Original Laptop Battery for ASUS R540L X540LA X540LA-1A X540LA-1C X540LA-3F X540LA-3G X540LA-3H X540LJ X540S X540SA


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  • Battery rating: 11.25V
  • Battery capacity: 33Wh
  • Battery cells: 3-cell
  • Type: rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Battery color: Black
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

0B110-00390000, 0B110-00390100, 0B110-00390200, 0B110-00390300, A31N1519, A31N1519-1, A31N1519-2

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A540BA A540UB F540BA-GQ064T F540BP F540LA-DM1069T F540LA-DM1488 F540LA-DM304T F540LA-DM715T F540LA-XX1077T F540LA-XX782T F540LJ-XX030T F540MA-DM248T F540MA-GQ216T F540MB-DM024 F540NA F540NV-GQ046T F540SA-DM279T F540SA-DM547T F540SA-XX213T F540SA-XX444T F540SA-XX645T F540UA-DM1465T F540UA-DM680T F540UA-GO344T F540UB-DM457T F540UB-DM530T F540UB-GQ729T F540YA-DM513T F540YA-XO347T F540YA-XO375T F540YA-XX046T F540YA-XX343T K540BA K540UB R540BA-DM082T R540LA-XX247T R540LA-XX254T R540LA-XX786T R540LJ-XX004T R540LJ-XX299T R540LJ-XX301T R540LJ-XX639T R540LJ-XX858T R540MA R540MA-DM138T R540MA-GQ281T R540MB R540NA-DM224T R540NA-GQ165T R540NA-GQ221T R540NA-GQ257T R540NV R540SA-DM151T R540SA-RS01 R540SA-XX319T R540SA-XX539T R540SA-XX657D R540SC-XX054T R540SC-XX087D R540UA-DM035T R540UA-DM1276 R540UA-DM202T R540UA-DM349T R540UA-GQ499T R540UA-GQ979T R540UB-DM093T R540UB-DM096T X540UA-GQ075 X540UA-GQ284 X540UA-GQ688 X540UA-GQ725 X540UA-GQ903 X540UB X540UB-1C X540UB-DM014 X540UB-DM147 X540UB-DM196 X540UB-DM233 X540UB-DM264 X540UB-DM307 X540UB-DM330 X540UB-DM549 X540UB-DM678 X540UB-DM753 X540UB-GQ041 X540UB-GQ064 X540UB-GQ344 X540UP-GO035T X540UP-GO086D R540UB-GO441T R540UB-GQ603T R540UP-DM080T R540UP-GO141T R540UV-DM024T R540UV-DM025T R540YA-DM403T R540YA-GK659T R540YA-XO131T R540YA-XX065T VivoBook 15 F540NA-GQ192T VivoBook 15 F540UA-DM1049T VivoBook 15 F540UA-DM1171T VivoBook 15 F540UA-DM1203T VivoBook 15 F540UA-GQ1166T VivoBook 15 F540UA-GQ1217T VivoBook 15 K540UA-Q31B-CB VivoBook 15 R540LA-DM1470T VivoBook 15 R540LA-DM624T VivoBook 15 R540LA-DM629T VivoBook 15 R540LA-XX1442T VivoBook 15 R540LA-XX342T VivoBook 15 R540LJ-DM1065T VivoBook 15 R540LJ-XX486T VivoBook 15 R540LJ-XX812T VivoBook 15X540LA-DM1155T VivoBook 15X540LA-XX004T VivoBook 15X540LA-XX013T VivoBook 15X540LA-XX990T VivoBook 15X540NA-GQ044T VivoBook 15X540UA-GQ024T VivoBook A540SA-XX067D VivoBook A540SA-XX576 VivoBook A540SA-XX578T VivoBook F540MA-GO220T VivoBook F540MA-GQ055T VivoBook F540MA-GQ061T VivoBook F540MA-GQ216T VivoBook F540NA-DM203 VivoBook F540UA-GO1053T VivoBook F540UA-GO262T VivoBook K540LA-DM1356T VivoBook K540LA-XX035T VivoBook K540LA-XX143D VivoBook K540LA-XX659T VivoBook K540LJ-XX452D VivoBook K540LJ-XX595D VivoBook K540LJ-XX624T VivoBook K540NA-KT184T VivoBook K540UA-KT416T VivoBook K540UB-KT143T VivoBook R540SA-XX736T VivoBook R540UV-GO112T VivoBook X540BA-GO103T VivoBook X540LA-XX1023T VivoBook X540LA-XX573T VivoBook X540LA-XX596D VivoBook X540MA-GQ024T VivoBook X540NA-GQ007T VivoBook X540SA-XX018T VivoBook X540SA-XX096T VivoBook X540SA-XX195T VivoBook X540SA-XX311T X540BP-1A X540LA-DM022 X540LA-DM1082T R540UB-DM208T X540UP-GO142D X540UP-GO175T X540UP-XX117D X540UP-XX235T X540UV-DM021T X540UV-DM216 X540UV-GQ005 X540UV-GQ006 X540UV-GQ008 X540YA-DM099T X540YA-DM122T X540YA-DM129T X540YA-DM320D X540YA-DM461T X540YA-DM624D X540YA-E1-7010 X540YA-XO068T X540YA-XO104D X540YA-XO107D X540YA-XO185D X540YA-XO317D X540YA-XO317T X540LA-DM1260 X540LA-XX1007 X540LA-XX289 X540LA-XX311T X540LA-XX315D X540LA-XX3401T X540LA-XX441D X540LA-XX533T X540LA-XX538T X540LA-XX772 X540LA-XX813T X540LA-XX844T X540LJ-XX001D X540LJ-XX022D X540LJ-XX316D X540LJ-XX357T X540LJ-XX403D X540LJ-XX512D X540LJ-XX513T X540LJ-XX550T X540LJ-XX584D X540LJ-XX611D X540LJ-XX611T X540LJ-XX755D X540MA-1A X540MB-GQ060 X540NA-DM015 X540NA-DM037 X540NA-DM215 X540NA-GQ052T X540NA-GQ074T X540NA-GQ149 X540NV-1A X540NV-DM032 X540NV-GQ002T X540NV-GQ008 X540NV-GQ015 X540NV-GQ043 X540sa-DM290 X540sa-DM668T X540SA-XX024T X540SA-XX109D X540SA-XX174T X540SA-XX236D X540SA-XX311D X540SA-XX383T X540SA-XX511T X540SA-XX564T X540SA-XX771T X540SC-XX029D X540SC-XX034T X540SC-XX073T X540UA-1A X540UA-DB71 X540UA-DM1138T X540UA-DM186 X540UA-DM205 X540UA-DM250 X540UA-DM269 X540UA-DM413 X540UA-DM437T X540UA-DM564 X540UA-DM746 X540UA-DM896 X540UA-GQ002 X540UA-GQ024 R540UB-DM445T X540YA-XO648D X540YA-XO747D X540YA-XO811D X540YA-XX006D X543 X543MA-DM621T X543MA-DM633 X543MA-GO594T X543MA-GQ496 X543MA-GQ512TS X543MA-GQ644T X543UA X543UA-DM1664T X543UA-DM1714 X543UA-DM1897T X543UA-DM2596T X543UA-DM2756T X543UA-GO2762T X543UA-GQ1635T X543UA-GQ1637T X543UA-GQ1854T X543UA-GQ2290T