Original HP 19.5V 7.69a 150W Adapter for HP ENVY 23-c030 All-in-One Desktop PC, Envy 24 AIO Series, TouchSmart All-in-One Desktop PC Charger


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Product Specifications : 

  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 19.5V
  • Output Current: 7.69A (150W)
  • Connector: 7.4mm*5.5mm
  • Color: Black
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  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee If not satisfied with Our Products.

Compatible Pat Numbers : 

681058-001, 697317-001, A150A01CH, ADP-150TB T, PA-1151-09HA, TPC-CA52, TPC-DA52, TPC-LA52, TPC-DA52, 463954-001, 519333-001, HSTNN-HA09, HSTNN-LA09,
PA-1151-03HH, PA-1151-03HS-ROHS, 681058-001, 697317-001, U150A01CH, 901981-002 A150A01CH, HSTNN-CA27, A150A05DL, HP-A1501A3B1, AL192AA#ABB, ADP-150TOB, AL192AA, 849652-002, TPC-CA52, A150A03CH

Compatible Models : 

Envy 24 AIO Series: Envy 24 Monitor
Envy 27 Series: 27-B005XT
Pavilion 24 AIO Series: Pavilion 24-A009 24-A010T 24-A020XT 24-A030CN 24-A050CN 24-A070CN 24-B003LA 24-B012LA 24-B015A 24-B016A 24-B017A 24-B027C 24-B040QE 24-B050SE 24-B100NT 24-B101NS 24-B101NT 24-B101NV 24-B102NX 24-B103NX 24-B104NX 24-B105NX 24-B111NS 24-B113NS 24-B114NS 24-B115NS 24-B121D 24-B121NS 24-B122D 24-B123D 24-B123NS 24-B124D 24-B125NS 24-B131D 24-B132CN 24-B133UR 24-B135D 24-B137D 24-B141ND 24-B150NG 24-B150NQ 24-B150NY 24-B151D 24-B151HK 24-B151KR 24-B151NC 24-B151NG 24-B151UR 24-B152CN 24-B152D 24-B152NG 24-B153D 24-B153HK 24-B153UR 24-B154D 24-B154UR 24-B155D 24-B156D 24-B157NG 24-B170NQ 24-B170NY 24-B170UR 24-B171D 24-B171NY 24-B171UR 24-B172CN 24-B172D 24-B173D 24-B174UR 24-B177HK 24-B202D 24-B203D 24-B204D 24-B205D 24-B206D 24-B207D 24-B208D 24-Q151IN 24-Q171IN

Pavilion 27 AIO Series: Pavilion 27-A001LA 27-A002LA 27-A003LA 27-A010T 27-A020XT 27-A021 27-A027C 27-A030QE 27-A037C 27-A040SE 27-A050A 27-A050QD 27-A070A 27-A071A 27-A072A 27-A100NK 27-A100NP 27-A100NT 27-A100NV 27-A101NF 27-A101NL 27-A101NP 27-A101NS 27-A101NT 27-A102NF 27-A102NO 27-A102NS 27-A102NT 27-A103NF 27-A104NF 27-A104NS 27-A105NL 27-A105NS 27-A106NF 27-A106NS 27-A109 27-A111NG 27-A112NF 27-A112NO 27-A114NB 27-A114NF 27-A115NL 27-A116NZ 27-A120NP 27-A120NZ 27-A124NZ 27-A127C 27-A127NZ 27-A130NQ 27-A130UR 27-A131UR 27-A132UR 27-A134UR 27-A140NZ 27-A141ND 27-A150CN 27-A150NC 27-A150NG 27-A150NQ 27-A150NY 27-A150UR 27-A151KR 27-A151NG 27-A151UR 27-A152NG 27-A152UR 27-A153NG 27-A154NG 27-A154UR 27-A155NZ 27-A155UR 27-A170CN 27-A170D 27-A170JP 27-A170NQ 27-A170NY 27-A170UR 27-A171D 27-A171KR 27-A171NY 27-A171UR 27-A172D 27-A173D 27-A179NA 27-Q101IN
Pavilion Wave 600 Desktop Series: Pavilion Wave 600-A000NF 600-A000NL 600-A000NZ 600-A001 600-A001NB 600-A001NH 600-A001NL 600-A001NN 600-A001NO 600-A001NX 600-A002LA 600-A002NS 600-A002TLA 600-A003LA 600-A003NA 600-A003TLA 600-A004TLA 600-A007NS 600-A009 600-A010 600-A010NF 600-A010T 600-A014 600-A019 600-A029 600-A030CN 600-A030KR 600-A030NA 600-A030NY 600-A031JP 600-A035NA 600-A050NA 600-A051JP 600-A055NA 600-A059NA 600-A150JP


HP Compaq 8510w Mobile Workstation / EliteBook 8530p, 8530w, 8540p,
8540w, 8560w, 8570w, 8730w, 8740w
Envy 20 TouchSmart, 23, 23 TouchSmart, 27 TouchSmart, 27-p000
Pavilion AiO 23, AiO 27-a100, AiO 27-n200,
TouchSmart AiO 23 / TouchSmart 600 / ZBook 15 G2