Original C31N1915 Laptop Battery B31N1915 B1400CB B1400cba B1400ceca B1500


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Product Specifications :

  • Voltage: 11.55V
  • Capacity: 3640mAh (42Wh)
  • Type: Li-Polymer
  • Color: black
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

Fit Part Numbers :

B31N1915, C31N1915, 0B200-03760000

Fit Models :

BR1100FKA, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEAE-51EHDPP1, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEAE-BV1887, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEAE-EB0019R, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEAE-EB0116R, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEAE-EB0220, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEAE-EB0255R, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEAE-EB0269R, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEAE-EB0285T, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEAE-EB0456R, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEAE-EB1344R, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEAE-EB1415R, EXPERTBOOK B1 B1400CEAE-EB1496, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEAE-EB1719T, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEAE-EB1966R, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEAE-EB2580R, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEAE-EB2630R, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEAE-EB3049T, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEAE-EB3492, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEAE-EB4403X, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEAE-EK0259R, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEAE-EK1059R, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEAE-EK2313R, Expertbook B1 B1400CEAE-EK2394R, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEAE-EK2456R, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEAE-EK3009T, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEAE-EK3724, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEAE-EK4046R, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEAE-Q51H, Expertbook B1 B1400CEPE, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEPE EK5810T, Expertbook B1 B1400CEPE-1361A1135G7, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEPE-BV0063, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEPE-BV00630, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEPE-EB0032R, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEPE-EB0177R, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEPE-EB0498R, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEPE-EB0521, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEPE-EB0546R, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEPE-EB0679, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEPE-EK0121R, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEPE-EK0360, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEPE-EK0386, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEPE-EK0641R, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEPE-EK5820T, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEPE-EK7810T, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEPE-EK7850R, ExpertBook B1 B1400CEPE-EK7854T, ExpertBook B1 B1500 B1500CEAE-BQ0011R, ExpertBook B1 B1500 B1500CEAE-BQ0015R, ExpertBook B1 B1500 B1500CEAE-BQ0962, ExpertBook B1 B1500 B1500CEAE-EJ1020R, ExpertBook B1 B1500 B1500CEA-XS74, ExpertBook B1 B1500 M02980, ExpertBook B1 B1500C, ExpertBook B1 B1500CEAE, ExpertBook B1 B1500CEAE-0021A1115G4, ExpertBook B1 B1500CEAE-0181A1165G7, ExpertBook B1 B1500CEAE-0251A1135G7, ExpertBook B1 B1500CEAE-BQ0025R, ExpertBook B1 B1500CEAE-BQ2033T, ExpertBook B1 B1500CEAE-BQ2141, ExpertBook B1 B1500CEAE-C73P-CA, ExpertBook B1 B1500CEAE-EJ0219R, ExpertBook B1 B1500CEAE-EJ0224R, ExpertBook B1 B1500CEAE-EJ0786, ExpertBook B1 B1500CEAE-EJ1029R, ExpertBook B1 B1500CEAE-XS53, ExpertBook B1 B1500CEAE-XS74, ExpertBook B1 B1500CEPE BQ0418R, Expertbook B1 B1500CEPE EJ0727T, ExpertBook B1 B1500CEPE-0021A1135G7, ExpertBook B1 B1500CEPE-BQ0054R, ExpertBook B1 B1500CEPE-BQ0108, ExpertBook B1 B1500CEPE-BQ0207R, ExpertBook B1 B1500CEPE-BQ0565R, ExpertBook B1 B1500CEPE-BQ0599R, ExpertBook B1 B1500CEPE-BQ0726, ExpertBook B1 B1500CEPE-BQ0756, ExpertBook B1 B1500CEPE-BQ0757R, ExpertBook B1 B1500CEPE-BQ0850R, ExpertBook B1 B1500CEPE-BQ0881, ExpertBook B1 B1500CEPE-BQ0900R, ExpertBook B1 B1500CEPE-EJ0140R, ExpertBook B1 B1500CEPE-EJ0232, ExpertBook B1 B1500CEPE-EJ0536, ExpertBook B1 B1500CEPE-EJ0975X, ExpertBook BR1100CKA-GJ0030R, ExpertBook BR1100CKA-GJ0040RA, ExpertBook BR1100CKA-GJ0047RA, ExpertBook BR1100CKA-GJ0097RA, ExpertBook BR1100CKA-GJ0101R, ExpertBook BR1100CKA-GJ0109RA, ExpertBook BR1100CKA-GJ0159RA, ExpertBook BR1100CKA-GJ0169T, ExpertBook BR1100CKA-GJ0272RA, ExpertBook BR1100CKA-GJ0289RA, ExpertBook BR1100CKA-GJ0293RA, ExpertBook BR1100CKA-GJ0303RA, ExpertBook BR1100CKA-GJ0310RA, ExpertBook BR1100CKA-GJ0383R, ExpertBook BR1100CKA-GJ0387RA, ExpertBook BR1100CKA-GJ0410T, ExpertBook BR1100CKA-GJ0411T, ExpertBook BR1100CKA-GJ0423RA, ExpertBook BR1100CKA-GJ0441RA, ExpertBook BR1100CKA-GJ0447R, ExpertBook BR1100CKA-GJ0471RA, ExpertBook BR1100CKA-GJ0473RA, ExpertBook BR1100CKA-GJ0511RA, ExpertBook BR1100CKA-GJ0538RA, ExpertBook BR1100CKA-GJ0614W, ExpertBook BR1100CKA-GJ0673RA, ExpertBook BR1100CKA-GJ0722W, ExpertBook BR1100CKA-GJ0726, ExpertBook BR1100CKA-XS04, ExpertBook BR1100CKA-YS02, ExpertBook BR1100FKA-BP0028RA, ExpertBook BR1100FKA-BP0043RA, ExpertBook BR1100FKA-BP0044RA, ExpertBook BR1100FKA-BP0085RA, ExpertBook BR1100FKA-BP0109RA, ExpertBook BR1100FKA-BP0113RA, ExpertBook BR1100FKA-BP0123R, ExpertBook BR1100FKA-BP0231R, ExpertBook BR1100FKA-BP0288RA, ExpertBook BR1100FKA-BP0445RA, ExpertBook BR1100FKA-BP0491RA, ExpertBook BR1100FKA-BP0610RA, ExpertBook BR1100FKA-BP0705T, ExpertBook BR1100FKA-BP0731R, ExpertBook BR1100FKA-BP0831W, ExpertBook BR1100FKA-BP0966W, ExpertBook BR1100FKA-BP1104W, ExpertBook BR1100FKA-BP2092RA, ExpertBook BR1100FKA-C464GLT, ExpertBook BR1100FKA-HTE6020T, ExpertBook BR1100FKA-HTE6031RA, ExpertBook BR1100FKA-XS04T, ExpertBook BR1100FKA-YS02T, ExpertBook L1 L1400CDA, ExpertBook L1 L1400CDA-BV0420, ExpertBook L1 L1400CDA-BV0868T, ExpertBook L1 L1400CDA-EB0215T, ExpertBook L1 L1400CDA-EK0063R, ExpertBook L1 L1400CDA-EK0198T, ExpertBook L1 L1400CDA-EK0225R, ExpertBook L1 L1400CDA-EK0275, ExpertBook L1 L1400CDA-EK0302R, ExpertBook L1 L1400CDA-EK0355T, ExpertBook L1 L1400CDA-EK0416R, ExpertBook L1 L1400CDA-EK0427R, ExpertBook L1 L1400CDA-EK0436T, ExpertBook L1 L1400CDA-EK0437RA, ExpertBook L1 L1400CDA-EK0477, ExpertBook L1 L1400CDA-EK0478T, ExpertBook L1 L1400CDA-EK0490T, ExpertBook L1 L1400CDA-EK0600, ExpertBook L1 L1400CDA-EK0636T, ExpertBook L1 L1400CDA-EK0666, ExpertBook L1 L1400CDA-EK0768, ExpertBook L1 L1400CDA-EK0862, ExpertBook L1 L1400CDA-EK0876R, ExpertBook L1 L1400CDA-EK3424TS, ExpertBook L1 L1400CDA-EK5854T, ExpertBook L1 L1500CDA-BQ0067R, ExpertBook L1 L1500CDA-BQ0071R, ExpertBook L1 L1500CDA-BQ0072R, ExpertBook L1 L1500CDA-BQ0116R, ExpertBook L1 L1500CDA-BQ0184R, ExpertBook L1 L1500CDA-BQ0469, ExpertBook L1 L1500CDA-BQ0474, ExpertBook L1 L1500CDA-BQ0476R, ExpertBook L1 L1500CDA-BQ0500R, ExpertBook L1 L1500CDA-BQ0655, ExpertBook L1 L1500CDA-BQ0664, ExpertBook L1 L1500CDA-BQ0758, ExpertBook L1 L1500CDA-BQ0763, ExpertBook L1 L1500CDA-BQ0784, ExpertBook L1 L1500CDA-EJ0157, ExpertBook L1 L1500CDA-EJ0205R, ExpertBook L1 L1500CDA-EJ0466T, ExpertBook L1 L1500CDA-EJ0480R, ExpertBook L1 L1500CDA-EJ0495T, ExpertBook L1 L1500CDA-EJ0786T, ExpertBook L1 L1500CDA-EJ0802, ExpertBook L1 L1500CDA-EJ0813T