Original 19.5V 11.8A 230W TPN-LA10 HP Omen 17-AN001NIA, Omen X 2S 15-dg0020TX Laptop Charger

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  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 19.5V
  • Output Current: 11.8A (230W)
  • Connector: 7.4mm*5.0mm
  • Color: black
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  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.


924942-001, 925141-850, L38011-003, PA-1231-08HT, TPN-DA12, TPN-LA10


Omen 17-AN001NIA, Omen 17-AN001NJ, Omen 17-AN001NK, Omen 17-AN001NT, Omen 17-AN002NA, Omen 17-AN002NI, Omen 17-AN002NIA, Omen 17-AN002NK, Omen 17-AN002NL, Omen 17-AN002NO, Omen 17-AN002NQ, Omen 17-AN002NS, Omen 17-AN002NT, Omen 17-AN002TX, Omen 17-AN003LA, Omen 17-AN003NA, Omen 17-AN003NE, Omen 17-AN003NI, Omen 17-AN003NIA, Omen 17-AN003NM, Omen 17-AN003NO, Omen 17-AN003NQ, Omen 17-AN003NT, Omen 17-AN003TX, Omen 17-AN004NF, Omen 17-AN004NI, Omen 17-AN004NO, Omen 17-AN004NT, Omen 17-AN004TX, Omen 17-AN005NA, Omen 17-AN005NF, Omen 17-AN005NM, Omen 17-AN005NO, Omen 17-AN005TX, Omen 17-AN006NB, Omen 17-AN006NE, Omen 17-AN006NL, Omen 17-AN006NQ, Omen 17-AN006NU, Omen 17-AN006NV, Omen 17-AN007NE, Omen 17-AN007NP, Omen 17-AN007NS, Omen 17-AN007NT, Omen 17-AN007NV, Omen 17-AN007TX, Omen 17-AN008CA, Omen 17-AN008NE, Omen 17-AN008NL, Omen 17-AN008NP, Omen 17-AN008NS, Omen 17-AN008NV, Omen 17-AN008TX, Omen 17-AN009NM, Omen 17-AN009NO, Omen 17-AN009NP, Omen 17-AN009NW, Omen 17-an009tx, Omen 17-AN009UR, Omen 17-AN010NI, Omen 17-AN010NM, Omen 17-AN010NO, Omen 17-AN010NP, Omen 17-AN010NS, Omen 17-AN010TX, Omen 17-AN010UR, Omen 17-AN011NC, Omen 17-AN011NO, Omen 17-AN011TX, Omen 17-AN011UR, Omen 17-AN012NC, Omen 17-AN012NP, Omen 17-AN012NW, Omen 17-AN012TX, Omen 17-AN012UR, Omen 17-AN013NA, Omen 17-an013ng, Omen 17-AN013NP, OMEN 17-AN013TX, Omen 17-AN014NA, Omen 17-an014ng, Omen 17-AN014NH, Omen 17-AN014NM, Omen 17-AN014NU, OMEN 17-AN014TX, Omen 17-AN015NA, Omen 17-AN015NF, Omen 17-an015ng, Omen 17-AN015NM, Omen 17-AN016NB, Omen 17-AN016NC, Omen 17-AN016NF, Omen 17-an016ng, Omen 17-AN016NM, Omen 17-AN016NO, Omen 17-AN016TX, Omen 17-AN017NF, Omen 17-AN017NL, Omen 17-AN017NM, Omen 17-AN018NA, Omen 17-AN018NB, Omen 17-AN018NF, Omen 17-AN018NO, Omen 17-AN019NA, Omen 17-AN019NM, Omen 17-AN019NO, Omen 17-AN019NP, Omen 17-AN019TX, Omen 17-AN020CA, Omen 17-AN020NB, Omen 17-AN020NF, Omen 17-AN020NP, Omen 17-AN021NA, Omen 17-AN021NB, Omen 17-AN021NF, Omen 17-AN021NO, Omen 17-AN021NP, Omen 17-AN021TX, Omen 17-AN022NA, Omen 17-AN022NF, Omen 17-AN022NO, Omen 17-AN022TX, Omen 17-AN023NA, Omen 17-AN023NF, Omen 17-AN023NM, Omen 17-AN023TX, Omen 17-AN024NA, Omen 17-AN024NB, Omen 17-AN024NF, Omen 17-an024ng, Omen 17-AN024TX, Omen 17-AN025NF, Omen 17-an025ng, Omen 17-AN025NM, Omen 17-AN025TX, Omen 17-AN026NF, Omen 17-an027ng, Omen 17-AN027UR, Omen 17-AN029NF, Omen 17-AN029TX, Omen 17-AN030CA, Omen 17-AN030UR, Omen 17-AN031NF, Omen 17-AN031TX, Omen 17-an033ng, Omen 17-an034ng, Omen 17-an035ng, Omen 17-AN036ND, Omen 17-an037ng, Omen 17-an038ng, Omen 17-an039ng, Omen 17-AN039UR, Omen 17-AN040ND, Omen 17-AN040NF, Omen 17-an041ng, Omen 17-an042ng, Omen 17-AN043NF, Omen 17-an043ng, Omen 17-AN044NF, Omen 17-AN046NG, Omen 17-AN051NA, Omen 17-AN051ND, Omen 17-an051ng, Omen 17-AN052NG, Omen 17-AN052TX, Omen 17-AN052UR, Omen 17-AN053NG, Omen 17-AN053NR, Omen 17-AN053TX, Omen 17-AN053UR, Omen 17-AN054NA, Omen 17-AN054TX, Omen 17-AN054UR, Omen 17-AN055UR, Omen 17-AN056NA, Omen 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2S 15-dg0075cl
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