Original HP 19V 7.9A 150W AC Power Adapter Charger for HP HSTNN-HA09 Envy 23-1014 Touchsmart 310-1010JP Laptop ( 7.4*5.0mm)

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Product Specification :

  • Input: 100-240V~2A 50-60Hz
  • Output Voltage: 19V
  • Output Current: 7.9A
  • Power: 150W
  • Plug Size: 7.4x5.0mm
  • Original / Genuine : Yes
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  • Warranty: 12 Months.
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Fit Part Numbers :

497288-001 585010-001 ADP-150NB AL192AAR AL192ABA HSTNN-HA09 HSTNN-HS09 HSTNN-LA09 HSTNN-LAO9 PA-1151-03HS-ROHS

HP 462603-002, 463954-001, 608429-001, 609934-001, 463952-001, AK875AA, AK875AA#ABA, 612717-801, 613156-001, AL192AA, AL192AA#ABA

Fit Models :

HP Envy AIO Series: Envy 23-1014 23-1015 23-B119
HP Omni Series: 100-6100T 200-5400T 200-5450XT 220-1050XT  220-1150XT 100-6100br 100-6100ix 100-6100t  100-6110a 100-6110br 100-6110d 100-6110ix 100-6110jp 100-6110kr 100-6112l 100-6118d 100-6120in 100-6128hk 100-6130jp 100-6150d 100-6160l 105-5131cx 105-5132cx 105-5133cx 105-5138cx 105-5139cx 105-5208cn 105-5217cn 105-5218cn 105-5218cx 105-5228cn 105-5231cn 105-5233cx 105-5236cn 105-5238cn 105-5311cx 105-5315cn 105-5317cn 105-5318cx 105-5331cn 105-5333cx 105-5336cn 105-5337cn 105-5338cn 105-5353cx 105-5356cn 105-5418cx 105-5437cn 105-5438cn 105-5468cn 105-5510ix 105-5513cn 105-5516cn 105-5517cx 105-5518cx 105-5520ixl 105-5523cn 105-5524cx 105-5526cn 105-5527cx 105-5528cn 105-5528cx 105-5533cn 105-5537cn 105-5538cx 105-5553cn 105-5557cn 105-5568cn 200-5300cs 200-5310ad 200-5310br 200-5310es 200-5310gr 200-5310in 200-5310nl 200-5312d 200-5314d 200-5316l 200-5320af 200-5320br 200-5320es 200-5320il 200-5320uk 200-5325ru 200-5330fr 200-5330in 200-5340la 200-5340sc 200-5350fr 200-5400ad 200-5400cs 200-5400cs 200-5400ea 200-5400fr 200-5400kr 200-5400t  200-5410d 200-5410es 200-5416l 200-5420l 200-5420ru 200-5430la 200-5450xt  200-5470l 220-1000br 220-1000kr 220-1010a 220-1010br 220-1010il 220-1018d 220-1025 220-1028l 220-1050xt  220-1100br 220-1100t  220-1110in 220-1110kr 220-1119d 220-1125 220-1127l 220-1130kr 220-1137kr 220-1150xt  220-1155xt  305-5116cx 305-5118cx 305-5119cx 305-5138cn 305-5139cn 305-5216cn 305-5219cn 305-5239cn 305-5316cn 305-5317cn 305-5319cn 305-5329cn 305-5339cn
HP Pavilion 23
All-in-One Series: 23-B119C 23-B219C 23-B239 23-B319 23-B329C 23-1005d 23-1006cn 23-1007cn 23-1008cx 23-1009cn 23-1010jp 23-1010kr 23-1013cn 23-1014 23-1015d 23-1018cn 23-1018hk 23-1019cn 23-1020d 23-1020jp 23-1021l 23-1022l 23-1023cn 23-1025d 23-1026cn 23-1027c 23-1027cn 23-1028cn 23-1030jp 23-1030kr 23-1037kr 23-1040jp 23-b001cx 23-b002cn 23-b005kr 23-b010br 23-b010cx 23-b010kr 23-b011hk 23-b019c 23-b020a 23-b020br 23-b020cx 23-b020l 23-b021a 23-b023cn 23-b025in 23-b026in 23-b030kr 23-b040hk 23-b045hk 23-b050hk 23-b100cn 23-b100cx 23-b100in 23-b101cn 23-b101cx 23-b102cn 23-b112a 23-b120l 23-b123cn 23-b125d 23-b126cn 23-b127cn 23-b133cn 23-b133cx 23-b210br 23-b210hk 23-b213kr 23-b214kr 23-b215kr 23-b218kr 23-b220cn 23-b220cx 23-b220l 23-b225d 23-b230cn 23-b230cx 23-b250la 23-b251cn 23-b316kr 23-b320l 23-b350la 23-1015 23-1020 23-1043HP
Touchsmart Desktop Series : Touchsmart 310-1010JP 310-1018CN 310-1020A 310-1025A 310-1038TW 310-1048D 310-1058CN 310-1058HK 310-1070D 310-1090D 310-1100ES 310-1100IT 310-1100PT 310-1105ES 310-1110BE 310-1110FR 310-1110JP 310-1110PL 310-1110SC 310-1111CN 310-1112RU 310-1118CN 310-1120A 310-1120JP 310-1120RU 310-1125RU 310-1130JP 310-1138HK 310-1138TW 310-1158CN 310-1210JP 310-1211CN 310-1230JP 310-1258CN 310-1270D 320-1000BR 320-1010A 320-1010BR 320-1010LA 320-1015BR 320-1020LA 320-1020M 320-1022D 320-1022LA 320-1030 320-1030JP 320-1034 320-1038D 320-1038TW 320-1039D 320-1050 320-1102LA 320-1115LA 320-1118CN 320-1120A 320-1120JP 320-1120LA 320-1130A 320-1131 320-1135A 320-1135LA 320-1137D 320-1138D 320-1139D 320-1140A 320-1140D 320-1145D 320-1150 320-1150JP 320-1158CN 320-1168HK 420-1000BR 420-1000T 420-1040LA 420-1045LA 420-1100T 420-1140LA 420-1144LA 420-1172LA 520-1000KR 520-1000Z 520-1010T 520-1020 520-1020LA 520-1030 520-1031 520-1032 520-1038 520-1040LA 520-1047C 520-1050 520-1060JP 520-1100Z 520-1130LA 520-1138C 520-1140LA 520-1140T 520-1145LA 520-1145T 520-1155 520-1160JP 520-1160LA 520-1160XT 520-1168 520-1180JP 520-1188LA 610-1000Z 610-1010T 610-1015XT 610-1030 610-1030F 610-1031F 610-1032F 610-1050 610-1100Z 610-1101A 610-1110KR 610-1110T 610-1120JP 610-1130JP 610-1140LA 610-1147C 610-1210KR 610-1240LA