Original PH06 HP ProBook 4520s 4320s 4321s 4325s 4326s 4420s 4421s 4525s 4720s Laptop battery


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  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified ensure safety.
  • Grade A cells battery, 500+ recharge cycles.
  • 24x7 Customer Support, Reach Us by Call, WhatsApp, Email.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.


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ProBook 4326s, ProBook 4325s, ProBook 4425s, ProBook 4421s, ProBook 4525s, ProBook 4420s, ProBook 4321s, ProBook 4321, 4320t, ProBook 4520s, ProBook 4520, ProBook 4320s, ProBook 4320

326, 621, 625, 425, 325, 620, 320, 321, 420, 421

420-LK544LT Compaq 320-WS033AA ProBook 4320S-WS974ESR ProBook 4520S-WR005PA 420-LK545LT Compaq 320-WT914PA ProBook 4320S-WT003ES ProBook 4520S-WR024PA 420-WS048AA Compaq 320-WT915PA ProBook 4320S-WT005ES ProBook 4520S-WS702ESR 420-WS049AA Compaq 320-WT945PA ProBook 4320S-WT043ES ProBook 4520S-WS711EA 420-WU758LA Compaq 320-WT979PA ProBook 4320S-WT051ES ProBook 4520S-WS714EA 420-WU759LA Compaq 320-WW329PA ProBook 4320S-WT052ES ProBook 4520S-WS720EA 420-WU760LAR Compaq 320-WW343PA ProBook 4320S-WT070ES ProBook 4520S-WS720EAR 420-XL402LT Compaq 320-WW344PA ProBook 4320S-WT153EA ProBook 4520S-WS722EAR 425-LK546LT Compaq 320-WZ042PA ProBook 4320S-WT550PP ProBook 4520S-WS726EAR 425-LK575LT Compaq 320-WZ050PA ProBook 4320S-WT947PA ProBook 4520S-WS745EAR 425-LS013LT Compaq 320-WZ065PA ProBook 4320S-WZ247UTR ProBook 4520S-WS746EA 425-WZ225UTR Compaq 320-WZ076PA ProBook 4320S-XL251PA ProBook 4520S-WS752EA 425-XA611AA Compaq 320-XB670PA ProBook 4320S-XN639ES ProBook 4520S-WS753EA 4320S-A2N47PA Compaq 320-XB700PA ProBook 4320S-XN667ES ProBook 4520S-WS857ESR 4320T-LB163AA Compaq 320-XB702PA ProBook 4320S-XN668ES ProBook 4520S-WS879EA 4320T-XA661AA Compaq 320-XB708PA ProBook 4320S-XN762ES ProBook 4520S-WS925ES 4320T-XA663AA Compaq 320-XB741PA ProBook 4320S-XN869EAR ProBook 4520S-WS929ES 4320T-XB730PA Compaq 320-XD099PA ProBook 4320S-XT939UT ProBook 4520S-WS972ES 4320T-XB731PA Compaq 320-XL267PA ProBook 4320S-XT983UT ProBook 4520S-WT006ES 4320T-XR944AA Compaq 321 ProBook 4320S-XU094U8 ProBook 4520S-WT008ES 4320T-XR946AA Compaq 321-LC036PA ProBook 4320S-XX911ES ProBook 4520S-WT010ES 4321S-LC070PA Compaq 321-WS034AA ProBook 4320S-XX914ES ProBook 4520S-WT017ES 4321S-LW970PA Compaq 321-WT906PA ProBook 4320S-XX918ES ProBook 4520S-WT018ES 4321S-XD071PA Compaq 321-WT908PA ProBook 4320S-XX922ES ProBook 4520S-WT040ES 4321S-XD072PA Compaq 321-WT969PA ProBook 4321 ProBook 4520S-WT054ES 4321S-XD073PA Compaq 321-WT980PA ProBook 4321S ProBook 4520S-WT115EA 4321S-XD074PA Compaq 321-WW335PA ProBook 4321S-A2P12PA ProBook 4520S-WT116EAR 4321S-XD139PA Compaq 321-WZ043PA ProBook 4321S-LC010PA ProBook 4520S-WT117EAR 4321S-XU357PA Compaq 321-WZ053PA ProBook 4321S-LC031PA ProBook 4520S-WT120EAR 4321S-XU359PA Compaq 321-WZ054PA ProBook 4321S-WP416PA ProBook 4520S-WT123EAR 4321S-XV991PA Compaq 321-WZ066PA ProBook 4321S-WP418PA ProBook 4520S-WT127EA 4321S-XY426PA Compaq 321-WZ073PA ProBook 4321S-WW350PA ProBook 4520S-WT128EA 4420S-LC060PA Compaq 321-WZ074PA ProBook 4321S-WW357PA ProBook 4520S-WT135EA 4420S-LH948PA Compaq 321-WZ075PA ProBook 4321S-WW364PA ProBook 4520S-WT154EAR 4420S-LK643LT Compaq 321-WZ078PA ProBook 4321S-XL200PA ProBook 4520S-WT285EA 4420S-LV477PA Compaq 321-WZ080PA ProBook 4321S-XL238PA ProBook 4520S-WT291EAR 4420S-XD101PA Compaq 321-XL272PA ProBook 4325S ProBook 4520S-WT293EA 4420S-XL249PA Compaq 321-XP844PA ProBook 4325S-WV518AA ProBook 4520S-WT298EA 4420S-XL370LT Compaq 321-XP846PA ProBook 4326S ProBook 4520S-WT553PP 4420S-XP918PA Compaq 321-XY352PA ProBook 4326S-LC052PA ProBook 4520S-WT688PA 4420S-XY405PA Compaq 325-WZ114PA ProBook 4326S-WV524AA ProBook 4520S-WT728PA 4420S-XY422PA Compaq 325-XA609AA ProBook 4326S-WW407PA ProBook 4520S-WT739PA 4420S-XY423PA Compaq 325-XB742PA ProBook 4326S-WW410PA ProBook 4520S-WT935PA 4420S-XY432PA Compaq 325-XD131PA ProBook 4326S-WW415PA ProBook 4520S-WT952PA 4421S-LC071PA Compaq 325-XP921PA ProBook 4326S-XY360PA ProBook 4520S-WW233LA 4421S-LJ725PA Compaq 325-XV990PA ProBook 4420S ProBook 4520S-WW351PA 4421S-LJ726PA Compaq 326-WZ108PA ProBook 4420S-SJ565UP ProBook 4520S-WW860LA 4421S-LJ843PA Compaq 326-WZ109PA ProBook 4420S-WH291UT ProBook 4520S-WZ037PA 4421S-XB678PA Compaq 326-WZ111PA ProBook 4420S-WH292UTR ProBook 4520S-WZ048PA 4421S-XD138PA Compaq 326-XA606AA ProBook 4420S-WH301UT ProBook 4520S-WZ049PA 4421S-XL202PA Compaq 326-XD114PA ProBook 4420S-WP460PA ProBook 4520S-WZ058PA 4421S-XU313PA Compaq 326-XD145PA ProBook 4420S-WQ429LA ProBook 4520S-WZ060PA 4421S-XU362PA Compaq 326-XD146PA ProBook 4420S-WQ429LAR ProBook 4520S-WZ061PA 4421S-XY439PA Compaq 326-XD147PA ProBook 4420S-WQ430LA ProBook 4520S-WZ062PA 4520S-QG676PA Compaq 326-XL221PA ProBook 4420S-WR009PA ProBook 4520S-WZ082PA 4520S-XC954PP Compaq 326-XL261PA ProBook 4420S-WT387PA ProBook 4520S-WZ091PA 4520S-XX973EA Compaq 326-XL262PA ProBook 4420S-WT401PA ProBook 4520S-WZ092PA 4525S-LH331EA Compaq 326-XL263PA ProBook 4420S-WT552PP ProBook 4520S-WZ127PAR 4525S-XX804EA Compaq 326-XP852PA ProBook 4420S-WT924PA ProBook 4520S-WZ130PA 4525S-XY012EA Compaq 326-XP854PA ProBook 4420S-WW340PA ProBook 4520S-WZ254UT 620-LH272ES Compaq 326-XP922PA ProBook 4420S-WW371PA ProBook 4520S-WZ262UT 620-WD667EA Compaq 420 ProBook 4420S-WW861LA ProBook 4520S-WZ263UT 620-WD668EAR Compaq 420-LC003PA ProBook 4420S-WX958PP ProBook 4520S-WZ265UT 620-WD671EA Compaq 420-LE582LT ProBook 4420S-WZ249UT ProBook 4520S-XA616PP 620-WD673EA Compaq 420-LH936PA ProBook 4420S-XT942UT ProBook 4520S-XA617PP 620-WD676EA Compaq 420-WS037AA ProBook 4420S-XT985UT ProBook 4520S-XB689PA 620-WD677EA Compaq 420-WT741PA ProBook 4420S-XT987UT ProBook 4520S-XD076PA 620-WD679EAR Compaq 420-WT894PA ProBook 4420S-XY421PA ProBook 4520S-XL183PA 620-WD681EA Compaq 420-WT922PA ProBook 4421S ProBook 4520S-XL185PA 620-WH336UT Compaq 420-WW380PA ProBook 4421S-WJ342AA ProBook 4520S-XL208PA 620-WK335EA Compaq 420-WW405PA ProBook 4421S-WJ343AA ProBook 4520S-XL212PA 620-WK335EAR Compaq 420-WZ067PA ProBook 4421S-WJ344AA ProBook 4520S-XN572EA 620-WK336EA Compaq 420-WZ068PA ProBook 4421S-WQ998PA ProBook 4520S-XN573EA 620-WK338EA Compaq 420-XB682PA ProBook 4421S-WT412PA ProBook 4520S-XN607ES 620-WK340EA Compaq 420-XB751PA ProBook 4421S-WW360PA ProBook 4520S-XN608ES 620-WK341EA Compaq 420-XD094PA ProBook 4421S-WW370PA ProBook 4520S-XN610ES 620-WK342EA Compaq 420-XL188PA ProBook 4421S-WW384PA ProBook 4520S-XN611ES 620-WK344EA Compaq 420-XL222PA ProBook 4421S-WW386PA ProBook 4520S-XN612ES 620-WK347EA Compaq 420-XV108LT ProBook 4421S-XB712PA ProBook 4520S-XN613ES 620-WK348EA Compaq 420-XY391PA ProBook 4425S ProBook 4520S-XN627ES 620-WK350EA Compaq 420-XY427PA ProBook 4425S-LE606LA ProBook 4520S-XN628ES 620-WK351EA Compaq 421 ProBook 4425S-WZ219UTR ProBook 4520S-XN640ES 620-WK352EAR Compaq 421-LC072PA ProBook 4425S-WZ222UTR ProBook 4520S-XN640ESR 620-WK353EA Compaq 421-LJ713PA ProBook 4425S-WZ223UTR ProBook 4520S-XN641ES 620-WK367EA Compaq 421-WS038AA ProBook 4425S-XA962LA ProBook 4520S-XN641ESR 620-WK367EAR Compaq 421-WS039AA ProBook 4425S-XA963LA ProBook 4520S-XN655ES 620-WK371EA Compaq 421-WW336PA ProBook 4520 ProBook 4520S-XN657ES 620-WK371EAR Compaq 425-XL408LT ProBook 4520S ProBook 4520S-XN666ES 620-WK372EA Compaq 620 ProBook 4520S-BS857US ProBook 4520S-XN670ES 620-WK416EA Compaq 620-LH918PA ProBook 4520S-BS861US ProBook 4520S-XN671ES 620-WK424EA Compaq 620-LH919PA ProBook 4520S-BT053US ProBook 4520S-XN671ESR 620-WK425EA Compaq 620-LH938PA ProBook 4520S-BT268US ProBook 4520S-XN672ES 620-WK426EA Compaq 620-WS040AA ProBook 4520S-BV138US ProBook 4520S-XN678ES 620-WK428EA Compaq 620-WT224EA ProBook 4520S-BV268US ProBook 4520S-XN679ES 620-WK430EA Compaq 620-WT247EA ProBook 4520S-BW251US ProBook 4520S-XN696ESR 620-WK431EA Compaq 620-WT920PA ProBook 4520S-BW598US ProBook 4520S-XN698ES 620-WK437EA Compaq 620-WT921PA ProBook 4520S-BW598USR ProBook 4520S-XN700ES 620-WK437EAR Compaq 620-WW396PA ProBook 4520S-BW626US ProBook 4520S-XN726ES 620-WK439EA Compaq 620-WW399PA ProBook 4520S-BZ117US ProBook 4520S-XN732ES 620-WK503EA Compaq 620-WZ040PA ProBook 4520S-BZ849US ProBook 4520S-XN759ES 620-WK504EA Compaq 620-WZ070PA ProBook 4520S-LC014PA ProBook 4520S-XN783ES 620-WS050AA Compaq 620-XB704PA ProBook 4520S-LC015PA ProBook 4520S-XP869PA 620-WS051AA Compaq 620-XB705PA ProBook 4520S-LC058PA ProBook 4520S-XP870PA 620-WS052AA Compaq 620-XN581EA ProBook 4520S-LC067PA ProBook 4520S-XP871PA 620-WS053AA Compaq 620-XN588EA ProBook 4520S-LC073PA ProBook 4520S-XP872PA 620-WS053AAR Compaq 620-XN815EA ProBook 4520S-LC074PA ProBook 4520S-XP874PA 620-WS727EA Compaq 620-XP906PA ProBook 4520S-LC085PA ProBook 4520S-XP924PA 620-WS728EA Compaq 620-XX933EA ProBook 4520S-LH207ES ProBook 4520S-XQ901PC 620-WS732EA Compaq 620-XX934EA ProBook 4520S-LH207ESR ProBook 4520S-XR163LA 620-WS733EA Compaq 621 ProBook 4520S-LH208ESR ProBook 4520S-XR177LA 620-WS734EA Compaq 621-LC002PA ProBook 4520S-LH250ES ProBook 4520S-XR178LA 620-WS735EA Compaq 621-WT982PA ProBook 4520S-LH891PA ProBook 4520S-XR193LS 620-WS736EA Compaq 621-WZ056PA ProBook 4520S-LH911PA ProBook 4520S-XT945UTR 620-WS737EA Compaq 621-WZ057PA ProBook 4520S-LJ724PA ProBook 4520S-XT946UTR 620-WS740EA Compaq 621-WZ071PA ProBook 4520S-QL715US ProBook 4520S-XT965UT 620-WS741EA Compaq 621-XY376PA ProBook 4520S-SL187UP ProBook 4520S-XT972UT 620-WS742EA Compaq 621-XY377PA ProBook 4520S-SL307UP ProBook 4520S-XT991UT 620-WS742EAR Compaq 625-WT102EA ProBook 4520S-WD838EA ProBook 4520S-XT998UT 620-WS743EAR Compaq 625-XN820EA ProBook 4520S-WD838EAR ProBook 4520S-XU327PA 620-WS769EA Compaq 625-XN821EA ProBook 4520S-WD843EAR ProBook 4520S-XX744EA 620-WS848ESR Compaq 625-XN832EA ProBook 4520S-WD846EA ProBook 4520S-XX752EAR 620-WS891EA Compaq 625-XN833EA ProBook 4520S-WD849EAR ProBook 4520S-XX757EA 620-WS894EA Compaq 625-XN844EA ProBook 4520S-WD850EA ProBook 4520S-XX758EA 620-WS915ES Compaq 625-XN852EA ProBook 4520S-WD850EAR ProBook 4520S-XX759EA 620-WS935ES Compaq 625-XX937EA ProBook 4520S-WD852EAR ProBook 4520S-XX765EA 620-WS966ESR ProBook 4320 ProBook 4520S-WD855EAR ProBook 4520S-XX779EA 620-WS976ES ProBook 4320S ProBook 4520S-WD857EA ProBook 4520S-XX786EA 620-WS979ES ProBook 4320S-BT231US ProBook 4520S-WD858EA ProBook 4520S-XX787EA 620-WT046ESR ProBook 4320S-BU245US ProBook 4520S-WD858EAR ProBook 4520S-XX788EA 620-WT049ES ProBook 4320S-BU623US ProBook 4520S-WD860EA ProBook 4520S-XX823EA 620-WT050ES ProBook 4320S-BU636US ProBook 4520S-WD901EA ProBook 4520S-XX846EAR 620-WT059ES ProBook 4320S-LH213ES ProBook 4520S-WD906EA ProBook 4520S-XX851EA 620-WT060ES ProBook 4320S-QM142US ProBook 4520S-WD908EA ProBook 4520S-XX853EA 620-WT067ES ProBook 4320S-SJ399UC ProBook 4520S-WD909EAR ProBook 4520S-XX858EA 620-WT068ES ProBook 4320S-SJ487UC ProBook 4520S-WD912EA ProBook 4520S-XX863EA 620-WT068ESR ProBook 4320S-SJ497UC ProBook 4520S-WD915EA ProBook 4520S-XX919ES 620-WT094EA ProBook 4320S-WD862EA ProBook 4520S-WH288UT ProBook 4520S-XX927EA 620-WT095EA ProBook 4320S-WD862EAR ProBook 4520S-WH289UTR ProBook 4520S-XY027ES 620-WT096EA ProBook 4320S-WD863EA ProBook 4520S-WH290UT ProBook 4520S-XY030ES 620-WT097EA ProBook 4320S-WD864EA ProBook 4520S-WH290UTR ProBook 4520S-XY040ES 620-WT099EA ProBook 4320S-WD864EAR ProBook 4520S-WH298UT ProBook 4520S-XY435PA 620-WT100EA ProBook 4320S-WD866EA ProBook 4520S-WH299UT ProBook 4520S-XY436PA 620-WT138EA ProBook 4320S-WD868EA ProBook 4520S-WH311UAR ProBook 4525S 620-WT187ES ProBook 4320S-WD870EA ProBook 4520S-WJ345AA ProBook 4525S-LK633LA 620-WT188ES ProBook 4320S-WD870EAR ProBook 4520S-WJ346AA ProBook 4525S-QN408US 620-WT242EA ProBook 4320S-WD873EA ProBook 4520S-WK319EAR ProBook 4525S-WK392EA 620-WT243EA ProBook 4320S-WD874EA ProBook 4520S-WK321EA ProBook 4525S-WK394EA 620-WT245EA ProBook 4320S-WD876EAR ProBook 4520S-WK328EA ProBook 4525S-WK395EA 620-WT248EA ProBook 4320S-WD896EA ProBook 4520S-WK329EAR ProBook 4525S-WK401EA 620-WT254EA ProBook 4320S-WD897EAR ProBook 4520S-WK331EA ProBook 4525S-WK404EA 620-WT255EA ProBook 4320S-WD902EA ProBook 4520S-WK360EA ProBook 4525S-WK411EA 620-WT256EA ProBook 4320S-WD910EA ProBook 4520S-WK360EAR ProBook 4525S-WS839EA 620-WT258EA ProBook 4320S-WD913EAR ProBook 4520S-WK363EA ProBook 4525S-WV494AA 620-WT260EA ProBook 4320S-WH294UTR ProBook 4520S-WK366EA ProBook 4525S-WV495AA 620-WT262EA ProBook 4320S-WH295UT ProBook 4520S-WK368EA ProBook 4525S-WZ093PA 620-WZ258UTR ProBook 4320S-WH303UTR ProBook 4520S-WK368EAR ProBook 4525S-XP929PA 620-XU002UT ProBook 4320S-WJ333AA ProBook 4520S-WK369EA ProBook 4525S-XT963UT 620-XU003UT ProBook 4320S-WJ337AA ProBook 4520S-WK373EAR ProBook 4525S-XT978UT 620-XU006UA ProBook 4320S-WK322EA ProBook 4520S-WK374EA ProBook 4720S-WD882EA 620-XX978EA ProBook 4320S-WK325EAR ProBook 4520S-WK374EAR ProBook 4720S-WD884EA 620-XX990EA ProBook 4320S-WK377EA ProBook 4520S-WK376EA ProBook 4720S-WD885EA 625-VW699EC ProBook 4320S-WK389EAR ProBook 4520S-WK381EAR ProBook 4720S-WD888EA 625-WS775EAR ProBook 4320S-WK415EA ProBook 4520S-WK384EA ProBook 4720S-WD889EA 625-WS778EAR ProBook 4320S-WK492ES ProBook 4520S-WK384EAR ProBook 4720S-WD890EA 625-WS780EAR ProBook 4320S-WK508EAR ProBook 4520S-WK407EA ProBook 4720S-WD891EAR 625-WS782EAR ProBook 4320S-WK509EA ProBook 4520S-WK407EAR ProBook 4720S-WD893EA 625-WS786EAR ProBook 4320S-WK522EA ProBook 4520S-WK487ESR ProBook 4720S-WD894EA 625-WS789EA ProBook 4320S-WQ431LA ProBook 4520S-WK506EA ProBook 4720S-WD903EA 625-WS831EAR ProBook 4320S-WQ431LAR ProBook 4520S-WK511EA ProBook 4720S-WD903EAR 625-WS832EAR ProBook 4320S-WQ432LA ProBook 4520S-WK512EA ProBook 4720S-WD904EA 625-WS833EAR ProBook 4320S-WQ444LA ProBook 4520S-WK515EA ProBook 4720S-WD905EA 625-WS834EAR ProBook 4320S-WQ994PA ProBook 4520S-WK521EA ProBook 4720S-WD916EAR 625-WS835EAR ProBook 4320S-WQ995PA ProBook 4520S-WK521EAR ProBook 4720S-WH287UT 625-WS836EAR ProBook 4320S-WS705EA ProBook 4520S-WK523ES ProBook 4720S-WH296UT 625-WS865EAR ProBook 4320S-WS706EA ProBook 4520S-WP420PA ProBook 4720S-WH296UTR 625-WT019ES ProBook 4320S-WS707EA ProBook 4520S-WQ427LA ProBook 4720S-WH297UTR 625-WT105EA ProBook 4320S-WS708EAR ProBook 4520S-WQ427LAR ProBook 4720S-WJ352AA 625-WT107EA ProBook 4320S-WS739EA ProBook 4520S-WQ428LA ProBook 4720S-WJ354AA 625-WT143EA ProBook 4320S-WS744EA ProBook 4520S-WQ935PA ProBook 4720S-WP426PA 625-WT147EA ProBook 4320S-WS747EAR ProBook 4520S-WQ979PA ProBook 4720S-WQ425LA 625-WT268EA ProBook 4320S-WS866EAR ProBook 4520S-WQ980PA ProBook 4720S-WQ425-LA 625-WT269EA ProBook 4320S-WS867EAR ProBook 4520S-WQ984PA ProBook 4720S-WQ425LAR 625-WT280EA ProBook 4320S-WS874EAR ProBook 4520S-WQ985PA ProBook 4720S-WQ425-LAR 625-XA615AA ProBook 4320S-WS904EA ProBook 4520S-WQ989PA ProBook 4720S-WQ426LA 625-XU004UT ProBook 4320S-WS905EAR ProBook 4520S-WQ991PA ProBook 4720S-WQ426LAR Compaq 320 ProBook 4320S-WS930ESR ProBook 4520S-WQ992PA ProBook 4720S-WQ936PA Compaq 320-WS032AA ProBook 4320S-WS949ES ProBook 4520S-WQ993PA ProBook 4720S-WT680PA