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Product description

  • Voltage: 11.1 V
  • Capacity: 87Wh
  • Cell: 9-cell
  • Type: Li-ion
  • 100% New battery from Manufacturer
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

Compatible With Part Number:

3ICR18/65-3, 957-16FXXP-101, BP/BP-16F1-33/2600 S, BTY-GS70, BTY-M6D, S9N-3496200-M47

Compatible Laptop Models:

937-16F336-024, 937-16F336-025, 937-16F336-026, 937-176252-007, 937-176252-025, 1762, 1763, 17631, CR720, CZ-15, CZ-17, E6603, E6603 Series, E6603-453RU, E6603-454RU, E6603-499RU, E6605R-636FR, Eraser X6111, Eraser X6811, Eraser X6812, Erazer X6813, Erazor x7827, Erazor X7829, Evo HX7-200, Evo HX7-250, G51-N1C0X23, GE60 2OE-035CN, GS70, GT60, GT60 0NC, GT60 0NC-004US, GT60 0NC-007, GT60 0NC-008RU, GT60 0NC-016, GT60 0ND-086CZ, GT60 0ND-093NL, GT60 0ND-099FR, GT60 0ND-202UK, GT60 0ND-250US, GT60 0ND-448UK, GT60 0NE-220US, GT60 0NE-249US, GT60 0NE-415AU, GT60 0NE 206CN, GT60 0NG Workstation, GT60 0NR-004US, GT60 2OC, GT60 2OC-003US, GT60 2OC-022US, GT60 2OC-024US, GT60 2OC-213AU, GT60 2OD, GT60 2OD-026US, GT60 2OD-053FR, GT60 2OD-092UK, GT60 2OD 3K IPS Edition, GT60 2OJ, GT60 2OJ Workstation, GT60 2PC-607CN, GT60 2PC-608XCN, GT60 2PC Dominator, GT60 2PC Dominator 3K Edition, GT60 2PE, GT60 2PE-475US, GT60 2PE-606CN, GT60 2PE-1054CN, GT60 2PE-1055CN, GT60 2PE Dominator 3K Edition, GT60 2PE Dominator Pro, GT60 2QD, GT60 2QD-1066US, GT60 2QD-1068AU, GT60 2QD-1070FR, GT60 2QD-1077XFR, GT60 2QD-1082AU, GT60 2QD-1084JP, GT60 2QD-1086CZ, GT60 2QD-1206AU, GT60 2QD-1213FR, GT60 2QD-1220MY, GT60 2QD-1227XCN, GT60 2QD-1242CZ, GT60 2QD 1074UK, GT60 2QD Dominator, GT60 2QE-1215ES, GT60 2QE-1223UK, GT60 20C, GT60 OND-490XFR, GT60 Series, GT60 WSPH-7216257BW, GT60(MS-16F3), GT60(MS-16F4), GT60-0NJ, GT60ONC-080XCN, GT60ONC-221CN, GT70, GT70 0NC-002US, GT70 0NC-008US, GT70 0NC-011US, GT70 0NC-012US, GT70 0NC-013US, GT70 0NC-014FR, GT70 0NC-015UK, GT70 0NC-254CN, GT70 0ND-202US, GT70 0ND-214US, GT70 0ND-219US, GT70 0ND-244UK, GT70 0ND-261UK, GT70 0ND-444US, GT70 0ND-491US, GT70 0ND-492US, GT70 0ND-494US, GT70 0ND-663CN, GT70 0ND-692CN, GT70 0ND-860XCN, GT70 0ND-1081XCN, GT70 0NE-255FR, GT70 0NE-276U, GT70 0NE-416US, GT70 0NE-446US, GT70 0NE-452US, GT70 0NE-459CN, GT70 0NE-676CN, GT70 0NE-845CN, GT70 0NE-1007CN, GT70 0NE-1008CN, GT70 0NSR-008US, GT70 0NSR-015UK, GT70 0NSR-016UK, GT70 2OC-065US, GT70 2OC-213CN, GT70 2OD, GT70 2OD-056AU, GT70 2OD-061CN, GT70 2OD-089US, GT70 2OD-212CN, GT70 2OD-473CN, GT70 2PC, GT70 2PC-1215XFR, GT70 2PC-1888RU, GT70 2PE-890US, GT70 2QD, GT70 2QD-2432FR, GT70 20C, GT70 20C-213CN, GT70 20C-244XCN, GT70 20D, GT70 20D-284CN, GT70 20D-883CN, GT70 20D-885CN, GT70 20KWS, GT70 20KWS-1024FRK, GT70 ONC-097CN, GT70 ONC-217XCN, GT70 OND, GT70 OND-437CN, GT70 ONE, GT70 Series, GT70-0ND-204US, GT70-008, GT70-2OD, GT70-i789BLW7H 001762-SKU3, GT70H, GT70H-80M4811B, GT70PH-i7169BWW7H, GT78 0DXR, GT600ND-232XCN, GT600ND-429CN, GT600ND-447XCN, GT600ND-485CN, GT600ND-495CN, GT600NE-206CN, GT600NE-251CN, GT600NE-431CN, GT660, GT660 Series, GT660-003US, GT660-004CA, GT660-448PL, GT660-i7-740QM, GT660R, GT660R-003, GT660R-004, GT660R-004US, GT660R-004US 9S7-16F121-494, GT660R-205NL, GT660R-494US, GT660R-i74129BLW7P, GT660R Series, GT663, GT663 Series, GT663-004, GT663-415NE, GT663-417CS, GT663-436NL, GT663-437BE, GT663-626XID, GT663R, GT663R-i7468BLW7P, GT663R Seri3es, GT670, GT670 Series, GT680, GT680 Series, GT680-035UK, GT680-037UK, GT680-055AU, GT680-057AU, GT680-057AU 9S7-16F211-008, GT680DX, GT680DXR, GT680DXR Series, GT680DX Series, GT680R, GT680R-008US, GT680R Series, GT683, GT683 DX, GT683 DXR, GT683 Series, GT683-246US, GT683-278au, GT683-279au, GT683-441AU, GT683DX, GT683DX-461RU, GT683DX-470NL, GT683DX-475XPL, GT683DX-603, GT683DX-608NE, GT683DX-619BE, GT683DX-631XPL, GT683DX-648NE, GT683DX-690CS, GT683DX-804UK, GT683DX-I789BLW7H, GT683DX-I71691BLW7H, GT683DXR, GT683DXR-423US, GT683DXR-427US, GT683DXR-455FR, GT683DXR-473US, GT683DXR-478FR, GT683DXR-479UK, GT683DXR-489US, GT683DXR-600FR, GT683DXR-603US, GT683DXR-633US, GT683DXR-634US, GT683DXR-I002PL, GT683DXR-I7810BLW7H, GT683DXR-S1, GT683DXR 423US, GT683DXR 427US, GT683DXR Series, GT683DX Series, GT683R, GT683R-242US, GT683R-246FR, GT683R-272ES, GT683R i768BLW7P, GT683R Series, GT685, GT685 SERIES, GT685-818US, GT685-822AU, GT685H-i78912BLW7H(0016F21580-SKU1), GT685R, GT685R-837NL, GT685R SERIES, GT760, GT760 Series, GT760R, GT760R Series, GT780, GT780 DX, GT780 R, GT780 Series, GT780-051AU, GT780-221US, GT780-406US, GT780D, GT780D Series, GT780DX, GT780DX-215US, GT780DX-263US, GT780DX-406US, GT780DX-i767W7H, GT780DX-i789BLW7H(1761-SKU9), GT780DX-I7169, GT780DX-I7810BLW7H, GT780DX-i71691BLW7H 176112-SKU5, GT780DX-X1, GT780DX-X8, GT780DX 215US, GT780DXR, GT780DXR-095US, GT780DXR-096US, GT780DXR-099US, GT780DXR-200US, GT780DXR-278US, GT780DXR-279US, GT780DXR-290UK, GT780DXR-405US, GT780DXR-446US, GT780DXR-447US, GT780DXR-609UK, GT780DXR-619UK, GT780DXR-621UK, GT780DXR 095US, GT780DXR 099US, GT780DXR Series, GT780DX Series, GT780R, GT780R-012BT, GT780R-012US, GT780R-014US, GT780R-221US, GT780R Series, GT783, GT783 SERIES, GT783-625US, GT783-639AU, GT783-659FR, GT783-662NL, GT783-680UK, GT783P-i71625BLW7H(01761580-SKU1), GT783R, GT783R-625US, GT783R-658US, GT783R-679US, GT783R-685US, GT783R SERIES, GT6020C-012CN, GT6020C-054XCN, GT6020C-211CN, GT6020D-011CN, GT6020D-036CN, GT6020D-063CN, GT6020D-238CN, GX60, GX60 1AC, GX60 1AC(MS-16FK), GX60 1AC-003CN, GX60 1AC-008UK, GX60 1AC-014, GX60 1AC-021US, GX60 1AC Hitman Edition, GX60 3AE, GX60 3BE(MS-16FK), GX60 3CC(MS-16FK), GX60 3CC Destroyer, GX60 SERIES, GX60-1AC-001FR, GX60-A10797287B, GX60-A10897287, GX70, GX70 3BE, GX70 3BE(MS-176K), GX70 3CC(MS-176K), GX70 3CC Destroyer, GX70-3BE-007US, GX70-3CC87FD, GX70-A10897287, GX70H-A108972811B, GX600-084UK, GX660, GX660 Series, GX660(MS-16F1), GX660-0523US, GX660-053US, GX660-053US 9S7-16F121-260, GX660-071CZ, GX660-076EU, GX660-249NL, GX660-251BE, GX660-253EU, GX660-260US, GX660-262IT, GX660-266NE, GX660-495XPL, GX660-605FR, GX660-619NL, GX660-621BE, GX660-622NE, GX660-623EU, GX660-624CS, GX660-648IT, GX660D, GX660D Series, GX660DX, GX660DXR, GX660DXR Series, GX660DX Series, GX660R, GX660R(MS-16F1), GX660R-060US, GX660R-075FR, GX660R-090NL, GX660R-091BE, GX660R-095CZ, GX660R-098EU, GX660R-284UK, GX660R-474UK, GX660R-490NE, GX660R-i7468LW7P, GX660R-i7488LW7P, GX660R-i7488LW7P 9S7-16F121-053, GX660R-i54510Q, GX660R Series, GX680, GX680 Series, GX680(MS-16F2), GX680-204JP, GX680-245US, GX680R, GX680R-i548LW7P, GX680R-i548LW7P GX680R-i748LW7P, GX680R-i748LW7P, GX680R Series, GX780, GX780 Series, GX780(MS-1761), GX780-011US, GX780-013US, GX780DX, GX780DXR, GX780DXR Series, GX780DX Series, GX780R, GX780R-024CS, GX780R-i548LW7P, GX780R-i748W7P, GX780R Series, MS-16F2, MS-16F3, MS-16F33, MS-1726, MS-1762, MS-1763, MS-17625, MS-17626, MS16F3, MS1762, WT70 2OK, WT70 2OK-2277US, WT70 2OL, WT70 2OL-1614US, x7-200, Z70, Z70 2BA-1247CN, Z70 2PE