N1535
  • 0B20002020000
  • 3ICP7/60/80
  • BX310U
Asus Zenbook Ux310 Series
UX310, UX310UA, UX310UA-1A, UX310UA-1C, UX310UA-FB035T, UX310UA-FB038T, UX310UA-FB097T, UX310UA-FC106R, UX310UA-FC132T, UX310UA-FC153T, UX310UA-GL003T, UX310UA-GL011T, UX310UA-GL085T, UX310UA-GL151T, UX310UA-RB52, UX310UA1A, UX310UA1C, UX310UAFB035T, UX310UAFB038T, UX310UAFB097T, UX310UAFC106R, UX310UAFC132T, UX310UAFC153T, UX310UAGL003T, UX310UAGL011T, UX310UAGL085T, UX310UAGL151T, UX310UARB52, UX310UQ, UX310UQ-1A, UX310UQ-1C, UX310UQ1A, UX310UQ1C, Zenbook UX310UA, ZenBook UX310UA-FB097T, ZenBook UX310UA-FC062T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC073T, ZenBook UX310UA-FC075T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC087T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC088T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC089T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC114T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC137T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC138T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC255T, ZenBook UX310UA-FC331T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC336T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC337T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC339T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC341T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC344T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC347T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC348T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC662T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC694T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC755T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC756T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC844T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC850T, Zenbook UX310UA-FC976T, Zenbook UX310UA-GL123T, Zenbook UX310UA-GL151T, ZenBook UX310UAFB097T, ZenBook UX310UAFC062T, Zenbook UX310UAFC073T, ZenBook UX310UAFC075T, Zenbook UX310UAFC087T, Zenbook UX310UAFC088T, Zenbook UX310UAFC089T, Zenbook UX310UAFC114T, Zenbook UX310UAFC137T, Zenbook UX310UAFC138T, Zenbook UX310UAFC255T, ZenBook UX310UAFC331T, Zenbook UX310UAFC336T, Zenbook UX310UAFC337T, Zenbook UX310UAFC339T, Zenbook UX310UAFC341T, Zenbook UX310UAFC344T, Zenbook UX310UAFC347T, Zenbook UX310UAFC348T, Zenbook UX310UAFC662T, Zenbook UX310UAFC694T, Zenbook UX310UAFC755T, Zenbook UX310UAFC756T, Zenbook UX310UAFC844T, Zenbook UX310UAFC850T, Zenbook UX310UAFC976T, Zenbook UX310UAGL123T, Zenbook UX310UAGL151T, ZenBook UX310UF, Zenbook UX310UF-FC004T, Zenbook UX310UF-FC005T, Zenbook UX310UF-FC007T, Zenbook UX310UF-FC031T, Zenbook UX310UF-FC035R, Zenbook UX310UFFC004T, Zenbook UX310UFFC005T, Zenbook UX310UFFC007T, Zenbook UX310UFFC031T, Zenbook UX310UFFC035R, ZenBook UX310UQ, ZenBook UX310UQ-FC396T, ZenBook UX310UQ-GL011T, ZenBook UX310UQFC396T, ZenBook UX310UQGL011T
Asus Zenbook Ux3410ua Series
Zenbook UX3410UA, Zenbook UX3410UA-GV028T, Zenbook UX3410UA-GV078T, Zenbook UX3410UA-GV079T, Zenbook UX3410UA-GV080T, Zenbook UX3410UA-GV149T, Zenbook UX3410UA-GV265T, Zenbook UX3410UAGV028T, Zenbook UX3410UAGV078T, Zenbook UX3410UAGV079T, Zenbook UX3410UAGV080T, Zenbook UX3410UAGV149T, Zenbook UX3410UAGV265T

FIT MODELS :(use "ctrl+F" to find your model quickly)

RX310UA7100 Zenbook UX310UA-FC647T Zenbook UX3410UA-GV628T
Zenbook UX310UA-FC233T Zenbook UX310UQ-GL332T Zenbook UX410UA-GV547T
Zenbook UX310UQ-FC146T Zenbook UX410UA-GV285T Zenbook UX310UA-FB889T
Zenbook UX410UA-AX8201T UX410UF-3C Zenbook UX310UA-FCR45T
U4000U Zenbook UX310UA-FC676 Zenbook UX3410UA-GV629T
Zenbook UX310UA-FC239T Zenbook ux310uq-gl389r Zenbook UX410UA-GV596T
Zenbook UX310UQ-FC203T Zenbook UX410UA-GV296 Zenbook UX310UA-FB894R
Zenbook UX410UA-AX8211T UX410UQ Zenbook UX310UA-GL007T
U4000UQ Zenbook UX310UA-FC676T Zenbook UX3410UA-GV633T
Zenbook UX310UA-FC255T Zenbook ux310uq-gl401t Zenbook UX410UA-GV601T
Zenbook UX310UQ-FC281T Zenbook UX410UA-GV296T Zenbook UX310UA-FC039T
Zenbook UX410UAGV010T UX410UQ1A Zenbook UX310UA-GL160R
UX301UQ Zenbook UX310UA-FC684T Zenbook UX3410UA-GV638T
Zenbook UX310UA-FC275T Zenbook ux310uq-gl477t Zenbook UX410UF
Zenbook UX310UQ-FC286T Zenbook UX410UA-GV298T Zenbook UX310UA-FC042T
Zenbook UX410UA-GV010T UX410UQ-1A Zenbook UX310UA-GL436T
UX310UA-FC106R Zenbook UX310UA-FC694T Zenbook UX3410UA-GV639T
Zenbook UX310UA-FC289T Zenbook UX310UQK Zenbook UX410UQ-0051A
Zenbook UX310UQ-FC301T Zenbook UX410UA-GV304T Zenbook UX310UA-FC044T
Zenbook UX410UA-GV024T UX410UQ1C Zenbook UX310UA-GL547T
UX310UA-FC153T Zenbook UX310UA-FC756T Zenbook UX3410UA-GV640T
Zenbook UX310UA-FC322T Zenbook UX3410UA Zenbook UX410UQ-GV015T
Zenbook UX310UQ-FC304T Zenbook UX410UA-GV334T Zenbook UX310UA-FC051T
Zenbook UX410UA-GV027T UX410UQ-1C Zenbook UX310UA-Q52S
UX310UA-GL011T Zenbook UX310UA-FC757T Zenbook UX3410UA-GV642T
Zenbook UX310UA-FC330T Zenbook UX3410UA-GV078T Zenbook UX410UQ-GV019R
Zenbook UX310UQ-FC337T Zenbook UX410UA-GV348T Zenbook UX310UA-FC059T
Zenbook UX410UA-GV028T UX410UQ-3A Zenbook UX310UF
UX310UA-GL151T Zenbook UX310UA-FC758T Zenbook UX3410UA-GV643T
Zenbook UX310UA-FC332T Zenbook UX3410UA-GV081T Zenbook UX410UQ-GV034T
Zenbook UX310UQ-FC344T Zenbook UX410UA-GV349T Zenbook UX310UA-FC062T
Zenbook UX410UA-GV031T UX410UQ-3C Zenbook UX310UF-FC005T
UX310UF Zenbook UX310UA-FC780T Zenbook UX3410UA-GV646T
Zenbook UX310UA-FC337T Zenbook UX3410UA-GV128T Zenbook UX410UQ-GV037T
Zenbook UX310UQ-FC348T Zenbook UX410UA-GV350T Zenbook UX310UA-FC063T
Zenbook UX410UA-GV035T Zenbook UX310UA-FB025T Zenbook UX310UF-FC035R
UX310UQ-1A Zenbook UX310UA-FC784T Zenbook UX3410UA-GV939T
Zenbook UX310UA-FC338T Zenbook UX3410UA-GV129T Zenbook UX410UQ-GV039T
Zenbook UX310UQ-FC368T Zenbook UX410UA-GV354T Zenbook UX310UA-FC081T
Zenbook UX410UA-GV063T Zenbook UX310UA-FB1103 Zenbook UX310UQ-FB016T
UX310UQ-FC275T Zenbook UX310UA-FC786T Zenbook UX3410UF
Zenbook UX310UA-FC341T Zenbook UX3410UA-GV133T Zenbook UX410UQ-GV052T
Zenbook UX310UQ-FC380T Zenbook UX410UA-GV362T Zenbook UX310UA-FC089T
Zenbook UX410UA-GV069T Zenbook UX310UA-FB1106T Zenbook UX310UQ-FB047R
UX310UQ-FC365T Zenbook UX310UA-FC850T Zenbook UX3410UF-GV080T
Zenbook UX310UA-FC343T Zenbook UX3410UA-GV138T Zenbook UX410UQ-GV059T
Zenbook UX310UQ-FC421T Zenbook UX410UA-GV367T Zenbook UX310UA-FC093T
Zenbook UX410UA-GV095T Zenbook UX310UA-FB1107 Zenbook UX310UQ-FB267T
UX310UQ-FC366T Zenbook UX310UA-FC851T Zenbook UX3410UF-GV086T
Zenbook UX310UA-FC347T Zenbook UX3410UA-GV139T Zenbook UX410UQ-GV066T
Zenbook UX310UQ-FC434T Zenbook UX410UA-GV368T Zenbook UX310UA-FC1007T
Zenbook UX410UA-GV096T Zenbook UX310UA-FB216R Zenbook UX310UQ-FB268T
UX310UQ-FC367T Zenbook UX310UA-FC856T Zenbook UX3410UF-GV168T
Zenbook UX310UA-FC348T Zenbook UX3410UA-GV140T Zenbook UX410UQ-GV073T
Zenbook UX310UQ-FC449T Zenbook UX410UA-GV398T Zenbook UX310UA-FC1008T
Zenbook UX410UA-GV096T-240 Zenbook UX310UA-FB230R Zenbook UX310UQ-FB276T
UX310UQ-FC397T Zenbook UX310UA-FC862T Zenbook UX3410UF-GV181T
Zenbook UX310UA-FC435T Zenbook UX3410UA-GV149T Zenbook UX410UQ-GV074T
Zenbook UX310UQ-FC462T Zenbook UX410UA-GV410T Zenbook UX310UA-FC1021T
Zenbook UX410UA-GV097T Zenbook UX310UA-FB404T Zenbook UX310UQ-FB351R
UX310UQ-GL015T Zenbook UX310UA-FC864T Zenbook UX3410UQ-GV077T
Zenbook UX310UA-FC468T Zenbook UX3410UA-GV215T Zenbook UX410UQ-GV084T
Zenbook UX310UQ-FC475T Zenbook UX410UA-GV415T Zenbook UX310UA-FC1022T
Zenbook UX410UA-GV109T Zenbook UX310UA-FB406T Zenbook UX310UQ-FB418T
UX310UQ-GL026T Zenbook UX310UA-FC883T Zenbook UX3410UQ-GV130T
Zenbook UX310UA-FC487T Zenbook UX3410UA-GV375T Zenbook UX410UQ-GV088T
Zenbook UX310UQ-FC518T Zenbook UX410UA-GV422T Zenbook UX310UA-FC1023T
Zenbook UX410UA-GV151T Zenbook UX310UA-FB407T Zenbook UX310UQ-FB422T
UX310UQ-GL048T Zenbook UX310UA-FC891T Zenbook UX3410UQ-GV134T
Zenbook UX310UA-FC488T Zenbook UX3410UA-GV377T Zenbook UX410UQ-GV090T
Zenbook UX310UQ-FC531T Zenbook UX410UA-GV423T Zenbook UX310UA-FC1025T
Zenbook UX410UA-GV154T Zenbook UX310UA-FB408T Zenbook UX310UQ-FB442T
UX310UQ-GL163T Zenbook UX310UA-FC892T Zenbook UX3410UQ-GV135T
Zenbook UX310UA-FC550T Zenbook UX3410UA-GV380T Zenbook UX410UQ-GV091T
Zenbook UX310UQ-FC552T Zenbook UX410UA-GV428T Zenbook UX310UA-FC1036T
Zenbook UX410UA-GV155T Zenbook UX310UA-FB485 Zenbook UX310UQ-FB451T
UX3410UA Zenbook UX310UA-FC944T Zenbook UX3410UQ-GV171T
Zenbook UX310UA-FC555T Zenbook UX3410UA-GV424T Zenbook UX410UQ-GV103T
Zenbook UX310UQ-FC5552T Zenbook UX410UA-GV445T Zenbook UX310UA-FC1040T
Zenbook UX410UA-GV157T Zenbook UX310UA-FB485T Zenbook UX310UQ-FB504T
UX410UA Zenbook UX310UA-FC946T Zenbook UX3410UQ-GV172T
Zenbook UX310UA-FC577T Zenbook UX3410UA-GV441T Zenbook UX410UQ-GV109T
Zenbook UX310UQ-FC559T Zenbook UX410UA-GV454T Zenbook UX310UA-FC1043T
Zenbook UX410UA-GV158T Zenbook UX310UA-FB581R Zenbook UX310UQ-FB522R
UX410UA-1A Zenbook UX310UA-FC963 Zenbook UX3410UQ-GV173T
Zenbook UX310UA-FC589T Zenbook UX3410UA-GV462T Zenbook UX410UQ-GV110T
Zenbook UX310UQ-FC586T Zenbook UX410UA-GV479T Zenbook UX310UA-FC1044T
Zenbook UX410UA-GV183T Zenbook UX310UA-FB763T Zenbook UX310UQ-FB522T
UX410UA-1C Zenbook UX310UA-FC971T Zenbook UX3410UQ-GV174T
Zenbook UX310UA-FC593T Zenbook UX3410UA-GV465T Zenbook UX410UQ-GV146T
Zenbook UX310UQ-FC588T Zenbook UX410UA-GV503T Zenbook UX310UA-FC137T
Zenbook UX410UA-GV190T Zenbook UX310UA-FB818T Zenbook UX310UQ-FB532T
UX410UA-3A Zenbook UX310UA-FC973T Zenbook UX3410UQ-GV215T
Zenbook UX310UA-FC598T Zenbook UX3410UA-GV470T Zenbook UX410UQ-GV152T
Zenbook UX310UQ-GL031T Zenbook UX410UA-GV517T Zenbook UX310UA-FC138T
Zenbook UX410UA-GV224T Zenbook UX310UA-FB828T Zenbook UX310UQ-FB548T
UX410UA-3C Zenbook UX310UA-FC975T Zenbook UX3410UQ-GV999T
Zenbook UX310UA-FC605T Zenbook UX3410UA-GV474T Zenbook UX410UQ-GV155T
Zenbook UX310UQ-GL103T Zenbook UX410UA-GV534T Zenbook UX310UA-FC144T
Zenbook UX410UA-GV225T Zenbook UX310UA-FB840T Zenbook UX310UQ-FB549T
UX410UF Zenbook UX310UA-FC977T Zenbook UX410UA
Zenbook UX310UA-FC620T Zenbook UX3410UA-GV475T Zenbook UX410UQ-GV159T
Zenbook UX310UQ-GL129T Zenbook UX410UA-GV536T Zenbook UX310UA-FC208T
Zenbook UX410UA-GV230T Zenbook UX310UA-FB846T Zenbook UX310UQ-FB550T
UX410UF-1A Zenbook UX310UA-FC990 Zenbook ux410ua-0321a8250u
Zenbook UX310UA-FC630T Zenbook UX3410UA-GV578T Zenbook UX410UQ-GV183T
Zenbook UX310UQ-GL197T Zenbook UX410UA-GV544T Zenbook UX310UA-FC211T
Zenbook UX410UA-GV232T Zenbook UX310UA-FB858T Zenbook UX310UQ-FC133T
UX410UF-1C Zenbook UX310UA-FC998R Zenbook ux410ua-0331c8250u
Zenbook UX310UA-FC631T Zenbook UX3410UA-GV579T Zenbook UX410UQ-GV185T
Zenbook ux310uq-gl243t Zenbook UX410UA-GV546T Zenbook UX310UA-FC212T
Zenbook UX410UA-GV262T Zenbook UX310UA-FB859T Zenbook UX310UQ-FC134T
UX410UF-3A Zenbook UX310UA-FC999R Zenbook UX410UA-AS74