Original Lenovo L17C3P52 L17L3P52 SB10K97610 01AV463 L17M3P53 SB10K97611 01AV464 L17M3P54 SB10K97612 ThinkPad L14 L480 L490 L580 L590 Laptop Battery


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Product Specifications:

  • Type: Li-ion
  • Color: black
  • Voltage: 11.1V
  • Capacity: 4080mAh (45Wh)
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

Compatible Part Numbers:

01AV445, 01AV446, 01AV447, 01AV448, 01AV463, 5B10W13894, 5B10W13895, L17C3P51, L17L3P51, L17L3P52, L17M3P51, L17M3P53, SB10K97606, SB10K97607, SB10K97609, SB10K97610, SB10T83137, SB10T83138

Compatible Models:

E14-20RA001WAU, E14-20RA001XAU, E14-20RA001YAU, E14-20RACTO1WW, E15-20RD0011AU, E15-20RDCTO1WW, E41-50(82HW), E41-55(82FJ), E595-20NFA00NAU, L490-20Q5S01000, L490-20Q5S01100, L490-20Q5S01200, L490-20Q5S01300, L490-20Q5S01400, L490-20Q5S01500, L590 20Q7CTO1WW, L590 20Q7S00N00, L590 20Q7S00Q00, L590 20Q7S00R00, L590 20Q7S00S00, L590-20Q7A00AAU, L590-20Q7S00T00, ThinkPad E14-20RA, ThinkPad E14-20RA0016GE, ThinkPad E14-20RA0016PB, ThinkPad E14-20RA001BGE, ThinkPad E14-20RA001LGE, ThinkPad E14-20RA001MGE, ThinkPad E14-20RA001MPB, ThinkPad E14-20RB, ThinkPad E15-20RD, ThinkPad E15-20RD0011GE, ThinkPad E15-20RD0011PB, ThinkPad E15-20RD0016GE, ThinkPad E15-20RD001AGE, ThinkPad E15-20RD001CGE, ThinkPad E15-20RD001CPB, ThinkPad E15-20RD001FGE, ThinkPad E15-20RD001FPB, ThinkPad E15-20RD001FUK, ThinkPad E15-20RE, ThinkPad E480, ThinkPad E480 20KN, ThinkPad E480(20KN001NGE), ThinkPad E480(20KN001QGE), ThinkPad E480(20KN001QMZ), ThinkPad E480(20KNCTO1WW3), ThinkPad E480(20KQS00000), ThinkPad E480(20KQS00100), ThinkPad E480-20KN, ThinkPad E480-20KNCTO1WW, ThinkPad E480-20KQ, ThinkPad E485, ThinkPad E485 20KU, ThinkPad E485 20KU000NMX, ThinkPad E485 20KU0018US, ThinkPad E485 20KU0019US, ThinkPad E485 20KU001BUS, ThinkPad E485 20KUCTO1WW, ThinkPad E485(20KU000NDEMO), ThinkPad E485(20KU000NGE), ThinkPad E485(20KU000UGE), ThinkPad E485-20KU, ThinkPad E485-20KU000NGE, ThinkPad E490, ThinkPad E490 20N8000MMX, ThinkPad E490 20N8000RFR, ThinkPad E490 20N8000RIX, ThinkPad E490 20N8000RMB, ThinkPad E490 20N8000RMH, ThinkPad E490 20N8000UMH, ThinkPad E490 20N8000UMX, ThinkPad E490 20N8000YFR, ThinkPad E490 20N8000YHV, ThinkPad E490 20N8000YUK, ThinkPad E490 20N8001LUS, ThinkPad E490 20N80028IX, ThinkPad E490 20N80028MX, ThinkPad E490 20N80029MC, ThinkPad E490 20N8002AIX, ThinkPad E490 20N8002BCD, ThinkPad E490 20N8002DCD, ThinkPad E490 20N8002JCD, ThinkPad E490 20N8002KCD, ThinkPad E490 20N8002NCD, ThinkPad E490 20N8002XCD, ThinkPad E490 20N80032CD, ThinkPad E490 20N80037CD, ThinkPad E490 20N80038CD, ThinkPad E490 20N8003ACD, ThinkPad E490 20N8005MUS, ThinkPad E490 20N8005NUS, ThinkPad E490 20N8A003IX, ThinkPad E490 20N8A00JCD, ThinkPad E490 20N9000CMX, ThinkPad E490(20N8/20N9), ThinkPad E490(20N8000RMZ), ThinkPad E490(20N8000RUK), ThinkPad E490(20N8000UMZ), ThinkPad E490(20N8000YGE), ThinkPad E490(20N80029GE), ThinkPad E490(20N8002BCD), ThinkPad E490(20N8002DCD), ThinkPad E490(20N8002JCD), ThinkPad E490(20N8002KCD), ThinkPad E490(20N8002NCD), ThinkPad E490(20N8002UCD), ThinkPad E490(20N8002XCD), ThinkPad E490(20N80037CD), ThinkPad E490(20N8003ACD), ThinkPad E490(20N8005UGE), ThinkPad E490(20N9S03300), ThinkPad E490(2DCD), ThinkPad E490-20N8, ThinkPad E490-20N8000RGE, ThinkPad E490-20N8000RMZ, ThinkPad E490-20N8000YGE, ThinkPad E490-20N80029GE, ThinkPad E490-20N8005UGE, ThinkPad E490-20N8CTO1WW, ThinkPad E490-20N9, ThinkPad E490-20N9S03300, ThinkPad E495, ThinkPad E495 20NE0000US, ThinkPad E495 20NE0005US, ThinkPad E495 20NE000BIX, ThinkPad E495 20NE000JMB, ThinkPad E495 20NE000NCD, ThinkPad E495 20NE000PCD, ThinkPad E495 20NE000RCD, ThinkPad E495 20NE000VCD, ThinkPad E495(20NE), ThinkPad E495(20NE000BGE), ThinkPad E495(20NE000BUK), ThinkPad E495(20NE000JGE), ThinkPad E495(20NE000JUK), ThinkPad E495(20NE001GGE), ThinkPad E495-20NE, ThinkPad E495-20NE000BGE, ThinkPad E495-20NE000BUK, ThinkPad E495-20NE000JGE, ThinkPad E495-20NE000JUK, ThinkPad E495-20NE001GGE, ThinkPad E495-20NECTO1WW, ThinkPad E580, ThinkPad E580 1HCD, ThinkPad E580 1JCD, ThinkPad E580 20KS, ThinkPad E580 20KS0002AD, ThinkPad E580 20KSA00QCD, ThinkPad E580 20KSA00WCD, ThinkPad E580 20KSCTO1WW Tx, ThinkPad E580(16CD), ThinkPad E580(20KS/20KT), ThinkPad E580(20KS0001CD), ThinkPad E580(20KS001FMZ), ThinkPad E580(20KS001JGE), ThinkPad E580(20KS001JMZ), ThinkPad E580(20KS001QGE), ThinkPad E580(20KS001RGE), ThinkPad E580(20KS0027CD), ThinkPad E580(20KS0028CD), ThinkPad E580(20KS002BCD), ThinkPad E580(20KS002KCD), ThinkPad E580(20KS002MCD), ThinkPad E580(20KS0039GE), ThinkPad E580(20KS003GGE), ThinkPad E580(20KS004GGE), ThinkPad E580(20KS007QGE), ThinkPad E580(20KSA001CD), ThinkPad E580(20KSA002CD), ThinkPad E580(20KSA00FCD), ThinkPad E580(20KSA00HCD), ThinkPad E580(20KSA00LCD), ThinkPad E580(20KSA00MCD), ThinkPad E580(20KSA00PCD), ThinkPad E580(20KSA00RCD), ThinkPad E580(20KSA019CD), ThinkPad E580(20KSA01ACD), ThinkPad E580(20KSA01HCD), ThinkPad E580(20KSA01PCD), ThinkPad E580(20KSA01QCD), ThinkPad E580(20KSCTO1WW), ThinkPad E580(20KTA000GE), ThinkPad E580(20KTA001GE), ThinkPad E580(i5-8250U UHD 620, ThinkPad E580(i5-8250U UHD 620 SSD), ThinkPad E580-20KS, ThinkPad E580-20KS001RGE, ThinkPad E580-20KSCTO1WW, ThinkPad E580-20KT, ThinkPad E585, ThinkPad E585 20KV, ThinkPad E585 20KVCTO1WW, ThinkPad E585(20KV000040), ThinkPad E585(20KV0006GE), ThinkPad E585(20KV0008GE), ThinkPad E585(20KV000DGE), ThinkPad E585(20KVS04X00), ThinkPad E585-20KV, ThinkPad E590, ThinkPad E590 20NB0003AD, ThinkPad E590 20NB0016FR, ThinkPad E590 20NB0018HV, ThinkPad E590 20NB001AFR, ThinkPad E590 20NB001AFR-G, ThinkPad E590 20NB001AHV, ThinkPad E590 20NB001AIX, ThinkPad E590 20NB001AMH, ThinkPad E590 20NB001CUS, ThinkPad E590 20NB001DUS, ThinkPad E590 20NB001EUS, ThinkPad E590 20NB001KUS, ThinkPad E590 20NB001LUS, ThinkPad E590 20NB001MUS, ThinkPad E590 20NB001NUS, ThinkPad E590 20NB001QUS, ThinkPad E590 20NB001SUS, ThinkPad E590 20NB001TUS, ThinkPad E590 20NB0029IX, ThinkPad E590 20NB0029UK, ThinkPad E590 20NB002AMH, ThinkPad E590 20NB002BIX, ThinkPad E590 20NB002BML, ThinkPad E590 20NB004UUS, ThinkPad E590 20NB0050MH, ThinkPad E590 20NB0057AD, ThinkPad E590 20NB0057UE, ThinkPad E590 20NB0058MB, ThinkPad E590 20NB0058MH, ThinkPad E590 20NB005AIX, ThinkPad E590 20NB005EUS, ThinkPad E590 20NB005WTX, ThinkPad E590 20NBA001MB, ThinkPad E590 20NBA00GCD, ThinkPad E590 20NBS0QH00, ThinkPad E590(20NB), ThinkPad E590(20NB/20NC), ThinkPad E590(20NB0012GE), ThinkPad E590(20NB0012UK), ThinkPad E590(20NB0016UK), ThinkPad E590(20NB001AGE), ThinkPad E590(20NB001AMZ), ThinkPad E590(20NB001AUK), ThinkPad E590(20NB001BGE), ThinkPad E590(20NB0029GE), ThinkPad E590(20NB002AGE), ThinkPad E590(20NB002VCD), ThinkPad E590(20NB002XCD), ThinkPad E590(20NB0032CD), ThinkPad E590(20NB0034CD), ThinkPad E590(20NB005HGE), ThinkPad E590(20NC), ThinkPad E590(2VCD), ThinkPad E590-20NB, ThinkPad E590-20NB0012GE, ThinkPad E590-20NB001AGE, ThinkPad E590-20NB001BGE, ThinkPad E590-20NB0029GE, ThinkPad E590-20NB002AGE, ThinkPad E590-20NB005HGE, ThinkPad E590-20NBA00ECD, ThinkPad E590-20NBA00FCD, ThinkPad E590-20NBCTO1WW, ThinkPad E590-20NBS0S900, ThinkPad E590-20NC, ThinkPad E590-20NC0003GE, ThinkPad E595, ThinkPad E595 20NF0000IX, ThinkPad E595 20NF0006MB, ThinkPad E595 20NF0006MX, ThinkPad E595 20NF000BUS, ThinkPad E595 20NF000KCD, ThinkPad E595 20NF000LCD, ThinkPad E595 20NF000NCD, ThinkPad E595 20NF000RCD, ThinkPad E595 20NF0019US, ThinkPad E595 20NF001HMB, ThinkPad E595 20NF001NMH, ThinkPad E595 20NFA004CD, ThinkPad E595(20NF), ThinkPad E595(20NF0000GE), ThinkPad E595(20NF0006GE), ThinkPad E595(20NF0006PB), ThinkPad E595(20NF001HGE), ThinkPad E595-20NF, ThinkPad E595-20NF0000GE, ThinkPad E595-20NF0006GE, ThinkPad E595-20NF0006PB, ThinkPad E595-20NF001HGE, ThinkPad E595-20NFCTO1WW, ThinkPad L14, ThinkPad L14 20U10017AU, ThinkPad L14 20U10019AU, ThinkPad L14 20U1001AAU, ThinkPad L14 20U1001BAU, ThinkPad L14 20U1001CAU, ThinkPad L14 20U5000DAU, ThinkPad L14 20U5000EAU, ThinkPad L14 20U5000FAU, ThinkPad L14 20U5000GAU, ThinkPad L14 20U5000HAU, ThinkPad L14 20U5000JAU, ThinkPad L14 2nd Gen(20X1), ThinkPad L14 2nd Gen(20X1000UGE), ThinkPad L14 2nd Gen(20X1000VGB), ThinkPad L14 2nd Gen(20X1000VGE), ThinkPad L14 2nd Gen(20X1000WGB), ThinkPad L14 2nd Gen(20X1000WGE), ThinkPad L14 2nd Gen(20X1000XGB), ThinkPad L14 2nd Gen(20X2), ThinkPad L14 Gen 1(AMD)20U50005ZA, ThinkPad L14 Gen 1(AMD)20U5001TZA, ThinkPad L14 Gen 1(AMD)20U50047PE, ThinkPad L14 Gen 1(AMD)20U5004GCY, ThinkPad L14 Gen 1(AMD)20U5004QMZ, ThinkPad L14 Gen 1(AMD)20U50052IU, ThinkPad L14 Gen 1(AMD)20U50060MN, ThinkPad L14 Gen 1(AMD)20U5006RIX, ThinkPad L14 Gen 1(AMD)20U60002IW, ThinkPad L14 Gen 1(AMD)20U6000WBO, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(AMD)-20X50004CY, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(AMD)-20X5001NZA, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(AMD)-20X50039ZA, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(AMD)-20X5003LCK, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(AMD)-20X5003VPG, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(AMD)-20X50041FE, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(AMD)-20X5005TCX, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(AMD)-20X50076FE, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(AMD)-20X50080PE, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(AMD)-20X500A8CY, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(AMD)-20X500AJPG, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(AMD)-20X500ASMS, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(AMD)-20X60026IV, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X1000UPG, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X1000YPG, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X10024GM, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X1002PCX, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X10049TX, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X1004NPB, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X10060BM, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X100BXFE, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X100C2GM, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X100C6CX, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X100CACX, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X100CJRK, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X100CPED, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X100EUIU, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X100GTCY, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X100H6UE, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X100HJED, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X100HVFE, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X100K1AU, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X100L7CX, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X100LBED, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X100LTCX, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X100LYIV, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X100MEGP, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X100N3AD, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X100NMGR, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X100NNMN, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X100NUMB, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X100P3PB, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X100Q0RA, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X100Q8HV, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X1S0JE00, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X20020EE, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X20025ZA, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X2002XMB, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X20033MS, ThinkPad L14 Gen 2(Intel)20X2003DCX, ThinkPad L14(20U1/20U2), ThinkPad L14(20U1000VGE), ThinkPad L14(20U1000WGE), ThinkPad L14(20U1000XGE), ThinkPad L14(20U10012GE), ThinkPad L14(20U10014GE), ThinkPad L14(20U10016GE), ThinkPad L14(20U1002KGE), ThinkPad L14(20U50001GE), ThinkPad L14(20U50003GE), ThinkPad L14(20U50004GE), ThinkPad L14(20U50007GE), ThinkPad L15, ThinkPad L15 20U3000YAU, ThinkPad L15 20U30011AU, ThinkPad L15 20U30013AU, ThinkPad L15 20U30014AU, ThinkPad L15 20U4S6ED00, ThinkPad L15 20U7000FAU, ThinkPad L15 20U7000GAU, ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen(20U3), ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen(20U3000NGE), ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen(20U3000QGE), ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen(20U3000RGE), ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen(20U3000SGE), ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen(20U3002EGE), ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen(20U3002FGE), ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen(20U4), ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen(20X3), ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen(20X3000UGB), ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen(20X3000UGE), ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen(20X3000VGB), ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen(20X4), ThinkPad L15 Gen 1, ThinkPad L15 Gen 1(Intel)20U3000LZA, ThinkPad L15 Gen 1(Intel)20U30018CX, ThinkPad L15 Gen 1(Intel)20U3002CML, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(AMD)20X7001UUK, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(AMD)20X7003GGM, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(AMD)20X7003MCY, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(AMD)20X70047GE, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(AMD)20X7004GIV, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(AMD)20X7005EMB, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(AMD)20X700A7FE, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(AMD)20X700ABBM, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X3000XMD, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X3002AIU, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X30033ED, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X30039YA, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X3004YZA, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X30056CY, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X3005DCY, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X3005HMN, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X3005KMB, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X3005SRI, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X3006WGM, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X300CHGM, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X300D4AU, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X300EGPE, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X300EVGQ, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X300F0MB, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X300F8MZ, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X300GKCY, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X300GUAT, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X300J2AU, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X300KUMD, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X300KYGB, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X300LCMB, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X300LGMB, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X300LQCX, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X300LVMZ, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X300NPUE, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X300NVRT, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X300P0MZ, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X300P5PB, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X300PDPG, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X300PMIU, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X40025SP, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X4003GMX, ThinkPad L15 Gen 2(Intel)20X4003NRT, ThinkPad L15-20U8S0AH00, ThinkPad L480, ThinkPad L480 20LS0000US, ThinkPad L480 20LS0001US, ThinkPad L480 20LS0002US, ThinkPad L480 20LS0003US, ThinkPad L480 20LS0004US, ThinkPad L480 20LS0005US, ThinkPad L480 20LS0006US, ThinkPad L480 20LS0007US, ThinkPad L480 20LS0008US, ThinkPad L480 20LS0009US, ThinkPad L480 20LS000GSP, ThinkPad L480 20LS000HAU, ThinkPad L480 20LS000JAU, ThinkPad L480 20LS000RAU, ThinkPad L480 20LS000UUS, ThinkPad L480 20LS0014PB, ThinkPad L480 20LS0015MC, ThinkPad L480 20LS0015RT, ThinkPad L480 20LS0015UK, ThinkPad L480 20LS0016CX, ThinkPad L480 20LS0016FE, ThinkPad L480 20LS0016HV, ThinkPad L480 20LS0016MC, ThinkPad L480 20LS0016MH, ThinkPad L480 20LS0016MX, ThinkPad L480 20LS0016PB, ThinkPad L480 20LS0016RT, ThinkPad L480 20LS0016SP, ThinkPad L480 20LS0016UK, ThinkPad L480 20LS0017HV, ThinkPad L480 20LS0017MC, ThinkPad L480 20LS0017MX, ThinkPad L480 20LS0017RT, ThinkPad L480 20LS0017XS, ThinkPad L480 20LS0018MC, ThinkPad L480 20LS0018MD, ThinkPad L480 20LS0018MH, ThinkPad L480 20LS0018MX, ThinkPad L480 20LS0018PB, ThinkPad L480 20LS0018RT, ThinkPad L480 20LS0019BM, ThinkPad L480 20LS0019HV, ThinkPad L480 20LS0019MC, ThinkPad L480 20LS0019RI, ThinkPad L480 20LS0019RT, ThinkPad L480 20LS0019SP, ThinkPad L480 20LS0019UK, ThinkPad L480 20LS0019XS, ThinkPad L480 20LS001ACY, ThinkPad L480 20LS001AFE, ThinkPad L480 20LS001AFR, ThinkPad L480 20LS001AHV, ThinkPad L480 20LS001AIV, ThinkPad L480 20LS001AIX, ThinkPad L480 20LS001AMB, ThinkPad L480 20LS001AMC, ThinkPad L480 20LS001AMD, ThinkPad L480 20LS001AMH, ThinkPad L480 20LS001AML, ThinkPad L480 20LS001AMX, ThinkPad L480 20LS001APB, ThinkPad L480 20LS001ART, ThinkPad L480 20LS001ASP, ThinkPad L480 20LS001AUK, ThinkPad L480 20LS001AXS, ThinkPad L480 20LS001WAU, ThinkPad L480 20LS001XAU, ThinkPad L480 20LS0020US, ThinkPad L480 20LS0021US, ThinkPad L480 20LS0022HV, ThinkPad L480 20LS0022PB, ThinkPad L480 20LS0022RT, ThinkPad L480 20LS0024HV, ThinkPad L480 20LS0024RT, ThinkPad L480 20LS0025EU, ThinkPad L480 20LS0025MN, ThinkPad L480 20LS0025PB, ThinkPad L480 20LS0025RT, ThinkPad L480 20LS0025UK, ThinkPad L480 20LS0026AT, ThinkPad L480 20LS0026BM, ThinkPad L480 20LS0026EU, ThinkPad L480 20LS0026FR, ThinkPad L480 20LS0026MS, ThinkPad L480 20LS0026RT, ThinkPad L480 20LS0026XS, ThinkPad L480 20LS002CMH, ThinkPad L480 20LS002CMX, ThinkPad L480 20LS002CPB, ThinkPad L480 20LS002CRT, ThinkPad L480 20LS002DRT, ThinkPad L480 20LS002EMH, ThinkPad L480 20LS002ERT, ThinkPad L480 20LS002GUS, ThinkPad L480 20LS002KRT, ThinkPad L480 20LS002VUS, ThinkPad L480 20LS002YMX, ThinkPad L480 20LS0030MH, ThinkPad L480 20LS0036MH, ThinkPad L480 20LSS09D00, ThinkPad L480 20LSS0GL00, ThinkPad L480 20LSS0N800, ThinkPad L480 20LSS0NA00, ThinkPad L480 20LSS0NB00, ThinkPad L480 20LSS0NC00, ThinkPad L480 20LT000HAU, ThinkPad L480 20LT000WAU, ThinkPad L480 20LT0013AU, ThinkPad L480 20LT001EML, ThinkPad L480 20LT0022BM, ThinkPad L480 20LTS1T400, ThinkPad L480 20LTS6VS00, ThinkPad L480 20LTS7ND00, ThinkPad L480 Type 20LS, ThinkPad L480(20LS), ThinkPad L480(20LS0016MZ), ThinkPad L480(20LS0017GE), ThinkPad L480(20LS0017MZ), ThinkPad L480(20LS0018GE), ThinkPad L480(20LS0018MZ), ThinkPad L480(20LS001AMZ), ThinkPad L480(20LS0025GE), ThinkPad L480(20LS0026GE), ThinkPad L480(20LT), ThinkPad L480(20LTS01800), ThinkPad L480-20LS000HAU, ThinkPad L480-20LS000JAU, ThinkPad L480-20LS000RAU, ThinkPad L480-20LS001AGE, ThinkPad L480-20LS001WAU, ThinkPad L480-20LS001XAU, ThinkPad L480-20LS002WAU, ThinkPad L480-20LS002XAU, ThinkPad L480-20LSCTO1WW, ThinkPad L480-20LSS00000, ThinkPad L480-20LSS00400, ThinkPad L480-20LSS00700, ThinkPad L480-20LSS06Y00, ThinkPad L480-20LSS0P300, ThinkPad L480-20LTS00D00, ThinkPad L480-20LTS0TR00, ThinkPad L480-20LTS1A808, ThinkPad L480-20LTS7MS00, ThinkPad L490, ThinkPad L490 20Q50001FE, ThinkPad L490 20Q5001YIX, ThinkPad L490 20Q5001YMX, ThinkPad L490 20Q50021MX, ThinkPad L490 20Q50021PB, ThinkPad L490 20Q50023PB, ThinkPad L490 20Q50023PG, ThinkPad L490 20Q50024MS, ThinkPad L490 20Q50024MZ, ThinkPad L490 20Q50025MC, ThinkPad L490 20Q50025PB, ThinkPad L490 20Q50025PG, ThinkPad L490 20Q5002DMX, ThinkPad L490 20Q500E0TX, ThinkPad L490 20Q500E1IX, ThinkPad L490 20Q500E9CX, ThinkPad L490 20Q5CTO1WW, ThinkPad L490 20Q5S01000, ThinkPad L490 20Q5S01100, ThinkPad L490 20Q5S01200, ThinkPad L490 20Q5S01300, ThinkPad L490 20Q5S01400, ThinkPad L490 20Q5S01500, ThinkPad L490 20Q60004ED, ThinkPad L490(20Q5/20Q6), ThinkPad L490(20Q5001YUK), ThinkPad L490(20Q5002DGE), ThinkPad L490(20Q5002GGE), ThinkPad L490(20Q5002HGE), ThinkPad L490(20Q5002KGE), ThinkPad L490(20Q50030GE), ThinkPad L490(20Q500E0UK), ThinkPad L490(20Q500E2GE), ThinkPad L490(20Q6S08600), ThinkPad L580, ThinkPad L580 20LW0000CA, ThinkPad L580 20LW0000US, ThinkPad L580 20LW0001US, ThinkPad L580 20LW0002CA, ThinkPad L580 20LW0002US, ThinkPad L580 20LW0003US, ThinkPad L580 20LW0004US, ThinkPad L580 20LW0005US, ThinkPad L580 20LW0006US, ThinkPad L580 20LW0007US, ThinkPad L580 20LW0008US, ThinkPad L580 20LW0009US, ThinkPad L580 20LW000TPB, ThinkPad L580 20LW000UGE, ThinkPad L580 20LW000UHV, ThinkPad L580 20LW000UMC, ThinkPad L580 20LW000UPB, ThinkPad L580 20LW000URT, ThinkPad L580 20LW000USP, ThinkPad L580 20LW000UXS, ThinkPad L580 20LW000VBM, ThinkPad L580 20LW000VCX, ThinkPad L580 20LW000VEE, ThinkPad L580 20LW000VFR, ThinkPad L580 20LW000VHV, ThinkPad L580 20LW000VIX, ThinkPad L580 20LW000VMB, ThinkPad L580 20LW000VMC, ThinkPad L580 20LW000VMD, ThinkPad L580 20LW000VMX, ThinkPad L580 20LW000VPB, ThinkPad L580 20LW000VRT, ThinkPad L580 20LW000VSP, ThinkPad L580 20LW000VUK, ThinkPad L580 20LW000VXS, ThinkPad L580 20LW000WGE, ThinkPad L580 20LW000WMC, ThinkPad L580 20LW000WMD, ThinkPad L580 20LW000WPB, ThinkPad L580 20LW000WXS, ThinkPad L580 20LW000XMH, ThinkPad L580 20LW000XMX, ThinkPad L580 20LW000YGE, ThinkPad L580 20LW000YMD, ThinkPad L580 20LW000YMH, ThinkPad L580 20LW000YMX, ThinkPad L580 20LW000YPG, ThinkPad L580 20LW000YSP, ThinkPad L580 20LW000YUK, ThinkPad L580 20LW0010GE, ThinkPad L580 20LW0010MX, ThinkPad L580 20LW0012ED, ThinkPad L580 20LW003EIX, ThinkPad L580 20LW003QMX, ThinkPad L580 20LW003VUK, ThinkPad L580 20LWCTO1WW Tx, ThinkPad L580 20LX0011xx, ThinkPad L580(20LW/20LX), ThinkPad L580(20LW000VMH), ThinkPad L580(20LW000VMZ), ThinkPad L580(20LW000XMZ), ThinkPad L580(20LW000YMZ), ThinkPad L580(20LW0010MZ), ThinkPad L580(20LW0039GE), ThinkPad L580(20LW003AGE), ThinkPad L580(20LX0012xx), ThinkPad L580(20LX0013xx), ThinkPad L580(20LX0014xx), ThinkPad L580-20LW000BAU, ThinkPad L580-20LW000VGE, ThinkPad L580-20LW002EAU, ThinkPad L580-20LW002FAU, ThinkPad L580-20LW0034AU, ThinkPad L580-20LWCTO1WW, ThinkPad L580-20LWS00800, ThinkPad L580-20LWS00900, ThinkPad L580-20LX000QAU, ThinkPad L580-20LXS00E00, Thinkpad L590, ThinkPad L590 20Q70000EQ, ThinkPad L590 20Q70001FE, ThinkPad L590 20Q70001PE, ThinkPad L590 20Q70001US, ThinkPad L590 20Q70001ZA, ThinkPad L590 20Q70002AD, ThinkPad L590 20Q70002UE, ThinkPad L590 20Q70003AD, ThinkPad L590 20Q70005AD, ThinkPad L590 20Q70007AD, ThinkPad L590 20Q70008AD, ThinkPad L590 20Q70008FE, ThinkPad L590 20Q70008PE, ThinkPad L590 20Q70008ZA, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000DJP, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000EJP, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000GJP, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000JJP, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000MJP, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000NJP, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000VAD, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000VAT, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000VBM, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000VED, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000VEE, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000VEU, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000VIU, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000VIW, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000VML, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000VPB, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000WED, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000WGM, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000WIV, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000WIW, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000WIX, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000WMB, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000WMC, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000WMD, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000WZA, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000XAT, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000XCX, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000XGB, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000XIV, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000XIX, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000XMB, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000XML, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000XMX, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000XMZ, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000XPB, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000XSP, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000XUK, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000YAD, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000YAT, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000YCX, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000YFR, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000YGM, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000YIU, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000YIV, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000YIX, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000YMH, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000YMX, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000YPG, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000YSP, ThinkPad L590 20Q7000YUK, ThinkPad L590 20Q70010EU, ThinkPad L590 20Q70010FE, ThinkPad L590 20Q70010IU, ThinkPad L590 20Q70010IX, ThinkPad L590 20Q70010MN, ThinkPad L590 20Q70010MZ, ThinkPad L590 20Q70010PB, ThinkPad L590 20Q70010PG, ThinkPad L590 20Q70010SP, ThinkPad L590 20Q70011AT, ThinkPad L590 20Q70011CX, ThinkPad L590 20Q70011ED, ThinkPad L590 20Q70011FR, ThinkPad L590 20Q70011MD, ThinkPad L590 20Q70011MH, ThinkPad L590 20Q70011MN, ThinkPad L590 20Q70011MS, ThinkPad L590 20Q70011PB, ThinkPad L590 20Q70011PG, ThinkPad L590 20Q70011SP, ThinkPad L590 20Q70011XS, ThinkPad L590 20Q70012CY, ThinkPad L590 20Q70012EQ, ThinkPad L590 20Q70012GB, ThinkPad L590 20Q70012GE, ThinkPad L590 20Q70012GM, ThinkPad L590 20Q70012HV, ThinkPad L590 20Q70012IW, ThinkPad L590 20Q70012MH, ThinkPad L590 20Q70012MN, ThinkPad L590 20Q70012MS, ThinkPad L590 20Q70012PG, ThinkPad L590 20Q70012SP, ThinkPad L590 20Q70013CY, ThinkPad L590 20Q70013IX, ThinkPad L590 20Q70013ML, ThinkPad L590 20Q70013MN, ThinkPad L590 20Q70013MS, ThinkPad L590 20Q70013MZ, ThinkPad L590 20Q70013PB, ThinkPad L590 20Q70014FR, ThinkPad L590 20Q70014MB, ThinkPad L590 20Q70014MZ, ThinkPad L590 20Q70014UE, ThinkPad L590 20Q70015AT, ThinkPad L590 20Q70015GB, ThinkPad L590 20Q70015IU, ThinkPad L590 20Q70015IX, ThinkPad L590 20Q70015MH, ThinkPad L590 20Q70015MN, ThinkPad L590 20Q70015MS, ThinkPad L590 20Q70015MZ, ThinkPad L590 20Q70015SP, ThinkPad L590 20Q70015ZA, ThinkPad L590 20Q70016AT, ThinkPad L590 20Q70016CY, ThinkPad L590 20Q70016FR, ThinkPad L590 20Q70016GB, ThinkPad L590 20Q70016IV, ThinkPad L590 20Q70016RI, ThinkPad L590 20Q70016SP, ThinkPad L590 20Q70017CY, ThinkPad L590 20Q70017EU, ThinkPad L590 20Q70017IX, ThinkPad L590 20Q70017MC, ThinkPad L590 20Q70017MN, ThinkPad L590 20Q70017MZ, ThinkPad L590 20Q70017PB, ThinkPad L590 20Q70017RI, ThinkPad L590 20Q70018EE, ThinkPad L590 20Q70018GM, ThinkPad L590 20Q70018HV, ThinkPad L590 20Q70018MB, ThinkPad L590 20Q70018MC, ThinkPad L590 20Q70018MD, ThinkPad L590 20Q70018MH, ThinkPad L590 20Q70018MZ, ThinkPad L590 20Q70018PB, ThinkPad L590 20Q70018RT, ThinkPad L590 20Q70018SP, ThinkPad L590 20Q70018XS, ThinkPad L590 20Q70019AD, ThinkPad L590 20Q70019BM, ThinkPad L590 20Q70019GB, ThinkPad L590 20Q70019IX, ThinkPad L590 20Q70019MD, ThinkPad L590 20Q70019MH, ThinkPad L590 20Q70019MX, ThinkPad L590 20Q70019PB, ThinkPad L590 20Q70019XS, ThinkPad L590 20Q70019ZA, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001AAT, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001AED, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001AFR, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001AGE, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001AIV, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001AMX, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001APG, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001ARI, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001ART, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001BMB, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001BMH, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001BML, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001BMX, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001BUK, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001BZA, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001CFR, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001CMC, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001CMN, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001CMS, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001CSC, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001DCY, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001DEU, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001DFE, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001DGM, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001DIU, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001DIX, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001DMH, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001DPG, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001DSC, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001DXS, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001EEE, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001EEU, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001EFE, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001EGE, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001EIV, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001EMC, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001EMD, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001EMS, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001EMX, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001EPB, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001ERI, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001ETX, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001EUE, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001EUK, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001EXS, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001FAT, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001FBM, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001FED, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001FFR, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001FGB, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001FMH, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001FML, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001FMN, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001FMX, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001FPB, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001FRI, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001FTX, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001FUK, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001GAD, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001GCY, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001GEU, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001GIX, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001GMB, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001GMC, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001GMD, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001GRT, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001GTX, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001HAD, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001HCX, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001HCY, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001HED, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001HEU, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001HFR, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001HGB, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001HIU, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001HIX, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001HMB, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001HMC, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001HMD, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001HMH, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001HMS, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001HMZ, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001HRI, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001HSP, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001HTX, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001HXS, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001HZA, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001JAD, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001JCX, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001JEE, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001JFR, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001JGB, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001JIX, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001JMN, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001JMS, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001JMX, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001JMZ, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001JPB, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001JRI, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001JRT, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001JSP, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001JUE, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001KBM, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001KCX, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001KEQ, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001KEU, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001KIV, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001KIX, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001KMB, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001KMX, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001KMZ, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001KPB, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001KPG, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001KSP, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001LAT, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001LEQ, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001LFR, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001LGE, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001LIV, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001LIX, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001LMC, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001LMH, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001LMZ, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001LPB, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001LPG, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001LRI, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001LRT, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001LSP, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001LZA, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001MUS, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001WGE, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001WMB, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001WMC, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001WMX, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001WMZ, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001WTX, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001XAD, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001XAT, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001XBM, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001XFE, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001XHV, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001XMD, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001XPB, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001XPG, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001YGB, ThinkPad L590 20Q7001YIV, ThinkPad L590 20Q70020EQ, ThinkPad L590 20Q70020GB, ThinkPad L590 20Q70020MD, ThinkPad L590 20Q70020MX, ThinkPad L590 20Q70020RI, ThinkPad L590 20Q70020UE, ThinkPad L590 20Q70021RI, ThinkPad L590 20Q70021ZA, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ALCX, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ALEU, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ALMC, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ALMH, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ALSP, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ALUK, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AMCY, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AMFE, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ANIU, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ANMX, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ANUK, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ANZA, ThinkPad L590 20Q700APAT, ThinkPad L590 20Q700APGM, ThinkPad L590 20Q700APHV, ThinkPad L590 20Q700APMN, ThinkPad L590 20Q700APSP, ThinkPad L590 20Q700APTX, ThinkPad L590 20Q700APUE, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AQCX, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AQEE, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AQEU, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AQIU, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AQIX, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AQMS, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AQMX, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AQXS, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ARCY, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ARED, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AREE, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AREQ, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ARFE, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ARFR, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ARGE, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ARIW, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ARMD, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ARMS, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ARMX, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ARPE, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ARRI, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ARZA, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ASBM, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ASCY, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ASEU, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ASHV, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ASMB, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ASMZ, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ASPB, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ASSC, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ASTX, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ASXS, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ATAT, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ATBM, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ATCX, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ATCY, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ATEE, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ATFR, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ATGE, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ATMB, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ATMC, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ATMH, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ATMS, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ATPB, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ATSC, ThinkPad L590 20Q700ATSP, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AUCX, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AUCY, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AUED, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AUEQ, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AUEU, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AUGB, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AUGM, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AUHV, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AUIU, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AUIW, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AUMB, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AUMX, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AUPB, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AURI, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AUXS, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AVCX, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AVGB, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AVGM, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AVIU, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AVIW, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AVMC, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AVMX, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AVPB, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AVPE, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AVSC, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AVTX, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AWCX, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AWCY, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AWEE, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AWGB, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AWHV, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AWIV, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AWIW, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AWML, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AWPE, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AWSP, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AWTX, ThinkPad L590 20Q700AWXS, ThinkPad L590 20Q700B1BM, ThinkPad L590 20Q700B1CX, ThinkPad L590 20Q700B1ED, ThinkPad L590 20Q700B1GB, ThinkPad L590 20Q700B1GE, ThinkPad L590 20Q700B1IW, ThinkPad L590 20Q700B1MS, ThinkPad L590 20Q700B1SC, ThinkPad L590 20Q700B1ZA, ThinkPad L590 20Q700B4US, ThinkPad L590 20Q700B5CA, ThinkPad L590 20Q700B6US, ThinkPad L590 20Q700B8TX, ThinkPad L590 20Q7CTO1WW, ThinkPad L590 20Q7S00N00, ThinkPad L590 20Q7S00P00, ThinkPad L590 20Q7S00Q00, ThinkPad L590 20Q7S00R00, ThinkPad L590 20Q7S00S00, ThinkPad L590 20Q7S00T00, ThinkPad L590 20Q80000AT, ThinkPad L590 20Q80000EE, ThinkPad L590 20Q80000EU, ThinkPad L590 20Q80000FR, ThinkPad L590 20Q80000IU, ThinkPad L590 20Q80000MB, ThinkPad L590 20Q80000MS, ThinkPad L590 20Q80000MZ, ThinkPad L590 20Q80000PB, ThinkPad L590 20Q80000XS, ThinkPad L590 20Q80001AD, ThinkPad L590 20Q80001GE, ThinkPad L590 20Q80001HV, ThinkPad L590 20Q80001ML, ThinkPad L590 20Q80001PB, ThinkPad L590 20Q80001PE, ThinkPad L590 20Q80002EQ, ThinkPad L590 20Q80002EU, ThinkPad L590 20Q80002MD, ThinkPad L590 20Q80002MN, ThinkPad L590 20Q80002MS, ThinkPad L590 20Q80002MX, ThinkPad L590 20Q80002PB, ThinkPad L590 20Q80002SP, ThinkPad L590 20Q80003AD, ThinkPad L590 20Q80003CX, ThinkPad L590 20Q80003PB, ThinkPad L590 20Q80003SP, ThinkPad L590 20Q80003UK, ThinkPad L590 20Q80004FR, ThinkPad L590 20Q80004MX, ThinkPad L590 20Q80004MZ, ThinkPad L590 20Q80004RI, ThinkPad L590 20Q80004SP, ThinkPad L590 20Q80004TX, ThinkPad L590 20Q80005MC, ThinkPad L590 20Q80005ML, ThinkPad L590 20Q80005PB, ThinkPad L590 20Q80005TX, ThinkPad L590 20Q80005UK, ThinkPad L590(20N40009GE), ThinkPad L590(20Q7/20Q8), ThinkPad L590(20Q7000XGE), ThinkPad L590(20Q7001BGE), ThinkPad L590(20Q7001CGE), ThinkPad L590(20Q7001CPB), ThinkPad L590(20Q7001CUK), ThinkPad L590(20Q7001HGE), ThinkPad L590(20Q700AMGE), ThinkPad L590(20Q700ANGE), ThinkPad L590-20Q70019GE, ThinkPad R480, ThinkPad R580