Original Lenovo L18D4PF1 L18M4PF1 Ideapad Yoga S740-15IRH Yoga C940 15IRH 9-15IMH5 Laptop Battery


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  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Condition: Brand New & Original
  • Voltage: 15.36V
  • Capacity: 4500mAh (69Wh)
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.


4ICP4/59/141, 5B10T83737, 5B10T83738, 5B10U65276, 5B10U65277, 5B10W67244, 5B10W67392, 5B10W69450, 5B10W69461, L18D4PF1, L18M4PF1, SB10W67267, SB10W69459


IdeaPad S740-15IRH, ideapad S740-15IRH Touch, ideapad S740-15IRH Touch-81NW, ideapad S740-15IRH Touch-81NW0000US, ideapad S740-15IRH Touch-81NW0001US, ideapad S740-15IRH Touch-81NW0002US, ideapad S740-15IRH Touch-81NW0003US, ideapad S740-15IRH Touch-81NW0004US, ideapad S740-15IRH Touch-81NW0006CF, ideapad S740-15IRH Touch-81NW0007CF, IdeaPad S740-15IRH-81NY, IdeaPad S740-15IRH-81NY0000US, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE0002US, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE0007US, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE0009US, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE000AUS, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE000BUK, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE000CAX, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE000DAX, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE000EAX, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE000FSB, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE000HMX, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE000JMX, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE000KUS, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE000MUS, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE000NMX, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE000PUK, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE000QRU, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE000RRU, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE000SRU, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE000TMX, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE000UMX, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE000VMX, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE000XGE, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE000YGE, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE0010GE, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE0012MZ, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE0013MZ, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE0014MZ, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE0015MZ, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE0016MZ, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE0017MZ, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE0018MZ, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE0019FR, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE001AFR, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE001BUK, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE001CRU, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE001DRU, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE001EMH, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE001FMH, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE001GMH, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE001KIV, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE001LIV, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE001MIV, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE001NIV, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE001PIV, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE001QIV, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE001RIV, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE001SIV, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE001TIV, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE001UIV, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE001VIV, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE001WIV, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE001XMH, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE001YMH, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE0020MH, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE0021SB, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE0022SB, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE0023SB, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE0024AX, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE0025MZ, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE0026RU, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE0027RU, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE0028MX, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE0029MX, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE002AMX, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE002BMZ, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE002CRU, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE002DAX, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE002ERU, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE002FMZ, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE002GRM, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE002HRM, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE002JRM, YOGA 9 15IMH5-82DE002KRM, Yoga 9-15IMH5, Yoga 9-15IMH5 82DE000GAU, Yoga 9-15IMH5 82DE0011AU, Yoga 9-15IMH5 82DE001HAU, Yoga 9-15IMH5 82DE001JAU, Yoga 9-15IMH5(82DE), Yoga 9-15IMH5(82DE000WGE), Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE0002US, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE0007US, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE0009US, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE000AUS, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE000BUK, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE000CAX, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE000DAX, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE000EAX, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE000FSB, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE000GAU, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE000HMX, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE000JMX, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE000KUS, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE000MUS, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE000NMX, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE000PUK, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE000QRU, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE000RRU, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE000SRU, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE000TMX, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE000UMX, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE000VMX, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE000WGE, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE000XGE, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE000YGE, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE0010GE, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE0011AU, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE0012MZ, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE0013MZ, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE0014MZ, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE0015MZ, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE0016MZ, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE0017MZ, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE0018MZ, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE0019FR, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE001AFR, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE001BUK, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE001CRU, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE001DRU, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE001EMH, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE001FMH, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE001GMH, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE001HAU, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE001JAU, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE001KIV, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE001LIV, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE001MIV, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE001NIV, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE001PIV, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE001QIV, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE001RIV, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE001SIV, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE001TIV, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE001UIV, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE001VIV, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE001WIV, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE001XMH, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE001YMH, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE0020MH, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE0021SB, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE0022SB, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE0023SB, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE0024AX, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE0025MZ, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE0026RU, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE0027RU, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE0028MX, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE0029MX, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE002AMX, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE002BMZ, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE002CRU, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE002DAX, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE002ERU, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE002FMZ, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE002GRM, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE002HRM, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE002JRM, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE002KRM, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE002MFR, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE002NFR, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE002PUS, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE002RAU, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE002SAU, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE002UUS, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE002VUS, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE002WUS, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE002XUS, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE0031US, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE0032US, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE0034SB, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE0035MZ, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE0036MZ, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE0037MX, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE0038UK, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE0039GE, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE003AMZ, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE003BMZ, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE003CAU, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE003DAU, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE003EMH, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE003FUK, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE003GMZ, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE003HIV, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE003JGE, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE003KGE, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE003LFR, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE003MFR, Yoga 9-15IMH5-82DE003NUK, Yoga C940-15, Yoga C940-15IRH, Yoga C940-15IRH 81TE0000US, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE0002US, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE0003US, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE0004US, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE0005US, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE0006SP, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE0007SP, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE0008MX, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE0009MX, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE000DUS, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE000ERU, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE000FRU, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE000HGE, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE000KGE, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE000LGE, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE000MMZ, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE000NMZ, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE000PMZ, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE000QRU, Yoga C940-15IRH 81TE000RMH, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE000SMH, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE000TMX, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE000UFR, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE000VFR, Yoga C940-15IRH 81TE000XMH, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE000YMH, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE0010MZ, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE0011MX, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE0012RU, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE0013RU, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE0014RU, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE0015RU, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE0016MX, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE0017UK, Yoga C940-15IRH 81TE0018GE, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE0019RM, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE001ARU, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE001BIV, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE001CIV, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE001DIV, Yoga C940-15IRH 81TE001EIV, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE001FIV, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE001GIV, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE001HIV, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE001JIV, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE001KIV, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE001LIV, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE001MIV, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE001NIV, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE001PMZ, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE001QMZ, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE001RRU, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE001SRU, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE001TFR, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE001UMH, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE001VRU, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE001WRU, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE001XRM, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE001YUS, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE0020MH, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE0021RM, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE0022PB, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE0023PB, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE0024PB, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE0025RU, YOGA C940-15IRH 81TE0026RU, Yoga C940-15IRH(81TE), Yoga C940-15IRH(81TE000BGE), Yoga C940-15IRH(81TE000CGE), Yoga C940-15IRH(81TE000GGE), Yoga C940-15IRH(81TE000JGE), Yoga C940-15IRH(81TE000WMZ), Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE0000US, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE0002US, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE0003US, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE0004US, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE0005US, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE0006SP, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE0007SP, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE0008MX, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE0009MX, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE000BGE, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE000CGE, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE000DUS, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE000ERU, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE000FRU, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE000GGE, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE000HGE, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE000JGE, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE000KGE, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE000LGE, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE000MMZ, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE000NMZ, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE000PMZ, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE000QRU, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE000RMH, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE000SMH, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE000TMX, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE000UFR, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE000VFR, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE000WMZ, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE000XMH, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE000YMH, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE0010MZ, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE0011MX, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE0012RU, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE0013RU, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE0014RU, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE0015RU, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE0016MX, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE0017UK, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE0018GE, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE0019RM, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE001ARU, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE001BIV, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE001CIV, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE001DIV, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE001EIV, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE001FIV, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE001GIV, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE001HIV, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE001JIV, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE001KIV, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE001LIV, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE001MIV, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE001NIV, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE001PMZ, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE001QMZ, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE001RRU, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE001SRU, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE001TFR, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE001UMH, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE001VRU, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE001WRU, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE001XRM, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE001YUS, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE0020MH, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE0021RM, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE0022PB, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE0023PB, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE0024PB, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE0025RU, Yoga C940-15IRH-81TE0026RU, Yoga S740-15IRH, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0000PH, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0001AU, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0002AU, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0003PH, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0005TX, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0006CK, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0007CK, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0008CK, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0009HH, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX000AHH, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX000BJP, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX000CHH, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX000DKR, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX000GKR, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX000HKR, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX000KPH, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX000LMX, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX000NSB, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX000PFR, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX000QFR, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX000RFR, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX000SFR, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX000USB, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX000VSB, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX000XTW, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX000YTW, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0013MZ, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0014IX, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0015RK, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0016PH, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0017PH, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0018KR, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0019KR, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX001AGE, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX001BGE, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX001CGE, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX001DRM, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX001ECL, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX001FMZ, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX001GMZ, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX001HAU, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX001JMJ, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX001KMJ, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX001LMJ, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX001MTA, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX001NTA, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX001PTA, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX001QTW, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX001RTW, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX001STW, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX001TJP, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX001UMX, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX001VRK, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX001WAU, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX001XMH, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX001YPG, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0020PG, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0021FR, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0022KR, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0023MH, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0024MH, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0025MH, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0026MB, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0027MB, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0028MB, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0029CK, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX002ACK, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX002BCK, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX002CTW, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX002DTW, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX002ETW, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX002FTW, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX002GTA, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX002HTA, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX002JTA, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX002KMJ, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX002LMJ, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX002MMJ, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX002NMH, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX002PHH, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX002QSB, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX002RSB, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX002SSB, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX002TPH, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX002UPH, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX002VHH, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX002WKR, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX002XKR, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX002YMX, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0030HH, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0031TW, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0032TW, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0033HH, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0034KR, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0035KR, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0036KR, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0037KR, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0038KR, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0039RK, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX003AHH, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX003BHH, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX003CHH, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX003DKR, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX003EKR, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX003FKR, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX003GRA, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX003HVN, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX003JRU, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX003KIV, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX003LIV, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX003MIV, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX003NIV, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX003PIV, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX003QIV, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX003SRU, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX003TRU, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX003URU, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX003VHV, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX003WAD, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX003XAD, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX003YAD, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0040RU, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0041AD, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0042AD, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0043AD, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0044PG, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0045PB, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0047IV, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0048IV, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0049IV, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX004AIV, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX004BIV, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX004CIV, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX004DLT, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX004FKR, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX004GAX, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX004HAX, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX004JAX, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX004KAX, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX004LRA, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX004MSC, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX004NMJ, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX004PMJ, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX004QMJ, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX004RRU, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX004SSB, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX004THH, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX004UHH, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX004VCK, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX004WCK, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX004XCK, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX004YHH, YOGA S740-15IRH 81NX0050HH, Yoga S740-15IRH(81NX), Yoga S740-15IRH(81NX0010MZ), Yoga S740-15IRH(81NX0011GE), Yoga S740-15IRH(81NX0012GE), Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0001AU, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0002AU, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0006CK, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0007CK, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0008CK, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0009HH, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX000AHH, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX000BJP, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX000CHH, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX000DKR, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX000GKR, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX000HKR, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX000LMX, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX000NSB, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX000PFR, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX000QFR, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX000RFR, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX000SFR, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX000USB, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX000VSB, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX000XTW, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX000YTW, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0010MZ, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0011GE, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0012GE, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0013MZ, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0014IX, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0015RK, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0018KR, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0019KR, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX001AGE, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX001BGE, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX001CGE, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX001DRM, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX001FMZ, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX001GMZ, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX001HAU, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX001JMJ, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX001KMJ, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX001LMJ, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX001MTA, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX001NTA, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX001PTA, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX001QTW, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX001RTW, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX001STW, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX001TJP, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX001UMX, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX001VRK, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX001WAU, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX001XMH, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX001YPG, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0020PG, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0021FR, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0022KR, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0023MH, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0024MH, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0025MH, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0026MB, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0027MB, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0028MB, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0029CK, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX002ACK, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX002BCK, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX002CTW, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX002DTW, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX002ETW, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX002FTW, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX002GTA, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX002HTA, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX002JTA, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX002KMJ, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX002LMJ, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX002MMJ, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX002NMH, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX002PHH, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX002QSB, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX002RSB, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX002SSB, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX002VHH, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX002WKR, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX002XKR, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX002YMX, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0030HH, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0031TW, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0032TW, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0033HH, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0034KR, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0035KR, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0036KR, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0037KR, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0038KR, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0039RK, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX003AHH, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX003BHH, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX003CHH, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX003DKR, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX003EKR, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX003FKR, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX003GRA, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX003HVN, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX003JRU, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX003KIV, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX003LIV, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX003MIV, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX003NIV, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX003PIV, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX003QIV, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX003SRU, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX003TRU, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX003URU, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX003VHV, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX003WAD, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX003XAD, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX003YAD, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0040RU, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0041AD, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0042AD, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0043AD, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0044PG, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0045PB, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0047IV, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0048IV, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0049IV, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX004AIV, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX004BIV, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX004CIV, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX004DLT, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX004FKR, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX004GAX, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX004HAX, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX004JAX, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX004KAX, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX004LRA, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX004MSC, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX004NMJ, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX004PMJ, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX004QMJ, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX004RRU, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX004SSB, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX004THH, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX004UHH, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX004VCK, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX004WCK, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX004XCK, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX004YHH, Yoga S740-15IRH-81NX0050HH