Original C22N1720 Laptop Battery For Asus ZenBook UX391F UX391FA 50Wh


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Product Specifications :

  • Voltage: 7.7V
  • Capacity: 6500mAh (50Wh)
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Color: black
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

Fit Part Numbers :

0B200-02820000, C22N1720, C22PYJH

Fit Models :

Ling Yao X, UX391, UX391FA, UX391FA-1A, UX391FA-2A, UX391UA, UX391UA-0051A8250U, UX391UA-0071A8550U, UX391UA-0113B8550U, UX391UA-0123B8250U, UX391UA-1A, UX391UA-2A, UX391UA-3A, UX391UA-3B, UX391UA-825RS, UX391UA-DP8503T, UX391UA-EA014R, UX391UA-EA015R, UX391UA-EA016T, UX391UA-EA028T, UX391UA-EA055T, UX391UA-EG007R, UX391UA-ET009T, UX391UA-ET012T, UX391UA-ET013T, UX391UA-ET025T, UX391UA-ET038R, UX391UA-ET053R, UX391UA-ET081R, UX391UA-ET084T, UX391UA-ET088T, UX391UA-ET090T, UX391UA-RS8202T, UX391UA-XB74T, ZenBook S UX391, Zenbook S UX391 UA, Zenbook S UX391FA, ZENBOOK S UX391FA-1A, ZenBook S UX391FA-1AAH, ZENBOOK S UX391FA-2A, Zenbook S UX391FA-AH001R, ZENBOOK S UX391FA-AH001T, ZENBOOK S UX391FA-AH005T, Zenbook S UX391FA-AH007T, ZenBook S UX391FA-AH008R, Zenbook S UX391FA-AH008T, ZENBOOK S UX391FA-AH009T, Zenbook S UX391FA-AH010T, ZenBook S UX391FA-AH018T, ZENBOOK S UX391FA-AH026T, Zenbook S UX391FA-AH027R, Zenbook S UX391FA-AH027T, Zenbook S UX391FA-EA020T, Zenbook S UX391FA-EA024T, Zenbook S UX391FA-EA039T, Zenbook S UX391FA-EA047TS, Zenbook S UX391FA-EA061T, ZenBook S UX391FA-EA061TS, Zenbook S UX391FA-EA062T, Zenbook S UX391FA-XH74T, ZenBook S UX391U, Zenbook S UX391UA, ZenBook S UX391UA-78DHDBB1, ZenBook S UX391UA-78DHDBP1, ZenBook S UX391UA-825R, ZenBook S UX391UA-BP8515E, ZenBook S UX391UA-DP8503T, ZenBook S UX391UA-EA011T, ZenBook S UX391UA-EA015T, Zenbook S UX391UA-EA028T, ZenBook S UX391UA-EA040T, ZenBook S UX391UA-EA055, ZenBook S UX391UA-EA074R, ZenBook S UX391UA-EG006T, ZenBook S UX391UA-EG007R, ZenBook S UX391UA-EG007T, ZenBook S UX391UA-EG010T, ZenBook S UX391UA-EG019T, ZenBook S UX391UA-EG020R, ZenBook S UX391UA-EG020T, ZenBook S UX391UA-EG022T, ZenBook S UX391UA-EG023R, ZenBook S UX391UA-EG023T, ZenBook S UX391UA-EG024R, ZenBook S UX391UA-EG024T, ZenBook S UX391UA-EG026T, ZenBook S UX391UA-EG030T, ZenBook S UX391UA-EG031T, ZenBook S UX391UA-EG034T, ZenBook S UX391UA-EG047T, ZenBook S UX391UA-EG057T, ZenBook S UX391UA-EG060T, ZenBook S UX391UA-EG062T, ZenBook S UX391UA-EG064T, ZenBook S UX391UA-ET009T, Zenbook S UX391UA-ET012R, ZenBook S UX391UA-ET012T, ZenBook S UX391UA-ET013R, ZenBook S UX391UA-ET018T, ZenBook S UX391UA-ET038T, ZenBook S UX391UA-ET039T, ZenBook S UX391UA-ET053R, ZenBook S UX391UA-ET081R, ZenBook S UX391UA-ET082T, Zenbook S UX391UA-ET084T, ZenBook S UX391UA-ET085R, ZenBook S UX391UA-ET086T, ZenBook S UX391UA-ET087T, ZenBook S UX391UA-ET088T, ZenBook S UX391UA-ET090R, ZenBook S UX391UA-ET090T, ZenBook S UX391UA-RS8202T, ZenBook S UX391UA-XB71-R, ZenBook S UX391UA-XB74T, ZenBook UX391 FA, ZENBOOK UX391FA, Zenbook UX391FA-AH001R, Zenbook UX391FA-AH001T, Zenbook UX391FA-AH005R, ZenBook UX391FA-AH005T, Zenbook UX391FA-AH007T, Zenbook UX391FA-AH008T, Zenbook UX391FA-AH009T, Zenbook UX391FA-AH010T, Zenbook UX391FA-AH026T, Zenbook UX391FA-AH027R, Zenbook UX391FA-EA020T, Zenbook UX391FA-EA024T, ZenBook UX391FA-EA039T, Zenbook UX391FA-EA047TS, Zenbook UX391FA-EA062T, Zenbook UX391FA-XH74T, Zenbook UX391UA, Zenbook UX391UA-0051A8250U, Zenbook UX391UA-0071A8550U, ZenBook UX391UA-0123B8250U, ZenBook UX391UA-78DHDBB1, Zenbook UX391UA-78DHDBP1, Zenbook UX391UA-825R, Zenbook UX391UA-825RS, Zenbook UX391UA-8550, ZenBook UX391UA-EA015T, Zenbook UX391UA-EA028T, Zenbook UX391UA-EA055T, ZenBook UX391UA-EA074R, Zenbook UX391UA-EG006T, Zenbook UX391UA-EG007R, ZenBook UX391UA-EG007T, Zenbook UX391UA-EG010T, Zenbook UX391UA-EG019T, Zenbook UX391UA-EG020R, ZenBook UX391UA-EG020T, Zenbook UX391UA-EG022T, ZenBook UX391UA-EG023R, Zenbook UX391UA-EG023T, Zenbook UX391UA-EG024R, Zenbook UX391UA-EG024T, Zenbook UX391UA-EG026T, Zenbook UX391UA-EG030T, ZenBook UX391UA-EG031T, Zenbook UX391UA-EG034T, ZenBook UX391UA-EG057T, Zenbook UX391UA-EG060T, Zenbook UX391UA-EG062T, Zenbook UX391UA-EG064T, Zenbook UX391UA-ET009T, ZenBook UX391UA-ET012R, ZenBook UX391UA-ET012T, Zenbook UX391UA-ET013R, Zenbook UX391UA-ET013R-OSS, Zenbook UX391UA-ET013R-W, Zenbook UX391UA-ET018T, ZenBook UX391UA-ET038R, ZenBook UX391UA-ET038T, ZenBook UX391UA-ET039T, Zenbook UX391UA-ET081R, Zenbook UX391UA-ET082T, Zenbook UX391UA-ET084T, Zenbook UX391UA-ET085R, Zenbook UX391UA-ET086T, Zenbook UX391UA-ET087T, Zenbook UX391UA-ET088T, ZenBook UX391UA-ET090T, ZenBook UX391UA-XB71-R, Zenbook UX391UA-XB74T